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Value City Furniture
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Columbus, OH 43219
614-221-9200 (ph)
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Worst Experience EVER!
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Rating: 1/51

LAKEWOOD, NEW JERSEY -- I am writing this letter as a warning to all prospective buyers, hoping my advice will save you from the headache my girlfriend and I have been dealing with since we went with Value City for a simple furniture order. In early February I went to Value City to purchase a desk, dresser, and chest. As I walked through the doors I knew EXACTLY what I was looking for. When I was first approached by the salesman, I was ready with the make, model, and color of the furniture my girlfriend and I had searched for and finally found on the Value City website. The purchase was quick and easy for both myself AND the salesman, or so I thought.

On the receipt there was a printed “estimated delivery date” which I was told by the salesman would be the scheduled date of delivery. After taking off of work for the scheduled date, I was surprised to find that this was NOT the date the furniture would be coming and in fact they only delivered to our town on CERTAIN days of the week. This meant that I would have to take off yet again for the actual DELIVERY date. This date didn't come until several weeks later in mid January. Upon delivery my girlfriend greeted the men who were there to deliver the 3 pieces of furniture but stayed out of the way.

After signing off on the delivery sheet she entered the bedroom to find that her first pieces of bedroom furniture in their new house WERE NOT the furniture pieces that they had ordered at all, and in addition to it being the wrong furniture the desk delivered was cracked! By this time, the men had already pulled out and were driving down the street leading to a bigger headache that is still taking place in mid May. In a panic, my girlfriend called the store to tell them what had happened. They told her all they could do was schedule another day when THEY deliver to our town and have the furniture picked up then.

The next date they had available was 2 weeks later and in the meantime we were supposed to keep the furniture in our house. The damaged desk would have to be photographed at different angles and then e-mailed to someone in the warehouse to see if it could be fixed BEFORE they would even think about replacing it. We were both extremely upset about how everything had been handled which led us to take a drive out to the store where the furniture had originally been purchased to see if something could be done.

Not only did we walk around aimlessly waiting to be helped but when we finally told the salesgirl what had happened, the only help she offered up was a phone number of someone WE could call to see if something could be done with scheduling since the store had NOTHING to do with scheduling deliveries. Before leaving the store my girlfriend thought it would be smart to call, and good thing because the number given to us was incorrect! When asking AGAIN we were given another wrong number by the same salesgirl!

It wasn't until WE FOUND the second Value City salesperson that we were given the correct number, who, after calling told us there was nothing they could do. The only option we had was to wait for the warehouse to respond to our e-mail with the pictures we had taken and sent ourselves of the damaged desk. After a week they decided that the entire desk would have to be replaced and that we would receive a phone call when the new desk would be in. We finally got the call we had been waiting for the last week of March that the desk would arrive on Saturday March 31st!

We were ecstatic, finally we would be able to get the house in order and put our office room together which we had been wanting to do since February! However, we were both shocked to find that we received 2 calls from Value City that Friday. One call was from the store that we had purchased the furniture confirming our Saturday delivery. Another call was from the warehouse stating that the delivery would be delayed yet again because our NEW desk that was supposed to be delivered was DAMAGED.

Confused, I called the Value City store in Lakewood, NJ and explained the 2 telephone calls we had received. Not only did the girl who answered continue to tell me the desk was definitely coming the next day but it wasn't until she decided to “double check” that she found that it was in fact going to be delayed but she didn't know why. This is still not the worst part of our experience with Value City in Lakewood, NJ. The second week of April, my girlfriend received a phone call that our other NEW desk was in, AGAIN! Not expecting much due to our previous let downs she tried to schedule a new delivery date with the woman on the phone.

Since we both had already taken off work numerous times for Value City, we could not be home and wait for a delivery that may or may not happen due to the lack of communication between the store and warehouse. I began to tell her what we had been through with the company and mid sentence I was cut off by the woman on the phone who said, “Listen, we only deliver to your town on Saturday. The next Saturday delivery date we have is May 19, 2012.”

I processed this quietly to myself on the other end of the phone, feeling defeated and let down yet again but at a loss for what to do or say next. I responded by saying, “Well, I guess that is my only option.” To this the woman quickly replied, “Yes, May 19th will be your delivery date - have a great day!”

