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Rating: 1/51
HAZELWOOD, ARKANSAS -- Unfortunately, I have no photos or images concerning my contract but my experience is unbelievable. One May 30th 2014, I was on a website concerning getting prices for a one way move from Hazelwood Missouri to Little Rock Arkansas.. As a customer, I have experience conducting business with UHaul in Little Rock always with satisfactory results, until this last horrible experience. I have rented a van just local in Little Rock Arkansas with satisfactory results.

On August of 2013, I Have rented a 14 foot truck with a tow dolly one way move to Hazelwood from Little Rock wasn't nearly as expensive as I had to spend getting back. I am very much aware of cost of living its more about tactics and deliberate attempts meant to discourage and manipulate. Now back to May 30th 2014. I realize the demand was higher than supply so prices for a 14 foot truck with a tow dolly was well over 750 dollars plus taxes so the 30th of May was Friday. On Saturday as I talked to a customer service representative, the prices were basically still same because there was still a high demand.

I finalized my reservations with customer service representative on May 1st, early Sunday morning a set price of $523 plus tax which included a tow dolly and 14 foot rental truck. Later on that Sunday morning, I went to the closest UHaul facility which happen to be in Hazelwood Missouri. I wanted to make sure the price that was finalized over phone matched what the UHaul Hazelwood location had at that particular time it was. But then supposedly there was no tow dolly in supply so I had no other choice but to accept a car transport which is more expensive and supports a vehicle without any tires rolling. As you travel the tow dolly on the other hand travels with rental truck but with rear tires in motion and is less expensive compared to auto transport so the employee by the name of Rick says since no tow dolly was available I will have to accept the optional which was the car transport but I would be priced the same as if I had tow dolly 59.00 plus tax. That was reasonable it seems, but not when it comes to gas mileage and the weight of the thing, not to mention that 14 foot truck gives you 10 miles per gallon which has a 40 gallon tank .

Now Rick, the employee, tells me that it should be rental truck available last 2 hours of the business day this particular Sunday. So mind you, UHaul Hazelwood closes at 5p.m.I get a phone call right at 5 from rick the employee who states to me that truck will be available Monday at 7a.m but he would not be in at this time but his general manager by the name of Noel who will be present when I come pick up truck.

The price was still set at 513.00 plus taxes which includes 14 foot truck plus the car transport.I appear at the Hazelwood location and I am talking to general manager I talk to Noel the general manager about me picking up truck that was scheduled. He told me I will have to wait until p.m. because they have to go pick up the truck but asked me if I wanted to go pick it up even though I am the customer. This was before for whatever reason they have me picking up truck for Tuesday I told him no, I was supposed to pick up the truck Monday and pick up the car transport Tuesday. Talk about frustration and mental anguish and I am not being irrational or raising my voice so, we managed to come to a solution that I will come back and come get truck by 2 p.m.

I got there and now Rick the employee, is present we went over what was gone over numerous times. A14 foot rental truck with car transport . Now my total at this point was 503.00. So, I presented my bank card and I have only 305.00 on my card but I have the rest needed to complete transaction with cash. At this point it makes things difficult easy quickest less expensive solution is to go to bank and deposit what is needed to finally complete transaction. So, I went back and paid the transaction, got the truck, went home and I decided to go back to UHaul to purchase 2 large UHaul boxes. As soon as I appeared in store, Rick the employee, tells me that I didn't purchase the use of the car transport for Tuesday, this is still Monday. I told him how can this be, that it wasn't paid and we have been planning everything since Sunday. He said there must be a glitch in computer its a glitch yes its a glitch the glitch came when I tried to complete the transaction my first attempt. When I did not have the 500 plus on card. When I left, something sinister has happened. So Rick told me he can check my phone records and go through all my conversations with the customer representatives past 2 days to see if I am accurate. More mental anguish.

I called customer service and I talked to one that told me what I'm complaining about is in fact actual in my favor. However she is unable to do anything about this problem. So she connected me with the traffic or inquiry and she told me I have to take it up with the general manager because he seen me Sunday going over the final price. Rick told me it takes 2 days to go over my phone conversations, unbelievable.

Onto Tuesday morning. I went to UHaul to pick up the car transport and the general manager is adamant that I still have to pay for the car transport. So, I have no other choice but to pay 503.00 plus an additional 69.00 now since I am paying cash I have to pay 139.00 because I'm paying cash.

I got a phone call, Noel the general manager, asked me if I have any money on my bank card. I said yes and he deducts a dollar off my debit card but I still paid 69.00 but not 139.00. This supposedly is a break but this is the deal breaker my trip is set for 412 miles Hazelwood to Littlerock.

Every 30 miles, I'm stopping to keep truck full and now I'm 75 miles from Little Rock I have to use bathroom but I'm stressed because I'm am going to go over my mileage rate. I called customer service and they direct me back to inquiry and its the lady I talked to the day before that tells me whatever problem I have from Monday to take it up with general manager I tell her my mileage dilemma and she claims she will give me additional miles but before I know exactly how many additional miles we lose reception. Wow unbelievable!

Also, I forgot to add, the general manager gave me a completely different location to drop off the car transport completely out of the opposite direction where I am supposed to drop off the truck. I called him and he told me to disregard and take the car transport where I am dropping the truck off.

