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Walgreens Stores Cheat Customer
By -

MONTGOMERY, ILLINOIS -- I swiped my bank debit card to pay for my prescription and the machine said sale was APPROVED, but then the register froze and would not give me a receipt. The clerk said I had to swipe my bank card again. I said no because my purchase was approved and if I swiped my card again I would be double charged. At that point the clerk called the assistant manager who took the bag out of my hand and would not give me my meds until I paid again. I explained that I was a senior citizen on disability and could not afford a double charge, but he said "too bad, swipe again or you don't get your meds."

I was told that if I was charged twice come back in and they would give me a credit. So I went home and went online and checked my bank account and sure enough I was double charged. The next day I went to the bank and requested a print out of my account showing the double charge (which I had to pay for). I took the printout back to Walgreens store manager Mr. **, manager of Walgreens on Douglas Blvd, in Montgomery, IL. Mr. ** was so RUDE to me, I couldn't believe it. He said the print out I brought him was not good enough and I had to bring in my bank statement which I would not get until the 15th of the next month.

I told him I could not wait that I was a senior citizen on disability and I needed the money he took out twice was for my groceries. He looked at my balance and said you have 900.00 in the bank you have enough for groceries. I explained to him I had written checks that had not cleared yet, but he did not care. I was getting upset by this point and Mr. **, Mgr., then told me that he didn't like my attitude and now he decided he would NOT give me my money back. I left the store in tears, I was insulted, double charged and to make matters worse when I got home and opened the bag, I was given the wrong brand of on the meds that I take every month.

So I called and they told me to come back and return the wrong brand and they will give me the right one. So after 3 trips to Walgreens, a trip to the bank and back to Walgreens I still did not get my money back. I have to wait until next month's statement and go back to Walgreens and fight for my money back. I have used CVS pharmacy ever since they opened years ago and never had a problem like this. Mr. ** should not be a MANAGER. He was RUDE and INSULTING to me and Walgreens made the mistake... not me. I am calling my insurance company and reporting Walgreens in the morning.

This must be how they make their money by cheating their customers. Mr. **, manager of the Walgreens in Montgomery, Illinois does not deserve to have the title of Manager. There are many people out of work and would love his job. He cheated me, he knew he cheated me, but he did not care. I want my money back, I want the money back I paid for the bank print out, and I want my gas money back for the trips I made back and forth. Mr. ** should be FIRED.

Walgreens Uses Law as Excuse to Leave Customers in Misery if They Do Not Fill Prescriptions There
By -

Just wrote the Governor of my state the following letter: "Dear Governor Haslam, Walgreens pharmacy has warped your well intentioned "I hate meth" law to attempt to add to their profit margin. The law states in section 2(d) "The pharmacist or pharmacy intern shall counsel with the person seeking to purchase the product as to the reasons for needing the product and may decline the sale if the pharmacist or pharmacy intern believes the sale is not for a legitimate medical purpose."

Walgreens has just told me they cannot sell me Pseudoephedrine because I do not currently fill prescriptions at Walgreens, and that is Walgreens policy which they must enforce to be compliant with the new law. My not filling prescriptions at Walgreens does not prove that I am purchasing the drug for illicit purposes. I was at their location on South Willow Ave. in Cookeville and spoke with the pharmacist on duty **. I explained that my wife was in bed in tears with pain up the side of her neck and in her ear from allergy congestion. She said that because I did not fill my prescriptions at Walgreens, she could not sell me the medicine I know I needed for my wife.

She could only make recommendations. She recommended a Phenylephrine product or Mucinex. I already know, and all the pharmacists and doctors I have asked about it agree, that Phenylephrine is a useless product that has almost no effect on serious sinus congestion. There is even an independent study that seems to support this: **. Everyone who bought this "replacement" for Pseudoephedrine was hoodwinked. Their hard earned money was spent on a product that no one even tried to prove worked until 2010, and the study finally at least lends some modicum of proof that this is true.

