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Poor coverage, Poor website functions, Customer Service indifference
By -

9700 112TH ST AVE, FLORIDA -- I got a TracFone for emergency use. It gives me a check restriction-34 message in my home and nothing more happens. I'd really like to know what that means? The website offers no help. They make you register your personal and phone information to access the site, then each time you try to contact them for service you are required to enter all this information over and over again.

And this does no good since the website contact just refers you back to the 800#s that you can't reach because your phone does not work. If you find a phone that does work and use their 800# you can count on 10 minutes on hold. This is a very effective program to discourage all but the most desperate of customers with copious time to commit to contacting them.

I too gave up and accepted the cheap phone was useless. I am in Jacksonville, Florida. My home just a few miles from the Federal Reserve building. I'm not out in the woods. Yes I receive no service. If I wander around town I can get reception but it's spotty and the idea of completing a call is just a dream so far. It's been a year.

I contacted the State of Florida Office of Public Council and began to receive a series of declarations from a **. I have written frequent emails asking numerous questions (like what does "check restriction -34" Mean?) and received zero answers. He chooses to send these proclamations once a week. "We are sending you a replacement phone" e. g. Upon receipt of the replacement it blew up on the charger the first day. This replacement phone came with a return envelope. I wrote asking for direction how to proceed. After several days I used the enclosed return envelope to return the defective phone.

** replied a week later he was sending a replacement envelope. I had emailed him two days earlier I'd already returned the defective phone in the return envelope. I wrote again "its already been returned." A week later he wrote "We are awaiting the return of the defective phone to proceed." A week after that I received another proclamation "we are sending a replacement phone."

During these passing weeks the old phone on which I had 600 unused minutes, was put out of service. I had to register the replacement phone when I received it to activate service. In doing this it supplanted the old unused phone. So because their original phone that never worked prevented me from using the 600 minutes, I lost them. Heads they Win tails we lose. Pretty good odds for them.

That are very proficient at protecting their interests. I am on a program which adds 68 minutes per month. This addition was not made for February and the phone disconnected completely. Making sure I had absolutely NO phone access while they got around to replacing the two defective phones.

I shall continue to try to contact the office of public council. They don't answer their emails either, apparently. I wish I knew of some agency that actually is interested in improving cellular services. They seem to have everything their way. Take it or leave it isn't even an option. It's they take and we leave. But they have no competition because all cellular companies have the same attitude. And when they become notorious, they just change the names e. g. Comcast or AT$T. Same lousy coverage same lousy indifference to customers. And we pay and pay... Thanks and good luck.

Not everyone can afford a cell phone that's why United States federal government is trying to help economically repressed people
By -

9700 NW. 1 12TH AVE., MIAMI, FLORIDA -- I would like to commend the United States federal government for attempting to provide a vital free cellular telephone service to our many elderly and handicapped individuals that may possibly due to circumstances beyond their control may find themselves living in poverty, that may otherwise not be able to own a telephone at all.

These are the very people that often need a telephone the most and that would often otherwise be denied of such a vital and possibly life-saving service. Compassion for the less fortunate among us seems to almost be forgotten in the shadow of those that would abuse our system for their own personal gain because of selfishness and greed. Should we become callous to the outcries and suffering of all those that are in true need because of the abuse of a few.

Although I commend our government on their good intentions I must also severely criticized their choice of service providers through this particular cellular telephone company (TracFone wireless of Miami Florida which owns safe link). I personally tried to do business with them and found them to be one of the worse cellular telephone providers I have ever encountered. If our government wants to help the economically repressed and handicapped with cellular telephones they really could not have made a worse choice of companies to provide this service on behalf of the United States government.

Sometimes our government seems to be penny wise and pound foolish. I would think that many telephone companies of higher quality would trip over each other trying to compete for such a large and lucrative contract with the United States government and that there is no reason that our government must settle for this particular provider.

