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Posted by Kiducation on 01/11/2005
I drove 3 Toyota Camry's as a company car. I loved
them. When I bought my own I went to test drive a camry, a Honda accord, and a Nissan altima. I always test these three as I like them all.

More than once when I got down to discussing price
with the salesman/manager I told them I would pay
invoice plus $100.00 (They make money on the cars from incentives from the manufactures and many
dealerships will sell them this way at the end of the year)

Well instead of showing me the original invoice from the Toyota manufacturer, they instead brought out something they had printed up on the computer.
of them was "DEaler holdback" They were charging
this to me as something to pay them. When in reality it is something that Toyota pays them.
(Basically its like a rebate to them from the manufacturer of the car. Its an incentive to them after they sell so many cars) So not only were they getting this say $500 back from Toyota, they
were trying to charge me the same money so that they got it twice. They gave me some mumbo jumbo
explanation as to what dealer hold back is. My
father sold cars and I know exactly what it is.
I even had something printed from consumer reports
that showed exactly what "dealer hold back" is.
I hightlighted it, sent it back with the salesman to the salesmanager right before I walked out.

After going to several Toyota dealerships that
tried to pull this on me, I went directly to the
Nissan dealership and bought the Altima.

I asked for and was shown the actual dealership
invoice for the car I wanted to purchase.

Toyota thought that since I was a woman coming in
by myself that I was going to pick out a "pretty one" and then pay $4,000 more than I should have.

Hopefully by writing this I can keep alot of people from being taken by this scheme.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2005-01-17:
First you claim dealers make their money off the incentives, then you claim Dealer Holdback is an incentive to the dealer and not to pay it. Well at least now everyone knows why you don't own a Camry.
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-01-20:
P.S. I worked for Toyota for over 12 years, the invoice printed off the computer with all the "BOGUS Charges" which shows dealer holdback is the ACTUAL invoice!!!!
Posted by art7 on 2006-07-04:
My Toyota dealer tried to pull the same scam on me - they showed me the printed out invoice which claculated a bogus 'dealer invoice' cost by adding the holdback to the invoice, not subtracting it. The fact that this was a printout, not a handwritten sheet means this was not an error, it was an outright lie by the dealership. I don't object to a dealer making money, but I do object to being lied to in the negotiations.
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Toyota Head Gasket Failure - Poor Support
Posted by Kwk on 08/04/2004
I spent more to purchase a new Toyota 4x4 pickup believing Toyota's claims of excellent reliability and support.

Unfortunately, the vehicle I purchased used the notorious 3.0L V-6 engine that Toyota initiated a voluntary recall on for replacement of head gaskets. My gaskets were replaced at no cost to my initial delight. However, I was not forewarned that the underlying design defect was unresolved and that this problem would reoccur in the future.

Consequently, I was totally surprised when I noted antifreeze under my vehicle the other day and was informed by the dealer that my head gaskets had blown and the truck's heads needed repair.

Follow-up contact with Toyota was extremely disappointing. They indicated that their previous voluntary action was a once only offer and that the "campaign" was now over with respect to Toyota replacing head gaskets at their expense.

Accordingly, I am no faced with a $2000 bill that I must pay for a recurrent problem arising from the original design defect. Further, had I been warned at the time of the original repair that this problem would reoccur rather than the problem having being fixed; I could have undertaken preventative measures to limit my exposure here.

