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Value City Furniture Delivery
Posted by Moosenlawyer on 05/27/2005
VIRGINIA, VIRGINIA -- Value City Furniture
5516 Leesburg Pike
Falls Church VA 22041

Dear Sir or Madam:

Prior to making my purchase of living room furniture from Value City Furniture (Falls Church, Virginia), I was warned by a friend of their deplorable delivery service. This person regaled me with a tale of an attempted purchase of a 5-piece bedroom set. On the first delivery, one of the five pieces, a dresser, had a broken leg. On the second delivery, the dresser was a different model and color, and from a different set to boot. After her second refusal of delivery, she was told by Value City Furniture that the piece was on indefinite backorder and her order was cancelled.

Unfortunately, I incorrectly believed that her experience was an isolated incident. It assuredly was not. I have now come to learn that Value City Furniture is truly synonymous with abysmal delivery service and incompetent customer logistics.

I was to have a couch delivered on Wednesday, May 25th, from 11am to 2pm. I explained to the delivery scheduler, that due to condominium restrictions, furniture delivery would need to take place between 9am to 5pm. They assured me that it would be delivered within the three-hour timeframe and would not be delivered outside of the condo delivery hours. With such assurances, I took the day off of work in order to be available to receive the delivery.

At 1:30pm, Value City Furniture called me and stated that I would need to be reassigned to the 3pm to 5pm window. The reason for the delay was traffic. How a professional trucking company could be caught unaware and not anticipate the traffic around a major metropolitan area is beyond me, especially since I only live 5.8 miles from the Value City Furniture store, from which the delivery was supposed to originate from.

At 4pm, I called Value City Furniture to check on the delivery time and was told that it would be delivered “in about an hour.” I informed the dispatcher that I could not accept a delivery after 5pm due to the condo rules. The dispatcher informed me that I would need to schedule it for another day since it would probably be coming at around 5:30pm. The dispatcher suggested a Thursday delivery. I explained that would not be possible since I had used up my accrued vacation time waiting around all day on Wednesday and that Value City Furniture would need to wait until I accrued enough vacation time to spend another entire day waiting at home. The dispatcher ensured me that they would be outside my condo at 9:30am the following morning.

I didn’t go to work on Thursday, mistakenly assuming that the delivery would be made at 9:30am. At 10am, I contacted Value City Furniture and was told that the truck was getting prepped and that the dispatcher was incorrect in stating that I was to have the furniture delivered by 9:30am. Instead, I was scheduled to the 9:30am to 12:30pm slot. At 10:30am, I contacted Value City Furniture and spoke with a manager and was told that the delivery would be made in thirty minutes. Due to calls from work, I felt that I needed to ensure that this was resolved as soon as possible, since this belated delivery was beginning to seriously infringe upon my work. At 11am, I was told the truck was twenty minutes away and, at 11:30am, I was told that the truck had to return to the warehouse after forgetting something.

At 12:15pm on Thursday, twenty-four hours after the original delivery time, the couch was finally delivered, after traveling the whole 5.8 miles.

After factoring into the purchase price of the couch the two days of lost productivity at work and lost vacation time, I can inequitably state that Value City Furniture’s furniture has absolutely no value. If I knew prior to placing my order the lost time, lost money and accumulated aggravation that dealing with this company would cost me, I would definitely have plunked down the required cash to purchase the same items from a higher-end store.

At least now, my friend will have a companion tale of Value City Furniture incompetence to accompany her own, to ensure that listeners will not mistakenly believe that her interaction with your company was an isolated incident.

