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Wachovia's fraud mistake cost ME
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Here is how my whole situation started. My boyfriend unknowingly got caught in an online scam. He tried to buy software for "google" advertising or something. Anyway, it was supposed to cost $1.95. On 7/9/09 I noticed a charge from google for $79.90.

I immediately called Wachovia to put a stop on that payment because I had not authorized it. The operator gave me a provisional credit for the $79.90 pending investigation and cancelled that debit card number. They said they would send me a letter to update me and told me to try reaching the merchant to try getting a refund. I called the merchant where a recording tells you to hold on. After holding for about half an hour I hung up. I tried again several times with the same result.

Fast forward to September 12(Saturday). I receive a letter from Wachovia stating they had not heard back from me and I had 10 days before they would take back the $79.90. I called them immediately and was told they had sent me a letter that I didn't answer with information they needed. I informed the operator I never received the letter. The operator only argued that they had sent it on whatever date she said they sent it so it wasn't their fault it was my post offices fault. So the operator said she could mail or fax me the form. Since it was faster by fax, she faxed it to my local Wachovia for me to pick up Monday after 9am. I work 9-5 so my boyfriend who works night shift and is normally asleep by 9am had to go pick it up for me. I filled out the form and faxed it to the only fax number on the paper (Monday the 14th) around noon. I called the next morning around 9am the 15th and was told they did not get the fax. I asked if maybe I had the wrong fax number and she said that didn't matter (even though I never told her what number I faxed it to). She asked what my card # was and I told her I didn't remember because I disposed of it. She told me if I wrote my bank account number instead of the credit card # on the form, they would not receive my fax. So she gave me my old credit card # and I changed it on the form and re-faxed it arounf 1:30pm. I called at 4pm and they still said they never got a fax. I told the lady this was time sensitive and what's going to happen if they don't get the fax? She said it takes 24 hours to get a fax! "Just call back later you still have time" I asked her again, what if they don't get it? Her reply was "Just call later". I then faxed it 3 more times before leaving work. Now at about 8am Wednesday the 16th I called and only reached some department that answers for the fraud department before 9am. So I had to call again after 9am. I spoke with a gentleman who told me still no fax. He said if I was faxing it from my job then they probably had my fax number blocked and it wasn't coming through. I told him I knew it went through because our fax machine would send a report back if it did not. He insisted it didn't come through. He told me to take a lunch break and go fax it from my bank. I finally had enough and asked for the manager, this really agitated the service representative but he gave me the manager. The manager informed me they did get my fax after all and that it was the wrong form and he had no idea why they sent me that form. He also said I faxed it to the wrong fax number (how is that when they indeed got my fax?) He gave me his personal fax. All he needed was for me to write and sign a letter that I hadn't authorized the charges. He said all he could do was try to speed up the process for me before my time ran out.

The next day (Thursday the 17th) a woman called me and said they got my letter and was I able to reach the merchant about it. I told her no. She was going to investigate it and call me back. A minute later she called me on 3-way with the merchant who said it was in the terms and agreement that I signed up for a free 7 day trial. I said there was NO terms and agreements and no where on the page did it say there was any extra charge for anything. He insisted it said it. So once they hung up she informed me it was in the terms so I had no chargeback rights! I told her I saw with my own eyes it was NOT on the page and she is just going on the merchants word. She said that wasn't true and that really it had been to long for me to dispute the charge and that I should have disputed it right away. At this point I was beyond belief. I told her I called Wachovia right away! She said well now its to late and theres nothing they can do, its against Visas rules. I told her its now to late because WACHOVIA never sent me the letter and they couldn't even send me the right form or know that they received the form! They messed up the entire way, even admitting this but I am stuck with the scam charge and a to bad from Wachovia. I told her I wanted to speak to the manager. She said the manager was on a conference call and would call me later that evening or the next day. Never got a call. The manager was not on a conference call, she had put me on hold to speak to the manager not a minute before I asked to speak to the manager. This is just what business managers say when they don't want to talk to a customer even I know this. This was the worst customer service ever. Every operator I spoke with had a nasty attitude and wated to argue, they never even let me finish a sentence without interrupting me. I am switching to another bank Monday.
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Eloise on 09/19/2009:
How is it Wachovia's fault that you fell for a scam?
yoke on 09/19/2009:
Your boyfriend screwed up, not the bank.
At first I thought the boyfriend got a hold of her card and charged the item when she said she did not authorize it, until the end when she said that there were no terms and conditions. So she did authorize the transaction even though she lied to the bank and said she did not.
bcd on 09/19/2009:
You state it was your boyfriend that was scammed but then you indicate that YOU read and signed something. If this was an online scam, then why is it that the signed agreement even exists? Why didn’t you take your copy of the agreement to Wachovia when you first disputed the bill?

RE: “I said there was NO terms and agreements and no where on the page did it say there was any extra charge for anything. He insisted it said it.” At that point you should have requested that the merchant produce a copy of the agreement.

It appears as though you did nothing for the two-month period after you were unable to contact the merchant. You should have remained in contact with Wachovia during that time.
Anonymous on 09/19/2009:
Wachovia's fraud! In what way? Boyfriend screwed up! Those terms and conditions you said didn't exist, he agreed to them. You never saw them because you didn't perform the transaction, so telling the bank that the terms weren't on the page was a lie on your part. Charge your boyfriend for the amount you/HE got scammed.
spiderman2 on 09/19/2009:
I think your boyfriend owes you $80 and an apology. I hope you learned not to give out your bank account information to people who will then give it out online and get scammed. There are things that are meant to be shared, but bank account and credit card numbers are not among those things. You dear, got scammed by your boyfriend not Wachovia.
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Unprofessional Staff
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I was in the drive-through and I see this particular teller that always gives me a hard time. So I decide to go into the bank to finish my transaction. I commented that the teller always gives me a hard time asking for multiple ID's, when this isn't the practice.

