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Where to get heard in UHaul
Posted by Xuhaul man on 09/08/2010
PHEONIX, ARIZONA -- I worked in a regional office for UHaul. What I heard and saw UHaul management do to customers went from helpful, to uncaring, to down right detestable. Obviously I've distanced myself from them. So, in helping consumers rectify bad customer service at UHaul, I will provide suggestions;

1. When reserving equipment, call BUDGET and PENSKE first, then call UHAUL and request they match their rate. Regional traffic offices at UHaul have the authorization to match or beat rates. Just be sure you have the exact amount because UHaul does ghost the other companies and does inquires of their own while you are talking to them.

2. If you have an issue, on the exit door to every corporate UHaul center there is the regional cell number of the Marketing Company President. Basically they are the president of that region and they will often try to resolve your issues.

3. If talking to the MCP doesn't help, here are a couple of names and numbers at the corporate office that do have the power to change things (and if not change things, at least you can put a bug under some one's butt);

UHaul Corporate switch board; 800-528-0463
VP Field Operations (#2 man at Corporate):
CEO: Joe Shoen

Just ask the switchboard operator for the offices of these people and they will pass you through. Believe me, they hate getting calls into Corporate and heads will roll.
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Posted by leticia diaz on 2013-06-28:
On 6/25/13 i made a reservation for a truck got my conformation num,thinking that im all set to move on 6/29/13-6/30/13.a day before picking up the truck i get a call at work from the uhaul in westfield mass,stateing that the truck waz promise to someone else and that i need to pick up the truck on 6/29/13 at 9:00am drop it off at 3:30pm that same day.i said i couldnt be cuz i waz getting the keys to my new home on sunday,he said that theres notting he can do cuz thiz other family had been promise the truck first,i waz never told that the truck waz promise to someone else he canclled my reservation on me and now i have no truck to move....i will never return to any uhaul again i will let my fam and friends about thiz so they dont have to go thru thiz......
Posted by Muiche on 2013-09-21:
One big problem with U-Haul is that most U-Haul trucks are rented not from sites owned/leased/run by U-Haul, but instead from independent businesses that provide U-Haul trucks on the side. Therefore U-Haul cannot control these independent sites very well. Sometimes the employees at these independent sites are not familiar with U-Haul services, such as insurance. More than once, an employee has told me inaccurate information about SafeMove versus SafeMove Plus insurance (you want to get the more expensive of the two, or you might feel screwed).
Posted by Jean on 2013-09-30:
I put all of my belongings into U-Haul storage in Beaverton, Oregon. I later found that U-Haul reduced our storage space by 2/3 without even telling us. My furniture was missing and my boxes were crammed every which way into the tiny small space they'd given me. This should be against the law.

Then this last week I tried to check the exact date my storage fee is due. For a number of days now, the Beaverton location has been forwarding all their calls to the rude clerks at the Call Center. The clerks claim that Beaverton is "too busy" to take their calls. "Too busy" at the end of September? "Too busy" to serve their customers?

The Beaverton location has more trucks and such than probably any U-Haul in Oregon. But they rarely have much business. Why? They have many employees milling around but only one clerk at the counter to help customers. So everyone has to wait and wait. I go there to pay my bill but can hardly stand it. They close at 7pm weekdays, and did so all summer. They have no caring whatsoever for their clientele.

Boycott U-Haul.
Posted by abdoulaye diakite on 2013-10-16:
I buy a truck from U Haul in the Bronx 230 West 23 Street the assistant managers sold me the truck for 2500. and I asked him what's wrong with the truck. and he said that is nothing wrong with the truck is everything is good. so I believe in him because U-Haul is a big company did not goinhplaying games. so when I finish paying the truck. and they make me to sign the papers. so I Drive the truck from there to the highway. the truck was not going fast. and I called the manager and explain to him he told me to do the maintenance two days later I do the maintenance and the truck was still the same. I was driving the truck and the register blow up. I put a new radiator. den I called the U Haul. In I told him that there the truck is not at all and I say what are we going to do. and he told me you already signed the papers. so there is nothing we can do for you. I fix the transmission for $1600, and the truck is still have mall problem. but there is nothing I can do God is my witness and I leave everything on the Creator hand hea
Posted by Dee on 2013-12-17:
I am having financial problems and I have been with U-Haul since 2007 in Dallas Texas off of Harry Hines. I usually pay 2-3 mnths at a time due to being in between jobs. But I pay it up. I am asking them to please give me extra time for this payment due to my mother having surgery. They said to me that they cant accept partial payments. This is such BS. I have been with them for over 6 years and they cant help me out. I decided that I will figure something out to move out of that storage and I will never use them again for nothing. They are not loyal to their customers at all.
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U-Haul consistent policy of overcharging
Posted by on 05/26/2003
BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- I'm writing with a complaint about the price and value at U-Haul, and I hope someone will take this seriously.

I recently rented a truck from U-Haul. On approximately March 29, 2003 I made an online reservation (#reference number 29357541) for a 17 foot truck and auto transport to be picked up on 4/3/2003 at 925 Niagara Falls Boulevard Amherst, NY 14226. In retrospect I wish I had never rented any equipment from your company. The following will explain why. The first problem I had was when the general manager of the facility (Terry Sahr) neglected to place the utility dolly in the back of the truck prior to my taking possesion of the truck. Only after I had opened the loading door to the truck to begin loading the vehicle did I notice that the dolly was not in the truck. This required me to return to the facility to acquire the dolly whose rental I had already paid for. This act by your manager wasted not only valuable time but gas as well. He did hand write on my receipt an adjustment for the mileage but this failed to save me problems in the near future which I will comment on shortly. Also, when I rented the dolly there was a promotion in which I could rent the dolly and furniture pads for a combined cost of $10. Instead, Mr. Sahr charged me $10 for the utility dolly and $5 for the furniture pads. I also noticed this promotion at the facility in Baltimore MD also.

However, my chief complaint regarding the rental of the equipment is that upon the return of the equipment I was charged $100.09. Upon calling the regional manager in Baltimore, MD, "Mr. Wallace", at 410 325 1550 to inquire what these charges were for I was told by Mr. Wallace that there was a $29 refueling fee and a $25 cleaning fee. When I attempted to explain that these charges must be in error Mr. Wallace was very rude and disconnected the line from me! For that reason alone I want a complaint filed against this person and I want the complain placed in his personnel record. He is partly to blame for the feeling of disgust I have in this entire experience with U-Haul. As for these charges: the truck was returned in a clean condition. I was and am fully aware that doing otherwise would cause me to be charged a $25 cleaning fee. The only thing that was possibly left in the truck were 5 furniture pads and that is because I was under the impression that the $5 fee I pad for these
pads was a rental fee. If it was, in fact, a purchase fee then these pads are my property and I want them returned. Now! Also, I will remind you that I was already overcharged for these pads since, in effect, the fee should have been $10 for BOTH the dolly and the pads. Furthermore, it was necessary for me to call your customer service line in order to get the exact breakdown of the $100.09 charge since Mr. Wallace had hung up on me before it was possible for me to do so.

