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Treatment as a Walgreens Employee
Posted by Arik_xo on 02/18/2008
My experience Working for Walgreens

More than one year ago I was hired at our neighborhood Walgreens's. All I can say is "wow. How did I last this long?"..

Let me take you on a short story journey, on what REALLY happens inside our little home away from homes, that we call work.

From the outside, it looks like a pretty good job, nice, organized, people seem polite to you. Everyone has on his or her smock, nice neat name tags, smiles…At least, that's how it was when I went to fill out my application at the Walgreen's closest to me… unfortunately, I didn't get hired at that one, but at another one in the area…

I was hired by one of the laziest EXA's I think I have ever met… She didn't do a whole lot, she brought her boyfriend to work sometimes and he stayed there for hours on end… while her husband would circle the parking lot.

Oh but once she got transferred out we got someone much worse. At first, he helped out, complimented us, was even polite…but after two weeks, that wore off. He is rude, makes lewd comments, is far lazier than our last EXA and in his own little remarks, discriminates, they might be very light when he says them, but now more and more people are catching on. He closes only once a week, and when he does, he mainly just sits in the office on his phone… he asks everyone else to clean his aisles, and gets an attitude if his are not straight, and if ours are not either. I have even made the comment to him about him being on the lazy side, and he told me "he didn't have to, he paid his dues".

And God-forbid you ever get pregnant while working there. At one point, I was put at main, with morning sickness, when I tell them I don't feel well, can I go home, I was told to just throw up in the trash can when I felt sick. I had to stay that whole night. The next day that I was there, I was approached by my store manager, after a few moments in the bathroom with morning sickness, these exact words "If you're going to be getting sick in the bathroom all day, then just go home, I'm not paying you to be sick!" I sure wish someone would have told me that the night I was working at main vomiting in the trash can…

And then of course, the morning I worked, while pregnant, was also the day loss prevention and district showed up… I bought some meds to calm my stomach so I wouldn't be getting sick, and when m y EXA asked "oh do you have the flu? You feel ok?"

When I told him "no, it's the morning sickness"

He Said "Oh...ok" As if having the Flu would have a better answer.

Needless to say, the medicine didn't work and I was in the bathroom most of that morning.

Not only was I sick, and tired, and having horrible mood swings, but it was also Christmas season!!... At one point, I was scheduled 2:00-12:30… and of course we never got out of there until closer to 1:00 or 1:30. So trust me when I say, it was hard on my body.

Now if that sounded bad, try miscarrying. Unfortunately, when this happened, I had to call out. Which wasn't bad but in the confusion of it all, I had forgotten to get a doctors note. (Which by the way is easy to forget when you're not all there after that experience.) My manager rudely, a week later, asked where my doctors note was, and that she wouldn't give me my three *yes only three* sick day I asked for. She told me she needed it by Saturday. So I came in Saturday, and got talked at again because she needed it before 12:00. Well I didn't know that, but she agreed to put them on my NEXT paycheck. And, she forgot to put them on that one… in fact, I lost the baby on December 5 2006. I didn't receive pay for my sick days until February 2 2007. So it was about four pay checks later, that I finally got paid because a payout was out of the question.

Don't get me wrong, I love the company I work for. I love what I do here at Walgreen's. But the people that are put into power are absolutely horrible. My store manager. Yes, when everyone comes for the V.P visits, she puts on a wonderful act. Talks sweetly to everyone and treats her employee like little angels. But when you all are not around, she is completely different. She has a habit of talking down on me and of course other employees, which could be why we have such a high turnover rate at our location. She has her over the top sarcasm that just kills the mood .I honestly can not say how I have lasted this long here. There were times I was ready to just up and quit too. There were times I would go home crying because I have never in my life been talked down on so badly. Even as a child adults had never treated me poorly or said things that would make me that upset. And here I thought Walgreen's was a professional business-like place to work.

All around the office and back there are little reminders of our dress code, what we can and cant wear… well I sure wish district would have shown up on the day my manager decided to wear her Walgreens-bought skirt and high-heeled-backless clogs, that by the way, she could not even walk in. And since she could not walk in them, half of the day she walked around wearing grandma bedtime slippers she bought over in the sock aisle...And while wearing this, made a comment that my smock needed to be washed, actually, it had been, it had just become so faded it was looking messy. But then again, that how it almost always is… Once she hears higher up are coming things get rushed. She starts noticing imperfections. Of course, she doesn't notice them any other time…

Like I said before, don't get me wrong, I love my job… but the people that are put in power need to be re-evaluated. If anything goes wrong in that store, if the store fails and audit, guess whose fault it is… OURS. Not really hers, its ours. We are the ones who messed up. At least that's how it's made out to be. And if we get written up, it's normally for something we didn't even know we did wrong. We don't get a warning or anything like that. Unfortunately, we are poorly trained and when we see lazy people who are our higher ups how is that going to inspire us to work harder and perfect ourselves? It's not. I'll be the first to admit that I do slack off. Why not? I see my Manager and EXA doing it.

I'm not saying I'm a perfect person because I'm far from it… but I don't think I deserved to be treated like dirt when I am not. I am a good person. I am honestly not stupid and when it comes time to work, I do get most of my work, if not all of it done.

I also don't feel right signing my name to this, only because if it gets back to my manager on who wrote this, I will only be treated worse than I am now…and I honestly don't think I could take much more of it. But I am going to anyway. For I was off the clock when this was written, and if something is done off the clock I should not be punished for it, especially when I'm voicing my opinion
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-02-18:
I am very sorry to hear about your miscarriage.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-02-18:
I am sorry to hear about it as well.

If you are concerned about the way employees are treated, there are steps that you can take. First you should voice your concern to your direct supervisor/mgr. If you do not feel comfortable going to them or your concerns are not appropriately handled, then you should follow the next step in Walgreens company policy, which may be talking to your supervisor's manager or the HR department. Good luck
Posted by Britty on 2008-03-12:
I work for Walgreens also. I have been there for a year and about 6 months. OH MY GAH I WANT OUT OF THERE!!!!! It sucks so bad. Of course everyone thinks im lying when i tell them how badly i am treated, but it really is horrible. And the customers arent any better than the managers. So, I feel your pain! And I am very sorry to hear about your misscarriage as well. i have been sick with the flu and strep throat for about 4 weeks now. I called out for 1 of my sick days and they wouldnt let me they made me come in, and of course EVERYONE is now sick...and guess who got blammed..me! well, they shouldnt have made me come in. i can go on and on about this. I get really worked up and mad. and our STORE manager he is a back stabber all they do is talk bad about you behind your back I AM SiCK OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! uhhhhhh........!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by gowiththeflow on 2008-11-12:
I'm sorry for your loss.Your manager sounds like a monster.I can see why the employees at my walgreens are not happy.
Posted by traceyexa on 2009-07-12:
I am really glad to have read your entry. I am an exa, and recently a new mgt has acused me of being too "nice" and lenient on my employees. He said that at all his other store the hourly employees were afraid of the mgt. We get all our work done, are up in sale, everything runs really smoothly. I believe you should treat people as you want to be treated. Whether you are an exa or senior vp. I was just beginning to wonder if I was being too nice.
Posted by BrianC on 2009-08-24:
You should go to the District Manager about the problem.. Or you could see if you could trasfer to another store
Posted by sweet cheeks on 2009-08-27:
i am sorry that you had to go thru all that but i understand. that's how walgreens works, as long as they have a body at a station then they can care less about anything else. i actually heard a manager tell another manager--atleast it's a body to stand there. how stupid is that? it's more than stupid, it's very sad!
Posted by LeLee8 on 2010-01-03:
I am also a walgreens employee an have been for almost 2 years. I have never had a worse job in my life. The company treats there employees like crap. And trust me I would have gotten out along time ago but the economy is so bad I couldn't find another job and I'm a full time student. I have had many bad experiences at walgreens. I was sexually assaulted by another employee a man much older then me, I went to management, an still had to work with him by myself closing at night. When LP did finally come an talk to me, they treated me like I was lying, because they couldn't see him doing it on camera but they could see him touching me. This guy had just been hired, he had only been with the company for 2 weeks. So what did those pieces of sh** do... they transfered him TO THE STORE LESS THEN A BLOCK FROM MY HOUSE! Where I used to shop. This matter was supposed to be confidential only my asst.manager an store manager knew about it, well now everyone knows. Its very embarassing. My store manager is the worst manager I have ever worked for. She could care less about you or any other employee. She sits in the office all day an just talks crap about everyone. I have wanted to take my concerns higher up but there all buddy buddy an I just feel like it would make things worse for me.
Posted by Zappo on 2010-01-15:
So sorry, I know someone who also works at Walgreen's. The most horrible company in the entire world work for. If you are experiencing harrassment contact the EEOC and REPORT WALGREENS. That behavior should not be tolerated and WALGREENS is VIOLATING YOUR RIGHTS for ignoring your harrassment complaints. No one should have to tolerate that and Walgreens is NOT EXEMPT from EEOC LAWS Despite what they think. Go For It!
Posted by Yukiderawr on 2010-01-30:
I currently work at walgreens and I know the feeling of being talked down to. I feel like it's the worst job I have ever had. For starters I was told that I would be hired for 8:75 an hour. So I start thinking okay I can deal with that. and low and behold my first paycheck comes in and I am only getting 7:25. So I went and asked about it and then they said I would get the extra dollar when I got coded in comsmetics so I continued to work at main. Lets put it this way I will be working there for a year in main and I am still not coded. They have me working in photos when I have no training then I get yelled at because I have no clue what i am doing. Then when I confront a manager about it he say's "I assumed you knew how too" Like I am magic or something. I am sorry to hear that you miscarried and I know how heartless they can be. I hope that you find a better job were they will treat you better.
Posted by FarfalleAlfredo on 2012-01-04:
I've been at Walgreens for 6 months and it's taken me all that time to get Sunday off for church. During the interview I was told "Oh no problem, we respect that you go to church", but never gave me the time off to go. I requested an early shift on New Years Eve so I could attend a church service in the evening. My request was denied so that the rest of the crew could go to a party and get drunk. If I request anything off for religious reasons, it's denied.

