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5400 Broken Sound Blvd NW
Boca Raton, FL 33487
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Horrible Spamming Emails!
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Rating: 1/51

PORTLAND, OREGON -- Regardless of my requests to stop receiving their frequent email offers, they still send them. I am calling the office after I send this to make sure my information is removed or changed to fake addresses - though I was able to get a good price per item the shipping and handling was expensive, and it took close to a 9 days to receive the items when they should have arrived 4 business days after the order was processed!

Overall the Tea Tree Toothpicks Minty Strength was significantly weaker than a box I bought at New Seasons two days after I ordered them, which leads me to believe they may have dried out sitting in a warehouse for some time before they were sent to me. I am very disappointed.

Bad Customer Service Now. Not Helpful at All Named ** or Something Like That.
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Rating: 1/51

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- I ordered 30 items 8 hours ago and then I found out I forgot to order one more item after I finished the transaction. The system on the website is very lame and stupid. You can remove the item you purchased after you finished the transaction but you cannot add more item if you want to buy more in 10 minutes (this is the limit time you can edit your order). I guess they purposely programmed the system like this so the customer has to place a new order so they can make more money on the shipping fee.

So the next morning I called the Customer Service and this lady named ** (don't even know if this is her real name), picked up the phone and her service was very unhelpful at all. I asked her if she can help me edit my order because I forgot to purchase one more item to my order. She said your order has been packed. We can't change your order but you have to place a new order!!!!

Why is it so hard for her just to repack my order? My order is worth more than 200 dollars and I am a repeat customer. And then I asked her if she could help me find out specifically how many days it takes to ship to California. She just replied it takes 3 - 10 business days and she doesn't want to explain specifically. Come on, I also know it takes 3-10 days to ship to everywhere in United States. I read this on the website. She thinks I was dumb or stupid.

I actually do know how many days it takes to ship from Las Vegas to California because I always order from It is usually only take 3 business days. But because this lady is so lazy and doesn't want to help at all so she just said 3 - 10 business days in general. Doesn't even ask "is there anything else I can help you today?"

I was very disappointed at this lady but not at I know it is because of her that makes image looks bad. So for Vitacost upper management, please train your Customer Service again. Your customer service used to be great and helpful. You can lose your old faithful customer to another business. Please do something about it.

Poor Customer Service and Poor Shipping From Vitacost
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Rating: 1/51

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- I am received very poor customer service from Vitacost for the past few months. This includes lost orders, partial shipment, damaged shipment, very poor communication from the customer service dept. including long hold times, not coming to the phone at all!, unhelpful email responses from customer service, etc...the list goes on and on!!!

Jeff Horowitz is the CEO of Vitacost and the list of board of directors can be found on their website. It is really terrible that one would have to take measures this far because it can't be resolved at the customer service management level. However, after months of undue stress just to receive an complete, intact order or at least help from customer service, I'm not sure what one must do???

Beware of Verified Shipping Address Changes When Using PayPal
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Rating: 1/51

TEHACHAPI, CALIFORNIA -- From my cart I clicked on the "Check out with Paypal the safer, easier way to pay" link to complete my order. In Paypal I selected my card and specified my shipping address. I placed my order and got my credit card number just fine, but did not care about getting the proper shipping address.

After seeing the mistake on the confirmation email, I had no way of canceling the order. My account didn't even recognize that I had submitted an order. customer service was closed, so I sent an email.
I got a reply, late the next day, to inform me that my order has already shipped and that is sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused... My $65 worth of product is being shipped two states away!

After 16 minute phone call to Customer Service after work, I was given the option to had someone at the other address ship it to me and pay for that shipping. Or to wait for it to arrive, call customer service, wait and wait for someone to answer, get a return number, ship it back, wait for them to re-receive their products again, refund my account, and order that whole thing again. In that amount time, I will have already gone elsewhere for my purchases.

Refer a Friend - DON'T!
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Rating: 2/51

LEXINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA -- Refer a Friend - did that. Wait 'til you try to find your $10 credit Is it in your account? No. Did you get an email? No Called friend, "Did you place an order for more than $50?" "Yes, already using the products." Back to the website, after much search, many menu's down, another login on a different site, more clicks and there it is??? Almost...

Now claim it and then a message they will email a coupon for the $10. Hours later, no email, not in spam, call Vitacost. "It takes TWO or THREE DAYS" to get their email!!! OK, I want to place an order now, can you speed it up? Like everything else at Customer Service (???) the answer is NO.

Vitacost Deteriorating in Its Service
By -

FLORIDA -- In the recent several months the laudable, first-rated supplement company has deteriorated profoundly it its service. I have ordered thousands of dollars of supplements from Vitacost for the past 8 years, but I decided to cross them off my list of supplement companies.

First is their recent atrocious packaging of supplements to the point that the majority of your orders arrive at your doorstep dilapidated, mangled, open, with missing supplements. I don't know who they hired for their packing of supplements some of which come in bottles which are just tossed into a flimsy carton box and shipped without any protective bubble paper or foam.