This Head Teller, Robin starts yelling at me with her hands raised telling me that I've been told twice about the ID's (which is a lie) and implies that all the tellers do it.(another lie) She also implied that a former teller that no longer works there was unprofessional by treating me special and breaking banking procedures. (Which is a lie) The former teller was only a bank friend and never did anything unprofessional, I had no outside contact with the teller and don't know where her new position is. She maintained her professionalism on and off the job.

As she is defaming the character of a former co-worker, another coworker comes up and states "I'm glad she's gone and then proceed to hand the keys to Robin. She also informs me that she will instruct all of her tellers to ask for two forms of ID which implies that it is not a policy that everyone folLows. I told Robin, no-one had explained that there was a change in the policy and she didn't have to speak to me in that manner. No -one is going to talk to me in such a disrespectful manner.

I have banked with this institution for over 10 years, My family has banked with the bank for over 30 years. Others things have occurred but I never complained. I have a significant amount entrusted in this banks' care. Maybe tellers need to be reminded that they work for the customer and without US, THEY WOULD NOT HAVE A JOB! Thank God, one employee run out to tell me not to let ONE person change how I feel about the bank.

These tellers need some sensitivity re-training, new procedures need to be enforced unilateral and tellers need to stop gossiping about their former co-worker in front of customers. If I can't be treated with respect, then I can take my business somewhere else. When I go to other banks, I'm not ever treated this way. :(

I have NEVER written or complained in letter form about anyone before and hope never to have this experience repeated. If they did it to me, they will do it to somebody else.

Long time customer who is unsatisfied,
Ms. Mosley
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tnchuck100 on 04/04/2012:
My response to this teller:

"I am sorry to have created a problem for you. It will never happen again. Please cut a cashiers check for all of the funds I have (in my case this would be a substantial amount) and close the accounts."
Slimjim on 04/04/2012:
I thought all Wachovias were gone now, annexed by wells Fargo. It's too bad yours wasn't. I was never happy myself when we worked with Wachovia.
BEJ on 04/04/2012:
Did you speak with the Bank Manager? There are some folks that just should not hold jobs that deal with the public on a regular basis.
Myword on 06/26/2012:
Wachovia, Wells Fargo, all one and the same. I walked into a Wells Fargo bank today and the teller insisted that I tell her what source issued my check. I was quite annoyed for being treated like a criminal. But I told her that it was my security check from my former landlord. I even pulled the envelope out of my pocketbook and offered her a look. She declined, but stated that she had to have the check verified. I asked if they treat all of their customers like this or if I was being singled out. She stated that this practice is done to protect the customer. After faxing a copy of my DL and the check to someone, she returned to me and explained (loudly in front of other customers)that a red flag was raised when she noticed that there were various fonts used on the printed check that I presented for deposit. After I left the bank I received a call from the branch manager who offered an apology saying that she understood that I was upset with the way I was treated at the bank. I am wondering if this new practice of racial profiling is allowing the real crooks to rob them blind.
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Awful & Rude Customer Service - Stay Away!
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This company has awful Customer Service and never works to resolve an issue I have. They are not flexible at all and are very rude every time I call. I have called this company on 2 occasions prior to today to try to speak to someone in their deferral dept. about my account. Today (Jan. 12, 2010), I spoke to Scott in the Deferrment Dept. who was not helpful at all. He read from a script the entire time and would not deviate from it to listen to what I was asking. I asked to defer a payment to the end of the loan because the car has been broken down for 4 months and I desperately need to fix it. However, I need to defer the payment so I can use that money to fix my car. He told me repeatedly that I had to get the car fixed first and then they would see about deferring my payment. He said they need to know that the issues aren't going to continue before they let me defer anything. Last time I checked, no one can really predict when their car is going to break down... He told me that I just had to call back once it was fixed and tell them I had it fixed and they could look at deferring my payment. After much discussion back and forth, I asked to speak to a manager.

I then spoke to Terry, Account Supervisor, who was just as useless. He explained the same thing except he told me that I would have to send in a receipt for the car repairs before they'd let me defer a payment which was not what Scott, the Customer Service Rep, told me. At one point, I even had to say "Hello?" because he did not even respond when I was done talking. It was as if he wasn't even paying attention and I had to remind him he had a Customer on the phone. I tried to get him to understand that I've paid my payments on time and do not want to ruin my credit report because of this and asked if there are any other options for me since I've been paying on time to which he replied "No." So much for rewarding paying Customers who are trying to be honest! I told him that I don't want to miss my January 2010 payment because I use that money to get my car fixed, but I need to get the car fixed. I told him that I do not want to continue making payments for a car that I can't get fixed because they refuse to work with me and, if that is the case, I will eventually end up having to call them and tell them to come get the broken down car to which he replied "OK." He didn't try to suggest other options or acknowledge/thank me for paying payments on time. I am not trying to NOT ever make the payment, it will be added to the end of the loan. They acted as if I am trying to rip them off and steal money from them.

If either of these individuals would have tried to be somewhat friendly or courteous or helpful, it would have gone a LONG way towards calming me down. It is the SAME thing every time I call to ask a simple question. The Customer Service Dept. at this company consists of very rude and inconsiderate individuals who contradict each other, one person tells you one thing and one person tells you something different. They really need look at a complete overhaul of their Customer Service department. When a Customer calls in for assistance in order to do anything to continue making payments on time, they should really try to help! Someone in this company needs to be aware of the treatment that Customers receive when they contact Customer Service at 1-800-289-8004. If this were a one time thing, that would be different. After 3 calls without success and horrible Customer Service by an Account Supervisor, other people need to be made aware to stay away from this company!
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User Replies:
goduke on 01/12/2010:
I'm really not sure that it's Wachovia's job to make sure that your car is in running condition. They didn't sell you the car. They only loaned you the money to pay for the car that you chose. Why would you assume that it's their responsibility to defer payments to make sure you have money in the bank to make the repairs? Why not ask your mortgage company or landlord to defer a payment so that you could fix the car? Maybe the electric company.