Very truly yours,

Cc: VCF.servicemaster@vcf.com

Better Business Bureau
1411 K Street, NW Suite 1000
Washington DC 20005
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Posted by xqa on 2005-10-05:
Yes. Value City Furniture(Falls Church,Va) has bad costumer service.
First time delivered broken pieces.
Second time they called us to confirm the delivery, I took the day off(yesterday) and waited for them.
No one showed up. I called the costumer service and she connected me to the dispatcher, and he said the warehouse has no stock available for me at all. He asked me to call back for a reschedule...
Posted by nicolelasalle on 2005-10-28:
The VCF in Columbus Ohio is aweful as well. Not only do they have unreliable delivery service, the sales people are deceitful and will lie to you face to make the sale. And, on top of that, the general manager condones their actions. Don't shop there!!
Posted by notimeforbs on 2007-01-11:
VCF in Countryside, IL is horrible as well. My friend ordered a sofa. After two days of having to be rescheduled at VCF's request, the sofa was delivered. It was a sectional and each piece was from a different set. The delivery personnel were on drugs, ripped one edge of a section, and made a huge gouge in her hardwood living room floor. She is currently trying to get VCF to pay for the floor repair.
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FabricGuard is a Rip Off
Posted by JJnCLT on 02/08/2005
CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- On January 21st, 2005 I purchased a sofa & loveseat combo, as well as a matching side chair, two end tables, and a coffee table. I was also sold Fabric Protection for an additional $99. on the combo, and $9.99 for the side chair. This brought my total purchases with Value City Furniture to $2,978. I was told by my sales person, Billy Manning that the Fabric Protection was like Scotch Guard and would protect my furniture from rips, cuts, tears, and other damage, as well as repel water. He also informed me this would include a 7 year warrenty, in addition to the Limited Lifetime Warranty that came with my selection.

On January 26th, 2005 Value City Furniture delivered all of my furniture with the exeception of the side chair, which was not in stock. Upon arrival my room mate realized that the delivery team was unwrapping the furniture on the truck, before bringing it into the house. After the delivery team left we sprinkled water onto the sofa to see if it repealed like it was supposed to. To our suprise it did not. We immediently assumed they had forgotten to treat our furniture.

On January 27th I contacted Value City Furniture with my concerns and the operator informed me that it didn't seem right that my furniture was not repeling what and that I needed to call back the next day to speak with Paula the Service Manger. On January 28th I contacted Value City Furniture to speak with Paula around 4pm and was told she was gone for the day, I would need to call back for a third time to speak with Paula on Monday. On Monday I contacted Value City Furniture again, and explained my concern to Paula, she acted surprised that it didn’t bead up, saying “so it did’nt bead up at all?”. She then informed me she would send someone out to treat it on Tuesday Feburary 1st.

On Tuesday a gentleman came to my house with a spray bottle and misted my furniture, applying less liquid to the furniture then you would when applying Fa-breeze. Of course I contacted Paula again on Wednesday to inform her that the job was not completed well, and that the water still absorbed right into the fabric. To my surprise this time she said, oh, it shouldn’t bead up, it is going to soak into the fabric, it just won’t stain, and if it does you can call us and we will fix it for you. I immedently informed her that this was NOT what I was told when I was sold the product, and was why I called her on the previous Monday, and why, I thought, she had sent someone to re-treat my furniture. She said I was misinformed and she apologized for that. I asked her how it would protect from a stain if it clearly absorbs, to which she had no answer. I asked what the difference was between the my Limited Lifetime Warranty and the 7 year Warranty offered with the American Signature Brand. To my surprise she said I had no lifetime warranty, that everything they sold in the store only had a 1 year warranty. I informed her I have a card that was attached to my furniture that said it had one. She then placed me on hold to check for herself. While on hold, the hold advertisement was for American Signature, and clearly stated a Limited Lifetime Warranty. After holding for a few minutes I was informed Paula was speaking with the manager and would be right back. Paula then came back to the line, apologized, and said I was correct, it did have a warranty. At this point I was upset that no one knew what was going on and asked to have the Fabric Protection cancelled and refunded, she informed me I would have to speak with the Store Manager, Cathy, and that she wouldn’t be in until Thursday, even though I was just told that there was a manager there that she was speaking with.