I also mentioned that I was charged $29 as a refueling fee. I was told that this was because I brought the fuel level to just below the level I picked up the truck (which was the 3/4 tank mark). Keep in mind that it was necessary for me to refuel the truck approximately 3 times during the period of the rental due to length of travel from Buffalo, NY to Baltimore, MD. The last time I refueled the vehicle the gas station pump stopped refueling automatically, indicating to me that the gas tank in the truck was full. I did notice that the trucks fuel gauge indicated less than full upon re-entering the vehicle but I surmised that it must be that the guage was not reading correctly. Furthermore, having said that: why would I risk a refueling charge when it was obvious I had refueled the vehicle at least once? I did not want to risk overfilling the vehicle and cause a fire hazard by forcing more gas into the tank. Since the gas station pump stopped pumping automatically it indicated to me that the gas tank in the truck was full. Do you know how furious I am?

Here's what I'd like to see happen: U-Haul has overcharged me $100.09 in extra fees that should never have been placed. Furthermore, the furniture pads and furniture dolly fee was overcharged to me by $5 and the furniture pads should be in my possession since I did buy them. Also, U-Haul caused me to incur an additional $29.75 fee in overdraft charges from my bank because U-Haul charged these fees to my bank account as I was in the process of closing my account. (I used up the funds in the account, bringing it to a lower balance than the $109.09 that U-Haul charged me, in order to be able to close the account since I was switching banks since I was moving to another city).

To put it bluntly, I want each of these fees refunded to me immediately. Also, I want the furniture pads delivered to me, at U-Hauls expense. I am not willing to pick up the pads at a U-Haul facility because I no longer have a car. U-Haul has been a disappointment to me every time I have rented equipment from them. I rented a 28 foot truck from U-Haul when I moved from Syracuse, NY to Buffalo, NY several years ago. At that time, just as I was about to begin the drive to Buffalo with the truck full the engine lost its' coolant. After the mechanic showed up I finally pulled into Buffalo after 11 pm the night before I was to begin DENTAL school at SUNY Buffalo at 8 am. That is another unpleasant experience I will NEVER forget with U-Haul. Furthermore, a customer service manager has sent me $30 in U-Haul VIP Certificates for the troubles I have received on the most recent rental. I know that you will surmise that unless satisfaction is made regarding this rental you will have lost a customer for life. These certificates are worthless to me. You may as well provide me an address to return these to as I do not intend to use them. Also, I refuse to give them to anyone else because, unless I am refunded the funds rightfully due to me, I will actively recommend that people go to your competitors such as Ryder or Budget. I will also explain to people that it ay appear that U-Hauls rate quotes may appear to be cheaper, but they have an unwritten policy to sneak in additional fees wherever possible and it will be more expensive to use U-Haul in the long run. This complaint will be duplicated on several consumer websites such as The Better Business Bureau ( http://www.bbb.org/ ), My 3 Cents ( http://www.my3cents.com/ ), Ripoff Report ( http://www.ripoffreport.com/ ), and The Complaint Station ( http://www.thecomplaintstation.com/ ). .

I'll definitely never rent from you again, and you can be sure I'll steer my friends away from your company.

Please get back to me quickly about this issue. I hope to hear from you within 10 business days.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2003-09-11:
First let me start by saying that I am sorry you had a bad experience with Uhaul. But as an independent Uhaul dealer I just wanted to address a few things you have stated in your complaint. I have never known an Uhaul dealer to leave items in the back of the truck prior to pick up. Usually (at least at our place & several other dealers I have gone to) all dollies, blankets, etc are kept in the office. These items should be given to the customer at time of rental. Second the dolly & blankets for $10.00 you are referring to apply to local rentals only, and only with certain trucks. The price of rental one way is $10.00 for the dolly and the blankets are rented NOT bought their rental cost is $1.00 each of $10.00 per dozen. You did NOT purchase the blankets. As far as fuel charges, did you leave the truck after hours or did you drop off during hours? If it was left after hours the dealer should have contacted you to let you know it was under fueled & should have given you the opportunity to take the truck & put fuel in it. If it was a return during hours that would have been checked then & you should have been told about it and again given the opportunity to put fuel in the truck or be charged.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-09-22:
Frankly, I find the comments by the U Haul representative to this post amusing. The complaint repeats every experience I have ever had with this company. Only used as a last resort when Penske or Ryder are not available, U Haul has let me down at leat 80% of the time. They either do not have your reservation, or your vehicle, or try to provide to you something other than what you paid for. They on the constant lookout for opportunities to overcharge you, whether it is gas, "cleaning" charges, late fees, or reservation fees, every transaction receipt should be carefully scrutinized. The company really does not exist as a professional operation. It is run by hundreds of independent operators with almost nonexistant companywide standards of cleanliness and professionalism. I have picked up trailers that looked like horses had been boarded in them, I have had trucks that had frozen brake pads that started on fire. I have had trucks that were supposed to have A/C only to find that only hot air came from the vents. I have had trucks that I have rented pulled over not having current plates.
Posted by taurus on 2004-02-10:
I have worked in the corperate office of Uhaul for about 6 years and i have never heard any of our managers or anybody for that matter even talk about this website or anybody on it. You guys just need to stop complaining so you had a bad experience with uhaul, get over it. You say that you will never rent from Uhaul again... then dont and stop talking about it.
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Moving Tips U-Haul
Posted by Mtls2 on 02/28/2005
TEXAS -- This is for customers who want to make their moving less stressful as possible.

(1) when you move you need to realize that moving is listed as the 3rd most stressful thing that will take place in someone's life family death being number#1 and divorce number#2 so be patient and willing to work through anything that occurs.

(2)Most people are off Saturday/Sunday so this is always the worst time to get a truck/trailer. Try to schedule your move between MON-THURSDAY less people moving during the week also makes for prime picking of good, clean, new eq.

(3) Always try to reserve your truck/trailer 7/14 days in advance regardless if the moving center has no idea if you they will have eq. At least when you reach a boiling point with them they can't say that you were a last minute customer.

(4) 4 days before your scheduled to p/u your truck/trailer call the rental center to confirm the status of the availability of inventory. Always try to talk to somebody with status such as an Asst.Mgr or actual store Mgr. These employees have more to deal with and want to get you in a truck/trailer first that way they don't have to be bothered with phone calls. This also can give you a little time to have an alternative solution in case your move falls through.

(5) On the day before your move be more persistent if no eq is available find out if they can locate something in the area that you would be willing to drive and p/u. You can also get cheap eq this way if you have to drive 30 miles out of your way tell them you need to tow your car and give you a tow dolly or auto trailer for $1.00 or give you a better deal on the truck since it's costing you time and money.

(6) Be polite but stern if all your doing is cursing and yelling at the moving center employees their more likely to feel more comfortable giving your money back and tell you to go down the street.