I'm really sorry that they didn't immediately roll over and give in to your request, but I'm not sure they were out of line to say "no" when you asked a favor of them.
Anonymous on 01/12/2010:
As for paying for a car you can't get fixed, you signed the contract for the money.
RestaurantGuy on 01/12/2010:
Just because they didn't bow down to you and give you what you wanted does not make them awful and rude. It is your responsibility to make the payments that you agreed on when they gave you the loan. It is your responsibility to fix the car and keep it in running condition not thiers. Fix the car and then call them and ask nicely (as they don't have to do anything for you) if they will please defer a payment for you. Be nice and you might get what you want. Be a jerk and you will get nothing from them
Anonymous on 01/12/2010:
You threatened to not maintain the car properly, then stiff them on the money and make them repo the vehicle if they wouldn't defer a payment that you contractually agreed to make...you really know how to punish someone who trusted you with a loan, huh?
Anonymous on 01/12/2010:
I mean if you have good credit, then why don't you try to openj up a credit card to pay for the repairs? Or try to get a personal loan to pay for the car?
RachelleJA on 02/06/2010:
I suggest you try to start a savings for the future just for this reason. MSN money suggested that you keep at least 500 dollars to the side for any kind of unexpected bills such as car repairs. It is not the banks responsibility to make sure your car is running, that's yours. They only offer you the financing. If you recently purchased the car, then don't scream at the bank go to the dealer and try to work something out. If you have no savings try to get a personal loan/credit card as tennboy said to pay for the car repairs. Or cut back on luxury expenses and save up to get the car fix seeing as you went four mouths with a broken car it doesn't seem a necessity to get it fixed now.
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And the next day and the next day...
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I recently went into Wachovia with a paycheck after a while of no work, I was excited to pay my over draft fee and re open my account. When I went in though I was told that because my account was closed, my teller told me he would have to send it in with his work to the back office not recovery agency. My whole check, I received no receit for my check and was told that it would take up to 4 to 5 business days to make my account valid.

I was also going out of state so I needed the money. So it was 9 days later when I decided to call my bank to make sure everything had cleared and that my money was there.
It wasn't, I then called multiple representatives, agencies and departments and all seemed to have the same answer my money was not there and had not eve been processed. After even more phone calls I found that my check had been sitting in the rejected ledgers for these 9 days, showing me that if I had not called sooner it would still be sitting there.
After even more calls of hearing they did not know where it was I was finally able to talk to someone that actaully seemed like they wanted me to have my money back.
I was told my money would be posted in my account as of today 5pm eastern time. After calling yet again when my account was not registering I was told again that I would have to wait another day for MY money to post a midight.

So again I called trying to figure out what I could possibly do to speed up this and was again told nothing could be done, that my branch had sent the check in a way that was not normally done and told that because I choose to handle the matters that way it was not going to speed the check up. The fact that my bank choose this route for me did not change matters.

Now across the country with no money and still waiting on this check that might not even be in tomorrow. It seems very clear that the trouble it was causing me the client simply was something that was not important. I was told five days and was made to wait nine and now another day to wait for my money after they had already gotten the money I owed, and basically told me because of the route I took thinking my bank would know what was going on and guide me to help make the reopening easier, I have been sent a wild goose chase for my own money.

The timing for your money posting is not clear merely a ball park guess and that even when talking to multiple departments and hearing "the branches really don't have a real way and telling how long it will take to post through an outside agency, merely is what they hear" How comforting to know your bank doesn't even really know what's what.
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JR in Orlando on 10/08/2009:
What do they say in boxing: "protect yourself at all times." By the very nature and volume of transactions mistakes are going to occur. I would suggest next time, cashing the paycheck and then depositing in the account only enough to pay the overdrafts and leave a minimum amount in your account. This way, you have the money you need and if delays occur in reopening the account, it will not inconvenience you. Once it is open, then start using it again. I am glad you are back to work. Good luck.
Anonymous on 10/09/2009:
You have waited nine days for your money. How long did they have to wait for theirs?
sogone on 12/13/2009:
As a wachovia teller for 2 years, this is not the correct way to process and recovery payment. recovery payments are only to be paid with money orders for the exact amount. He should not have taken your check, because there was no account to put it in. This is why I quit Wachovia, they are shady and they LIE! After I quit, the took all of my money and won't give it back with no explanation.
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Availability of Funds / Debit Card Purchases
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I have never been so confused when dealing with a simple checking account as I have been since being a Wachovia customer. I never would have chosen them as a bank but they bought the bank I was using at the time.

Once again, this last week, I had no idea what my true balance was. The inconsistency of their reporting my transactions is confounding.

The didn't report a $200 ATM withdrawal at noon on a Friday until the following Monday BUT funds were available from a $325 check I deposited on that same Monday after 2:00pm. The funds from the check were available that same day.

I usually call to get my balance and I don't use the online system b/c I was one of those people whose account info was stolen in 2004 and I've been spooked ever since. I travel a lot and I'm never on the same server let alone a secure server twice.

When I called for my balance on Tuesday and listened to the last 10 transactions, I thought the $325 was still pending b/c it was not listed as a transaction so I kept adding it to whatever balance I had.