After speaking with Paula, and being informed I had to call back Thursday for Cathy I called the Pineville location to ask them for a description of Fabric Protection and the Limited Lifetime Warranty. The sales person I spoke with there informed me that the Fabric Protection was just like Scotch Guard, and would, “bead up like water on a waxed car”.

I was now going to wait and call Cathy the next day, but then I spoke to my best-friend, who’s uncle worked at a Charlotte Value City for years told her that at the time he worked there, it was his store’s policy to never spray furniture, even if a customer had purchased the Fabric Protection, saying that they figuring that few people contact them with stains, rips, tears or burns that would be covered under the warranty after all the exclusions that they would save money by not spraying the furniture and just replacing or fixing the furniture that meet the warranty criteria.

At this point I was so upset that I had been told so many different stories I had my room mate contact the Value City Corporate Offices. There we were informed that the Fabric Protection plan wouldn’t even cover our furniture because we had fabric, not leather, and that even then it only covered seem rips, not cuts, ect. She also said that the American Signature had only a 1 year warranty and that she had never heard of the Limited Lifetime Warranty, even though I later found out American Signature is owned by Value City Furniture. She then informed my roommate that she would have the store manager contact me as soon as possible to go over this issue with me.

Cathy called from the store less than 1 hour later, even though I was told she was not there and wouldn’t be in until the next day. Cathy told me a different story than the corporate office did. She informed that the Fabric Protection plan WOULD cover my furniture, and she assured me it had been treated in the store. She was confused about the warranty, that I did have a Limited Lifetime Warranty, but said that unless I purchased the Fabric Protection plan, if something happened to my frame and I did have a stain on the couch it voided all warranties! She said she would send someone out to re-treat my furniture again, but it wouldn’t do any good, that it was already treated, so I told her that was ok, but I would like to know if I could get some sort of discount or refund on the Fabric Protection plan. She informed me if she gave me any discounts that the warranty would be voided, that I can keep the warranty and pay the $110. or cancel the warranty and get my refund, even though I was mislead and everyone continues to tell me something different.

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Posted by hardroc on 2005-09-29:
Do you really think there is a treatment for fabrics to prevent rips and cuts?? No,,there is not. Fabric protection merely helps to prevent stains from setting, and makes it easier to clean the stain out. Using a spray bottle to apply this is the best way to apply it. This atomizes the protectant into a mist and it goes on more evenly. It then soaks into the fabric helping to seal the very small fibers in the weave of the fabric, preventing stains from setting in so deep. Thus,,making it easier to clean. Depending on the fabric,,water does not always bead up after an apllication. Sometimes it does.How do you add a 7 year warranty to a lifetime warranty?
Always listen to see if what the salesperson is saying sounds to good to be true. Or if it makes sense at all. I would have never purchased a thing from that store until I had been told something a lot more believeable.
Posted by mj on 2013-06-02:
It's such a shame that you had such a terrible experience with them. We bought our sofa in May of 2012 with the fabric protection with was an additional $75. 2 months latter we had stains and called uniters (that's who the warranty is through) It was handled quickly and very professionally. They even replaced the cover on the cushion since the ink didn't come out. We just placed another service request with them today and are hopeful for another great customer service experience. I guess my advice would be to contact the company that provides the warranty not VCF.
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Extremely Poor Service
Posted by Tbird26 on 09/02/2007
ILLINOIS -- I just spent over an hour trying to locate a corporate office address for this company - and still have not found one! I guess they don't want to be found and for good reason. A quick synopsis of what has occurred:

Ordered a night stand 6 months ago, they gave me the wrong one, returned it,made two trips an hour away from my home, they kept saying they were looking for it, six months later "we can't get it for you". Requested a refund and interest off of the money they have kept for 6 months, I was told "not possible" and the refund would take a while "we can't tell you when it will be sent from our corporate office". I asked for the corporate office info, they gave me the phone number, no address.