I know I threw away 2 club store sized bottles of this product after several attempts to use it for sinus congestion symptoms for my family of 5 yielded no results whatsoever. As for Musinex, this recommendation for severe sinus congestion is just silly and frighteningly uneducated. Musinex is an expectorant, not indicated for sinus congestion. As a matter of fact, the manufacturer has a website that recommends Mucinex D for sinus congestion. Guess what? THAT product contains psudoephederine, and is also behind the counter, unavailable to us who do not fill prescriptions with Walgreens.

I do understand that Walgreens is a private business and presumably has a right to not sell a product, but that is not the case here. They have it and simply refuse to sell it to anyone who does not fill prescriptions there. Why not just go somewhere else? Walgreens is the only pharmacy open late Sunday night in Cookeville. My wife is the love of my life and I would die for her. I had to come home failing her, failing to bring home the only medicine that will give her relief from her symptoms, because Walgreens has created this policy, and told me that their hands were tied because of this new law, and that if I did not like it, I should write my Senator.

They really said those words to me. Meanwhile my wife lies in her bed in misery, unable to get relief from her symptoms until a pharmacy less concerned with making money than the welfare of their customers opens in the morning.

Walgreens Corporation Treats Their Employees Like CRAP!!!
By -

I have worked with this company for several years, and once wanted to be a retail pharmacist. But now, if I ever do become a pharmacist, I would never work for Walgreens or any other big corporation! Surprisingly (hah), they are all about the money, to the saddest degree! Walgreens is hurting financially right now, and that means one thing for us - layoffs and cut hours. But, as a corporation, Walgreens doesn't want to "lay people off", they want us to quit. They sent out presentations to every pharmacy manager instructing them to cut hours, and to encourage people to quit!

Why would they want us to quit? Here's why - because if we get fired, they have to pay us unemployment! If we quit, they save money! This presentation told the managers to "use a form of attrition" to meet the reduced hours standard! Meaning, if they want to fire a bad employee, just cut their hours until they quit on their own. If a manager ever fired an employee for whatever reason, the manager would then get in trouble by Walgreens for firing someone!

Walgreens has a little thing called the W Card, which allows uninsured patients to receive discounts on prescriptions. The W Card costs the patient $20 to sign up, and then most generics cost $10, or $12 for a 3-month supply. My biggest problem with the W Card is there are signs all over the store that say "Pay less than $1/week for Generics!". These signs are misleading because the signs don't mention it costs $20 to sign up and it is only $1/week if your doctor wrote a 3-month-supply script, and that particular medication must qualify. Not all generics qualify for that.

SO, the signs themselves cause a lot of drama. Because the $1/week thing is only possible when you get 3 months for $12, which cracks down to $1/week. You never only pay a dollar. Many people think that if they have a prescription for 7 pills, it will cost $1, but unfortunately that is not the case. Confused yet? :) On top of that, as I mentioned earlier, the W Card costs $20 for the patient to sign up.

First of all, Walgreens shouldn't charge anyone $20 to sign-up, since they profit on the medication anyway... But anyway. The pharmacy tech who signed the person up used to get $3 in commission. So, when a patient signs up for the W Card, Walgreens corporation makes $17, plus the cost of the medicine, and the lowly pharmacy tech makes $3. I think the pharmacy tech should have received $10 in commission. After all, they have to input all of the information, and re-submit the claims, and explain the terms to the patient, all which usually takes around 10 minutes. And they only got $3 commission.

BUT now, since Walgeens is in an economic crisis, they cut the commission down even more! The pharmacy techs now make $1 for every sale of the W Card, when Walgreens makes $20 plus the cost of the medicine! One dollar?!?! What a joke! Whenever someone asks me about the W Card, I will now tell them to try Walmart's $4 prescriptions, since they don't even make you pay to sign up!

Back to my first point of Walgreens cutting the hours of all the employees. We were short-staffed anyway. We have always been short-staffed. That's why it takes 30 minutes to fill a 10-pill prescription. Because the one pharmacist is usually on the phone 24/7, and the two techs are running around like chickens with their heads cut off since 10 people just walked into the pharmacy and they all need their medicine immediately. So, Walgreens answer to us being short-staffed? They told us to work "more efficiently"! Since we never worked efficiently before. So now we have to work even MORE efficiently with fewer workers!

