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Liars --- Unlimited Calling Plan - If You Use The Service A Lot, They Threaten You
Posted by on
Vonage liars signed me up for unlimited plan. When my wife and I started calling our relatives a lot, Vonage said, the industry standard for unlimited calling is 500 minutes a month (500 minutes a month, yeah right!), but we allow 5000 minutes. If you ever exceed that, we'll double your billing and start charging you per minute. VONAGE ARE A BUNCH OF LIARS AND CHEATS. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THEIR SERVICE. It was a "not-profit-making-company" until last year. Just let them fail and go out of business. The liars. Below is their notice. If you try to call them (at the number they've provided) they never pick up the phone. Instead they'll ask you to leave a voicemail, and send more nasty emails to you.

Thank you for using Vonage as your Internet telephony provider.

As the industry leader in VoIP technology, we are constantly working to provide you with service that exceeds your expectations. In order to offer the most competitive rates to all our customers, Vonage conducts routine reviews of call activity to ensure that all accounts are on the appropriate plan for our customerb

After a careful review of your account, we have determined that the pattern of usage on your line 1-(555)-555-5555 is indicative of usage consistent with our Small Business plan. I apologize if there was any confusion upon creating your account and selecting the right plan for you when you joined Vonage.

Please contact me either by replying to this email or calling 1-(866)-254-3704 (Monday to Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm EST) within 72 business hours so that we may discuss your rate plan. If no response is received, your account may face suspension or an automatic upgrade to the Small Business Unlimited Rate Plan at the rate of $49.99/month plus tax.

For more information, please review the following Terms of Service:

5.4 Inconsistent with Normal Use.
If you use the service or the device in a way that is inconsistent with the normal use for your service or plan, you will be required, at Vonage's sole discretion, to pay the rates for the service or plan that would apply to the way you used the service or device, or terminate the plan. For example, if you subscribe to one of our residential service plans, and your usage is inconsistent with normal residential use, you may thereafter be required to pay our applicable, higher rates for commercial service for all periods in which your use of our service or the device was inconsistent with normal residential use. Unlimited voice services are provided primarily for continuous live dialog between two individuals. Lack of continuous dialog activity, unusual call patterns, excessive numbers and/or consistent excessive usage will be considered indicators that use may be inconsistent with normal use, or that impermissible use may be occurring and may trigger an account review or furth

er action by us. Failure to contact Vonage in response to its notifications and/or failure to promptly correct usage activity to conform to normal use will result, in Vonage's sole discretion, in immediate mandatory transfer to another appropriate plan, suspension or termination of service. You acknowledge that if your service is terminated under this provision, you are subject to all applicable disconnection and device or other rebate recovery charges. Vonage's right to terminate your account under Section 6.5(b) (with or no reason) is not limited by this provision. For a non-exhaustive list of examples of uses of our service inconsistent with normal residential use, click here.
The use of the service by others who do not reside in your personal residence primarily by reason of its unlimited feature

If you have any questions, please reply to this email or call 1-(866)-254-3704.


John Doe
Vonage Usage Department
Revenue Operations
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User Replies:
msnanny on 02/25/2010:
You're using more than 5,000 minutes per month to call your family?
PepperElf on 02/25/2010:
o my god 5000 minutes of usage?

well I was going to suggest a voip but apparently that's what you're using.

I would suggest trying Skype or AIM - you can do voice chat for free on either with unlimited minutes.

for the AIM you'd have to be on the computer but for Skype, if both are using Skype it's free, no monthly billing etc.
Anonymous on 02/25/2010:
This is right from the Vonage site:

Vonage World: $24.99/month

* Unlimited local and long distance in the U.S. and Puerto Rico
* FREE unlimited landline calls to all cities and locations in more than 60 other countries**, including India, Mexico and Canada
* FREE unlimited in network calling anywhere around the world
* 25+ amazing calling features included like readable voicemail§ Caller ID, Call Waiting and Anonymous Call Block.
* Switch to Vonage and keep your existing phone number"

It really pisses me off when a company in their offer state "Unlimited local and long distance" but buried somewhere in the contract or terms of service is a weasel clause that negates the offer. I wish they would just be honest in the advertising. - "Unlimited local and long distance so long as we VONAGE don't find it excessive". Really, is that hard for these companies today to be forthright and honest?
Anonymous on 02/25/2010:
Unlimited should mean exactly that... unlimited. The phone plan is stated unlimited... but you're only allowed up to 5,000 minutes (about 83 hours) of talk time. That's not unlimited... that's limiting it to just that amount.
I might find 5,000 minutes excessive because I just simply don't talk to too many people via the phone; but, who are they to judge what's excessive or not?
If they're doing around that monthly, then it shouldn't be deemed "excessive." Sounds like the normal for them.
PepperElf on 02/25/2010:
though to be honest, the week only contains 10,080 minutes.

the thought of being on the phone for OVER 12 hours a day, 7 days a week... somewhat boggles me.

but that's why I suggested web chat or something like Skype where you don't have to pay for anything to talk, provided you use your internet connection etc.
Anonymous on 02/25/2010:
But, the whole point being... if the plan says it's unlimited... it should be exactly that, unlimited. Not be listed as unlimited but they actually have a limit of 5,000 minutes. That's not unlimited.
Anonymous on 02/25/2010:
5,000 minutes a month only equates to 2 hours and 44 minutes a day. That doesn't seem excessive to me.
tnchuck100 on 02/25/2010:
Corporations that provide us with subscription services simply do not have it within them to be forthright and honest with us. Part of our monthly cost is to pay for their battery of lawyers to write contracts that they can hide behind and that the typical person in unable to decipher.