It is now mid May and we are without a new desk. We are hopeful that it will come this Saturday but are bracing ourselves for the worst. I have never in my life experienced such poor customer service and lack of not only competence but unwillingness to help. We explored every option to seek assistance and or guidance after our terrible experience - visiting the store, trying to contact a manager (who never returned our calls), contacting the warehouse, and trying to reach the corporate office. All of these outlets were unresponsive. The reason for this letter is to warn anyone who is thinking of purchasing anything from Value City.

My girlfriend and I both work in an industry where consumers are regarded with the utmost respect and for a company that stops at nothing to do what it takes to be sure our customers are satisfied. It is extremely disheartening to know that there will be Value City customers in the future who will have to endure the same unnecessary experience we have.

I strongly believe that in order to succeed in business there must be open communication, with a willingness to help along with a strong sense of urgency. Value City of Lakewood, NJ STRONGLY lacks all of these qualities. It is with great hope that this letter will force Value City to step back and re-evaluate how their store is run to help create a smoother process in the future. After all, in this tough economy people want to get to the most for their hard earned money, and we all should.

Abhorrent Customer Service and Damaged Products
By -

LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY -- I bought over $3,000 worth of furniture from their store, and I have received nothing but the absolute worst service every single time I have an order. Several of my pieces came in damaged and had to be replaced. One of them had to be repaired, however I was told very rudely by a customer service agent that they could not accommodate my schedule and if I wanted my furniture to be repaired I was going to have to accommodate them. The manager ** called me and was very nice in setting up an alternate time for the repair man to come out so that I would be able to be there when he arrived.

Unfortunately, the rest of the department must not have been informed, because I got a call saying the repair person was going to come at a time that was not the one ** had told me he would be able to. Next, I had a problem with the couch. I had to go through 3 different couches because each other one they gave me was damaged in some way. I went through 2 different lamps as well because of the same problem.

And now we come to today. About a month ago, I picked out a TV stand from their store to add to my order. It was ordered in Cleveland, and they said it would take awhile for it to be delivered because it was out of stock. We planned to have it delivered on August 28th, this Saturday, because I work a 9 to 5 job and cannot be home for delivery during the week. I was called by the store on Wednesday, which also happened to be my birthday, for a very rude awakening. The store left me a message saying that the TV stand was ready to be delivered the next day, Thursday, and wanted me to confirm that I would be home.

I called the store back asking why the date had been changed from Saturday. ** informed me that they could change it back so it would be delivered this Saturday like it was originally supposed to. I hadn't heard from the store about a delivery window so I called them back this morning. ** informed me my TV stand was scheduled to deliver on Saturday September 4th, like I had requested and they had informed me. I had never requested that, and that was the first I had heard of the September date.

I was then shuffled around from **, to “I'll have the manager call you back,” to ** (who informed me if that it would do no good if I spoke to the manager, and if I wanted to I would have to wait for a very long time). ** informed me she was the service manager and in fact she had told me yesterday that it would be delivered on September the 4th, which was a lie. She then called me a liar and informed me that no one there was going to want to help me if I kept calling and changing the date on them.

This struck me as particularly ironic, since Value City is the one that has been CONSISTENTLY changing the delivery date on me, not informing me until last minute, and then blaming it on me. A third call, from my mother, finally got to the manager. Apparently Value City did not think that I was old enough or rich enough to get the manager at all. It takes someone with money in their pocket or life experience to even allow you to speak to the manager in the first place. ** informed my mother that the TV stand was actually not even in stock yet. This was a bit confusing to hear, considering that they had initially told me they were going to deliver it on Thursday.

I guess they must have gotten frustrated with my request to change the date and decided to give my furniture, which I have been waiting for over a month, to someone else. I didn't realize that you could only get your furniture if it was convenient for the store to deliver on that day, and if it wasn't - you would lose your furniture and maybe not get it back for weeks. ** promised us that it will now be delivered on the 4th, but his promise was a little bit empty given the previous promises Value City has made me about my delivery dates as well as his “it will probably be in by then” guarantee.

I'll be holding my breath, because I doubt it will even be there then. I'll probably only get that one if no one else has a delivery date that is earlier and needs it. Due to their lack of communication and incredibly poor service, you get shuffled around, because it's easier to shuffle you from person to person than to actually help you. The only way you can get anything straightened out is to spend hours and hours screaming to them on the phone. Otherwise they don't really care about you. The cheap prices are great, but you really get what you pay for there - broken products (I'm worried to see how long they will last) and abhorrent customer service.

