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Subscriptions and Cancelations
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Rating: 1/51

ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND -- This company is a rip-off! They are thieves and will do anything to keep your money. I called the company to cancel my subscription and almost 3 weeks later they charged my account. I called customer service to complain and they said they didn't received any calls from me. So, I am supposed to believe whatever they say? They claim they have a phone call tracking system. It was easy for them to take the money, but they are not willing to accept a cancellation.

Just as an FYI - when they first called, I thought to give it a shot and gave them my payment information. They emailed me and left me a message that they were having difficulty processing the payment that perhaps they entered an incorrect digit. Well, they must have went digit by digit until they figured it out. Now, I understand I originally did give them the information, but if they took it down wrong, they should have waited for me to respond. I let it go through just to try them out, but It is clear they are thieves out to steal money.

I have never encountered a situation where I have called after seeing a charge on my account that was erroneous and not received a refund. They downright refused to provide me a refund for a charge they entered 3 days ago (mind you, over the weekend). They claim they have canceled me effective June (a whole month later). Don't get into these scams unless you're doing it with a legit company providing leads and referred by your broker or someone reputable.

They promised that I would be the exclusive agent for the area
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Rating: 1/51

ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND -- I was called by HUD USA and the salesman said that I would have the exclusive right for the northern part of Hennepin county in Minnesota. A week later another agent called me and asked if I was quitting because he was offered the exclusive listing for the same area. I am calling my credit card company to deny payment to these rip-off artists!

Company Response 02/02/2016:

Sorry for any confusion.

I would like to hopefully clear this up. We own and market 4 different sites. Each site has it's own advertising campaign and the leads generated are never shared.
The reason we have 4 completely separate sites is so that we can offer exclusive placement and leads to 4 different local real estate professionals without them competing over the same buyers.

After years in real estate ourselves we have held to our beliefs that offering an exclusive agent is better for the real estate professionals and is much less confusing to the consumer. It is just that simple.

Our sites are:

At times this confuses people because it is different than other sites that list 12 agents per area/Zip Code. With our sites there is no competition, no rotating of advertisers and no long term contracts.
The multiple agent method in an area is not designed with the best interest of the realtor in mind. This is why we don't do it.

I apologize here to you personally as the CEO of the USHUD family of sites and I offer anyone who ever has an issue or a question, my direct contact information so that they can reach out to me directly.

Best of Business and don't hesitate to call.

Michael Urbanski, CEO
410-980-7922 cell

Do Not Bother-Total BS
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Rating: 1/51

MARYLAND -- 2 weeks ago (Sept 2014), I received an email regarding USHUD in search of 1 foreclosure specialist for my area. I emailed back asking the territory they needed an agent for, and immediately started getting phone calls, no more email responses (red flag number 1). I followed up several days later and was transferred to someone other than my original contact. I asked several questions, and received very well scripted responses.

My first question was, "I am not a foreclosure specialist, what kind of education do you offer to help with that?" Response, "Oh, you don't need to be a foreclosure specialist. Most people who start on our website, end up obtaining conventional loans," (red flag number 2). My second questions was, "How long have you been with USHUD and will you be my contact person?" Response back, "I've been here for 3 years and am a single mother. I will be your sole contact." Probably a red flag, but I was giving her the benefit of the doubt.

When I received my welcome packet (via email), it was from ALLHUD, not USHUD (Red flag number 3). This was major misrepresentation because they promptly listed me under ALLHUD, and someone else for my territory was listed under USHUD. I called back that same day to cancel, stating that I was on the wrong website, and that they had misrepresented themselves. I left a message with the wonderful single mother, scam artist. The next day, I received a voicemail from a new scammer who wanted to review with me because single mommy contact was "out" for the "day." I called him back and had to leave a message, which was never returned.

After that, I started emailing my original contact to cancel... no response. I finally emailed their customer service to STOP any future withdrawals from my credit card, and advised if it happened again that I would report it as fraud. They responded, via email, in record time (documentation is key), that I would be canceled from any further billing. Do yourself a favor and learn from my $200 mistake. Don't Do It!!! If you want to burn $200, give it to a charity!!!

Pathetic Internet Real Estate Lead Generation
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Rating: 2/51

INTERNET, ILLINOIS -- I signed up for USHUD internet real estate lead generation services on March 20. They promised leads for QUALIFIED individuals who want to purchase foreclosed properties. After 2 weeks I had received not one single lead and I finally received 3 this week after I sent a letter of complaint. Of the 3, one has a bad phone number and email, one is looking for Section 8 rental housing and the other has POOR credit. I am aware of the difficulty in converting leads as I subscribe to several other services. However, in order to convert 1 you actually need at least 30 leads.

I cannot believe that they are charging $199 per month for this ridiculous amount of leads. I asked for a refund after only 3 weeks and they simply canceled my account so no further charges would be made. This is unacceptable and I want a full refund. The amount they charge is highway robbery and there is no value in the information I received. They also promise exclusivity in the market, but they have at least 3 websites and sell to 3 different agents.

Also, since I signed up they keep sending me advertisements asking if I want to join and be the exclusive agent. Are you kidding me? I already signed up and they are recruiting me for the very same area...that shows their insincerity and lack of exclusivity.

Ripped Off by
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Rating: 1/51

INTERNET -- I've been in the real estate business for over a decade & my business is booming. Against my better judgment when contacted by I decided to give it a try. Only 1 agent per city, unlimited leads for a month for a $195 fee/ month, you could cancel the following month if you decided to. Sounded alright, even if 1 legitimate lead had been generated it would have paid for itself right? Well, let me tell you not only did I not receive a single response to my emails or phone calls to these so called leads I even received one with the name Candy **. I mean that pretty much sums it up.

When I did give notice (by email & phone call) before my first month was up that I wanted to cancel I was again billed $195. When I called in to speak with customer service about the unauthorized charge I spoke with a rude individual who told me that the reason I didn't receive a response from any of the so called "leads" they sent me was because a phone call and email isn't enough contact to get someone to respond if they are an interested buyer WOW. Please do not fall for this scam of a company like I did.

Don't buy leads from
By -

I received a call from a representative at who made plenty of promises he knew he couldn't keep but they figure there will always be someone else they can scam when I quit anyway. They charge $195 per month to be the exclusive agent in your market but what they don't tell you is they have 4 separate websites so they can sell 4 people in every market. That wouldn't be a deal breaker if they could provide the quality leads they promised.

They run ads for cheap repos and provide you with leads from people who can't get a loan and want repo's for practically nothing. I received around a dozen leads and all of them were like that. I talked to an agent who said he was quitting after 4 months and he hasn't received one "good lead". They do allow you to cancel but they don't return your fee for the month you cancel and I was convinced it was a scam after 4 days. The salesman said the vast majority of leads I will get are from buyers of $160,000 to $250,000 homes. NOT!

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