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Scam - UMG (United Marketing Group)
Posted by on
It is very serious warning, everybody should check on your credit card statement carefully every month. In case you will be a target of this scam company (UMG). I found out that they have been charging me $14.95 in my credit card for two months. I called the credit card company and they suggested me to call this company (1-888-326-7156) and talk to them also to get the refund from them. They were able to give me the refund just for one month instead of two, because of the company's policy (what a joke, SCAM company is talking about the company's policy to me?) I asked them how come they can charge me this amount to my credit card without my authorize? Guess what, SHE (the lady that I talked to) CAN'T EVEN ANSWER MY QUESTION! I also ask her, if I really did sign up for anything with your company and why I never received any confirmation letter or email from your company? Oh no, another NO ANSWER FROM THEM.

What I want to say is... if your credit card got charged by them and without your authorize, you should call them and get your refund back! I was informed by the credit card company that they got a lot of this complaining call about this SCAM UMG, and I am just so curious that why the credit card company didn't block this company since they all aware of this is a SCAM company!

Good luck!
Company Response 11/5/2009:
We apologize for any inconvenience you experienced. You may contact us by responding to the e-mail link sent to you from My3Cents.com and we will be happy to explain how you became a member and address any of your concerns.

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User Replies:
madconsumer on 03/27/2009:
you had to have entered your info online somewhere where there was an auto signup for umg. other wise, how did thye get your credit card info?
Anonymous on 03/27/2009:
How did they get your credit card number?
Anonymous on 03/27/2009:
AS the others have said...they don't pick credit card numbers out of the sky....you gave someone your number somewhere and did not bother to read the fine print.
Anonymous on 03/27/2009:
raven - It can happen as easily as having a waiter photocopy or write down all of the information on the front or back of the card when you let the card out of your sight when paying for a meal. There have been many cases where CC info was scanned into portable readers used by dishonest clerks at retail outlets, cell phone vendors, and restaurants. The numbers are sold to outfits that put small charges on accounts hoping they won't be noticed. It also happens on telephone bills.
Anonymous on 03/27/2009:
Doc, I agree 110%; I worked in credit for years and have seen all manners of fraud. That said, in this sort of recurring charge, 9 times out of 10 the consumer signed up for some free trial, free offer, etc and did NOT read the fine print. Very much like the "I signed up for your magazine, but did not know you would also be sending me quarterly book shipments" claim that went around recently.
Anonymous on 03/27/2009:
Exactly right, raven. The same folks usually read their insurance policies AFTER the accident, the warranty AFTER the product fails, the loan agreement AFTER they are sued, and the gym membership AFTER they decide to quit working out.
memoryx57 on 03/27/2009:
OK, I agree about the terms and conditions but to be fair, we all know that these t&c's are written in such a language that the average person hasn't a clue what they are even reading. I don't think that most problems could be avoided by simply reading the terms on a contract because most people don't understand them. The main goal of these companies is simply to deceive the general public. If that wasn't the case, then these things would be written in such a way that there would be no doubt what your obligations are. I personally am not going to give these deceitful companies a pass just because something is written down in what amounts to a foreign language. It's gotten to the point that you can't trust anybody that you do business with.
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Online Scams
Posted by on
I started getting charges for UMG*BUYERSEDGE CALL 888 at 14.95 for two months before I found it on my bank account. I found a number and called to find out what it was about. The person on the phone said I signed up online for it, but I don't do that and never give my bank account information out to anyone. I was able to cancel it and got a cancellation number, we will see if I get charged again.

I guess we have to be very careful about where we go and what we click on when surfing the net. I will for sure watch my account a lot closer from now on.
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Charges Without Any Service Or Product
Posted by on
NY, NEW YORK -- I have in the past complained about charges by this company of $ 19.95 to my credit card. I got a refund and thought that they will never charge again. Well, they just continued to do this not only once but even twice a month and I again had to contact my credit card company with a complaint. I have never received anything from this company, no product no service.

