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A Better Way To Waste Money
By -

HOLMDEL, NEW JERSEY -- My name is Helene ** my previous account number with your company is **. I order your services online on 7-15-08. The service arrived and the 1st box did not work. I have spent numerous amount of time troubleshooting with your technical support department. We finally go the box to work, however this was not consistent. The box then started to go into rapid error codes 3, 2, 5, 6. After about 2 weeks your technical support department determines that the box was no good and would need to send me a new one.

Well I did receive another box; and another box, please let the record show the boxes arrived the 2nd one did not work at all. The third box worked; however, it would still have to complete your reset process periodically. Well about two weeks ago the third box started to go into rapid error codes 5, 6, 2, after trying to reset and this process became unsuccessful again I called to cancel your services.

The representative that answered the phone told me that he would give me a month's credit and would I give Vonage another changes. I told the representative the service is good when it works the problem was the service did not work continuously and the fax service I order in August has never worked yet I was paying Vonage 52.94 cents a month. I explained that I would rather pay SBC or AT&T $100 for a service that I can use than to pay less for a service that never worked and I was basically wasting my money.

I have paid your company 476.46 since July for nothing. Your representative offered me a month's credit and told me to call back to speak with the advance technical support department when I made it home. I told your representative that a month's credit was not doing me a favor because I have paid you all (476.46) since July for a phone service that did not work properly or consistently and from August for a fax service that has never worked.

However, the representative promised that your level 1 technical support would not waste my time when I call back. They would give me the level 4 advance technical support department. Well when I called back on March 15th the level 1 technical support person wanted to tell me how they would need to troubleshoot with me before they could send me to the technical support department. I tried explaining my conversation with your cancellations department and the representative basically ignored me. However, as soon as I threaten to cancel again, the representative transferred the call.

On March 17th I was able to speak to your advance technical support department again. I told him if this did not work I had explained to the cancellation department that I would be canceling the service. He asked me to give him a chance to trouble shoot the equipment. We walked through every process for over 2 hours. After this point he had me to take the data cord and place one in yellow Vonage port and one end in the blue. The then asked what type of lights was on the Vonage. I told him and him then said the third device was defective and the blue port was no good.

Now he is requesting that I let him send me a new device, please note this would be the forth device that I have received from you company since July. I agreed to let him send the 4th box. When the technical support person got ready to order the box it said my account was in grace status. I became very upset about this and restated all the information you will find in the 1st part of this email.

I also was appalled that the cancellation representative did not give me the 1 month credit that he promised I would get for giving you all another chance. The advance technical support guy felt my pain and made the adjustments to send the new box. I received the new box on March 18th and called the advance technical support department. Again I was on my cell phone with your technical support department. I would like to pause and say all of these calls have been made on my cell phone. (Costing me more money) although I am paying your company for phone services.

Well, back to the matter at hand the advance technical support guy troubleshooting the new device for 1 hour and 25 min., before he told me that he was not sure and he would need to trouble shoot with Comcast. Well I am not that advance in technical support department when it comes to Comcast equipment so I told him I would need to let my son'€™s father contact them when it got in.

He said that would be fine and would call me back after my phone charged because he wanted to do one more step. He calls back about 1 hour later and wanted me to walk through another step. I told him I was tired and he would need to speak to ** he told me okay just have him call.

** came in on Saturday and called. He spoke to the advance tech with Comcast on the phone, they troubleshooted on his cell phone for at least 2 hours, and was unable to get the box to work. ** informed the guy that I would be canceling due to none service. The technician said "Okay." I called to cancel the service on this afternoon at about 5:00 pm CST time.

I had already mailed your boxes back along with your cords and manuals under your return label with UPS. The return label was given to me because I refused to pay any more money out of my pocket Vonage. (Although your representative had the audacity to ask me again).

Anyway, I called and spoke to your cancellation representative name Ms. **. She informed me that I would have to pay for the boxes until they were returned. As you may already know I did not take this very well and she said she would speak to her supervisor to see what she could do. I asked on several occasion to get a supervisor. She kept telling me one was not available. When I refused to hang up and demanded the supervisor and the account is cancelled.