Phoned corporate office, asked who answered the phone as "Ian" for his last name, I was told, "that's personal"! Explained to him what had occurred, he said "that's company policy" I responded "it's company policy to keep someones money for 6 months and have no idea when it can be refunded?" "How about interest?"

Needless to say, "Ian" could not say anything but "company policy". He did find the nightstand I was asking for all along. However, when asked if it could be delivered, he responded, "we're have to charge you, that's company policy". I agreed (It's a matching one to a set I have) So I preceded to give him my credit card number, Ian stated, "we don't take that over the phone" "you'll have to go into the store". I in turn just asked for the refund, enough was enough...

Two weeks later I still have not received my refund.

Can't stess enough to stay away from this company they make money by stealing yours - it'll cost me more in attorney fees to get this back and they seem to know that and bank on it.
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Posted by moneybags on 2007-09-02:
Go the www.statelocalgov.net Look up your state. go the the Secretary of State's site and look up corporate records. That should give you the corporate info you need. Works on almost any state.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-02:
Do a WHOIS Lookup on the domain registration of vcf.com.

Here is their corp. address, tele. and fax info.

1800 Moler Rd.
Columbus, OH 43207
Phone: 614-221-9200
Fax: 614-443-9011
Toll Free: 866-823-7867

Posted by Rustydog242 on 2008-06-17:
Wow. Thanks for the corporate information. I've been waiting 6 months for a missing part and still can't get an answer from the Harrisburg VCF store as to when I'll have it. Worst management and customer service I've ever had to deal with! Wish more people would post their complaints.
Posted by marilyn goudas on 2011-06-27:
OMG...they sent me faulty merchandise...took it away....have not refunded my money since purchase in October 2010...I am now looking for corporate information to send certifed letter...contact me so we can file class action suit or put it on Alive on 5 news...across the media...facebook and twitter...this thievery must stop...my number is 440 460 4647..please contact me...leave essage if i am not available...m.goudas
Posted by KORY on 2011-07-27:
Posted by Jim on 2012-04-14:
Thanks for the info also, Been having same issues with parts. We bought from the Plainfield, IN store. Will never buy again from VC again. Very poor service and they will not give out names or phone numbers even to their DM's.
Posted by davis on 2013-07-27:
I just received a second delivery from them due to their error . not only is their service department rude and incompetent. but so was the delivery guy this second time and lazy and mad causr I asked him to do his job and if its a language barrier thensend someone who sspeaks English going to find a corporate office Ashley needs a new delivery company!!!!!!
Posted by rich on 2013-08-06:
Wanted to purchase piece of furniture. Needed delivery (NJ). Only 1 day of week available. Can't make this. No option but to go somewhere else. Unbelievable
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Value City Sham
Posted by A K on 12/21/2007
OHIO -- After working for this company for a few years, I decided to leave. I could no longer back their product or nor their business practices. I read a comment about their "scotch guard" protection. Hardly ever did the furniture ever get treated the way it is recommended by the manufacturer. Many times it was accepted by management to hurry along and just get the furniture loaded on the trucks and out the door. They just wanted to make the sale, never worrying about service to the customer. In their mind, if a customer is unhappy, their is another customer out there that will buy. Value City Furniture also owns Value City Department Stores and is(was) affiliated with DSW shoes.

Look up info about DSW shoes and you can see what the Value City corp. thinks about your credit card information. Now back to furniture, many instances this company has gone out of its way to rip people off, even if employees would bring it to their attention. I will cite one instance since their are so many. A few years back, a customer bought a sectional and it was delivered to their apartment. Around 6 months later it was decided by management to go back and pick up the sectional at that apt. and also deliver a full refund check upon picking up the merchandise. To our surprise, the apt was empty except for the sectional and the person there to accept the refund was not the same as the person who accepted the furniture a few months ago.