(7) Stop by the moving center 1 or 2 days before your scheduled to p/u. Find out how many trucks/trailers that they are short on and where on the reservation list you stand. If your standing in the store they have to face you in person and know your somebody to be reckoned with on moving day. This also is a good time to scope out extra items such as utility dollies/pads if there seems to be an abundance laying around ask the customer rep if you get delayed on picking the eq up can they throw in free dolly and pads for your delay. They almost always say yes.

(8) Be smart,plan ahead and communicate with the moving center this will almost always guarantee you a good move.

(9) After you finished your move even if it went bad call the location you rented the eq from talk to a manager tell them the situation and be courteous even if it was horrible. Being courteous will put them in an up beat mood they will go out of their way to help the next customer not have a situation like yours. Also ask them to reimburse some of your move or give you an in store certificate. Cursing and yelling will only result in more frustration on your part. The employee could care less because you are cross country now and on the other side of a phone line. All he has to do is hang up and never see you again.

(10) Ask the moving company for moving brochures they always have helpful tips on proper moving read these brochures they can lifesavers.
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Posted by xrayteck on 2005-03-11:
Dont go the U Haul route,,, get a POD!!! They drop it off, you load it at your leasure, they pick it up and deliver it to wherever you want. AND,, you get it for a whole 30 days for around $250.00!!! What a deal,, was the best move I ever made!!!!
Posted by angelyshis on 2006-11-20:
Moving tips from U-Haul? Are you serious? The only moving tim from U-Haul is to NEVER EVER EVER USE UHAUL!!!! If you do you will be subject to theft from your bank account (they stole $105 from me), and assault. NEVER EVER EVER USE UHAUL!!! Budget rental trucks are much better (and cheaper).
Posted by anniec on 2007-08-24:
If U Haul is giving good customer service there is no need for the customer to be rude and end up in a cursing match.We reserved our uhaul yesterday and canceled it today due to the rude and unhelpful phone call from the young man (Bryon in Wichita kansas)who was to confirm our reservation.We are now going with budget.
Posted by Mike in kansas on 2008-11-03:
The CEO of U-haul gave out his cell phone number last night on an episode of Inside Edition, inviting consumers to call with complaints or questions. Joe Shoen explained saying, “People can’t get this organization to behave, I can.” That number is 602-390-6525.
Posted by montcalm on 2008-12-12:
wouldn't it be a lot easier to just give people what they are promised?

Airlines paid millions in lawsuits on overbooked flights, U-Haul should, too.
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U-Haul Crates vs. Pods
Posted by TabithaS on 01/17/2011
LEONARDTOWN, MD -- My husband and I move a lot and we just got our Uhaul containers delivered today. This is the first time we are doing it without a truck and with containers. My experience is as follows so far.

The Negatives

I have a paved large circular driveway I asked them to be placed on. I am guessing it is slightly uneven in parts ( like most pavement). Due to this the delivery guy wedged shims with a sledge hammer after delivering them. After putting in my lawnmower however the door no longer closes. This is a big issue because since it is a large wooden box basically, if you set weight in them the door no longer closes or latches since the weight settled the wooden box making the latches shift.

The other issue is that I am only 5'5". I had to get a pole to push up the tarp cover to even close the door and I can't pull the tarp down enough to close it all the way ( especially on the one where the door won't shut). It is currently raining and sleeting outside and although I only have my outdoor lawn stuff in the aforementioned box I am still worried something is getting ruined as we speak.( I suggest packing a step up stool and or ladder last)

there is a small step to get into the box so lawnmowers and stuff you have to have a board to wheel them up into the box. I luckily had a few boards laying around

there are only tie strap latches on 1 of my boxes

They aren't as big as you think and can only haul 2000 pounds each. I have no way of knowing how much weight is in each which presents the problem of shifting if you don't pack them tight enough (boxes aren't an issue but furniture and lawn equipment is)

They make a limited size and aren't really wide enough. To give you an idea I had about 6 inches to spare width wise and maybe 3 or 4 feet length wise after putting in my 40 inch riding lawnmower (sm to med size ridding lawnmower).

We had to fight to get the quoted price they tried to charge us twice as much during the confirmation call.

The positives

the truck is the cheapest option for all of our moves so far (we have used Uhaul in the past). what appealed to us was the time we would have to load and unload hopefully making it a lot less stressful of a move after doing the past moves in a day or two (unless you pay for more says with a truck but still you don't get it for a full month)

They take up less then a parking space. I have 4 in a row in a space to park 2 cars comfortably.

They would be better for longer distance moves

The drop off was great ( deliver I am sure will be the same). It was quick and all I had to do was tell them where and sign on a digital device similar to UPS.

You can get as many as you want and for me they were so much cheaper then PODS. PODS wanted to charge me $1400 for a cross county move in MD where after fighting to get eh quoted price, the Uhaul containers were a little over $600 ( a 26 ft truck would have only been $200 though but would have been more rushed)


