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Walgreens Stores Cheat Customer
Posted by Boston1944 on 11/29/2010
MONTGOMERY, ILLINOIS -- I swiped my bank debit card to pay for my prescription and the machine said sale was APPROVED, but then the register froze and would not give me a receipt. The clerk said I had to swipe my bank card again. I said no because my purchase was approved and if I swiped my card again I would be double charged. At that point the clerk called the assistant manager who took the bag out of my hand and would not give me my meds until I paid again. I explained that I was a senior citizen on disability and could not afford a double charge, but he said too bad, swipe again or you don't get your meds. I was told that if I was charged twice come back in and they would give me a credit. So I went home and went on line and checked my bank account and sure enough I was double charged. The next day I went to the bank and requested a print out of my account showing the double charge (which I had to pay for). I took the printout back to Walgreens store manager Mr [snip], manager of Walgreens on Douglas Blvd, in Montgomery, IL. Mr [snip] was so RUDE to me, I couldn't believe it. He said the print out I brought him was not good enough and I had to bring in my bank statement which I would not get until the 15th of the next month. I told him I could not wait that I was a senior citizen on disability and I needed the money he took out twice was for my groceries. He looked at my balance and said you have 900.00 in the bank you have enough for groceries. I explained to him I had written checks that had not cleared yet, but he did not care. I was getting upset by this point and Mr [snip], Mgr., then told me that he didn't like my attitude and now he decided he would NOT give me my money back. I left the store in tears, I was insulted, double charged and to make matters worse when I got home and opened the bag I was given the wrong brand of on the meds that I take every month, so I called and they told me to come back and return the wrong brand and they will give me the right one. So after 3 trips to Walgreens, a trip to the bank and back to Walgreens I still did not get my money back, I have to wait until next months statement and go back to Walgreens and fight for my money back. I have used CVS pharmacy ever since they opened years ago and never had a problem like this. Mr [snip] should not be a MANAGER. He was RUDE and INSULTING to me and Walgreens made the mistake...not me. I am calling my insurance company and reporting Walgreens in the morning. This must be how they make their money by cheating their customers. Mr. [snip], manager of the Walgreens in Montgomery, Illinois does not deserve to have the title of Manager. There are many people out of work and would love his job. He cheated me, he knew he cheated me, but he did not care. I want my money back, I want the money back I paid for the bank print out, and I want my gas money back for the trips I made back and forth. Mr [snip] should be FIRED
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Posted by Skye on 2010-11-29:
Drop Walgreens. They do not deserve your business.
Posted by idontthinkso on 2010-11-29:
The local news desk might like the story if it's a slow day..
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-11-29:
I don't think Walgreens does this on purpose, but I do agree that the manager treated you terribly. He left you no choice but to scan your card again if you wanted the medication. I can't believe he's refusing to return your money. Going to the local news might be a good idea.

Did your bank have any suggestions?
Posted by yoke on 2010-11-29:
Since your bank can see that it is a duplicate transaction can't they remove one of them.
Have you tried contacting the main office and tell them what is going on and how the manager is refusing to refund the difference.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-11-29:
Most places will not accept an online print out of your account in place of an actual bank statement.
You could contact your bank and see if they could give you a current statement from them. Mine does that if you ask. It would be worth a shot
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-11-29:
Wow, that manager seems like a real DICK. I dont even GET mailed statements any more, ALL if my banking is done online. I would have been PISSED TOO. I would have demanded compensation for my inconvenience.
Posted by momsey on 2010-11-29:
Horrible. I agree, call your local news station. Call Walgreens Corporate. If this guy is the general manager of the store, call the district manager. Call EVERYONE and don't stop calling until you get refunded.
Posted by bcd on 2010-11-29:
After the cash register was restarted, the manager could have (and should have) printed a duplicate receipt of the first charge. Or, when the store closed their daily batch, they could have issued a credit at that time.

This is a valid complaint and a good review.
Posted by terjoal on 2010-12-09:
So sorry this happened to you, but I find that contacting the corporate office usually produces quick results. Good lucj
Posted by rodandkathy on 2010-12-09:
Use a credit card for future purchases. That way if there's a problem you can dispute the charge and the money won't come directly out of your bank account. This is why I don't use my debit card.
Posted by Obsfucation on 2010-12-09:
Call your bank, they'll fix this for you. Better yet, go into your branch and talk to a live person.
Posted by Zeroedgel on 2010-12-09:
I would like to see this incident more widely publicized. I recommend starting with a letter to the editor of the most local newspaper followed by a letter to the consumer division of the Governor's Office or whatever it's called in that state. A quick notification to this person's congress persons would be helpful as well. Of course, all of this should be preceded with a letter to Walgreen HQ.
Posted by chrissiann on 2010-12-09:
That is why I don't use debit cards. Too much trouble can occur. Additionally someone can steak the debit card n drain the account. i use credit cards. Only time I use debit is on a separate bank account that I only keep a few dollars in.
Posted by dbtaylor on 2010-12-09:
Call your local TV station reference your story on this site and email the Wal-Green Corp office. Shine a BRIGHT LIGHT on this and demand a public apology along with some Wal-Green freebies.
Posted by 3marliz on 2010-12-09:
This kind of treatment against people who (seemingly) can't fight back, is infuriating. I have stopped doing business with companies after reading reviews like this.

We have done business with Walgreens for years and one bad apple doesn't mean all parts of the chain are like this. If there is anyway to post a follow up I would sure like to know how Walgreen Corporation deals with this person who waited on you. Another Walgreen branch might give you the name and address, or it could be found online so you could contact someone in higher management.

If you did that and Walgreens didn't compensate you, I would seriously consider taking my own business elsewhere to protest the way they treated you.