And why be open on Thanksgiving and Christmas? There's no need to be except to further line corporate pockets. What about the employees? Don't they deserve the holidays also.
Posted by jo on 2012-08-11:
Im sorry to hear that you had a miscarriage. Walgreens does not care about their employees especially the good and hardworking ones thats been in the company for decades.
Posted by Marissa on 2012-11-29:
I am so sorry about your miscarriage! I miscarried when I worked at a Family Dollar store a couple years ago, and I know how that can be. I ended up quitting from the emotional trauma. I am so glad the Walgreens I work at doesn't have managers like that. They are friendly, helpful, understanding and fun. I love my job.
Posted by Diane on 2013-01-09:
Walgreens is by far the most ruthless, uncaring company. They are the new poster child for bullies. I lost my job at 57 years of age because of a bullying manager.
Posted by jjj on 2013-03-08:
Hey guys--33 year employee here. Loved my job for years--in fact if you go to the indeed site and read the positive comments, most of them are from former employees.The company now wants to use Walmart as their model. They want less full-timers,more part-timers so hence they do not have to pay benefits.This is the future for all of us and we basically have to take it if we want a job here. Yes, bullying and a dictatorship attitude has been encouraged by upper management--especially towards the long-term employees who they feel are raping the payroll. I have been a loyal employee and had great bosses up until a year ago. Now I feel I have to watch for any little mistake I may make that could give them the opportunity to marginalize me and cut my hours.I see this happening with many of my co-workers that have 15 or more years in.Start documentating everything to protect yourself and hope you have a clean record thus far--because you will lose credibility if you don't. So sorry about what happened and not surprised.
Posted by Dee on 2013-04-02:
I am so sorry to hear this happened. I understand about the managers. My son called me from the hospital..just being diagnosed with cancer.(he was 24) I had just gotten to work.(night shift) I was very upset and went to my manager about my son. She commented "OMG I have been here from 6am (truck day). I can't stay any later". She asked me what kind of cancer. When I told her....here was her comment "oh don't worry..all they are going to do is cut his balls off". Few years later..worked for another manager...my son we thought the cancer had traveled. I needed to leave work my son was very upset. We had gone to the emergency room. Thank God the cancer didn't travel. When I came back to work, all the employees told me he said my son was old enough to handle this on his own, he didn't need mommy by his side.When I approached my manager with this comment I heard from employees. He actually told me the truth he said it. well as a mother or father yourself...I will leave the rest to your imagination of what I said.
Posted by as on 2013-04-05:
I work at Walgreens, and I hate it. It makes me physically ill to know I have to go in. No job should make a person feel this way. I asked for a transfer, and all of a sudden I am getting written up almost every day. I am doing nothing different then I have done the entire time of my employment. It has become a constant campaign of terror since I asked. Saying anything to anyone who works for this company does no good as retaliation is the rule, not the exception.
Posted by frustrated on 2013-04-12:
Walgreens on bay st.san francisco...has the upmost lazy front register cashiers..i went to shop there a few times..susan...and jane..are the main cashiers..they are like statues..while other cashiers are busy ringing other guest...susan and jane..will just stand there..staring out to the mall...not bothering to call the next customer....
Posted by mistreated on 2013-04-12:
I work for walgreens too...they care nothing bout their employees...treat them bad...cut hours..take away ot...cut christmas bonus...haaaa..and they call themself a family company..who is money hungry..and treat their employees like crap
Posted by ex las vegas walgreens cashier on 2013-04-25:
I see a pattern here. I myself was harassed and of course they didn't see anything on camera (he touched me directly under a camera).. I hate when people say tell a manager or call the number in the breakroom, 1st of all it's a known fact that most managers and loss prevention are the best of friends. Using their open door policy will do nothing but get you fired. As another poster stated, her complaint was confidential yet the entire store knew about it.. Same exact thing happened to me. My work environment became extremely hostile and one by one all of my co workers turned against me. I worked in a tough area and during graveyard we had security .. Anyway, one night a problem customer grabbed for my breast and made a vulgar coment. Security witnessed this and reported it to the day manager tamara who made the comment "im not worried about her because she has a bad reputation" little did she know I was friends with the guard she said that too and he repeated it to me. September 2012 I was fired for harassment (the same thing I complained about months prior) . Go figure. It is nv state law that if you get fired for gross misconduct you are not eligible for unemployment ... Yet I got unemployment my first try because there was no proof of what I was accused of not to mention I was never verbally warned ever not once about anything . I also filed a complaint with the EEOC. That was a success as well. After all this B.S. I Iearned to never give up and fight fight fight ! Walgreens is a awesome company with POOR management who shouldn't even be aloud to herd sheep.. I would not recommend this place as a job to my worst enemy. Also to the original poster I am very sorry for your loss!
Posted by Denise on 2013-07-12:
I have been with Walgreens for almost 6 years, they are so uncaring. During the holidays we work while the Corporate office are at home with their families. They open more and more Walgreens but cut employees hours in the store where they can barely make ends meet. It is not easy to just jump up and quit when it is hard to find another job and so much time have been spent in this company. Walgreens seems to care more about making money then their employees. Corporate have no idea the things the employees have to go through or what we see in the stores. There are lazy workers as well as managers. There are a lot of favoritism as well. These managers want to jump all around the stores when anyone from Corporate comes in acting as if they work so hard and it is very sad. What happened to everyone working together as a team, I have not seen that in years. There is no teamwork at all. The EXA also known as the Assistant Store Manager just holds a title because he is so lazy and does not know how to talk to his employees. He is very rude. How can you report anything to a Store Manager, Distric Manager or Corporate, they don't care about the employees themselves so who would feel comfortable enough to tell them anything, trust me they don't do anything, they do not even try to find out if their employees are being mistreated. It shows how they are when they only give a my voice survey once a year, we as employees need our voices heard all year around.
Posted by betsy on 2013-09-12:
ok i understand your pain i have been working for Wag for about 4 years and its been like jail right now iam stuck financially emotionally i have thought of something even though its the hardest thing for someone like me to do i dont know what sucess means or a sucessful life is but am going to write my very first fiction story and get it published and if it does well and i get a good amount of money i will definetly quit and i encourage anyone who works for any retailer or any company where they get treated like dirt try something new do something better than those pompous lazy managers can do if you make it they will be stuck not you so try it guys iam trying it :)
Posted by Tami s. Wollslair on 2014-01-05:
I have not experienced you situation exactly but , needless to say I have never been treated so cruel by you people in my whole life. I gave my notice to quit tonight, my boss was very nice and asked why. I lied because I still wanted to stay on and simply said because scheduling conflict. he again was very pleasant to me. I went to work but a fellow employee was very rude to me. I got upset and was going to leave.. he was so nice I stayed my shift until she was out of line. I page him and again he was very nice. I was so upset I don't think I can return and I know she makes other employees feel the same, so if I leave I don't want them to go threw what I did they need there jobs.. I just wanted mine because my children are grown and I have other jobs just wanted to socialize while my children are gone away in the military.. I would still like to work there but very uncomfortable.... please help...
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Miserable Employees
Posted by Oopdiedaisy on 01/10/2008
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- Walgreens employees are mothers, fathers, grandparents, and children with families and loved ones. In my part of Central Florida, not only do all Walgreens employees have to work Christmas eve and day, their "holiday bonus" is a WALGREENS GIFT CARD that is barely enough for a few incidentals. Children grow-up without spending a single Christmas morning with Mommy or Daddy because some customer forgot to buy milk the day before. Weekly schedules are not posted in advance so employees are not able to plan activities with family or friends. Vacation requests are left in limbo until the day before (or the day of) the vacation so no real vacation can be taken. Employees get sick time, but they had better not get sick and try use that time or they are made an example of. Salaried Executive Assistant Managers are often expected to work anywhere from 10 to 15 hours a day, 6 to 7 days a week "out of loyalty" while their bonus's are cut, their jobs are threatened, and their job satisfaction is zero.

Walgreens is always screaming to cut the budget, and they expect more to be done with less people in less time. That only works until a certain point and then all that happens is they create resentfully miserable employees giving crummy service. Until Walgreens steps up to the plate and really treats their employees the way they deserve to be treated (with dignity, respect, humanity, and decent monetary compensation) they had better start accepting their declining customer service scores. You can beat your dog, but one day it is going to turn around and bite you.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-01-10:
Sounds like a miserable place to work. I personally don't shop at Walgreens, but now have a reason to avoid it forever.

I hope you are looking for a job with another employer who treats their employees with the respect everyone deserves. Life is too short to be miserable on a daily basis. Until then, please remember that the customer probably has no idea of why they are getting miserable service.
Posted by msnanny on 2008-01-10:
So when did you get fired?
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-01-10:
"Walgreens is always screaming to cut the budget, and they expect more to be done with less people in less time."

Ummmm, that is the way most companies operate. Stock holders demand it now.
Posted by Nohandle on 2008-01-10:
I know nothing of Walgreen's policy but do know there are a number of department stores in my area that also do not give employees advanced weekly schedules. When the schedules do come out the employees are not allowed to swap out time with each other. That never made sense to me. As long as your department is covered what difference does it make who works when? Yes, employees get resentful after a while. Pay is important when there is a family to help support, but consideration for an employee goes a long way. These companies can cut the budget just so far and then they will find themselves with the type employees we are experiencing now. Good review.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-01-10:
No handle--how right you are!
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-01-10:
No one is forced to work at Walgreens. If they don't like the work enviornment or the lack of a structured schedule, they can elect to find a job somewhere else.
Posted by yoke on 2008-01-11:
Be happy you got a holiday bonus. Many companies have stopped giving them out all together.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2008-01-11:
Our local Walgreens closes early on Christmas and New Years @6pm and opened late @10am the next day.
If you do work for them, you really should do yourself, them and your customers a favor and find something else.
Posted by jenjenn on 2008-01-11:
Some Rite Aids around here are open on Thansgiving & Christmas.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-01-11:
Many of us wind up working holidays. There are nurses among the members here and I bet they have worked plenty of holidays (I did when I was a cna.) It isn't fun but it isn't the end of the world.
Having said that it always bothers me at Walgreen's how the manager's name tages say "Mr." or "Ms." and the cashier's name tags list their first name - seems disrespectful that the managers get the respectful term and others do not. I would imagine that is an indicator of how management views the cashiers and clerks.
Posted by Principissa on 2008-01-11:
In the 4 years I worked at the hospital I worked 2 Thanksgivings and 2 Christmas's. And that's not counting all the little holidays in between like Halloween and Independence Day. Think of it like this, if you had a medical emergency on a holiday, which happens to us every year and needed supplies like bandages or children's Tylenol, would you want to sit an emergency room waiting for it, or would you rather just be able to run into a pharmacy and get what you need and leave. The stores by us are closed by noon. I don't particularly care for Walgreens, I always found their prices to be a little higher than their competitors. Everyone has to work on holidays, it's the norm for the working world these days. Like amani said it's not the end of the world.
Posted by yoke on 2008-01-11:
When you accepted the job did you not know they were open on Christmas? Not everyone celebrates Christmas, so why should they close? I will admit I did run out to CVS to buy my brothers cat a toy, yes his cat. On Christmas Eve he sent home a bag of wrapped toys. I thought they were for the kids, come to find out they were for the cats and dog. Since he doesn't have kids I had to figure something out quick. I am so thankful CVS was open!
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-01-11:
It sound like this is more of a store management problem than a chain problem. It can be managed in a way that people know in advance if they will be scheduled, and holidays are alternated. It makes sense that this is handled by the individual stores, and not necessarily company policy.
Posted by oopdiedaisy on 2008-01-16:
Nohandle - BRAVO, WELL SAID, and THANK YOU!!

To other posters, I myself have never worked directly for (or been fired by) Walgreens, but I have intimate knowledge of their policies and attitudes on the district level. Enough said. Thank you all for your opinions, and I stand by my post!

Posted by Anonymous on 2008-01-16:
Nohandle, you go girl!
Posted by spbigger on 2008-01-18:
Sounds to me like the employees you mention need to seek other employment or,at least, accept their responsibilities.
Posted by Britty on 2008-03-12:
yeah it does suck because you never know your schedule..and they ALWAYS change it without you knowing or without asking you. i am a college student and can only work a few days a week- they always get my days wrong after me telling them for 1 yr and 6 months youd think theyd get it. But, they schedule me for mornings when I have school then get mad when I dont show up for work UH well I told you I had school DUMMYS-- UHHHH they make me so mad. and god forbidd if you get sick..yeah you have 3 sick days but they wont let you take them. I had strep throat and the flu I have been so sick, do they care? NO. I had to come to work and make everyone sick oh well. Walgreens is a horrible place to work. I want out fast!
Posted by jcmullen2004 on 2008-05-15:
I worked for Walgreens for over 12 years. It was awful but I had to endure it because I had to have insurance for my children and I went to school at the same time. I was so glad to leave that place after I graduated from college. It was demoralizing to work for people who obviously didn't care when you would get home to see your family. As far the xmas bonus it wasn't like that before, but it was usually a check for 25.00 to 50.00 (depending on your time with the company) and it was taxed. I did profit sharing and all that great stuff, so when I left, I was fully vested and proceeded to take my savings out of the company stock and thumb my nose at the company. I am so sorry you had to experience working on the holidays as that is very depressing as well. Hopefully your experience will only encourage and drive you to set goals and perhaps be compassionate to cashiers, etc. I know that I am now that I have had that experience. I even find myself "facing" an aisle of shampoo when I walk into a store (Sorry it is my PTSD). I did make some very wonderful relationships at Walgreens and so many people have went on to greater things in their life. Bottom line --- Walgreens has no SOUL, it is a greedy corporation built on the sweat of others.... sorry I had to say it because it is TRUE
Posted by rwong410 on 2008-05-19:
Sounds to me like your managers aren't doing the schedules on time.

I'm an MGT at Walgreens and I do the scheduling. I always make sure to create the schedules two weeks in advance and I think that is enough time to be notified of whether or not you need to work. As far as the working holidays part goes, you knew when you signed up for the job that Walgreens is open 365 days of the year. So, it should be expected that you would be working at least a few holidays out of the year.