watch out for hidden fees

pack your ladder last

make sure the spot is really level to avoid shifting after added weight

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Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-18:
Thanks for the informative post. I've heard that POD's is really expensive, so it sounds like U-Haul could be a good alternative.
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17 foot death trap makes money for U-Haul
Posted by Chris70310 on 07/06/2004
NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA -- My roommates and I recently rented a truck from your company this past weekend to move from New Orleans to Fort Worth,
Texas. I wish I could report that it was an enjoyable, hassle-free experience, but in reality, it was quite the opposite.
The problems began almost immediately.
To begin with, the truck was supposed to have been available for pickup at the St. Claude Avenue location in New Orleans. A
night before we were supposed to leave, I was informed that I would have to travel to Mandeville 45 minutes from where I live,
and across the Causeway no less to get the vehicle. I had reserved this truck two weeks in advance; this change in plans was
not acceptable.
After calling to complain about the truck location, one finally became available at the St. Claude location, so that issue was settled
and we proceeded as planned.
My friend and I picked up the truck Saturday morning, June 26. Although it was filthy inside, it was the only truck available so
it had to suffice I could not put my plans, and my roommates plans on hold for a failure on your part to make sure the truck
was sufficiently cleaned for our rental. To delay even so much as two to three hours would have left us unable to secure our
apartment in Fort Worth. Again, another letdown, but we had to make do.
Upon loading the vehicle with my possessions, we were about to leave when yet another problem arose the key provided
didnt open the doors. Who rents a vehicle that doesnt have an operational key to open the locks? Do you expect me to travel
10 hours and not be able to secure my possessions? Unacceptable.
I called the U-Haul hotline and was informed that a service tech would be out to fix the problem within 45 minutes. As two hours
approached, and our schedule became more and more delayed because of your ineptitude, I could finally get a feel for what kind
of organization I was dealing with.
The service tech finally arrived, delayed as he was. But instead of fixing the key issue, his only suggestion was that we use
the small triangle window as our key: push it open to reach in and unlock the door should we lock it. It would have been hilarious
had it not actually happened, but as it was, it was downright ridiculous. What kind of solution is this? Is this company policy when
faced with non-matching keys? Who puts a truck out on the road that doesnt have a working set of keys anyway? Is there any
oversight to the condition of the trucks? This one obviously had its locks changed in the past as was evident by the new installation
on the passenger side, and who knows what happened to the drivers side lock the entire door had been changed out because
the paint didnt match and door didnt fit in its frame.
Regardless, as has been mentioned previously there was a timeline to meet and this was the only opportunity we had to meet
the requirements of getting into the apartment in time and returning to work as scheduled, so we had to accept this problem and
make the best of it. So we did, albeit under duress.
After the key problem was solved and I use that word ever so sparingly we had to fill up for fuel, as the truck was provided
to us with the tank reading empty. We filled the truck up in New Orleans, however once we set out, we realized the gauge didnt
work, because even though the truck was full, it only read 3/4 of a tank. This would serve as a huge detriment throughout the trip
the gauge apparently was broken, as it would read anywhere from empty to 3/4 full at any given time in the trip. Not knowing
how much gas we had, much less how much it was using, forced us to stop on instinct so as to not run the truck out of diesel.
Operational gauges are a requirement of any vehicle, much less one rented for profit by a national company.
As we set out to the roommates apartment to pick up their belongings, we realized more problems of the vehicle, such as why
the air vents were aimed away from the passengers the air conditioning promised by your ads on the side of the truck blew
nothing but hot air. And lots of it.
The AM/FM radio, promised as well on the side of the vehicle, would work when it wanted to. Which wasnt often. And with the
roar of the engine plus the fact the windows had to stay down because of the intense heat and lack of aforementioned a/c, it
was basically worthless even when operational.
We were also glad that we had two people in the cab at all times to see each side, considering the mirrors were worthless due
to the fact that they were broken and despite all attempts to angle them at the proper places to see the traffic and maintain safety,
it was a losing effort.
Upon leaving in the early morning for Fort Worth, we realized at our first stop that the problems would continue.
After fueling the truck, we tried to start it to leave. It cranked twice before going completely dead. Had it not been for the
kindness of a diesel-driving stranger in rural Lafayette at 5:30 am, we would probably have been totally screwed as far as our time
constraints. As it was, the delay took 45 minutes to correct, and then we were advised correctly, looking back that we had to
leave the truck running the rest of the way for fear of it not starting again.
Finally on the road after yet another delay, the trip was delayed again as we were traveling up Interstate 49. In addition to the
previous pitfalls of the vehicle, all the other gauges began to fail. Oil pressure up, then down, then fine, then no pressure again.
Battery gauge non responsive. Headlights and turn signals? Nonworking. Horn? You guessed it. This was a traveling road hazard
that your company set us out on the road with as operational. What a joke.
As it was, your failure to provide a functional vehicle was something we could not have planned on, so we had to continue for
fear of being stranded in rural Louisiana when we had to arrive in Fort Worth by 1 p.m.
Its amazing we werent involved in a traffic accident of the worst kind, thanks to your negligence. In a driving rain with alreadyslow
windshield wipers, they stopped altogether as we were driving in some of the worst weather Ive seen in a while. This equipment
failure occurred just a mile after a hard curve in the interstate I hate to think what would have happened had the wipers stopped
working in that area of the road. And to make matters worse, with the nonworking air conditioning the windshield was one solid
pane of steam; my passenger had to continually wipe the fog from the drivers side just to see even the slightest. We had to make
an emergency stop in the striped-triangle area of an exit just to gather our senses, then limp the vehicle off the interstate and into
a gas station to see what could be done.
After buying Rain-X to help the situation, the rain let off slightly and surprisingly, the wipers came back on, however extremely
slow they were. The gauges and lights, however, remained inoperational.
We finally made it to our destination hours late and stressed out from driving the rolling road hazard known as your U-Haul truck
- and got everything unloaded.
Then came time to return the vehicle to your office.
What better way to end the trip then you guessed it another breakdown. The truck wouldnt start. Not even cranking. And it
left an oil stain in a brand new development, I might add the size of a large puddle on the freshly poured concrete.
Perhaps the only thing worse than this debacle of a rental vehicle was your customer service following the demise of the
aforementioned truck. Never before have I been given the runaround and treated so poorly in my entire life.
After summoning the hotline again as to how to get the truck out of my future driveway, I was insulted by your customer care
clerk as she attempted to blame the failure on me. I know what diesel fuel is and I certainly know how to start a diesel engine.
Talking down to me and insulting my intelligence was the last thing I needed from your organization.
After speaking with the dispatcher, and her insulting me, she promised a service tech would arrive within a half hour.
Two hours passed, during which I attempted to speak to someone in charge to resolve the myriad of issues this vehicle had.
No one would connect me with a supervisor. Countless roaming minutes on my and my friends phones were logged on hold, all
while waiting on the elusive person who could resolve the problems that plagued us from the moment we picked this truck up.
There is no reason this truck could not have been towed back to the rental center. It was in no shape to drive legally nor
physically. But your staff insisted that once it was running I would be forced to drive it back to the rental station, endangering my
life and all I came in contact with en route.
Even though, after the two hour wait and hour-long repair got the truck started, it was still not legal or safe. The gauges didnt
work. It was constantly near-dying, requiring me to keep the gas pedal revved. And who knows how much oil had drained out of
the truck during the travel period? Your insistence no, absolute decree that I physically drive the truck back to the center put
my life at risk yet again and could have been much better handled with a tow truck.
I scoff at your pledge that safety is number one you proved your reckless disregard for my experience and general safety
when you forced me to drive the vehicle 10 miles to return it.
After returning in the morning, and yet again getting the runaround from everyone I spoke with who knows how many hours I
wasted trying to talk to ANYONE in change your manager in New Orleans completed the insult to injury.
To begin with, he lied that he had personally checked the truck out and personally driven it to the St. Claude location. Is it normal
protocol for a manager to lie to consumers? I guess at least for Willy at the St. Claude location, it is.
And its also OK for managers to joke about death, it seems. In discussing our near accident, the manager told me that U-Haul
would have covered the funeral expenses had we been killed. What kind of sick answer to our serious issues is that? That kind of
unprofessionalism warrants discipline of some sort, if not outright dismissal.
To put it bluntly, this has been one of the worst commercial dealings Ive ever encountered in my life. The drive with the truck
was bad enough. But your lack of respect, utter incompetence and outright failure to find solutions to our issues, not to mention the
lies and disrespect to close the transaction, made a bad situation exponentially worse.
I expect an appropriate response, in a timely matter, to this letter.
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Posted by joebass on 2004-07-06:
I have used uhaul twice and have had similar experiences both times. Never again. In the latest experience, the manager closed the store 20 minutes early, saying he goes by "Uhaul time", not the time everyone else went by. There was a whole bunch of angry customers.
Posted by Roger&Out on 2004-07-07:
With luck like this, I'll assume that when you hit I-20, you didn't think once about hitting the Bossier City casinos. Too bad you didn't make Cowtown on the 4th for Willie's picnic!
Posted by waxlips24 on 2004-07-10:
That was one of the funniest reviews I have ever read.
Posted by dsb on 2004-08-26:
This is exactly how UHaul responds to emergencies. They don't care...they are unresponsive and rude. Likewise, they are not concerned about customer safety. As long as they get their money, they could care less!!!

