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Failure To Receive Merchandise
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SCHAUMBURG, GEORGIA -- On May 2, 2012 I ordered a Buxton black palm-sized wallet that was advertised in an insert along with my Chevron bill. As to this date, June 19, 2012, I have neither received the merchandise or any explanation. I no longer want the wallet and I do not expect my account to be charged accordingly. If this should happen, I will report the incident to the Better Business Bureau.

Company Response 10/9/2012:


Your concerns have come to our attention and we'd like to resolve these issues for you. In order to assist you, please provide your name or phone number to the e-mail address of so we can locate your records in our database and resolve this issue to your satisfaction.

Customer Support

they're stealing!! they have to be stopped!!!
By -

MUSCATNE, IOWA -- When I checked my statement last month I saw this charge for $9.99 to my debit card. It said "UMG Buyers Edge 4 help call 1-800-432-5916. I kind of blew it off thinking it was probably from some videos that I returned a couple days late because when I put it in the search bar on the net, it said something about Netflix. Then a couple weeks later I went to that movie store, they said I had late fees, that's when I found out it wasn't from them. Again, I thought I should check into it, but blew it off.

Yesterday, I checked my account, and there it is again! I called the number, it was a fax or something. I called the bank, there's no other information they can give me that I don't already have. I found this web sight last night, this is happening to a whole lot of us. They are ripping us off! I did find a couple other numbers that I used and finally got a hold of someone. Those numbers are 1-866-854-8723 (that's how I reached someone), 1-888-445-2096, 1-866-432-5916. I reached a **, and asked her how she can work for a company that is ripping people off. I was not polite, at all. She said they aren't ripping me off, I signed up for this when I signed up for a free trial to "trim life".

I did not concern myself with her eardrum when I alerted her that "I DID NOT AUTHORIZE THE USE OF MY CREDIT CARD FOR TRIM LIFE, OR FOR UMG BUYERS EDGE!!" I am livid. I am going to the papers. I am seeing an attorney. I will talk to a news agency if they want to hear about it. Folks, keep an eye on your statements! ** said that they would refund the last 2 charges of $9.99 in 5-7 business days and "cancel my membership", which I never signed up for!!! Now I have to cancel my card and place it on a "hot card" list... This is just a pain in the butt!!! If anyone would like to join in my crusade, please email me at **.

Where did that auto bill come from?
By -

I started getting billed on my credit card from this company. (UMG*AUTOHOTLINE) I thought it was something Capital One was doing without my approval. I tracked it down to JC Whitney auto parts. It turned out to be a $1 charge for coupons that would get you discount services. The thing that you do not notice is it goes to $7.99 per month after the first month if you don't call and cancel. When I received the coupons they were nothing I could use but I forgot were or why I got them. It was not the Credit Card company's fault.

If you do not want this to happen, NEVER check any promotion box when ordering anything. I am sure several people out here have done the same. They have a charge they can't figure where it is coming from. I had to go to the CC company. They had to tell me where the charge was coming from. I then had to call and cancel. They had to tell me where it was from.

UMG - Buyer's Edge
By -

My 85 year old mother lives alone, on no income, only a small savings account she and my father had built. Yesterday she told me she's getting a charge on her credit card statement that she doesn't know what it's for - UMG Buyer's Edge. After doing some research, I discovered, that, like many others, she is being royally ripped off, charged 11.99 a month for "Special deals on travel and hotel coupons". How nice, especially since she never travels. I called the # listed above, 888-432-5916, and I will say the lady at the other end was helpful in spite of my fury. :) She promptly stopped the "service" and, being authorized to reimburse two charges, she did so.

By -

ILLINOIS -- I guess my husband and I somehow "subscribed" to this, which is odd since I don't subscribe to ANYTHING because I'm CHEAP. Anyway, without our knowledge they charged us $11.99 a month since May. Today, I found this site and realized that it wasn't my husband's personal charges, it was FRAUD.