I am getting headache all over again. I get to Little Rock and no problems gave me courtesy miles and reasonable time bring truck rental back I gave no reason whatsoever to be treated as I was out of 800 plus dollars for a one way trip from Hazelwood Missouri to Little Rock Arkansas with mental anguish
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U-Haul Crates vs. Pods
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LEONARDTOWN, MD -- My husband and I move a lot and we just got our Uhaul containers delivered today. This is the first time we are doing it without a truck and with containers. My experience is as follows so far.

The Negatives

I have a paved large circular driveway I asked them to be placed on. I am guessing it is slightly uneven in parts ( like most pavement). Due to this the delivery guy wedged shims with a sledge hammer after delivering them. After putting in my lawnmower however the door no longer closes. This is a big issue because since it is a large wooden box basically, if you set weight in them the door no longer closes or latches since the weight settled the wooden box making the latches shift.

The other issue is that I am only 5'5". I had to get a pole to push up the tarp cover to even close the door and I can't pull the tarp down enough to close it all the way ( especially on the one where the door won't shut). It is currently raining and sleeting outside and although I only have my outdoor lawn stuff in the aforementioned box I am still worried something is getting ruined as we speak.( I suggest packing a step up stool and or ladder last)

there is a small step to get into the box so lawnmowers and stuff you have to have a board to wheel them up into the box. I luckily had a few boards lying around

there are only tie strap latches on 1 of my boxes

They aren't as big as you think and can only haul 2000 pounds each. I have no way of knowing how much weight is in each which presents the problem of shifting if you don't pack them tight enough (boxes aren't an issue but furniture and lawn equipment is)

They make a limited size and aren't really wide enough. To give you an idea I had about 6 inches to spare width wise and maybe 3 or 4 feet length wise after putting in my 40 inch riding lawnmower (sm to med size ridding lawnmower).

We had to fight to get the quoted price they tried to charge us twice as much during the confirmation call.

The positives

the truck is the cheapest option for all of our moves so far (we have used Uhaul in the past). what appealed to us was the time we would have to load and unload hopefully making it a lot less stressful of a move after doing the past moves in a day or two (unless you pay for more says with a truck but still you don't get it for a full month)

They take up less than a parking space. I have 4 in a row in a space to park 2 cars comfortably.

They would be better for longer distance moves

The drop off was great ( deliver I am sure will be the same). It was quick and all I had to do was tell them where and sign on a digital device similar to UPS.

You can get as many as you want and for me they were so much cheaper then PODS. PODS wanted to charge me $1400 for a cross county move in MD where after fighting to get eh quoted price, the Uhaul containers were a little over $600 ( a 26 ft truck would have only been $200 though but would have been more rushed)


watch out for hidden fees

pack your ladder last

make sure the spot is really level to avoid shifting after added weight

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 01/18/2011:
Thanks for the informative post. I've heard that POD's is really expensive, so it sounds like U-Haul could be a good alternative.
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Incompetent and disrespectful
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Rating: 1/51
EDMONTON -- Complaint about a Canadian U-Haul at Edmonton (9521-51st avenue, Edmonton, AB T6E4W8 Canada).

Complete dissatisfaction with the unprofessional services and disrespect demonstrated by several staff members . The experience has left us with the impression that U-Haul’s advertising is completely false and we will not be recommending your business to anyone in the near future.

We booked a 26` truck at U-Haul online more than 3 weeks in advance for our planned household move. We were supposed to have it at 9 am.

My husband arrived at the pick up location on time but was told to wait. The staff members did not have the courtesy to give a word of explanation as to the status of the rental despite my husband having asked several times. He was finally told at 10:15 am that there was no truck available and that he could register on a waiting list in case a vehicle suddenly became available. My husband was very dissatisfied as he had waited for so long for nothing, and also considering that he had asked for a day off at work and that several people were also waiting at home to help us move. This created a huge loss of time for several people.

My husband decided that U-Haul had wasted enough of our time and decided to leave and asked for a refund as per the slogan you so proudly display on your website as “$50 back if we can’t provide you with the vehicle you booked”. Not only did the staff member tell him it was not possible to give him this refund because he had changed his reservation (and please note SHE had changed the reservation by putting him on a waiting list) but in addition, if he left, he would be charged for not picking up the vehicle without a 24h notice. This was completely inappropriate as you not only failed to meet your commitments in the first place, you then expect your customers to pay for multiple mistakes due to mismanagement and poor organization.

My husband, who does not speak fluent English, as we arrived from France last year, asked for better explanations. Other customers present had supported him, saying it was ridiculous to take so many online reservations without checking the availability. He was then referred to your on-site manager. She was obviously not happy to deal with the situation. Several times while my husband was trying to find his words in English, the on-site manager interrupted him and prevented him from speaking by talking louder and louder without listening to him. My husband finally lost his temper and demanded that she let him speak. Suddenly, she portrayed herself as a victim, claiming she would not tolerate his attitude and that she was calling the police… For what? For having not been able to do her job respectfully and properly? For having taken advantage of someone who could not communicate as easily as she could? For choosing to ignore a problem she was supposed to deal with as a manager and for which U-Haul is completely responsible for?

This is a much more serious problem than mere incompetence or unprofessional customer service. Her attitude, mixing bad faith and dishonesty, is an intolerable lack of respect for my husband, as a customer first, but as a person above all, that should not be tolerated from anyone.