When the money still hadn't gone through by Thursday, I called the person who wrote me the check and she said it came out of her account on Wednesday. I was worried. I went it, got a printout and discovered my account my much lower than I thought. In fact, it was $60 lower than it was on the phone (I called right before I went in) and $20 higher than what I had on my ATM receipt I got outside the bank also right before going in.

So, I've got three different balances in hand. Then I notice that the check went through two days BEFORE it came out of my friend's account. How is that possible? What if the check bounced and I spent that money thinking the check cleared? Answer: I would have been charged a fee. And I'm sure that's exactly what they're banking on (no pun intended).

How many people overdraw their accounts b/c of bounced checks they've deposited? If the bank isn't receiving or confirming funds are available first, how can a check be available the SAME day it's deposited--especially when it's been deposited after 2:00pm?

On the converse, they've let my debit card go through on purchases even if I didn't have the money in the bank. I checked my balance and made a purchase but "apparently" a bunch of charges posted "right after I called" so my account balance was lower than I thought. They let my card go through anyway for three purchases and charged me $35 for each purchase (one of which was $5.00 for magazine at the airport).

I wouldn't be so angry about it except for the fact that I opted out of this a year before. I do not want my debit card to go through if I don't have money. It's not a credit card! The answer I got when I confronted my branch manager about this is that it depends on the merchant and they (Wachovia) did me a "favor" by letting the purchase go through. "Most people want us to let their card go through". And for $35 a pop I'm sure they are more than happy to oblige.

So, basically I'm banking with every merchant I patronize not just with Wachovia. Whenever the merchant decides to send my transaction is when it's tabulated on my account--even if Wachovia "sees" or I hear that the transaction has been debited.

And, now, I'm a Wells Fargo customer without actually choosing them either. I'm about to start using my shoeboxes.
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User Replies:
MaggieMcT on 09/04/2009:
Or, instead of shoeboxes, you could use a check register.
kisa64 on 09/04/2009:
What difference does it make when the merchant decides to send the transaction in for payment; you should consider that money GONE when you make the purchase; aren't you keeping track of your balance yourself? To quote another poster here, relying on the online balance is financial suicide!
Anonymous on 09/04/2009:
If you don't do online banking, you need to keep a check register. You need to find someway of keeping track of your debits and credits without just calling to see what your balance is. Because at the time you call, that may be your balance, but that's before everything processes. If you spend your card like it's supposed to be; as a debit card, anything you spend is held because that money is spent. Now, if you use your debit card like a credit card, you don't put your pin number in, no money is held. So, after 2-3 days, when the merchant collects the money; they're going to take that money out no matter if you have it or not. So, when you call for your balance, your balance doesn't include anything you've bought by using your card as a credit card.
Depending on where you live, banks have a cut off time. Cut off, meaning next business day. Could be anywhere between 2pm-4pm. Your paperwork that you received when you opened your account tells you when the cut off time is. If you've thrown that away, call the branch and ask when the cut off time is.
Keep track of what you spend... that way you won't be overdrafted.
Anything you deposit or do after the cut off time is considered done on the next business day. For example, it's Friday; cut off time comes around, it's the next business day: Monday. Weekends and federal holidays are not business days.
Wachovia doesn't service their own ATM's. Anything deposited there is collected and sent off to the ATM department. But, that's neither here nor there.
You have GOT to keep track of what you spend. Don't just rely on calling and seeing what your balance is. That's one way to screw yourself and that's how Wachovia gets your money.
notbuyingit on 09/04/2009:
I do consider the money gone but my balances are all different (ATM, in branch printout and phone) and I don't understand why.

I don't/can't use a check register b/c I use my debit card almost 20 times a day since I travel for work. I'm constantly depositing checks and cash (I'm a musician) from all over the country. So, I depend on what my ATM statements or phone statements say since out of state checks don't clear as fast sometimes, holds on my card from hotels, etc. It is impossible to keep up with.

Even if I make a deposit of $3,000 and record in a register it doesn't mean I have $3,000 in the bank right away. If I use that $3,000 before its available I'm screwed

Trust me. That is why I opted out of having my card go through if I don't have money. It never went through with my old bank and I didn't know I had to opt out it with Wachovia when they took over btw. It *should* prevent me from EVER being negative since my financial life is so unorthodox but it doesn't somehow. It's "situational" and not 100% I've been told.

But I've only been overdrawn twice in 5 years and it was Wachovia's reporting of my transactions both times--not because I knowingly took money that I didn't have. I'm not sitting at home with my banking statements at the end of each day. I'm in a different city every night and sometimes different countries in a 24 hour period.

I've been told time and time again to always chose debit b/c it automatically comes out of my account but that simply isn't true.

And, again, my other point is how are they giving me money that hasn't been confirmed as available from another bank?? I just feel as if they're setting people up for failure when they do this.

I don't want money in my account from a potentially bounced check.

Even though this didn't happen this time, I'm wondering what I'll have to stand on if it happens another time and the check does bounce. "Well, we've given you money the same day you've deposited it before and it was fine then so..."