The moral of the story is not to trust Toyota with respect to their claims of extra reliability and quality support. Their support is only there when it's expedient to them and not to their Customer. Toyota is clearly not in the business of long term Customer care even when subsequent problems are the result of design defects they themselves acknowledge. Accordingly, for breaking faith with me in this regard, I will obviously not be purchasing a new vehicle from Toyota based upon their false claims of outstanding reliability and exceptional support.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2004-08-05:
Originally when Toyota announced this service campaign it was due to the belief that the cylinder heads were over torqued at the factory and to correct the problem meant removing the head and replacing the gasket (basically it was believed that there was no problem with the gasket but with the assembly). Now we are seeing a few gasket failures, I wonder if the original problem was the gasket itself, I guess only time will tell if we continue to see more failures. I would keep on top of this and save any receipts you may incur replacing the head gaskets. Toyota is usually a pretty responsible company. If it is determined in the future that this a problem, Toyota may reimburse you for any expense. Also check with the NHTSA website to determine if there are others (which I'm certain there are) with your same experience. They may also be helpful in helping you reach some sort of conclusion to your situation. Good Luck
Posted by TXRoadTrip on 2004-08-05:
Sorry what model and year?
Posted by squirtspop on 2006-11-07:
I had gaskets replaced also. But a little hole found in the block. They installed a new short block and all was fine till last week. About 35 miles from home, coming up a steep hill, the engine bucked and died. I pulled to the side of the road and raised the hood. Steam was everywhere and anti freeze covered the engine. I had 2 gallons in the bed of the truck so I waited til it cooled and poured it in. Truck started immediately and I made it about half mile and it died again. Went thru same procedure and got to a side road and pulled off. Called a friend and we got it to his shop. We changed thermostats and fill radiator again. Anti freeze pouring out of the tail pipe. We have determined that it blew a head gasket. Sure would have hated to be on a road trip somewhere and this happen. I am going to try to replace the gaskets myself as I can't afford the "usual and normal" fees to do this. The new engine had approx 134,000 miles on it.
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customer dissatisfaction
Posted by on 10/21/2001
CLARKSVILLE, INDIANA -- I recently decided to purchase a new car. I had decided upon a Toyota Celica GT. I found it online and was overjoyed that I would not have to drive far to the dealership. In the past week, before purchasing my car, I had looked around at other Toyota dealerships in the area and already new exactly what I wanted. My father and mother joined me in looking at the car I was interested in buying, and unfortunately with conflicting work schedules we did not have time to do much more that day than look at it. I spoke with the sales manager and I told him that I was interested in the Carbon Blue Celica they had on the lot and to my amazement he did not even know that it was there. Needless to say, I was shocked about that.
But, a few days later I came back hoping the car was still there ready to purchase it. My father had decided that he would let me have his car(my previous vehicle) as a trade-in and then I had gathered a small amount of cash to put down on it. The sales person that we worked with was very friendly and explained to me everything. He was very understanding since this was my first car purchase.He was also very informative, I really appreciated that. With this being my first car purchase, I had done my research on the car and also on the car I had planned to trade in. My father had offered me no help in getting this car from the very beginning. He informed me that I would be doing it all on my own and we informed the manager of that also.
As one knows, buying a car means sitting in these little chairs for 4 hours??? Anyway, I did understand that they were working hard to get me this car, so the waiting was no big deal. You can imagine my excitement when they came out and told me that I did not require a cosigner. I was so happy, even though now my down payment was lower than I had expected.I had researched that a dealer would give me $1200 for my car, Greentree told me that they would give me $500. I said no way. I have respect for my old car, it had gotten me everywhere for 3 years. I decided then that I would sell my old car and then refinance the new one. To try and shorten this letter, I came up with another $500 dollars and put $1000 down on my new car that day. I had intended with the trade in to put $2000 down, but they accepted $1000, so I left it at that.
After all the paper work was done, and after having been at Greentree Toyota in Clarksville, IN for nearly four and a half hours, I was driving off the lot in my own new car. That, I was extremely happy about, 'my own new car.' As happy as I was I went to friends houses and showed my new pretty off, then I went to work and showed it off. I loved it. After three days, I had just gotten used to my new car and had become very comfortable with it, I received a phone call from someone in the dealership saying to me that I did need a cosigner. This I did not understand and I expressed this to him, I had a new car in my driveway that I had already purchased full coverage insurance on, I had the first car payment already saved up and in the bank and I had the money that I would need to register the car. I asked him why it was in my driveway if I had needed a cosigner. Why they had not seen that I needed a cosigner when they told me that I did not?? Of course, I got no real answer for my questions. I told them that I did not understand and that he would have to explain this to my father. He pormised to call the next day, which he did not. Then two days later the manager of Greentree Toyota called me and told me that I needed the cosigner, I told him to talk to dad. Well, with my father already being at work, I took out all of my papers and read all the little fine print and still to my belief that car was mine. So, I called my lawyer and spoke with him. He informed me that my problem lies with the credit union, and after that I called them. I explained to them that I had planned on having this $21,000 loan paid for under two years time. They said although I had excellent credit they could not finance a loan of that amount. I understood.
I told my father that when the manager called him to tell him that I would just bring the car to him. I found a cosigner, and six days after I had thought that I had bought my very own car, I was on my back to the dealership to get the car jointly with someone??? Less than a minute away from the dealership I quickly decided that I would return the car. Since it was now used with nearly 600 miles, why would I still want to go through the whole purchase again and still pay new car price? Also, I had noticed that the paint had been scratched in the cleaning of my new car. I believe that the people that clean the car had left the buffer to long or not long enough. There were little hairline scratches all over the paint job. Also, where the ignition key fitting was, it was not correctly fitted into the steering column, there was a big gap, plus I had to be at work in two hours, leaving me with one hour to get ready, one hour in driving time.
I walked into the dealership that day, holding back the tears, I had fallen in love with that car. The manager walked up to me and I gave him the keys, the brochures, and owners manual, and the little binder that they had to mail to me because they were out when I purchased the car.
I was so upset that I gave myself a migraine and my work sent me home because, honestly I would not have been worth anything to my customers.
I am still very upset about this incident. As you could imagine. I had believed that I had a new car. I was excited. I was going to pay for the thing on my own, which I make more than enough to double my payments every month. I actually had planned out a budget. I was going to pay $1000 every month to pay off that car and plus refinance it after I sold my old one.
This has caused me a great deal of stress, as I have explained.

