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Excessive Cell Phone Billings
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Rating: 1/51

WINDSOR,ON -- I visited a Virgin Mobile cell phone outlet in Windsor, Ontario. I advised the sales person that I had just completed a horrific cell phone cancellation ordeal with Roger's Telephone and I wanted a simple cell phone with no contract and roaming charges had to be suppressed for five us area codes. The salesman a Mr. ** stated Virgin Mobile could accommodate all of my requests. He demonstrated a simple cell phone which I felt would meet my needs. The U.S.A. Area codes that I requested suppression of roaming charges were: 326, 210, 504, 248 and 356.

When I got home and opened the cell phone package, I found it was not the cell phone demonstrated to me. This cell phone was complex had GPS and all other sorts of programs. I called my salesperson and advised him of my finding. He said, "you are a lucky person, in error we gave you a deluxe phone for the limited price we discussed. Stop by the store and I will suppress all the programs you don't desire." I visited the outlet and all programs I did not want were removed, however they re-appeared 45 days later.

I found the keypad was ultra sensitive and I had difficulty keying in correct data. I was told I would get used to the ultra sensitive screen. I never have. Unfortunately, my brother passed away in New Orleans, LA. I had to make numerous telephone calls to relative and spend three consecutive weeks in new Orleans handling final arrangements for my brother. When I received my next billing, it was for over $500:00 mostly for roaming charges for the area codes I requested suppression of.

When I called Virgin Mobile regarding these excessive charges, they said they had no record of my request for suppression. When I tried to contact Mr. **, he would never return my call. I am a retired person living on fixed income. This and subsequent charges from Virgin Mobile exceeded my level of mortgage payments.

I have written Virgin Mobile @ and never received a reply. I asked for immediate cancellation of this account and credit for the excessive roaming charges. I also called Virgin Mobile's toll free numbers and left messages for cancellation to no avail. I filed a complaint with the Ottawa telecommunications cell phone division and received no response.

I don't use this phone and continue to get billed $36.00 plus every month. My credit card company advise they must honor monthly billings until a formal cancellation is processed. How can I get formal cancellation when the phone company can ignore my requests and continue to bill me and get paid every month for providing no service?
My cell phone number with Virgin Mobile is **. I need help to terminate this awful relationship for which I receive no benefit. Your assistance is appreciated. I estimate $2,500 in over-billings and unjustified billings.

Virgin Mobile Customer Service
By -

PLAINFIELD, INDIANA -- Customer Service is the worst (poor English spoken, and it takes a long time to get an attendant due to the voice reply instructions/service). There is no quick way to get a real person. Avoid! (if you want to stay sane and heart-attack free) I struggled to return this phone to Virgin Mobile.

Here are some facts that are difficult to obtain:
- Call and get an RMA number.
- Return address for phone VIRGIN MOBILE RETURNS CENTER, 501 AIRTECH PKWY PLAINFIELD, IN 46168-7408 Or Virgin Mobile returns c/o Brightpoint N America, 2675 Reeves Rd, suite 190 PLAINFIELD, IN 46168.
- The price of the phone should be credited to your credit card.
- Ask that the automatic monthly payments be suspended until you buy your new phone (from Amazon of course).
- How to reach a live person: Call 888-322-1122. Press 0 as soon as you hear "Alex", and keep pressing 0 for each request made for more information. You may get your plan changed to $35 per month instead of $25 per month. If this happens, e-mail them at: Demand a Beyond Talk plan for $25.
- If all this fails, cancel your account, and start from the beginning. Forget your old account.

Looks Good on the Outside
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Rating: 1/51

PORTLAND, PENNSYLVANIA -- Virgin Mobile as like Straight Talk offers low cost cell phone plans. The phones they offer are reasonable and fine. The difference however is the network that supports each of these companies. I had traveled to a small town in CA last Aug. for mother's memorial service. Absolutely NO service for 5 days there. Then In Sept, to New Orleans, LA. Sketchy service and absolutely NO service at any of the several different airports, including my local just minutes from my home in Portland, OR.

Final straw last week - stranded on the highway where my vehicle lost power just minutes after leaving my house. Sat in freezing cold car for 2 hours. Called roadside service but ultimately had to call for towing. This catastrophic short took out my engine's computer but also my new battery. I could not even operate emergency flashers. Fortunately it was daytime, I was not on my 74 mile round trip to or from work at night.

This phone; while fully charged dropped calls, gave me strange messages like '"does not support 3 way calls", not enough funds to make the call (I have auto deduct with them and was fully paid) etc, as I tried to make local calls and calls to the out of state call centers for the roadside assistance.

I struggled with this phone the entire time. I don't make a lot of calls. I had to make several that day however for help and family and arrangements regarding the towing. My feeling is I unknowingly put myself in danger by trusting and depending on a product that is unreliable and problematic.