Please, PLEASE, boycott this evil corporation. Go to your local family-owned pharmacy. They won't have a drive-through and they won't be open 24 hours, but they will appreciate you more. Walgreens treats its employees like chattle. Also, on an related side-note: As much as I hate Walgreens and all other retail pharmacies.... The next time you yell at your local pharmacy tech, please keep in mind that you are not the only person who needed a prescription filled that day, and 90% of the time, whatever you are going to yell at me about, it's probably your insurance company's fault. So call them and yell at them.

Walgreens Pharmacy
By -

PORTLAND, OREGON -- Consumer Complaint: For the past 10 years I WAS a completely satisfied Walgreen™s customer until a recent incident with Walgreen€™s pharmacy manager €”**. Originally my complaint began with the pharmacy replacing my specified prescription of €œAmbien€ for a generic brand, without my knowledge or approval. After discovering this, I brought my complaint to the pharmacy manager ”**. Upon doing so, she made the situation worse. The following will explain...

Before Discovery: Before I had discovered that my last three prescriptions for Ambien had been switched to a generic brand, I made several returned trips to my doctor'€™s office, concerned and upset that the prescription for Ambien was no longer working. Afterwards, my doctor increased the dosage from 10 mg to 12 mg of Ambien. Through the course of several months, I made several more trips back and forth to the doctor'€™s office; we were troubled and perplexed wondering why the Ambien was not effectively working for me as it once did, especially now that the dosage was increased. This continued to perplex the doctor and me.

At this time, it never occurred to me or was even made known to me that my original prescription for Ambien had been replaced by a generic brand.

After Discovery: It was not until my third refill, and after I left the Walgreens store when I discovered that the pharmacy had exchanged my specified ”prescription for Ambien with a generic brand, without informing me. I returned to Walgreens and approached the pharmacy manager **, about this matter; however, she made a bad situation worse by her uncaring, unprofessional behaviors. Throughout our discussion, she randomly made up new and contradicting stories to justify changing my prescription.

First she stated that my doctor did not specify any particular brand. This was proven not to be true, as I gave her a copy of the doctor'€™s prescription which clearly reveals the SPECIFIED prescription name. After viewing this copy, once again she changed her story, by stating that she did inform me when she switched my prescription to a generic brand. I asked her to repeat exactly what she said at the time when she claimed that she had informed me. Her answer was, "I asked you if you had any questions, and you said no€." Obviously her question had nothing to do with informing me that she had switched my prescription to a generic.

Secondly, she allowed me to leave Walgreens, thinking that I was walking away with Ambien. In addition to her constantly changing her stories, she then claimed that according to law, she was not required to inform me when replacing my prescription with a generic brand, unless the doctor specifically wrote the word €œ"ONLY"€ next to the specified prescription. When I asked her to provide me with proof of her claim, she stated that it was posted everywhere in the pharmacy. This too was not true. There were no visible posting of this, and I made this known to her.

She then searched and retrieved a wall poster at the opposite end of the pharmacy, far away from the customer'€™s check-out area, and from such an obscured location that no customer would be able to have view of this poster. She then stated that this poster had always been by the customer window for all to see. This too is false; Ms. ** was referring to an old customer drop off window that had not been used and closed off to customers for the past 10 years.

Additionally, she was attempting to use this poster as her lawful-proof that would allow her to switch my prescription to a generic brand without informing me of the switch; however, this poster clearly stated that when exchanging a drug for a generic brand it is contingent upon customer approval; an approval that I never gave. Instead of apologizing, she proceeded to look up the law/policy in the computer; but could not find it.

