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UMG Buyersedge Scam!
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PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY -- I check my bank account every week and noticed
a withdrawal of $11.99 from a company called "UMG
Buyersedge". I typed that in a search engine up on the web (Google) and found out that a lot of people have had various amounts of money taking right out of their bank accounts without their authorization from this same company!

When I called the number given 888-432-5916 the woman told me that since I've been ordering from Roamans online like I do with most things there was a certain type of membership page that they enrolled me in that takes $11.99 out of my bank account. I told her that I didn't sign up for this and I don't remember when or how this was done. She apologized and said that the money will be refunded in a few days.

Unbelievable!!! If you order anything on-line or have any accounts up on the web, please check them carefully. I sent this same e-mail to a few of my friends and they too were scammed. It's the last page of your ordering online confirmation that says something like, "You've won, or click this for your free gift" Some nonsense like that!

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Sail27 on 03/29/2007:
It's ALWAYS a good idea to monitor your accounts religiously. There was a Dateline NBC item on this a few days back and it was *scary* how fast the compromised credit card numbers get used worldwide. There is an underground IRC relay chatroom dedicated to this kind of criminal activity. Why is nothing being done about this? We hear of "XXX card numbers were hacked" or "YYY laptops were stolen". It's enough to really pi$$ you off!
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umg credit or debit withdrawals
Posted by on
for anyone who needs them to stop billing there account here is there customer service department phone number 1-866-854-8723
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