I have tried to call them but since there charges have no reference number on my credit card statement I could only give my name and this did not lead to anything. It seems to me that this company somehow gets your credit info and then starts charging you for nothing.
Company Response 10/28/2008:
We apologize for any inconvenience you experienced. You may contact us by responding to the e-mail link sent to you from My3Cents.com and we will be happy to explain how you became a member and address any of your concerns.
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User Replies:
madconsumer on 08/22/2008:
if this was truly a scam, your credit card company would handle it. sounds like you did give your info, and now are claiming since they never helped you, they are a fraud. all charges on credit cards have some type of telephone number and transaction number. at least on my 'bank of America' cards.
Anonymous on 08/23/2008:
Try this info, they look like some sort of sleazy operation that generates leads or something. They have scam written across their foreheads.

Corporate Office
United Marketing Group
929 N. Plum Grove Road
Schaumburg, IL 60173
(847) 240-2005 Fax: (847) 240-2177

If you are contacting us by email please use the email address below and be sure to include the area of your inquiry in the subject line.


United Marketing Group (UMG) is a leading direct marketer of affinity merchandise offers and membership-based services. We support these businesses with best-in-class marketing, creative and operational capabilities, and bring superior value to our clients by combining this specialized expertise with customer databases to develop and execute custom-designed, seamless programs. (any company that posts crap like this should be avoided)
novadude on 09/10/2008:
Please file a complaint with the FTC, you can go to their website and fill it out online. You only need to enter information that pertains to your case. You can also complain to the Better Business Bureau. There needs to be some legal means to stop them, and a fine to prevent them from doing it again and again. The more people that file complaints, the more likely the FTC and BBB will take action.
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UMG - Buyer's Edge
Posted by on
My 85 year old mother lives alone, on no income, only a small savings account she and my father had built.

Yesterday she told me she's getting a charge on her credit card statement that she doesn't know what it's for - UMG Buyer's Edge.

After doing some research, I discovered, that, like many others, she is being royally ripped off, charged 11.99 a month for "Special deals on travel and hotel coupons". How nice, especially since she never travels.

I called the # listed above, 888-432-5916, and I will say the lady at the other end was helpful in spite of my fury. :) She promptly stopped the "service" and, being authorized to reimburse two charges, she did so.

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User Replies:
miketech on 12/14/2007:
I have heard of that company, my girlfriend bought something online I think from Romans (not exactly sure) and part of the checkout was a box checked to "Sign me up for travel incentive program, 1st month free" so then the next month it starts and you forgot where it came from and it's a slam scam. But they do remove it easy. I think because they don't want any hype about it and I would be a lot of money is being made because people never notice it.
Ponie on 12/14/2007:
Since this was so quickly resolved, I don't think it should have been posted as a complaint.
Slimjim on 12/14/2007:
I have to agree with Ponie. Not knowing how the service was authorized to start with, which can be the only complaint here. Outside of that, they offered everything possible to resolve the situation.
fmast on 12/15/2007:
I beg your pardon. I guess I should be applauding this company for bilking an 85 year old woman with no income out of $12.00 a month. She has no idea how she got started. Wonderful marketing ploy. I wish I could think of a business where I could do that.

So if you don't want to look at this as a complaint, a warning???? advice to someone who needs help??
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Posted by on
ILLINOIS -- I guess my husband and I somehow "subscribed" to this, which is odd since I don't subscribe to ANYTHING because I'm CHEAP. Anyway, without our knowledge they charged us $11.99 a month since May. Today, I found this site and realized that it wasn't my husband's personal charges, it was FRAUD. My husband called and we've been taken off their "subscription" (which supposedly saves $500/year on sports and hotels). They also refunded the past THREE MONTHS they've been scamming us. They claimed that's all they could do. Had I been more open to communication with my husband I would have realized that this company was STEALING OUR MONEY a LOT sooner.