As Stew points out: The advertisement giveth, the contract taketh away.
PepperElf on 02/25/2010:
ahhh THIS is why

5.4 Inconsistent with Normal Use.

The OP already posted what the bulk of the 5.4 clause is... but since it is in the TOS, that means the company is covered.

what the OP didn't post was what can get your account in that 5.4 status (it's on the link I provided though)

- Commercial, not-for profit, governmental use or other similar use
- The use of the service at a multi-residential address for more than one single residence; or
- The use of the service by others who do not reside in your personal residence primarily by reason of its unlimited feature

The OP didn't say WHAT the account was being used for so... if the account was being used to run a business, or if they were account-sharing with family members who didn't reside there, then yes they can charge you more or cut you off.
PepperElf on 02/25/2010:
and 5000 is not 2 hours anything

5000 minutes / 60 minutes = 83.333 (repeating) hours.

ah but I was wrong on the "week" thing. brain fart, I was thinking weekly plan and not monthly. still, 5000 minutes = a lot of hours.

which is probably why they suspected either... what, account sharing or business level use I imagine
Mrs. V on 02/25/2010:
5000 mins / 60 mins = 83 hours(round down)

24 hours a day x 7 days = 168 hours

168 hours / 83 = 2 hours (round down) a day on the phone (I think, I was never very good at math lol >_<).
Anonymous on 02/25/2010:
Since I choose to not allow a company to limit my unlimited minutes, I will never use Vonage for anything. They are out of consideration. Thank you, OP, for your review.
PepperElf on 02/25/2010:
well that's why I suggested Skype or aim

ahhh mrs v that makes more sense. yeah that's about almost 3 hours a day.

hmmm in that case my suggestion of Skype or aim is dead on. sometimes at night I talk to my boyfriend for over 3 hours

cos... 2-3 hours a day for a price tag or...
well over 4 hours a day for free.

Mrs. V on 02/25/2010:
And if the OP has any talkative kids, then 2-3 is nothing at all LOL!
Anonymous on 02/25/2010:
Actually the steps to determine average per day usage would be:

5000 (minutes per month) * 12 (months per year) = 60,000 minutes per year.

60,000 / 365.25 (days in year) = 164.271 minutes per day

164.271 / 60 = 2.737851 hours per day

(fractional portion of hours per day) .737851 * 60 = 44.27105 minutes

ERGO 5000 minutes per month = 2 hours and 44 minutes average per day.

PepperElf on 02/25/2010:
yeah. my brain farted on that one.

and I can say I've spoken to my boyfriend for much longer than that on a daily basis. for "free"
(just had to pay for the electricity and the internet service... oh and the computers of course, but those were already purchased)
Mrs. V on 02/25/2010:
I bow to Stews mathematical genius lol ^_^
redmx3racer on 02/25/2010:
Unlimited should mean unlimited. End of story.
Soaring Consumer on 02/26/2010:
The point I would make here is clearly stated - if they advertise unlimited, they should get unlimited. If they have a limit of 5,000 minutes then that should be what they advertise otherwise it is false advertising in my book.
jktshff1 on 02/26/2010:
unlimited is unlimited.....unless the fine print says otherwise.
Good post and information.
Anonymous on 02/26/2010:
It seems like Vonage's objection is that it appears that the line is being used for a business. If the OP can demonstrate that every call was non-business and personal in nature, I think Vonage would back off. If, however, the calling pattern is hundreds or thousands of calls to different numbers, they have a good reason for questioning the usage.
Anonymous on 02/26/2010:
Well...the unlimited promo has to be within reason too. All you can buffets are unlimited too, but you can't sit there all day and eat. They will cut you off.
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Dishonest Service Representation
Posted by on
QUEENS, NEW YORK -- I have been using Vonage as my phone service for nearly 2 years now. At first, customer service was average--not too good, but good enough to speak with a service representative and explain what I needed in a service. I had Sunrocket prior to this, and their customer service, services offered and website outlay was very customer friendly.

When Sunrocket failed in July 2007, I decided to give Vonage a try. Over the nearly 2 years I have been with this company, however, it has been getting progressively more difficult to communicate with anyone. Every e-mail contact is responded to with a nonsensical e-mail that does not address the issue, and it is difficult getting anyone on the phone with whom you could speak sensibly about what you need in service changes or additions. Often you get someone for whom English is a very CHALLENGING language--or an English speaking U.S., rep with a very bad attitude.

Late 2008 I decided to get rid of my Verizon land line and, for the convenience of friends who were not regularly in touch and still had my old land line number, have it transferred to Vonage as an additional number. I had seen this feature advertised on their website. Unfortunately, when I called to inquire, I was told that their service only allowed for the availability of an additional line--NOT number. (My daughter has another digital phone service that allows her to have additional numbers for a very small fee each month) During these attempts to have my land line number transferred as a second number, I explained to several service reps that as I was the only person in my household, I didn't need an additional line. Finally, I was told that I could have the additional line for $9.99 for the FIRST 3 months and $24.99 after--or they could let me have it for ONE year at $14.99 monthly. I explained that I would NOT pay $24.99 after 3 months for an additional line and I agreed to the latter service for $14.99. However, every attempt to have this number activated was a problem, and every e-mail I sent was followed by a donotreply response that made no sense, and in early December 2008, I wrote to Vonage explaining that I had decided to cancel the application for this service. I AM SO VERY SORRY THAT I DID NOT KEEP TO THIS DECISION LATER.

Shortly after this December correspondence by e-mail, I received a call telling me that my service was valued and that my new number would be activated. The service charge of $14.99 monthly for ONE year was agreed on and I decided that I would give it a try. I was also told that to make up for all the problems I had encountered, I would be given 2 months free service for both lines from Vonage. Service started December 8, 2008.

I never had the phone ring turned on but could check when someone called me on that number as I received an e-mail alert. I could also look at the caller ID box and identify the callers and return calls that were important through my primary number.

On checking my Vonage account for the past 4 months, I was appalled to find that I had been billed consistently at $24.99 monthly for this line, even though I do not use it, ONLY agreed to have it installed at the $14.99 charge, and was offered 2 months of no service charges--December 2008 and January 2009 for both numbers because of the aggravation I had suffered in trying to have the number set up. I am indeed sorry that I hadn't left the landline with Verizon, which ensured I always had a working phone and which cost less than I have been billed with Vonage, to date.

I spoke to a very unhelpful U.S.,service rep--Sat--5/30/2009, who said that I could have a virtual service for that number where I would be alerted when someone called but not have the phone number ring. The cost I was told would be $4.99 per month. In the meantime, request to have all over billing taken off my bill was excused with the matter being at "a higher level now and that he was unable to resolve the issue then."