Regarding sick days, at my store we've always had enough people to cover someone whenever they call in sick if we're given notice a day in advance. It's unfortunate that your store does not and really the management shouldn't act like they're doing you a favor for letting you off when you're sick. Granted, it is an inconvenience for us since it means we don't have enough people but when you're sick, you're sick and there's nothing you can do about it.
Posted by CalzMom on 2009-02-11:
I agree with many other comments. I too was once an employee of Walgreen's. I didn't like the open on Christmas day policy either. Working in a 24 hour Walgreen's meant they were open all day all night and never closed their doors Christmas Eve and Day. But looking back now that I am not an employee, if you don't like a policy the company has and you're that emphatic about it, it's time to move on and get something else. There are definitely better jobs and better paying jobs than Walgreen's. I know that for a fact after working there for 3 years of my life. I'm glad they discharged me. They did me a huge favor and I'm moving on to bigger and better things that fit my personality and passions more.
Posted by i_am_here_200 on 2009-08-10:
If Walgreens didn't make money on the holidays like Christmans and Thanksgiving they probably wouldnt be open. Because people shop there all day long they stay open. Why close and loose business since everyone else is closed. You usually have the option to choose what holidays you work..either Thanksgiving Christmas or New Years, and schedules are posted 2-4 weeks in advance. If you want off you can always request it, but there are reasons to be open on that day.
Posted by BrianC on 2009-08-24:
None of what you just said is true at all... I am an employee at Walgreens as well and I would love to know your store number and where it is located.. "Weekly schedules are not posted in advance"... Really because at my store and every store in my district there are schedules 3 or 4 weeks out in advance.. Really I would love to know what store you work at
Posted by sweet cheeks on 2009-08-27:
walgreens thinks it's employees live & breath for walgreens & have no kind of life outside of walgreens
Posted by anonymousteach on 2009-10-22:
I am an employee for Walgreens as well, and I disagree with some of your post. We have our schedules posted 3-4 weeks in advance unless a change needs to be made. We also get our vacations approved within the week that we ask for the vacation. Yes, Walgreens is open on Thanksgiving and Christmas, but they close early so you can see your family. I think it would be better if they did 2 shifts that are 4 hours each instead of one person working all day, but that is life. I'm sorry you are so miserable.
Posted by dixielandelite on 2009-11-25:
I agree with this comment...I work at this hellhole called, "Walgreens"...the greediest store out there! They don't care one bit about it's employees. I am the oldest person in the wholes store(I am 42). It is like romper room antics in there. The manager just turned 30 & is a real P.O.S. He has his fav's & the rest of us are just bscum in his eyes. How this jerk ever got to be a manager is beyond me! He is lazy, makes up all these rules & he does the same things. He & the beauty advisor carry on constantly for hours in the office. I never knew a b/a can spend 3 hours in the office on the computer & doing what??? He issues threats to certain people, like selling PM's or else...He never pput a aschedule up 3 weeks in advance, more like 2 days before. When you request time off, he will play games & have you schedule to work. He lets the HPS get away with B.S. all the time(like making pic's for his self & charging them to store expense, the HPS also uses register rewards from paying customers for his own purchases). I hate this place. There is nothing worst than going to work & just hating being there because of the manager & other lapdogs. The customers are nicer to me than the manager is.
Walgreen's makes people work all holidays & don't care that you want to be with your family just as much as a customer is with their's. But the manager will sure be spending the holidays home with his family feeding his fat ass & big ego...
Posted by jewels84 on 2009-12-16:
I highly agree with this comment. They don't even give bonuses at my store. A guy I work with has a six month old baby.He asked for Christmas off and my boss said "No". Last year he told a girl to tell her daughter Christmas is the next day.
Posted by Ytropious on 2009-12-16:
Damn, I know a lot of places have issues with management, and it's usually isolated, but its sounding more and more like Walgreens just sucks to work for.
Posted by robdenn on 2010-03-28:
I see that someone finally get what I have been talking about for years now. I am working for them and have been for the past 3 years. I am one of the Taken advantage of people. They always are letting other people no show up for work or call in sick with no sick days but if its me and I am no calling in to just go party like everyone else I am the one that gets a writen warning or a write up. The only up side is that I am a full time stay at home dad but I work weekends. I have been fulltime with them since 9 months ago. I can't find a job that pays me like walgreens does but I have went threw blood, sweat, and tears to get my pay and its still hurting me. Yesterday was a major frustration point at work. I was finished my work. I did all 2000 Ad tags myself, and cleaned the cooler for 3 hours straight then the manager had the nerve to tell me to finish what she didn't becaue she wanted to go in the office and just do nothing. I told her that it wasn't on my list and she said "I am a manager I can make you do my stuff, thats the great thing about being a manager." I am a 22 year old man and not a little teen. I should be respected no told what to do. She could ask me and or ask to help not just tell me what to do. I am going to have a long take with my store manager to hopefully see what will happen. But since this is the millionth time that this has happened I will probably be told I was the one wrong or I should of told her how I felt so I could get yelled at anyways. If I could find a job that pays the same and could keep my weekends for working I wouldn't even hesitate in quiting. They even don't care if you have a doctors note saying you are unable to work they call you like 12 times that day asking if and when you are coming in even when you go to the store and show them the note. I have so much more bad things to say but at this point I am rambling. If anyone has any ideas or advice please email me at dennihanr@yahoo.com I really would like to know some ways to manage with this job. Thanks
Posted by todo99 on 2011-04-08:
I work for walgreens and i think that it is all in the manager. My manager makes the schedule out 3-5 weeks in advance. I have only called out one day and it was because my daughter was sick. He understood and said i hope she feels better. But no one in our store calls out unless they are really sick or has an emergency. Has far as holidays, you knew when you took the job that you would be working them. My manager will work right with us and help us do our daily tasks. I have to say that this is the best job that I have ever had.
Posted by only me on 2012-08-16:
let me say I'm one of those employee that work with walgreens for 23 years and left but not for any reason just retirer fully invest on my 401 and happy yes there been alot of changes and i hope for the good there were times i wound not except changes but i did because i love my job (beaudy adviser senior) I work all xmas and new Years if ask . but most time had off my family understude. it was my job , now they are call team member and they were and still are my walgreens family alway be. had good mangers and team members young and old happy to work with them we were a team so there were daily tasks and we competed them as a team love walgreen as best job i ever had we were family. Shot to stores number 04573 temple terrace fl. Mr Lee and his team leader.
Posted by Beth on 2012-10-26:
my husband works for walgreens and I think they take advantage of him cause he is salary. He has sick days but if he takes one they make him work one of his days off, so what's the point of them saying you have sick days. When I gave birth they gave him a hard time to be with me at the hospital. The holidays are here and I won't see him as much cause this is the time they over work him. Walgreens don't care if you see or spend time with your family. I wish looking for a new job wasn't as hard as it is so that he can get the hell out of Walgreens.
Posted by vicka on 2012-11-12:
At my Walgreens, my boss makes the schedules 3 weeks ahead, he wants us to have a life. He asks the employees which holidays they'd like off therefore the employees can bargain for the holidays they want off..etc.
Posted by Aaron on 2012-12-24:
At one store, the district manager threatens people on a daily basis during the holiday, telling managers to leave their keys on the table if they don't like it. Yes, no one is forcing anyone to work at Walgreens, but that is ridiculous.
Posted by anonymowalgemp on 2013-04-18:
currently working at walgreens myself. I hate that place my managers do nothing about the issues in our store, and target certain employees while letting others get away with murder. tried ot use a sick day and got threatened with a write up even though I had a doctors note. And today had a customer threaten to come back with a gun and "show me" management is doing nothing. ugh. feel trapped cant afford to quit but cant keep working like this.
Posted by disappointed on 2013-04-21:
I have been employed by Walgreens for a little over three years. Ive seen more corporate ignorance here than with any other company I have worked for. At the rate of this companys decline, I have a very strong feeling Walgreens is on its way out. I adore the job I do, my co-workers, and our customers but... when our managers cannot make business decisions based on customer care, job related knowledge, and experience rather than personal relations I would not suggest working for this company. When corporate wants us to jump through hoops for them they should be willing jump through hoops for us, Walgreens has gotten too large to control and run properly to care about thier employees. Please do not put your lively hood and the livelyhoods of your families in the hands of Walgreens. I really wish I hadn't become as caring as I have for this company and everyone within.
Posted by walgreen worker on 2013-04-27:
I work at walgreen and I hate this place. My manager is a lazy, all she does is sit in her office all day doing nothing but writing lists and threatening people. She order thousands of items each week, so we have a lot of overstocks, then she complain why we don't have spaces for them or why we're not done with them in 2 days. We can't use our sick days without a doctor's note, there is no point of having sick days. The schedule is all bad: for instance, she have me work at 4:30 till 1AM then I have to wake up at 11AM on the same day working on warehouse and unloading truck, which is done by me and 1 co-worker. I do mostly heavy warehouse works and merchandising but I get paid service clerk's hourly rate. I just hate this place...everyone in here seems miserable, except her and her favorites. I will quit soon and can't wait to. She try to promote me to shift lead but i rejected it, because I don't want to be like her, benefiting from the sweats, tear, and hard work of others while doing basically nothing but bossing people around and threatening to fire/writing them up.
Posted by Walgreen Shift Lead on 2013-07-20:
I hate working at Walgreens. The store manager thinks she has a Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm computer job - I don't think she knows she works retail. She sits if the office all day and is off every weekend and holiday. The assistant manager is a person who blames others for everything therefore trying to take the focus off her own incompetencies. You can't say anything to her - she will disagree with everything you say, she is very rude and sabotaging the entire store processes. She needs to be fired. She is bordering on harrassment of the employees and if she worked anywhere else she would have been fired by now. I like my job duties but I hate working at walgreens.
Posted by Walgreens worker on 2013-07-21:
I love working for Walgreens, we get our schedules in advance and can take off the days we need.
My managers are fantastic, especially the store manager. He's helping me get set up to become a pharmacy tech, and when my grandmother passed away all my managers sent me a sympathy card.
My co-workers and managers alike are friendly and we work as a team.
Sure, I work some holidays- but I'm thankful to have a steady job. There are people in this world who have it much worse, if you don't like working at Walgreens quit- no one is forcing you to stay.
Posted by flower girl on 2014-01-22:
we didn't get to choose any holidays off this year they chose for us. and for scheduling we have two weeks out every time. and from my experience being here at Walgreen for 11 years i never imagine any manager that would take every little mistake or misunderstand about an employee just so they can write you up and tell you next time you will be terminated but employees are always wrong from my experience being at Walgreen this long
Posted by Walgreensemployee on 2014-02-05:
What holiday bonus? only managers and the higher ups (corporate etc.) get a holiday bonus. the hard working employees like photo tech cashiers they don't get a bonus. There's holiday pay but it's not much.
Posted by antony on 2014-03-13:
I don't live in Kentucky and have no clue of their local laws regarding C-II medications. But from what I understand, the local state (particularly the "general assembly" statutes) determines which form of identification is acceptable for controlled substance pick up. 1) Passport 2) Driver's license issued by any of the U.S States 3) U.S military ID 4) identification issued by DMV of that state. Other forms of identification indeed have more information than the once listed, but sice they do not fall under the above mentioned ID forms, unfortunately, they are not taken by Walgreens. For example, I have a green card which HAS an ID number, my fingerprint, picture, signature, expiration date, and which was issued by USCIS (a federal agency). However, since it is not a driver's license, or a "pass port," or a military ID, or a special ID issued by my state's DMV, it cannot be used to pic up any controlled substances.

The pharmacist you had was misinformed and probably didn't read the full Walgreen's policy and the local statutes defining not only which forms of ID are accepted, but also why the other ones are NOT accepted. She was, however, correct to ask for your driver's license. Though almost all information about you can be found in the various legal forms of ID you had, you would still get a ticket from a cop if you didn't have your license with you. Same with pharmacies, we can probably obtain all the info we need from other documents, but we are only allowed to get those information from certain forms of ID and regardless of however many times you had C-II prescriptions filled at that store, we still have to ask for an ID every single time.
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Insulin Prices
Posted by Miche1e48 on 09/28/2009
KENTWOOD, MICHIGAN -- My son needed a bottle of insulin last night - of course after all the pharmacies are closed, with the exception of the 24 hour branches. While upset that he waited until the 11th hour to tell me he needed insulin, it was no biggie because I get his insulin at Wal-mart or Sam's for $19.99 - $24 a bottle, so imagine my shock when I get to Walgreen's and the least expensive bottle of insulin is $49... yes, that's right, TWICE the cost of Wal-mart and Sam's. I feel so ripped off by Walgreen's that I am switching all of my scripts over - while I am sure that won't make a dent in their profits, I am certainly not going to be adding to theirs anymore. If Walgreen's was truly out to help its customers find the most reasonable script prices - they would be shopping like they were spending their own personal money.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-28:
It's their insulin, they can charge whatever they want for it.
Posted by Mrs. V on 2009-09-28:
True, just, but the OP has the right idea. If you don't like a price at one place, find somewhere else that you like better.

I will say that Walgreens does seem to be a bit over priced in many of it's scripts, though.
Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2009-09-28:
Taking your business elsewhere is the smartest move.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-28:
Fax, that is my point too. Who the heck thinks that every store will have the same price on everything?! And OP, pardon me for saying so, but if you have to run and get your son's insulin, then he is still child enough that YOU should checking regularly to make sure he has what he needs. My oldest is 20 and I still call her up and ask if she has groceries or contacts.

I must also add that Macy's costs more than Walmart too, but that is nothing to complain about. Don't shop at Macy's if you can't afford it.
Posted by Eloise on 2009-09-28:
Walmart/Sams Club order an incredible amount of insulin and thus gets a huge discount. Walgreen's doesn't get that big of a discount thus the higher price. Walgreens also has to pay their employees to be there when you need which has to be factored in as well.
Posted by Ytropious on 2009-09-28:
Well the price may be Walgreens fault, but not monitoring your son's insulin supply and having no choice but to purchase and complain about Walgreens not so low price is your fault.
Posted by jamer508 on 2009-10-06:
Walmarts pharmacy is very good at getting the lowest prices for its consumers. The reason being is they want you to come into the store wait for your prescription and shop. They use the money from the floor profits to basically use the pharmacy as and advertisement to get you into the store. Its very sly and actually very profitable.

Say walmart sells a presciption for simvastatin 40 mg for 4 dollars on their program. the medication may cost 100 dollars. Walmart sees that the customer will come in to get the medicine wait for it and shop for a while and then buy everything and most likely profit from it.

Walgreens on the other hand uses small profitless things like the photo lab and cosmetics to encourage to customer to use the pharmacy. Walgreens does not have the spending power that walmart has to make pharmacy prices low.

But hey if your son ever needed and emergency supply of pepsi its on sale for 3 for $11 every other week!
Posted by sherrie7 on 2010-08-18:
I went to CVS and the insulin was $79.95 and at Wal-Mart it is $24.88. Luckily, I did not have to purchase at CVS.
Posted by Healthcare Provider on 2011-11-12:
The OP is right on target with the critique of Walgreens, policies. Volumewise they get similar discounts to their competitors but they make a huge profit on cash customers who runout of or are prescribed medicines after the other pharmacies have closed.
Posted by Diabetic on 2012-01-02:
And now Walgreens is up to $69 for a bottle, while Walmart is still at $25... Screw you Walgreens
Posted by Type I Steve on 2012-11-06:
Tonight I went to buy insulin at Walmart where the price was $24.99 two months ago. I usually buy enough for two months at a time. I find out it is now $78.00/bottle! Go to Walgreens and they want $90.00/bottle! Come to find out Eli Lilly and Co. is expanding and spending 140 million on a new plant for the production of a new product, insulin cartridges. I can no longer afford insulin so I guess I am just going to die. I have tried to get assistance without any luck. I wonder what they will do when all of the insulin dependant Diabetics die off and there isn't anyone to purchase the insulin they produce at their new plant?
Posted by Kay on 2013-01-04:
Just recieved a bill from emergency hospital stay where they decided my husband needed insulin after all of the IV therapy....100 cc's $400.00 Am asking questions. Kay Amarillo TX
Posted by Paul on 2013-07-20:
1. In the US, unless you have no refrigerator, there's absolutely no excuse for EVER running low on insulin (or any other life-necessary medication).
2. In most states Novolin and Humulin are OTC products which require no prescription, but if you are covered by insurance, or live in a locale where an RX is needed for human synthetic insulin, have your doctor write the RX as "Relion N insulin, or Relion R insulin" and check the box allowing substitution."
3. A phone call during the business week to your doctor can get an updated insulin RX phoned into to most US pharmacies within a few hours.
4. Insulin keeps under refrigeration until it's expiration date - usually 2-3 years after date of sale, but in the event of a severe heat wave combined with loss of power, it can spoil quickly. Unopened unexpired vials can be returned to the pharmacy that sold them for exchange.
5. Walmart's Relion-branded human synthetic insulin's provider's brand will vary from year to year because. It gets competitive annual bids every year from Lily and Novo Nordisk. Their bids are partially influenced by its Medicare Part D Rx plan with Humana, which guarantees a known large monthly purchase. Walgreen has no such program.