They're a bunch of fraudulent scam artists and I hope no one else has this problem, but if they do call 1-888-326-7156. Good luck!!!!
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User Replies:
Suusan B. on 11/19/2007:
This is not FRAUD and no one was STEALING YOUR MONEY. You don't make it clear if this monthly charge was made against a credit card or checking account, but either way, by your own admission it has been going on for at leadt 6 months. So perhaps if you had paid more attention to your monthly statements you would have discovered this a lot sooner - - or maybe learn to better communicate with your husband.
Anonymous on 11/19/2007:
I must Echo Suusan B's post and I think communication is the key here.
MRM on 11/19/2007:
Please make a habit of checking your statements online, frequently, to see if everything adds up. For example, I check my statements online every week to make sure that there are no suspicious activity going on. Then one day, I was checking my statements online and noticed fraudulent activities on my account and called my credit card company to cancel the card.
Principissa on 11/19/2007:
Agree with MRM, I check all of our statements daily to make sure what I have in the checkbook is accurate. I check the credit card against receipts to make sure the charges are accurate. Poor communication or not you have to check your statements period.
Anonymous on 11/19/2007:
DreamNofTahiti, I don't know how one could check online everyday to see if anything was going on but I think if its this bad maybe we should all just close our accounts, banks, CC and anything else. I also hope you called the states AG? Good luck to you..

Principissa on 11/19/2007:
Lids, we just had some close friends of ours have their identity stolen right after they had a brand new house built. I think I'm a little paranoid at the moment. Apparently someone went through their garbage and got something from the cable company with an account number on it and got all their personal information through the online site. They racked up five grand on a JC Penney charge and another 3 grand at Home Depot and then they went out and bought themselves a brand new car.
Anonymous on 11/19/2007:
Prin, That's why I say close all these dam accounts. I am tired of waiting for it to happen and be put on the streets because banks and CC companies don't care enough to put up red flags when something out of the ordinary happens, they used to.

The thing most people don't know is when a real state company is selling your house they have open houses and I have seen many times where the agents more than any one else will go through drawers and papers. I have also busted one of them stealing stuff. They will steal anything they can get their hands on and so will the Cops. Where does it all end I ask you?

Principissa on 11/19/2007:
It doesn't Lids. Not until we burn all of our papers and nail all of our valuables to the floor. And even then they will come in with crowbars.

My issues are the same as yours. Why weren't red flags immediately waived at the CC company or bank when the noticed these charges. Especially if it was an odd spending for them. Someone could have and should have picked up on this to help these people. And it's a shame that they didn't. We trust these people with our hard earned money and when we need them to stick up for us they turn tail and run. Shame on them. I say to heck with them all!
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Unauthorized VISA charges
Posted by on
Last month, I noticed 2 unauthorized charges of 11.99 each on my Visa card. One was from UMG Buyersedge and the other was UMG MY Advisor. The 800 numbers listed on the Visa statement were non-working numbers so I was not able to contact them by phone. After calling Visa, they advised that I would have to document the complaint in writing and send to their investigative department which I did. The next statement showed that there were 2 more charges exactly the same! We investigated further and found the following 800 number that actually reached a person who was able to remove the charges: 800-447-7776. The explanation is that I made a purchase from personalcreations.com before Christmas and Personal Creations supplied UMG with my credit card information. They say that if you click on something offering a discount on the purchase that you are about to make, it enrolls you into a UMG program that charges your card each month. I don't remember clicking on anything like this and NEVER authorized such an enrollment. When you contact UMG for reimbursement, ask for a confirmation number. The credit did show up on my next month's statement but the whole experience was very upsetting and I felt that I had no control of these charges. Even after requesting that my VISA no longer accept these charges, it was charges anyway. Also, another 800 number to contact UMG is 888-326-7156. Hope that this is helpful to some. This way of doing business is fraudulent and apparently has been going on for years based on the dates of the stories on this web site.
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User Replies:
*Brenda* on 02/24/2007:
You should write another review about Personal Creations allowing UMG to do this crap! I'm glad you got your money back.
Anonymous on 02/24/2007:
I just went through their ordering procedure and I found nothing about discounts. All I found about discounts was on ordering in quantity but nothing about UMG.

A little research turned up the following about UMG: They work co-promotions with apparently reputable businesses, even banks. You get nothing from them and they suddenly zap you for the $11.99. On the good side, people reported some luck getting the $11.99 refunded. On the bad side, a few months after the $11.99 is refunded, they zap you with four $11.99 charges all at once.