He never mentioned cost of installation for this virtual number--just the $4.99 cost. Nor did he mention that there would be a charge to terminate the 2nd number, in dispute. However, later that day I saw a donotreply e-mail listing cost of termination at $$44.97, AND an installation service charge of $15.28 for the virtual number.

I am truly appalled that this company is both DISHONEST and quite insensitive to their customers, on whose backs they have built this business over this decade.

I am determined to let ALL my friend know of their dishonesty and unfriendly customer service unless I am reimbursed for my unfair charges.

It's so ironic, as I had, until recently been trying to get many friends and colleagues here--AND in Europe--use Vonage as their phone service over other carriers.

I shall provide update but do not intend to leave this matter quietly. Vonage should look at the history of other phone services, their financial downfall and failure to regain lost customers, if they intend to stay in this highly competitive business now.
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User Replies:
Soaring Consumer on 05/31/2009:
I suggest filing a complaint with the BBB and your state's Office of the Attorney General's Consumer Protection Division.

Vonage is definitely defrauding you here.
Anonymous on 05/31/2009:
Soaring, you forgot the FCC. We'll have to destroy one of your stars for that oversite. >:-)
Soaring Consumer on 05/31/2009:
Do they have jurisdiction over internet-based phone services?
Ponie on 05/31/2009:
Take them to small claims court!
Anonymous on 05/31/2009:
They were in the process of starting to investigate my claim, Soaring. By time time the FCC got to them they had already refunded my money to shut me up. If they hadn't then yes the FCC was going to pursue it... or so they said.
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Vonage 30 Free Trial Fraud
Posted by on
Vonage’s 30 Day free trial Fraud

On April 14, 2008 I called Vonage’s 800 number to sign up for their Unlimited Local & Long Distance calling (Premium Unlimited Plan) for $24.99 per mo. which included with a free 30 day trial period.

I spoke with a Vonage sales rep and gave him all the information he needed and my credit card number to be used as guarantee back-up for payment, I wanted monthly billing sent to my home.

After we finished the sign up process, he said for the cost of just $.99 cents that is, I could get another line for fax or whatever I needed it for. He apologized for the .99 saying it was required for 911 service. I said OK, and he said they would send acknowledgment for my order via email and the service would start when I received my modem in the mail ,(5 to 7 days).

Also that I should go to their websites and check the status of the installation process..

On the April 15, I went online to the Vonage website, I notice that on April 14, 2008 my credit card had been charged ($25.54) for various start-up fees and there was another charge to my credit card for $48.69 on April 15 for installation and monthly service fees for the second line.

I called Vonage customer service and told them that the sales rep said it would only cost 99 cents. This service rep pretty much accused me of lying and said she had never heard of such a thing. I said if it cost what they had charged my credit card, then I didn’t want a second line. She asked if I wanted to cancel the second line and I said yes I did.

Later that day, I checked to see if my order had been corrected, I found another charge on my credit card for $39.99 to have the second line canceled.

That evening I called customer service and spoke to someone about what happened and he said I shouldn’t have been charged for the cancellation. Also that he would submit for a refund on the second line installation charges. My Vonage account was credited fir $39.99, not my credit card. Then on April 27 my Vonage account was credited for the second line installation, again not to my credit card.

So now I had a credit balance of $88.68 on my Vonage account.

On April 21, I received the modem and installed it and now my telephone line was activated.

I wasn’t real happy with Vonage sales and customer service but thought I would try it.

I noticed a severe degradation in my cable internet service which Vonage uses as its telephone line. After trying a few thing suggested by Vonage technical service there was still the degradation for my internet.

I decided Vonage wasn’t for me so on May 16, 2008 I called another carrier and signed up with them. They would notify Vonage and change my number to them. We went through a verification with another company that asked if I was requesting the switch and I confirmed it.

On May 19,when the new service started, when I went to disconnect the Vonage modem I called Vonage because I noticed the service was still on, their modem was still activated into my internet carrier and still degrading the service. I said I had cancelled their service and wanted to get an RMA to return the modem.

After 20 minutes of badgering me with all sorts of offers they told me there would be cancellation charges because their agreement with me stated such and that I couldn’t return the modem because it had been used. I asked why the cancellation charges and she said because it was over 30 days and I had an agreement. I said no it wasn’t over 30 days because my service was never activated until April 21 and I cancelled on May 16. The service rep was everything but pleasant. She kept telling me our contract specified all of this. I then told her I had no contract and never signed one and wouldn’t have it this was specified. She then told me my cancellation charges would be $122.08. I said I needed to speak to someone else and she said she was a manager and that no one else was higher. After continuing to tell her I needed to speak to someone else I was put on hold for about 20 minutes and finally someone in the accounting department answered and told
me they couldn’t help me because they were the accounting department and their computer did this when someone cancels service.

I immediately went to Vonage website to see if they cancelled the account and a charge of $122.08 was already on my credit card.

So far Vonage made 4 charges totaling ($236.30) to my credit card that was supposed to be used for backup payment only. Out of the 4 charges only the first for $25.54 could be considered legitimate even though they told me no activation charges.

My Vonage account showed no credits for the earlier false charges.

I have all documentation to support what I have stated including the Vonage advertisement for the free 30 day stating to how to get a RMA to return the Vonage modem.

This is outright fraud.

May 22 I called Vonage to get an RMA to send back their modem and they refused to give me an RMA. Their 30 free trial ad says I have 14 days to return the modem after I cancelled the service, I am documenting this they will later tell me I didn't return the modem with the 14 days.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 05/22/2008:
I think your one of thousands of other people that has had a unsatisfactory experience with Vonage. This website is loaded with complaints against them. And the BBB closed there account because they had so many complaints. This is a great website to get feedback from before you sign up with a company.
Anonymous on 05/22/2008:
Like Wally says you're not alone:


Class Action Charges Vonage Deceived Consumers, Case Disputes Vonage's "Money-Back Guarantee" and "30-Day Free Trial" Advertising Claims.

By Truman Lewis

A consumer class action filed in U.S. District Court in California charges that Vonage, the nation's largest Internet telephone provider, misled consumers about the quality and reliability of its service and engaged in false advertising and deceptive business practices.