To help keep me as a potential future customer, I would like the following:

More than anything, I wanted to write this letter in order to express my dissatisfaction with Greentree Toyota. If they knew that I was going into this without a cosigner why did they let me leave with the car and then a week later, decide I do need a cosigner. I still do not understand completely what even happened. I would like to know.
But, with all things said, almost, I will not bother you with the fact that now I have to cancel a planned trip because I do not really want to drive my old car. I had enjoyed the luxuries of my now past new car.
I am still interested in purchasing a new car from Toyota. I do want a new Celica. Unfortunately, with it being the end of October already, I may as well wait until the weather gets better, and then, I can just pay for the new car in full in cash somewhere other than Greentree Toyota.
I have told many people of this incident and actually many of my customers also. I do not talk bad of Toyota, just Greentree Toyota.
Thank you for listening, more than anything I wanted to express how upset this has made me, I do feel for you having to read this complaint, in my job, I also sometimes have to read these. Thanks again

At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident. Thank you for your time.
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This is Ridiculous!
Posted by Diddly on 04/19/2005
This is ridiculous! I'm typing this up for my husband. He went into the Toyota City two weeks ago to buy his dream car - a Toyota Tacoma 05. We just got done refinancing the truck, put our downpayment down, all psyched to bring the truck home. The truck was the only left on the showroom floor, the only color available left in this state. One of the service guys was backing the truck out of the showroom for us to get ready to drive home when suddenly we heard a "BOOM!" We didn't think anything of it, because they didn't tell us anything for at least two hours. All they told us was that the truck was still being cleaned out for us.

Then after we did all the paperwork, financing, they finally bring us out to look at the truck. BIG ASS DENT on the side! My husband looked sooo furious. The service guy said that while backing it up, the guy hit the back side against the door, which caused the dent. I'm not just talking about a small dent, it's a big dent. I knew my husband was really disappointed. But we had no choice, we needed a car to bring home to get to work. They offered to fix the dent for free (of course they have to) and the guy said all he has to do is pop out the dent and it will look like new again. So they said for my husband to bring in the truck next week.

So my husband brings the truck in next week on a Wednesday. They said they will be able to pop out the dent in one day should be ready. Comes Thursday, no call. My husband is worried. He finally gets through really late on Thursday. They said that they had to take apart the back part of the truck and install some new parts, repaint it, and refinish it. My husband is so mad by now! I mean, all they said was that they were going to pop the dent out, not take the whole truck apart and repair it like it got into some accident right? My husband was frustrated because he said they didn't even call him to notify him of that change of plans and he was mad also because he tried to call all day and could not get through to the service department.

My husband mentioned either order a new truck or throw in something. I mean, he did go in there to buy a new truck not a truck that got dented after we signed all papers and all already, do you agree? All they said was "We'll throw in a free oil change." My husband was still not happy.

I told him to ask them to order a new truck, he went in there to buy a brand new truck, we paid full price. Instead, we're getting this truck that got dented that wasn't even our fault, and it's just not the same, you know? What if they repaint it and it doesn't match? What if it starts to rust because they took it apart? It was practically damaged good.