She decided she would view UPS tracking information to verify that the package was dropped off and would be in transit to your location. She kept putting me on hold and then came back and said she need to credit the charges and I would have to pay $39.99 for the cancellation fee. I was already upset and this did not help. Again, I requested to speak to a supervisor for the 5-6 times within our phone conversation. She kept telling me that the supervisor would tell me the same thing and I would have to write a letter disputing the charges.

After she completed the cancellation the charge came across as 55.94 instead of 39.99, she then said this was some form of tax on the cancellation. I informed her again I would need to speak to a supervisor, after 1 hour 20 in 05 sections, a supervisor name ** gets on the phone and tell me that he was the supervisor and how could he help me. I asked for his name and then shared my concerns.

This person should not be a supervisor. He did not say one word, he never apologized, he never acknowledge my concerns. I literally had to ask him did he not even care to speak to me because he was so quiet. He then commented he was documenting my concerns and what more did I want him to do. I told him nothing and to have a good night.

As you will see, I have duly noted all of my experience with your company. I am beyond offended that a company could be so unappreciative of its customers. Also, that you can consistently take my money since July for the phone and August for the Fax (which you will note never worked) and feel no remorse.

I would like to see my charges reverse and so some form of discipline for the lack of customer serve received. Please note phoning for less is nice when it comes with workable service and excellent customer service. Again, I believe now my Grandmother was right you get what you pay for.

Also, I asked the representative for your phone numbers, but she told me she could only give me an address. However, I Google the local office and received the following information and found other customers with similar complaints. Therefore, it appears your comment has a practice for mistreating faithful and true employees.

The Worst Phone Service / Bar-none
By -

My experience with Vonage has been mirrored by the comments I read below and the complaints I have since found on the internet. I desperately wish I had done my homework before starting service with this company. They hands down have the worst customer service I have ever had the displeasure of being in contact with. After establishing service with this company I had numerous phone calls with their technical department due to my connection never working correctly. I repeatedly had disconnected calls.

I also found that the phone system interfered with my internet connection, causing my internet to constantly disconnect. Vonage was unable to resolve the issue, but they absolutely refused to disconnect my service without charging me a high fee to disconnect. I was told if I waited out my “contract period” (oh yes they have a contract, despite the fact they advertise no contracts!) then I would not be charged a fee.

This I did, for 6 months I kept my connection to Vonage but had to get another phone service that actually worked. So while I was not using Vonage, I was being charged for it. At the end of my contract period I again called them to disconnect my service.

That was the hardest task imaginable. They tried to refuse. They gave me such a run around that I was literally on the phone with them for 45 minutes. After finally disconnecting my service I too was charged the disconnection fee stated in other complaints, although I had been told by the customer service in my previous attempts to disconnect that I would not be charged if I waited through my contract! Vonage is a fraud in my opinion; please do your research before ever signing up with this company… I imagine it's easier to get out of jail than get out of there “service web”.

Service cancellation Vonage requires customers to cancel service by calling a toll-free number, as service cancellation is not available on-line. The direct number for cancellation is 1-888-879-1978. Customer descriptions of the cancellation process frequently involve hold times of approximately twenty-five (25) minutes, depending on call volume.

Difficulties faced by customers when attempting to cancel Vonage were detailed in a May 2006 Wall Street Journal article[23] which related one customer's experience with a Vonage representative who refused to cancel an account unless a repair attempt was allowed by the customer.

In the last 12 month reporting period, the Better Business Bureau has closed 3687 complaints (as of Oct 2007). The balance of complaints centered on service, billing and refund issues.[24] Despite marketing their service as having no contracts or long-term commitments, Vonage charges customers a fee for cancellation within the two years of service, changed from one year February 1st, 2007.

This fee is noted in the provider's Terms of Service when a customer signs up or attempts to access his Web Account. The fee is $39.99 per physical voice line which is disconnected. This fee does not apply to dedicated fax lines, virtual telephone numbers, or the computer-based "SoftPhone" lines. A "Rebate Recovery" fee is also assessed if the account is canceled after the 30-day, money-back guarantee, but before 180 days of service.

Different for each device, this fee is the "instant rebate" offered on the Web site during sign-up; this protects the company from having bogus accounts created and canceled shortly thereafter by scammers seeking free or discounted routers that may then be sold for profit. Vonage charges $39.99 to every customer who discontinues service—for any reason. [25][Citation needed]

The customer may avoid these fees if he cancels service before the end of the money-back-guarantee period, which sometimes varies between 30 days to 60 days, depending on the sign up terms and frequency of communication with Vonage Customer Service. Often, representatives attempt to retain a customer by extending the money-back-guarantee period. Upon cancellation of the account, the customer is responsible for the cost of return shipping to Vonage.