In the suit, plaintiff Kai Porter of Inglewood, California, alleges that she signed up for the Vonage service on November 18, 2006 and asked that her existing landline number be transferred to her new Vonage account.

When the service did not work as promised, Porter canceled within 30 days of activating her account, expecting to receive a full refund under the company's widely-advertised "Money-Back Guarantee." She learned on December 27 that Vonage had not closed her account and did not intend to honor the guarantee.

Vonage promotes its service as an alternative to traditional telephone service. It spent more than $500 million on advertising in 2005 and the first nine months of 2006, making it one of the largest advertisers on the Internet, the suit alleges.

In its advertising, the company promises "higher quality" but, in fact, the suit charges, the quality and reliability of the service is inferior to traditional telephone service, with problems ranging from dropped calls to service outages and equipment conflicts. "Vonage knows about these problems but conceals them from consumers," the suit alleges.

Porter also alleges that:

• Vonage touts its customer service when in fact, consumers trying to call for assistance encounter long hold times, hang ups, multiple transfers and representatives who merely read from scripts;

• Vonage advertises "no annual contracts" but invokes a 12-page "terms of service" when customers try to cancel;

• Vonage charges consumers who cancel within two years of account activation a "disconnect fee" of $39.99 -- in effect, an early-termination fee;

• Vonage drags its feet when processing cancellations and continues to charge consumers' credit cards in the meantime;

• Vonage advertises a "Money-Back Guarantee" and "One Month FREE," stating on its website, "There's no risk to trying Vonage service. Our hassle-free Money-Back Guarantee policy guarantees your satisfaction." Vonage's website states that a consumer is eligible for the Money-Back Guarantee if she cancels her service "within 30 days of account activation." But consumers who try to cancel the service within 30 days of beginning to use the VoIP service learn that Vonage does not consider the 30-day "free" period to begin when the customer is first able to use the service, but rather much earlier -- the moment the customer contacts Vonage to sign up for the VoIP service. At that time, the customer has not even received the equipment needed to use the service, which Vonage states it will ship "within 5 days."

• In addition, one of Vonage's key selling points is that consumers can keep their current telephone number (either landline or cell) when they switch to Vonage's VoIP service, but Vonage's website states that it will take "a minimum of 20 days" to transfer the telephone number. A Vonage consumer will thus have 10 days or less to evaluate the service and decide whether to cancel and attempt to invoke the Money-Back Guarantee.

• When Vonage determines that a consumer canceled after the 30-day Money-Back Guarantee period expired, Vonage penalizes the consumer by charging not only the activation fee and a monthly service fee, but the $39.99 disconnect fee as well. Vonage will also charge the consumer for the amount of any "instant rebate" she received on the cost of the equipment required to use the service, which can total $50 or more.

The lawsuit also charges that the mandatory arbitration clause in Vonage's terms of service is unconscionable and unenforceable and that Vonage's terms of service violate California's Consumers Legal Remedies Act.

The case seeks damages and reimbursement for all California consumers affected by Vonage's actions.

Representing Porter are attorneys Daniel Girard of Girard Gibbs LLP, San Francisco, and Richard Doherty of Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates, Chicago.
CrystalSword on 05/22/2008:
We got a Magic Jack that works through our computer...95% of the time calls are absolutely crystal clear. We have free long distance in USA and Canada, our initial outlay was $46.90 which they said they would not charge our debit card for a full 30 days, they have NOT....as per agreement.
Our 30 days isn't quite up yet. The $46.90 includes $20 for the jack, $6.95 shipping and handling, and the $19.95 for our first YEAR of service!

That's right folks, only $19.95 a YEAR for phone service. The only thing I found I didn't like was I need to use a corded phone instead of our cordless ones..no real biggie, I'll survive. You can also set up 911 service to it so you still have that and free 411 calls, voice mail, call forwarding, caller ID....really, what more do you need?

Check it out...go to www.magicjack.com and save a bundle....we're saving over $370 a year!!!
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Do Not Get Vonage!
Posted by on

If you are keeping it forever like till you DIE go ahead because Vonage is awful to cancel! Well as I read down if you die your family will have to deal with these people. Now I will tell the whole world DO NOT GET VONAGE! I've been with them since July 2005. Well my Cable company got me last week. I just could not pass a great all in one deal when I see one. So today I call Vonage to CANCEL because the cable guys are coming out tomorrow. It was awful. I even began to lie just so she would help me cancel. First I told her all the info she needed and then the questions came flying! Why do you want to cancel? Because I'm going with the cable company. Why did you go to the cable company? Why this? Why that? Why I ask (myself not her still trying to be nice) does she even need to know this.

If I wanted something else I believe I would have called for that not to cancel. So her next question was so why do you really want to cancel? So yes I started to lie to her I said well you see I'm moving to my sisters house and we will be living with her so I don't need a phone she has one. Then she asked where does she live? Then the s**t hit the fan I said you don't need to know where she lives. I just want to cancel. Yes I was getting mad. Being honest did not work lying did not work. So my husband was listening on the other phone and I said you can ask my husband WE WANT TO CANCEL.

So my husband said WE WANT TO CANCEL. Then she asked do you want to transfer your service? It took all I had not to curse or yell at her. But I calmly said I'm not stupid nor dumb if I wanted to transfer the service I would have called and done that. Then my husband said WE WANT TO CANCEL. She says I quote " if you would like to cancel please say cancel. I was thinking are you f**king kidding me? I was at my wits end with this lady. My husband said CANCEL. She knew he was pissed. Finally she said OK your account is now cancelled. Also I cancelled the credit card they have on file for my account. They are not going to treat me like I'm dumb and stupid then steal money from me too.

Screw me once shame on you screw me twice shame on me it's not happening. I will be sure to go to the BBB and let them know how we were treated. We are not dumb Americans and we do not need to be treated has if we are.. If this is the way some Vonage reps. have to do there job :( shame on you get a different job. No one could pay me to treat people badly just to keep them. I wish I would have recorded my call. I will not go through that ever again!!
ALSO I found this on the BBB website.