It is a shame for a company such as yours, internationally recognized, claiming to be the largest moving operator, to offer such poor quality service (incompetent and disrespectful) as your agents and manager displayed. After reviewing the many bad customer reviews on your website, it can be clearly seen that I am not inventing or dramatizing the situation. There are many similar disrespectful situations presented there.

For the reasons discussed above, I have sent this letter to you and I intend to forward this complaint to anyone dedicated to these kinds of issues.
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User Replies:
KevinTX on 05/15/2012:
Wow, this is the best written review I have seen on this site! Nice job! As for your complaint, I agree with you completely. This was ridiculous and this SHOULD BE addressed by someone at UHaul HQ.. totally unacceptable.

Good review!
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Poor Management At U-haul In Wichita Kansas
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WICHITA, KANSAS -- Let me start by saying U-Haul must have the dumbest people working for them. I wanted to rent a car dolly to pull a truck. I went to the web site to gather information on U-Hauls car dollies and this is what I found. A car dolly is designed for the front axle weight of the vehicle, not the entire weight of the vehicle. Here is what is written on the web site:

The vehicle being towed:

• Must not weigh in excess of 3,450 lbs. if it is front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, and 3,900 lbs. if it is rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive
• Must have a maximum outside-to-outside tire width of 72"
• Must not exceed a body width (at the doors) of 75"
Note: body widths over 72" must use late-model U-Haul Tow Dolly (identifiable by silver galvanized color)
• Low-hanging equipment on the vehicle being towed such as spoilers, air dams, ground effects, etc., may be damaged by contact with the tow dolly during loading and unloading. Make sure there is enough clearance for these items.
• Tow lights (tail/stop/turn) required at rear of vehicle being towed

The vehicle that I wish to tow is a 1991 Ford F-250 super cab, front axle weight is 3765 pounds according to the manufacturers sticker inside the door
The outside-to-outside tire width is 71” according to my measurements
I have established the truck I want to tow is within the guidelines posted on the internet

Now the truck I am planning to pull this truck with is a 1990 Ford F-250 super cab, 460 cui engine, 1-ton towing package including a automatic transmission made for towing, receiver hitch rated over 10,000lbs. (I use this truck to pull a bobcat skid steer and with the trailer on my truck, skid steer on the trailer and the weight of the towing truck I am somewhere in the weight of 18,000 pounds total that’s including my topper and tools in the bed .)

I have the correct mirrors, operational trailer light hook up and interchangeable receiver hitch balls. Now there is no question I am equipped to pull a U-Haul car dolly, using their internet guidelines for the dolly and the vehicle I want to pull. U-Hauls internet guidelines is as follows:

Your towing vehicle:
• Must be equipped with a full hard top if it is a sport utility type vehicle. If the top or any portion of the top is removed, or is not a hard top, your sport utility type vehicle cannot be used for towing U-Haul equipment. A full hard top must be in place.
• Must weigh at least 750 lbs. more than the vehicle being towed
• Must have Class 2 tow hitch (3,500 lbs. minimum weight-carrying rating)
• Must have 1-7/8", 2" or 2-1/8" hitch ball (3,500 lbs. minimum)
• Must not exceed maximum allowable hitch ball height 25"
• Must have external mirrors on both sides
• Must have fully operational lighting
• Tow dolly lighting must be operational at all times, day and night, loaded or unloaded
• Maximum recommended speed is 45 MPH

I drove my 1990 Ford truck to a U-haul dealer, I informed the salesman behind the counter that I wanted to rent a car dolly for 24 hours. I was asked what my pulling vehicle was, I gave him the same information I wrote above for the tow vehicle. Then I was asked what kind of vehicle I was planning to tow. I gave him the same information I listed above for vehicle being towed. The U-Haul salesman proceeded to tell me my front tire width was too big and my truck would not fit. I told him I measured the width and it was 71” and I told him I measured the car dolly and it would fit on the dolly. Then the U-Haul salesman tried to tell me my truck to be towed was too heavy. I told him the weight of the truck did not matter because the tow dolly utilizes the axle weight and the front axle is rated at 3765 pounds under the 3900 pound limit which is listed in the website for U-Haul. Then the salesman tried to tell me my truck transmission wouldn’t handle towing another truck after I told him the transmission in the tow truck was for towing.

The salesman then entered all the specs I gave him for the truck to be towed and the truck that is doing the towing in his computer. GUESS what I was told, my towing truck was not big enough to tow the other truck .Therefore he could not rent a car dolly to me. For grins an giggles I asked him to enter my Crown Victoria as the vehicle being towed using my towing vehicle information (The 1990 Crown Victoria weighs 3715 pound total). Its gets better, the computer says my truck is still not big enough to pull the Crown Victoria.

The website gives the information you need to see if you can use a car dolly and because the program on their computer says something different I cannot rent a car dolly. The sales people DO NOT FOLLOW what is even written in their brochures (same as the website). This only gets better. I called 2 different numbers for U-Haul and not one person I spoke to could over ride that damn computer nor did they have any answers for me that would help. Since no one can override the computer and what is written on the computer is gospel, I stand to lose a truck I really needed to get home. A car trailer would work if my truck had steering and a transport company wasn’t too expensive.

TO YOU U-HAUL: let me suggest that you gather your information from people in the real world who pull trailers for a living, not from statistics or from some educated idiot who thinks he knows what’s going on. Teach your employees to think for themselves instead of letting them think your policies have no options. I think your services suck and here is a list of websites of people’s complaints about you. I think you better get a clue as to why your sale’s is down. I also want other people out there to know they are not alone with bad experiences. I will NEVER use U-HAUL in the future and I hope other people who reads this will learn something from it.