I'm not confrontional by nature, but have discovered that a person who makes a lot of noise about such things, is often heard. That person who treated you so irresponsiby should be fired. If you aren't given compensation, search for every complaint site online (they are out there) and keep making noise.
Posted by TL-Houston on 2010-12-09:
I am really sorry to hear that this happened to you. I get my prescriptions filled at Walgreens and have always received courteous, friendly, efficient service. Have you contacted Walgreens corporate? Try their website (walgreens.com) or call them 1-800-WALGREENS (1-800-925-4733). I am sure once you tell them what has happened, they will help you. The manager at the location you went to had no right to be rude to you. You did nothing wrong. I don't understand why their register couldn't tell them you did pay. Good luck!
Posted by srm on 2010-12-09:
I have had things like this happen to me. 1st. Contact Store Manager and get his assistance, he has power to correct problem. If no luck there, report the Walgreen to Corporate Offices as was suggested by others. Also report store to A. Better Business Bureau and B. Federal Trade Commission C. Regional Pharmacy Board in your area, try phone book or internet and D. Elder Abuse in your area. Such actions by Walgreens is 100% uncalled for, the Customer is Always given 1st priority & understanding, and if no one listens, they ought to be reported to the authorities in the order above. I suppose you could also report this problem to the Local Police while you are in the store, that may stir them up a bit. I am certain if you follow the above, you will get satisfaction in the fastest possible time.
Posted by srm on 2010-12-09:
Oh, I forgot an important one here. You can dispute any illegal charge (which this is) directly to the credit card company. They will immediately reverse the charge and dispute it following their procedures. You will win this case, following this and previous advice if followed through properly, I can assure you this. Do not give up, this store needs to learn lesson, and Walgreen's cannot afford a a black mark on their reputation so they will make it right or suffer because of it. Also you can leave complaints on the internet regarding their lousy service, and that also stays on their record for all to see indefinitely. In fact, they may beg you to remove it or something when they realize you are very strong and persistent.
Posted by tired of ripoffs on 2010-12-09:
I refuse to go into a Walgreens. I needed a prescription immediately, said the Dr. messed up on the prescription and they'd call him. That was at 4 pm. I called them at 7:30 pm about my prescription they said the Dr. never called back. I reached the Dr. and he called them correcting there mistake. I p/u the new prescription, got home and couldn't figure out how to get the liquid out of the bottle (the right amount), called them back they said well don't you have something to measure it with, NO. Had to go back, they gave me some type of plastic device that never worked and bottom line, they didn't care that I had to take this med immediately and in the right amount. I went to Costco the next day and they gave me an injector (for free) when I told them what I was going through
Posted by trmn8r on 2010-12-09:
The reason the store manager made you swipe a second time is that nobody knew if you actually paid. It makes more sense to charge you possibly a second time than to walk away without paying. If they did the latter as a rule, they wouldn't get paid at all most of the time.

The two parties (bank and company X) often don't want to go out of their way in disputes to help in any way, and the account holder/customer has to jump through hoops. Obtaining your bank statement is an example. Whether it is to prevent fraud or not, I don't know.
Posted by ok4now on 2010-12-09:
Manager (snip) needs to be smacked upside his head for treating you so poorly. I can understand that he wanted to confirm the payment. You took the time to get written documentation from your bank and proved that you paid twice. The "snip" should have promptly refunded your money with a sincere apology.
Posted by Ytropious on 2010-12-10:
Interesting. At my work it happens quite frequently that a computer freezes or shuts down in the middle of a transaction. If the customer got to the signing screen then the transaction went through. If the comp shuts down between the signing screen and the receipt print then we can look up the transaction in the computer and print them out a receipt. Funny that Walgreens can't do that but who knows.

In their defense, maybe this doesn't happen often at all. They can't risk giving you meds you didn't pay for if they don't have a way to check and make sure the transaction happened. Dispute the charge with your bank?

Lastly, I don't care how any employee or manager treats anyone, we don't need more out of work people right now. There's 2 sides to every story. He doesn't need to be fired just because of you.
Posted by HOCKEYLOVER on 2010-12-10:
Hi,i had an experience like this with shucks auto parts,took a bad starter back to them to be checked out they told me that there was nothing with it i
had sent my to exchange it,he came home and told me what they said,i called them and explained it was
the bendix spring that was bad they all but called me a lair,so i called corp. office explained what was wrong with it,they called the store and by the time i got there they gladly exchanged it for a new one.
Posted by zeldaz on 2010-12-12:
When I had a problem with Walgreen's I asked for the Manager's Manager's number, which happened to be the Regional Office. They didn't want to give me the number at first until I told them they could give it to me or I could get it online. They gave it to me. The Regional Manager did not like that I told her I would be calling Corporate if the matter wasn't solved. I did end up calling Corporate and all was solved with an apology from all involved. Being a senior citizen does NOT mean cowtowing to anyone! Do not be afraid to be assertive when it comes to your rights. You also could have contacted AARP for advice. They would walk you through a situation. You could also bring in a friend, there is courage in numbers. Stand up to bullies. If Mr. Snip starts in on you again, let him know you will not stand for Elder Abuse and you will be reporting his behavior to Corporate Headquarters and to your local Family Shelter. What he did to you, with what you have presented is Elder Abuse. He had no right to grab that medication from you. I also would have told him I would be calling the police and reporting him for abuse. Stand strong!
Posted by lorrwill on 2010-12-12:
I believe every word of this complaint. I base that on how horribly I have been treated at Walgreen's here in California. And calling the 800 number several times as well as sending several emails did NO good whatsoever.

I hope you have contacted your bank and have started the charge back process. This is the store's error, compounded by hostile staff who have no business dealing with the public.