My husband called and we've been taken off their "subscription" (which supposedly saves $500/year on sports and hotels). They also refunded the past THREE MONTHS they've been scamming us. They claimed that's all they could do. Had I been more open to communication with my husband I would have realized that this company was STEALING OUR MONEY a LOT sooner. They're a bunch of fraudulent scam artists and I hope no one else has this problem, but if they do call 1-888-326-7156. Good luck!!!!

Unauthorized VISA charges
By -

Last month, I noticed 2 unauthorized charges of 11.99 each on my Visa card. One was from UMG Buyersedge and the other was UMG MY Advisor. The 800 numbers listed on the Visa statement were non-working numbers so I was not able to contact them by phone. After calling Visa, they advised that I would have to document the complaint in writing and send to their investigative department which I did.

The next statement showed that there were 2 more charges exactly the same! We investigated further and found the following 800 number that actually reached a person who was able to remove the charges: 800-447-7776. The explanation is that I made a purchase from before Christmas and Personal Creations supplied UMG with my credit card information. They say that if you click on something offering a discount on the purchase that you are about to make, it enrolls you into a UMG program that charges your card each month. I don't remember clicking on anything like this and NEVER authorized such an enrollment.

When you contact UMG for reimbursement, ask for a confirmation number. The credit did show up on my next month's statement but the whole experience was very upsetting and I felt that I had no control of these charges. Even after requesting that my VISA no longer accept these charges, it was charges anyway. Also, another 800 number to contact UMG is 888-326-7156. Hope that this is helpful to some. This way of doing business is fraudulent and apparently has been going on for years based on the dates of the stories on this web site.

Credit Card Scam Via Phone
By -

EVERYONE OUT THERE... BE VERY AWARE OF THIS FRAUDULENT ACTIVITY!!!!! Two Saturdays ago, I received a phone call telling me I had won $25 in gas cards and $200 in shopping credit to any store in their organization (what they failed to mention when they said that, was I needed to be a member in good standing to collect these benefits and that means paying their $19.95 a month for the service). There was a $1 initial fee to check these services out once I received the literature and my personal access number. I had two weeks to cancel this service.

However, the paperwork wouldn't reach me until two weeks (which I thought was really strange, because they could charge my credit card account before I actually had my access code or information in hand to check this all out). They did not ask for my credit card number but said they would automatically bill everything to "that" credit card. How the heck are these people getting access to everyone's credit card numbers? And we wonder how identity theft occurs... if everyone who has access to a computer has access to people's financial information no wonder this problem occurs so often.

Credit Card Fraud
By -

NEPTUNE, NEW JERSEY -- U.M.G. Buyer's Edge Inc. TELEPHONE: 1-866-424-5255. MAILING ADDRESS: 929 North Plumgrove, Schaumburg, IL 60173. I want to be involved in A class-action lawsuit filed against this company for making unauthorized charges to my bank account. I first received a phone call about free gas vouchers and information on various things.

Right after I got off of the phone I was charged a dollar from these people keep in mind I never gave any of my credit card information. The phone that I was called on is not even in my name. This company is an obvious problem since so many people have experienced the same thing. We need to form a lawsuit against them. It is the only way to stop them from making money off of innocent people.

UMG is a scam artist that has been around for many years
By -

Their website is They may con you into accepting "free gas coupons" or other "free" things and then give you additional services at a monthly fee. If you're lucky, you can recover the last few transactions. Visa might give out your card number to UMG when you first activate a card, because I never told the telemarketer my card number and it was charged. They are located at: Corporate Office (Secondary Call Center/Claims Processing) United Marketing Group 929 N Plum Grove Road Schaumburg, IL 60173 (847) 240-2005 Fax: (847) 240-2177. If I'm ever in the area, I will be sure to pay them a visit.

Another Fraud Story
By -

Well I like the rest of you just discovered today that I have been hit for at least 2 months for $14.95 out of my checking acct. (by way of my debit card) from both of these companies. I have no idea what they are for or where they got my info. I certainly hope that someone somewhere can do something to stop these people. I am going to call the bank to see what I can do to stop this. I have ordered from 2 companies online and you can bet I won't be ordering anything else. It's pretty sad when you think you are on a secure site and then something like this happens. I am going to file a complaint with our BBB. I did respond to the atty from IL. I hope he can do something about these companies.

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