I believe the best recourse of action for any person having problems with this organization would be to contact the Atty. Gen.'s office and other consumer types of watchdog agencies and to convey to them factually, accurately and truthfully whatever negative experiences people may have endured in their attempts to do business with this organization (TracFone) which is why such agencies exist (for consumer protection).

The fact that the poor people must depend upon the service and are receiving it free does not excuse TracFone's unconscionable behavior because they are being well paid by taxpayer dollars to perform their contractual obligation to those in need of the service. If we do nothing about such things and think that we can not make a difference: then we are beaten before we've begun. Only when good people sit idly by and do nothing can the bad people and organizations prevail over us. We must take action if we want results and if nothing to cause changes nothing will change.

It was our courage, compassion and conviction for a better way of life that at one time founded this unique and special nation. We must continue to defend the broken, handicapped and elderly among us also that cannot always defend themselves or we are no better than those that oppress them. And they, the oppressed must also on behalf of themselves and others like themselves take action and not think that they cannot make a difference because of the severity of their difficulties and belief that no one really cares, because some of us do care.

We should all remember that in the twinkling of an eye any one of us could find ourselves handicapped for life and lose everything we ever worked for. Think about that as we drive to work today. Think about that as we send our children off to school. Think about that all the time because it could be any one of us on any given day of the week. Yes, believe it or not, any one of us may also find ourselves living in poverty, crippled and broken and eating very little and not even a simple telephone. Think about it.

SafeLink Phone Programs are run by morons.
By -

In May of 2009, I started to receive notices stating that I must verify eligibility to continue service. Every time I called, I was told I didn't need to verify and that the messages were a mistake, and "Please disregard".

Tracfone, What A Pleasant Surprise In A Market Dominated By Deception
By -

After years of going to the mat with Verizon, my former carrier, my contract by the grace of God finally expired. A Verizon representative actually had the unmitigated "nads" to call and ask why I wouldn't renew, imagine that! On Dec 22, 2010 I purchased a Tracfone LG420G for $15.00 and a 60 min / 90 day service card for $19.95 from my local Dollar General store, very reasonable.

Got home and began the initial charge powered up and went to the web sight. Their sight was straightforward and phone activation was effortless, then I tried to register my time / service card and received a dialog stating there was a problem and an 800#. My first thought, oh ** here we go again.

Dreading the challenge I expected to encounter I called, went through 1 level of auto attendant, put on hold and to my surprise in less that 2 min connected to a technically proficient, graciously polite and patient gentleman who was difficult to understand and explained the situation. I heard the keys clatter then he was back on line saying "your card wasn't properly scanned, I will have to connect you to a different department". He graciously wished a Merry Christmas and put me on hold.

In seconds I was connected to another gentleman almost identical to the first but even more difficult to understand, he requested I fax him a copy of the receipt and the front and back of the time card, gave me an 800# to fax a case # to reference and informed me that my phone came with double minutes for life as long as my service days didn't expire, we thanked each other exchanged holiday greetings and hung up.

The web sight was still open and so far this was the most positive experience I ever had with a carrier. In a leap of faith I purchased a 600 min package. Min later I flipped the phone open and had 1210 min and 400 service days. I couldn't fax until the following day, I faxed them in the morning, went to breakfast and when I returned to my shop found a message from a very difficult to understand lady informing me they hadn't yet received my fax
which I resent. The following day the additional double min and service time had been properly credited. Problem solved. The fact that they called me to follow through resolution, I was impressed.

After years of torture dealing with deceitful, predatory charlatans at last I might have found a wireless carrier with integrity that keeps their word. At least this is the best experience I ever had with a service provider, the deal is what it is nothing more, nothing less, a breath of fresh air. I still have outstanding disputed bills for stuff I didn't ask for over a year old with my former carrier, chalk it up to experience like a bad divorce, it was worth anything to get them out of my life.