On March 27, 2007 Vonage company's membership in the BBB was revoked by the BBB's Board of Directors also The BBB processed a total of 7626 complaints about the company in the last 36 months.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 03/31/2008:
I hope you got a confirmation number. Because if you didn't then you really aren't canceled.
Anonymous on 03/31/2008:
The Vonage CSR's are trained to never let you go. Vonage lost a State's Class Action lawsuit over making it impossible to leave and yet they still screw with people. Terrible company, stay away.
Anonymous on 03/31/2008:
Please check your account online and make sure that your service has been inactivated. To my surprise (not so much anymore since I know their tricks) I checked my online account and they still had me active. If you find your account still active, you can contact the Better Business Bureau in Trenton, New Jersey. They were able to get my account cancelled and receive a refund back dated to the time I had originally called to cancel. I wish you the best!
nitemom on 04/22/2008:
Thanks for letting us know about Vonage. I'm going to be looking for a low cost toll free number soon and need all the information I can get.
BPollica on 06/19/2008:
Vonage is the largest nickel and dime operation geared to rip off the good intentioned but naive citizenry of the United States. The only thing they do well is talk there way out of other peoples money. The equipment is cheap trash that you end up having to pay for and you could get better voice reception from two soup cans hook between a piece of twine.
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Vonage is a RIP-OFF!
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I am so furious with Vonage. I signed up for their service on April 23, a few weeks later I received their equipment, within that few weeks, I have received emails stating that my phone number is in the process of being transferred and there would be approximately 24 hours without phone service, well that ended up being more than three days-my number was transferred before I could get my internet hooked up to DSL, even so, since my number was supposedly being transferred, I wouldn't be able to get hooked up to DSL because Vonage took my dial tone from me. After that, I have been on the phone (my cell phone) complaining to Vonage and Verizon that I need a dial tone to get my DSL hooked up and all I received the run-a-round, kept being put on hold and transferred all over the creation-well, let me tell you.....I had calculated up all of the minutes used on my cell phone with just Vonage and I had figured up that I spent just about 5 hours (most of which was on hold for about an hour each time)trying to get an answer. I went without phone or internet for approximately almost two and a half weeks trying to get somewhere. One would tell me that it is the other one's problem they have to fix it-and visa-versa. Once I thought I was on the right track to victory with getting a dial tone, I would get shot right down and right back to the beginning I go. Any way, I had Cancelled Verizon with no problem whatsoever...Vonage on the other hand, I called them two weeks before the "so-called trial period" and they told me that I had to pay the shipping and handling to send the equipment back to them plus 39.95 "security fee". I told them I was not going to pay because my "trial period" wasn't up and I didn't even use the service because no one would give me a dial tone to use either service. I sent the equipment back to them anyway. A few days later, I see a withdrawal in my account from Vonage.....WHAT!!!!! $27.78 for the monthly fee of service. Just yesterday, I had checked my e-mail, received a couple of emails from Vonage Customer Care, my account has been cancelled, please check your account for the remaining balance due....EXCUSE ME!!! The next one is better....."On 5/30/2006 we have successfully processed your charge card for $119.98" I was literally in tears when I saw this. I had filed two complaints with my bank and also one with the Better Business Bureau. The sad part about all of this is that one-I wasn't even able to use their service, and two-I didn't even authorize them to withdraw any money from my account. Now I cannot pay any of my priority bills that are due this week!! Thanks a lot Vonage! My account is now in the hole because of them. I should have listened to my gut, it was too good to be true.....
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chemman on 06/03/2006:
First, let me say that I'm sorry you are having problems with Vonage's billing and CSR, I have their service and like it, it gives me decent service for only $15 a month. But I have to say, part of the fault lies with you here as well. Vonage did not steal your dial tone, you authorized them to port you number over to their service and cancel that number with its original provider. You knew you needed broadband to use Vonage, so why wait until they switch your number over to try to set up the dsl? Most phone companies require you to keep a phone line to order dsl and did you expect your phone number to work both with your Vonage service and your old land line?
Sparticus on 06/03/2006:
I have to agree with chemman on this one. They do state in the disclaimer on the sign-up page that high speed internet is required. I think this is a special case where they were not aware you did not have a broadband connection yet. They had no way of knowing your DSL was not active yet.
Anonymous on 06/03/2006:
Vonage works quite well if you have a fast, reliable internet connect. (tr)
Clearly angry with Vonage on 06/05/2006:
Yes, I realize I needed to have high speed internet for Vonage, but, they said I would lose my dial tone for approximately 24 hours while they finish transferring my number to their service. I did not have a phone whatsoever for two weeks or more-I received an email from Vonage four days later stating that my number has been successfully transferred and while I was to wait for the number to be transferred, I would have my dsl hooked up, but I couldn't because Vonage took my dial tone for a longer period of time than stated. Therefore I could not hook my dsl up to use the Vonage (so-called) service. In the mean time, while calling both Vonage and Verizon, I spent most of my time on the phone with Vonage spending at least four hours on my cell phone, racking up minutes trying to get this thing figured out. And after all of that I decided to cancel, and now they have charged my account $147.76 without my authorization-sorry, to me that is illegal and unethical, and unprofessional.
spickering on 11/03/2006:
Vonage sucks. Right after we got it, we would get cut off in the middle of a conversation. Then after a few months of that, our phone cuts off when we walk into certain rooms of our house. I have had an aunt and a cousin that have also both had it and they have both cancelled with a lot of problems. And with them continuing to pay even after service was cut off for months. It is absolutely a nightmare and I would not suggest it to anyone. Five dollars would be too much to pay for this servicea a month. I wouldn't suggest it even if it was free!
justsaynotothieves on 01/24/2009:
Vonage is the WORST! I set up my account in October and they have been billing me for two phone lines ever since. Keep in mind that I only requested one line.

To make matters worse, when I try to cancel the second line the "customer service" agent is unable to access that account because I don't have a PIN. Additionally, I cannot provide the answers to the security questions because I didn't provide these answers to begin with.