To say that Walgreen's as a corporation sucks would be putting it mildly.
Posted by ocresearch on 2010-12-17:
Please don't argue with WALGREEN. you need to file a law suit and your attorney would not take any money until the case win. second; you'll win because you'd all the document which show that you paid.
Law sueing is the best
Posted by MOMO5Ginger on 2010-12-18:
I used to think K Mart held the title of worst employees until I shopped at Walgreens.
Posted by jhny11735 on 2010-12-18:
He really needs to apoligize to you and then get a different job..one that he does not have to deal with customers.......
Posted by wsvoboda on 2010-12-20:
OMG~give me the link and I will personally call him.. what a horrible person he is...
Posted by wsvoboda on 2010-12-20:
OMG...I just called and a lady Doreen told me Mr. Martin was there and he got on the line. I told him I wanted to know why he double charges a customer and won't take care of the charge. He told me he was Andy and told me I could do whatever and hung up on me.
I called back and Doreen answered. I told her the guy told me he wasn't Mr.Jim Martin and that he hung up on me. She thought someone else had picked up and she told me she would page him. I asked her was there an Andy and she said he would not be in until 3pm. Then she said she would page Mr. Martin. I explained that he obiously did take the call and pretended to fake being Andy. She was getting me the Corp. number and then the line was hung up. I feel certain Mr. Martin hung that call up. I called back and agin he hung up on me.
Wow...everyone that reads this needs to file a complaint on this guy!
Posted by wsvoboda on 2010-12-20:
I just filed a formal complaint with Walgreens on Mr. Martin for lying and hanging up on me three times. There is something wrong with that guy......mentally!
Posted by Slimjim on 2010-12-20:
I would have hung up on you too wsvoboda. You have no business making those calls based on hearsay from an anonymous complaint site. Not challenging the original poster's accounts, but moreover your right to involvement to the level of harassing the staff of a business you've never been to based on something you read on the internet.
Posted by wsvoboda on 2010-12-20:
SlimJim ~ you have no idea what you're talking about...I tried to have a cival conversation with him and he was a liar before we even spoke. I've had the same issue with my account being double swiped from Walgreens as well. You are making a judgement that you don't know all the facts. Not only that I looked into this with someone else that is handeling this case and she is dead on right of what happened. So you should not jump to conclusions and take your own advise. This is no way to treat anyone!
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-12-20:
Give Slim a star. Make it a double.
Posted by Slimjim on 2010-12-20:
Have you ever been to this location wsvoboda? Ever done business with this location wsvoboda? Do you know the author of this post or any details first hand that gives you some credibility to involve yourself with a verbal argument with this location's manager?
If the answer to these questions are no, which it sure appears, then you have absolutely no business whatsoever calling this man and harassing this business. I know exactly what I'm taking about.
Posted by wsvoboda on 2010-12-20:
slimjim ~ my dealings aren't with you or about you. I explained earlier that I went into detail about this. You aren't even paying attention to what you're reading. I'm with a National Newspaper and I know what I'm doing ~ your assuming things.
I don't like people being taken advantage of and I have ways of getting information that you wouldn't. You need to stop assuming things. You could be this manager for as much as any of us know. This person did not post this to have someone come on here and fight with others. If you want to fight with other people take it somewhere else.
Thank you!
Posted by Slimjim on 2010-12-20:
I don't think you do. Curious, what do you do at this national paper? Calling a business blind and getting involved over an anonymous gripe site complaint? What reaction does a "pro" expect differently from this manager than us daft folk? I'm assuming a few things right now.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-12-20:
Now who's assuming wsvoboda? How do you know Slim doesn't have ways of getting information just like or better than you? And FYI - if you're so good at accessing information, you would know what the rest of us know - that Slim is not the manager in question. National newspaper = National Enquirer?
Posted by BreezyBird on 2010-12-20:
slimjim and ript2010 does it really bother you boys that someone might know more than you? And wsvoboda thank you for trying to really help someone. There are enough people that tuck there tails and run just as the above that are attacking you. My thanks to you and for your trying to help!
Posted by wsvoboda on 2010-12-20:
Thank you BreezyBird....they don't bother me. I'm used to dealing with people that tuck there tails....lol
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-12-20:
What bothers me is some puffed up pompous *** who bluffs and bloats their bogus credentials when the professed professionalism is obviously a load of bull. Flipping it right back at you bird.
Posted by Fufu487 on 2010-12-20:
Threads starting to get a little ridiculous guys, don't you think? Call corporate. See what they do before going all media crazy about this. And I think calling the store if you're NOT the party involved is a bit extreme.
Posted by Slimjim on 2010-12-20:
Well as is obvious by wsvoboda's own retake, the manager basically made clear he wasn't even going to entertain discussing a customer service issue regarding one customer, to some unidentifiable unrelated different person whose business it was none of.
See, I would have figured that. Guess I'm not so out of it as accused.
Posted by Nohandle on 2010-12-20:
I believe Fufu487 hit the winning number here. Bingo.
Posted by Nate. on 2010-12-30:
My bank allows disputes as long as you tried to work it out with the company first. Tell them that the manager on such a date at such a time would not refund it, and they should be able to assist you in recovering the funds.
Posted by steven on 2012-08-06:
i work for walgreens and yes it is a missed up company what ever they promise the customers they are liars .
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Walgreens corporation treats their employees like *CRAP*!!!
Posted by Rick757 on 04/15/2010
I have worked with this company for several years, and once wanted to be a retail pharmacist. But now, if I ever do become a pharmacist, I would never work for Walgreens or any other big corporation! Surprisingy (hah), they are all about the money, to the saddest degree!

(1) Walgreens is hurting financially right now, and that means one thing for us - layoffs and cut hours. But, as a corporation, Walgreens doesn't want to "lay people off", they want us to quit. They sent out presentations to every pharmacy manager instructing them to cut hours, and to *encourage people to quit*! Why would they want us to quit? Here's why -- Because if we get fired, they have to pay us unemployment! If we quit, they save money! This presentation told the managers to "use a form of attrition" to meet the reduced hours standard! Meaning, if they want to fire a bad employee, just cut their hours until they quit on their own. If a manager ever fired an employee for whatever reason, the manager would then get in trouble by Walgreens for firing someone!

(2) Walgreens has a little thing called the W Card, which allows uninsured patients to receive discounts on prescriptions. The W Card costs the patient $20 to sign up, and then most generics cost $10, or $12 for a 3-month supply. My biggest proble with the W Card is there are signs all over the store that say "Pay less than $1/week for Generics!". These signs are misleading because (1) The signs don't mention it costs $20 to sign up and (2) It is only $1/week if your doctor wrote a 3-month-supply script, and that particular medication must qualify. Not all generics qualify for that. SO, the signs themselves cause a lot of drama. Because the $1/week thing is only possible when you get 3 months for $12, which cracks down to $1/week. You never only pay a dollar. Many people think that if they have a prescription for 7 pills, it will cost $1, but unfortunately that is not the case. Confused yet? :)

On top of that, as I mentioned earlier, the W Card costs $20 for the patient to sign up. First of all, Walgreens shouldn't charge anyone $20 to sign-up, since they profit on the medication anyway... But anyway. The pharmacy tech who signed the person up used to get $3 in commission. So, when a patient signs up for the W Card, Walgreens corporation makes $17, plus the cost of the medicine, and the lowly pharmacy tech makes $3. I think the pharmacy tech should have received $10 in commission. After all, they have to input all of the information, and re-submit the claims, and explain the terms to the patient, all which usually takes around 10 minutes. And they only got $3 commission. BUT now, since Walgeens is in an economic crisis, they cut the commission down even more! The pharmacy techs now make $1 for every sale of the W Card, when Walgreens makes $20 plus the cost of the medicine! One dollar?!?! What a joke! Whenever someone asks me about the W Card, I will now tell them to try Walmart's $4 presciptions, since they don't even make you pay to sign up!