I will never be purchasing from Value City Furniture again, and I suggest that you do the same. I was initially very excited to see the low prices and type of furniture in the store. However, the appalling way the customer service agents have treated me and the shockingly terrible service I have received from them has proved to me that I will never buy from your store again. Despite how much I enjoy the other pieces I bought from the store, I wish that I could take all of it back because I wish that I had never given them a cent of my money. They don't deserve it.

Spread the word that Value City is terrible, because maybe then they will be motivated to treat their customers better.

Very Bad
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Rating: 1/51

WOODBRIDGE, VIRGINIA -- Whatever you do, DO NOT ORDER FROM VALUE CITY. It is better to have no furniture than dealing with these incompetent people. I know my story is long, but if you are even considering stepping foot inside this store- I plead you to read my story.

The first location we went to was the Woodbridge store, one manager/supervisor –Ambreen, and 2 sales people we spoke to, gave us such attitudes as and the permanent “buzz off” look on Ambreen's face, no exaggeration was not something I wanted to deal with. So, we took our itemized receipt, and went to the Falls Church location and placed the order there. However, later we came to find out that the delivery location would be Woodbridge, and that's when the problems began.

We ordered furniture a month in advance to have it in time for our move in date, which of course didn't happen. We bought a full apartment's worth, a sofa, dining set, bedroom set, and a few extra items. First off, delivery was delayed by 7 hours. Yes, you read that right, it was supposed to be delivered by 3 pm, but didn't reach my place till 10:30pm!!

I understand traffic and delays can happen, but I mean come on, and to make it worse, we got one call around 4 pm saying they would be late by an hour, after that we kept getting the runaround about the ETA. When I spoke to a manager (I wish I had his name) all he could say was that there is nothing he could do, and when I said "okay, so what are the next steps in this", he said "I don't know and goodnight", hung up the phone.

What finally arrived was half a bedroom set (the bed was missing, and they didn't have “time” to put the mirror on the dresser so they left it by the wall in a box), chairs for the dinning set- but no table. We were told we would have all the pieces, but fine, whatever, we would wait. We were told we would get the remaining pieces after 2 days, which turned into a week. We decided to return the bed and nightstands, and scheduled the pickup for 3 days later (Tuesday) (over the phone) because that was the earliest they could do it.

I had a gut feeling that something would go wrong, so we went to the store to confirm what already happened over the phone (the next day, Sunday). Lo and behold, the pickup was never scheduled and did it again. I didn't get a confirmation call for the eta like expected, so the day before the supposed pickup I call to confirm the date. And GUESS WHAT!! The pickup (again) was not in the system, but in fact – they had it in the system as US returning the furniture to THE STORE. So, it suddenly became my responsibility to bring the furniture back to the store – after I was told on 2 different occasions, by two different people it would be picked up for me.

I called once to correct this, was put on hold for 12 minutes, then again for 20 minutes. Then again for 1 hour before I hung up. Then I called again, asking for it to be picked up on the original date. I am telling the girl my story of what happened, and she kept saying they cannot guarantee a time, which I said is understandable, so I asked for a manager to see if maybe they could help me. She then abruptly puts the phone down - I can hear muffled sounds, so I know she is talking to someone, and I assumed it was to ask if I can have the later delivery, so I stopped talking to let her speak with them.

A few seconds later, I stop hearing the noises and it's just silent so I assumed I was on hold (but there was no music playing either). Then, after a really long pause, I said “hello” and she answered “hello”, I asked, “what did your coworker/manager say about the delivery, because you went silent on me, or were you doing something else because you stopped talking to me? “ she says – “I was waiting for you to finish your story and didn't want to be rude by interrupting you so I was quiet. My coworker and I were talking about a stapler.” A stapler is more important then helping a customer with a delivery? It looks like someone needs to sort their priorities at their job.

My husband then called the store and was told they don't have any deliveries on Tuesday (although we had been told since Saturday that Tuesday will be the pickup), the earliest they could do it would be on Thursday- I still don't know how that suddenly switched. In the end, I finally got everything that needed to be returned back to wherever it came from, and then waited about 2 weeks for a refund, which I eventually got.

These employees and managers need a crash course in simple human interaction and common sense, customer service skills can come later. Referencing the above girl – how do you go silent on someone while on the phone, and just sit there, when the customer isn't even talking, and waiting for you to help with a delivery!? In what world does that make sense??? How Value City still operates is a mystery that will never be solved. I will be leaving this same review on any online review site I can find in hopes to avoid others getting mistreated like this.