BBB gives Tracfone A+ rating, how?
By -

1st off the good things about TracFone. We wanted a prepaid cell phone and tried several other companies they did not work in our service area so we switched to TracFone. We have been customers for 2 years. I never had any problems with until June 2010. On 6/7/10 I tried to purchase minutes online. I used my credit card and it said the transaction could not go through to call customer service. But I later found out they charged my credit care almost $70.00. Then I tried my debit card and said the transaction went through but I never received my minutes. I called my credit card company who said they could not reverse the charges until they posted on my account.

I then called TracFone which was closed so I had to wait to the next business day. I got a gentlemen who said no problem my credits would appear in the next 24-48 hours on my credit card and debit card. Well I waited nearly a week and still no credits nor minutes. I had to buy a card from the store to get minutes on my phone. I am unemployeed and on my resumes I have submitted to employers have my TracFone number on it. I am 3 payments away from foreclosure, so I need a job and fast. So after adding minutes by a card I was able to use the phone then one day it said sim card is unregistered.

So I had to spend more time on the phone with TracFone only to find out they want me to send $21.58 to them to turn the phone on. They said they gave me to many minutes which is not my problem. I also had to dispute the credit card and debit card charges again, after several emails and calls to them they still had not resolved it. They never answer emails. Also they would not let me port my phone number to a new phone because I owed the $21.58 which still puzzles me since I paid for minutes before I received them. I spent a total of 6 hours on the phone with people that don't speak English and are not helpful.

I ended up getting a new phone but now all my resumes I sent out still have my old phone on it. Oh and by the way I went with a different company which seems to be much better so far. I get 1000 minutes 1000 text for $30 a month... wow. I was spending about $150 a month on TracFone so this will be such a saving I hope.

I did finally get my credit back on my credit card but still have not got it back on my debit card plus they closed my online account so I can't take away my payment information. I was sadly disappointed with them and feel they took advantage of me. Do some research before you pick a prepaid cell phone or any cell phone. I am not saying that TracFone was totally bad we had great service until June but then all heck broke lose. I filed a BBB complaint. But have not heard anything yet. I am very curious what they will say about there A+ rated company. Buyer beware.

Overcharges for Air Time Cards
By -

I was charged incorrectly. I have double charges for 4/20/10. I should have 2 charges for $15.21 and I have 4??? I checked my account on 4/27/2010 and saw that the refund had not been made, so I called back to your company. I was at that time told that the records showed that the funds had been released and that I should call my bank and see why they had not processed this refund. I called my bank and left a message. They called me back on 4/29/2010 and said that they did not see anything from TracFone for me. So I called your company back on 4/29/2010.

When I initially called on the 29th I was first told that there were only 3 charges made for $15.21, not four, which was incorrect. However I did find out at this time that there was an additional $10.14 amount that was charged to my account on that same day. After much discussion (one and a half hours worth) I was told that she did see the 4 charges for $15.21 and one for $10.14.

Now I realized that there are 5 charges that were made to my credit card on 4/29. Not the two that I authorized. I thought I would receive some resolution now, much to my dismay I was then told that she could see all 5 charges, but she refused to return the money for the 3 charges (that was not authorized by anyone for you to take out of my account) because I was told "We show that you did receive the minutes from the other 3 charges as well." That is not true. I only received 120 min on 2 phones for a total of 240 and total of $30.42.

I was then told that they could not take my word for fact that I did no™t receive the minutes and they would need to verify on my 3 phones that I did not receive the minutes. At this point I became more than frustrated. My money had been taken out of my account without my authorization and it had taken me 10 days to have someone from your company admit it, only to find out that my moral ethics were to be questioned and they could not find out if this were true or not without me having the 3 phones physically with me so I could go to code entry mode and type in *#0 then tell them what the screen said.

I would understand if this was the first time I had contacted your company, however I had contacted the company several times by phone and by email and no one had ever questioned me about verifying anything. I had to spend over 2 and half hours on the phone during the day with your customer service representatives to do absolutely nothing to right the wrong that your company had caused. I did have one phone with me, so one of your representatives agreed to return one of the $15.21 charges since he could prove my phone had not received any additional minutes.