So, just being curious a little we asked what happened to the person who used to live here, and come to find out the person who accepted the check was the landlord and she volunteered more info than what we asked about. She began to tell us that the person renting apt was a prostitute and they were put in jail and she is just trying to recover some of the money that by having the sectional returned to the store. When we began to get get the sectional prepared to lift, we had to tie down the sleeper part of the sectional because it will open when you try to turn it getting thru the doorway. We noticed that the sheets were still on it. But we didn't think much of it.

My partner and I had short sleeve shirts on, so when we pick up the sectional, of course our arms were touching the fabric. We continued to load the other pieces of the sectional onto the truck, gave the landlord the refund and went on our way. Keep in mind that the apt and the store were only about 2 minute away from the store. When we got back to the store , our arms broke out in a rash. We washed up and nothing really came about all the rash, but its disgusting to think what could have caused that. Anyway, instead of destroying the sectional, it was decided by management to have a professional cleaner come in and clean it and place it on the showroom floor "As Is", no warranties, no nothing. To me personally, that is pretty disgusting knowing the history so far about the sectional. And you can bet management knew what was going on because they were told about it. Anyway, a short time after that a customer bought the same sectional but they bought it new.

When it was time for it to be delivered, it did not make to the store on time to be delivered, so once again management made another decision......to rip-off the "As Is" tags off the showroom sectional and deliver that one to the customer as new. I only worked for the furniture store for a few years, but I saw that was common practice, to take the showroom furniture and deliver to the customer like it new when and item does not come in on time. Also, I personally saw management alter log books on their delivery trucks to make it look like they were being serviced and that there was no serious mechanical defects. Many of their delivery trucks had serious problems that could have caused serious accidents. I had worked for the VC corporation, from the distribution centers, to the department stores, to the furniture stores.

While working for them I saw the same type of management over and over again. They want people that will do WHATEVER it takes to make a buck, to whatever it takes to save a buck, at the expense of safety for its employees and consumers, or to just downright lie to get your money. If you use a credit card with this company, beware, they will not take reasonable steps to safeguard your credit card information, unless like in the case of DSW, they were forced to. If this company goes under, it will be because of their own doing, but in the meantime, the owners of Value City( Schottenstein's) are one of the richest families in Ohio at your expense and has weaseled their way in the public spotlight by having their name on the Value City Arena.

You can be assured that the CEO and the family that has run VC is sleeping well at night, not thinking twice about how they scammed people all these years. They don't see consumers as people, just another sucker that will spend their hard earned dollars on their substandard merchandise.
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Posted by spiderman2 on 2007-12-21:
I'm sorry but something doesn't add up here. What store will give a full refund for anything they sold to you and you used for six months? That is just bizarre and makes me wonder about this post.
Posted by Principissa on 2007-12-21:
I'm with spiderman on this one. No store would ever give a refund on used merchandise especially after 6 months if there is nothing wrong with it. I can believe that they ripped the tags off the furniture on the showroom floor. A furniture store in town just got busted for doing that. Everything else just seems really fishy to me, and I'm sorry but I can't believe it.
Posted by Slimjim on 2007-12-21:
I hate these internet disgruntled ex-employee stories of horror. Guaranty 90% is half truths, half stories, and some cases, just AK being flat out wrong. You decided to leave, or were you fired. Isn't that when these companies that were ok to work for for years, all of the sudden are Satan's lair?
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-12-21:
I can't side with you on this one, try as I might.
Posted by Sarah May on 2008-01-08:
Well, I found their return policy:

A customer may ask for a refund or a re-selection at anytime during the interval between when they paid for the item(s) and when the item(s) were received by the customer. Your refund will include all taxes paid, extended warranties purchased, and the cost of any fabric protection and extended warranty fees that you have purchased. Your refund will be issued in the same form as it was accepted, except for cash. If your original cash deposit was over the amount of $250.00 a check will be issued by our home office within 10 days and mailed to you. The customer must notify us within 7 days of the date they take possession of the merchandise if there are any problems with the furniture or their property due to delivery. Any customer who during the first 7 calendar days from the date of possession requests a refund, must make a request to the store manager. Refunds can only be made if the merchandise is in "as-new" condition and the merchandise has not been treated with fabric protection. If a refund is granted, all monies will be returned excluding delivery charges. "As-is", "Floor Sample", mattress and boxspring items are not refundable or exchangeable.