As of March 2007, the FCC maintains that Local Number Portability rules do not apply to VoIP service providers such as Vonage; however, Vonage states that subscriber numbers may be transferred to other companies per its Terms of Service[26] (section 6.6). Vonage states that LNP transfers are handled by Focal Communications, but Focal was acquired [27] by Broadwing Corporation which itself was acquired by Level 3 Communications. [28]

Service Issues VOIP service is dependent on consistent broadband-ISP uptime and VOIP-equipment compatibility with the ISP's modem. There have been widespread reports of difficulty in operating Fax machines on Vonage lines, either dedicated Fax lines, or regular Vonage lines. Difficulties have also been reported with residential alarm systems and TiVo. [Citation needed]

When using a fax machine, it is suggested that users connect their fax directly into the VoIP adapter, regardless of the provider. This ensures the fewest variables in a specific network setup. In addition, users should ensure that an "Error Correction Mode" or "ECM Mode" is disabled on their fax machines as this compounds problems and distortion regarding the compression, decompression, and transmission of data communications through a VoIP provider.

Also the "Baud Rate" should be lowered to no more than "9600". When faxing the fax should be set to "Standard" instead of "Photo or Fine." It is important to note with faxing that your internet connection more than Vonage really dictates if you are going to be able to fax consistently. There are also settings on the device such as codecs, jitter buffer and rx tx gains that can be adjusted to improve Vonage faxing. All these things combined make faxing with Vonage close to faxing over a landline.

Vonage suggests that customers contact their local home alarm system operator to determine whether their existing home alarm solution is compatible with any VoIP provider. Vonage does not make specific recommendations about security systems. [29] However, Vonage does specifically mention as being compatible because it uses wireless technology rather than depending on a phone line. [30]

TiVo's Series 1 units contain only telephone ports to connect to a wall jack. Series 2 and Series 3 hardware contains an ethernet jack, and optionally supports USB-based WiFi adapters, which typically do work properly with VoIP providers. At one point, the initial connection made by the TV unit required the use of a regular telephone landline prior to use with a broadband connection, but this limitation was removed in 2005 with TV version 7.2[31].

Vonage's Technical Support states that their phone system does not work with alarm systems. They did state that it is sometimes possible to get a Brink alarm system to work with their system. It is most important to make sure your alarm system will be able to call out to fire or police before switching over. Additionally, Vonage installs under a two-year contract, wherein cancellation within that time period results in $150 or more in fees.

Vonage 30 Free Trial Fraud
By -

Vonage's 30 Day free trial fraud. On April 14, 2008 I called Vonage's 800 number to sign up for their Unlimited Local & Long Distance calling (Premium Unlimited Plan) for $24.99 per mo. which included with a free 30 day trial period. I spoke with a Vonage sales rep and gave him all the information he needed and my credit card number to be used as guarantee back-up for payment, I wanted monthly billing sent to my home.

After we finished the sign up process, he said for the cost of just $.99 cents that is, I could get another line for fax or whatever I needed it for. He apologized for the .99 saying it was required for 911 service. I said OK, and he said they would send acknowledgment for my order via email and the service would start when I received my modem in the mail (5 to 7 days). Also that I should go to their websites and check the status of the installation process.

On the April 15, I went online to the Vonage website, I notice that on April 14, 2008 my credit card had been charged ($25.54) for various start-up fees and there was another charge to my credit card for $48.69 on April 15 for installation and monthly service fees for the second line.

I called Vonage customer service and told them that the sales rep said it would only cost 99 cents. This service rep pretty much accused me of lying and said she had never heard of such a thing. I said if it cost what they had charged my credit card, then I didn't want a second line. She asked if I wanted to cancel the second line and I said "yes I did." Later that day, I checked to see if my order had been corrected, I found another charge on my credit card for $39.99 to have the second line canceled.

That evening I called customer service and spoke to someone about what happened and he said I shouldn't have been charged for the cancellation. Also that he would submit for a refund on the second line installation charges. My Vonage account was credited fir $39.99, not my credit card. Then on April 27 my Vonage account was credited for the second line installation, again not to my credit card. So now I had a credit balance of $88.68 on my Vonage account.