Virgin Mobile is supported by the Sprint Network. For the years I had Straight Talk. Unfortunately Best Buy does not carry them. I traveled for my job out of state, locally and to remote small towns in Northern Washington regularly. Even daily I was in different local office buildings, high rises and rural areas and environments as well as airports. I went over the Çoast Range of mountains to the Oregon Coast, and had great reliable service, always. Even out of state on vacation. They were supported by VERIZON. It is all about the CARRIER! Really.

And it pays to investigate and see who supports a cell phone before signing up. I cannot wait to go back to Straight Talk or whomever has a RELIABLE and DEPENDABLE carrier. Someday - literally, your life may depend on it. My situation while not quite that dire, was the true and final test of this phone and the service. People need to know that they expect reasonable reliability in a cell phone company. This is my opinion.

Fraudulent Billing
By -

I got a mobile phone from Virgin. it seemed good at the time so I decided to stay with them. I moved and could not get good reception where I lived at so I had to change mobile services. My number was **. I called and told them to disconnect my services on 09/09. They said that it was fine, I assumed that they had done this. A month later I get another bill for the phone. I called them and they stated that I would have to disconnect them from the billing list on my end so I did that. I was using them earlier from a different account but had changed my payment methods. They went back to my old account on 01/06/10 and billed me from that account.

I then had them to refund my monies. They called this an adjustment of funds. So a month and a half later on 02/27/10 they billed me again for $58.84. This caused me to have an NSF on a check that was due that day. Now mind you this phone had been off for 4 months. I wrote them first and I called them on 03/01/10 and they said that it was not true until I provided proof from my bank statement that it was. They then stated that it would be resolved.

The email came back and said that it was not true and to call so I called. They stated that they had opened a case and that it was in process. That it would take a week. I waited to hear from them and received an email stating again that they did not owe me anything.

I called again on 03/05/10. They said that they had found it and that I would be refunded in a few days. I waited for a week and did not hear from them. So I called them again and they said that someone would be in touch with me. Now on 03/22/10 I call them and they tell me to email them. I told them that I had so they give me this website to write a complaint on. I have proof and I am seeking for $58.84 and $25 in NSF fees for the bounced check that was their fault.

Can't even get the basics right
By -

My experience with Virgin Mobile has been terrible, and I haven't even used the cellphone yet, although I have wasted 2.5 hours of my life (so far) trying to get service set up. I called yesterday to set up new service with a phone number from another carrier. I went through most of the process with a representative, but when it came time to program my phone, she got a "-1 error" (whatever) which she said was a glitch in the system that would not allow her to program my phone. She told me to call back when my old phone stopped having service and that they would program my new phone, no problem.

The next day I had no service on my old phone. I called, as instructed, and was told that the agent from the day before had made a mistake and that they could not start my service and they didn't know when they would be able to. This was not acceptable, as I now have NO service. People can't even leave a message. After a little over an hour on the phone, with much perseverance, I got a supervisor who had someone enter my info by hand, which allowed her to program my phone. She swore that I would receive a text within the hour confirming my service and I would then be able to use my phone. I did get a text 2-3 hours later, but my phone doesn't work.

Exasperatingly, I sat on hold for TWENTY MINUTES this evening without ever getting through to a person. And then their hours ended, so I gave up. I will have to call again tomorrow. Who knows how many more hours this is going to suck down? Who knows when (if) I'll have a working cell phone? One thing I do know: I'm not sticking with Virgin Mobile. I understand that mistakes happen, but not answering your phone or being able to fix mistakes is not an acceptable way to run a business. STAY AWAY!

Virgin Mobile Canada: Misleading Advertising And Charging For Non-Delivered Service
By -

TORONTO, CANADA -- I would like to share my recent experience with Virgin Mobile Canada and am wondering if there are other people who subscribed to their service during their Christmas promotion which promotes $20 + $15 activation credit.
This is **. On 23 of December 2009 I have placed an order (Order No. ** dated 23 of December 2008) on your website paying for a new mobile phone LG 150 and a top-up of $10 for a prepaid plan.

According to the advertisement placed on your website about the $20+$15 activation credit, the amount of my balance is expected to be $10+$35=$45. However after receiving my phone my balance was $10+$20=$30.

After a numerous phone calls with your customer service representatives (some of them are **, contacted on 31 of December 2008, and **, contacted on 2 of January 2009) and the supervisor **, contacted on 2 of January 2009, I were not provided with the service ordered as advertised (for detailed information about this incident please check the recorded phone calls from my number ** to your customer service).

As a result of that I had no choice, but to cancel the service and contacting you with a claim for a full refund of my payments regarding this purchase as follows: 1) MasterCard transaction for $11.30 dated 23 of December 2008 and 2) MasterCard transaction for $33.89 dated 23 of December 2008.

I appreciate your timely answer and please be advised that in case my claim is not respected timely and in full, I will have no choice, but to consider your actions/non-actions as an intentional misleading advertising and unfair/fraudulent commercial practice and will have to report this case to the following third party authorities:

  1. The MasterCard department of BMO as a issuer of my credit card regarding the non-rendered service according to the promised advertisement, 2. The Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services Inc. (CCTS) regarding the non-rendered service, misleading advertising and unfair commercial practices.