6. Kay Amarilllo -100cc of U100 insulin = 10 vials. $40/vial, is close to the average street price for Humulin or Novolin (not Relion) in the US. For the average person, 1 vial or type N should be enough to cover basal insulin needs for a month, 2 vials if it's being used as the only insulin by a person with type 1. NOBODY NEEDS to keep a 5-10 month supply of insulin on hand.
Posted by N. M. on 2013-08-13:
CVS and Walgreens are now (8/13) at approximately $109 per 10ml vial of Novilin-R whereas Walmart is still at $24 in Cleveland, Ohio. This is actually similar to highway robbery.
Posted by C Rodriguez on 2013-12-25:
I had to buy Novolin R for my dog on Xmas eve and Walmart was closed. I paid $91.00 for my stupidity.
Posted by Antony on 2014-03-13:
...it seems that no one thought about how prescriptions are "priced." Walgreens has pretty much no say in determining the price for the insulin. And insulin prices vary depending on the manufacturer walgreen's purchase its medicines from.

Your insurance company decides how much they would pay for the insulin, and then you get to pay whatever is left. And insurance companies do not pay the same amount for the same medicine for all pharmacies. Insurance companies decide which pharmacies they want to be in contract with and then decide which pharmacy chains they want to cover the most. So it is possible that your particular insurance plan would cover the most if you get it from Walmart and not from walgreens. It's not Walgreen's fault at all.

Walgreen's DO set the price higher than the buying price because it has to make a profit too to pay its employees. So it is definitely going to be costly than the manufacture price. but again, insurance companies decide how much YOU pay for pharmacies by determining what is the maximum they will cover.
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Walgreens AARP Pharmacy Mail Order Prescription Service
Posted by Rf43 on 09/11/2009
TEMPE, ARIZONA -- This is a letter that I wrote to the "powers that be" at Walgreens Health Initatives I have removed any names...other than Walgreens Mail Service and Walgreens Health Initatives and AARP. It is my opinion as a member that AARP needs to reconsider affiliation with this company.

"I am writing you because I found your name on the Walgreens Pharmacy Benefit Management page of Walgreens Health Initatives website. I am at a loss as far as exactly who to contact regarding the the problems I have been having with Walgreens Mail Service. The problems have been going on far too long and even speaking on the telephone to supervisors has yielded little help or results.

Unfortunately because these difficulties were totally unexpected I did not keep a day by day accounting of exactly what happened when. It has been almost a month since I mailed in a prescription from my physician to the mail service. I waited and waited before I called the first time - a recording told me the prescription was being shipped - when the prescription never arrived I became concerned and called again, this time speaking to a person. I was told that the prescription was on it's way and to not be concerned because it sometimes took 5 to 10 days to arrive.

Once again the prescription didn't arrive so I called again - I believe this was on a Wednesday or Thursday the first week of September. This time the person I spoke to asked me for my address, when I told her she replied that the prescription had been sent to a neighboring city in error. She double checked my paperwork and said that she could see that the address was correct on their records and could offer no explanation as to why someone would send it to another city. She said that she would have a new prescription sent out right away but that it would not arrive right away because of the Labor Day Holiday.

At this point I had little faith in what I was being told so I started called the info line (recording) to stay on top of the day the prescription was actually being shipped. It turns out "right away" was not so right away and I decided to look into the problem further. I finally called and asked to speak to a Supervisor on the 9th. I did not get that woman's name. She told me that the prescription was being shipped overnight via a carrier and I could expect it on the 10th. I explained to her that my address was a rural one and that most carriers do not deliver to rural mail boxes. She put me on hold to check with the carrier. When she came back she said the carrier had not yet received the prescription and that I should call them later that evening and the first thing in the morning to change the address, (although she didn't know if they would allow me to be the one to change it). At that point I was become very angry and I told her that I did not feel that taking care of the address change should be made my responsibility - Walgreens should be the one to handle that. She said she would take care of it and that she would stay in touch. Once again that never happened and yesterday, the 10th of September the prescription did not arrive.

I called again today and once again asked for a Supervisor. The woman I spoke to would only give me a first name. I asked her for her extension # and she said it was xxxx (attempting to reach her at that extension later was impossible, she apparently made it up on the spot). She told me the reason my prescription had not been delivered was because the carrier did not deliver to mail boxes!

I am totally frustrated and very angry with Walgreens as probably any reasonable person might be at this point. This is no way for customers to be treated and I feel someone should investigate what is going on. The person I spoke to today said she talked to the carrier and that they would try to have the prescription delivered today. She also said she would call me back to let me know if the carrier was going to actually be able to deliver it. I don't hold out much hope for either one.

I am sure that you or someone there at Walgreens can look at the file for my order and if what has happened with the order has been actually documented you will see that the Mail Service is handling such things most ineffectively.

I would greatly appreciate hearing from someone regarding this matter."

After writing this letter I called Walgreens Mail Service again - first they told me they couldn't understand why it wasn't delivered and told me that I should call the carrier and talk to a supervisor there to find out why it wasn't delivered. Once again I had to explain that I did not work for Walgreens, I was the customer and it should be up to Walgreens to find out why overnight shipping, for which they paid, wasn't made. After being place on hold the person I was speaking with returned and said that allegedly the carrier attempted delivery of this prescription today, Sept 11 and was unable to deliver it. There has been someone here all day waiting and no one came. Now they tell me that it may be delivered on Monday. In addition they actually charged my credit card 1 cent for the redelivery!!! I told them I absolutely refuse to pay LOL! Also, I learned that Walgreens called my doctor's office to get yet another prescription - huh? What did they do with the first one?
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Wrongful Termination
Posted by B.cotton on 12/03/2008
KINGSBURG, CALIFORNIA -- I am a former employee of Walgreens. I got terminated recently because of false accusations brought on by an assistant manager. I was accused of giving a family member an employee discount when in fact it never happened. Anyone who works or has worked for Walgreens knows that some employees are given pm's, monies or incentives for selling Walgreens named products. I actually did ring up family member because I was actually pushing some products which paid a pm. I had another employee witness the transaction. I did not want to be accused of giving a discount. Anyway a month later loss prevention came in and decided to terminate me on the word of the assistant manager. There was no investigation, no proof. I lost my livelihood, my 401k, and other investments after working for this company for 3 yrs. I understand store policy does not allow for employees ringing up family but because we are expected to reach a certain quota per day on pm's I rang the family member with a witness. If we do not meet quota we are questioned as to why are our pm's so low and why are sales so low. I was just trying to meet my quota. By the way the assistant manager and loss prevention could not come up with an exact date but proceeded to charge me for the unproven discount anyway. I called corporate and told them I could prove I did not give the discount but of course they only believed what loss prevention told them.

Meanwhile I am out of a job and have face the fact that I was accused of theft. That company treats their employees so unfairly. They cut some employees hrs. back so much that employees are forced to quit. They go on to preach how we are all a family, well I would not want backstabbing family like that. They would rather see their employees suffer financially than to admit that they are hurting financially just like other companies out there.

If there are other Walgreens employees out there who are falsely accused of something as a means to terminate them let me know.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-12-03:
Consult with an attorney. But I'll bet that Walgreens's attorney will counter that you violated company policy of not ringing up family members. I hope that somehow you can at least recover your 401k.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-12-03:
PassingBy is right. I'm pretty sure in all retail establishments it is against company policy to ring up a family member, even if witnessed by another employee. The manager should have rung up the sale.
Posted by Principissa on 2008-12-03:
When my sister worked at Children's Place, she wasn't allowed to ring me up, she had to have someone else do it.

I also think you can talk to an attorney, but like PassingBy said, they will find some way to prove you violated company policy.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-12-03:
The OP has already pleaded guilty to violating the policy. But I feel that taking away the 401k and other investments is cruel. An attorney should be able to get a copy of Walgreen's employee handbook or whatever they call it and see if the termination results in losing the benefits.
Posted by Principissa on 2008-12-03:
I feel terrible about it too, that's their money and they are entitled to it. At least I think they are.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-12-03:
The company cannot take away the employees 401k. The employee should get any amount that they contributed, as well as any amounts that were already vested. If not fully vested, then they forfeit the non-vested amount because they are no longer employed with the company. I believe they also have to offer the employee medical benefits under COBRA if they were already insured, but the employee would be required to pay the premium.
Posted by yoke on 2008-12-04:
Agree with John. The company can not keep the 401K that the employee has contributed to.
Posted by M_G on 2008-12-08:
Walgreens doesn't have 401k, it has a profit sharing program. You have to work for the company for X amount of years before you are fully vested. So, this person, who was completely terminated on a legitimate charge, would have gotten all the money they put in, but not the companies money.
Posted by CalzMom on 2009-02-11:
I was discharged from an "unnamed company" after working 3 years of service for them. I was speaking with another employee at the register. I was ringing them (I will not leave a name for privacy purposes)up and finished the sale. I continued to converse with the coworker and their family. This coworker introduced their granddaughter. I was sharing with the granddaughter that she had a great grandparent that they would do things with their granddaughter. I then said to my coworker and their granddaughter that my grandmother used to tap me on the back of the head to get me to sit up straight. As I said that i reached over and demonstrated with a quick tapping motion what my grandmother did to me. My coworker never said anything about the incident, we kept conversing and ended our conversation well. A week and a half later I was called into the office and loss prevention asked me to write out what happened on paper. I asked if I was going to get fired and they said that we would talk about it after I wrote out my side of the story. Loss prevention read the paper then handed it to the EXA. He read it and said it was a firable offense, handed me my last payout in cash and asked to clean out my locker and walked me out the door. This was at the end of August. I'm currently on unemployment trying to get a job in this tough economy. I guess why I'm writing this is to warn people in any job that they think is safe to be careful of who you touch and for why. I personally was depressed because of the way that I got fired but I am trying to turn it into a positive and say that I need to move on and go do something more with my life since I am middle age. I want to warn others that touching others even if not intentionally to hurt can and will come back to haunt you. I have learned to not trust any coworker because they will turn you in for anything and to keep my hands to myself. And with that I'm going back for a certification in a different field of work and I'm going to work in a more fulfilling job that fits my personality and passion. I'm not looking back except to warn people that even the simplest action can get you fired from your job.
Posted by CalzMom on 2009-02-11:
I am a previous employee of Walgreen's and the policy was you were not allowed to ring up your own family....period. There were not exceptions to the rule about having someone watch you. I think they should have given you a warning or the person (manager) watching should have told you that this is an unacceptable action but unfortunately, we both worked in a big corporation. In today's world, Corporations are cold and callous to employees. You are just a number and if one number in the chain (meaning employee) does even the simplest mistakes or bad judgment, they don't care who they hurt, you're out of there. It happened with me and I did a good service for them for 3 years and I was the insurance provider for my family. I used poor judgment, suffered the consequences by getting discharged and I'm moving on. They are not worth my time, energy or feelings to be hurt any more. If I hang on to the anger and resentment, then they've won and to be honest, they don't care about you anyway. You are not a person to them. You're a number and a paycheck.
Posted by Bob Jones on 2011-07-14:
I was terminated from Walgreens, supposedly for sexually harassing another guy. Here's the thing, I filed a hostile work environment claim three months before. Three months to the day later, this false claim was bought and I was fired. This company will make up anything they can to get rid of anyone who they feel causes trouble. If you are still there, get out. Do all you can to boycott them. Walgreens sucks.
Posted by mindy on 2012-02-13:
Yes so I also worked for walgreens for three years.I admitt I did give a employee discount to a employess mother.but I'm not the only one who has done so.the last few months my managers and co workers had been treating me like crap.just so happend the employee who I gave her mother a discount to hates me for some reason..and I'm sure this was a set up fpr me.I don't understand how anyone else can do it but I slip up one time..lose prevention comes in a
Posted by crocus on 2012-08-06:
I have worked for walgreens for 12 yrs I just quit recently . Yes the company has gone downhill. I have seen managers set up people to fire them. I have seen harassament go unchecked. I have seen EXAs remain unpromoted one for 10 yrs and one for a little less. They were told by the DM they would not getthere own store
Posted by Jo on 2012-08-11:
Crocus, I hear you. They're going downhill thats why they are setting up people to get fired. I think who kiss #$#@$% stays and get promoted.
Posted by Also enraged on 2013-03-07:
I currently work for this company. I was written up for a no call no show because I WAS IN A CAR ACCIDENT. My friend, who was in the car behind me but was not involved in the accident, did me the favor of going to my store and letting management know I would not be in. He informed them there was an emergency but did not want to disclose any other details without my consent. I called the day after and informed my boss I was in an accident. Her response? "IF you were REALLY in an accident, I need to see the police report." Okay, fine by me. I went in BEFORE my next scheduled shift, gave her a copy of the police report and a doctors note statingi could not immediately return to work due to injuries sustained in the accident. My boss then informed me that, "even though it was clear" I had actually been in an accident (maybe it was the two black eyes, broken nose and chemical burn from the air bag that gave it away?) I was still getting written up for a no call no show because she "didn't believe" I was in an accident and assumed I was "out partying and too hungover to show up" because I had tried to switch that shift with a coworker the day before. I see where she is coming from her in thinking, but the fact remains I WAS in a car accident and I gave DOCUMENTATION showing it. I find this write up unfair. I also find that now I am being bullied by her and the other managers. I have never even had a verbal warning the entire 7 months I have been there, I have two absences that weren't excused with a doctors note and have never had a customer complaint. Yet I am being punished for her ASSUMPTION.
Posted by Brandy on 2013-04-20:
I was fired today for using register rewards a customer had claimed they didn't want on one occasion and unclaimed register rewards on 2 other occasions. The total for these rewards was $4. Loss prevention came in and basically bullied me into signing a statement and add things when he wasn't satisfied with what it said. The store manager then came in and said I violated company policy and was terminated. They gave me my final pay in cash and walked me out the door as well. Prior to this "offense" I had received recognition as a top salesperson in the district for about 2 months straight on every one of my shifts. But the store manager(a female) has given me a horrible attitude since about a week after I started. I had never done anything wrong to warrant her bad attitude(no-callins, no tardiness, no customer complaints, and all the other employeees and managers adored me) in the 4 months I've worked there. The only thing I can come up with is she came outside when I was leaving after work and we talked behind my car. She looked at the back of my car(where, among other bumperstickers, I have a gay pride sticker). The very next shift is when this attitude started. My biggest complaint is I didn't know I wasn't allowed to use them and was told by another employee(who ended up promoted to manager) that at the end of my shift if they were unclaimed I could keep them. Couldn't they have just written me up? Or repremanded the now manager that originally told me it was ok? Or at least showed me in the policy book where it said keeping them was against policy? Walgreens is a HORRIBLE place to work! I had been looking for another job prior to termination because of our store manager's attitude and total lack of professionalism, but now I'm looking without being able to get a paycheck to support my family in the meantime.
Posted by Courtney on 2013-05-17:
I'm actually on suspension right now, bc of a loss prevention case. No idea what it is or anything they just told me to leave and they'll contact me, I'm almost determined to not answer. I don't want to deal with all the crap I have been reading online, I loved working their it was like my second family.. And now this? I'm thinking about jus going and finding another job and NOT answering at all wen they call.
Posted by zorcor on 2013-08-06:
i currently work for walgreens in the pharmacy dept right now we only have three tech which means one for each shift . well one day i called said i would be late that my daughter i sick and will have to wait til some one can sit with her. well i got wrote wrote up for being 3.5 hr late (the time someone could watch her she cant go to daycare ) well i was basic warned that i cant do that. i explain that i a single parent and i try the best i can . also i have been get ride to work for the past three week because the car gave out

can anyone tell what to do?
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16,000 Assistants Slated For Termination
Posted by Cycleoneusa51 on 11/03/2011
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- The Walgreens Company payroll rewiring program is planning on removing 16,000 assistant managers in 2012 and 2013 using constructive dismissal tactics. Then promote cashiers to key carriers, remove 2,000 EXA's, and remove 2,000 store managers. The savings target is one billion dollars.