(3) Back to my first point of Walgreens cutting the hours of all the empoyees... We were short-staffed anyway. We have always been short-staffed. That's why it takes 30 minutes to fill a 10-pill prescription. Because the *one* pharmacist is usually on the phone 24/7, and the *two* techs are running around like chickens with their heads cut off since 10 people just walked into the pharmacy and they all need their medicine immediately. So, Walgreens answer to us being short-staffed? They told us to work "more efficiently"! Since we never worked efficiently before. So now we have to work even MORE efficiently with fewer workers!

*****Please, PLEASE, boycott this evil corporation. Go to your local family-owned pharmacy. They won't have a drive-thru and they won't be open 24 hours, but they will appreciate you more. Walgreens treats its employees like chattle.********

Also, on an related side-note: As much as I hate Walgreens and all other retail pharmacies....The next time you yell at your local pharmacy tech, please keep in mind that (1) you are not the only person who needed a prescription filled that day, and (2) 90% of the time, whatever you are going to yell at me about, it's probably your insurance company's fault. So call them and yell at them.
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Posted by goduke on 2010-04-15:
Interesting post. I really don't think you understand how the W Card works.

Of course they are going to use some quick language to describe it. Other stores have a sign up that says "$4 Generics." Do you think they mean all generics are $4? Nope. It's a marketing hook.

The charge the $20 in order to make it an insurance plan. If they didn't, the rock bottom price (or cash price as it's known without the plan), affects the amount they are allowed to charge health insurance plans for the same medications. Because the $20 plan makes it a insurance plan, there's not impact on reimbursements.

Folks don't understand it? It's kind of your job to explain it to them. Insurance issue? I believe the Walgreens policy and procedure is that you'll interface with the insurance company to see if it's worked out.

Right now the economy has hammered all businesses. Everyone is having to make do with less labor. That's why there is high unemployment. This gives an opportunity for the exceptional employee to rise to the occasion and establish themselves well for the future.
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-04-15:
goduke +++

indeed if there are extra steps one must take in order to get the $1/week deal, one would suspect that the policy would be explained to the customers who want it.

and if not explained, at least documents given to them that detail exactly how one obtains the deal.

If someone suspected the customer didn't understand, it would be very professional to explain to them what the upfront costs are and what steps are needed in order to receive the price.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-04-15:
I don't know about walgreens financial condition or the 'W' card or presentations to managers. What I do know though is that after years of being GREAT my local Walgreens is going down the tubes. In fact the service and ineptitude got so bad that I switched to another big box chain, CVS, which as of now is doing alright.

I can't say if my experience is typical for the country but it is for one particular store. It makes me wonder if has to with exactly what the OP posted about manipulative attrition.

Good review!
Posted by goduke on 2010-04-15:
I suspect it has more to do, Stew, with a change in the store leadership. That's generally what brings about great service or poor service.

Walgreens has been hurt by the economy, and by a slow flu season. They've been pretty candid about that in their monthly financial releases. But if you're not selling as much, chances are you don't really need as many hours of work in the store, right?
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-04-16:
The unemployment tactics are that way in nearly all companies. But I sense in the tone of your letter, that you are out to "get yours", and if it's not in YOUR best interest, then you want no part of it. (i.e.-the sales aspect of the "W" card). I'm not sure how pharmacists are paid, hourly, salary, commission? But where I work, it's hourly. If it's commission, then you have a legitimate point. But if you're hourly, then you should be open to doing pretty much anything that is asked of you, all in the name of the company that employs you. If you wish to decide how much profit or commission you should get, then start your own company and you can make the rules and policies all you want. Unfortunately, you don't. Neither do the rest of us.
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Walgreens uses law as excuse to leave customers in misery if they do not fill prescriptions there
Posted by Northstar0520 on 08/29/2011
Just wrote the Governor of my state the following letter:

Dear Governor Haslam,

Walgreens pharmacy has warped your well intentioned "I hate meth" law to attempt to add to their profit margin. The law states in section 2(d) "The pharmacist or pharmacy intern shall counsel with the person seeking to purchase the product as to the reasons for needing the product and may decline the sale if the pharmacist or pharmacy intern believes the sale is not for a legitimate medical purpose." Walgreens has just told me they cannot sell me Pseudoephedrine because I do not currently fill prescriptions at Walgreens, and that is Walgreens policy which they must enforce to be compliant with the new law. My not filling prescriptions at Walgreens does not prove that I am purchasing the drug for illicit purposes. I was at their location on South Willow Ave. in Cookeville and spoke with the pharmasist on duty [snip - no names please]. I explained that my wife was in bed in tears with pain up the side of her neck and in her ear from allergy congestion. She said that because I did not fill my prescriptions at Walgreens, she could not sell me the medicine I know I needed for my wife, she could only make recommendations. She recommended a Phenylephrine product or Mucinex. I already know, and all the pharmacists and doctors I have asked about it agree, that Phenylephrine is a useless product that has almost no effect on serious sinus congestion. There is even an independent study that seems to support this : http://www.clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/results/NCT00276016?sect=X53761#part. Everyone who bought this "replacement" for Pseudoephedrine was hoodwinked. Their hard earned money was spent on a product that no one even tried to prove worked until 2010, and the study finally at least lends some modicum of proof that this is true.

I know I threw away 2 club store sized bottles of this product after several attempts to use it for sinus congestion symptoms for my family of 5 yielded no results whatsoever. As for Musinex, this recommendation for severe sinus congestion is just silly and frighteningly uneducated. Musinex is an expectorant, not indicated for sinus congestion. As a matter of fact, the manufacturer has a website that recommends Mucinex D for sinus congestion. Guess what? THAT product contains psudoephederine, and is also behind the counter, unavailable to us who do not fill prescriptions with Walgreens. I do understand that Walgreens is a private business and presumably has a right to not sell a product, but that is not the case here. They have it and simply refuse to sell it to anyone who does not fill prescriptions there. Why not just go some where else? Walgreens is the only pharmacy open late Sunday night in Cookeville.