I was then asked when I could have all 3 phones with me to get the other 2 verified. I told them I would have them all by 6:00 and asked them to call me back at 6:00pm that day. No one ever called me back, so I called the company once again. I explained the situation and the representative verified that none of my three phones had received any additional minutes besides the 2 phones getting the 120min that each of them should.

Finally I expected to have your company's problem taken care of. I had spent numerous days and way more of my time trying to get untrained unprofessional representatives to help, so I'm not sure why I thought I was near the end of my quest to get back the money that you had no right to take out of my account. $15.21 + $15.21 + 10.14 so now you owe me $40.56 minus the one refund that was issued (of course that is assuming that I will eventually get that refund, as of 4/30/2010 I have not).

So to recap:
1st - I was told (by email) that there was only one charge.
2nd - I was told (by email) that there were 2 additional charges and that they would be returned to me in 24 to 48 hours.
3rd - I was told (by phone) that the funds had been released and there must be a problem with my bank and I needed to contact them.
4th - I was told (by phone) that they could see that there was the 4 charges for $15.21, plus one additional charge for $10.14, but that one of my phones had received the minutes from the 3 additional charges so they could not refund me the money I was owed.
5th - I was told that yes they could verify that I had been charged erroneously and that they could see that none of my phones had received any additional minutes that I had not purchased.

Now you would think this would be the end of my complaint email and that I would have the 3 charges that I did not make returned to me and that I would have enough minutes complimentary added to my phone to show me that all of this I had been through was worth something. But no neither of those two things did happen nor has happened. The last communication I had with a representative I was told that she could not refund the 2 remaining charges that never should have been charged because another representative had issued me one of the refunds. What? Are you serious? This is the outright most unacceptable service I have ever received.

Unprofessional bad business. I have used your company for several years now and have never had this much trouble. I finally explained that I would be disputing the charges through my bank since there was not one representative from your company out of the 6 or 7 I had been in contact with that was capable of understanding what had happened and how to fix it. So the reason I've documented all of this is to give the TracFone
company one more chance to fix this problem and compensate me for my time and extended effort to fix a problem I did not create.

If I can'€™t trust your website to charge the correct amount when I purchase minutes from you and I can not trust your customer service representatives to fix the problem in an acceptable manner and reasonable amount of time I see no way possible to continue to use your service. I propose you refund all 3 charges that should not have been charged and add 500 complimentary minutes to each of the 3 phones I now have active in your service. I will begin communication with the FCC, the Better Business Bureau, Internet pages ETC. if I have not received both of these request by 5/5/2010.

I regret that I have now had to spend another 30 min typing up all of this, but I loathe the ideal of having to go through one more representative that is so ill-equipped to handle to simplest of problems. In the event that for some unexplainable reason you do not rectify the problem as requested I would like to think that someone from your company would pull up all communication from 4/16/2010 through today and use the phone calls as a training tool of what not to do. This company will lose more and more customers who can not have a simple problem fixed and who must spend hours repeating the same story to different people who also cannot help.

Lost 8 hours of my life on-hold
By -

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- I added minutes to my account on-line the night before I was to make an 8-hour car trip. When I checked my phone the next morning at 7am (when I was ready to leave), the minutes had not registered to the phone. I called & had to call back at 8am (when the technical department opened) to speak with a representative. This representative was able to get the minutes to show up on my phone, but the phone would still not make or receive calls. I called TracFone back & was transferred between a few people until I reached someone who tried to reactivate the phone number on the phone.

He then assured me that he had solved the problem and, if I would wait for 1 hour, my phone would work correctly. I waited for 1 1/2 hours and tried the phone only to have the same problem. I called back, was transferred between a few people again, and reached someone who issued me a new phone number. He assured me that this would solve the problem and that I would need to wait another hour before my phone would be active. I waited yet another hour only to have the phone still not work. I called back again, was transferred around again, and spoke with someone who told me she was working on my account.

