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United Marketing Group, LLC Buyers Edge Consumer Reviews

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I Am Still Not Sure What Service This Company Provides
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SCHAUMBURG, ILLINOIS -- Recently I noticed a charge of $14.95 on my monthly credit card statements. The charge was a bit suspicious as I did not recognize the ‘UMG Edge' vendor. After going through the past statements I discovered that the charges were started back in Sept 2010. The first charge was $1.95 and after that there has been a regular monthly charge of $14.95 on every 24th of the month.

There are multiple complaints against this company (UMG aka United Marketing Group). They seem to be involved in this practice as I have read scores of consumer complaints and reviews. In almost every case, the consumer does not even know or recall ‘signing up' for their service. Most consumers do not see the initial first fee of $1.95. I had been getting charged for the last 10 months and this adds up to $136.50.

I called the toll-free number that was provided - 1(866)854-8768. I was told by the customer representative that I had agreed for this service over the phone in Sept. Apparently, every other consumer I searched does not recall any such authorization. I was then transferred to the supervisor who also did not seem very apologetic. I was told that all phone calls are recorded so I requested a copy of the conversation. I have not been provided a copy thus far.

Honestly, I still don't understand what their service provides. After speaking to them for about 10 minutes, I still did not get an answer as to what they do and what they are selling. I hate to malign their image, but this company seems to be involved in CONSUMER FRAUD. The charges on my credit card are NOT authorized and therefore NOT legal. The card has been cancelled but this has caused a great deal of hassle and inconvenience. I hope some watchdog group out there can protect other consumers as this company seems to be still in business.

Company Response 7/28/2011:

Your customer information has been located, and a full credit was issued representing any and all charges. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance and very sorry again for any inconvenience.

Customer Support

UMG Buyers Edge Scam!
By -

PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY -- I check my bank account every week and noticed a withdrawal of $11.99 from a company called "UMG Buyers Edge." I typed that in a search engine up on the web (Google) and found out that a lot of people have had various amounts of money taking right out of their bank accounts without their authorization from this same company!

When I called the number given 888-432-5916 the woman told me that since I've been ordering from Roamans online like I do with most things there was a certain type of membership page that they enrolled me in that takes $11.99 out of my bank account. I told her that I didn't sign up for this and I don't remember when or how this was done. She apologized and said that the money will be refunded in a few days.

Unbelievable!!! If you order anything online or have any accounts up on the web, please check them carefully. I sent this same e-mail to a few of my friends and they too were scammed. It's the last page of your ordering online confirmation that says something like, "You've won, or click this for your free gift" - some nonsense like that!

Buyers Edge customers reviews is a dead link.
By -

SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY -- BE WARNED. We chose 'Buyers Edge' for their low prices and promised ability to furnish numerous Bosch appliances for a major install. I don't sweat the small stuff. The new kitchen for my wife's enjoyment was my reward. "€˜Buyers Edge" thought otherwise. It'€™s remarkable how frustrated these people made me. Numerous major delivery issues. Damaged return problems. High prices for "€˜advised"€™ hook-up cables/hoses (naturally included with all the appliances). Then to top it off the Lady on customer service was rude, divisive and evasive. She bare faced lied about deliveries putting my install from five days to over three months.

Once I posted my original objective review on a website Buyers Edge Director of Service personally hounded me relentlessly (no exaggeration) on my home phone to alter my review to five stars for a single appliance warranty bribe. Months later I have never received the warranty upgrade and ironically I have ongoing warranty repairs from delivery damage.

ANGER. DISSATISFACTION. AGGRAVATION. All of this and more is yours if you do business with what has to be THE BIGGEST RIP OFF SECOND RATE online merchants YOU WILL EVER HAVE THE DISPLEASURE OF BEING ABUSED BY. Buyers Edge customers reviews is a dead link for a reason. YOU'€™RE WARNED.

UMG Credit or Debit Withdrawals
By -

For anyone who needs them to stop billing their account here is their customer service department phone number 1-866-854-8723.

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United Marketing Group, LLC Buyers Edge Rating:
4 reviews & complaints.
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United Marketing Group, LLC
929 N Plum Grove Rd
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847-240-2005 (ph)
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