Afterwards, Ms. ** said that she would refill the prescription. I said, "€œBecause this medication was placed on a workerman'€™s comp insurance, they will not approve refilling the same medication twice for the same time period€." Ms. ** said she would call the workman'™s comp insurance and try to clear it. I approved. However, when the insurance agent asked Ms. ** why I was rejecting this generic medication, Ms. ** inaccurately told the agent it was because I did not like it, when the real truth is Ms. ** wrongfully switched my medication with a generic brand without my approval, and ignored my doctor'€™s prescription.

Because Ms. ** conveyed inaccurate information to my worker's comp insurance, they are now saying that I cannot receive my specified prescription for Ambien when a generic brand is available. Because of Ms. ** blunders and unprofessional mishandlings of a customer'€™s prescription, I will now have to return to my doctor, once again to restore my specified prescription to Ambien. All of the above could have been easily avoided if Ms. ** had only followed the simple, basic procedures by informing or asking me if I preferred the generic brand.

Instead, she took it upon herself to make that decision for me, totally disregarding my choice and my decision in the matter, creating lies and havoc in order to cover up her blunders, causing me months of unnecessary concern and confusion over a prescription that I thought I was receiving, when in fact I was not. Frankly, I was so shocked, irritated and annoyed by her deceitful, unscrupulous conduct that I found it necessary to take the time to inform and notify the Walgreen™s Corporate Office of a potentially high risk employee in a management position.

In all the past years, I was completely satisfied when conducting and taking my business to Walgreens, until the point when Ms. ** began handling my prescriptions. In the past 10 years, I have never had one problem what-so-ever when having my prescription for Ambien refilled until Ms. ** came into the picture. I will now have to do some back tracking in order to fix the damages that she has done.

I wrote to Walgreens Corporate Office with these complaints, requesting that they seriously consider my letter of complaint, and honor me as a loyal customer for all these years by: sternly reprimanding the pharmacy manager €”Ms. **. Bring about a resolution to the problems she created upon me, as a customer. To inform me of their actions to this matter.

However, to this day, I have never heard back from Walgreens. And after reading other reviews from this website (my3cents.com), I've discovered that Walgreens makes a higher profit from switching brand name drugs to generic drugs; a practice that is apparently encouraged by Walgreens. Additionally, I have read numerous reports discovering that reveals it is a common practice from the Walgreens Pharmacy to switch customers prescriptions from a brand name to a generic WITHOUT INFORMING THE CUSTOMER. I am now in the process of finding another pharmacy who places ethical treatment toward their customers as top priority.

Resolution Update 12/19/2007:

RESOLVED: My complaints were appropriately resolved by the Walgreen's Regional District Manager. She had a clear understanding and was in agreement with my complaints. Her approach to correct these matters is:

#1> A apology for the wrongful behavior of this particular Pharmacy Manager

#2> She will assemble and conduct an employee training at all NW Walgreens Pharmacies, emphasizing on:
a) Policy requirements to always inform the customer of a generic drug availability
b) NOTIFY the customer when replacing a brand name drug with a generic (for what ever reason there may be for doing so)
c) Post signs relating to this policy, in obvious, visible areas for customers to see
d)The important aspects of customer treatment, proper respect and courtesy at all times.

#3> Politely suggests, and in order to avoid future occurrence as this, that I have my doctor write the words “no substitutes” on future prescriptions.

I feel and believe that this matter was handled appropriately and satisfactory by simply recognizing when there is a problem, identify the problem and develop a solution with positive results. This was done. End of story.

Customers Deserve Some Customer Service
By -

I have used Walgreens pharmacy for many years simply because it is on my way home, and as many other people now, my time is precious. So, I call in my prescriptions, my husband's, and yes, my dog's. We spend (with insurance) about a month at Walgreens pharmacy and store. I don't believe it is the fault of the employees, but Walgreens corp. Because there is, at the most, two employees in the pharmacy, which is my final destination.

When I finally get to the counter, if the person who appears to be a pharmacist, waits on me, it is as if I am an irritant. They look for my prescriptions and ring them up, I pay, get home and find something wrong. They have given me generic when my doctor specifically wrote on the prescription not to give me a generic. Oh, let me mention that before I began checking, I took the generic for many months and when I went for my bloodwork, there was a problem. The doctor asked me to bring in my prescription bottles, and when I did, the doctor found that I was taking a generic for synthroid.