I waited on hold for over 40 minutes, although she did periodically check in with me to assure me that she was working hard to resolve my account problems. After the last time she checked in with me, she must not have put me back on hold properly, because after she assured me that she was hard at work on my problem, I could actually hear her having a lengthy conversation (with laughing) with someone else on a topic that did not seem like it was related to my account at all. When I tried to get her attention, I was ignored. I hung up and called back, requesting a supervisor.

This supervisor attempted to reassign me another phone number only to determine that there was some sort of a system problem. She transferred me to another department who informed me that there was a system error with the company's computer system and that they could not get my phone to work for 48-72 hours. This was at 2pm, a full 6 hours after I first called the company.

When I informed her that, since at this point I had been trying to resolve my phone issues for over 6 hours and had no longer had any interest in keeping my TracFone, I wanted a refund of the money I spent to purchase additional minutes. She replied that the company did not issue refunds. When I protested, she said she would transfer me to a supervisor. I was placed on hold where I waited for nearly 30 minutes before I finally gave up and hung up. I called back and waited on hold for 10 minutes before being able to speak with someone and then another 10 minutes before I was able to be transferred to a supervisor.

I explained the entire situation to him and requested my refund again. He looked at the account and tried to figure out the problem himself, coming to the same conclusion as had already been determined. I told him I had no interest in keeping my phone and wanted a refund of the money I spent putting minutes on the phone. He looked at the account and transferred me to someone in the credit card department to try to issue a refund. I was placed on hold AGAIN and waited for over 20 minutes to reach a real person.

I have tried repeatedly to get a refund for the money I spent on minutes only to be told that the company doesn't issue refunds on airtime purchases. I finally got a hold of a supervisor who authorized a refund, but can't get anyone in the Direct Sales Customer Service Department to actually perform the refund transaction. No resolution has occurred and I wasted an entire day on the phone and had to ultimately reschedule my trip.

Don't ever buy from Tracfone!
By -

I purchased a TracFone on 12/24. I could not receive calls on this phone. Called customer service. They were unable to fix the issue so I bought a 2nd phone of a different model that same evening as I needed a working cell phone. 2nd phone had same issue. Could make but not receive any calls. Calls would not go through at all. Would just receive a fast busy signal or message to check the number and try again.

Spoke with customer service December 24, 26,27,28,29, 30 and 31st. No one was able to resolve the problem with my phones. On 31st a representative "accidentally" deactivated my 1st phone and caused me to lose all my minutes I'd paid for. (She laughed when I told her the phone was showing a message that said "disabled".)

After speaking with her superivsor, the supervisor stated she'd send me ONE replacement phone. I received the replacement phone on Jan. 4th. Called to activate and got message that phone was already active. Called Executive Customer Relations and representative had me enter codes and a phone number was assigned to the phone (he never asked for my zip code) It was an area code for New Mexico.

I live in Ohio which means if I used the phone I'd incur roaming charges (double minutes). I advised the representative the phone number needed to be changed and he tried to do this but just made the sim card invalid (the message that came up on my screen). He said he'd have to send me a new sim card.

I received the new sim card on Jan. 6th and called to activate the phone. I received the same message saying the phone was already active (means it is a refurbished phone, even though I paid for two brand new phones). Called customer service Executive Relations again and was assigned a local phone number. A long story short- this phone has the same problem as the first two phones. I can not receive calls on this phone!

So the replacement phone they sent me has the same defect as the two I purchased. I called customer service again to report the problem and the representative said I had to wait twenty four hours to see if the problem corrected itself. It is not going to correct itself. I have two other phones that have not worked since Dec. 24th and now the replacement has the exact same issue!