If I'm reading this correctly, it's only seven days. That's the shortest window for a return policy I've ever read, with the obvious exception of "All Sales are Final"
Posted by charles moore on 2014-01-02:
i bought four thousand dollars worth of furniture from the warren store all junk recliner started to shred foam after one week, end tables were made of dead wood started falling apart, i paid for bed mattress and couch to be treated never was.....all the furniture i bought was complete junk!!!!
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Posted by on 12/02/2001

To help keep me as a potential future customer, I would like the following:


At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident. Thank you for your time.
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Poor Customer Service
Posted by Reviewgirl on 07/31/2008

Last week my husband and I purchased a desk, hutch and desk return set from Value City Furniture Store. Unfortunately, we did not read reviews of this company or we may not have gotten into this mess. We were very happy to find the kind of desk we were looking for that was actually a quality piece, made from solid wood and contemporary, yet classic in style. We had searched many furniture stores and knew we would have to pay a bit more for what we were looking for. We found similar pieces at very high-end stores, but could not quite swing those costs and they weren’t exactly what we were looking for.

My husband works in Harrisburg and went in to purchase this desk set. Of course, no one was “available” to help him so he sought out a young, not-so-professional sales associate. This young man put the sale through and at first told my husband that they do deliver to our location. Then found out that we are not in their delivery area. They deliver to a town 4 miles from our home, but not our address. So my husband asked to speak to the manager to see if he could work something out. The manager was rude and refused to budge saying, “I have to draw the line somewhere.” Even after my husband offered to pay a fuel surcharge for the extra 4 miles, he was still turned down. We still decided to purchase the desk set and just rent a Uhaul (as we do not own a van or truck) to pick up the furniture ourselves.

When my husband went to pick it up, he saw that the furniture was still boxed but looked like it had been opened (Earlier he had been told that the furniture would be inspected to make sure there was no damage). He asked and they said it was fine and packed so well, so there shouldn’t be any trouble. He brought it home and we labored to bring it into our house. As we unpacked it we saw that the hutch and return were both damaged. The wood had been crushed and split in the corner of the hutch and the same on the return. My husband made multiple phone calls asking again to have VCF come to our home and replace the furniture. Instead he was offered a $50 discount. He even called their corporate headquarters to have the same result.

I realized that VCF doesn’t deliver to our area and I’m fine with that policy. I can’t change that. We were able to get the furniture to our home on our own. My frustration with the company is their poor management and customer service. Even though we picked up our furniture, we should have received the same service of inspection and undamaged goods as that of those who can receive delivery because they live in that area. And the rebate of $50 is truly just a slap in the face in light of the fact that we spent about $1400 and were refused any other help.

In the future I will warn people of the poor service they will receive from Value City Furniture and will tell them to never purchase items from this company. Now that I’ve seen reviews from this location as well as others around the country, I realize that this is not a place of quality or service.
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Posted by bedroom set on 2008-08-13:
I am also throughly disgusted with VCF. My husband and I purchased a sofa, bedroom set and an armoire. We did not finance any of this furniture we paid cash. Needless to say we ordered it over a week ago and the bed is still on my floor in my bedroom and sitting room. The armoire was damaged and the warehouse manager had the audacity to tell me that it was purchased like that thus the reason for the markdown. At no time were we told by the salesperson that the armoire was damaged. The piece looked at if it was damaged once it was placed on the truck. The delivery guys have yet to show today to fix the bed and the carpenter stated that he would have to disassemble the armoire to fix it which would be another week. The bed by the way is not up because when unboxing at the store the main piece the stablizer for the bed was thrown away. So we are waiting for a piece to be made. This is not the type of service that you expect after you've paid over 4k for furniture. My daughter needs a bedroom set but it will not come from the VCF in Newport News, VA or any other VCF store.
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Crushing The Spirit Of A 4 Year Old
Posted by Cbrpunk on 01/04/2008
COLUMBUS, OHIO -- After Ordering over $1500 worth of furniture on 11/10/2007 my delivery date was explained that it would be on 1/4/08 which would be today. I would like to add that I failed to receive a confirmation call for a delivery time and window yesterday however I called Value City to confirm and was told that all of my furniture would be delivered between 9 and 12 today.

