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Overdraft Fees
By -

NORTH PALM BEACH, FLORIDA -- My Mortgage Account is overdrawn by .36 cents. OK here is the background on what happened. My mortgage cleared the account, I usually keep a little extra in case of emergencies. On 3/6 I made a purchase at BK for me and my daughter for 14.64 leaving an account balance of 14.05 when I balanced my checkbook the online account agreed with this.

The next day I went to Winn Dixie to grab some baby food and pick up medicine for my wife. The medicine was 10.00 at the pharmacy leaving me 4.05 left in the account. I forgot my National City bank card, so I was not expecting to use this card today. I picked up some baby food 3 for 1.00 the total should have been 3.00 plus tax, unfortunately the register did not recognize the customer reward card and I was overcharged .36 cents. OK my fault. I did not catch it until later that night, and I entered my pin while talking to the store mgr who was at the register playing with my little baby.

I should have been charged 35.00 overdraft and I understand this, but I got charged 105.00 and went negative 105.36. From what I can tell I was charged 3 times for 1 overdraft. I called the branch mgr, who was a total jerk. Refused to refund any of the money. Now all I was asking for was a refund of 70.00 what I legitimately owed. The branch mgr hung up on me and instructed his employees to hang up on me if I called back. On the third try a different employee at least gave me his name, something he refused to do.

No matter how you do the math you can clearly see the overdraft was over the 4.41. (Which I do not dispute.) I called customer service. The first phone rep was at least nice, and said I was definitely right and gave me another number to call, because she did not have the codes to override. The third person basically was useless in help saying that the way it happened is they bounced the BK transaction because the Winn Dixie transactions added up over drafted, say what????

So basically I said "OK, I agree to the first over draft and I am willing to accept it, but I wanted the refund of 70.00." She said not going to happen. So OK I said "I guess I will have to initiate a small claims suit to get money back." At this point she said "OK have a good night" and hung up phone. So basically because a Branch Manager was a jerk and 2 reps refused to at least compromise we are going to initiate a Small Claims action.

The wife is a Paralegal and I am studying Paralegal and I have what I believe is a strong case. Wachovia is going to have to pay more money to fight this case, which they will probably not win or even if they do not fight they will have to pay the judgment which we are going to ask for 5 grand the max allowed. I personally hope they fight because I want to see them explain how they charged these fees and why. Even if I lose I will walk away saying I did not bend over and take it on the downside. I personally think anyone who disagrees with the bank levels fees you have the right to ask the court to intervene, make the banks pay attorney fees or pay back your money.

The way this works is we will get a pre trial motion. This will be held by a arbitrator, not the judge, if Wachovia refuses to meet my demands I get a trial date. If Wachovia does not show I win by default. Either way Wachovia is going to spend way more than the 70.00 in fees they refused to hand over.

How to file a complaint against Wachovia
By -

I've only been with Wachovia for 3 months and never in my entire banking experience have I ever dealt with such GREED. I too was charged $70.00 a piece for 3 separate fees that totaled $210.00. I had a situation were a merchant double swiped my card but only had an authorization for one of the fees. Well, Wachovia used that situation for their personal advantage.

The item never posted to my account twice, but Wachovia charged me 3 $35.00 on my check card hold items and $35.00 when they posted. Due to the one item still being on hold. When in actuality, I had a positive $53.00 balance. I called them to fix this problem and they gave me the runaround too. (They made no sense at all.) They refunded my $53.00, but left the $157.00. WOW!!

So I did my own research about this greedy company and found out that there are thousands of complaints just like mine. I also found out that as consumers, we have rights against GREEDY BANK INSTITUTIONS like WACHOVIA. If you want help, file a complaint with the OCC. The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) is a bureau of the United States Department of the Treasury. The OCC charters, regulates, and supervises over 1,750 (as of September 30, 2006) national banks and their operating subsidiaries to ensure a safe, sound and competitive national banking system that supports the citizens, communities and economy of the United States.

The OCC also supervises federally licensed branches and agencies of foreign banks. The national banks fund the OCC through assessments paid by the banks based on their assets and fees they pay for special services. It's sad because Wachovia has merged with other good institutions and have poisoned them with their greedy ways. They failed to remember that "WE THE CUSTOMER, GO OUT EVERYDAY TO WORK FOR OUR DOLLARS", not to just have them sit on their backsides and calculate how to make easy money off of their customers.