The packaging is so outrageously poor that your are lucky if the package arrives at your doorstep intact. Most are crumbled, dilapidated, and open !! And the contents are either squashed or totally missing. Aside from their sloppy packaging, their customer service has deteriorated to the point that they are rude, abrupt and do not sympathize or for that matter care about your complaint. They are not there to keep the customer satisfied. They are there to placate you.

Many times they are out of stock of a particular item which puts your entire shipment of the other supplements on HOLD. They carry many brands at low prices but you get what you pay for: unfriendly customer service, and abominable packaging of supplements.

Their search box leads you to THEIR proprietary company NSI which sells supplements at low prices but their quality is not certified by an independent testing lab such as ConsumerLab, and since no other supplement company carries NSI, it leaves doubts in your mind as to their potency and quality.

I stopped ordering from Vitacost for above reasons. Their sloppy handling of your order is abominable at best. Compare iHerb to Vitacost and you will see what I mean. I use iHerb excusively now for their excellent packaging and large discounts on bulk orders and no shipping charge on orders greater than $60.

Vitacost...Continually Crappy Customer Service!
By -

Well...I've forced myself to "endure" Vitacost's consistent slow and inefficient confirmation/shipping process; as well as frustrating dealings with there almost non-responsive customer service team - for over 12 months now. I've opted to do this only because they are still a little cheaper than most other online vitamin vendors.

About a week ago, I received a nice email (mass-posted email) from their CEO, saying that he was sorry for certain "issues" customers had been dealing within regards to their customer service. And that they've completed a lot of infrastructure change etc to help alleviate these "problems". He offers a 10% coupon and a commitment to better service, etc. from now on.

Sounds was almost time for my next order so I take the plunge. Oh to get the discount you must order by phone. After about 20 unsuccessful attempts I finally get connected, though after being on hold for about 30 minutes, I take the suggestion of their automated voice system (very irritating voice btw) that I can leave my # and they will call me back.

Well I do this, and again after waiting 5 hours for a call back that never comes I call again. Once again many attempts are needed to connect to their support lines to make the order. When I do get through the process takes forever...and they are out of a couple of things I wanted (not a big deal, I guess that happens). 2 days later I get an email saying they have cancelled another item due to the manufacturer being out of stock (again fair enough, I guess that happens from time to time), but no advise on whether anything has shipped, and yes no advice as to a refund of the amount that they canceled.

Still waiting for some sort of shipping confirmation, their website (my account) doesn't even show the order...and still no answer to my question (am I surprised - no). Just disappointing customer service for a company to treat their customers this way. I think it's time to spend about 10% more and go with iHerb (really good and responsive service from those guys)! Well worth it to order, pay slightly more, and not have to deal with crappy customer service.

Vitacost Is Going Downhill in Every Way Possible!
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Rating: 1/51

As a customer for many years and getting good service and shipping in the past, as of Jan 2015 I knew that something was terribly wrong with this company. Boxes shipped with 1 piece of tape, dented and crushed cans and products out of date and expired. As a matter of fact my post office won't accept any more shipping from this company because the post office has had to repack their boxes because they only put 1 piece of tape on the boxes.

I am sick and tired of getting dented and smashed cans and then the shipping dept send more dented cans as a replacement. Stick a fork in me, I am done with this people. The customer service reps want to give you a lecture on how to speak to them. Ha ha. From what I understand Kroger food store company has bought them out. Good for them. Vitacost will go down the tubes. Good luck Vitacost!

Mysteriously Lost My Order
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Rating: 1/51

ILLINOIS -- I ordered one simple thing, Vitamin C powder; and as 5 days had gone by I was wondering where my order was. I'm only one state away within 6 hour driving time.... so I checked the tracking number link they sent me and it went to Spee-Dee delivery. It said "Your search found 0 of 1 package(s)".

So I called Vitacost customer service and they said Spee-Dee delivery must not have received the package..... What? That makes absolutely no sense at all! If you pulled the order and Spee-Dee picked it up from you how can they not have the order? I'm assuming that they picked the order up from there, right? So basically, either Vitacost pulled the order and never shipped it or someone at Spee-Dee stole it or decided not to enter it.

Vitacost did not compensate me in any way whatsoever, an apology and that was it. I'm fighting late stage Lyme Disease so it is important my supplements arrive in an appropriate time (at least within a week) and cannot afford my orders to disappear. I will not order from them again. Ordering supplements online is supposed to be low maintenance, not with Vitacost.... Their shipping is HORRIBLE!!

1st & Last time customer due to Spamming with an Exponent
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Rating: 1/51

BOCA RATON, FLORIDA -- As a 1st time customer I was happy to save money. My order was sent quick and I received in one week or less. I use the same supplements on a monthly basis and thought I had found a new cost effective supplier. What I didn't expect was three to five emails a week about products I seriously have no interest in.

After two weeks which seemed like two months; I chatted online with one of their representatives. I was professional and let her know that even with the savings I would be taking my business elsewhere. The representative advised I would be immediately taken off the Spam list. It has been two weeks and I just cleaned about 10 or more Vitacost emails out of my spam box. If I had read the reviews; then I would have never done business with Vitacost.

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