If you are not using Vonage, good! Don't!!! You will be sorry! To those of you who are saying Vonage is great, just wait. They deserve a great big raspberry or life behind bars.
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How Vonage Ruined My Life
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PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA -- Vonage ruined my life, I am a disabled person in need of a good working telephone service for life sustaining support. Vonage called my home, and convinced me that I would save money. I had Comcast VoIP that worked perfectly before the big switch. They are manipulating from the very beginning, first they charged my credit card (Beware of any service who charges because the don't do paper billing)a activation fee which was never disclosed, and other fees I was not aware of. Then they sent a email saying welcome, here is your "virtual" phone no. till your home no. is transferred, and here are the Terms Of Service you are bound to. Since when does somebody agree to something then given the terms afterwards, and say your bound to them. I'm not going to repeat what you all can read about their lousy service, what I am going to do is advise you that they will do whatever it takes to get your money, all before you realize it. They are scam artists, and what most people don't know is they are not governed by the FCC except for two things, 1. Your Local Number Portability, and 2. Providing 911 service. Now my line never worked properly, so how could I call for emergency service if it doesn't work. Also, they offer a 30 day guarantee which they will do whatever it takes to extend you beyond that period with transfer delays, delays in troubleshooting their service, blame your ISP and play the blame game with your original provider, anything. How do I know this, well I maybe a disabled person, but I have a degree in Electrical Engineering (I also have a FCC License in Amateur Radio), I am someone they did not fool. I will be filing a lawsuit against Vonage, they caused me, and my family both physical, and mental abuse over a 5 week period with their promises to fix their lousy service and their lousy third party carriers. They fail to disclose many things, even when I cancelled the service, they think its perfectly acceptable to steal your money by telling it's a recovery fee for their phone adapter when you want to send it back, and a termination fee for subscribing to a non working line. I have filed complaints with the FCC, FTC, New Jersey BBB, and plenty more to come, even if it takes me to testify before a Senate, or Congressional Committee to stop these scrupulous thieves. Vonage is deceptive, and couldn't care less who you are, it's all based on deception. My only purpose now is to for warn you people are even thinking of switching to Vonage, just get smart and search the internet about these complaints, they are all the internet. Maybe the CEO Mr. Jeffrey Citron needs to be taken to court again, just like when he was ordered to pay back millions for Exchange and Internet Fraud. You change change the spots on a leopard. I stopped them from further charging my credit card, I closed the account, filed a dispute, all for services not rendered, and I will get it back, every penny plus for ruining 5 weeks of my and my families life, rest assured Vonage, what comes around goes around.
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jfford on 05/01/2006:
I found that Vonage was very difficult to deal with. Especially when I decided to cancel, I had to call their office and leave a message to have someone return my call. I had to call several times and I finally told them I was filing formal complaints I got a call the next day. I then had to answer 20 questions about why I was cancelling. I subsequently discovered that Vonage had not paid for the necessary license to use the a required VoIP patent. They may have by now; you can check it out yourself by using Google to search for details. I will never use Vonage again.
CobraCat77 on 05/01/2006:
If you knew nothing about Vonage, why didn't you research them before joining their service? I do research on anything I buy that costs more than $75 total.
beanbagbritches on 05/11/2006:
Vonage is horrible! It takes longer to port a number to or from them than any company! I hate you had to deal with their nonsense, but now maybe you can find a phone company that treats you nicer.
plangal on 05/25/2006:
If Vonage has ruined your life, it's clear you have bigger problems than phone service. Personally, I've had a perfectly fine experience with it, much better than paying 3x the amount for Verizon, whose service is not 3x better.
SMat on 06/01/2006:
I had lousy results from them as well. I changed to IConnectHere.com and have had no problms since then.
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Dissatisfied Customer
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HOLMDEL, NEW JERSEY -- [Name removed] (employee #22412) is a customer service “manager” at Vonage who reports directly to the office of the CEO (wow). This customer service office is located at Vonage Corporate 23 Main Street Holmdel, NJ 07733. One would think my call to this employee regarding my dissatisfaction over broken promises (ex. my issue has been escalated, I'll receive an email confirmation, your home security system will not be affected), unfulfilled services, inability to transfer my phone line, yada, yada, yada would bear some weight.


Like a well trained dog, this employee's response to my request to cancel (despite the numerous previous calls to customer service for updates and resolution) was met with a regurgitated reply “You have exceeded the 30 day return policy and will be charged a $40 cancellation fee and $80 for the router”. No exceptions to the policy!

“But”, I explained, “every time I’ve contacted your customer care center, I was told it would take just a little more time to switch my line over…”we expedited it!” Had I been told that Vonage was unable to transfer my line, I would have cancelled the service within the terms of your policy”

Sorry, he replied…no exceptions!

As the conversation progressed, I became increasingly agitated. I demanded to talk to someone higher…his manager, perhaps? Sorry, there is no one higher than me.

Great, if you have no superior to discuss the matter with, you must have the ability to make exceptions to the return policy due to your company’s inability to provide me the service I was promised.

Nope sorry, the policy came down from the CEO, no exceptions.

Well this went back and forth as you can imagine; they are very well coached and scripted agents. It’s like playing a shell game to try to get answers. The only sliver of information I was able obtain was the name of the CEO (Michael Snyder…no phone number of course).

Unsatisfied with this limited information, I did a little digging on my own. Below are several of the corporate officer names and titles. Each (except Michael Snyder) has voicemail accessible from the automated corporate directory at:



Corporate Fax: 732.834.0189
So far I have left voicemail for all officers except Mike Snyder…I emailed him at mike.snyder@corp.vonage.com, but I'll get his number too!

The bottom line is that Vonage misrepresents the service that they are capable of providing and strings you along until your 30 day cancellation window has closed. You contact customer service which allows no recourse nor the ability to escalate your issue.

The facts that (1.)they are in the process of going public, therefore cannot risk loss of revenue; (2.) have most likely exceeded their marketing budget ($200 per subscriber of apx. 1.4M active subscribers); and (3.) had to replace their CEO (Jeffrey Citron) prior to going public due to fraud charges stemming from his days as a day-trader with Datek Online in the mid-90s (settled by Citron personally paying $22.5 million to the Securities and Exchange Commission), probably have something to do with their current business practices. Jeffrey Citron remains chairman of the board and retains 41% interest in Vonage.

In response to Ponie's comment, it may be out of your comfort zone to escalate matters to a "C" level officer of a company, but in my experience as a corporate manager, the lack of consideration and service that Vonage has illustrated would never be tolerated in my company. That being said, I feel perfectly just in raising the issue to the CEO (who I'm told is the architect of the "no exception" policy) when offered no alternate solution. I'm sorry you don't feel important enough based on principal.