The CEO of U-haul gave out his cell phone number last night on an episode of Inside Edition, inviting consumers to call with complaints or questions. Joe Shoen explained saying, “People can’t get this organization to behave, I can.” That number is 602-390-6525.

Wichita Kansas
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User Replies:
Ackley on 08/07/2013:
You got further than I did then Mike..Because when I called they told me point blank they would not rent me a dolly or a trailer unless I was also renting a U-Haul rental truck to tow it with! They suck!
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U-Haul consistent policy of overcharging
Posted on
BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- I'm writing with a complaint about the price and value at U-Haul, and I hope someone will take this seriously.

I recently rented a truck from U-Haul. On approximately March 29, 2003 I made an online reservation (#reference number 29357541) for a 17 foot truck and auto transport to be picked up on 4/3/2003 at 925 Niagara Falls Boulevard Amherst, NY 14226. In retrospect I wish I had never rented any equipment from your company. The following will explain why. The first problem I had was when the general manager of the facility (Terry Sahr) neglected to place the utility dolly in the back of the truck prior to my taking possession of the truck. Only after I had opened the loading door to the truck to begin loading the vehicle did I notice that the dolly was not in the truck. This required me to return to the facility to acquire the dolly whose rental I had already paid for. This act by your manager wasted not only valuable time but gas as well. He did hand write on my receipt an adjustment for the mileage but this failed to save me problems in the near future which I will comment on shortly. Also, when I rented the dolly there was a promotion in which I could rent the dolly and furniture pads for a combined cost of $10. Instead, Mr. Sahr charged me $10 for the utility dolly and $5 for the furniture pads. I also noticed this promotion at the facility in Baltimore MD also.

However, my chief complaint regarding the rental of the equipment is that upon the return of the equipment I was charged $100.09. Upon calling the regional manager in Baltimore, MD, "Mr. Wallace", at 410 325 1550 to inquire what these charges were for I was told by Mr. Wallace that there was a $29 refueling fee and a $25 cleaning fee. When I attempted to explain that these charges must be in error Mr. Wallace was very rude and disconnected the line from me! For that reason alone I want a complaint filed against this person and I want the complain placed in his personnel record. He is partly to blame for the feeling of disgust I have in this entire experience with U-Haul. As for these charges: the truck was returned in a clean condition. I was and am fully aware that doing otherwise would cause me to be charged a $25 cleaning fee. The only thing that was possibly left in the truck were 5 furniture pads and that is because I was under the impression that the $5 fee I pad for these
pads was a rental fee. If it was, in fact, a purchase fee then these pads are my property and I want them returned. Now! Also, I will remind you that I was already overcharged for these pads since, in effect, the fee should have been $10 for BOTH the dolly and the pads. Furthermore, it was necessary for me to call your customer service line in order to get the exact breakdown of the $100.09 charge since Mr. Wallace had hung up on me before it was possible for me to do so.

I also mentioned that I was charged $29 as a refueling fee. I was told that this was because I brought the fuel level to just below the level I picked up the truck (which was the 3/4 tank mark). Keep in mind that it was necessary for me to refuel the truck approximately 3 times during the period of the rental due to length of travel from Buffalo, NY to Baltimore, MD. The last time I refueled the vehicle the gas station pump stopped refueling automatically, indicating to me that the gas tank in the truck was full. I did notice that the trucks fuel gauge indicated less than full upon re-entering the vehicle but I surmised that it must be that the gauge was not reading correctly. Furthermore, having said that: why would I risk a refueling charge when it was obvious I had refueled the vehicle at least once? I did not want to risk overfilling the vehicle and cause a fire hazard by forcing more gas into the tank. Since the gas station pump stopped pumping automatically it indicated to me that the gas tank in the truck was full. Do you know how furious I am?

Here's what I'd like to see happen: U-Haul has overcharged me $100.09 in extra fees that should never have been placed. Furthermore, the furniture pads and furniture dolly fee was overcharged to me by $5 and the furniture pads should be in my possession since I did buy them. Also, U-Haul caused me to incur an additional $29.75 fee in overdraft charges from my bank because U-Haul charged these fees to my bank account as I was in the process of closing my account. (I used up the funds in the account, bringing it to a lower balance than the $109.09 that U-Haul charged me, in order to be able to close the account since I was switching banks since I was moving to another city).

To put it bluntly, I want each of these fees refunded to me immediately. Also, I want the furniture pads delivered to me, at U-Hauls expense. I am not willing to pick up the pads at a U-Haul facility because I no longer have a car. U-Haul has been a disappointment to me every time I have rented equipment from them. I rented a 28 foot truck from U-Haul when I moved from Syracuse, NY to Buffalo, NY several years ago. At that time, just as I was about to begin the drive to Buffalo with the truck full the engine lost its' coolant. After the mechanic showed up I finally pulled into Buffalo after 11 pm the night before I was to begin DENTAL school at SUNY Buffalo at 8 am. That is another unpleasant experience I will NEVER forget with U-Haul. Furthermore, a customer service manager has sent me $30 in U-Haul VIP Certificates for the troubles I have received on the most recent rental. I know that you will surmise that unless satisfaction is made regarding this rental you will have lost a customer for life. These certificates are worthless to me. You may as well provide me an address to return these to as I do not intend to use them. Also, I refuse to give them to anyone else because, unless I am refunded the funds rightfully due to me, I will actively recommend that people go to your competitors such as Ryder or Budget. I will also explain to people that it ay appear that U-Hauls rate quotes may appear to be cheaper, but they have an unwritten policy to sneak in additional fees wherever possible and it will be more expensive to use U-Haul in the long run. This complaint will be duplicated on several consumer websites such as The Better Business Bureau ( http://www.bbb.org/ ), My 3 Cents ( http://www.my3cents.com/ ), Ripoff Report ( http://www.ripoffreport.com/ ), and The Complaint Station ( http://www.thecomplaintstation.com/ ). .