Keep an eye on your card statements.
MRM on 02/24/2007:
Most definitely, PassingBy, keep an eye on your card statement after purchasing any items with the card. These businesses will sneak an unauthorized charges on your card and they hope that the consumers will not notice the charges.
sparkyeb on 05/07/2007:
Thank you for posting (above)...I'll add my note...I was charged 11.99 to my visa debit card after apparently ordering from Roaman's or Lane Bryant. I had no idea that my visa card info was being directed to another place for fraudulent use. After noticing this this repeatedly coming up on bank statements, and thinking it was a bank error, I investigated, and am supposed to be receiving MOST of my $$ back by UMG*BUYERSEDGE. Fortunately they do post a number you can call. I was told I had been charged because of a telemarketer deal - - I knew this was not true as I do not talk to telemarketers - I hang up on them or screen them through caller ID.
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Credit Card Scam Via Phone
Posted by on

Two Saturdays ago, I received a phone call telling me I had won $25 in gas cards and $200 in shopping credit to any store in their organization (what they failed to mention when they said that, was I needed to be a member in good standing to collect these benefits and that means paying their $19.95 a month for the service). There was a $1 initial fee to check these services out once I received the literature and my personal access number. I had two weeks to cancel this service, however, the paperwork wouldn't reach me until two weeks (which I thought was really strange, because they could charge my credit card account before I actually had my access code or information in hand to check this all out). They did not ask for my credit card number but said they would automatically bill everything to "that" credit card. How the heck are these people getting access to everyone's credit card numbers? And we wonder how identity theft occurs . . . if everyone who has access to a computer has access to people's financial information no wonder this problem occurs so often.
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User Replies:
Hugh_Jorgen on 06/08/2006:
They are working with your credit card company. They most likely paid a buck or two for each name that they are telemarketing. And you are right, it's a rip off. Pay for a membership to their buying club so you get a discount off their grossly inflated prices.
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Credit Card Fraud
Posted by on
NEPTUNE, NEW JERSEY -- U.M.G. Buyer's Edge Inc. TELEPHONE: 1-866-424-5255. MAILING ADDRESS: 929 North Plumgrove, Schaumburg, IL 60173. I want to be involved in A class-action lawsuit filed against this company for making unauthorized charges to my bank account. I first received a phone call about free gas vouchers and information on various things. Right after I got off of the phone I was charged a dollar from these people keep in mind I never gave any of my credit card information.

The phone that I was called on is not even in my name. This company is an obvious problem since so many people have experienced the same thing. We need to form a lawsuit against them. It is the only way to stop them from making money off of innocent people.
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User Replies:
Ponie on 02/23/2006:
Perhaps you didn't give out credit card information, but you must have given out bank information for you to be charged. Maybe if you weren't so interested in getting 'something for nothing' (which NEVER happens!) you wouldn't have been stung. Whenever I get such an unreasonable call I tell them to take my number off their list or just outright hang up on them.
MichelleK on 04/01/2006:
I had the same thing happen to me with the gas vouchers and magazines I think it was. They recorded the conversation I think to for verification and I never gave out any of my credit card information. They told me that they were part of a visa credit card point back program. They had all of my information already. Before they hung up I told them I wasn't interested anymore so I told them that I didn't want it and what did they do..hang up. I've been con-ed over 200 dollars in the past 3 months from them and this has to stop. I can't find a way to stop it though...
plentyfeathers on 12/27/2006:
This happened to me too!! A telemarketer spoke with my young daughter, they told her I was part of their program, she didn't give out any info (she doesn't have any knowledge of)The next thing I know all kinds of companies are taking money out of my account. In contacting UMG they are refusing to refund all my money. I too would like to be part of a class action suit. They are underhanded and should not be allowed to operate!!
RangerBob on 05/12/2007:
I've got the same story; however, the difference is that I've never talked to anyone or been to any of their websites. Yet, my bank account has been charged not once but four times in one day.
Has anyone other than me contacted a consumer affairs agency with any state?
lalin on 05/18/2007:
How do we file a class action? I would like to be involved, it just pisses me off that these companies find the right in themselves to deceive people with misleading advertising- and worse- with no notification which in my mind shoud be unlawfull. We have to make it impossible for them and companies like this to fraud innocent people. Just because they charge small amounts, we might not recognize or care but just think of how much money they rip off of us in total.
dje353 on 08/27/2007:
Domestications sold my information and more importantly sold my credit card number to
a company called Buyers edge. I received a letter in the mail from Buyers edge thanking me for joining their membership program, normally I would just throw this stuff in the trash but the letter went on to say that they would automatically charge my credit card on file for $99 if I didn’t cancel within 30 days. When I called to cancel, I asked how they got my information and I was told Domestications signed me up. If you order product on line from Domestications, watch out for this scam.
scamd on 11/05/2008:
They got me through Sky Mall. I never authorized anything. I found out months later that I "ordered" Buyers Edge online.
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UMG is a scam artist that has been around for many years
Posted by on
Their website is www.unitedmarket.com