Somebody needs to stop this company from continually putting people's safety at risk!!!!

Posted by absolutlyscrewed on 2004-10-07:
Usually I'll have some sympathy for the customers of UHaul, but NOT for you!! While UHaul never should have rented you equipment that was clearly in such an unsafe condition...YOU chose to drive it. YOU chose to contine driving after the conditions went from comfort to safety issues. YOU chose to continue driving in the worst weather you've seen in years. YOU put your lives and the lives of everybody on the road at risk to keep your precious time line. After all that, what's 10 more miles in good weather to return the truck? Shame on UHaul for letting that truck off their lot, but F-you for driving it as long and as far as you did knowing it's unsafe condition!
Posted by mtls2 on 2005-08-22:
If you read the terms/or listened to the customer Rep upon making your reservation you would know that eq is subject to pick-up location and time. Location is not guaranteed nor is time. I rent U-Hauls in the state of Louisiana and have for years. I have never rented or have I seen a truck in that condition. I find it very hard to beleive you had that many problems. You probably got a smart-ass remark because you were being a smart-ass. YOU THINK? What would you expect calling someone on the phone yelling at them and cursing.
Good Luck to any future rentals even though they won't be U-Haul.
Posted by Dan J on 2009-08-23:
Here's my automotive review of the 17 foot uhaul I rented to move from Boston to DC. Good times baby.