I'll definitely never rent from you again, and you can be sure I'll steer my friends away from your company.

Please get back to me quickly about this issue. I hope to hear from you within 10 business days.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 09/11/2003:
First let me start by saying that I am sorry you had a bad experience with Uhaul. But as an independent Uhaul dealer I just wanted to address a few things you have stated in your complaint. I have never known an Uhaul dealer to leave items in the back of the truck prior to pick up. Usually (at least at our place & several other dealers I have gone to) all dollies, blankets, etc are kept in the office. These items should be given to the customer at time of rental. Second the dolly & blankets for $10.00 you are referring to apply to local rentals only, and only with certain trucks. The price of rental one way is $10.00 for the dolly and the blankets are rented NOT bought their rental cost is $1.00 each of $10.00 per dozen. You did NOT purchase the blankets. As far as fuel charges, did you leave the truck after hours or did you drop off during hours? If it was left after hours the dealer should have contacted you to let you know it was under fueled & should have given you the opportunity to take the truck & put fuel in it. If it was a return during hours that would have been checked then & you should have been told about it and again given the opportunity to put fuel in the truck or be charged.
Anonymous on 09/22/2003:
Frankly, I find the comments by the U Haul representative to this post amusing. The complaint repeats every experience I have ever had with this company. Only used as a last resort when Penske or Ryder are not available, U Haul has let me down at leat 80% of the time. They either do not have your reservation, or your vehicle, or try to provide to you something other than what you paid for. They on the constant lookout for opportunities to overcharge you, whether it is gas, "cleaning" charges, late fees, or reservation fees, every transaction receipt should be carefully scrutinized. The company really does not exist as a professional operation. It is run by hundreds of independent operators with almost nonexistant companywide standards of cleanliness and professionalism. I have picked up trailers that looked like horses had been boarded in them, I have had trucks that had frozen brake pads that started on fire. I have had trucks that were supposed to have A/C only to find that only hot air came from the vents. I have had trucks that I have rented pulled over not having current plates.
taurus on 02/10/2004:
I have worked in the corporate office of Uhaul for about 6 years and I have never heard any of our managers or anybody for that matter even talk about this website or anybody on it. You guys just need to stop complaining so you had a bad experience with uhaul, get over it. You say that you will never rent from Uhaul again... then don't and stop talking about it.
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Moving Tips U-Haul
Posted by on
TEXAS -- This is for customers who want to make their moving less stressful as possible.

(1) when you move you need to realize that moving is listed as the 3rd most stressful thing that will take place in someone's life family death being number#1 and divorce number#2 so be patient and willing to work through anything that occurs.

(2)Most people are off Saturday/Sunday so this is always the worst time to get a truck/trailer. Try to schedule your move between MON-THURSDAY less people moving during the week also makes for prime picking of good, clean, new eq.

(3) Always try to reserve your truck/trailer 7/14 days in advance regardless if the moving center has no idea if you they will have eq. At least when you reach a boiling point with them they can't say that you were a last minute customer.

(4) 4 days before your scheduled to p/u your truck/trailer call the rental center to confirm the status of the availability of inventory. Always try to talk to somebody with status such as an Asst.Mgr or actual store Mgr. These employees have more to deal with and want to get you in a truck/trailer first that way they don't have to be bothered with phone calls. This also can give you a little time to have an alternative solution in case your move falls through.

(5) On the day before your move be more persistent if no eq is available find out if they can locate something in the area that you would be willing to drive and p/u. You can also get cheap eq this way if you have to drive 30 miles out of your way tell them you need to tow your car and give you a tow dolly or auto trailer for $1.00 or give you a better deal on the truck since its costing you time and money.

(6) Be polite but stern if all your doing is cursing and yelling at the moving center employees their more likely to feel more comfortable giving your money back and tell you to go down the street.

(7) Stop by the moving center 1 or 2 days before your scheduled to p/u. Find out how many trucks/trailers that they are short on and where on the reservation list you stand. If your standing in the store they have to face you in person and know your somebody to be reckoned with on moving day. This also is a good time to scope out extra items such as utility dollies/pads if there seems to be an abundance lying around ask the customer rep if you get delayed on picking the eq up can they throw in free dolly and pads for your delay. They almost always say yes.

(8) Be smart,plan ahead and communicate with the moving center this will almost always guarantee you a good move.

(9) After you finished your move even if it went bad call the location you rented the eq from talk to a manager tell them the situation and be courteous even if it was horrible. Being courteous will put them in an up beat mood they will go out of their way to help the next customer not have a situation like yours. Also ask them to reimburse some of your move or give you an in store certificate. Cursing and yelling will only result in more frustration on your part. The employee couldn't care less because you are cross country now and on the other side of a phone line. All he has to do is hang up and never see you again.