My wife is the love of my life and I would die for her. I had to come home failing her, failing to bring home the only medicine that will give her relief from her symptoms, because Walgreens has created this policy, and told me that their hands were tied because of this new law, and that if I did not like it, I should write my Senator. They really said those words to me. Meanwhile my wife lies in her bed in misery, unable to get relief from her symptoms until a pharmacy less concerned with making money than the welfare of their customers opens in the morning.
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Posted by Nohandle on 2011-08-29:
You didn't mention a location but I looked up the governor you mentioned so will have to assume you are in the state of TN. I don't like some of the laws now anymore than anyone else but many pharmacies and pharmacists are so afraid of loosing their license they are following a law to the letter. I honestly can't blame some of them. I'm not defending Walgreens but if I was a pharmacist I wouldn't chance it myself.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-08-29:
Are we allowed to use names in reviews now?
Posted by PepperElf on 2011-08-29:
apparently not JIS. Good call.

personally I just use generic claritin for my allergies rather than sudaphed. about the same size really but, sudaphed never really seemed to do much for me. i might as well have been taking tiny M&Ms

Posted by Nohandle on 2011-08-29:
I expect a lot will get by John until the website is up to speed. Personal names are not allowed and perhaps the OP will go back and edit the full name to initials only if he even feels it necessary for his complaint. I don't like an entire review deleted if a simple correction will take care of it.
Posted by GenuineNerd on 2011-08-29:
I have purchased pseudoephedrine products at Walgreens before without any problems...sure, I had to show my driver's license, which was scanned in the computer, but I had no problems buying it...usually I use store brand pseudoephedrine or psuedoephedrine/ibuprofen products. The "PE" (phenylephedrine) based sinus products don't work for me as well. Probably it was the management of that particular Walgreens, rather than chainwide policy, that refused to sell you the sinus pills you needed. I don't fill prescriptions at Walgreens anyway. The requirement of showing your driver's license to buy pseudoephedrine is stupid, to say the least, but it does keep the product out of the hands of those making and taking meth.
Posted by BEJ on 2011-08-29:
It appears the staff at that pharmacy were being over-cautious. I take Claritin D on occasion for sinus headaches behind my eyes as recommended by my physician. Both my husband and I have purchased it a different pharmacies: Target, Walgreen, CVS by showing our Drivers License without difficulty.

Did you ever get to purchase the medication for your wife? Hope she is feeling better now.
Posted by PepperElf on 2011-08-29:
BEJ - your comment calls to mind another fact. The OP was buying for someone else.

if I'm not mistaken some places (either by law or policy) prohibit this. Especially if they suspect you may be buying for someone who can't legally buy it themselves (i.e. if that person bought too much of it already etc).

Now I've purchases that kind of stuff for my Dad before, but when I bought it I didn't engage the employee in any questions or any conversation that would make them think it was for someone else. I simply picked out the stuff Mom said Dad needed, showed my ID card and signed the book.
Posted by Buddy01 on 2011-08-29:
Did you go to the pharmacy where you usually get your prescriptions?
Posted by Starlord on 2011-08-29:
I don't get it. Is Walgreen's the only pharmacy in your neck of the woods? I think not. We live in the small town of Chehalis, WA, and have several stand alone pharmacies, including Walgreen's, plus WalMart, Safeway and K-Mart. I don't understand bothering the Governor with this problem.
Posted by At Your Service on 2011-08-29:
I can't say I blame Walgreens. They are better to deny a customer than have a huge legal problem on their hands.
Posted by kim on 2012-02-09:
have your wife's doctor call in a prescription for sudafed or wal-phed. that bypasses the legal limit law, and she can get more than by buying them over the counter. i've never heard of a person having to have a prescription history with walgreens in order to purchase sudafed products, but i know tennessee has a HUGE meth problem, so maybe that's true. the reason for taking only drivers licenses and not state id's is that the crackheads obtain both forms of id and then they try to buy TWICE as much as the legal amount
Posted by Sweet on 2012-05-03:
This recently happened to me too. I was buying for my boyfriend that was at home. I got really angry because I felt profiled as Meth head. I ended up going to another Walgreens pharmacy that sold it to me without a problem. I feel that a new system needs to be in place b/c all it's doing is making it hard for legitimate people that only purchase Claritin D or other products ever once in a while. IMO its definitely profiling!!!
Posted by RXTech on 2012-06-06:
I hate to sound cynical, but as many years as I've worked in the pharmacy and had to listen to people ask for the "96 Reds" or the "generic 12 hour" who we see every other week, who get denied by the register every other time they come in, and who come in packs and wait out in the car for one to come out before the next one comes in, or even worse hang out just outside the door and ask strangers to please buy it for them because they know they are over their limit... It's hard not to hate selling Sudafed. Especially when you have several people waiting on actual prescriptions and a line of 6 people at the counter who are buying sudafed. We're not stupid. We know which products are the ones they use for meth, and which ones are not. We know that Grandma doesn't know that it's a "12 hour 20 count box." (It's ALWAYS for Grandma.) So we know there are many people out there who legitimately use the medication for it's actual purpose. But don't blame us for being suspicious. It comes with the territory of running out of the "meth brands" sometimes less than a day after they come in. And if I had to guess, 1 out of 10 who buy it are actually taking it for severe congestion.
Posted by Arkansas Walgreens customer on 2012-07-19:
My husband was told by our family chiropractor to get sudafed for ear issues when flying next week. "My" Walgreens pharmacy told me that I had to have had a prescription filled within the last 4 months in order to purchase said product. While this is all fine and good for their protection, I haven't had need for a prescription for possibly a full year. BUT, my husband and children have all their prescriptions filled there..for which I have had to deliver and pick up etc. Seems wrong. I've given my license in the past before this new policy went into effect. I have nothing to hide and feel a bit unappreciated as a client. I will not let them make me feel less than worthy because I am healthy and generally not in need for myself. Guess I should think about looking for another pharmacy for the whole family. Thankfully I had gone to a local Medical clinic earlier in the week regarding the ear problem and was able to have them phone a prescription in. Guess it's surprising to Walgreens that I didn't ask the Medical clinic doctor for some hard drug when I saw him. Sad state of affairs.
Posted by clermont fl on 2012-08-17:
Walgreens just denied me, then my hubbub, stating to both we have over purchased claratin d. It was the first time either of us have tried to buy cold medicine this year. They were rude and gave no number for us to call.
Posted by 1LosTCaus3 on 2012-10-27:
RXtech statement is the problem "I hate to sound cynical, but as many years as I've worked in the pharmacy and had to listen to people ask for the "96 Reds" or the "generic 12 hour" who we see every other week, who get denied by the register every other time they come in, and who come in packs and wait out in the car for one to come out before the next one comes in, or even worse hang out just outside the door and ask strangers to please buy it for them because they know they are over their limit... It's hard not to hate selling Sudafed. Especially when you have several people waiting on actual prescriptions " Have you even took the time to read your own post. So basically your justifying making loyal customers and law abiding citizens suffer and feel unwarranted shame for trying to purchase a legitimate legal product because a small small percentage of a population use it to make meth. You are not stopping them from getting they just drive to the next place. You hurting your patrons. When did i become the town leper because i want a medication that works. You say your not stupid by god lets hope not but use your intelligence to also not be single minded. In your scenario hell no dont sale to them thats common sense, but your are not law enforcement and there are regulations in place and your not qualified to say who is and isnt im tired of getting denied lied to and looked down on simply because im white and wear my ballcap backwards. Oh and maybe if theres so much concern with meth being produced with these pills it would be wise to stop printing the Gram weight on the card jesus whose idea was that. Pharmacists have taken a request to be vigilant and turned it into a Crusade where the law abiding loyal customer/citizen is the victim and thats what im tired of
Posted by Mike on 2012-11-14:
Unfortunately for you... Pharmacists ARE law enforcement. Law enforcement of medicine. The must abide by a set of laws and enforce them to the best of their ability. In this sue happy and drug abusing world, you can't blame someone if they don't feel comfortable selling something. Because it is THEIR ass on the line.