I don't even know why they have a CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT! They should call it the "PISS THE CUSTOMER OFF DEPARTMENT". I personally know that the representatives & managers have nothing to do with this greedy policy, but when you guys go to these meeting, you need to speak up to these GREEDY OLD MEN & WOMEN who put these actions into effect, because remember, they are taking your money TOO!!!

FIGHT WITH KNOWLEDGE, NOT WITH YOUR HANDS!! Remember, you are the consumer, and without you WACHOVIA IS NOTHING!!! Contact the OCC!!! GOD BLESS!!!

Misleading Company, and Terrible Customer Service
By -

Yesterday I checked my account online and it said I had 60 dollars left in my account and nothing holding. I went out and brought something for 21.18 and then 18.32 which would'€™ve brought my account to about 20 dollars, since I have direct deposit I didn't worry about it (it was going in last night). Until I checked my online banking today... and noticed I received an overdraft fee of 175 dollars. This was taking against my direct deposit.

I immediately called the bank and the first customer service representative informed me that a $50 automated debit from my cell phone company had gone through last night and which put me in the negative, so things that were already posted to the account that had lower values were pushed up. And the 50 dollar charge was place first for my 4/15/10 purchases (even though it didn't technically post till after midnight) which meant the 5 other charges I had gone into negative and 35 dollars NSF for each one.

Also my balance was kicked back to my 4/14/10 balance of 120.07 So everything that posted 4/15/10 was deducted from that amount and largest to smallest which also contributed to the overdraft fees. None of this was reflected on my online banking. This is ridiculous and misleading... and I'm thinking illegal now. How can you post purchases to my account, show them as paid and then add another charge and decide to make that purchase negative because the last charge was the higher amount????

Customer service refused to give me any kind of credit, and I was transferred to another department... was on hold for exactly 1hr and 17 minutes and 32 secs before someone answered my call and the gentleman whom I spoke with was rude... and basically told me that online banking wasn't a true record but that'€™s not the banks fault, and I should keep up with my money better. Then when I asked to speak to a manager he refused to transfer me to anyone else and told me that I have exhausted all other means to get the problem fixed and have a nice day. So I have bills to pay and I'm out 175 dollars because of Wachovia.

Overdraft And Unavailable
By -

CHARLETTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- First I was charged a $35 fee for a check they created on "bill Pay" but there were no funds in the account. So they only wanted to offer me half of the overdraft fee instead of the full amount. From the previous times of having Bill Pay, when there is no funds in the account the Bank DOES NOT PROCESSED TO MAIL OUT A CHECK WITH NO MONEY IN THE ACCOUNT... But WACHOVIA DID!!! If I wrote a check with no money in the account that's Check fraud! So why would the bank make a check, mail it out and charge ME for the check no being used when there was NO MONEY IN THE ACCOUNT TO BEGAN WITH!!!!

I spoke to the sale SENIOR SALES representative in online bill pay dept and she informed me that she was the only one for me to speak to and I could not disputed this with anyone but her! Now I'm being to keep better track of my spending to avoid fees... but since the economy has worsened, I'm being charged fee for no reason!!!! Over this past weekend I have written down everything I spent. I look at my account and I was charged $140.00 in overdraft fees over the weekend and the reason being was because I used my credit card instead of using debit!!!

Then the representative went on to explain that I was going to be charged 3 more $35 fees for Visa directly taking the money out of my account instead of them which they are calling "UNAVAILABLE FEES". If the money has already been taken out of my account then the money was there and available! ALL IN ALL I WAS CHARGED 9 fees for 3 items!!! If anyone has any way to dispute this please LET ME KNOW~~~

Poor Bank
By -

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- I check my checking acct. at least 3 times a day. On Nov. 10 I realized that I was going to be short if a larger check went through. At that time the bank had no knowledge of the check being submitted. So I raced to the bank and specifically asked the teller to make deposit it as cash and was assured that the deposit would be posted when the system updated around midnight. This was at 4 p.m. I was also told on a previous occasion that all deposits are processed first, before any charges are posted.

So I was relieved thinking that we were good. I checked my acct. at 11:45 p.m. and I still had a positive balance. The next morning I checked my acct. only find that not only was my deposit not posted but my acct. was overdrawn by over $400. I called the 800 number only to be told that nothing could be done that day because it was a Veteran's Day and the offices were closed.