Anyway, our options right now is:

1:Have them order a new truck. They said it will take at least one month and we still have to pay for freight fee's equalling $400. Ridiculous?

2:Have them throw in some free things, such as free resurfacing, and knock off a few hundred bucks off the truck.

3:If they don't agree to any of this, my husband get his refund back and go to another dealership.

The problem is, Toyota has the worst service department ever! They treat your car like it's not even important.
My husband was just upset because he was in the unknown about his car for days. He bought it about two weeks ago and his car has been in the shop for at least two weeks now. Ridiculous?

I really just want him to ask them to order a new one and we don't have to pay for any shipping costs. We went in there to pay and buy a new Tacoma truck and instead, we got all of this, a dented truck no calls back, bad service. It was a really bad experience.
Our sales person was great but the service department, thumbs all the way down.

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Posted by TXRoadTrip on 2005-04-21:
Call Toyota, the finance company, your State Attorney General office, FTC.gov and BBB complaint to them all about all this and send copies of the letter to the dealership. Never take anything that is not 100% that you bought. The dent = damage also takes from the value of the truck and from the resale value. If they want you to keep the truck then get an attorney and file a civil suit. Their security tapes would have proof the damage the employee did to your truck. Or call your insurance company and put in a claim against the dealership and their employee.
Posted by TXRoadTrip on 2005-04-21:
STORY: New Mercedes damaged by the FBI during an operation, the FBI wanted to fix it, he wanted what he bought and had for only 2 weeks a new car, not a new car with damage fixed, he called his lawyer and he got his new car. So if you can push the FBI to do the right thing so what is wrong with this dealership?
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-04-25:
Whatever the problem is there is a government agency to fix it. That's why tx. is called tax.
Posted by Instant Rebate on 2008-12-21:
Thats what you get for buying a Toyota Why do you think they call it a TOY o TA Buy a Chevrolet next time Show your USA pride
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-12-21:
Um. Yeah, Instant Rebate. The original post is nearly 4 years old.

Posted by impala3400 on 2011-01-15:
My g/f has 2003 Toyota tacoma 4x4. And went into get the muffler replaced. Toyota can't even find a muffler to fit their own truck. The one they got, was suppose to be the one for her truck but turned out to be too long, and it took them 6 hrs. to figure out, that if they were to cut a little off tailpipe it would fit. And 2yrs ago she was stranded along interstate and i went to get her. We called Toyota dealership to have it towed there and they said they couldn't get to it for over a week. That is BS i have had my GM cars towed to the local GM dealership and I have got them fixed within a day or two. So I had it towed with my AAA to a local garage. Now she needs a new muffler, and called Toyota again and they tell her they have to research it and they will call her back in about and hour. Just to be sure they can get the part.

She calls me and i tell her to call this local garage i know. She calls and gets appt. and with a half hour we are there and the guy already has the muffler ready to install. I have no idea why Toyota dealerships have such a hard time locating parts for their own vehicles. It's not like you are taking in a Ferrari to them to get fixed. I told my g/f they seem to be giving her the run around because she is a woman. My Chevy dealership, just has to enter my VIN on my car and it tells them everything installed on my car and parts.
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Exploding Moonroof (4Runner)
Posted by M172 on 02/23/2004
BURLINGTON, VERMONT -- Anyone seen an exploding 4Runner moonroof?

We bought a new 2003 4Runner last summer. In December I was driving home from work (in Vermont). It was ~33 degrees and had been raining all day. I was driving along at 45mph with the heat on high and suddenly there was an enormous compression throughout the interior. I looked up and the moonroof safety glass was completely shattered (yet still in one piece).

We took it to the dealer (Heritage Toyota, Burlington VT) and they accused my wife of pushing the glass up from the inside with a blunt instrument. We called Toyota and they accused my wife of lying again and suggested that maybe I was lying to her. My wife expressed concern for our kids and the guy said the entire vehicle is safety hazard (“the wheels could fall off mam”) and told us the next step was to get an attorney and sue them.

I have a friend who works for Toyota and he said that there have been a few incidents of this in recent months throughout New England. Anyone have a similar story? I can see two on the Volvo site (and Volvo honored their warrantee!).