Hope this information can help YOU!

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VonageSucks1 on 04/04/2006:
I just went thorugh this myself. Send an e-mail to the ceo and his secretary. They will forward it to the 'Executive Response Team' and my problem was solved within a day. Contacts:

Executive Response Team
9:00 AM - 5:30 PM EST

jeffrey.citron@vonage.com - CEO
paula.pangilinan@vonage.com - CEO's Exec. Secretary
Giselle - (732)333-5110 - Member of ERT

miketech on 04/04/2006:
It seems to me you couldn't get a number. Were you within your 30 days when you finally did get a number? Or have you had your number for less than 30 days. I would count the contract starts when you get service. I was thinking of Vonage until I was clearing spyware off a laptop one day and a Vonage ad popped up. I'm not going to do business with a comapny that supports spyware.
dsmith68 on 04/04/2006:
The OP issue is in regards to transfer of an existing phone number to Vonage. It is a very common problem and 80% of the complaints for all VoIP companies are due to this issue. As well as trying to get the number back should you decide to leave. Many people report that is can take months to get their phone number transferred.
chemman on 04/04/2006:
As far as porting your number to a new phone service, most time it is not the fault of the company the # is being transferred to. A friend that worked in the phone industry once told me that when your new company, in this case Vonage, receives your port request they submit it to the original phone company holding that number and at that point the timeline is out of their hands, he also said the phone companies sometimes drag their feet a bit when transferring the # so that the customer gets upset and blames the new service, thereby making the old company look better and possibly get the customer back. This is just what I was told by a former employee so take it with a grain of salt.
Ponie on 04/04/2006:
I think their commercials are cute. However, I would never presume my 'importance' to be able to contact a company's CEO directly.
Baxter1905 on 04/15/2006:
After 3 months of nothing but problems, I decided to cancel Vonage service. Naively, since starting service with Vonage went perfectly, I expected that canceling service would also go smoothly. Well, ever see the commercial with all the chimps sitting around, smoking cigars and partying while looking at an upside down sales chart? A guy comes in, flips the chart over (which then correctly shows sales dropping like a rock) but the chimps look at it and continue to party. I suspect this is really a live feed into a Vonage senior management meeting

When I called Vonage to cancel I received a service cancellation #. Naturally, I thought I was well on my way to being done with this service. The next month I received a notice that they couldn’t bill my credit card for service. ??? Turns out my amex card was renewed and the card numbers at Vonage were invalid. Here it was 3 weeks after service is cancelled and they are trying to bill me. I call into customer care, they apologized, told me to keep the router/adapter and that since I had so many issues during my last 3 months of service, including the current mess, they would waive the termination charge. Nothing happened. The account was still active, they still tried to bill me and all I could reach was their overseas customer care support who transferred me back into the same queue I was in when the overseas customer care support answered. Burn me once shame on you, twice, shame on me – I wasn’t about to go into the loop again!

I sent emails into public relations and Jeffrey Citron in order to get their attention. This is when I "met" C. S. – the “customer service rep that reports to the CEO" (yeah, right). C.S. called and made a big deal out of waving the monthly charges that were erroneously billed after I cancelled service. However, C.S. told me “it’s too bad that I don’t have the name of the person who told me that they were waiving the termination charge. Vonage just doesn’t do that!” The termination charge is still unresolved. Fortunately, they can’t direct bill me.

Luckily, I had the presence of mind to wait until my telephone number at Vonage was transferred back to my local telco before I canceled the Vonage service. I’m back at the mothership now (ATT/SBC – Chicago suburbs) and it turns out that national and local unlimited service from them is only $20 per month more than Vonage. Additionally, I went to ATT DSL Pro (now that I have a phone line) and cut my cable modem bill in half (not counting the 3 months free service and $50 gift card). Yep, it’s 3mbps vs. 6mbps but given the contention that most servers are experiencing I really see no practical difference between the two. (For the Vonage shills out there, I don't work for the ATT or any telco.)

Also, for those that want to port their phone number from one service provider to another, you must go to the new provider and let them do it. I did this when I went to Vonage and also when I came back to ATT. It worked perfectly both times.

And Ponie (polish for misses), a good polish women is not a doormat. Where did you get your subservient attitude? Are you a beaten down Vonage employee?

VonageSucks1 on 04/17/2006:
I just went through their horriable service myself. I tried to get my number ported to Vonage. After 30 calls to customer support and every time them telling me they will get back to me in 24 - 48 hours I finally sent an e-mail to the ceo and his secretary. They will forward it to the 'Executive Response Team' and my problem was solved within a day. Contacts:

Executive Response Team
9:00 AM - 5:30 PM EST

jeffrey.citron@vonage.com - CEO
paula.pangilinan@vonage.com - CEO's Exec. Secretary
Dirtydave on 04/18/2006:
I guess I must be one of the lucky ones. I have had Vonage for over a year. I have had no issues what so ever. On the few occasions I called customer support they answered quickly and resolved my problem. In any case it’s a heck of a lot cheaper than a standard phone line.
string on 07/25/2006:
I had the same experience. cancelled on the 30th day and the rep. decided to put a hold on the acct. so I could call back and resign up. this put me past the 30 days as far as they were concerned. I battled with them for several days and finally got someone that took the time to look at everything and gave me a credit back for everything. even the billing dept., BE CAREFUL!! they were willing to put a hold on acct also but the man said beg for it. BEG FOR IT? he said say pretty please with sugar on it. I was apalled and told him I was contacting corp. over it. I called the corp. office and got a mess. back which I returned but no one ever called me back. no here it is July, (was cancelled and settled in April I thought) and they hit my card for more money. they say they gave me too much money back, (which they didn't give me enough but decided to cut my loses and be done with them). my bank put a stop payment and when it finally hits we're filing a fraud complaint on them. it does no good like you said to contact customer service. takes an average of 20-30 min. to even talk to someone and then they're idiots to start with. no one knows anything. and that applies up the line. got newsflash for them. they're messing with the wrong okie here.
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They Tried Not to Let Me Leave
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Rating: 2/51
HOLMDEL, NEW JERSEY -- I've been a fairly well satisfied Vonage customer for 7 years. I have had trouble with intermittent poor line quality, but it has never been clear whether this is a problem with my ISP. I've often found that the quality of customer service is poor, but I've not had a lot of reason to call them except to make changes in my service.