I have requested a refund on several occasions and the reps refuse to honor this request. Tracfone has had more than enough time to correct the problem but instead I have 3 tracfones that do not work properly. They advise me to return them to the retailer but the stores I bought them at will not take them back as they are open and have been used(or at least attempted to use). It should not be the retail stores' problem when it is obviously TracFone's error as the phone they sent me has the same issue as well.

I have spent over 10 hours on the phone with customer service and during this time I've never been rude or abusive and yet I've been hung up on without warning, had my phone deactivated and minutes lost, been laughed at, been kept on hold for 20 minutes, had a representative take my info and pretend to help me for the next 15 minutes and then ask for my info all over again admitting she didn't' do anything in the first place!

The frustration goes on and on! There is NO excuse for such poor customer service. It is as though they try to be as useless as possible and just keep putting you on hold while they "work" until you just hang up out of frustration or the fact that you don't have over an hour to spend on the phone with them.

I Would Never Buy A Tracfone Again!
By -

IDAHO -- I purchased a TracFone about 8 months ago around April of 2007. I thought it would be a good start for my 15-year old daughter to learn some responsibility. This way we would have to purchase minutes ahead of time and she could not run up a huge bill. I had to call TracFone'€™s line activation department around 9 times over a period of 6 days to get the phone activated. Their computer showed the wrong cell phone provider in this area. When we finally got this resolved the phone worked great, no problems.

After about 8 months the antenna on the phone broke, no big deal. You know how teenagers can be a little rough. TracFone was great about it. They said it was still under warranty and they sent me a reconditioned phone as a replacement. Well here is where the things started to go bad. They sent the phone to Fortson, Georgia instead of Idaho. I gave my address to the TracFone representative and she repeated it back to me. How she got so confused I will never know.

I gave her my ZIP CODE twice. Instead of 7-10 days it took about three weeks. OK no big deal. I can kind of understand. I have the phone now and it looks like new. My daughter should be up and running in no time, yea right. I called the line activation department one to three times a day over a period of 6 days for up to 35 minutes at a time.

I was hung up on twice. I was told maybe the phone they sent me wasn't working properly, so I bought a new phone and more minutes. They transferred everything over to the new phone. I have called twice a day for two days. I was hung up on once. I was transferred from one department to another. I still don't have the phone activated. The last conversation I had with them, I asked if I could be reimbursed for the phones and the minutes I have purchased. I was told I would be reimbursed for the one new phone I bought, not the phone they sent me under warranty and not for the minutes.

There policy is that they don'€™t reimburse for minutes. I explained that I purchased the minutes in good faith, they told me the phone would work in this area. In fact my original phone worked great for 8 months. I asked if I return both phones and I can't use the minutes why can'€™t I be reimbursed for minutes not used? They said it'€™s their policy.

When you speak to someone at TRACFONE it'€˜s hard to understand them. I have been hung up on three times. They speak in a thick accent. I can't get a hold of someone in the USA. The people I do get a hold of just have me repeat what the last person had me do. I explained about the cell-phone provider in this area being Alltel and that'€™s what worked on our first phone. They just seem to be following a prompter on a monitor in front of them asking the same questions and running me through the same tests and solutions and none of them work.

Crooked Company
By -

STANLEY, NORTH CAROLINA -- In June 2007 I bought a used Tracfone from a cousin with 300 minutes on it. I purchased the Free Double Liftetime Minutes for $149.00, this included 800 minutes. After 3 months I needed a new phone so I called TracFone [who you can't understand] but was told that I could transfer my minutes and card over to a new phone so I purchased a new phone called and got the minutes tranferred. In June 2007 I bought a used TracFone from a cousin with 300 minutes on it. I purchased the Free Double Lifetime Minutes for $149.00, this included 800 minutes.

After 3 months I needed a new phone so I called Tracfone [who you can't understand] but was told that I could transfer my minutes and card over to a new phone so I purchased a new phone called and got the minutes transferred. For about 60 days everything was fine, I then purchased 2 cards for 120 minutes each at a local store[ they were on sale].