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Unauthorized charges to credit card!
Posted by NY3email on 01/23/2004
BELLEROSE, NEW YORK -- This is very lengthy but if you are considering doing business w/Uhaul, please read.Instead of retyping my ordeal I am pasting below the actual complaint I sent to their website:
I have a storage room at UHAUL for which I pay about $215 a month, I have had it since July '03. My storage fee is due on the 5th of every month and if it is not paid, they charge a $15 late fee. Then 15 days later they charge another $15 late fee and start sending threatening letters about how they will seize your property if they do not receive their payment. I knew of all this since day one and since I am one to usually be late with my bills, I almost always got stuck with the $15 late fee for being a day or so late and on 2 or 3 occasions paid the $30 late fee for being 15 days late.When I signed the initial contract with them to rent the storage room I was asked if I would like to have the monthly fee automatically deducted from my credit card and if so I should fill out the necessary credit card info and authorization which was a small box located on the contract.I declined this option, preferring to pay cash.Then, I proceeded to pay my rent fee every month (usually late but never more than 15 days) and always paid the late fee as well.I always went in person to pay my rent even though they sent me a letter in the mail every time I was late(the letter would come a day or so after the due date) and this letter always offered for me to "sign up for the monthly storage fee to be automatically deducted from my credit card and we will waive the $15 late fee" and it requested for me to provide my credit card info and signature and send it back to them.This option never appealed to me and I always chose to pay in cash in person.At this point, I should add that the employees in this location have horrible attitudes towards their customers and are lazy, impolite and downright rude. On every occasion that I arrived to pay my bill whether there were NO customers in there or 1 or 2, there were ALWAYS several employees standing around doing nothing and they never greet me or even look up to acknowledge me.I always spend about 15-25 minutes in there paying my bill(which shuld only take a minute) and I get to listen to the employees speak among themselves about what they are going to "have for lunch" or "who did their nails" or how their "scalp is itchy because of the oil they use in their hair", etc. etc., etc.I have NEVER in my life experienced such a lack of customer service in any business establishment in my entire life.Anyhow, to get to the issue at hand. On one occasion several months ago I paid by credit card because I was short on cash. I was again offered to have my credit card kept on record so that they can automatically bill me every month and I declined this stating that I was just using it "this time" and I would usually be paying cash as I preferred to. I did NOT sign anything authorizing them to automatically deduct any future payments from my credit card, nor did I receive the $15 late fee being waived since I did not sign up for this method, I merely used it on that occasion. I only signed the receipt for that particular transaction as I would for any routine credit card purchase.Since that date, I always paid cash as usual for the next few months and usually "late" including the late fee. Since the same employees are always working there when I go, they pretty much know who I am and that I always come in and pay cash somewhere between the 5th and the 20th of the month(rent being due on the 5th).I always get the same letters from them every month, the first letter stating I am late and I am being charged $15 dollars and if I do not pay within 15 days and additional $15 will be added and very rarely I get a telephone (maybe 3 times in 7 months)message that is usually not understandable except for the fact that I hear the word "UHAUL" along with a lot of jibberish and I assume they are calling to inform me my rent is late.I have never paid my rent later than the 20th of the month (which is 15 days late)but I am almost always late and I always pay in cash, in person. Then, in the month of 12/03, I did not pay my rent on time on the 5th(as I hardly ever do) and I received the letter on the 6th or 7th informing me of the $15 late fee, as I always do, and I had planned on dropping by with my payment later on that week as I always do. Suddenly, on about 12/10/03, my credit card was charged $230 (the rent fee plus the first $15 late fee)!!!It was charged without my permission!!I did not authorize for them to charge my credit card and I was outrage dthat they even had kept my credit card number on record and used it without my consent and without my signature and my rent was not even 15 days due yet!!Prior, to this it had gone up to 15 days past due and I was charged a $30 late fee (total of $245) and paid in person by cash and I could not understand why they would take it upon themselves to just charge my credit card out of the blue. On top of this, the letter I received stating I was late and I was being charged a $15 late fee also offered me the option of the automatic credit card deduction(as it always did) if I signed the form and provided the info and mailed it back and it also offered to waive the late fee if I chose to do so(as it always did). But the point is, I DID NOT CHOOSE TO DO SO, I did not sign anything or authorize anything and they just charged my credit card INCLUDING the $15 late fee. This made me exceed my credit card limit causing me to incur additional penalty fees with my credit card company.I immediately called UHAUL and provided the associate with my name and storage room number and asked her why they charged my credit card without my permission.Her response was "I didn't charge your credit card", I asked her "what do you mean?,I was charged $230 by UHAUL" She replied (emphasis on the I) " "I" didn't charge your credit card" very rudely. I said "well, maybe YOU aren't the actual person who charged me but when I see YOU, I mean you people who work at UHAUL". She said "well, I didn't do it", I asked her "who did?" she said "you will have to speak to a manager", so I requested the manager and was then told she was not there and i should call back tomorrow after 10:30 AM. The next day I went in person around 12 noon and requested the manager who happened to be not there again, I told the employee that I was instructed to call after 10:30 and it is now 12pm, so how come she is not here. I was told she was in but she left already. I then explained the situation to a male employee who asked me if I authorized them to charge my credit card, I said "no", he checked his computer and verified that I was not on their "automatic credit card deduction program" and gave me the business card of the manager.I also took a comment/complaint postcard to fill out and asked him for the location # so I can put it on the card and he told me that I should call the manager and she will give me the information(he wouldn't even give me the location # to write on the comment card!). The next day I tried to call in the afternoon and she was not there again, I pled my case to another employee on the phone stating that I wanted to ensure this does not happen again and I cannot keep calling every day if the manager is never going to be there. I was then put on hold for an extended amount of time until I hung up. I waited a day and called again the next day and I still could not contact the manager and the employees would not take a message for her, they just kept telling me I would have to call her back. After that I found myself to be very busy with the holiday's and then I was involved in an auto accident and the matter slipped my mind since I had other things to deal with and I was pretty sure that at least it would not happen again since I was clear to the employee's I spoke with that I did not authorize this to be done and my overall intention after that was to try to move my items from that storage location before 1/5/04 and to write a complaint to the BBB. Well, like I said, with the holiday's and the accident, before I knew it , it was January and the incident was far from my mind. That is, until 1/08/04 when I received my monthly UHAUL letter stating that my rent was due on 1/5/04 and a late fee of $15 has been charged to my account and an additional $15 will be incurred if it becomes "14" days late (notice I stressed the 14 days becasue it used to say 15 days and they suddenly changed it, I will comment on that later). It stated that my balance was $230 and again it offered to waive the $15 late fee if I sign up for the automatic credit card payment plan. When I received this letter, it reminded me of the previous month's occurence and I made a note for myself to write a complaint to the BBB and also to go down to UHAUL next week to pay my bill before it becomes 14 days late and I figured maybe I would catch the manager at that time to speak with her. Well, could you imagine that on 1/10/04 they charged my credit card AGAIN!!!! They charged me $230 AGAIN (the storage and the $15 late fee) as they did the month before without my permission and again the rent was not even 14 days late yet, I had just received their letter 2 days before!! Now, this credit card that they were charging (that I had used once in the past for ONE payment) is actually not even my OWN credit card account. It is a card in my name that my father had gotten for me to use for emergencies only and it is actually HIS account, he receives all the statements, I just have an extra card with my name on it. That is really the main reason I never chose the credit card billing option and also the reason I only used it once when I really did not have the money to pay my rent. So, he was the one getting stuck with the penalties for going over the card limit(which happened again!) when they chose to charge this card without anybody's prior consent! Like, I said, I only have the card for emergencies and I never use it without asking him first since he knows the balance and the amount available to use. For the $230 they charged on the card in December I had to pay him instead of paying UHAUL so that he could pay the balance on the card but he incurred the penalty and now this month, he had to cancel the credit card completely since he was very concerned about them charging the credit card again without us knowing and him having to get stuck with all the fees. So again, I jus t visited him today to pay him the $230 that I would have paid to UHAUL directly (today is 1/12/04) had they not chosen to charge the credit card for a second time without our consent.This also caused a rift between me and my dad since he thought I took care of the issue last month, which I tried to but never was able to contact the manager but thought I was very clear that this card should never be charged without my consent to every employee that I did speak with. On the day the card was charged I tried to contact the manager with no success as usual so then my father called UHAUL and amazingly he was able to reach the manager. I now think that she was purposely avoiding me since I gave my name each time I called but when he called(he has a different last name), she was caught off guard and did not realize that he was calling for the same issue as I was. All she told him was that she would make sure not to charge the card in the future and proceeded to tell him that if I do not pay my rent in time that they would seize my property that is in storage and auction it off and sell it!!! Can you believe the nerve? My dad is an older man and instead of demading an explanation from her on "why?" and "how?" they charged our credit card without our consent and signature, he let her turn the conversation around on him and make it seem like I'm going to have my property seized and auctioned off since I keep paying my rent late and she got him all worried about that so he just thanked her for her time and then called me to warn me about not paying my rent on time! I then tried to call and she was gone for the day already (supposedly). My point is this: we never received an answer on why they charged the credit card in the first place, not once but twice and with the late fees(since the letter states if I choose to use the credit option they will waive the late fee), even though I did not choose this option, they still charged me and they still charged the late fee and then she had the nerver to make it sound like my property was going to be seized from me!!!I NEVER EVER once paid my rent more than 15 days late, and because I pay my rent late I am charged a late fee and I know this but I CHOOSE to pay that late fee because I CHOOSE to pay my rent late!! I am not worried about my proeprty being seized since I know that I will never NOT pay my rent!! I will always pay my rent as I always have for the past 6 months, whether I choose to pay the normal fee of $215 on the 5th of the month or pay $230 after the 5th or pay $245 on the 20th. I have never let it go THAT FAR!! How dare they use my credit card without my permission and scare my dad into thinking I'm not going to pay my rent in time and my stuff will be seized in order to turn the tables on him and make him lose sight of the issue at hand. So, that is my MAIN concern and the issue that is at hand. I want to add one more complaint to this form while I am here. A few paragraphs above I mentioned how this last letter I received from UHAUL stated that I would incur an additional $15 late fee if my rent was "14" days late instead of it saying "15" days late as it did in the past. This was an issue I had with UHAUL several months back, the first time I was ever charged for both late fees in one month bringing my late fee charge to $30 for that month. In that month, I went on the 20th of the month to pay my bill because I understood the letter I received to mean that as long as I paid my rent by the 20th (which was 15 days from the due date) that I would not incur the second late charge, I believed I would only incur that charge if I paid after the 20th. When I went in person to pay my bill and was being charged $245, I questioned why I was being charged the additional $15 since it was the 20th and the rent was not 15 days late yet, it would have been if I let it go past that day and that was the reason I went there on the 20th so that I did not incur the additional $15 late fee. I was used to paying the first $15 late fee many times in the past but had never had to pay $30 and I did not understand why I was being charged. The first employee I was dealing with (a woman) was very uninformative aand rude and said "the late fee was charged this morning and once it goes in the system, I cannot take it out, there's nothing I can do". I asked her for a manager at that time also and I was told I would have to call Arizona. At this point, I did not know your headquarters were in Arizona and I asked her why I would have to call Arizona. She said that if I wanted to speak to a manager, the manager is in Arizona and I would have to call there. We proceeded to argue a bit because I was getting very frustrated becasue I did not understand what "Arizona" had to do with my storage room in New York and the employee was not explaining anything to me. I said to her " I don't pay anyone in Arizone, I pay you and I would like for someone to help me here at this location". She did nothing. I went on stating that I had a contract with THEM in NY, I signed a contract in New York and I have no dealings with Arizona and what was she talking about? She got all confused and asked another employee to assist me. The other employee was no better, she at least explained that the headquarters are in Arizona and the late fee was charged through their main system and could not be changed by them once it is charged and I would have to contact Arizona for further assistance. At this point, I tried to plead my case to her, asking her if she understood where I was coming from (she did not). I slowly explained to her that if my rent is due on the 5th and I pay on the 5th it is $215.95, and if I pay any day after the 5th I incur a $15 late fee as I always do and I usually pay $230.95 when I receive the letter which states to me that I have an additional 15 more days before I will incure another $15 late fee. So, if it was the 20th of the month and I came there specifically on that day so as not to incur an additional late fee and not to let the rent become over 15 days late, then why am I still being charged the additional $15 late fee? She said she all she knows is that the charge went into the system early that morning and that she could do nothing to take it out and I have no choice but to pay and take it up with the people in Arizona. I told her that I refused to pay becasue it made no sense and it was ridiculous and there was obviously some mistake made and I did not believe I should be charged this additional late fee. I then showed her my letter and asked her why the letter said I would only be charged the additional $15 if the rent was 15 days late and if I am there on the 15th day then I am NOT late, I would only be late if I paid on the 21st or later, so I would like her to explain to me why I was sent a misleading letter by them. At this point she got defensive about how "She" personally did not send me the letter, and I had to explain to her that whether it was "her" or any other employee at Uhaul, somebody sent me a letter leading me to believe I would only be charged an additional fee after the 15 days and yet it turns out to be false. She said I should have paid it that morning. I was dumbfounded!! What difference did it make, morning or afternoon, it is still the same day and still during their business hours. Since, I was not happy with their answer, they wrote down the Arizona phone number for me which was not toll free and told me to call Arizone. At that point, I requested that THEY call Arizona, since I should not have to also incur the long distance phone charges and also , I did not want to drive home and have to make another trip back to Uhaul after calling Arizona. So, she called the number and started speaking to someone on the phone but she was not clearly explaining the situation she was basically just saying " acustomer does not want to pay her late fee, etc. etc." but not explaining "why". I asked her if I could speak to whomever she was speaking to but she ignored me and I asked her at least 3 times making full eye contact with her while she proceeded to avoid my eyes and look down and say "um hum, uh huh, ok" and then hang up and tell me that they are not going to take the additional $15 off my account!! She did absolutely nothing for me and I'm starting to wonder now if she was even really on the phone with anybody!! Now, I was really aggravated and tried to get any one's attention who worked there who would here me out. I asked them if there was no manager on the premises, then who is in charge? I did not understand how nobody could be incharge and since these 2 employees were completely unhelpful, I wanted to speak to somebody who could help. Finally, a male employee who was at least more polite and more informative at answering my questions came to assist me. I aexplained to him that it made no sense that the other 2 employees said if I paid this morning I would not have incurred the late fee. I said that if the bill has to be paid by a certain time it should be stated in the letter I received, becasue an average person would believe that the payment can be made any time during business hours that day (like is true with any other company awaiting a payment on a certain day). After looking in his computer he said that I was charged the late fee at 7 or 8 am and that they were not even open at that time so I would have actually had to pay the day before (the 19th) in order to avoid the late fee. So that would have been 14 days not 15 and the letter was not accurate!! He explained to me that the letter was meant to be understood that on the 15th day the late fee would be charged and that I was understanding it differently. So finally, somebody made sense!! I understood him but still felt that the late fee should be taken off my account since the letter was misleading but since they could not help, I would pay the fee for now and send in a complaint to Arizona later. So that was that. I did send one of those postcards in explaining this issue but I never heard back from anyone and it was only during my last Uhaul visit when I took another comment card that I noticed that it requested the location #. Since I did not provide a location # on my previous comment card, maybe that is why I never heard from anyone. You may want to look finding that comment card sent several months back. Anyhow, it's quite ironic how the new letters you send out correctly state "14" days instead of incorrectly stating "15" days as they did in the past. This lead s me to believe that my comment was in fact looked into and I was in fact correct but instead of receiving the credit I was due, Uhaul just decided to correct their letters and ignore the fact that I was the one who brouught up this issue and ignore the fact that they owe me that $15 due to the misleading information on that letter. I am sure you agree that just by Uhaul changing the 15 days to 14 days is an acceptance of being wrong on your part but instead of attempting to resolve that issue with me, they just decided to start a whole new issue and start illegaly charging my credit card without my consent or approval or signature. My intent now is to take this up with the BBB but when I checked their complaint form on their website it instructed me to attempt to solve this first with Uhaul directly. This is my last attempt to give you a chance to right these wrongdoing's and offer me some sort of explanation. I am saving a copy of this letter I am sending you so that I can show it to the BBB should I have to contact them in the near future if you do not show some concern about this matter. I will also look into having the credit card company take legal action for the fraudulent use of the credit card if necessary if this matter goes unresolved.
*******For the record, the response I received to this was "please take this up with the original location of storage". To which I sent another lengthy response explaining(as I did previously)how I could not receive any help at that location and they referred me to the headquartes in Arizona(the website form I used for my complaint) and my next response from them was "please contact the regional office in Brooklyn" and I was given a telephone number to call. My response to that was "I refuse to be thrown around from one location to another and yet another and if they had any customer service ethics, they would forward my complaint to the proper person who handles it instead of wasting my time having to explain the same story over and over to Uhaul employees who seem unconcerned and offer me no explanation or resolutions and I stated that if the matter is not handled ASAP I will promptly pursue further action with the BBB and Attorney General, etc, etc." I am awaiting their response at the moment but I have been researching Uhaul via search engine and I have so far came across over 1000 web sites dedicated to spreading the word about Uhaul's unethical business practices. If anyone has a similar situation regarding the unauthorized credit card use, please respond with advice or explain how you handled it. Thank you.
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Posted by sunbirdgrl on 2004-12-12:
first of all, you are authorizing use of your card when YOU put it on your reservation, second off all, you only get charged for things like, your rental, going over on mileage, extra days. READ THE CONTRACT NEXT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by BOTHSIDES on 2005-12-07:
she is complaing about charges to her storage room, you have to check the box on the contract for uhaul to legally charge your card for rent
Posted by NY3email on 2006-09-21:
Thank you bothsides for clarifying that....this matter was regarding storage space NOT a truck rental and I did not EVER authorize automatic withdrawals from the credit card. I did nto check the box which stated if I did so I would receive a discount. I paid cash from day one and only used this credit card for one payment, and then they started to automatically deduct the payment from the credit card when I was a day late on payment, do you understand? If I had signed up for automatic deductions then why would they automatically deduct it a day after it was due and then add the late fee? It was all a big scam. I ended up taking my stuff out of there after many problems with them and in the end I believe they gave me a $30 credit for the late fees they took out that they were not supposed to....problem was...it was not a $30 refund...it was a credit they gave me after I stopped using the storage space and the credit could only be used for their services which I would NEVER use again. beware of UHAUL. And by the way, I recenlty neede to rent a truck and I used PENSKE and what a difference!!! Much better customer service, much nicer more reliable truck and easy6 transaction.
Posted by montcalm on 2008-12-12:
I paid cash for a U-Haul rental and told the woman I would not authorize any charges to the card, she said she was checking a box to not allow the card to be used ( she said they required the card only for identification) I ended up being charged for extra miles PLUS $280 after the thing broke down and had to be towed.