On April 21, I received the modem and installed it and now my telephone line was activated. I wasn't real happy with Vonage sales and customer service but thought I would try it. I noticed a severe degradation in my cable internet service which Vonage uses as its telephone line. After trying a few thing suggested by Vonage technical service there was still the degradation for my internet.

I decided Vonage wasn't for me so on May 16, 2008 I called another carrier and signed up with them. They would notify Vonage and change my number to them. We went through a verification with another company that asked if I was requesting the switch and I confirmed it.

On May 19, when the new service started, when I went to disconnect the Vonage modem I called Vonage because I noticed the service was still on, their modem was still activated into my internet carrier and still degrading the service. I said I had cancelled their service and wanted to get an RMA to return the modem.

After 20 minutes of badgering me with all sorts of offers they told me there would be cancellation charges because their agreement with me stated such and that I couldn't return the modem because it had been used. I asked why the cancellation charges and she said because it was over 30 days and I had an agreement. I said "no it wasn't over 30 days because my service was never activated until April 21 and I cancelled on May 16."

The service rep was everything but pleasant. She kept telling me our contract specified all of this. I then told her I had no contract and never signed one and wouldn't have it this was specified. She then told me my cancellation charges would be $122.08. I said I needed to speak to someone else and she said she was a manager and that no one else was higher.

After continuing to tell her I needed to speak to someone else I was put on hold for about 20 minutes and finally someone in the accounting department answered and told me they couldn't help me because they were the accounting department and their computer did this when someone cancels service. I immediately went to Vonage website to see if they cancelled the account and a charge of $122.08 was already on my credit card.

So far Vonage made 4 charges totaling ($236.30) to my credit card that was supposed to be used for backup payment only. Out of the 4 charges only the first for $25.54 could be considered legitimate even though they told me no activation charges. My Vonage account showed no credits for the earlier false charges. I have all documentation to support what I have stated including the Vonage advertisement for the free 30 day stating to how to get a RMA to return the Vonage modem. This is outright fraud.

May 22 I called Vonage to get an RMA to send back their modem and they refused to give me an RMA. Their 30 free trial ad says I have 14 days to return the modem after I cancelled the service, I am documenting this they will later tell me I didn't return the modem with the 14 days.

Do Not Get Vonage!
By -

DO NOT GET VONAGE!!! If you are keeping it forever like till you DIE go ahead because Vonage is awful to cancel! Well as I read down if you die your family will have to deal with these people. Now I will tell the whole world DO NOT GET VONAGE! I've been with them since July 2005.

Well my Cable company got me last week. I just could not pass a great all in one deal when I see one. So today I call Vonage to CANCEL because the cable guys are coming out tomorrow. It was awful. I even began to lie just so she would help me cancel. First I told her all the info she needed and then the questions came flying! Why do you want to cancel? Because I'm going with the cable company. Why did you go to the cable company? Why this? Why that? Why I ask (myself not her still trying to be nice) does she even need to know this.

If I wanted something else I believe I would have called for that not to cancel. So her next question was so why do you really want to cancel? So yes I started to lie to her I said, "Well you see I'm moving to my sister's house and we will be living with her so I don't need a phone she has one." Then she asked where does she live? Then the ** hit the fan I said, "You don't need to know where she lives. I just want to cancel." Yes I was getting mad. Being honest did not work lying did not work. So my husband was listening on the other phone and I said, "You can ask my husband WE WANT TO CANCEL."

So my husband said, "WE WANT TO CANCEL". Then she, "Asked do you want to transfer your service?" It took all I had not to curse or yell at her. But I calmly said I'm not stupid nor dumb if I wanted to transfer the service I would have called and done that.

Then my husband said, "WE WANT TO CANCEL." She says I quote "If you would like to cancel please say 'cancel'." I was thinking, "Are you ** kidding me? I was at my wits end with this lady. My husband said CANCEL. She knew he was pissed. Finally she said, "OK your account is now cancelled." Also I cancelled the credit card they have on file for my account. They are not going to treat me like I'm dumb and stupid then steal money from me too.