Being that I work 3 blocks from where I live, it is fairly easy to swing home to allow the delivery men (who were very helpful) into my home to assemble the furniture.

Upon their arrival, I showed them where the Camp Granada bunk bed would be assembled and one man began unloading the truck while the second delivery man ran over paperwork with me to check contents. I was made aware of two items. That the Trundle unit was apparently not with this delivery and was scheduled for delivery on January 17th (GASP), I have a 4 year old daughter who has been waiting, and we all know how patiently 4 year old girls can wait for things. So the bed is totally unusable until after the 17th bearing the risk the item would not be lost in transit.

I then was also made aware of the “extension” units which are required for the actual use of the bed with a full sized mattress were short at the warehouse and that a second trip would be required and extra time for me to request for time off from my busy day at the office. After having this explained to me by [name removed], I was directed to the back of the truck due to a problem with the Bunk itself. Once again, a problem was brought to my attention that the Bunk bed I waited a good 2 months for delivery for, was damaged upon loading it into the truck and improperly securing the furniture.

The wooden footing at the bottom of the headboard of the lower bunk was split, not only an eyesore on a $1500 bunk bed, but makes this unit physically unusable by the aforementioned 4 year old daughter and the installers themselves.

I have since refused delivery of this Damaged Goods and am on the hopeful “waiting” list for a delivery this upcoming Wednesday, of which a promise of the Delivery manager at the Broad Street Value city was not % 100 certain that this would, occur.

I am writing this letter to Value city to voice my disdain for the care and improper treatment of a clients bought goods, As I am making payments on this unit I have not even been able to enjoy the product due to a heavy waiting period, a lack of communication via the company in regards to delivery, and the incompetence of having the completed order together.

I do not understand how Value City can continue to operate with such a lack of consideration for those whom buy your wares. I have been a loyal customer for years and recommend such services to others who are looking for quality furniture and bedding. However with the loss of credibility due to this entire ordeal has been rather disconcerting, I didn’t haggle in the showroom over price due to the customer service due to the knowledge that I would expect from such a company, the trade off would be worth it.

However now I am reconsidering any future recommendations to your company over the logistics, the communication or lack there of, and the complications of explaining to a 4 year old girl that she will not be able to hold a sleepover with her best friend due to the fact the furniture company broke her new bed.

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Posted by Ponie on 2008-01-04:
I hope one of your duties at the office is NOT composing letters. Who runs your household, you or your 4-yr. old?

I'd be upset at receiving damaged furniture, also, however doubt I'd pull out the 'loyal customer' card. It's getting old.
Posted by Suusan B. on 2008-01-04:
Damaged furniture is delivered every day of the week - - this complaint falls under the "disappointed" category - - "crushing the spirit of a 4 year old" is a little dramatic and over-the-top.
Posted by runaway on 2008-01-04:
"Crushing the spirit of a four-year-old"....lol!