Walgreens executive population has never taken a pay cut or reduction in numbers in over 100 years of business.

Store Community Leaders will manage a number of stores to be determined. The executive and governmental divisions of Walgreens will continue to expand. Walgreens has very solid sales and profit growth. Expansion has slowed in many metro markets; similar to what happened to four corner gas stations.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2011-11-03:
Where did you obtain this information? I can't find anything by searching for it...is this confidential information you leaked or just a rumor?

I did find something from Aug that Pfizer is laying off 16,000 employees.

Posted by MDSasquatch on 2011-11-04:
Might have something to do with them losing their contract with Express Scripts; which sucks by the way.
Posted by Starlord on 2011-11-06:
And you know this information how? You have documented proof of this plan? Are you in the loop of the management, so you know all this stuff? I doubt it.
Posted by r stein on 2012-01-14:
just greed that is why the termination of managers-wasson is only looking out for himself
Posted by sweetsplain on 2012-01-21:
This company has gone bad!!! I'm glad I got out of it when I did. The ethics here are few and far between. Mr. Walgreen would be disappointed in what his company has become. Starting with Wasson, right down the chain, they need to learn and live by the "Seven Service Basics" and "Four Way Test."
Posted by GladImGone.com on 2012-01-25:
I totaly agree with the above. I'm sure that this is more than just a rumor. Rewiring was always planned for members of store management. I was a manager for this company for over ten years and it is amazing how piss poor district managers have become and some of the MVP's are less than stellar, especially in Chicago.
Posted by miffed@wag on 2012-03-14:
This is true, just found out about it today. And guess what? The CEO gave himself a 38% raise.
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-03-14:
I don't see this in the business news on Walgreens, so if anything I am guessing it is a company rumor.

Express Scripts accounted for 7% of total revenue for Walgreens in 2011, and 12% of prescriptions filled in Feb 2011. Same store sales are down about 8.6% from this month last year.

Wagreens has about 176,000 employees total. Thus 16,000 figure is plausible given the situation with Express Scripts. Businesses have to make money.
Posted by Christine on 2012-03-17:
It's defiantly not a rumor. My husband has nearly 30 years in and was told he has to take a nearly $4.00/HR pay cut. He will also be transferred to a suburb store. They told him he would have to have an answer by Saturday but now are giving him 90 days to decide. Since he is just shy of 30 years he won't get the free medical insurance. They are offering him no severance package. If he stays they will keep him for a year at his original rate but drop him down to $14.00/Hr. He has almost 90 sick days they don't have to compensate him for.
Posted by anonymous on 2012-03-24:
The CEO and everyone at the top is extremely evil and have NO conscience. The say, "Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely," is obvious with the socio paths that have taken over Walgreens at the top.
Posted by john deruss on 2012-04-03:
christine-there is no FREE INSURNACE-I retired after 33 years-and am paying 7000.00 a year for insurance
Posted by Sarah on 2013-01-12:
Can Walgreens really force some one to take a pay cut after so many years with the company?? Isn't there laws about this about this?? I guess Walgreens doesn't care!!!!
Posted by Ken on 2013-07-10:
Its no rumor...seems like walgreens advertising dollars keep the media (including financial media) at bay. You should hear about wage and hours suit soon as wag has abused these mgr. TRAINEES for all of their careers. Would be nice to see someone in media stand up for sorely oppressed middle class americans.
Posted by lee on 2014-02-04:
Walgreens is making business decision
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Insane Pharmacist
Posted by HateWalgreens on 07/10/2010
LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY -- About 9 P.M. this evening I went up to Walgreens to pick up a prescription using the drive-through service outside. The gentleman at the window asked for my I. D. because it is a sleeping medication. I provided him with my government-issued badge, as I am a federal government employee. He said he needed my driver's license. I explained to him that my government badge actually has more information than my driver's license (it includes among other things, my fingerprint) and I unfortunately did not have my driver's license with me so providing that was impossible. He said he needed some form of identification he could record. I then offered him my health insurance card, which has a series of numbers on it. This was declined. I offered my student identification from the University of Louisville, also possessing a series of numbers, identifying me with a picture as well as my student identification number. This was declined. I offered two different credit cards, my social security card and then my Triple A card all of which he declined as well and he went to get the Pharmacist in charge. (On a legal note, 902 KAR 55:110 reads, Section 5. Patient Identification Number. (1) A patient or the person obtaining the controlled substance on behalf of the patient shall disclose to the dispenser the patient's Social Security number for purposes of the dispenser's mandatory reporting to KASPER. (2) If a patient is an adult who does not have a Social Security number, the patient’s driver’s license number shall be disclosed. (3) If a patient is an adult who has not been assigned a Social Security number or a driver’s license number, the number 000-00-0000 shall be used. (4) If a patient is a child who does not have a Social Security number or a driver's license number, the Social Security number, driver's license number, or the number "000-00-0000", as applicable, of the parent or guardian shall be used. (5) If a patient is an animal, the owner’s Social Security number, driver's license number, or the number "000-00-0000", as applicable, shall be used.

-Yet none of these forms of identification were accepted and the medication was being denied resultingly).

The pharmacist came to the window and immediately asked for my driver's license. I explained again that I did not have this particular form of identification and asked her to look at one of the various forms of identification in her possession. She reiterated that a number was needed that "could be recorded" so they could track me if my prescription was lost. I was perplexed and explained to her that the forms of identification I had submitted had various numbers that could be used for tracking purposes, should my prescription be lost. I also said it would be unlikely that it would be lost because I keep the medication for sleep on my nightstand at home. She said I needed to either give her my identification or take my prescription elsewhere to be filled.

Admittedly, I was very frustrated at this point, especially with the pharmacist's last directive (who identified herself as C. Watts). I proceeded to tell her that she knew very well I could not take that particular prescription anywhere else to get it filled because I had the prescription transferred from Walmart. She said this was not her fault but instead the blame was to fall on the State of Kentucky for not allowing me to transfer the prescription to another store or Walgreens location, for that matter. She did understand that I could not take the prescription anywhere else though. I suppose she had assumed I was not familiar with Kentucky law. I told her I was completely out of this medication. I would not be able to fill the prescription elsewhere without going back to my physician's office and getting an entirely new script. She once again reiterated Walgreens was not to blame for this dilemma but instead the fault was with the State of Kentucky.

At this point I asked for the name of her immediate supervisor. After asking the name of her supervisor several times and her refusal to provide me with it, she told me to either drive away or she would call the police. I am at a loss for words for how this affected me. I still am in shock over it. She continued to threaten me in my vehicle stating she would call the police if I did not drive away. Looking back, she had my federal badge inside the window. She had my Student identification. She had two of my credit cards as well as my Triple A card and my social security card. I was so upset at the time, I didn't even realize this fact, but I think it is important to note that she did not return these items at this time while requesting that I immediately drive away or she would have the police physically remove me from the premises. I reiterated to her, as a question, that I was being threatened by the police as well as being asked to leave because I asked for the name of her immediate supervisor. She continued to reply with threats and did not address this point.

By this time, I was physically shaking. I remember her continuing to state the above directive and fumbling through an old change purse, I located an expired driver's license from California, where I had lived for about five years. She then processed my prescription with this "outdated" information, given it was expired since 2004 and had my former California address on it, and put my belongings in the window, along with a blank script with the name C. Watts scrawled on it. I am perplexed at how all the current information I submitted was rejected and yet an expired driver's license without any current information on it was finally accepted.
I will NEVER shop at Walgreens again. NEVER
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Posted by ontario_girl on 2010-07-10:
Just curious, but why were you driving without your driver's licence? Isn't that illegal in the States?
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-07-10:
The only thing I can think of is that maybe Walgreens system is set up to only record drivers license numbers and nothing else.
Posted by leet60 on 2010-07-10:
I had the same question Ontario girl. The OP is lucky they didn't call the police to report he was at their window, behind the wheel driving without a license.
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-07-10:
Many states ONLY accept state-issued ID (Drivers license or Non-Driver ID).

And yes driving without your license is illegal.
I'm a bit shocked that a federal employee would be flaunting that he or she is breaking the law.
Especially while trying to quote laws to others.
Posted by Doctor Charlie on 2010-07-10:
I don't understand this post - it clearly states that if the person has a driver's license, they need to record that number. Why didn't the OP just go home and get his drivers' license?
Posted by Starlord on 2010-07-11:
My favorite line when someone told me they did not have their license was, "What are you doing, driving on MY roads with no license?" then I would cite them for no license in possession.
Posted by safesinger666 on 2010-07-11:
Walgreens can be a pain in the ass all they need to do is verify street address if you were already a customer.
I've went to one Walgreens and they turned me away for my refill stating that I should have more in my old bottle.
Only to go to another Walgreen 5 minutes down the road to have them fill it without question.
I beleive it's all Pharm tech discretion some are A-holes and others are understanding and not so retarded.
Come on who hasn't gotten in thier car without thier license? I know if I am already at said destination I do not wanna drive all the way home to get an ID especially if I had all other forms on me.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-07-11:
Posted by Sheriffs Uncle on 2010-07-11:
I agree with safesinger, although I never get in my car without my license. But on principle, I can give this person a break rather than bust their chops. The reason? Walgreens has been a complete pain in my rear too. Some of the pharmacists take it upon themselves to judge you. I continue to use Walgreens because of the hours I work, and the fact that they are 24-hours. However, i am slowly moving my meds to a small, old-fashioned pharmacy.
Posted by Sheriffs Uncle on 2010-07-11:
HateWalgreens, I too am in Louisville, KY. I am going to send you a private message, recommending the small pharmacy I mentioned. It's only going to get worse with the Walgreens of this world.
Posted by Sheriffs Uncle on 2010-07-11:
HateWalgreens, look up at the top of the page for a message in your inbox from me.
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-07-11:
Yes I've forgotten it before.

However that means I also had no other ID either. And if I was out shopping yes I would drive right back. And I wouldn't expect someone else to cater to me just because I screwed up.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-07-11:
That's a good point, Pepper. If I didn't have my drivers license, I wouldn't have my other ID either since I keep it all in the same place. The OP seemed to have everything under the sun except a drivers license. Now that I think of it, that is kind of odd.
Posted by Sheriffs Uncle on 2010-07-11:
I don't think the OP was asking to be catered to. they gave them about 10 different forms of ID. And like another poster said, once you're in the system, you simply verify your address. That's what I get asked. To verify. I don't have to physically produce my license each time. Sure, the OP could have driven back home. But Walgreens could also have used some reasonable judgement. Were they driving without a license? Yep. What if they had not driven to the store, but was a passenger? Then what? At that point they have no obligation to anybody to be carrying their license. (although it's still a good idea) But if they had not used the drive-through, then why would the pharmacist have the right to give them a hard time about a driver's license?
Posted by Sheriffs Uncle on 2010-07-11:
What about the people that don't have driver's licenses? Had the OP walked in, there would have been no reason for her to have a driver's license on her, other than the fact that it's probably good to always have it with you, if you have one.
We're always belly aching about the good old days when things were more personal. Now we sit here on this forum and take the side of the big monster. It sounds as if the Op was NOT being difficult. She offered every ID under the sun.
Posted by Sheriffs Uncle on 2010-07-11:
So, while I agree with you guys that are so quick to criticize this person for driving without a license, it is not as relevant to the review as you are making it. I guess you could say it set off a red flag, but it seems the OP did enough to prove who she was. There's no high horse here that I see.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-07-11:
I agree with one thing, Sheriff. It was none of Walgreens business whether or not the OP was driving without a license. Walgreens is not a law enforcement agency. I also think the manager was a bit unyielding, but I don't know how things work behind the scenes at a Walgreens pharmacy. I can't help wondering how prescriptions like this are handled if the customer doesn't have a drivers license at all. There must be an alternative.
Posted by Sheriffs Uncle on 2010-07-11:
At the Walgreens that I've used, you're already in the system, so they're handled by verifying information. Usually it's your address, although I've had them ask a different question before. Plenty of people don't have driver's licenses. And I did acknowledge that Walgreens has a right for a red flag to go up in this situation, since the OP used the drive-through. I just felt that the Op covered that flag extensively.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-07-11:
Here's what I'm stuck on and the reason for my first comment:

She reiterated that a number was needed that "could be recorded" so they could track me if my prescription was lost.