Screw me once shame on you screw me twice shame on me it's not happening. I will be sure to go to the BBB and let them know how we were treated. We are not dumb Americans and we do not need to be treated has if we are. If this is the way some Vonage reps. have to do their job :(

Shame on you, get a different job. No one could pay me to treat people badly just to keep them. I wish I would have recorded my call. I will not go through that ever again!! ALSO I found this on the BBB website. On March 27, 2007 Vonage company's membership in the BBB was revoked by the BBB's Board of Directors. Also the BBB processed a total of 7626 complaints about the company in the last 36 months.

Vonage Telephone Service
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Rating: 1/51

SURLA, MINNESOTA -- It is too bad that the BBB does not shut this business down. I have tried to cancel me phone system and now they want me to pay $70.00 to cancel even when they cannot fix my phone. What should I do?? My phone has stop working after talking on the phone. No one seems to care that I am paying a bill for something I am not using.

Failed Miserably to Provide Decent Phone Service
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Rating: 1/51

MISSOURI -- They're trying to ding me with cancellation fees. I am dropping Vonage service as it really sucks. Poor sound quality, frequent service interruptions. They failed to meet their end of the bargain. The issue is that I have the original paperwork that I was given when I enrolled. I specifically asked about early termination fees. After some back and forth talk I was given a contract that exempted me from the fee. Vonage is refusing to honor this contract. Want VoIP? Run from Vonage!!!

Horrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA -- The customer service I received through Vonage has been a nightmare. I am a generally calm and friendly person, but the reps at Vonage pushed my blood pressure up and they really almost got a good ol' cussin. I was blown away at how the reps treated me like I didn't have any common sense, made canceling a nightmare, and added extra fees wherever they could.

I would definitely NOT recommend them to anyone. The service was fine, but if you ever plan on canceling or moving or anything else that requires customer service, FORGET IT! It is also a principle issue: If I am spending my hard earned money with your company, I deserve to be treated with respect and not robbed by extra "fees" that were previously never mentioned. RIP OFF!!!

By -

I have had Vonage for 1 year and 11 months and they have been paid for the 12 month to finally take care of the 2 year commitment that I did not know I had until last year I tried to cancel my service. I did not read the fine print, and that is what they are hoping for. If you take their service they are like family that comes to stay for a couple of weeks to get back on their feet. YOU CAN'T GET RID OF THEM. If you try to leave before your commitment is up they will tell you it is cheaper to finish out your 2 years and then they will give you some reduced rate or even give you some service free. LEAVE.

I am at my 23rd month and I called today to cancel my service. They have already charged my credit card with the next month of service which will pay me up to the 16th day of June which is my due date for month 25 which they will deduct from my card on that day. Even though their service is paid in full until my 24 month commitment is up I still can't cancel my service with them until the day in which my 24 month service is up. I would gladly forfeit the month they have taken, and cut my service off now and we would be through, but no if I cut it off today even though they are paid through to my 24 month they will charge me a prorated charge for disconnecting early, and they have tier money. I just want them to go away.

So now I must call on the 16th, and they will have charged my credit card by that morning for another month of service. I can cancel my account that day, if I can get through to customer service, and listen to all the "We are so sorry to see you go" crap. It will probably, knowing how Vonage works, take 3 months to get my payment back, if I get it at all. I called the Utilities Commission in NC to file a complaint and they are very aware on what goes on at Vonage but not the right division to take complaint, so on and so on. Vonage service is so so at my home with cable Internet.

I just really did not use the service enough to justify the amount I was paying however I let it ride for about 11 months because it was cheaper to keep it than to get rid of it. I am sure I am not the first nor am I the last. I am also sure that all this crap was somewhere in that little piece of paper they email you upon starting your new service with them, so it is all legal and sweet but it is not right to the consumer. If you take their service I wish you all the goodwill and happiness and hope it all works out like you think it will. READ THE CONTRACT, every word.

Vonage Customer Service Nightmare
By -

Avoid Vonage, they are not able to fix problems that THEY create which may require special attention: First off if you enjoy speaking to someone with a thick Indian accent named Steve, Glen, Randy or Beth, then this is the right company for you. Oh, and add that they repeat back everything you say to them (in monotone) peppering the feedback with "I understand" and "I'm sorry". I don't care where their call center is located, nor whom I am speaking to as long as I can understand them, they can understand me and most importantly, they can actually offer customer service. Vonage falls short on all accounts.