  2. The Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) regarding the non-rendered service, misleading advertising and unfair commercial practices, 4. The Competition Bureau regarding the misleading advertising and unfair competition practices. I believe you will take the proper actions to resolve this case in fair and the easier for both parties manner or I will proceed as advised.

Customer Service
By -

CALIFORNIA -- I ordered a VOX 8610 on 1/22/2007. The phone wouldn't charge. I called customer service and explained the problem. They said "do I want a charger or another phone". I replied that I could not tell if it was the charger or the phone that was at fault so please send a new kit. None the less, they sent a phone but not a charger and it also wouldn't charge.
I called customer service and explained the issue and that it must be the charger at fault. The rep said they would not send a new charger, that I would have to purchase one.
I said this didn't make any sense, according to the offer I could return the phone for a full refund and does he mean that to get a new phone and charger I need to return both the phones for a refund and then order another one to get a charger? The support rep said yes and that I had to make up my mind - either return the phone or purchase a charger.
I asked to speak to a supervisor. The customer support rep kept going off line (to talk to someone?) but refused or couldn't get a supervisor to talk to me. She then asked for the ESN number of the phone. When I said I didn't know what an 'ESN' number was, she indignantly explained that it was like a serial number on the back of the
phone. I'm not clear why she needed this, since I haven't activated the phone and I already referenced the order (vmu) number. At any rate I had been on the phone now for over 40 min with the support rep (obviously not very cost effective for Virgin Mobile) and at least she was trying to track down some info - or so I thought - she finally came back on line and said that her computer was down (!) and she couldn't handle my order - that I would have to call back. I called back, had to work my way through the answering system and got through to "RMA" and a fellow named Mike. Mike explained that they couldn't send a charger (none in stock) and that I would have to send the entire phone back - which is what I am now doing - 60+ minutes after the initial call.

I have to say that my interactions with Virgin Mobile so far has not been positive. They customer service staff is obviously poorly trained and not empowered to make decisions. The phone support interfaces are youth geared - not a bad thing except when it is at the expense of treating adults courteously and professionally. I am sending the phone back for a refund and re-considering the provider for pay-as-you-go service.

Terrible Service
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Rating: 1/51

We made the mistake of buying a phone from this totally incompetent company. We were unable to activate the phone using their website so we contacted their customer service people for assistance. They were unable to activate the phone either, so after nearly an hour on the phone listening to their lame excuses, we told them we wanted to cancel our service and return the phone. That was when hell began for us.

Numerous calls, hours of waiting, rude comments, deliberate disconnections to avoid talking to us, and lying (they said that had cancelled our service TWICE, but when we called back to confirm the cancellation we found they had not only NOT cancelled the service, they had billed us double!!!!) Do not buy anything from this criminal Enterprise.

$55 a Month for Dialup Internet
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Rating: 1/51

WARREN, NEW JERSEY -- In the first week of December 2012, I purchased a Ovation MC760 Broadband2Go USB stick for $19.99. On 12/3/12 I received the USB stick. I purchased the $55-5 gig month to month plan. I tried to download a 14 meg file. It took 30 minutes to download the file at an avg speed of 10kb a second. When I surfed the internet I had to reload pages several times before they would load because the broadband device would keep disconnecting. Virgin Mobile advertises this device as 3G broadband. It only delivers dialup speeds. $55 a month for dialup internet is ridiculous.

I called that night 12/3/12 at 10:30pm and spoke to **. I told him I wanted a full refund. He stated that he would issue a $55 credit immediately. He would also send a postage paid return envelope to return the device. Virgin Mobile would issue a refund by check in 4-6 weeks after receiving the device. I never received my $55 credit. Virgin Mobile never mailed me the postage paid return envelope. I contacted my credit card and they agreed to reverse the two fraudulent charges from Virgin Mobile. Verizon Wireless is the best wireless carrier. Unfortunately they are also the most expensive. Use Page Plus Cellular which runs on the Verizon network.

Misinformation/Bait and Switch
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Rating: 1/51

Before purchasing my new phone (Chaser) I inquired on an online chat as to whether I would be able to swap my phone and keep my usual plan of $25/300 minutes/unlimited text & data. I was assured by the representative that I would be able to do so. But when I tried to activate my new phone, I was informed that the representative had given me false information: the Chaser is in a different category of rate (more expensive monthly fee) from my old phone, because it is a smartphone.

Meanwhile, I had just spent a week looking forward to using the coolest phone I'd ever owned -- classic bait & switch. I feel that customer service agents have a responsibility to consumers -- to be truthful in their advertisement. But the company's response was 120 minutes of passing me around to different representatives -- none of whom had the power to provide a fair response to the problem (which for me would have been to exchange my phone for one which would work with my existing plan and offer me at least a small compensation for the trouble). This type of issue is unethical to say the least.

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