Just a side note (I need to vent) - I've been a loyal Toyota customer for 20+ years now. The service was just received, both from our local dealer and the corporation is UNBELIEABABLE and I cannot see myself ever buying another one again.
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Posted by goethe on 2004-02-24:
My moonroof did that too. Scared the hell out of me.
Posted by Anonymous on 2004-03-16:
Hot and cold, expansion and contraction, Yes I have seen glass explode in vehicles over the years with no provication. I am supprised that Toyota Corporate is not offering assistance in this matter though. I suggest you keep pursuing this matter until you reach someone who understands expantion and contraction. Good Luck
Posted by SwitteYahoo.com on 2004-05-10:
Yes, the same thing just happened to me. Service claims that someone tossed a rock at my car. Hmmmm
Posted by Wilk on 2004-06-30:
I just bought a 2004 Toyota Sienna 12/2003. On 5/29/2004 my moonroof exploded. It looks like; somehow, the pressure from inside my car made it explode. The glass is rounded up. I am in the process of dealing with Toyota Motor Corp. So far, They do not want to pay under any warranty. They said they can't determine if it is enviromental. I am not done talking to them! I have only 11,000 miles on my van.
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Satellite Radio Ready - as stated on sticker
Posted by Waller on 11/26/2007
ALLENTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- I purchased a new 2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid this summer. The sticker says "satellite radio ready" which I would think means "subscribe" for the standard fee. When I questioned the salesperson, he said that you needed to purchase some additional equipment - he thought about $300. I purchased the vehicle and thought after a couple of weeks I would have the XM satellite radio installed.

I checked with two dealers - one said $795 - the other said $695! I asked if they had to replace the radio!!

I finally decided to have it done - through a dealer friend for $545. I picked the vehicle up and noted a small black antenna inside the rear window glued on the ledge. I questioned this type of antenna (which looks like the one that comes with the standard $39 XM receiver). I was told that Toyota U.S.A. sent this as the "factory installed" type of antenna! I questioned Toyota - received an incident number in July - it is now almost December; no response.

The radio did not work very well - cut in and out by trees, etc. My dealer finally found an antenna and mounted it on the trunk (painted gray to match my auto.) Still no response from Toyota!

I question their advertising and most important, their lack of customer service from the Corporate Office.
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Posted by Slimjim on 2007-11-27:
Sorry JayD but really how can a car claiming to be satellite radio ready, need hundreds of dollars worth of equipment just to be "satellite ready" for subscription. Including a cheap antenna is far from ready. As implied in the post, the better antenna OP installed after market solved the problem of cut out. I have both Sirius and XM in two separate cars, both with good antennas, and neither cut out unless sitting under a car port.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-11-27:
I'll have to agree with JayD here.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-11-27:
JayD, take your own advice and STOP ASSUMING!
You are really making an arass out of yourself and you are wrong!
Posted by Waller on 2007-11-27:
I guess I did not make it clear - $695-795 for installation of something that is suppose to be there? I have another factory installed radio - antenna on the roof - no problem! Leaves certainly do not impact the unit - even the "cheap" unit that I move from car to car.

Check out "factory installed" satellite radios on most autos - antennas on roof - colors match the auto color.
Posted by Slimjim on 2007-11-27:
Waller, you are 100% right. Ready certainly DOES mean installed. The cheap antenna they included saved you nothing in installation costs.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-11-27:
Slim and Lid's seem to be "spot on" as always. We have a "factory installed" satellite radio on one of our cars. "Satellite Ready" meant calling into the service, telling them they were out of their minds wanting $189 a year and them accepting our offer of about $70 per year. In about an hour everything was working. All of the needed hardware was on the car "factory installed".
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-11-27:
Waller, I am with you 100% and Leaves do NOT hurt anything as far as radio's go. Good review and thanks for the information.
Posted by Aerocave on 2007-11-27:
F.Y.I. We have had the same problem with Honda's...certain radios say "XM Ready" and I have had several customers assume that means it "has" XM already installed...however I have to add that to upgrade the radio to actually have XM is no where near $600...I think its about half of that. I wish they would change the wording (or just stop putting that on) because I can see how someone not in the business might assume that.
Posted by SouthernDan on 2008-07-09:
I have seen several Avalons and Camrys with the antenna mounted inside on the rear deck. This is done "at the port" as the dealership says. The reception is never as good because xm and sirius tell you to put the antenna OUTSIDE the vehicle.
The painted antennas look better, but are the same inside as the regular black plastic ones.
Posted by SouthernDan on 2008-07-09:
That price they told you is ludacris. I moved my bosses outside to the trunk when we tinted his car. He said it worked much better than it ever had. That is the same antenna that sells for 20 bucks. dont be fooled- I've been installing for 20 years and seen alot of ripoffs but Toyota's Satellite screw the customer takes the cake!
Posted by forcomplaintsonly on 2008-07-09:
That is the price you pay for satillite radio, there can be multiple inteference from just about anything. unless you live in the desert and no trees, buildings, house, poles, etc, then you are going to not have great reception all the time, one other thing, sun spots can also cause havoc with it.
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Terrible Service experiences in metro DC area
Posted by Sonny77 on 02/21/2006
WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- I have a 2005 Toyota Matrix. I am happy with the car itself for its utility and gas mileage, however, with two different Toyota dealerships that I have been to for regularly scheduled service, as well as for warranty items, my experience has been terrible