After getting them added to the phone I found out that they were not doubled. I called Tracfone and was on the phone for over an hour and was told I couldn't transfer the card. [Had been told I could] I finally hung up and called when I was calmed down, got someone in the Philippines again. I explained the situation to her and she said yes she could put the card on my new phone and did so. She did give me more minutes than she was supposed to but I had been on the phone so long and was so aggravated that I didn't say anything because I didn't want to start all over.

By this time with the cards I had purchased and the double time I had over 2500 minutes so I kept up with it close. I had a second phone [for husband] that had 250 minutes left on it and in December I decided to put them on the main phone instead of keeping up with 2 phones. On the phone again for an hour, straining to understand but the guy took the minutes off my old phone without any problems and was supposed to add them to the main phone. I told him they weren't showing up, he replied it may take 5 minutes.

I was on my way out the door for an appointment, Minutes never showed up. when I got home I called back. Had all the SN# and everything from both phones, I called and was on the phone for 46 minutes and was then turned over to a supervisor. Waited online for 2 hours and 5 minutes, [wasn't going to give in] when I finally got to talk to the supervisor she said that I had not removed minutes from any phone and added them to this phone. What can a person do, you can't go through the line and do it yourself. You get their names and write a book about it and it doesn't help.

Anyway I finally hung up, called back a little later got another person who put the minutes on in less than 5 minutes. I could see them on my phone. I thought all was well but still kept a close watch on my minutes. In the meantime my cousin [who I bought the phone from] had her Discover Card on file for the phone I bought from her. She got a charge on her Card for $183.00 dollars for Tracfone, she disputed the charge with Discover and spent hours on the phone with Tracfone and couldn't get any answers. the customer service reps treated her like she was crazy. Discover gave her money back.

Two days ago when my husband tried to use the phone he got a message that said the phone was deactivated. [had 2627 minutes and airtime until 2010 on it] When I called Tracfone again was told I would have to call back the next day after about 45 minutes hold. Called back the next day after 30 minutes I asked to talk to a supervisor.

I told her from the beginning I was going to tape the call. After another hours and being put on hold [while I talk to a supervisor, which is what I thought I had] I was finally told that I had purchased a double minute and a 120 minute card on a charge card in September and it had been taken off my card. I had never used a card to do that and had not bought that second double minute card and another 120 minutes card [had bought my cards at a local store].

I then told her about the charge on my cousins card and she had the nerve to tell me that I had to have the card in my hand and made the purchase because they had to have a pin number on the back of the card before they would have done it. I have never even seen her card and didn't know that at one time [not on this phone, but the one I had got from her] she had a card on file. the supervisor told me they wouldn't do it with a card on file unless I gave them the 3 digit pin number on the back. I never did and never would have done that.

I'm not a crook and have a good relationship with my cousin. After another 30 minutes I told her that they may have put the minutes on my card [although it didn't add up to the right amount of minutes] could she take those minutes off and leave the nearly 2,000 minutes I had on it. She was a supervisor but she didn't have the authority to do that.

The only way my phone would be activated again would be to pay $183.00 for the double minute card and another card. Hell will freeze over before I give them another dime. I have lost approximately $225.00 - $250.00 on this phone. I will contact the BBB and as many people as I can to let them know the kind of business Tracfone is doing.

I only wish I had known this before I got one. I will also contact a local TV Station that has a investigator to check out companies who do people wrong. I know this is a long post, I have written a book of notes on the calls I have had to make to Tracfone. Some people may have good service and get along fine with them but there are a lot of us who have been cheated very badly. It will be worth it if only person don't have to spend the hours I did on the phone with... all because I was trying to save a few dollars on a cell phone. Never again!!!!!! I'm sure I have spent more than 10 hours total on the phone with them.

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Contact Information:
Executive Resolution Department
9700 N.W. 112th Avenue
Miami, FL 33178
1-800-867-7183 (ph)
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