Maybe their system is set up only to record drivers license numbers. But that still doesn't explain how they handle customers that do not drive.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-07-11:
Maybe this was the OP's first time at Walgreens and she wasn't in the system. The prescription was transferred from Walmart.
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-07-11:
also the numbers are often used to ensure that you don't buy more than a specific amount in a week.

for some medications you can only purchase a specific amount in one week ...though that's usually for the meds that can be utilized to make crystal meth etc

if i remember correctly the data goes into a state-wide database too, in case some would-be "chemist" thinks he or she can outsmart the system by buying the meds up in different stores or different chains
Posted by safesinger666 on 2010-07-11:
Although License is not relevent to this complaint.
I have many times pulled my ID out of my wallet to fill in some application online and left it on my desk and then put my wallet in my pocket..Without the license.
In all reality Walgreens should cater to the people that make thier paycheck possible.
So yes when I spend my moeny at an establishment I expect to be catered to ABSOLUTELY!
Posted by safesinger666 on 2010-07-11:
I should have said that although driving without a license is irrelevant.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-11:
Sometimes when I read reviews I am astounded that ordinary people get so worked up about what seems to be pretty simple issues. You were asked to present a DL, you didn't have yours on you. Go home, get it, come back and pick up your script. Problem solved.
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-07-11:
actually it is an issue

if you're going to try quoting laws to someone else
you should not be breaking them at the *exact* same time.

That's like telling someone else how to raise their kids while your own kids are smoking crack.
Posted by yoke on 2010-07-11:
There is a reason why the pharmacy needed the OP's license and it seems the OP knew that a license was going to be needed for the meds. Why else would you show anything but a license. Just like when you want to get cold medicines at the store you have to have your license so they can swipe it. The OP did not seem to concerned when Walgreens threatened to call the police. I know if I did have my license on me and I was driving and someone said they were gonna call the cops I would settle down.
Who carries an old drivers license from a different state on them? I know when we moved from CA to CT we had to hand over our CA license.
It is illegal to drive without a license, my neighbor who left her license at home got a $126 ticket and has to go to court.
There is more than what we are being told.
Posted by Ben There on 2010-07-11:
How is anyone supposed to know what a government agency badge looks like, much less if it is authentic? Anyone with photoshop can put a picture, some numbers, a bar code or two and even a fingerprint and the name like DOT, NASA or IRS on a badge - I am sure it would look authentic to anyone who does not work for that particular agency. Those badges are to for getting you into your building or department, not picking up medications.
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-07-11:
Exactly. NY State wouldn't let me use my Navy ID to pick up behind-the-counter meds so I had to use my NY Driver's license.

although yes my DOD card was a legal ID, the system was set up to record DL only. So... Instead of screaming at them, I pulled the DL out. Then again... the DL and DOD card lived in the same wallet so it was pretty much impossible to have one but not the other. same as my current wallet.

about the only time i haven't done that recently is... one time at church when i knew it wold be too annoying to bring the entire wallet, so i slipped the DL into my pocket. and last weekend when i was with my family. forgot where we went but i knew i wouldnt need my license or wallet so i left it at home. but even that's kinda rare. especially since i have a really adorable purse that my boyfriend gave me. it's small but can easily hold my wallet.
Posted by yoke on 2010-07-11:
I wonder what controlled substance the OP was trying to obtain without the proper ID.
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-07-11:
sleep aid meds
but he didn't specify which ones

i'm betting on Ambien since it's got those freaky side effects.
Posted by Ytropious on 2010-07-11:
If we were talking about something small like buying a mature video game or matching a name to a credit card, then sure maybe those forms of ID would be valid, but the fact is they were not for this application. Walgreens needs to "record" information from your ID, and usually that happens by swiping it. I highly doubt the system is set up to take government ID badges. State ID or DL only. If you don't have valid form of ID, then go get one. Don't argue the law or the rules, these are drugs we're talking about.

The only time something similar happened to me was this one store I buy used music and games at. My DL has my married last name but all my cards have my maiden name (I'm lazy, and in between changing them). The guy flat out refused to take my credit card, even though I presented him my 2 school photo IDs, my check book, and my pay stub, even my social security card, all with the correct last name! In that case, he was just being a hard ass since I've bought things there before without hassle, most people understand a married woman in between names (hell, every place else I go that asks to see ID has). I had my husband buy it and glared at the guy for being a jerk.
Posted by Mrs. V on 2010-07-11:
I took Ambien for awhile because I couldn't sleep due to discomfort (I have a DVT in my leg and multiple pulmonary embolisms in my lungs). I got it filled at Rite-aid and had no problem what so ever. I was never asked for any IDs or given a hassle. So I don't know if it's that med or not...
Posted by yoke on 2010-07-11:
I know that I have been asked for my DL to purchase over-the-counter meds. There has got to be a legal reason why Walgreens could not give the meds without a license and the OP knew it. Ironic how the OP could find a DL that has expired 4 years ago, but did not have a current DL on them. I am shocked that Walgreens took the expired license.
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-07-11:

that makes me wonder if the OP even has a valid DL then.

I mean sure I know for some states if you're military you can get by with an expired DL - but most people don't realize you actually have to carry a specific DMV card along with the expired DL in those situations.

regular federal jobs though, I don't know if they have that same deal or not. and either way you still have the have the expired card & dmv card *on you* while driving.
Posted by Helpful on 2010-07-11:
I would think that trying to obtain a prescription through the drive-thru without a drivers license would be a major red flag and probably something that the employees have been trained to catch.

I would have done the same thing as the employees up until the OP pulled out her AAA card -- LOL.

Actually, even though I can somewhat understand the employee's position in the matter, this was a very well written review.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-07-11:
My final opinion on this is that the OP does not have a valid drivers license, and that's the only number Walgreens is able to record. But I would still like to know what they do with customers that do not drive. How does Walgreens keep track of those prescriptions.

I too was surprised that they took the expired license, but I don't think they really wanted to call the police and just wanted to be done with this customer. All they wanted was a drivers license number, and they got one. But again, what happens with people who don't drive and do not have ID From the DMV?
Posted by Sheriffs Uncle on 2010-07-11:
Venice, my mom is in the Walgreens system without a driver's license. They have her Social Security number, and of course her D.O.B., address and insurance info. When I pick up her meds they ask for her street address for verification.
Sometimes they will ask her date of birth instead of her adddress. At this point, once you are in the system, Walgreens is simply trying to verify that you are who you say you are.
Now you could be correct that since the OP was transferring this script from Walmart, maybe the OP was setting up her account for the first time, and they needed the License as the first step. Knowing she had one somewhere, they were not willing to go to plan "B". Who knows. Like someone else mentioned, something is being left out here.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-07-11:
Thanks for that info about your mom, Sheriff. My mom never had a drivers license, but there were always ways around around it. Not everyone drives.

The problem here was probably a combination of the OP not being in the system and not having a license. I see both sides of this. Things were heating up, which is why I think Walgreens finally took the expired license. I try not to fault employees for following rules, but I also agree that sometimes they have to make a judgment call even if it means bending the rules a bit. It's too bad this situation went as far as it did, but in the end I think they did bend the rules by taking the expired license. I have no doubt that this whole thing was very upsetting to the OP, but if she actually does not have a valid license, she really should take care of that.
Posted by Sheriffs Uncle on 2010-07-11:
I agree Venice. My first reaction on this thread was to side with the OP because I've had some ridiculous experiences with Walgreens. Once, their automated system told me that my prescription would be refilled. When I went to pick it up that afternoon (Friday), I was told it was denied by my doctor. Without going into a lot of detail here, they screwed up and I had to wait 3 days to get a med that I needed. Not the kind of personalized service like we got in the old days. So I was quick to take the OPs side. I am willing to accept that maybe Walgreens did all they could to help her. After all, she did finally get her meds based on an expired license. So it appears they did try to work with her. Will these type of situations get better or worse is the question. Maybe things will only get easier when we give up some of our rights and start using chips under our skin, or retinal eye pattern scanners.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-07-11:
I know you're half joking, but I hope I don't live long enough to see those days. And they ARE coming!

I have had my share of problems with the pharmacies in my area. I fired them one by one until we finally settled on Stop & Shop. It's a small pharmacy with personalized service. I'm glad you found an old-fashioned pharmacy. It may not seem like a big deal, but the right pharmacy can make life a lot easier. I understand that they do have to follow a lot of rules these days, but a little personalized service can go a long way.
Posted by Sheriffs Uncle on 2010-07-11:
When they start putting chips under our skin for identification, I wonder if we get to choose what type of chip. I'd like cheddar and sour cream Ruffles. Since I don't have any tattoos or piercings, it could be my first wild adventure.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-07-11:
I'm boring. Nothing but chocolate for me.

Posted by Icanthink on 2010-07-11:
Every state in the country requires you to be driving with your driver's license IN THE CAR. Sorry, but it's your own fault. You were lucky that you didn't get stopped by a cop or you would have been hauled to jail. I do agree that you had problems at this particular pharmacy (accepting an invalid driver's license? Dumb as a box of rocks!), but you can have the same problem at any other pharmacy.

In my experience in CA, only your driver's license or a passport are considered valid ID. Perhaps that is the case in KY.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-07-11:
A valid government issued ID is required for many things....booze purchases, smoke purchases etc. Keep your ID on hand in case you die, you can be identified.
Posted by safesinger666 on 2010-07-11:
I get meds much stronger than sleeping meds and never once have I been asked for my ID.
I still side with the OP on this I pay you give end of story.
Posted by Ben There on 2010-07-11:
Safesinger666 - try to buy some Sudafed in most states and tell them you don't want to show your DL and see how far you get.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-11:
A government issued badge is not an I'd. Dog catchers have goverment issued badges. If you drive, you should have a drivers license. You would think that a government employee with a government issued badge would know that.
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-07-11:
"i pay you give end of story" = "no can do" if you're asking for meds that require ID
and the law will be on their side

blame it on the jerks who abused drugstores to cook up crystal meth.
Posted by Sheriffs Uncle on 2010-07-11:
It is definitely the ones that abuse the system that make it difficult for people that need certain drugs.
Posted by Alain on 2010-07-12:
Quick note: If you don't drive and therefore don't have a license many states have an official photo ID (issued by the DMV here in Pennsylvania) that is considered valid ID in lieu of a drivers license.
Posted by walgreens lady on 2010-07-14:
Moved From Other Review: Why are you as a government official driving around without a Valid Drivers licence Hello.
I got pulled over by police they don't care about various other identifications they want to see your drivers licence I did not have mine
i got a ticket and went to court and paid $18.00 For driving without it.
Now days there are so many people trying to get over on people and I don't blame the pharmacist for wanting to be sure on the identification.
Especially for a controlled substance. Sorry to Say Just Because you Are a Government official Doesn'T mean you are above the Walgreen's policy.
Posted by chrisann on 2010-07-14:
If a customer doesn't have a driver's license, I would assume that a state ID or SS card would do the trick. In regards to them asking for an ID in the OP case, whether they were already in the system or not, I would think that a pharmacy has a right to verify any information that they want--especially the way people try to scam these days.
Posted by LenaSunShine on 2010-08-04:
The condescending lectures and accusations by innuendo directed at OB are misplaced and inappropriate. OP left a review of her or his experience, not a request for your personal opinions on his or her character and values. Get over yourselves!

Many people go out and for a variety of reasons discover they've left their driver's license behind by accident. Anyone who never has, well aren't you special?

I have a whole pile of old driver's licenses left over from the days the DMVs did not take the original when one got a new one. So what? What are you, all twelve years old so you have know memory that how things are done now are new and not that long ago things were much looser?

Arriving for a quick task like picking up a prescription can quickly become trying when overly-burdensome and intrusive bureaucracy rears its ugly head. However, OP did not write that he or she "screamed" at the pharmacy employees.

Pharmacies are asking for photo ID now because of a federal law, but this federal law does not require the ID be a driver's license. Any photo ID will do, even a library card with a photo or a Costco card. As for needing a number, the regulation allowed Walgreens to use 000-00-0000. If Walgreen's computerized system could not accommodate that, then customers need to let Walgreens Corporate know they are not doing business with a company that is implementing such a narrow, inflexible, disrespectful to the varied needs of its customers company.

In almost every business now, and government agencies too, employees are poorly trained and provide much misinformation. Just because the employee said it was state law or any law doesn't mean it was true. Especially when it comes to ID, I have employees of clinics, pharmacies, insurance companies, and various agencies tell me such things all of the time and they are Wrong. They don't even know the laws themselves but were given an instruction and then justifying it to the customer, sometimes just making it up like the customer is stupid and sometimes honestly mistaken.

No one should be giving Any office other than a government office or a financial institution all of that information because too much private information in one place is begging to be sold to ID theft rings. Once you hand that pharmacist or medical receptionist your name, birth date, drivers license number, and social security number, they have everything they need to be you. Furthermore, it does not stay in that facility, but is sent to transcribing companies, financial/billing companies, and storage companies. Countless people you do not even know exist see your information, and sometimes they aren't even in this country.

I do not give my social security number or my driver's license number to anyone. For medical providers, I carry an enlarged copy of my driver's license in my purse with the number blocked out with permanent marker and let them make a copy of that. I will not use a medical provider that demands my social security number. Sure, employees have given me all kinds of bogus reasons why it is Required, but guess what, as soon as I say I'm canceling the appointment and going elsewhere, suddenly they discover it wasn't really required after-all. I don't even give my social security number to my medical insurance company, and they've actually called medical receptionists before to inform them I do not have to provide it in order for them to reimburse the medical provider.

OB had the bad luck of driving up to a window staffed by someone who did not actually know he or she could use the 000-00-0000 and sign something to show he or she had seen photo ID for verification. Then OB had the bad luck of facing an immature supervisor who engaged him or her in a power struggle instead of remembering that even a pharmacy is a retail business and OB was the customer.

If an employee had threatened me with the police merely because he or she was being challenged regarding customer service I was receiving, the store manager would have heard from me after I parked and went inside, or at least the next day if I was too upset at the moment to remain calm, as well as the corporate office too.