My first experience was with Jim Coleman Toyota located at 10400 AUTO PARK AVENUE
BETHESDA, MD 20817. I went in for my 30,000 mile service, along with a warranty issue (interior moon roof trim coming off). The service representative was polite, but was giving me completely false information. Of course they were "all booked" even when I made the appointment a week in advance. They charged me $150 ABOVE every other dealership in the area (I checked afterwards) for a total of around $550. I had also complained about a noise coming from the clutch. of course, everything was found to be "to factory spec" even though the noise continues. They also added all sorts of extras (wiper blades, air filter for cabin and engine, etc. etc. that I had not requested). To top it all off, when I went to pick up the car, I had to wait over 1 hour to get my keys back. The moon roof trim was STILL the same. I showed it to the person and he said well lets reschedule another time for you to bring the car in and we'll take a look at it. I decided never to go back

My second recent experience was with 355 Toyota located at # 15625 Frederick Rd.,
# Rockville, MD 20855. This experience takes the cake!. I took the car in for three things, all covered under warranty: 1) the moon roof trim still unfixed 2) a side body kit panel coming lose (stock Toyota part, not aftermarket) and 3) a rattling sound coming from the undercarriage when going over bumps. I dropped the car off early in the morning and showed the service representative all three issues in the car. The gentleman told me that the car will be ready by 8pm that night, and that he will call me if anything changes. I waited until 9pm and didn't get a phone call. Of course they were closed by then. The next day, I had to take a day off of work. I call them in the morning and no one could tell me where my car was, what work was done, and what the resolution was. I had to call back six times within 45 minutes (two times, I was just dropped after been put on hold). When I finally got a hold of the gentleman who I had met the previous day, he said that he had other customers at the moment and he will call me back within the next couple of hours. He couldn't tell me what was done to the car, if anything. I decided to just go there and meet with a manager. The manager listened to my story, checked his computer and told me that the car is to be sent to the body shop and will not be available for another 3 days. When I asked for a rental car in the mean time, he refused. He told me that they had made a determination that the damage (undercarriage and the body trim) was due to some accident (entirely untrue) and that they wont be fixed under warranty. When I told him that I needed the car to go to work, he said well then I can give you the car back, but you will have to take it to the body shop yourself and figure it out. When the car came around and I sat in, I noticed that the moon roof trim was STILL untouched. When I complained and showed him the problem, he said that he will have to order the part (it just needs to be glued back) and that he will call me within 4-6 weeks once he gets the part. When I complained that the car will probably go over its warranty mileage by then, he said that I was being rude, that he didn't want my business and to "Get out".

Please never give these people any of your business. On a related note, does anyone know of a good Toyota dealership in the area that I could go to?

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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-02-22:
Knowing how Toyota puts the body moulding on, I know they just don't come loose without some help. So you may want to contact a body shop to inspect. As far as the interior trim moulding, well that is inexcusable not to have been repaired by now!!! In your owners manual is the contact info for Toyota Motor, use that information to form your complaint and let Toyota take it from there(they are very good a getting results). Good Luck
Posted by CandyPickletoes on 2006-02-22:
I do know a great Toyota dealership in the area. My brother is the shop foreman, is extremely knowledgeable, and is very honest. The dealership is Toyota of Bowie. The address is 16700 Governor Bridge Rd•Bowie, MD 20716 Do a mapquest (It's right off Rt 50 in Bowie).
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-02-22:
Candy: Nice post! Thanks for contributing
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-02-28:
Come on dealer, what do you know anyway.
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Toyota Financial Services Has Horrible Customer Service
Posted by Cco01 on 03/13/2009
SIMI VALLEY, CALIFORNIA -- Toyota Financial Services is far the worst company I have ever dealt with. I receive harassing phone calls even when I pay on time. Whenever I have to call, they are very rude. I had asked to speak to a manager on several occasions and had the same person return to the phone and refuse to hand over the phone to a supervisor.