I know it's ultimately my responsibility but I've set up my banking to accommodate my lifestyle. And I'm accountable for my actions but I think the bank should be accountable as well especially when their actions could damage my credit.
Anonymous on 09/04/2009:
The debit card purchases do automatically come out (meaning the funds are taken out of your account and put on hold)... they just don't post until they are processed. That is, if you use your card as a debit card. If you use it without putting in your pin code, the money isn't put on hold and takes up to 3 days to process. And regardless of whether or not the money is in there, the merchants are going to collect that money.
The branch print out only shows things that have posted, that's why it's different. It doesn't show what money you've spent the day you get your printout.
That opt out option *should* but it doesn't catch everything. That's where the register comes in handy.
Since you travel a lot, you have to be aware of when the bank's cut off times are. That's what will get ya. Not all states are the same.
As for writing your credits down, if you were to do a check register. Just write down if it was cash or check. Usually, when you make desposits via check, your receipt gives you a date when it's available. You deposit the check on a Monday before cut off time, it's available the next morning... or Monday midnight, whichever way you look at it. You deposit it after cutover, Monday become Tuesday, won't be available 'til Tuesday at midnight.
If something happens, just take your statements, printouts, whatever to the branch, talk to a branch manager nicely and calmly; they should be able to work with you to correct the problem.
It's only those that go in with an attitude that can't seem to get their way.
Stuff happens, checks bounce, but anytime I've ever had an issue, the teller manager or the branch manager have always been nice enough to help.
old fart on 09/04/2009:
Notbuy.... I Use My debit card for every cent of everything I buy... It requires no intelligence or skill at all to simply take the receipt you get, put them in your wallet and record them every night at your leisure... It's just a checking account for Gosh sakes, treat it like one!

There will always be "check float" when you compare the sources but that's why you NEED to balance the account and I'll bet you dollars to donuts you just stuff the ATM receipts in your shirt pocket and run them through the washing machine..

It takes discipline! Learn some!
grandma005 on 09/04/2009:
I use a credit card and cash. Keeps me out of trouble.
skelly39 on 09/04/2009:
Instead of using your debit card, why don't you just use cash and that way you only have to record one thing in your register.
CrazyRedHead on 09/04/2009:
You may also want to pull out the booklet that you received when you opened up your account. It shows the fees schedule and other little tidbits of your account. Not keeping a checking register is just an excuse, I use mine for everything. Your checking register is the one balance you should rely on and also learning how there deposit schedule works.
JR in Orlando on 09/04/2009:
Let's see: 20 debit transactions per day at $35.00 per overdraft on any overdrawn day = $700.00 at risk. Smart, very Smart. Get an American Express card which you pay every month and use that for business purchases. Carry some cash, you know that green stuff, when you travel so you don't have to buy a magazine by debit card. Doing these two things will greatly cut down your exposure.

Use your debit solely for major purchases where needed, e.g. hotel rooms, ATM cash out, and use a check register. You should just admit you are not competent to use a debit card. That's okay. I had one when they first came out, and within a month my accounts were a mess. Used American Express and cash since then, with credit card to buy on-line. Have had only one problem with bank account in years, (physically misadded check register).
yoke on 09/04/2009:
Why can't you use a check register? So what if you do 20 transactions a day. GMAB! You don't seem to be able to keep your account in order the way you are doing it so why not try a check register. You may be surprised with your results.
jimworcs on 09/14/2009:
Really, this is a pointless complaint. The balances you check are snapshots of the state of your account at the moment.. it is a ridiculous way to manage your affairs and childish to blame the bank. If you are struggling, keep a notebook, track it on a phone, laptop or something.
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Wachovia will not honor customers' decisions
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CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- For several months, I have tried to get my monthly statements mailed to me not to get those annoying E-mail reminders informing me my monthly statements are ready for viewing. Every time I get that, I go to this bank's web site to change over for regular mailing, but my choice is always override by people who oversee such information as though they think they are the greater good for those customers who chose not to have certain things done to their accounts. I am tired of this constant battle over something so simple.

On Friday, June 19, 2009, I called Wachovia\'s customer service. I talked with someone who is (was) a non-American, non-English speaking person about this matter. That person thought I said I no longer wanted internet access to my account so that person took it upon herself to deny me such access when I was trying to get set up to have my monthly statements mailed to me without getting any more of those annoying E-mail reminders about my monthly statements. Now I no longer have this service available.

I have even gone further enough to contact both presidents of Wells Fargo and Wachovia about this matter only to be belitted and patronized by Wachovia and getting no response from Wells Fargo. I am still getting those annoying E-mail reminders.

After wasting months upon months of my time trying to get this simple matter resolved, I am not going to waste any more of my time. This has gone on long enough. I am going to put an end to it quickly. My physical health is extremely weak and it is getting weaker on a daily basis. I had a major surgery this month. I am looking at another major surgery within the next several months. I do not this stress in my life to the point my weak physical health will cause me to be hospitalized all because this bank refuses to make this one simple change.

I thought I would use Wachovia's free bill paying service to pay my monthly telephone, but this was a mistake. The total amount of my telephone bill was removed three times from my checking account for a total of $71.67. One of these (those) payments was applied to my parents\' telephone bill sine AT&T thought that draft was from my mother\'s credit union checking account not from my checking account so AT&T applied such amount to my parents\' bill. Luckily, my mother got that straighten out with AT&T, but I am still having a battle with both sides which is further unnecessary stress for me. Therefore, I have removed that from my account, but knowing what Wachovia has done to me concerning my monthly statements not being mailed to me, it has most likely overrode this decision as well. If this turns out to be true, I will be glad to sue Wachovia for all of this unnecessary trouble it has given me for many months now.