My bloodwork was not good and the doctor explained how important it is for me to take the synthroid. When I had my thyroid removed, they first put me on generic medication and I was allergic to pork, so they changed me to synthroid which I had been on for over 40 years (I am 59). The doctor said it is a fact that individuals who have had their thyroid removed and were placed initially on synthroid, do not do well on the generic. The doctor told me it was very important to always make sure I get synthroid. The same type of thing happened to my husband. He took the generic, not knowing that it was not okay and the medication did not work properly.

For the convenience of location, I continue to go to this awful Walgreens where the pharmacist always give me the feeling that I am a nuisance by being there. I quit going inside of Walgreens to get my prescriptions because I had to wait so long. I thought the drive-in would be faster. After many long waits in the drive through, the final drive through trip happened this week. After waiting in line, I finally got to the window, where no one was in sight and was told by a voice on the speaker to "I'll be there in a minute." It was actually five minutes, and a nice young girl appeared.

I paid for my package, and told her this had no reflection on her, but they need more help and who could I contact to voice a complaint. I was told 1-800 Walgreens. She actually said, "go girl." I know you have an idea what is coming. I called the number on my cell phone on the way home I was so fed up. After hearing a recording and waiting for a lengthy period, a person came on the line and asked my name. I told the person I would like to speak to the CEO, the person said she has never talked to the CEO, she could not connect me and she could not give me a phone number or an e-mail.

She said she could take my complaint. I asked her where my complaint would go and she said to upper management. I said, "can I speak to upper management, please." She said no, she could only take my complaint and send it herself. She said she could give me a mailing address for Walgreens corp. I came home so frustrated. I promised myself I would change drug stores and I will, but isn't it sad that the CEO of Walgreens couldn't care less about what is "going on." The American people need to take a stand. According to the news, "1 out of every 7 Americans is living at poverty level." We are doing more for less.

It is time we made a statement to corporations that are making the "big bucks", and make a public statement that they don't appreciate our business and do not want to hear what we have to say. If you are experiencing this type of service, make a statement, take your business where you will be treated as you should be treated as a very special person. We all are!

Walgreens Is Not the Wonderful Company It Claims to Be
By -

FLORIDA -- I have worked my butt off for that company for almost 20 years. Now they have this great idea of hiring a group of non-trained people to process & type, check & fill prescriptions in Orlando, FL. (They call it the CPO center which they can't do very well but that's what you get for being so cheap!!) I have seen so many mistakes come out of that CPO center!! Some were caught by retail store pharmacists but some that fell through the cracks. They constantly tell customers wrong info. Let customers know when rx's are ready when they are not, telling customers they can pay for controlled drugs for cash when their insurance says it's too soon.

Plus many more things but not enough space to list, but this is the biggest farce - laying off workers that have been with the company for years & know what they are doing, that really care about the customers, are willing to help customers find items in stores, listening to customers, feeling what they feel & for what, you got it, the god almighty dollar!! Why do you think all the Walgreens family sold all their stocks? Mr. Walgreen is probably turning over in his grave for what started out as a family (mom & pop) store, to a store that will do anything to make a dollar!! Mr. Walgreen treated his employees like they were part of his family.

Walgreens now treats employees like crap, just another body to help collect that dollar. Too bad if you have family problems, are sick, have family in life support, Walgreens doesn't care. They say they are the pharmacy America trusts, well that's a bunch of **!! I will never step foot in anyone of their stores or give them 1 cent from my pocket!! I know the real truth, Walgreens is a scam!! They are far from the best company to work for. I wouldn't let my dog work for them!! If you don't believe me, just pick up a phone & call a Walgreens pharmacy & see how many hoops you have to jump through just to talk to a pharmacist @ a retail store!!