Faulty Furniture - They Do Not Stand Behind Warranty
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Rating: 1/51

HAGERSTOWN, MARYLAND -- Five months ago we purchased a leather dual recliner at Value City Furniture. A few weeks ago, we noticed the leather peeling in the headrest area of the left side. We called Value City and was told it was a warranty issue. We called the warranty company and was told it was a manufacturer issue and we were to call Value City. We called back to Value City and they sent out a service tech to look at it. He covered it with something and said that "this will probably not fix the problem". He also said that this has happened before. He said that "if this doesn't work, call and we will make it right."

A couple weeks later I rubbed my finger over the area and the coating started to peel off. I called Value City and told them that what was done did not take care of the issue. The manager said they could not replace it without a cost. I questioned that, because we had it only 5 months. He said we need to call the warranty company again. I did and was told that since Value City sent out their tech, that the warranty company would not cover it. I told her I only did what she told me to do. She would not listen to me - only kept repeating that the warranty was not good.

I ask for a refund on what we paid for the warranty. She said we needed to call Value City to discuss that. I got tired of going back and forth. We realize that the warranty company and Value City have no intention of honoring their warranty or standing behind any faulty piece of furniture. We are sorry we ever bought anything at Value City and will never do it again.

Company Response 06/07/2013:

We are so sorry to hear about your issue. Please give our customer service team a call at 1-888-751-8553. They'll be able to look into this for you. We're here to help. Thank you!

FabricGuard is a Rip Off
By -

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- On January 21st, 2005 I purchased a sofa & loveseat combo, as well as a matching side chair, two end tables, and a coffee table. I was also sold Fabric Protection for an additional $99 on the combo, and $9.99 for the side chair. This brought my total purchases with Value City Furniture to $2,978. I was told by my sales person, ** that the Fabric Protection was like Scotch Guard and would protect my furniture from rips, cuts, tears, and other damage, as well as repel water. He also informed me this would include a 7 year warranty, in addition to the Limited Lifetime Warranty that came with my selection.

On January 26th, 2005 Value City Furniture delivered all of my furniture with the exception of the side chair, which was not in stock. Upon arrival my roommate realized that the delivery team was unwrapping the furniture on the truck, before bringing it into the house. After the delivery team left we sprinkled water onto the sofa to see if it repealed like it was supposed to. To our surprise it did not. We immediately assumed they had forgotten to treat our furniture.

On January 27th I contacted Value City Furniture with my concerns and the operator informed me that it didn't seem right that my furniture was not repelling what and that I needed to call back the next day to speak with ** the service manager. On January 28th I contacted Value City Furniture to speak with ** around 4pm and was told she was gone for the day, I would need to call back for a third time to speak with ** on Monday.

On Monday I contacted Value City Furniture again, and explained my concern to **, she acted surprised that it didn't bead up, saying "so it didn't bead up at all?" She then informed me she would send someone out to treat it on Tuesday February 1st. On Tuesday a gentleman came to my house with a spray bottle and misted my furniture, applying less liquid to the furniture than you would when applying Fa-breeze. Of course I contacted ** again on Wednesday to inform her that the job was not completed well, and that the water still absorbed right into the fabric.

To my surprise this time she said, "oh, it shouldn'€™t bead up, it is going to soak into the fabric, it just won't stain, and if it does you can call us and we will fix it for you." I immediately informed her that this was NOT what I was told when I was sold the product, and was why I called her on the previous Monday, and why, I thought, she had sent someone to re-treat my furniture. She said I was misinformed and she apologized for that. I asked her how it would protect from a stain if it clearly absorbs, to which she had no answer. I asked what the difference was between the my Limited Lifetime Warranty and the 7 year warranty offered with the American Signature Brand.

To my surprise she said I had no lifetime warranty, that everything they sold in the store only had a 1 year warranty. I informed her I have a card that was attached to my furniture that said it had one. She then placed me on hold to check for herself. While on hold, the hold advertisement was for American Signature, and clearly stated a Limited Lifetime Warranty. After holding for a few minutes I was informed ** was speaking with the manager and would be right back. ** then came back to the line, apologized, and said I was correct, it did have a warranty.