Wachovia claims to have been rated number one in customer service for eight straight years. From the trouble I have had with this bank, I am beginning to wonder if this is nothing more than a pathological lie invented by this bank. If I do not get the results I am seeking soon, I will be glad to close my account and start conducting my banking business with a local bank that knows how to treat its customers right.
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tnchuck100 on 06/21/2009:
That is despicable but not surprising behavior. Close the accounts and find a credit union. Big banks no longer deserve our business. They have already robbed our tax money. NOW let them FAIL. Let that be the end of it. Cut our losses.
Anonymous on 06/21/2009:
One of the websites I work with (for a major bank) has a paperless statement option. While we would love to change everyone over to paperless statements as it costs a fortune to send out monthly statements, we can't. I'm not familiar with the banking laws in the U.S., but I'm guessing regulatory reporting requirements are the same - the bank has to send you statements in whatever form you choose. Put your request in writing and if they still don't give you paper statements, go to the ombudsman of the bank (if they have one).
Nohandle on 06/21/2009:
I'm probably the only member here who still has paper statements mailed to me. Call me whatever you like, I don't care. I don't have to have instant access to anything.
Anonymous on 06/21/2009:
How about just going into a branch, talking to a real person, and requesting that you be switched back to paper statements? Why would you even try to deal with someone on the phone who does not understand what you are trying to do?
MRM on 06/21/2009:
I dislike paper statements because they can get lost in the mail, which can lead to identity theft. Yea, I pay bills online because of convenience, no stamps, no envelopes, and the bills get posted the next day.
Nohandle on 06/21/2009:
Most of my friends feel the same way MRM. That works best for them.
Anonymous on 06/21/2009:
Nohandle, I still get paper statements, even though I've requested mutliple times that I don't want them.
BokiBean on 06/21/2009:
I get paper statement for filing and if I need to check something in months past they are right here. I also use online access to check occasionally. But I still write checks too..old fashioned, I guess.

Something about giving companies access to my bank account without my direct involvement doesn't sit right with me.
BirmanCat on 06/21/2009:
I, too, insist on receiving statements through the mail. This has been to my benefit several times, when the bank has made a mistake and then insists that it doesn't have to correct the error!

One time the bank deducted a check from my account -- a check that didn't exist! I had to call numerous departments to get it corrected, with every department insisting that no mistake had been made and even if a mistake had been made I had no proof. Each time I offered to fax in the incorrect statement, so that the bank could verify that a mistake had been made. Then my call was transferred to another department who would tell me that the statement didn't need to be corrected.

Since I had a paper statement, with a postmark, I could "force" them to issued a corrected statement. Otherwise, all I would have would be a copy of an electronic posting, which can be changed at will by the bank.

When my call was finally rerouted back to customer service, I was told that the bank didn't issue corrected statements. In my very best "innocent" voice, I assured the CSR that I knew they would because they were required to do so by federal banking regulations.

My corrected statement was mailed to me that day.
Ponie on 06/21/2009:
I'm with you, Boki. I want those pieces of paper in front of me to reconcile my accounts. I guess my banks are a little goofy. They mail me the statements, send them to my online, and I have the option to discontinue mailing which I've declined. Also, I have access to the past three years' statements online. I'm sure if I need anything prior to that, it would definitely be worth the charge to retrieve it. I wouldn't consider that being old-fashioned, I'd say it's keeping on top of things. [C'mon--agree with me. :)]
Kathryn, if they haven't been able to correct this situation by phone or online, I'm sure a visit to a branch would rectify the problem. I highly doubt it 'will cause me to be hospitalized all because this bank refuses to make this one simple change.'
Skye on 06/21/2009:
Our bank is First Bank, here in Colorado. Very happy with them. And we still get our paper statements, which I like. They offer to send them on line, but we decline.
BokiBean on 06/21/2009:
I agree with Ponie totally! In fact, I've voted her extremely helpful and encourage others to do the same. :)

You know, I dunno if my CU has older statements online or not. Three years back is pretty darn helpful, I like that.
Ponie on 06/21/2009:
Thanks, Boki. I've never had to use the three-years-back function, thankfully. Guess because I'm old fashioned and keep on top of things, any errors are caught in a timely manner. There are some things I'm very picky about...and watching the few $$$ I have is one of them. :)
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Wachovia Allows Others To Steal Your Money
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SAFETY HARBOR, FLORIDA -- On June 23rd I checked my bank account online and noticed four $75 charges at the same gas station all on the same day. I called Wachovia and they said the charges were made by my husband’s credit card in some town in Massachusetts. We live in Florida and had made purchases that same day with the same card. The customer service rep refunded the $300 but when I asked him why we were not notified of the 4 gas charges made out of state on the very same day we are using the same card in our hometown he couldn’t answer. All he had to say was that usually they should have red flagged that and usually they call. WHAT??? Usually, but you didn’t. It gets better. It is now 13 days later and my husband’s new card has yet to arrive.

When I called the ignorant customer service lady said she couldn’t answer where his card was because I am not Peter and I used a different SSN when signing in. I didn’t though; I used our bank account number to sign into the system as I always do to avoid using my SSN whenever possible. (My husband and I have a joint checking account so we both have complete access) She then asked for his SSN, which I gave her, and she told me it was sent on the 23rd. She asked for my address which I had just recently changed and received confirmation in a form of a letter mailed to my new address. That wasn’t the address she had, so I gave her my last address, no still wrong. I gave her my address before that, no still wrong. Wachovia mailed my husband’s card to an address we had several years ago and had since changed 3 times. She then said she couldn’t do anything more unless Peter called. That’s crap, Wachovia messes up and allows $300 of fraudulent charges clear and then sends a debit card to a wrong address and you can’t talk to me.

I also asked why mail from Wachovia had been sent to my husband’s grandmother’s address when neither she nor her address has ever been associated with our accounts. She had no answer.

This isn’t the first time Wachovia has made these mistakes. I should have known when we first opened the accounts and I received 3 separate debit cards and my husband received 2. What if they had ended up in the hands of someone other than us? Five different cards to two people in the matter of 2 weeks. Wachovia is incompetent. But I guess since they are OK stealing your money by there insufficient funds scheme and “available funds” why would they care if others steal your hard earned money too.

As far as people's comments thank you

~I changed our address with the bank and we were getting our mail and statements through every address change then they mail the new debit to another address.

~The credit card number was used inside the gas station manually and the charges were not something we did online that showed an out of state address. Wachovia said they have fraud protection and it should have been caught but wasn't.