You say that pharmacists aren't qualified... But it's actually quite opposite. Pharmacists are the ONLY ones qualified to sell. You won't find anybody ever who can make them sell it. If you don't like a decision, then you get a second opinion. Like a doctor, who can write a prescription for it instead.
Posted by ryan on 2012-11-25:
tell me about it. I went the other day to buy walphed for my family and I. The pharmacist delcined to sell it to me because I was supposedly "buying it for someone else". No not a meth making stranger who gave me $20 to buy the pills. But for me, my wife and son to use. She told me my family would have to come and buy it them selves. My son is under age and cant buy it because he is under 16. Why would my wife have to buy her own box, when she can just as easily got into our medicine cabinet and take one?. She claims it is the law. She has to make sure I'm not making meth with it. I forgot to mention, I was in a police uniform, drove a marked police car and I am a local cop standing in front of her. I am pretty sure I'm not making meth. Then she tells me that I can only buy it if I fill my prescriptions here. Since I don't, she won't sell it to me, thats the law. That isn't fare, because Walgreens has a contract with my insurance(blue cross/blue shield) that they can charge the maximum price everytime for prescriptions if I fill it there. Why buy a $150 bottle of pills from walgreens when target sells it for $30. I have tried every one of the o.t.c. brands and none work like walphed. It is frustrating that they make it so hard to legal medication for honest hard working people. Every few months they keep comming up with new corprate policies and just plain dumb.
Posted by Tina on 2013-03-03:
Similar situation here, also in TN, (where half the pharmacies are getting robbed left and right for opiates!) My husband and I have been sick with a cold that has turned into a nasty sinus infection. The only medication that has ever worked for me for sinus troubke has been the old formula of actifed, which is now only available as 'wal-act.' In fact, this was recommended to my mother by a pediatrician when I was young, and has been my go-to ever since. We had some left from last years allergy season, but ran out, so hubby went down to get some of that and more tissue.

Now, he HAS purchased this before from that store with no problems, probably about a year ago. This time, the guy says he needs to have a consultation. Fine, he has nothing to hide, that sounded reasonable enough. Pharmacist asked about symptoms, hubby said he was congested. Which he obviously is. The pharmacist said to get mucinex-d. Hubby explains that the only thing that works for him is wal-phed. Pharm was very reluctant, which I don't understand, because mucinex-d also contains the same ingredient, just not the other that the wal-act has.

Anyhow, the pharmacist took his licence, which is a cdl (commercial drivers license! ) to the back to scan it. He came back and asked him if he had anything besides a cdl. A cdl is a valid drivers licence, it just requires more testing for truck drivers. He said it didn't scan and said perhaps hubby had gotten too much of that medication recently. Which was certainly not the case, he has only gotten it once or twice in the last 3 years. Hubby asks him to scan it again, he took it back, pretended to scan it, and basically said, sorry, no soup for you. Very frustrating.

Honestly, I have a strong feeling that the guy took one look at my husband, who has dreadlocks and a beard, and decided he was less than wholesome. Now, I can certainly understand judging appearance as part of the equation. If he had gone in there, not been sick, asked for "red20" or whatever it was the poster above said, came in weekly for the same thing, what have you, I can see his appearance being suspect. Not that it's 'right,' but that's life. But when everything else checks out and they just don't like the look of a person, it's very frustrating and makes a person feel like a criminal.

Luckily my husband was able to drive down to the next Walgreen's, give them his license, sign the thing, no problem. I understand that they have reasoning for their policies. I was under the assumption that they had a computer system in place that alerted them when someone had gone over the 'quota,' and that they wouldn't deny someone who was obviously sick. If this is not the case, I guess we'll make sure to wear our business casual attire and look presentable while still taking care to sneeze and snot all over the place...which is probably something the meth makers already know to do.

I can understand the pharmacist's frustration as well. Sure, that sounds awful, people coming in weekly, using obvious druggy lingo, all that. But, your honest consumer has no concept of this. We'd be perfectly happy not to have to bother you with our stuffy noses, and um, inconvenience 'real' sick people waiting for their rx. But this is the system in place. You signed up to be a pharmacist, we'd just as soon not be sick and have to bother you. I was under the impression that this medication was still available to law abiding folks who don't abuse the privilege. If that's not the case, tell us upfront there's no way you're going to sell that pack of medicine right behind you so we can move along and not waste our time or yours. Then perhaps look into changing how this system works as citizens so we can get our medicine.

Sorry if meth heads have made pharmacists cynical. I am a bit cynical myself, of pharmacists who want to punish sick people for it, or are on a power trip and hold back medication for sick people because they are mad at meth heads getting one over on 'em.