At this point I was upset that no one knew what was going on and asked to have the Fabric Protection cancelled and refunded, she informed me I would have to speak with the store manager, **, and that she wouldn'€™t be in until Thursday, even though I was just told that there was a manager there that she was speaking with. After speaking with **, and being informed I had to call back Thursday for **, I called the Pineville location to ask them for a description of Fabric Protection and the Limited Lifetime Warranty. The sales person I spoke with there informed me that the Fabric Protection was just like Scotch Guard, and would, "€œbead up like water on a waxed car"€.

I was now going to wait and call ** the next day, but then I spoke to my best-friend, who'€™s uncle worked at a Charlotte Value City for years told her that at the time he worked there, it was his store'€™s policy to never spray furniture, even if a customer had purchased the Fabric Protection. Saying that they figuring that few people contact them with stains, rips, tears or burns that would be covered under the warranty after all the exclusions that they would save money by not spraying the furniture and just replacing or fixing the furniture that meet the warranty criteria.

At this point I was so upset that I had been told so many different stories I had my roommate contact the Value City corporate offices. There we were informed that the Fabric Protection plan wouldn't even cover our furniture because we had fabric, not leather and that even then it only covered seem rips, not cuts, etc. She also said that the American Signature had only a 1 year warranty and that she had never heard of the Limited Lifetime Warranty, even though I later found out American Signature is owned by Value City Furniture. She then informed my roommate that she would have the store manager contact me as soon as possible to go over this issue with me.

** called from the store less than 1 hour later, even though I was told she was not there and wouldn'€™t be in until the next day. ** told me a different story than the corporate office did. She informed that the Fabric Protection plan WOULD cover my furniture, and she assured me it had been treated in the store. She was confused about the warranty, that I did have a Limited Lifetime Warranty, but said that unless I purchased the Fabric Protection plan, if something happened to my frame and I did have a stain on the couch it voided all warranties!

She said she would send someone out to re-treat my furniture again, but it wouldn't do any good, that it was already treated, so I told her that was OK, but I would like to know if I could get some sort of discount or refund on the Fabric Protection plan. She informed me if she gave me any discounts that the warranty would be voided, that I can keep the warranty and pay the $110 or cancel the warranty and get my refund, even though I was misled and everyone continues to tell me something different.

The Warranty of the Products
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Rating: 1/51

GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN -- I purchase an expensive mattress from the store and had it about six months, the mattress started slump in the center about 4 inches, it had two quarter size stains on it and they voided my warranty. I paid a lot of money for the mattress, the two stains should not have made a difference. On top of that at the same time when I purchased the mattress I also bought the complete bedroom set. It also was junk - started to fall apart piece by piece. I will not recommend Value City to anyone and I will never purchase anything from them ever again. Be careful when you make a large purchase, check all the do's and don'ts and warranties very carefully.

Crappy Customer Warranty Service
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Rating: 1/51

FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA -- I originally purchased my furniture from Sterling (who's been great from day 1). Within a few months, the chaise and lounge cushion has sunk in. So I called the warranty customer service for repair. The lady told me that there were only 2 days available for service (Monday or Thursday) that was but couldn't give me a time, stating the technician will call me a few days before. I never received a call. The day that the technician was supposed to arrive, it was well into the afternoon and I had to call to find out what was going on which they told me to call Sterling who had to call them to ask the same question about my service.

When a replacement set came, someone left a message on Monday (1-30-12) stating that a technician will come out sometime this week. Call me crazy but I'm supposed to take the whole week off of work and wait for a technician?? I called and the repair customer service couldn't find my order, gave me a few more numbers to call which routed back to Falls Church. I got fed up and called Sterling office for help since they've helped me out before. The Sterling office had to call them and find out for me what day they are supposed to come out.

The Sterling office was able to find out what day and didn't know the time. I was randomly scheduled for Wednesday by Value City. So if I didn't call, I would never know when the technician was coming and on top of that, it wasn't at customer convenience. (Pretty much - be there sucker because I told you so or your stuff isn't going to be fixed.)

Sterling couldn't reschedule for me so they gave me the invoice number so I can call Falls Church back and set something up that would work for me. I tried to call and was told that there was only one representative available and she was soooo busy that she will contact me back (this was at 4pm). Guess what? No surprise that I haven't received a call, going on day 2.

Seriously, I would think VCF would want to work with the customer's schedule instead of basically saying "thank you for buying from us but you will be treated like crap afterwards and we don't care about your working schedule. You either be there when we tell you or you are SOL." I never had a bad experience before and always tell people that it was worth it. I guess it was only in Michigan (they rock) because it's definitely not here in Virginia.