~Our phone numbers have been the same for 5 years so contacting us shouldn't have been a problem

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madconsumer on 07/07/2008:
were the gas purchases at a pump?

since you called in to cancel the card, and disputed the charges, did you ever make sure they had your correct address?

not all banks offer fraud protection. those that do, offer different levels of service. had they stopped the charges due to fraud, and you were using the card, and had charges declined, I bet you would be even more mad!!
LarryDan on 07/07/2008:
If you purchase something online, the transaction will most likely be made of state. That alone would not be a good trigger for fraud detection. Always remember to update all your address with people who send you mail, simply filling out the forwarding address at the post office is not enough.
Cyane on 07/07/2008:
Make sure your phone number is up-to-date, as well.
Anonymous on 07/07/2008:
What address is your statement being sent to?
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Wachovia Fraud!
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SHELBY, NC -- How do I loathe thee? Let me count the ways…

1. After only 1 month of service they managed to cheat me out of 70.00.
How? $34 in my account. Spent $18 of it previous day (after 2pm) of
Depositing $700.00 (CASH) @ 5min after 2:00.

Went shopping directly after the bank deposit and spent $200.00 Not only were we charged for THAT shopping as an over draft, But the other one for the day BEFORE the deposit and also had enough cash to cover simply because they managed to mathematically Magically use the first 35.00 overdraft fee (which happened the day BEFORE the overdraft) BEFORE the $18. Then overdraft the 200.00 payment even though they had 700.00 of my cash the entire time. When called to argue this practice was told “Well you should not have deposited the cash before you went shopping”.

Why else would I use a bank???? It’s easy to see at the time I had no idea what I would be spending on my Spree, so putting the cash into the bank was the perfect alternative, or so I thought.

2. My daughter (Who lives with me) is disabled. She is paid monthly by the state a fee which allows her to pay me rent. We both signed with Wachovia due to the need to transfer these funds monthly for this purpose. We asked if we could do this online when we signed up. They said not a problem. The first month we go online to do this and there is no where on the site to Transfer Funds between two accounts in the same bank. So we go in to the bank and ask why we were told we could but actually could not. We were told that this is possible but you must use Bill Pay in order to do this. Second Month we set up Bill Pay to transfer Funds. We are told by the site that this will take 3 days for the transfer.

Wait the 3 days.. And what appears in my mailbox? A CHECK from My daughters Wachovia Account addressed to me. She could have walked out of her room and handed me a darn check and saved us the 3 days on the transfer. We go to the bank to address this new situation and are told that we cannot electronically transfer funds since we are not a Business. And I said we could have illuminated this entire MESS if you would have told me this to begin with instead of lying to me when I opened the account. I then asked if this check WRITTEN ON THEIR BANK NOTE would have a holding period. I was told it would not be added to my account for 3 days since it was after 2pm on a Friday. This means they were now in possession and collecting interest on the funds for over 7 days.

3. Was given a $25.00 sign a friend FREE gift card. Went online to activate it, and was told that it had already been activated. Called the number on the card and was told there was no problem the card was fine. Used it for an online purchase and it was declined. Figured it was the site.. Went to another site and IT was declined. Called the number on the card again and was told that some online areas would not accept it and to use it at an in person transaction instead. Went to lunch tried the card and it was declined. WENT INTO THE BANK and asked why they would give out FREE $25 that was not really there. I was told that it was not their responsibility since it was VISA that issued the cards. I gave up.

We had Wells Fargo in California for years and they had no problems with the above AT ALL. Since moving from California to the East there have been nothing but problems.

I am over 40 never had any problems with ANY banks I have ever dealt with until signing up with Wachovia 3months ago. If you value what little money you have, beware of this bank.


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madconsumer on 07/04/2008:
if you deposited cash, then went to spend that amount, what was the purpose of the deposit? why not use cash for that purchase?
spiderman2 on 07/04/2008:
You do realize that deposits, even in cash, take time to get posted to your account. 5 minutes is not sufficient time. I can also understand why you can't transfer money from one account in your name to another not in your name. This has to be some sort of safety measure.
Slimjim on 07/04/2008:
We had a problem with a business account with Wachovia. Long time customer too. They let a wire transfer go through when there wasn't enough funds (obvious to them)in the account. It was called in and the rep was staring at a screen that clearly she should have said the balance didn't equal the wire. We had inadvertently did it before a deposit. Then they returned all the items written against the funds that were there. and hit us with about a 10k bill in overdraft fees, that they never did waive for us. We switch institutions and they long since lost more in user fees than they sniped from us.
Derringer on 07/04/2008:
Madconsumer: The bank would have been closed if I were to do the shopping first and then deposited the rest. Also I had no idea what I would be spending for my groceries. If I handed you 700.00 then wrote a check that stated you were to give 200.00 of my money to someone. Then you told the someone that I didn't have that money. Would that not be a lie? Your Question should be; If you have a bank that has your money and you use that bank to pay for things, shouldn't that bank know you have the money and rectify the overdraft fee? or why use a bank at all?

Spoderman2: The transactions were 5 hours apart not 5 minutes. The 5min after statement is that 2:00 is their cut off for desposits made the same day. I didn't know of this rule until after the incident. Wells Fargo has money transfers between two different peoples accounts in the same bank that transact immediately. So your "safety measure" is ruled out.

Slimjim: It seems they have incompitent workers yet their hierarchy covers for them at the expense of the customer.
I have no reason to doubt your statement.