On 11/27/09, to save a few bucks I decided to switch my two phone numbers from Comcast to Vonage. Savings would be about $10 per month (combined). Sara, who by the way was in the US (new service calls go to a US call center), took my order and assured me that there would me no downtime for my numbers, that at no point in time would a caller even know that I changed phone carriers. Nothing could be further from the truth. Today is 12/19/09 and one of my two numbers has been "disconnected" for 11 days. Callers hear, "I'm sorry, this number has been disconnected".

Apparently, Vonage requested the porting of only one of my two phone numbers. Since I was receiving a combined rate on the two lines from Comcast, Vonage having ported only one caused the second to be disconnected. Further, when a number is disconnected, it goes into some sort of limbo where no company can port it (btw: port means transfer). To make matters worse, the non-customer service that has ensued is only through call centers in India. Note: the call quality to these call centers is horrible. Customer service call center = Bad connection, thick accent, inability to fix a problem that is out of the norm.

Bottom line: After 22 days, over 8 hours (combined) on the phone with Vonage, I still have a disconnected number. Vonage is not capable of providing assistance when something out of the ordinary happens when transferring (porting) a phone line. The Vonage CS personnel have told me on 3 different calls to wait 3 days and call back.

They do not have the capability of having one CS person follow through on a problem (call back a customer, keep track of an unresolved situation, etc.). IF something goes wrong, you could be without phone service and callers receiving a message that your number has been disconnected. Again, it's been 22 days for me. I made a huge mistake moving from Comcast

Note: I have called Comcast in an attempt to facilitate the reconnection of the second phone line and transfer of that line to Vonage. Comcast's repair, customer service call center is in the US, and I have a representative I can contact directly. That representative has told me that there was only one day when my number was unavailable for transfer and Vonage has not requested a porting/transfer since their first attempt. This contradicts everything I have been told by Vonage.

Phone #s, Names etc. to Cancel
By -

To cancel: Try 1-866-243-4357. I believe I hit the prompt for cancellation info. Recording states over 2 yrs no cancel fee. States to call number given above to obtain auth # to put on box modem shipped in and put in box along with all written materials ever received from Vonage. "Office closed" at that time so had to wait till Monday. Rep kept me on line 4 hrs. I am disabled, older woman, single. I am not stupid. They want us to keep their modems as long as possible and promise to keep all promises they made in past they didn't do and to lower your rates blah blah blah. Told her service hadn't worked in a year.

When my back broke took 4x to get person on other end to hear me. They charge everyone a cancellation fee of $39.95 and $39.95 for modem. I called "Executive Response Team" (888) 580-4020. Have to leave a message. Best to start asking for a supv after first call (get name) as representative I got said I had no e-mail stating cancellation fee or modem charge. Of course I do. He also did the opposite of what I asked. As I am disabled and calling at 8am (which is a trademark of GEMoneyBank - not a real bank though) doesn't allow me to talk about business. I had to ask him 3 times to call back or leave a number.

He claimed that Comcast, who had ported my same phone number no problem 2 days earlier and hooked up modem whereby I can make outgoing calls and be heard, have sabotaged Vonage's system with their customers. Told him even if that's true, what did Vonage want me to do? Continue to pay for half service? No response.

My bank is Bank of America which is a separate consumer nightmare that the govt hasn't controlled. They will not accept a stop payment and not until it was too late was I told I could get new debit card with DIFFERENT number so couldn't be billed. BOA is taking stand that they will determine who is right... The customer/depositor or the merchant. I don't think so. Controller for Dept of Currency/national banks only ((800) 613-6743. They will not discuss if or what is legal for banks to do and my next step is the library. They will send you a form to fill out and they do have to review every complaint.

Only way to file complaint on Vonage is & I haven't done it yet as I am giving Vonage one more day to respond to my request for rep's supv. He has begun calling me at odd hours, ringing twice and hanging up under "unavailable". I have already *77 so since I have no other probs I must assume Vonage hires these people as childish thugs and names them their "executive response team".

Maybe if I had said I was going home to Alaska and no wireless in my little town or not available they wouldn't do this? I don't appreciate having to lie to keep my grocery money or to have a service that works and doesn't change their charges every month. Over the last two years as service got worse, bill got higher. How does $19.99 go to $28.92? Their account page should not be called account anything. No itemized and no explanation for accelerated costs.

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