Posted by J on 2013-04-22:
Well it happened to me today.I went to my local walgreens,handed them my I.D. no biggie but then gave my a note saying ive went over my limit.When i just recovered from a accident had not left my home for atleast 6 months.........they scanned it or whatever said i was over my limit .......how?? when it has been well over a year since the last time i bought Advil cold and sinus.
Posted by DISTURBED on 2013-04-27:
To the girl asking about the purchase of sudafed being denied due to having reached her limit,"are you sure someone hasn't stolen your identity?"and to the individual acting like he's GOD,who are you to sit and pass judgement on people for buying sudafed and assuming that they're automatically a Meth manufacturer or user only cause the actually need or prefer this product. Tell me when did this country actually go from being the Land of the Free to being a communists country that's ran by the government. IF YOU BEINGS YOUVE GOT YOUR TECH LICENCE AND SEEM TO KNOW SO MUCH,WERE TO GET SICK AND THIS BE THE ONLY PRODUCT THAT,HYPOTHETICALLY SPEAKING OF COURSE, DID WORK FOR YOU,Well thatt wouldn't make you a Meth user that's really just a egotistical moron that is really just angry at the truly sick people out there that are coming into your pharmacy buying up all the sudafed products before you can actually maybe swipe each of their licence only to go and tell them they've rrached
Posted by DISTURBED on 2013-04-27:
Excuse me as I got a little excited trying to get this comment in.as I was saying you could easily just give em their ID back tell em they've reached their limit and then go back sign their name and bam! You've got yourself another box to add to your batch of Meth in the making.after all you do have the background in chemistry needed to do this right? You know this has been known to happen before. POINT BEING JUST BECAUSE YOU HOLD A DEGREE IN MEDICINE DOESNT SINGLE YOU OUT TO BE ONE THAT CANT POSSIBLY SUFFER FROM THE DISEASE OF ADDICTION
Posted by Julie Young on 2013-04-30:
I have had a similar experience in a store in Harrison Arkansas on Friday April 27, 2013. I am currently complaining to the Walgreens team and trying to get them to make some sense of this silly notion that they can't sell this necessary drug if you don't have an RX on file IN THEIR STORE. I had my son with me who was suffering from an acute case of allergies. We were headed into the country to help his grandparents pack their home and move and stopped at this store in Harrison to get him a decongestant. He was very OBVIOUSLY IN NEED. We took him to the pharmacist on duty after being turned down initially and the pharmacist still refused him the medication. The pharmacist actually said to my husband that if he made an exception for my son that he would have "meth-heads" from all over in his store looking for medication. Really? How would said "meth-heads" know? I am very concerned about this. My son had to continue to suffer with his allergies all weekend while helping grandparents pack and move and cleaning up a dusty old garage - it was great fun for him - NOT! Walgreens, especially in Harrison Arkansas, is a cruel and heartless establishment. I am still complaining to them and upper management and I am forwarding them articles on the applicable laws that they have ignored!
Posted by N Dove on 2013-05-07:
I just went ot Walgreesn today to pick up my childs medicine for allergies, and some OTC decongestant for her. They scanned..my D.L. and then told me I had been declined, over the limit. I told them that I had not gotten any sudafed in the past month or so.. they would not help me or give me a number to call. the receipt they gave me said PSE State Declined null. I dont but it very often at all, I certainly don't misuse it!! makes me sick. I am so tired of this. It's ridiculous..
Posted by G on 2013-08-15:
The issue here is not that they have bought too much - but they have not bought ANYTHING in 6 months. This just happened to me the other day in Arkansas. I was heading out of town and realized that I forgot my allergy medicine, which is a prescription for 30 days worth of Claritin D that I fill at Target. I was right next to a Walgreens and went in to buy the 10 day supply so I had my equivilent with me for the four days I was on the road. When I went to go check out, the tech took my ID, scanned it and then told me I could not buy it from them because I had not filled a prescription in 6 months. Well, I haven't filled anything from them b/c Target is cheaper and closer to my house. I think it is ridiculous that I can't buy 10 days worth of an allergy medicine b/c I do not "have an established patient profile". What if I didn't take medicine at all...what if I had no presciptions to fill ever? What if I was new to the area and where I lived before now there wasn't a Walgreens near by? What if I always used Target and wanted to start using Walgreens? What if I was out of town and my luggage was lost or stolen and normally use my local pharmacist back home? What if I changed religions and previously didn't believe in medicine and had recently decided to change my way of thinking? I didn't walk up to the counter with tons of boxes of the stuff. My ID shows that I have not bought anything OTC, including anything used to purchase meth. Seems like a way to make people use you as a pharmacy if they want to buy OTC medicines. It is not a law - not in TN or AR. It is a policy that only they seem to be forcing on people. It would be like a gas station saying - you can't buy gas here because you have not bought gas from us in 6 months. Or a hair dresser saying you can't get your hair cut here anymore because you haven't had it cut in the past 6 months. Sure this medicine and I get limiting people who have bought it frequently, but limiting people who have never bought before or not within the past 6 months? Seems a bit backwards and ridiculous.
Posted by Lynn on 2013-10-30:
If you try to buy any of the pseudoephedrine products and are denied because you have “already reached your monthly limit”, know that the computer system between your local store and your state regulating system sometimes breaks down. Instead of telling you the system is down, the state tries to shift the blame to you.
Find the company that wrote and manages the software that your state uses, and contact them. They will give you a number for the store to call AT THE TIME OF THE TRANSACTION. That department can check your purchase records and override the denial.
I have been told that CVS will make this phone call for you if you ask.
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Incorrect Pill Amount
Posted by Outragedincali on 07/20/2008
BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA -- Walgreens 9550 Hageman Drive Bakersfield, CA 93312

On 7/19/08 at 12:34pm I pulled up to the Walgreens Pharmacy drive thru window (9550 Hageman) to pick up my refill that was ready the previous evening at 7:00pm. I gave the window clerk $33.99 cash for a refill of 60 pain pills. When she handed me the bottle, I immediately noticed that it only had a few pills in it. Before leaving I opened the bottle and counted the pills. There were only 23 pills in the bottle. I then looked at the label on the bottle and noticed it said there were 60 pills in the bottle and that they had been double counted.. In less than two minutes, I handed it back to the clerk and asked her why my prescription was not filled completely. She took the bottle and was gone for about five minutes. When she came back, she asked, "What happened?" I said, "That is what I am asking you. There are only 23 pills in the bottle and I just paid cash for 60 pills." She proceeded to argue with me, saying that I must have done something with the
pills because she knows all the pills were in the bottle when she handed it to me. I asked, "Did you count them yourself?" She said "No, but we always double count this medication because it is a controlled substance."

By this time, I am extremely upset. I went inside to ask for a manager. I was told that there was not a manager available and that the store manager could not help with a pharmacy situation. I said, "Well, you better call your manager because I am not leaving until somebody either gives me my money back or the pills that have obviously been taken from my bottle." An employee got on the phone and soon a young girl came in and claimed to be the manager. (She obviously was not, as her badge indicated that she was a sales clerk.) By then I had five Walgreens' employees all talking to me at the same time, going on and on about how I must have taken the pills out and now I am just trying to get more. OKAY! That makes alot of sense. "I never even left the drive-thru," I said "and you have security cameras right there that prove I did not do such a thing!"