My only reason for posting (First time complainer of any company) was how rediculas this entire 3mo period has been, and forwarning others to steer clear. I do not expect compensasion, nor compasion from this financial institution. Just stating my case as it happened as "3" was the last straw.
yoke on 07/04/2008:
I agree with madconsumer. Why didn't you shop and then deposit the cash the next business day. What is the difference whether you deposited $500 or $700?
CrazyRedHead on 07/04/2008:
I agree with yoke and madconsumer. I use BOA and I am able to transfer funds between me and my husband. Did you make the deposit using a check or cash and was it through the ATM or inside. When me and hubby transfer it is immediate, although there is a cutoff time but it is later at night.
tnchuck100 on 07/04/2008:
Derringer, I understand your aggravation. You were lied to several times by bank employees. That is not unusual. Most employees of the big banks have limited knowledge of what the bank can and cannot do. As you have seen by some of the comments here, some people do not read what is posted and fail to comprehend what has taken place.
madconsumer on 07/04/2008:
hold on there folks! I ment, if the poster had the cash, what was the purpose of making a deposit? cash in hand, equals controlled spending. not possible to make an ovderdraft.
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Customer Service Rep. Made False Statement On My Account
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CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- I have had numerous accounts with Wachovia for over 8 years. My name is also on my mother’s account and as a senior, she unknowingly went over her limit for the first time by $23 and was charged a $26 fee. I found out while checking my other accounts and asked if the fee could be waived as a courtesy. The person refused and I asked to speak with a manager or someone else, but the woman at Wachovia said no one else was available. I told her I was unhappy and would write her company and needed her name and id# and/or call center information for reference. To my astonishment, she said she felt threatened and would have someone call me back then hung up on me. I got a message on my phone a few hours later from the securities dept. and when I called back, was told all my accounts will be closed because the worker felt threatened when I asked for her information to write!! What a joke!

Are these people for real? No questions asked, no one apparently listened to the call and no one cared about me the customer to ask what happened, but were quick to judge and decide I was not good enough for their company. The man even went as far as to state that I should have apologized to the Wachovia representative that lied about me!!! I have never been so insulted! Does this company not respect customers and realize that we are the reason they are in business? It seemed they are still living in the Stone Age or does this company constantly disrespect valuable customers?

Further more, I went to the branch and was not able to get anywhere because they needed to call the phone advisors who were no help as usual. It has been very embarrassing to have threat alerts on my accounts and I have had nothing but problems getting my money because they always need approval from the securities department before I can get my own money, in addition to being told that my accounts were pending to be closed in a few days! I am being treated as a criminal and no one should do business with a company that does not care about their customers and who apparently do not spend time to find good employees that are honest, especially since they deal with sensitive information and money!!
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madconsumer on 04/05/2008:
I would like to hear the other side of the story.
chemman on 04/05/2008:
Wachovia has made me feel like a criminal as well. I had several accounts there, including my mortgage. I went into a branch to deposit a check and received cash back (I hadn't been inside a branch since I opened the accounts). The woman counted my money behind the counter and stuck it in an envelope, which I thought was odd, when I used to do my banking in branches, they used to count it in front of you. So I pulled the money slightly out of the envelope and verified it was all there. When I back to my office I pulled it out to put it in my wallet and immediately noticed one of the $100's they game me was counterfeit and had three large brown marks on it from the counterfeit pen (it was a bad counterfeit at that). I immediately returned and told them I was just given that bill. They questioned the teller who quickly said there was no way she would have ever given me that bill, and in front of other customers claimed I was lying. They at first tried to make me take the bill and leave and come back the next day to talk with a manager, I refused to leave the building with it. They ended up calling the secret service and giving them all my info and collected the bill as evidence and refused to give me a receipt or proof that they had kept the bill, so I ended up having to call the local police and file a report in order to get documentation that they had taken the bill from me (essentially stealing $100 from me)
The next day bank manager refused to refund the money to me since it had left the building, so I told her I was closing all of my accounts and refinancing my mortgage. I told her I was also filing another police report accusing the teller of theft, since the manager claimed she was one of their best and could not have made a mistake, so I claimed she must have done it on purpose. The manager then begrudgingly refunded my $100 and asked me not to file another report.
tnchuck100 on 04/05/2008:
chemman, It's good to hear someone stood up to them and forced them to correct a wrong. Never let them push you around.
abobo on 04/05/2008:
madconsumer, call up Wachovia and ask then, see how far you get ;)
CrazyRedHead on 04/05/2008:
I would also like to hear that phone conversation to see why she felt threatened.
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Scanmed Wachovia Visa Debit Card !
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My Wachovia Debit Visa card was scanmed while I was in Ukraine last October and there was almost $ 20.000 taken from my checking account in Russia, while I was in Ukraine and China. I filed a report to the bank and the fraud department agent Anita Parks called me in April to asked me some questions.

Until now, the bank has not refund me the money, this lady is fooling with me, while she says she cannot get through me since I was in Ukraine, since she needs to ask me some questions, so I gave her my two phone numbers the one in Ukraine and the one from Venezuela and she never called me.

I am back to Venezuela and have been calling her to 704-5903041 and there is always an answering machine with her voice and with the message that she will contact you later. She wrote me back yesterday saying that she cannot get through me with the number I gave her and it is obvious that she is making time in order not to pay me. I get phone calls from USA and other countries with the given numbers all the time, but unfortunately this is not posible for this Wachovia - Wells Fargo employee.

Last July she said the same thing and then she never called me when I was in Ukraine and then after I called her and wrote her, she was out for holidays.
I terrible upset about this bank and their service and off course all I want is my money back and close my account. Now I wonder why the USA government don't eforce the law with this bank, they are making the few trust left in their banks to disappear.
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madconsumer on 08/19/2011:
sounds like a nightmare! sadly, people use those portable scanners to image the cards in your pocket. many have purchsed those metal credit cards holders and swear by them.
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