As for the snide remarks about OB's sleeping aid: 1)It is none of our business what the medication was. The issue was the abusive service dished out by the Walgreen's supervisor after time spent with a clueless employee. 2) Sleeping aids are not hard drugs of some kind. Too much is made of it. 3) Making excuses for government intrusion, tracking every script we fill like we live in an authoritarian police state (in this case, drugs, we do!), and onerous policies on the part of businesses using the government as their sorry excuse shows how foolish Americans have become after 20 years of overblown drug hysteria. Meth labs or not, it is actually a small percentage of Americans who actually have serious problems with medications, yet all of us are now subjected to invasions of our medical privacy, loss of control over our records, and being tracked by government as though we are all potential criminals. Overreaction to the problems of the few now creates unnecessary stress and expense for the many, as well as undermines our rights and our ability to protect our private information, yet we all roll over for it.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-08-04:
Whew!! I'm tired now just reading that. :)
Posted by MRM on 2010-08-04:
Speaking of driver's license, when I renew my license, I keep the same photo that was taken in high school (13 years ago), on the new license.
Posted by momsey on 2010-08-04:
You can do that, MRM? Definitely can't do that here in Jersey. When I was 17, at the time they had kids under 21 turn their head to the side so anyone looking at the license could quickly see that they weren't 21 or over. Didn't affect me altering my license for getting into bars in college.
Posted by MRM on 2010-08-04:
I have renewed my license online and that was 3 years ago and it would use the same photo since high school.
Posted by FlShopper on 2010-08-04:
I've had the same photo on my license for over 15 years. I hope I never have to change it! :)
Posted by momsey on 2010-08-04:
Interesting. Here in Jersey, you used to be able to renew your license by mail, but you wouldn't have a picture on it. Now, of course everyone needs a picture and you have to go to the DMV to renew it. Always a fun experience and the perfect opportunity for a photo shoot.
Posted by LenaSunShine on 2010-09-13:
@ The Judge: (<:
Posted by billybob on 2011-06-19:
State laws differ, but in my state only passports, miliatary ids, a DL, or State issued ID card (ie looks just like DL , but says ID Card) are what the board of pharamacy say are accecptable forms of ID..... Dont abibe by Boards rules, get your livlyhood taken away from you. Quit getted pissed and just give me what i ask for because i'm just follow the laws and rules set forth but the government !
Posted by mikr on 2011-11-01:
Walgreens ,is a joke, when it comes to this, I mean the first time I actually filled a script for percocet...the pharmacist was really indirectly telling me I was a junkie ...and the meds were actually for my cancer ridden sibling ...shame on you walgreensWalgreens
Posted by SN on 2013-08-11:
It is a trending theme of retailers to find any reason to gain an individual's information. As far as regulated Rx's, pharmacies may not have a say in the ID verification policy. However, the fact that Walgreens requires and records your Driver's License for a merchandise return with a valid receipt, is nothing but an invasion of privacy. Even when you pay cash! Proof of ID isn't stated anywhere in the return policy printed on your receipt, yet they say it's applicable. It states you can return any purchase with valid receipt (with manager discretion, etc) for the full refund of the purchase price in the same form you paid. The policy without a receipt doesn't mention ID either. They're allowed to justify such practices for the sake of "loss prevention" or to track "return abuse,"and thus entitling them to the public's most personal possession, our identity. Under no circumstances should Walgreens or any establishment have the right to indiscriminately screen and record sensitive data on consumers. Questionable or suspicious transactions could be easily spotted by those at the register if they were diligent in the cause. To subject everyone returning a lipstick or curling iron to this tactic is a blatant infringement upon our right to privacy.
Posted by melbs on 2013-09-14:
I just went to pick up a narcotic and tried to provide my DL and they insisted on my SS#. They started it was due ti the ky to report to Kasper that's total BS. I am a RN and pull kaspers on a regulat basis with DL#'s.
I WILL be calling to complain to someone much higher. I Hate hate walgreens.
Posted by Jenny on 2014-02-27:
Walgreens got busted for bogus orders for narcotic medicines(to supply FL pill mills) so this is 1 of the things they now do to not have to fill a prescription.I got the ID thing 2 mths(customer for years, same Dr,etc) then it changed to "we're out of that." Best to find a mom and pop pharmacy! I did -no trouble! They even will deliver to my home if needed! Stay away from the big chains and less headaches will occur.
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"The Company that Cares" Does NOT Care About Their Employees!
Posted by POedWife on 01/30/2010
CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- It is 6:22 AM in the Charlotte, NC region. This area of NC rarely receives snow, and our road crews are ill equipped to handle this kind of weather. As a life long resident of the Charlotte region I know that when it snows people stay home. People do not go shopping. People do not buy anything.

My husband has worked for Walgreens for five years as an Assistant Manager. When it snows and ices Walgreens is the only store in the whole region that stays open. They don't get much business at all. They probably spend more money forcing their employees to drive in unsafe conditions than they actually make all day.

Walgreens never delays opening their stores or closes for inclement weather. My husband just slid off the road and had to be pulled out. He still has to go to work. His district manager is from an area in the midwest where it snows frequently and therefore people are used to driving in the snow where he is from. His name Mr. Vanderduke. He does not even blink when he forces his employees to risk their lives by driving in unsafe conditions.

Please boycott Walgreens. Any corporation that cares more about the bottom dollar than the lives of their employees does not deserve customers.
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Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-01-30:
I appreciate our Walgreens staying open in bad weather. Lots of people have to work in inclement weather.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-30:
I did not like my working life (medical career), aka hospital, open 365 days a year no matter the weather, no matter the holiday, no matter the time of day-I didn't like it. I went back to school and became a teacher. If you don't like your work life, the only one who should be expected to change it is you, or in this case, your husband. Walgreen's sets the standards, your husband agrees to it by working there, period.
Posted by msnanny on 2010-01-30:
If everyone were to boycott Walgreens and they closed all of their stores where would your husband work then? Do you really want to cut off your nose to spite your face? Perhaps you should be thankful that he has a job??? Just a thought.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-30:
I can relate to this OP a little, I mean NC is being hammered by snow right now. It would have been nice if the manager could have sympathized with the employee and allow him to stay home.

That said, I dont think its a good idea to be putting his manager's name on here. You could be opening a whole new can of worms if he found out about this.
Posted by spiderman2 on 2010-01-30:
I hope you have a plan for when Mr. Vanderduke fires your husband over your bad-mouthing him on the internet. That was probably not your best move.
Posted by MRM on 2010-01-30:
5' of snow in Norfolk VA right now.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-30:
MRM, I know...you know what SNOW brings.... Lots and lots of airline complaints! LET THE RANTS BEGIN!
Posted by madconsumer on 2010-01-30:
chattanooga got hit with upto 9" of snow in the mountains, and 4" in the valley, we are not regular receivers of snow, and we all went to work today! our last snow like this was 1993.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-30:
I'd like to hear the conversation that takes place when her husband gets home and finds out that his wife just trashed his boss by name on the internet. The fact that her husband is not used to driving in snow doesn't by him a free pass, if the store isn't closed, he needs to go to work and do his job, which apparently he did. Ma'am, you need to back off.
Posted by Ytropious on 2010-01-30:
Just because it's unusual to have snow where you live doesn't mean you get to close down. What about folks up North like me? We live in snow for a good chunk of the year and risk our safety during inclement weather just like you! People will come out in snow storms to get their prescriptions, milk, makeup, or whatever they need in a moments notice. SOMEONE has to be there to give it to them and I for one am glad Walgreens cares enough to stay open. If you don't feel safe driving then call off, but don't blame the company for having good business practice.
Posted by GenuineNerd on 2010-01-30:
Staying open makes sense in inclement weather. What if someone needs a prescription, or milk, or even a six-pack of beer or a pack of smokes, while the weather is bad? Walgreens is a convenience store as well as a pharmacy. That needed prescription could be the matter of life or death to someone.
Posted by SteveWiginowski on 2010-01-30:
I like the idea of this review. You want people to boycott Walgreens. If people were to actually boycott Walgreens, then Walgreens could have to close stores, such as the one where your husband works. He would be laid off. I'm sure you would be happy about that, right?
Posted by old fart on 2010-01-30:
Good lord, what a bunch of wussies...
Slow down!... give yourself more stopping distance!... give yourself extra time to get where you're going!
It doesn't take a genius or a professional driver to understand that!
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-30:
Old, I agree with you but sometimes the roads can be such a hazzard that even the most professional drivers can get into accidents. Especially ICE. The best of drivers can't do anything once they hit a patch of thick ice. If the roads were such a hazzard that i thought I couldnt make it to work, I would simply have called them and told them I couldnt make it. Period. If they want to punish me for it, so be it. That makes THEM look bad. Not me.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-30:
Excuse me, but Walmart don't close either. Pour area which hardly gets more than an inch or so and lasts for only a day got hammered yesterday and last night. Wally was still kicking. I however, will not risk life and limb, and called out. I can drive in snow, but I will not drive on ice. Let them get mad. I don't care.

I do sympathize, but your husband made the decision to go.
Posted by old fart on 2010-01-30:
Tennboy... I guess it's a macho thing seeing as how I live in Michigan...
When I lived in Florida for three years, I used to make fun of the local drivers but most of the time I stayed off the road because of the "snow amateurs"... Getting hit by a local driver doesn't make the damage less severe...
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-30:
A majority of retail stores don't close when it's bad weather out. But, in cases where there's been icy roads, I've called in due to I value my life more than my job.

"he forces his employees to risk their lives by driving in unsafe conditions."

Forces how? Does he threaten the loss of a job? Jobs can be replaced, lives can't.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-30:
Amen BK. No one can force a person to risk their life for a job. Everyone makes that choice. I will not. Today is better. The main roads are clear, but the one we live on is still a bit icy and snow covered and not very clear. My husband is going to drive me to work and pick me up.
Posted by POedWife on 2010-01-31:
You are all completely missing the point. In this part of NC it does not snow. It rarely snows even once a year. The last time it snowed like this here in the Charlotte region was 13 years ago. Our road crews are NOT equipped to make the roads safe. Everything else closes. Nothing else is open. He could have at least delayed opening the store and perhaps closed a bit early so his employees did not have to risk their lives to drive in the snow. As for all of you people giving my husband driving tips, his driving is not the issue. The issue is that our roads are not safe. We are not yankees. This does not happen here. I feel certain that if the majority of you actually lived in this area, you would agree with me. And BK--to answer your question, yes. My husband would be fired if he did not make it to work in icy conditions. In this economy you cannot risk being fired. There aren't enough jobs to go around. He could call in and get fired and risk us losing our home because he can't find a new job. Or he can risk his life and go in. It isn't safe to drive in snow and ice in this region. People do not know how to drive in these conditions, so even if you are a good driver you risk being hit by a bad driver. Shame on Walgreens.
Posted by POedWife on 2010-01-31:
Something else I believe is relevant: the Department of Transportation was on all the local news stations yesterday calling road conditions "hazardous" and asking people not to drive unless it was an emergency. When the D.O.T. asks people not to drive, companies shouldn't expect people to drive either. May I also point out that any government buildings that were open on Saturdays were closed yesterday and the Post Office did not even deliver mail. Again, I reiterate: Walgreens is greedy and cares more about money than the lives of their employees.

Oh and for all the people saying this post will get my husband fired: it won't. It is illegal for a company to fire a person for something their spouse does off store property. I have several good friends who happen to be attorneys--I checked before I made the post ;)
Posted by Alain on 2010-01-31:
Your safety concern is valid. The concern over losing his job is, too. A possible compromise might be saying to the manager that your vehicle is not capable of making it to the store and that your husband will arrive as soon as possible.
Posted by Alain on 2010-01-31:
Blame the car, not the person.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-31:
POed, are you saying Walgreens fires employees for calling in ONE time? My niece works at a walgreens; I will ask her about how the attendance policy is written in the employee handbook.
Posted by studlyduddly on 2010-01-31:
I understand just how horrible the company Walgreens is on every level, retail, pharmacy, durable medical equipment and CORPORATE! I have a loved one who works in this MESS of an organization. For over 14 months of potential lay offs. Now they are outsourcing to INDIA and the PHILLIPNES. For me, my entire family do to the gross incompetence Walgreens demonstrated on every level have boycotted Walgreens. We even had to report the incompetence to the Better Business Bureau do to the medical equipment they over billed for now going on SIX MONTHS! For our loved one,,,, he won't be out of the nightmare within the Walgreen's Structure SOON ENOUGH!! This company has no professional or family values DISPITE there slogan.. America's Pharmacy that does not believe in AMERICA in my opinion due to the OUTSOURCING!
Posted by ndrulez on 2010-01-31:
Leave earlier for work. The one or two days a year when the weather is inclement and be a TEAM player!! Be thankful that he has a job and pray his boss is not a my3c reader!!
Posted by Vicky-pyon on 2010-02-13:
If it's very tough weather... and there is a lot of evidence that supports that claim, your husband should stay home. All he has to do is call-in. Notice I said 'call-in' and not 'ask if he can stay home'. He can't get fired over a life-threatning situation such as driving in very bad weather conditions. If he does get fired, you can actually go to court for that. HOWEVER, don't blame them... after all, if you 'ask' someone for permission to do something they don't want you to do... of course they'll tell you not to. So don't 'ask'. TELL them you won't be able to make it.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-13:
Why does everyone assume only company outsources? MOST, if not all big companies do. Blame not the company, but the government for giving them those lovely tax breaks (like the ones all the complainers take advantage of every tax season) to outsource to other countries.
Posted by opinionatedprincess on 2010-05-19:
seriously folks...if you need supplies that bad, why don't you go BEFORE a huge storm hits!! Walgreens cares about money, that's it, not so much about their employees.
Posted by Sabrina on 2014-01-07:
I've worked at walgreens for 5 years. I live in buffalo, and today there is a blizzard. zero visibility while driving. I tried to go to work but i was uncomfortable so I called work, and was HUNG UP ON when calling to tell them I tried to make it in, but can't. we NEVER close for weather or power outages. we are open EVERY SINGLE holiday. I very much plan on quitting this job in the future and will no longer spend my money there when I leave. I think it is outrageous how they treat us, besides not closing ever. they don't treat the employees well at all.
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A Manager's Lack Of Professionalism
Posted by GrandmaKC on 11/22/2010
SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- On November 15, 2010 I purchased numerous items at Walgreens on Stockton Boulevard in Sacramento, California. I had coupons for "cents off" on many of those items. The coupons were handed to the cashier prior to placing the items on the counter to be scanned. There was quite a bit of commotion in the front of the store at that time. A customer was complaining about the treatment she had received from that Walgreen's manager.