(10) Ask the moving company for moving brochures they always have helpful tips on proper moving read these brochures they can lifesavers.
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User Replies:
xrayteck on 03/11/2005:
Don't go the U Haul route,,, get a POD!!! They drop it off, you load it at your leasure, they pick it up and deliver it to wherever you want. AND,, you get it for a whole 30 days for around $250.00!!! What a deal,, was the best move I ever made!!!!
angelyshis on 11/20/2006:
Moving tips from U-Haul? Are you serious? The only moving tim from U-Haul is to NEVER EVER EVER USE UHAUL!!!! If you do you will be subject to theft from your bank account (they stole $105 from me), and assault. NEVER EVER EVER USE UHAUL!!! Budget rental trucks are much better (and cheaper).
anniec on 08/24/2007:
If U Haul is giving good customer service there is no need for the customer to be rude and end up in a cursing match.We reserved our uhaul yesterday and canceled it today due to the rude and unhelpful phone call from the young man (Bryon in Wichita Kansas)who was to confirm our reservation.We are now going with budget.
Mike in kansas on 11/03/2008:
The CEO of U-haul gave out his cell phone number last night on an episode of Inside Edition, inviting consumers to call with complaints or questions. Joe Shoen explained saying, “People can’t get this organization to behave, I can.” That number is 602-390-6525.
montcalm on 12/12/2008:
wouldn't it be a lot easier to just give people what they are promised?

Airlines paid millions in lawsuits on overbooked flights, U-Haul should, too.
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Uhaul Overcharged Me And Left Me Starving
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Rating: 1/51
EGG HARBOR TOWNSHIP, NEW JERSEY -- I will never rent another you haul truck again. i had a rental truck for a couple days at the end of may.

After my contract was final the total cost was $406. You haul took over 700 dollars out of my account without my permission. I don't drive so my only mode of transportation is the city bus and I live outside of the city. Knowing I had money in my account my wife and I took the bus to the city with the cash we had, thinking we could withdrawal more at the ATM in the city.

When we get to the ATM it says that we have no money and I call to find out that Uhaul had overdrafted my account. Also the main reason we went to the city was to turn my phone on so I now have to call on a phone at a gas station. We realize that they aren't going to help us that day so we have no choice but to walk for over 2 hours back to our house to try and solve the problem. After being disconnected and hung up on several times, we are able to get someone to put MY money owed to me back on the card.

They tell me this is going to take another 4-5 days to be accepted by the bank after taking 3 days to have Uhaul solve the initial problem. I tell the lady of my immediate need for the money and she questions me, only to tell me she feels sorry and can't help. For the 7 days it took to resolve their negligence my family is living without any food or money. I also have 2 dogs that are unable to eat.

On top of this my rent is past due and I face eviction. My wife pulled muscles in her leg on the walk back from walking so far and we have to pay our bank overdraft fees. The customer service was horrible and everybody seemed to tell us something different.

Worse experience of my life and I will never use another rental from them again. GO PENSKE!!
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Took to Much Money for Storage
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Rating: 1/51
COEUR D ALENE, IDAHO -- So I got a U-haul. The first month is free and my payment was due on June 30th. Well I decided to make my payment for the $79.99 storage unit 3 days early. Somehow it went to $84.98 is what they said okay no big deal tax right? So everything went good with the payment until my bank account balance automatically text me anytime anything is spent on my account. It said the charges were for $97 and 69 cents.

So naturally I call the local store they said a supervisor would call me back well I got no call back. Then I call corporate and was told they are working on it and would call me back still no resolution for days later. I have called the store spoken to many customer service representatives and even corporate. I have been hung up on and they have sworn they only took that much money yet my statement says otherwise.

Trying to get this matter resolved is near impossible so I will be taking them to court for false advertisement because the advertisement was get a storage unit. Want first month free $79.99 a month not 97 dollars in 69 cents a month. I have talked to an attorney and what they did is considered false advertisement and theft. I am in the middle of filing Better Business Bureau dispute. And before I got the storage unit I rented one of their trucks and they told me the gas tank was full it was not. I had to fill up the gas tank from half way and yet they would not result that matter with me also.

When I first got the storage unit they did not explain to me anything where was that I had to ask other people where to go. This whole you Haul experiences been very stressful very time consuming and now has over John my account costing me way more money than it should have. The resolution I am seeking in this is training for customer service representatives, new management at court Elaine and all my money back for the you Haul truck for storage for my time and a free month of storage because a true customer service department would have helped me get through this and the store would not keep ignoring me.

I have tried to go into the store and was told somebody is in my account working on this and yet nobody is. Because when I call corporate they said they do not have any information on this and I will get a phone call within 24 hours it has now been 5 days this is not OK. They think that people have all this money when we don't. I live on a limited budget income for me my wife and my 5 kids As is we are already homeless living out of a hotel.
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Don't Walk, RUN Away From UHaul Fast as You Can.
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Rating: 1/51
TEXAS -- Several months ago, I was planning a cross-country move and checked into UHaul's U-Box Pods system. I spent an entire day on the phone with them, because I kept getting "transferred" and cut off. I spoke with seven different people, and got seven different quotes for the exact same scenario. They refused to send me a quote in writing (ie. an email) until I'd paid them an amount ranging from $240 to $650, depending on who I was talking with. I asked to speak with a manager, and kept being transferred randomly to various non-managers. Not that it mattered, because when I did get someone who said he was a manager, he was as clueless as the rest of them. I had such bad vibes about the company that I changed my entire plans for the move and did NOT use UHaul.