and this was after I had reserved a 17' truck and had to take a 26' one I did not want or like and had to drive the extra miles by highway rather than take a shorter route.
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Posted by Tkaastephen on 12/09/2003
We called 3 weeks before we needed a truck for what we were informed was a reservation.1 hour before we left for a 7 hour trip to Colorado Springs CO we were contacted by U Haul and informed they had no trucks in Colorad Springs available. Denver is the closet pick up location. I told the rep. that we had a reservation and were told id the size we reserved was not available we would get the next larger size for the same price. She stated their policy was for pick up at the next nearest location. She then stated that since my "husband made the reservation and she did not take the call neither of us knew what was said now did we?" She then hang up on me.
With no other choice we switched the reservation to Denver where we picked up the truck the next morning and recieved the rudest worst service we've ever experienced.
1 week after we returned the truck I found out that the U Haul rep we originally made the "reservation" with had missed entered the numbers on my business checking account when deducting the $5.00 dollar phone reservation charge. U Haul then turned their mistaken check over for collection. Now there is a freeze on my Business account until Equifax re collects the $5.00 dollars under the correct account number.
U Haul did call Equifax/Cynergy and tell them it was their mistake so they should have it taken care of in 72 hours instead of 7 days. In the mean time I can not make any purchases for my business due to their clerical error.U Haul then offered to forget the $5.00 that was owed them. Rather Pathetic considering I had already re paid that to the collection company so I could un freeze my business account.The rep at equifax did tell me that is the first time she had seen such stupidity from a business as to screw up that bad.
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Car Carrier Rip-Off
Posted by Jlc49 on 05/24/2009
FRESNO, CALIFORNIA -- My son and I needed a full sized car carrier to pick up a vehicle a short distance out of Fresno. A week before it was needed, I made a reservation directly with the North Blackstone shop in Fresno for pick up at the opening of business on the next Saturday morning. The Wednesday before, I stopped by the store with my truck to have their service man check out the compatibility of the wiring hook-up with what was on my vehicle. Again, I confirmed the rental date and time. When we arrived at the store a few minutes before opening the carrier was not in the front where it had been a few days before. Once at the counter, we were told that the carrier had been rented out to someone else the day before but that it would be back by 2:00 P.M. and we could stop by then and pick it up. The only offer U-Haul made was a 10% discount on our next rental. Needless to say, that has never been "cashed in".