Value City Furniture Warranty Fraud/Scam
By -

CINCINNATI, OH -- Value City Furniture Store # 80; 650 Eastgate Dr. S Suite A, Cincinnati, OH 45245; 513-943-1110. I purchased a kitchen table and chair set from the Value City Store next to Dick's Sporting Goods in the Eastgate shopping center. While I was checking out with my items, the sales representative suggested that I should purchase the extended warranty. He stated, “Seeing that you have children, you will want this warranty. It covers any damage they may do and protects your furniture up to three years. You can rest assured that you will have new furniture in three years.” I purchased the warranty for the extra $69.99 for the table and an additional $69.99 for the chairs.

I left the store with the confidence that my $1000 plus purchase was protected. Nine months later, we had a Christmas party for our daughters and several of their friends from our neighborhood attended. We let the girls make crafts, color and draw pictures on the table in our kitchen. After the party we noticed that the table had been damaged by some of the crafting we had allowed the girls to do. Some of the notable damage included, words had transfer through the paper the girls were writing on and had gone through the polyurethane coating into the wood below, a long scratch and some paint drops on the finish.

The girls ranged in age from seven years old to twelve years old. These girls are not heavy handed men with a degree in construction, they are simply children. I contacted Value City Furniture at the Eastgate location and was informed that they do not handle the warranty claims. They gave me the phone number for the Sharonville store and instructed me to file my claim with them. I called the store and they took down my information. They informed me they would send someone out to inspect the damage and to determine if they would repair it or replace it. I received a phone call and was given a date and time the inspector would be out.

The inspector arrived to inspect the table and continually commented on the condition of the table and chair set, argued that the chairs didn't belong to the set, although they were the chairs from my receipt, and was otherwise very rude and obnoxious. A week after the inspector came out I received a phone call from Value City they stated that they had decided not to honor the warranty as the damage was too “extreme” and violated the terms of the warranty. When I purchased the warranty I was given a pamphlet stating what would be covered and how to file a claim.

Value City claims that the pamphlet is not the legal document containing the specifics of the warranty and that the actual warranty documentation, which was not furnished to me, contained stipulations pertaining to excessive damage. I asked to speak to the manager, who informed me that this claim would be returned to the Eastgate store and that they had the option of honoring the claim. I called the Eastgate store several days later and they gave me the same exact response I received from the Sharonville store. I asked that they at least review the claim and consider that I have spent several thousand dollars at their store over the past few years.

I was passed to a manager who informed me they would not reconsider this claim and were cancelling the warranty on all of the furniture citing excessive damage. Value City Furniture has subsequently replaced the table and honored their warranty.

No Wonder Why It's Called "Value" City Furniture
By -

WARREN, UTICA, MICHIGAN -- We purchased a set of living room furniture, coffee and end tables, as well as a kitchen table and bench from two of the Value City stores in MI. When we first purchased our living room set our sales person told us that the only sofa left was the one on display. We told her we did not want that sofa and instantly we were not going to purchase the set. Within 2 minutes she came back to tell us that she "found" a brand new one and that if we wanted the set, all 3 pieces would be new. We were a little skeptical because she happened to find a "€œnew"€ sofa. We decided to go with the set and also purchased a NEW coffee table.

When the delivery came our sofa was not delivered with the other items and the "new" coffee table we ordered was damaged in all 4 corners. I immediately called VCF and I asked for another table to be sent. They said they no longer carried the table and they would send a repair person out to fix the table. The following week they set up delivery of our sofa that never arrived with the first delivery. When they delivered the sofa, it had the wrong feet with it. So again I had to call VCF and have them set up yet ANOTHER delivery date for the correct sofa with the correct feet. Finally on the 3rd delivery everything was right.

After that delivery we purchased our kitchen table and bench. When we had that delivered everything looked OK but a few days later I noticed the bench that was delivered was broken. The side of the bench was separating from the top part and supportive frame. I again had to call VCF and have them send a repair person. The repair person came and fixed the bench and I had to call someone to be there when he was because I couldn't take even more time off work with all these deliveries and repairs. When I arrived home I looked at the bench and the repair guy had screwed up through the top of the bench where the cushion was covering.

I removed the cushion and saw that the screw was sticking up through the top of the bench under the cushion. I still have yet to call to get this re-repaired, but plan on doing it in the near future. After having our living room set delivered, we didn't use it for 2 months before we actually moved into our new home. We moved into our home in late July and 4 weeks ago our sofa broke. We called VCF and they sent someone out to repair it. Two weeks after it was repaired, at our housewarming party none the less, it broke again.