However, when, after porting out my phone number and making sure it worked on the new phone service, I called Vonage to cancel my service, they made it very difficult to cancel service, gave me a very hard time, and tried not to cancel my service. This was month to month service; I did not have a contract, and I did not expect a partial refund for cancelling in mid month. I actually cancelled the day before the month ended.

You can't just cancel service online. I called customer service. First I got someone who insisted that my number hadn't been ported out. I checked to make sure the port was complete and the phone number working correctly on my new phone service before trying again. Then I learned that while all other Vonage customer service is available 24/7, you have to call between certain hours and talk to a special office to cancel service. Then when I called back, the customer service person insisted I tell her why I want to cancel service before she would transfer me, and I had to Shout at her four times that I don't have to tell her anything, transfer me, and she actually transferred me when I told her I'd changed my payment method to a card with insufficient money available for Vonage to get their hands on it. When she put me through, a Chinese guy kept demanding to know why I was cancelling my service, and insisting that I had to do "cooperations" with him before he would cancel my service. I had to Shout at him six times that I don't have to tell him anything, I don't have to cooperate with him, cancel my service, NOW. He finally cancelled my service when I told him that I changed my payment method to a card with no funds available, and Vonage won't be able to get any more money from me, ever. The whole experience was completely outrageous, and at this moment, I can't recommend anything about Vonage to anybody.
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Old Timer on 10/22/2013:
Sounds about right for Vonage. They are yesterdays news as more and more people are dropping their land lines. Vonage is fighting hard to keep a shrinking customer base. They will now scour their system looking for another card or bank account you may have used at one time, just to keep dinging you for fee's. Really a crappy company to try to deal with.
ok4now on 10/23/2013:
I've had the same problem especially when a company auto/renews you without your permission. Rather than fight with customer service here's an easier way. Log on to your account and change the auto payment to an expired card so they can't get paid. Then contact your CC company and have them block any new charges they might try. This has worked for me.
nikalseyn on 10/23/2013:
Your experience points out the dangers inherent in allowing a business to automatically bill your credit/debit card or take money out of a bank account. Best to get a paper bill each month and write a cheque to pay it.

As for Vonage, my experience with them some years ago was similar. I always tell people to stay away from them.
clutzycook on 10/23/2013:
I canceled my Vonage a few years ago and I experienced the same thing. I had to turn into a "no" machine to get them to finally cancel the service. To this day, however, I still get the occasional piece of mail begging me to come back. Once bitten, twice shy.
Nikalseyen, unless something has changed since I canceled my subscription, paying your bill manually every month is not an option with Vonage. They were one of the few companies I have ever allowed to automatically deduct my payment for me and of course it was under duress.
Josh on 01/22/2014:
I just had the same experience after being with them for 5 years and today is January 22, 2014.

I wouldn't use them again.
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Expected the Worse, Was Surprised
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Rating: 4/51
ROANOKE, VIRGINIA -- After reading the hundreds of horror stories around the web about the nightmare of cancelling Vonage, I was expecting the worst when I decided to cancel my service this month after 6 years. I have to say in all that time I had excellent service. The calls were as clear as my cell service, and I never had a dropped call. When I signed up I got 30 days free, but the original box they sent didn't work. It took me the whole month to get a replacement, but they gave me another 30 days free because of the non-functioning box. After that I never had any reason to contact customer service until my cancellation today.

To be prepared, before I called Vonage, I called my credit card company that my Vonage bill is auto-paid on, and told them I am cancelling Vonage and want to block any further payments to them. Then I called Vonage. My hold time was about 15 minutes. I knew my Vonage PIN and had answered all the screening questions on the automated system, so didn't have to waste time re-verifying other than to give my name, number, and address. She did try to sell me a cheaper service (I told her I lost my job and couldn't afford Vonage any more), but when I said no, please just cancel she said OK. She told me the confirmation email would take up to 24 hours to arrive. The entire call took under 30 minutes.

The device stopped giving dial tone within 30 minutes, and the conformation email arrived within 10 minutes of the end of my phone call. I recorded both the call to my credit card company and to Vonage just in case. I know that sometimes people have gotten calls from collection agencies years later, so I intend to keep my confirmation email and these recordings until the end of time if needed. So far, so good.
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Greed Greed
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Rating: 1/51
REDDING, CALIFORNIA -- I 1 week ago connected to Vonage in thought of saving money, not thinking at the time of the stress I would endure through this company, The order process went well I guess when you want money that is when everything is in order, I did not understand a lot that was said however was told not to worry that I could use my land line with the service, they also let me keep my old number for Charter, I got the modem and connected trying to use my land phone and only got a message that I need to check my internet connection.

So I called them thanks to a neighbor letting me have use of a cell phone. I was then walked through form a lady on making sure that I had the right connection and told me to see if I could log onto CNN on the internet. I am disabled and under doctors care for medical issues. Cannot be without my phone service. I was told that the lady would get back to me in the morning to see if I had service. Seems to me I will be getting the run around here.
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trmn8r on 07/13/2012:
If you can't be without a phone, I would suggest the dependability of a land line (which you evidently dropped to get Vonage).

I assume you are connecting to the internet via cable, since you mentioned "Charter". Or perhaps you have what is called "dry loop" - a DSL connection via you land line copper wires. Either of those solutions means you no longer have a dial tone line. Your old line line phone connects through your computer to the internet.

Sounds to me like there is simply an issue getting it set up right. Good luck.
leet60 on 07/13/2012:
As a disabled person you may also be eligible for discounted basic phone services. You can find more information at www.californialifeline.com
JISCal2 on 07/13/2012:
Vonage is the last phone service you would want if you need reliable phone service. The connection to your internet service will often times drop and you won't know it till you pick up the phone to make a call.

Also,being disabled you should have also been made aware that Vonage's 911 service does not work the same as typical 911 services do. Another thing to take into consideration if you decide to stick with this company.
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