So first thing Wed. morning I went directly to my regular branch thinking they were going to be able to help, but I was told that I shouldn't have been told that the deposit was going to go through, that it wasn't their fault, and there was nothing they could do. Now later this same day my husband received a check from an insurance co. written out of a Wachovia Bank.

Again this was after 2 p.m. the teller told my husband that if he deposited the cash at bank (because he cashed the check first) it would not post until Thurs. morning. But if he deposited it through the ATM it would be available and would cover any transactions that we make. Why wasn't I told that when I told the teller the importance of that deposit being available? Every time something like this happens I'm told a different answer. And when I think I got it licked they tell me that's not their policy and I should never have been told that. I firmly believe that there are no competent people working at the company.

Oh, a further note, an employee at the bank told me that all the transactions from the 7-10th were posted to the acct. on the 10th but I had an available balance at 11:45 p.m and they left one transaction pending that was done on the 10th. Go figure. Now I don't have the funds I need to pay my bills and buy groceries. Thanks Wachovia. I'll be closing my acct. as soon as all my debits clear.

Wachovia Math
By -

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- I have had an checking account with Wachovia now for about 3 years. I had switched from another bank due to the way the other bank handle disputes with an unauthorized charge. Anyway I am really getting sick and tired of the way lately Wachovia does its math for charging one an overdraft fee which has gone up nearly $6 since I originally started the account. The way Wachovia does it with a check card is when you make a purchase, they "hold" the money till it clears which means they take out the money but it's not really taken out till it clears. So therefore if you use more than the available balance they will hit with an overdraft fee on the check hold amounts.

Then if you don't clear up the fees before the holds clear they hit you up again for the overdraft fees. Also the way they clear holds is kind of geared to making more fees also. When the holds do clear they clear from the highest amount to the smallest amount no matter the date when they were actually made it. So you can overdraft on smaller amounts even if they were made when there was plenty of money at the time of purchase. Another thing that has been happening to me a lot including 3 times this week is that a check hold would just disappear from the records on the site for 9 or 10 days then sudden reappear already cleared which again can cause an overdraft.

When I asked 2 different Wachovia employees at 2 different branches about this, they said it was my fault and that I should be keeping better records. And if I send a check or anything somehow it's my responsibility to make sure they don't make another check or anything if I didn't want more money taken out. Which was telling me all they are doing is just holding the money hoping to get a piece of it and they are not assuming any responsibility if they clear or cash money coming out without my prior knowledge. And finally how is one supposed to keep good records if the bank doesn't give proper information to start with on any location to verify it.

Overdraft fees
By -

I have spent the last hour reading everyone's posts. I wish I saw this a few years ago. I was charged 280.00 for "pending" transactions. I was not in the negative until these charges posted to my account then when the charges actually posted I was charged another 105.00 in fees. I am not sure what is worse the money or speaking to managers & executive office. I even sent an email to the CEO with no response. They just want to justify to me why they won't refund my money. They would rather I close my account. (which I did) Pretty soon more and more people will close their accounts and hopefully less will open one.

There are at least 5 branches here in my town. I work with the public and will tell everyone I come across about my experience with This Bank. No more surprise fees no more aggravation and FINALLY NO MORE STRESS. I hope that anyone reading these posts and are thinking about opening an account with Wachovia DON'T. Save yourself the stress.

Terrible customer services
By -

I had Wachovia for about 10 years.. before they used to be First Union Bank, well I can't believe that they have no respect for customer and I know that just like I'm leaving now they will continue losing clients... I had 3000 in my checking account and 2000 on the savings account. Then I wrote a check for 3200, which they thought they were going to accepted because I had money on the saving account. Well they didn't and charge me 35 over draft fee, and bounce the check.. But when I log into my account on the Internet it shows me available credit 5000.00. Anyway I had enough with them. Plus I think since they merge with Wells Fargo they change on the bad way.

How Do They Sleep At Night
By -

I was in tears after realizing that I had overdrafted my account by $4.69. I'm a broke college student with no money and explained that my mother could only afford to send me $50. They charged me the $35 fee anyway, knowing that I would not eat because of it, and INSISTED that there was nothing they could do. Where has HUMANITY gone??

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