I will never buy a Toyota going through TFS again and will not ever advise anyone to either. They are disgraceful!!

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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-03-13:
Harassing you when you are paying on time is illegal.

Contact your state's office of the Attorney General and the Federal Trade Commission.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-03-13:
I financed my last 3 cars with them, and never had a bit of problem. Of course, I was paid up and never had any occasion to call them, but that's just me.
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Harassment to No End!
Posted by Kjefu on 10/17/2013
Current customer who will never be one again.
They call relentless even when its current, calling 10-15 times per day
on the due date, Rude beyond believe it....

Absolutely Beyond Harassing.
Trading the car to get away from them...
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Car Engine Light on My Toyota 2000 Keeps Going On
Posted by Guilherminacoleman6 on 10/20/2012
DARTMOUTH, MASSACHUSETTS -- I got my new Toyota Carroll at the dart Toyota in Dartmouth in the year 2000. 6 MONTHS after I got it, the engine light went on and they fixed it but it cost me some money. They said that I had to replace the Gas cap. They did but a few months later came back on again. THIS WENT ON FOR YEARS.
I did not know why it did but they always said they could fix it.
Later one of the guys working there said to me that they told him when I came in for the oil change or came in because of the engine light was on just to reset it and that was what they where doing. He said that they did not know what really was wrong with it and He ask me not to let any one at the Toyota Dealer know what he said to me but he wanted me to know it he was so sorry that I was being lied too..
I needed new tires and day put them on and a week later when I went to have my Oil change in the Toyota they said that I needed new tires. I ask for the manager and he apologized and told me it was a miss understanding .
I always went to them for all repairs on the Toyota Carroll and I always thought that they were doing a good job but some times I did not like the way they talk to me. I was lied to so many times that I do not want to take my car there any more. I am still trying to find out what is wrong with my Toyota Carroll Light engine. I am always taking the car in to the Garage because I am still having problems with the engine light coming on and it is costing me lots of money for the repairs.
Can ANY ONE TELL ME what is really wrong with this car.
I have replaced so many parts in this Toyota Carroll and every few months
the engine light comes on .
Guilhermina Coleman

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Posted by leet60 on 2012-10-20:
Take the car to a mechanic and have them check the computer for codes. Ask them for a list of the codes and then research them online or with a reliable source. If you go to a dealer with the "check engine" light on, they will do a computer diagnostic and normally fix the first issue indicated by the first code and tell you all is well. The actual problem may be different and if they did not inquire of any additional issues (i.e. noise, poor performance etc.) they did not do you a service.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2012-10-20:
A wise man once advised me to buy my own code reader it paid for iself in once use. I even did a review on it.


They have newer models out now, and prices are lower, depending on the model you buy. Yes, you can also just 'cancel' the reading which will turn off your 'check engine' light,..and that is what they have been doing with your car.

Mine turned out to be the CO2 sensor and another time, it was the gas cap.
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-10-20:
Since this has been happening for several years, there should be a history as to what codes were being thrown. At some point it sounds like they started being ignored, and the error was simply reset.

Having your own reader should do the trick, though a dealer's software may give you a more specific cause of the failure.

Personally, if you aren't interested in doing work yourself, I would suggest taking the car to a different Toyota dealer and start at square 1. Or, go to a trusted mechanic and hope the generic code is enough. Getting your own reader is an idea, and a good suggestion if you just want to reset the error, but you'll probably need a mechanic to get to the bottom of it.
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-10-20:
I have a 2002 Mitsubishi that I've had for 4 years and my check engine light comes on all the time. A mechanic told me it was because the cold weather sets it off. Another mechanic told me it was due to my car's idle. My light came on recently and my car would shift itself into neutral while I was driving, but I would still be in drive. Now I'm told it's my input speed sensor. I am wondering if that's what it was this whole time; a faulty sensor or fuse.
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