It was late when I arrived home so I did not check my receipt until the next day. I discovered that none of the coupon discounts had been taken off the total amount on the receipt.

I went back to the Walgreen's on November 16, 2010 and asked to speak to a manager. The manager asked me why I had not come back right away. I was surprised by his comment due to the fact that I was standing in front of him the very next day. The manager continued to respond with insulting remarks. He even insinuated that I was lying about the incident of the previous evening. (With my receipt in hand he had gone into the back of the store. When he returned he said he reviewed the surveillance video and I had not handed anything to the cashier prior to the transaction.)

The manager grudgingly rounded up all of the items purchased on the previous night, while dragging me along with him to confirm that these were actually the items I had purchased. He returned all of the items, then rang them up again, this time, applying the coupon discounts. One of the coupons had not been a Walgreen's coupon so he refused to give the $1.50 discount which was owed to me.

This whole process took approximately thirty minutes. When it was completed I told the manager he still owed me $1.50 and an apology. He replied, "I'm sorry, I looked at the video and you did not give the cashier any coupons." He turned to a woman behind me who had been patiently waiting to get a passport photo taken and he said, "I'm finally finished with that mess, now I can help you."

I do not understand how this man could have become a manager, and, I do not understand how Walgreen's could have kept this man as a manager. I spent over $200.00 on prescriptions and other items that week at Walgreens, but refuse to pay to be treated in this manner and will be taking my business elsewhere.
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Posted by andbran on 2010-11-22:
in fairness he did give you a majority of the discounts. see if you can view the video but i think you making to much over a 1.50.
Posted by groveman55 on 2010-11-22:
why should he honer a $1.50 discount from another store?
I think you are making a big thing out of nothing.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-11-22:
It's unfortunate that you didn't notice the total was wrong when you paid. I always have a very good idea what the total should be, and if it doesn't sound right, I question it right on the spot. I know you should be able to rely on the cashier to get everything right, but it's not realistic. I do agree, however, that the manager's attitude left a lot to be desired, especially if he did in fact lie about what he saw on the tape.
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-11-22:
so who was the other coupon from?
Posted by rockfishing on 2010-11-22:
If you have ever worked in retail you would be shocked to discover the number of people who are dishonest. For some there is no depth to low to scam a dollar from some poor soul tying to make a few dollars at their job. Coming back the next day certainly would have me questioning the issue. Sound like the manager was just insuring your claim was legitimate. I don't blame him. I wouldn't take it personally.
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Everything You Want To Say But Didn't Know How To Say It
Posted by Tacpdt on 06/08/2009
This email was sent back in February by an hourly assistant manager to the CEO of Walgreens, Greg Wasson, right after our pay cut was announced. It was forwarded to me from a friend of the author, and I deleted the author's name to protect his privacy. It is lengthy, but well worth the read for anyone that still has a thorn in their side. I know I do.

To Greg Wasson, CEO, Walgreens

Mr. Wasson,

Pursuant to Walgreens policy and the Walgreens Open Door Policy, I am hereby formally exercising that privilege to speak with an open and frank mind about recent decisions made in Deerfield.

I am writing you to request that among the decisions being made by Corporate and the consultants you have hired, that the decision to officially scrap the Four Way Test and the Walgreens Creed become official.

After all, over the past three years, both have become increasingly irrelevant. With the decision to re-neg on the agreed upon compensation rates for MGTs, and the shady, cowardly way it was communicated (after hours, Monday afternoon, straight from Store Ops, completely bypassing the DMs), the Four Way Test and the Walgreens Creed are no longer relevant.

In the minds and hearts of many of your store employees, in fact, they are non-existent.

Before you label me as just another angry malcontent with a sharp mouth, please bear with me. Not all that long ago, I was in your same position. I was a senior managing director at a large, top-ten marketing agency. When the handful of us that were recruited in to “save” this agency arrived, we found the state of the agency in dismal shape. We had just lost over 25% in capitalized billings via the loss of a major client. Adding to our frustration and angst was a struggling economy.

But, unlike your consultants and inner circle, we made the decision to take care of our employees and clients first before we took care of the analysts and brokers on Wall Street. We chose to take care of the staffers who were doing the work before we took care of those of directing the work. Yes, we had to make some job cuts, but again, unlike your consultants and senior executives in Deerfield, we chose to cut those directly responsible for the agency’s rapid descent.

We didn’t start in the middle of the ranks, or at the lower end. We started at the top of each department and group. And those who were responsible for the agency having lost valued clients such as Frito Lay and Taco Bell due to mismanagement, poor decision-making, complete lack of leadership, cronyism, and an attitude of “well, that’s how we’ve always done things” found themselves terminated. No severance package. No parachute. Sure as hell no early retirement.

In other words, those who had mismanaged the business were not rewarded or praised or excused. They were fired. Period.

Unlike Walgreens’ corporate, we did not go looking for mid-level copywriters and account executives and media buyers and inform them that we were reducing their salary and compensation packages due to the poor decisions of upper management that got us into this mess. Those employees, much like the assistant managers here at Walgreens, were not the problem. Our senior people that mismanaged the business and who made the bad decisions were the ones shown the door..

I saw the blurb the PR spinners sent out regarding Wal-Mart cutting seven-hundred-plus jobs from its Bentonville, AR, headquarters. I know several of the senior marketing executives for Wal-Mart, and I know the principles at their two advertising agencies (Bernstein Rein, Kansas City, and GSD&M, Austin, TX) extremely well. And there is also more to this story than what was sent out to our stores by the spinners. Quite a bit more, actually. Wasn’t hard to find, either. The Wall Street Journal did a nice piece on it.

Wal-Mart cut the fat and the bad decision-makers from its headquarters.. That money is being reallocated to their store levels, where, and I quote from one of their marketing VPs, “Where the revenue is generated and where the revenue will always be generated.”

I see excuse after excuse coming from Deerfield about a challenging economy. Yes, it is challenging. But strong leaders find strong solutions that result in strong motivation. Easiest thing in the world is to cut the jobs or salaries of employees you know you’ll never see and never have to face. Hardest thing to do is to look the senior staff in eye that you’ve seen everyday for the past five years and tell him, “Fred, I hate to say it but you’ve made far too many bad decisions in the last few years and we’re paying the price. As much as I like you, you’re out of a job.”

The single worst decision made in Deerfield—and continuing to be made—is putting the shareholder in front of the employees and customers.

The most successful airline in the history of this nation is Southwest Airlines. Herb Kelleher never gave a rat’s rear end about Wall Street. He and Colleen simply continued to build, grow and run their airline by putting their employees first with the caveat that they take care of Southwest’s customers in a manner that would put all other airlines to shame. In doing so, they created a customer service reputation that is legendary.

Southwest also made a profit every single quarter, but often times Wall Street would criticize them for “not meeting expectations.” Again, Kelleher cared about making a profit—not what some Ivy League weenie on the Street thought. When you do that, your stock will take care of itself.

When I came out of semi-retirement and joined this company five years ago, There was little doubt that Walgreens put employees first. Today, there is zero doubt that Walgreens puts Wall Street first. Monday’s late day announcement regarding assistant managers’ compensation drives that point home even harder.

Everyone realizes that Wall Street loves debt and acquisitions—how else does one explain CVS’s stock price? But the single most attractive thing to me when I joined Walgreens was that it was a cash-solvent company. That said to me fiscal responsibility.
Where has that fiscal responsibility gone? Deerfield crows about record sales and upward sales trends on our “news page” on Storenet, then in e-mails to the stores, talks about declining sales that precipitated taking money out of over 16,000 assistant managers’ pockets.

We read about awesome January sales and then we foolishly think, “Hey, maybe we’ll get some of those lost hours back in the stores.” Silly us. Deerfield then announces we’re spending that money to buy more Rite-Aid stores out in California if an effort to please Wall Street analysts.

We, as a company, used to mock CVS for that very same attitude and for their growth-by-acquisition mentality—but then here we go and do the same exact thing . . . only we take money from the employees to help fund the acquisitions. And now, we’re doing everything we can to model our store operations after the very competition we use to deride and mock.

When I joined this company, the line was, “We don’t want to be the biggest drug store in America. We want to be the best drug store in America.” We strove for quality over quantity. Now we trade chase quantity at the expense of quality.

Bottom line, Mr. Wasson, is that you’re demanding that your source of revenue—the stores—do more and do it with less people, which means working harder. That’s fine. Most of us are used to doing that. But then you demand that we do more with less, having to work harder, then do it for an average of 20% less so that we can continue to fund your ill-advised acquisitions based upon what a bunch of consultants advise, solely in order to please Wall Street over Main Street—all the while asking Main Street to pay for it all and accept the longer wait times, the decreased service, the run-down stores that Deerfield will not invest in to refurbish, the unreliable equipment that processes film and prints while demanding more out of the people manning the equipment.

Is it any wonder complaints, chain-wide, are climbing faster than a homesick angel? But we’re sure the consultants have an answer for that, too.

But just remember what we used to say back in the military: “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach. Those who can do neither, consult.” It has never been more true than it is today. Which is why should I ever have the occasion or pleasure to meet Kevin Walgreen, I’ll be honored to shake his hand and buy him the beverage and meal of his choice.

Mr. Wasson, I know you inherited this mess and I salute you for trying to straighten it out. But foregoing and abondoning the principles and values that built this company and made it great is not the way to do it. I wish you all the luck and fortune in your challenges, and if I did not care, maybe as deeply as you about the future of this company, I would not have taken the time to write as much as I have nor in the tone I did. I hope you understand and respect that.

With sincerest regards,

5-year Assistant Manager
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-08:
long story short, walgreens is cutting out the fat and demanding people work smarter, not harder.
Posted by tacpdt on 2009-06-09:
There's no room to work smarter. Manpower is being stretched to the limit and several of my regular customers that usually enjoyed great service have complained several times about the lack there of. Managers are expected to get the same amount of work done with less help, less time, and for less money. When this recession is over, working smarter involves finding a new job.
Posted by TGT101 on 2009-06-09:
Their options are paycuts or layoffs which would you prefer?
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-06-09:
TGT, sounds like they have already done that. A lot of thought was put into this. Well written. The writer makes good points that it's the people on the front line and the customer that make a company worth something.
On the other hand with the tight economy, sacrifices are being made all over and those that do well are the ones that can go the extra mile.
Posted by goduke on 2009-06-09:
While the underlying letter is well written, it has some real flaws. I wonder how much of it Wasson actually read.

The officers and directors of the company have an absolute duty to the shareholders of the company. It's known as the fiduciary duty. Why? Because the shareholders are the owners. The duty is to maximize the profitability of the company. If they don't, the can be fired, and likely would be.

Southwest and Walmart don't care about Wall Street? What planet is this guy on? They both care a lot about the street, and spend a great deal of time making sure the street understands their business model.

2008 was a horrible year for the mid-level chains like Walgreens, CVS, Rite-Aid, etc. Sales simply tanked. Even pharmacy was way off as people were not taking their scripts in order to save money. The companies had to make some very hard decisions. No one likes being told there are no raises or bonuses, or that OT is eliminated, or that some jobs have to be eliminated. But the company has a duty to its owners (the shareholders).

Oh..and at Walgreens there were a lot of jobs at the high level that were eliminated. Heck..the CEO was booted (or at least resigned under a lot of pressure).
Posted by AnxietyCase on 2012-05-31:
TGT101 you wrote "Their options are paycuts or layoffs which would you prefer?" My Companies magazine january walgreenworld stated 2011 by the numbers. This was our 37th consecutive year of record sales, and we set three company records: nearly 72.2 billion In sales,a 7.1% increse over 2010.20.5 billion in GROSS PROFIT, an 8% increase, and $2.94 of earning per diluted share, a nearly 39% increase. The CEO gave himself a 38/39% bonus increase.

They completed the rewiring for growth initiative, exceeding the goal of one billion dollars in annual cost savings.There is no reason for a paycut other than a BIGGER BONUS for the CEO aand higher dividends paid (upper mgmt millions in stock options, it's in the contract!!!). You wouldn't want to fire Jefff in the office next to you because he's not doing his job...He's your best competition on the golf course.

So you opt to cut money way down low, well you can't paycut your front cashier, they're at minimum wage.....The state won't allow you to go no lower. ? So you go up the asst mgr .........aghhhhhhhha ...they make some descent money even after we took away their overtime they were told they'd always have since we don't get a bonus!!!(haha....LIES) This money wil help make up for express scripts we planned on getting rid of anyways.....it wont hurt us....we're too BIG..WE"RE WALGREENS!!!

FYI: After they do the paycut along with the OverTime taken off of us, IT WILL BE 46% OF OUR PAY WE LOSE!!! They're are taking $6 per hour from us. YOU CAN NOW CALL US THE BIGGEST LOSERS!!!!!!! THANK YOU WALGREENS. I heard St. Louis lost a lot of asst mgrs. I guess it's time to look for a new company that takes care of their employees. I can't believe what happened a few days after they told us this info. There was a full page on what to do if an aggressive shooter comes into the store!!! WHY??? The bottom line is I lose my car or my house....time too choose. I have to start eating hotdogs and fries to survive....NO FRUIT...can't afford it. Thank You Wasson
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