Employees family members have to go through hoops just to speak with a family member that works in a retail store. Why else do you think all of their employees carry cell phones on vibrate on their person?? Many employees are afraid to come forward with the truth but I am not, I want people to know about it!! For those who don't believe this, I have some advise for you - be very careful & double check your prescriptions before taking them!!

Remember this - Walgreens has changed & not in a good way! They have sold their souls for dollar signs. It's all about how many stores they have open, how much profit they have made. Walgreens prescription costs are higher than anyone else. Why do you think that is?? Greedy stockholders & people in high positions. Walgreens is telling its employees the hell with you, we want the money!!! That's the bottom line.

Why People Complain
By -

CALIFORNIA -- I don't know what's wrong with the vast majority of people who complain. Grow up. Stop being, for lack of better words, a baby. I used to go to RiteAid but switched to Walgreens because of the better service. RiteAid suffers from long waits, out of stock merchandise, etc. mostly because the company is poorly run. When a company is heavily in debt it cannot pay top rate to get the best employees and maintain the best computer systems and staffing ratios. A large part of this is due to shrink, theft by customers, and expired foods left out by customers who are too lazy to put it back in the original place. Any by the crazy amounts of customer returns.

Walgreens has much less debt. That's why the stores are cleaner. But each store has its own set of employees. Who frequents a pharmacy? People in need of drugs. The vast majority of customers are well served. Why? They punch in their refills early and give the pharmacy enough time to fill the drugs. Its the people who cannot wait that gives the staff a hard time, and who COMPLAIN the MOST. I sat in the drive through and have seen my share of crazy out of control shopping peers. I don't use drive through because its much longer. You have one person trying to help 2 lanes of cranky people.

Some people expect fast food service at the pharmacy. Hello.. these are your pills for your LIFE. Would you want your surgeon to rush through a surgery because there is a line? No? Well these pills are just as important and dangerous. Give people time to do their work. I don't see many people complaining about their doctors and dentists. Do you know how many times your doctor was wrong in prescribing your medication? The wrong dose. How many tries did it take to get the right medication and dose for your hypertension? For mine it was 4 drugs and 3 doses. So that's 7 guesses. It took 8 months to get it right.

I think if a pharmacy made 7 wrong guesses across 8 months you would have a cow. And what happens when you make an appointment and don't show up? You get a cancellation fee. How many times did you order and not pick up a medication? Was there ever a fee? Probably not. I don't see too many people harping when their dentist is 45 minutes late. Yet 15 minutes into waiting for a prescription you go bonkers. If you have a rx for a medication you say.. I am so in pain. Put me in line first.

Yet when you try to make an appointment because you are sick.. you are told to come in and wait and see if someone cancels. No wonder the staff is so jaded when helping people like you. I think in the end the pharmacy should only accept a certain number of patients per hour. This way everyone will be served and no one will be overwhelmed. If 10 patients walked into a clinic they could all be seen in 1 hr? No way.

I am very sad my independent pharmacy has shut down. My old pharmacist couldn't run his pharmacy with the chains. Now all there is left is chain pharmacies and rude customers. No wonder the country is in the mess it's in. No one takes responsibility, we are obese, we don't want to work hard, we want to buy homes we can't afford and complain later we don't understand interest rates. If you didn't understand it why would you sign? Why do people declare credit card bankruptcy?

Walgreens Shorted My Child W/ Autism On His Meds & Treated My Father With Cancer Like A Junkie
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Rating: 1/51

MARINETTE, WISCONSIN -- My little guys liquid medicine is risperidone, not liquid morphine and yet, every month we got the run around getting it refilled on time, and always got told it was too early, then we "always " run out, and then Dr increased med 3 different times in separate months, and yet we were told the bottle still should have lasted the entire month on the original amount in it, even with the dose increase.. huh?! But the topper was making him go w/o any of it for 9 days because we must not know how it measure or something, and it's way too early to refill, sorry. He has non verbal regressive autism w/ very aggressive violent episodes & is put on this medication to stop them.