They may con you into accepting "free gas coupons" or other "free" things and then give you additional services at a monthly fee. If your lucky, you can recover the last few transactions. Visa might give out your card number to UMG when you first activate a card, because I never told the telemarketer my card number and it was charged. They are located at:

Corporate Office (Secondary Call Center/Claims Processing)
United Marketing Group
929 N Plum Grove Road
Schaumburg, IL 60173
(847) 240-2005 Fax: (847) 240-2177

If I'm ever in the area, I will be sure to pay them a visit ;)
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User Replies:
Lacy on 01/17/2006:
I noticed a charge for $11.99 by UMG Buyersedge through my debit card. I was not familiar with this company so I called the number listed on my bank statement and a man answered. I asked him what the company was or what services the company provided and he wouldn't answer me; he just kept asking me who I needed to talk to. My final comment was "you can't tell me what your company does?!" and I hung up stunned. I immediately disputed payment of the $11.99 charge with my bank and filed a complaint with the BBB in Illinois. When I typed in UMG Buyersedge on the internet, this My 3 cents.com website came up and I am shocked to learn I am not the only scammed person in the world. This company is a major scammer.
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Another Fraud Story
Posted by on
Well I like the rest of you just discovered today that I have been hit for at least 2 months for $14.95 out of my checking acct. (by way of my debit card) from both of these companies. I have no idea what they are for or where they got my info. I certainly hope that someone somewhere can do something to stop these people. I am going to call the bank to see what I can do to stop this. I have ordered from 2 companies online and you can bet I won't be ordering anything else. It's pretty sad when you think you are on a secure site and then something like this happens. I am going to file a complaint with our BBB. I did respond to the atty from IL, I hope he can do something about these companies.
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User Replies:
fact-finder on 07/12/2005:
What BBB will do? They will extort money from the said company and write good comment about it. Have you not heard of story Fox guarding the hen house. Read more about BBB elsewhere.
umgwork on 10/05/2005:
I am a previous employee of umg and yes if it's through the phone...ALL CALLS ARE RECORDED FOR VERIFICATION. And anything on paper IS DOCUMENTED AND KEPT FOR RECORDS WITH PROOF OF SIGNATURE OF THE PERSON. The company has been around for 30 years for a reason!
CaraM on 01/03/2010:
As of today, there have been 421 complaints filed against UMG (United Marketing Group - http://www.unitedmarket.com) through the Better Business Bureau. The BBB has thus given the company an "F" rating. (See full report at http://www.bbb.org/chicago/business-reviews/advertising-direct-mail/united-marketing-group-in-schaumburg-il-987#ratingdetails). This company is all about scamming through the fine print. If you find charges on your account, the best thing to do is immediately freeze your credit account and get a new card and account number. Yes, it's a hassle. But this will assure you that UMG can't continue to use the credit info they have for you on file.
PepperElf on 01/03/2010:
well I've never heard of bbb extorting money from the companies but...

I do think they're kind of useless. they have no legal authority

Instead of the bbb, contact your bank and inform them of the fraudulent charges made to your account.
then get a new debit card with a new pin.

also, ordering online might not be the cause of it. there are other ways your card information may have been hacked, such as a virus on your computer, or improper disposal of personal banking information in your trash.

heck your info could have actually been stolen at a physical store you used the card in
Anonymous on 01/03/2010:
I wonder how many McDonalds or Taco Bell have? And yet, they are still a multi-million dollar business...
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