Now my son has made a cross-country move, and he did use UHaul's U-Box pods. He's been in his new location for a month, and hasn't gotten anything except a runaround from UHaul. They didn't show up to pick up the boxes the day they said they would. They sent him an email stating they were going to charge him for storage, even though he doesn't want anything stored. They were supposed to have delivered the boxes within two weeks. It's a month - no boxes, and no one seems able to tell him where they are or when they'll be delivered. He's been reduced to threatening them with legal action if they don't deliver.

Carry your worldly goods on your back if you have to, but avoid UHaul like the plague. I've never dealt with a more inept, unprofessional, poorly run company in my life, and that includes spending endless hours on hold with AT&T's laughably named customer service. I did get to hear at great length about one UHaul rep's daughter, who's a long haul trucker, so if that's what you want from a moving company, then maybe they're right for you. Anyone who actually wants to move their possessions would be well advised to look elsewhere.
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Julie on 07/10/2013:
I had very much the same experience. I was quoted one amount, after I packed my boxes they LOST the account and had to re-do my reservation. The quoted amount was over $300 difference. I put in multiple requests to contact and was NEVER called back. I left "high priority" requests to specific locations to be contacted. Never returned my calls. The only way I was ever able to talk with an actual location was if they happened to answer the phone. Upon the delivery of my boxes, I was told I was being charged an additional $450 for delivery fees. BOTH of my quotes were directly to my location. Hidden fees, no phone calls returned, terrible service! I have used PODS and they are a dream!
Paaduun on 07/23/2013:
I will glady pay more $$ to use Penske or budge over uhaul for any and all of my future moving needs. Never again will I be a customer of U-Haul.
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Incompetent customer service
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SPRINGDALE, ARKANSAS -- Following is a letter I sent to U-Haul (summary at end):

My Ridiculous Experience With U-Haul

I will never do business with U-Haul again and I will advise all my friends, family, and anyone who asks to avoid this company at all costs. U-Haul has the worst reputation on the internet of the major moving and storage companies and I was able to experience this first-hand. Unfortunately, U-Haul also has the only nation-wide small moving trailer option. I will BUY a small trailer if I ever need one and then sell it when I'm done before I'll rent from U-Haul again.

My pre-move activities with U-Haul and my eventual move went fairly well, save for the one-inch-wide hole in the ceiling of the single-axle trailer I had to duct tape over before my move. The hole could have let rain pour in causing serious damage to my belongings had I not spotted it. Of course U-Haul's disclaimer says the trucks and trailers are water-resistant, not waterproof and that U-Haul is not responsible for any damage caused to my stuff by leaks. Luckily, my two-day trek from South Florida to the Midwest was blue skies all the way.

As part of my cross-country move, I was given a free month of storage in a 5x8 storage unit at my destination.

June 7, 2006: I arrived at the Springdale, Arkansas U-Haul center. I was offered my choice of various 5x8 or 5x10 standard or climate-controlled storage units. I chose a 5x10 climate-controlled unit. I don't remember if I had to pay the difference in price or if U-Haul upgraded me for free - either way, everything was fine so-far, monetarily. However, the climate-control was currently on the fritz so there was no air-conditioning or circulation inside the storage facility. I would guess that the warehouse, including my second-level storage unit, was at around 85 - 95 degrees. Note: At this time, the published price of the 5x10 climate-controlled unit was $29.95 plus tax.

The trouble started on the second month of my storage unit rental.

July 3, 2006: I called the Springdale U-Haul facility to find out what the total of my next payment would be and when it was due. I was told that the price was $38.27 ($34.95 plus $3.32 tax) - not $29.95 plus tax. I disputed this and said that the price on the flyer that I had picked up off their counter from the big stack of flyers showed $29.95 plus tax. I was then told that the $29.95 was an "introductory" price and that now it was $34.95 plus tax. I said there was nothing on the flyer that indicated "introductory" prices; that the flyer appeared to be a standard storage unit price/location chart. "Introductory" price?! I didn't buy it but I didn't argue any further since it wasn't a huge price difference and moving/storage companies change their prices constantly. Unfortunately, I didn't think to check for the "non-introductory-price" flyers the next time I went to the facility. I was told the payment was due on July 8, which I paid by electronic check. This paid me up through August 7.

Shortly thereafter, I received a letter from the Springdale U-Haul facility notifying me that my storage unit rate would increase to $39.95 plus tax, effective July 28.

July 27, 2006: I again contacted U-Haul to find out what my total would be for the next month (August). I believe the name of the person I spoke with was "Chris." Chris told me the price would be $34.95 plus $3.32 tax. I argued that this was the "old" price and that I had received a notice from them stating that the new price was supposed to be $39.95 plus tax. Chris INSISTED "the computer says you owe $38.27 by August 8" and that he new nothing about a price increase notice. He said I should pay the $38.27. I paid that amount by electronic check.