How the hell is that OK or medically acceptable to put a child into withdrawals like that, and they didn't give one ** about it, thought I was selling it or something. I could have reached through that window & went all postal on that witchy (little) chick that is always the one giving me a hard time. The day they denied my father his medication, he just got released from the UW Madison hospital after 27 days, he had 3/4 of his tongue removed, a neck dissection, and a record size tumor that grew from his side of the neck into the floor of his mouth removed. He needed pain meds ASAP.

Had trachea & feeding tube, also on liquid meds like my son, dad needed liquid perc 15mg... not liquid oxycotin geez, and they were rude as hell, said "sorry we don't have this here, it'll be like 3 days, good luck trying to fill this around here too." Walgreens, you lost people in your community who stayed from the beginning, and who know a lot of ways to bad mouth you & well deserving, messing with disabled children & terminal cancer patients meds is a serious ** up thing to pull!!!!!

Shameful Pharmacist
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Rating: 1/51

CLARKSTON, MICHIGAN -- I called in a prescription refill to above store, one day prior and selected a pick-up time for above date and time. After giving my name for prescription pick-up at the drive-through window, the pharmacist told me my prescription could not be re-filled. The pharmacist told me that my prescription was not eligible for refill for 2 more days. The medication in question is for a serious disorder, in which one may experience "withdrawal symptoms" if not taken accordingly. I depend on this medication daily, to function and perform as a "normal" person would without it. I have been taking this medication for quite a few years.

I might also mention that I am a successful, career oriented, law abiding citizen that takes pride in serving and helping others myself. Not fully understanding the pharmacy policy, procedure or capability, I politely asked the pharmacist if it was conceivable to provide me with enough medication to supply me for the 2 days in between. To my surprise, I was met with rolling eyes, grumbled huffing and snarled looks from this pharmacist. The pharmacist snapped at me, scolding, that if I had no medication left, it was only due to my misuse of the medication. This pharmacist was extremely demeaning, almost suggesting I could have only been overdosing on the medication or selling it.

I felt I was being accused of a drug addict by this pharmacist. Maintaining my polite demeanor, I assured the pharmacist that I was taking the medication only as prescribed, but the medication was prescribed to me with an allowance to take more if I felt necessary per my condition. After looking up my account, the pharmacist accused me of double filling my prescription by 2 separate physicians. Knowing I had switched doctors while under care for this condition, I corrected the pharmacist and made him aware the other physician hadn't wrote this prescription in a couple years.

Before finishing my explanation, I was met with yet again with belittlement and attitude from this pharmacist. To say the least, I was extremely displeased with the pharmacists demeanor, belittlement and lack of helpfulness. This pharmacist eventually, but seemingly reluctantly was able to send me away with my needs. This incident ruined my day and cast a feeling of guilt over me for having my condition. I would like to add that this is the second incident of displeasure I have encountered with the same pharmacist over similar incidents. Both having left me feeling looked down upon as a nuisance and suggestive unpleasant gestures with awful demeanor.

I plan to take my business elsewhere, as does my entire family, who have not had such heated incidents with this pharmacist, but usually feel displeased in his lack of professionalism. This pharmacist needs to be reprimanded for mistreatment of customers, seemingly displeasure with employment and lack of professionalism. Thank you for your time in this manner.

Non-functional online pharmacy
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Rating: 1/51

ON-LINE -- After a month, and hours on the phone, no prescription. Doctor submitted it three times - twice by fax, once by phone, before Walgreens "found" it. That took 10 days. Then Walgreens' website kept saying "no orders at this time". More phone calls. "Yes we have the stuff, will ship in a day or so - 17 days delivery (small vial, non-refrigerated).

Several days later, "hasn't shipped, you haven't paid." I'd given credit card #, but even if not, shouldn't their system have noticed and contacted me???? 10 days later. Half of order shipped, overnight, should receive in 7-10 days." Other half "in process". Later "shipped by UPS overnight, due 7 days. That's a long night. Next call "hasn't gone out. Will ship out tonight." Two days later, website "order received and processing." Phone/supervisor, "Out of stock, don't know when we will have in stock." Next supervisor, "Don't carry anymore - better available."

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