I don't rent from them any more. In the meantime, we were left to scramble for another carrier and found one at an independent equipment dealer across town. U-Haul offered no help, no explanation and no apologies.
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Public Service
Posted by Billyboy123 on 08/28/2009
U-Haul does not make much money from a $19.95 rental. You may more rental a car.
U-Haul provides a service and the dealer makes about 15% for each rental. The average commission is $10.00. They make money when you rent one-way truck causing hundreds of dollars.
People forget that U-haul is providing a service when you are doing in town rental. They make more money selling you boxes or renting you blankets or dolly.
So when you go to rent a truck at your local U-Haul place, smile and appreciate you have a place to rent a truck for $19.95 for a short in town move. They are making very little money from you. There is no competition because the price is too low for others to start a similar business. You go to U-Haul because they are convenient, cheap and you need it. Don't expect them to treat you like a king for the $10.00 profit and a lot of paper work to fill.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-29:
$10 profit on $19.95 is not 15%, it's over 50%. Just curious......which U-haul do you work at? Forgot to mention, U-haul is privately owned, not a public service like fire or police service. Nothing personal, just trying to get the facts straight.

Posted by Starlord on 2009-08-29:
Agree with the judge. If I had a business where I pocketed 50% of each charge, I'd be thrilled to be in business. You need some schooling so you will understand fractions and the difference between public service and private enterprise.
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-08-29:
15% of $19.95 is $2.99

So yes, if I give them over 3x that I would expect a little nicer treatment.

but I'll settle for being treated like a goddess... :)

no seriously though, i'd expect to be treated fairly and with respect.
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2009-08-29:
Have you forgotten the 99 cents per mile that is charged on top of the daily rate? Since the customer pays for all the fuel, there has to be a pretty healthy profit in that per mile charge.
Posted by ChuhBaca on 2009-08-29:
Wow, that's where customer service is failing miserable these days. U-Haul has been featured in news stories for unsafe vehicles, and they have generated countless complaints on this site alone.
However, because they're doing US a favor, we should take whatever crap they give us an be happy about it! Last time I checked, businesses aren't started as a random act of kindness to the general public. If your customers are that much of a nuisance, close!
Posted by Mark on 2013-10-01:
The author is almost correct Dealers make more than $15 Dealers get a commission on the whole package Truck Rental, Safe Move, Mileage, Moving rental extras etc etc.
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Money for Nothing
Posted by Bob.................... on 05/14/2009
CORNWALL, ONTARIO, CANADA -- This was a while ago, so I find it really funny now. My lovely wife went on line to rent a truck from U-haul in The Cornwall, Ontario region, and we had arranged a Truck for moving day. When we arrived the truck was not there and the fellow said that he did not receive the notice. All trucks were gone, and none would arrive until 3 days later. We provided the confirmation and he informed us that meant nothing, because he was not hooked up to the system. We were fortunate enough to find one elswhere, and everything was hurried, but got the job done.

Here is the fun part. On our credit card was a charge of $19.95 from the on-line service. When my wife called to have them reverse it, they said that it was not possible as they had provided us with the reservation. We said that the reservation was not received, please reverse the charge. They said that the owner probably received the reservation but forgot about it, and that we should get the money from him. We said that we had moved over 3 hours away, that it would cost us long distance, and that it wasn't our fault that they had screwed up, please reverse the charge. They said that we could submit a claim for the charge by filling out a form, get it back to them and they would get back to us. We said, sounds like too much work, and we would call the Credit card company and reverse the charges ourselves. they said that if we did that, that they would rechage our credit card, with an admin fee. we said we would have that reversed again. They said that they then would take us to court and have us pay lawyer's fees and court costs. We said that we would counter sue for damages, failure to provide a service that was paid for, duress, and whatever other avenues we could think of. They said that our call was being taped and thay had proof that we were being difficult, and would use it as evidence. We said, by all means please do, since it would probably be the funniest conversation a judge has ever heard. They said that we were being rude and a judge would not find it funny at all, we said that a judge would proably compliement us on having the patience to deal with a person who had the ethics of a conman. They told me (quote) go F yourself. We said, how do you think the judge would interpret that in court. They hung up.

We called the credit card company (MC-who were awesome) explained the situation. They said that U-Haul did this all the time, that they would reverse the charge right away, and put a note on our file saying that no charge would be allowed from that address.

To this day, every time I see a U-haul I laugh.
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Posted by memoryx57 on 2009-05-14:
Good for you for not letting them bully you !! Glad it worked out..
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-14:
I like that you were able to see humor in this situation. A lot of people would have been really upset. Sounds like you kept your cool. Glad the cc company was helpful and reversed the charges
Posted by dionayass on 2010-02-02:
You are better than I would be in handling this situation. I find no humor in the way their employees handle situations. This I speak from personal experience. I am glad at least someone received some satisfaction.
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