The next time I went to access my storage unit, my access card had been disabled. I went to the counter and spoke with a young black girl (didn't get her name) who said I still owed $5.48 on my last bill and now also a $15 late fee (late notices were on their way to me in the mail; I just had not received them yet). I explained to her that I had received a rate increase notice but when I called to find out the total payment due, I was told to pay the "old" price. She reactivated my card so I could get into my unit but said I would have to talk to a manager about the price discrepancy and the late fee. ($5.48 is the difference in price of the "new" amount, $39.95 + $3.80 tax, and the "old" amount, $34.95 + $3.32 tax.)

Mid-August: I received a notice from Springdale U-Haul stating that they still had not received my payment as of August 8 and that a late fee of $15 had been assessed. Apparently my electronic check (which is mailed from my bank if the intended recipient does not have the capability to receive an electronic funds transfer) had not arrived on time. OK, my fault.

A few days later, I received another notice stating that U-Haul had received the payment but it was $5.48 short.

August 22, 2006: I again went to get some things from my storage unit and found it LOCKED by U-Haul. I went to the counter and explained the unit price discrepancy to Michelle, the store manager. She apparently believed me (barely) about calling and being given the wrong price for August but said they did not have an employee named "Chris" (hence my "barely" comment). I said I was not 100% positive about the employee's name as the conversation was a while ago and I didn't write his name down. Michelle agreed to waive the late fee but said I owed $43.75! - not the remaining balance of $5.48. At this point I was quite annoyed and it probably showed. I believe this made her a little nervous and consequently, a little confused. I continued to try to explain that I only owed $5.48 because I had already paid $38.27 of the August bill ($43.75 - $38.27 = $5.48). This was all shown clearly in the second late notice I had received. We went back and forth about this for a few minutes and our discussion became a little more heated. Finally, frustrated that she wasn't "getting it," I asked how much I needed to pay to bring my account up to date and get into my storage unit (I'd just bring the notice in later and show her the math!). She said $43.75. I paid it with two $20s and a $10; she gave me back $6.25 in change. She had me sign the receipt upon which I also wrote "will dispute" and asked for a copy. We then went to unlock my storage unit. She fumbled with the lock for a minute or so but apparently did not have the right key. Hearing what sounded like someone else walking around in the warehouse, she yelled "CHRIS! ARE YOU IN HERE?" (she needed his help with the lock) WHAT? Didn't she say there was no "Chris" employed there? I said nothing.

August 25, 2006: I removed all my belongings from my U-Haul storage unit.

August 28, 2006: I took my late notice (the one showing I still owed $5.48) and my 8/22 receipt back to U-Haul to clear things up and get back the $38.27 owed to me. I had intended to talk to David Pitchford, the manager whose name was on all the notices I had received. Michelle informed me however, that she was now the manager and Mr. Pitchford no longer worked there. Chris, with his nametag on his shirt, was standing right next to her. I showed Michelle the late notice along with my math in red ink showing that they owed me $38.27. She barely glanced at it before stating that she owed me $5.48 that I had "overpaid." Huh? Now it seems I had made the mistake. She went on to explain that I was paid up through September (through October 7 actually). This was an interesting development. Things started to get heated again. I immediately said, "I did NOT pay for September and never had any intention of paying for September. I came in on 8/22 to pay the amount I still owed for August and that was it. You charged me $43.75 when I only owed $5.48. I want the $38.27 you owe me." She said she could not refund any money until I vacated the unit. Now I was really steamed. I asked, "Why not?! Even if I were going to pay for September, the payment is not due until Sept. 8." She said that was the policy or gave some other non-answer - I don't remember. I said then let's do it; I'm vacating the unit right now. That surprised her. She wasn't expecting me to have already moved all my stuff out. She had one of the employees check the unit with me to be sure all my possessions were out. She then refunded me $43.75!

Final result: I came out $5.48 ahead because Michelle screwed up while trying to cover-up her mistake.

I suspect Michelle discovered her mistake at the end of the day on August 22 after finding her cash register didn't match her receipts or she might have just gone back over my account more carefully after I left. However she figured it out, instead of owning up to her mistake, she tried to act like it was my mistake. At first, I believe Michelle was just confused, but after discovering her mistake, she lied to conceal it. This was despicable behavior, especially for a manager.


On move-in day, the U-Haul facility's AC was not working so I had to move my stuff into a very hot and humid warehouse that had no air-circulation whatsoever. I had the storage unit for approximately three months and the price increased twice. I placed two phone calls to find out the total price and date due for each of the additional months - call 1: I was given a price that was higher than the one shown on the current price chart and the explanation for the discrepancy was suspicious; call 2: I was given completely false information which resulted in me under-paying my bill and incurring a late fee. I was notified by mail that I had under-paid my August bill and still owed $5.48. When I went to pay this amount, Michelle, the manager, said I instead owed $43.75. I paid this with the caveat that I would dispute it later as I needed to get into my storage unit immediately. Michelle later discovered her mistake and tried to cover it up by telling me I had paid up through September (even though this did not add up because she was still short the $5.48). She arbitrarily refused to refund the money owed to me until I vacated the storage unit. I ended the contract immediately and due to her shenanigans, Michelle mistakenly refunded me $43.75 instead of the $38.27 I was owed.

As you can see, my problem was not so much with the facilities, or equipment at U-Haul, it was with a particular employee. How can I do business with a moving/storage company if I have to worry about having my possessions impounded or sold at auction due to bad accounting or dishonest/unethical employees?
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Sparticus on 02/26/2007:
I made a firm vow years ago to never again be fooled by Uhaul's low prices. They have consistently disappointed me.
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