Are you that unimaginative that you can't build a "fort" for two kids to have a blast for their overnight? Instead of whining and ruining a valid complaint, use some imagination and make it an overnight they'll love!
Posted by spiderman2 on 2008-01-04:
You have a decent complaint ruined by the "crushed 4 year old" thing. Drama gets you nowhere. I pray that this is the most crushing experience your daughter and you ever have to deal with.
Posted by killerklown on 2008-01-04:
lol...exactly what I was thinking, Ponie.
Posted by heaven17 on 2008-01-04:
You don't paint a very flattering picture of your 4 year-old daughter...
Or yourself, for that matter.
Posted by Slimjim on 2008-01-04:
You really did taint this complaint with the dramatics. I have a 4 year old who seems to have something go wrong in her life 14 times an hour. Yet a minute later, all is forgotten. Like runaway said, I'm sure you can come up with a way to save the sleepover.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-01-04:
This is too much for my brain at this point in the day so I will have to go with Slim and the rest on this one. Please! Don't use the chrldern like this.
Posted by Justusryan on 2008-01-04:
Value City is going out of business, so they don't care anyways.
Posted by furnitureman on 2008-01-06:
Value City isn't going out of business... They have more $$ then they know what to do with
Posted by Mrs. Fantastic on 2008-01-18:
Value City department stores, and Value City Furniture stores are two different companies. The department stores are selling, not the furniture. Department stores are publicly held, hence being for sale.
Posted by Nicki on 2013-06-19:
Bought the camp Grenada set paid $2200 and they came, parts missing, part damaged, had to wait two weeks, and bed was not able to be used so my kids slept on the floor as I had already disposed of their old set and the company would not even credit me the delivery fee
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Buyer beware
Posted by Clemcl on 11/03/2006
GREENWOOD, INDIANA -- I purchased a couch and love seat in dec of 2005 from value city.
after receiving them i relized the fabric protector i bought with it was a rip off, nothing was applyed to them, they just gave you a spot cleaner to apply to spills.
i could have bought that at walmart.
then to add to it, when i had problems arrise with the mechinizem of recliner part, i was told i had to bring it to them to be repaired because i picked it up and had not paid a delivery charge.
this was not what was represented by the saleman and i had no ideal of this till i called for service, i was told it is stated on the back of the receipt.
and when i looked, sure enough it was there.
i buy grocerys every week and theres stuff on the back of those receipts and i never look at it, but mabey i should,it may tell me the food i bought is only good as long as its in the store.
i live 30 miles from the value city store and will not be taking it back for repair.
but i will be continuing to tell every one i know of there tatics and hope no one else falls to there unprofesinal sales tatics.
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Posted by Value City No Good on 2008-06-15:
Value City is a ripp off just purchased from them and they delivered damaged merchandise.
They came a week later with a replacement that was more damaged than the first. The manager of the store is rude, don't believe my sectional sofa was stain proofed I to got a little kit. Now that they have my money they are very rude.
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Bad Quality Even Worse Customer Service and Warranty
Posted by Gearhart191 on 02/20/2014
MECHANICSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA -- Purchased a couch and chair. We also purchased a better warranty. Once we got the furniture home and unwrapped there were many scratches and dings on the wood. Also the chair appeared to have issue with frame. We called the store and they sent a person to our house. All he did was use a putty pencil to fill in the wood and advised us he would order a new frame for the chair after weeks the new frame still wasn't replaced. Upon a 2nd call to the store they sent a different person. There was no frame ordered and the guy was unprofessional. We also complained because the couch cushions were already flattening. Basically we asked about the warranty and they said it wasn't covered. After contacting management they refused to fix the issues and then we get a letter stating they have canceled our credit card through them
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Damaged Velvet Headboard
Posted by Rachelmanley3 on 12/12/2013
VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA -- I purchased a velvet headboard from Value City Furniture and the box appeared to be in good shape, no holes or anything. After making arrangements to have this item picked up, I get it home and open the box and it has a big hole in the headboard and someone had patched it up. The supervisor told me that it wasn't his fault that it was the manufacturer. What kind of mess is that, Value City is selling the furniture but when it comes to a damaged item now its not their fault. Anyway after informing them that I will be giving them a review and contacting the BBB, then they tell me they would give me back $25.00 on a $220.00 headboard. Wont be purchasing anything else from them!
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