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SAN BERNARDINO, CALIFORNIA -- I originally set out to purchase a Camry V6 in April 2012, but soon discovered it was very difficult to find. I finally found one at Toyota of San Bernardino and we began the negotiation. I had $15K in cash and we haggled over $500.00. Therefore I did not purchase the Camry. Instead my salesperson, ** who was very pleasant to deal with, sold me an Avalon.

From day one, I hated the car. On day two I tried to return it and I was told I could not return it because I signed a buyer remorse clause. I wasn't aware that I had signed the clause because it was not explained to me during the signing of multiple documents. I'm sure if an audit of Toyota of San Bernardino's loan documents were reviewed, it would show that the majority of the purchasers signed the buyer's remorse clause without it being explained to them.

Nevertheless, the manager tried to help alleviate the situation by promising me better terms on the loan and provided me with an extended warranty. This would've been acceptable if he delivered on his promises. I received the additional warranty but no break on the terms.

I brought my car in for maintenance twice and both times were a disaster. The first time was in July and I was promised a loaner car and when I got to the dealership at 7:30am there weren't any cars available. Therefore I had to wait until 9:00am when the rental car company opened to get a rental car. The rental company was supposed to open at 9:00am but their personnel did not open on time. I finally drove off with a rental car at 9:30am causing me to be extremely late for work.

The second visit to the dealership, I made my appointment and specifically stated I needed the shuttle services. I was told the shuttle services starts at 7:45am and my appointment was at 7:30am. When I arrived that morning, while I was waiting for my service paperwork to be written up, the shuttle van drove off at 7:37am. Therefore I had to wait an hour and a half before the shuttle van returned. Needless to say I was extremely unhappy because of the long wait.

After I picked up my car, I discovered one of the repairs was incomplete. I called my service representative, ** and explained to him that my windshield wasn't sealed properly. He advised me to return on Saturday between 12:00pm & 1:00pm. I arrived on that Saturday at 12:10pm and ** told me the windshield repair guy had already left. He had arrived early so he left. ** told me the guy would return in twenty minutes.

While I was waiting I spoke with the cashier and requested a manager. The cashier called the manager, ** and he was told busy to help me so he told the cashier to contact **. I ask if ** was a manager and the cashier told me no. I decided I didn't want to waste my time speaking with non-management. I waited in the waiting room for about thirty minutes and the windshield guys never showed up.

I went into the office to speak with ** but he was helping another customer. Another representative asked if he could help and I told him I was tired of waiting and I was going to leave. I drove off without my windshield being fixed and no one bothers to contact me. I'm not sure if they even realized I was gone. My vehicle was left with the keys in the car and anyone could have driven off with the vehicle because no one stopped me to question if the vehicle was even mine. As it stands now, I am riding around town with blue painter's tape taped to my windshield because the repair was incomplete.

Since purchasing the Avalon I've had to have four tires replaced, the gas lock replaced, adjustments to the throttle, an oil change and the seal to the windshield re-sealed. I'm sorry but how was this car certified? I am disappointed with the performance of the Avalon. This car represents one of the top of the line products of Toyota, yet the Bluetooth sound only comes out of one speaker.

I've complained twice that when I'm on a call the receiver can barely hear me and I find myself screaming into the speaker. Also the sound system in the car is not up to the caliber I desire. I drove a Nissan Maxima and the sound system in that car was superb. I cannot understand why one of the top of the line vehicle of Toyota was designed this way.

I am truly disappointed in the way I've been treated by Toyota of San Bernardino. It seems they are more concerned with sales than customer service. Why would I need to bring my vehicle in twice within four months after purchasing with so many problems? What happens to getting the job done once correctly? The windshield issue is truly an inconvenience to me and no one seems to care. I would never recommend anyone to purchase a car from Toyota of San Bernardino. They don't deliver on their promises nor do they do quality work in service.

Defective Paint
By -

In June 2006 my husband and I bought a Toyota Certified Used '03 Avalon with one previous owner & no history of an accident, hail or other problems. Within days we noticed the paint had noticeable chip marks and buffing swirls on it along with waxy remnants in creases that matched the paint color. We took it to the dealer at that time and they smoothed out the appearance. In Dec. '06, when we took it in for maintenance we pointed out pitting on the roof, hood and trunk and asked them to fix this. They gave us a tube of touch-up paint for the pitting and told us to use "TLC" with frequent washing and waxing.

About a year later we pointed out that the paint was beginning to peel on the hood and trunk. The shop told us we must have parked under something, and nothing was done. There are no trees or lines over where we park the car at home or at my husband's work. After that we allowed time to slip by as the paint continued to deteriorate. We have kept up with regular maintenance at the same dealership where it was purchased and they never gave us any further advice on addressing the paint.

By this spring ('10) the deterioration had progressed to the point of peeling on the doors, hood and trunk, and there are large areas on the hood and trunk with primer showing in definite symmetrical patterns. We again tried to get Toyota to take responsibility for an obvious factory problem, and have been given the run around, with different explanations and excuses each time. We were told that an inspector comes to our dealership each month, but have been refused an appointment or date for him to even look at it.

Now we're looking for some contact information other than our dealership or the Customer Experience Center to take our grievance on "up the ladder." They've been blocking this effort at every turn even though we're trying to go through proper channels. Any suggestions?

Low Mileage Repair
By -

I own a 2005 Toyota Avalon XLS with only 70,000 miles. I have already replaced two ignition coils and now another one has to be replaced. There is a total of six coils and I am sure the other three will need to be replaced soon. It appears to me that these are faulty ignition components that average $350.00 per coil. I am not aware of other vehicles having this problem. This seems like low mileage to be having this issue.

I have had several factory recalls and now have been informed by Toyota that there is a leak on the power steering unit at a cost of $1,750.00 to repair. I have always owned Ford products and even have had a Ford F250 Truck with over 500,000 miles with no leaks, no engine problems or transmission problems. I am not holding Toyota to that standard. I am very disappointed in the Toyota product. Please help me become a satisfied Toyota owner.

Avalon Exterior Trim Colors Vie With Scion
By -

As a faithful Toyota customer for more than 20 years, the last two cars have been Avalons. When preparing to add a 2011 to my lengthy Toyota lineup I found that Toyota had abandoned any pretense of providing upscale paint colors and defaulted to some of the colors associated with the Scion line of cars. Scion is a great car, but not at the high end of the line like Avalon.

When paying close to $40,000 for an auto, I would expect to have a choice of upscale colors provided in the Lexus line. For example the Sizzling Crimson mica may look great on a Scion (I doubt it, frankly) but looks like metallic rust on the Avalon. Silvers, brown and others are totally uninspiring on this auto. It's a shame such a great auto with great interior trim has to suffer from sub par paint. Guess all the Toyota trouble has clouded their vision when looking at this car.

Air Conditioning Problem With 2006 Toyota Avalon
By -

I have a 2006 Avalon Toyota that the air conditioning system just went out after 22,000 miles. Toyota claims that the condenser was damaged by a rock and would not be covered under warranty. I have never owned a car that had this type of problem so I think that Toyota has poor quality in their condensers. I have read complaints about other models with the same issue.

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