A week later another repairman came out and looked at it for a few minutes, took some pictures and said that it was not repairable and he had to contact a manager to see what they wanted to do. He said it would take a few weeks for us to hear something. On top of all this, I realized when I got home that day the drawer on the coffee table we purchased was also coming apart.

When I found out the situation, I grew VERY upset and called and spoke with a manager at the Warren MI VCF store. She told me that they no longer carry the sofa and that they can replace the one piece. I told her that was not acceptable and I want a refund for the whole set because I was not going to have mismatched furniture because something that was out of my hands. She agreed to give us an in-store credit for the items.

My final problem is that now, 2 weeks later, I am in the same spot because I can't find a set of furniture that I actually like at VCF. The one set we did see is triple the price we paid and I am concerned that if we do purchase something else, it too will break or fall apart. To be honest, I don't even want to spend any more money at VCF because of all the problems we've had. It has been one issue after another and as of right now, we would not recommend anyone to go to VCF because of all the problems we've encountered.

Value City.. Third Time Is Not The Charm
By -

GLEN BURNIE, MARYLAND -- I had a first time, very good experience when buying a love seat/sleeper from Value City Furniture. After moving into a brand new home we needed new furniture for a guest room. Our first out of town guests were planning a visit and we looked at 4 local furniture stores, including Value City. We decided on a queen sized bed, night stand and chest of drawers for a total price of $1540. Not the most we'd ever spent, but certainly a significant amount of money. We bought a new mattress and box spring set at Macy's and it was delivered without incident the day before our first scheduled delivery from Value City.

I was given a three hour time span, right in the middle of the day, which came and went. I had to call the store and was told it would be another hour to two hours. Very inconvenient, especially when considering that our home is less than five miles from the Value City store in Glen Burnie, Maryland. Two very nice delivery men arrived. They unwrapped the furniture from blue padding brought it into my home.

First problem was that it was covered with what appeared to be dirt. They explained that it was from the pads and said that a dryer sheet would work to remove the coating from all of the pieces. OK.. I can do that. I wanted the furniture and am reasonable. So I have to vacuum my very light colored rugs after.. I'm still happy to be getting my new furniture. They brought in the bed.. headboard, foot board and frame.. so far, so good. Dirty, but what can I do? Next the large night stand.. again.. dirty, but in pretty good shape.

Next they bring in the very large chest of drawers, across my hardwood floors and upstairs to the guest room. I see very clearly the back is cracked from one side to the other. The delivery men reverse the process and reload the broken dresser onto the truck. I called the store and the manager ** said she would "order another one" and we set up a delivery date for the following week. Another day of rearranging work schedules and waiting for delivery, but there is no other option. Half of a bedroom suite is not what I had in mind.

I am very pleased when the call comes and my three hour span is at least early in the day. The delivery day arrives and this time the dresser is wrapped in plastic, so no blue, dusty film on my white furniture and carpets. Good start! The very heavy piece is again carried across my hardwood floors, up stairs and into the guest room, where the plastic is unwrapped. A large crack in the front of the chest makes this one unacceptable. You know the routine.

Another one is ordered, another delivery date is set up, again scheduled for early in the day, so all is not lost. So... today I'm up bright and early. Surely this will be the day that my guest room is complete!! My guests are arriving from across the country in just a few days. All will be well. This time the furniture is wrapped in the blue padding with tape all around it. Under that it is completely wrapped in plastic. The driver (same very nice man from the first delivery) suggests that they unwrap it before taking it into my house and up the stairs. They do that on my driveway.

Here stands the very same chest of drawers from the first two deliveries... the cracked back all painted and patched (I hadn't noticed that on the second delivery), the front crack painted over and lots of other dings and rub marks. What happened to the 2 chests that were reordered? It didn't happen. I was sent damaged and not very well repaired furniture being passed off as new.. at the same new price I'd paid. The driver is embarrassed and apologetic.

So.. here I sit, at my computer. I'm feeling frustrated, furious, taken advantage of and very unappreciated as a Value City customer. I'm waiting for the store to open so I can talk to yet another manager and try to work this out. In this economy, I'm amazed at the lack of quality control and customer service. I'm shopping for new family room furniture, but Value City Furniture is off the list. I just should not be this difficult.

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