Then another lady came, who walked up to the drive-thru window and proceeded to talk to my sister about the situation (who was still parked in the drive-thru lane) all the while her employees were telling her that I was the customer not the person she was talking to. It took her about five minutes before she stopped talking to my sister and finally turned around and addressed me. Again, she accused me of lying. I asked her to count the pills herself. Three employees answered, almost in unison, "We are not going to do that, you already opened the bottle." I said, "Fine, write a note saying that at 12:35PM you counted the pills that were in my bottle and that I already opened it and counted it myself." They refused. I then opened the bottle and dumped it on their counter top. I counted the pills in front of all the customers behind me, and all five RUDE employees. I counted 23 pills. They said they would not acknowledge this if they were asked. I was
handed a business card and refered to the district manager.

Then, the fake "manager" asked if I wanted to give the pills back. I said , "Yes. Are you going to refund my money?" She said no, because I already had the pills in my possesion. I left outraged.

I called the number on the business card and they do not work weekends. I've left three messages. I also called the police department, who came to my house. They definitely believed me but said it was a civil matter. I filed a complaint with the State Board of Pharmacy. And I called the DEA, who doesn't answer the phone. I tried calling back to ask the name of the employee who claimed to have "double counted" the medication. The lady on the phone, who claimed to be both the store manager and the pharmacy manager, hung up on me.

I want my money back or the pills that were possibly stolen by a Walgreens employee.
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Posted by outragedincali on 2008-07-20:
Also, I can't say this enough...I never left the drive-thru window and less than one minute passed before I handed it back to the clerk. Somebody stole my medication and Walgreens refuses to even look into it. They must have a way of auditing their employees.
Posted by madconsumer on 2008-07-20:
i am sure they can do an audit of pill count. being such a controlled medication, their stand is,you opened the package, counted the pills and handed it back. once you handled the pills, you lost all ability to file a claim. again with such a controlled medication.
Posted by MRM on 2008-07-20:
I believe your story is true because Vicodin is an addictive drug and any of the employees in the Pharmacy Dept could have taken some pills out of the bottle. As you stated in your post, as soon as you have received your medication you noticed right away that it was half full. Somebody in the store must have taken some out of the bottle.
Posted by MyDogsMom on 2008-07-20:
I doubt an employee who wanted to steal a controlled substance would take that many at once which would arouse suspicion and ultimately get them caught. I would recommend to the OP that next time she skip the drive through window and go in and once the tab is paid, ask the clerk to open the bottle and count the number of pills before moving on. That would be the ultimate proof and exonerate the OP as the thief of the pills.

Posted by Principissa on 2008-07-20:
I agree with MRM. In the two seconds that you had the bottle there is no way that you could have taken over 40 pills out of the bottle. The pills weren't in the bottle to begin with. Someone working in the pharmacy either doesn't know how to count, or is a drug addict and needs help. I've never worked in a pharmacy, but I do know that the pharmacist has to check the prescriptions, especially controlled ones before they go to the patient/customer. So either the pharmacist took the pills or the clerk took them after the second check. You are owed medication and you should get it. I wonder how many other patients taking the same medications have been shorted pills from this pharmacy.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2008-07-20:
An audit would not help...it would show a perscription of 60 pills taken from inventory, 60 pills charged for...BUT if an employee dropped them into their smock jacket pocket, and the records show everything accounted for..the audit wouldn't help. What they need to do is review the instore security cameras...all pharmacies have them. I believe the label would state the time and date it was filled.
Posted by Nohandle on 2008-07-20:
I know of a case locally where an employee of one of the hospitals worked on the floor of terminally ill patients. She was dropping the pain pills into her pocket and marking the chart as meds given. Sad, but it happened.

There's too much of a discrepancy here...the difference in 60 pills and 23? Even if an audit was pulled there would be no way to determine who, when or how the drugs were taken. How many scripts were filled that day for the same medication? When was the last time inventory was taken of that particular drug? Not knowing the particulars it appears someone was covering himself. Unfortunately he was attempting to make up the stortage on one patient or who knows how many others.

Take your prescription elsewhere. I wouldn't continue to do business with a pharmacy where this happened.
Posted by tateria on 2008-07-28:
Ok, no. As a actual employee of another retail chain pharmacy, I can tell you that if we wanted to steal 'pain pills', we wouldn't waste time stealing from someone's prescription. There are literally thousands of 'pain pills' with in much handier reach than to take a few out of your bottle, where a pharmacist and other employees would notice.
Secondly, we don't believe people like you, because 99.9% of people like you who had someone 'steal' their 'pain pills' are lying, and think if they throw enough of a stink they'll score more. How come no one manages to loose thier blood pressure meds? How come you never drop your plavix in the toilet, but those 'pain pills' are drawn to the kitchen sink like a magnet. Crazy!
Now, maybe if you hadn't acted like an idiot, maybe you would have gotten somewhere.
Posted by Joe on 2013-02-13:
RE: tateria, get off your high horse.

Why would the op bother coming here to comment just to make the whole thing up?

I had a pharmacist (NOT Walgreens) short me on two medications today, I found this via Google. They weren't pain medications but they were sedatives. It's attitudes like yours that'll make me go the month without enough pills because I'm reluctant to go back and complain. Instead they might just lose a customer. Not sure I have time to stand at the counter and count each pill from now on.
Posted by wanda on 2013-05-28:
Walgreens indianapolis Kentucky ave and mann rd. This is twice now have shorted my son's meds which are controlled. Three the first time and five this time!!!!
I will find someone that will do something about this one way or the other!!!!! You pricked will not make my son feel crazy again or I will rip someone's head off!!!!!!!!###!!!!!!!!
Posted by JW on 2013-08-04:
I've had the same thing happen more than once at Walgreens. I have major back problems for which I take vicodin. I'm very often shorted, sometimes by as many as 10 pills, and now never leave the store without counting them. Most recently, I have an entire refill of 90 pills disappear from my account. I complained and the refill was put back, but in what I can only assume is some sort of retribution by the guilty party, the store is now refusing to refill the prescription until days after it has run out. I don't know who to call to do anything about it. So instead, I just suffer.
Posted by tim zakosek on 2013-08-19:
call attorney general from your state
Posted by Jeff on 2013-10-05:
My wife just had surgery and was shorted 6 pain pills from Wallgreens in Flint,MI. To the woman that's saying "you" people are "addicts" really needs a slap of reality (the answer to your question why is it never blood pressure pills? who would steal those? nobody). It surprises me that they don't count controlled drugs on video. This happened today! and they say well it was counted twice. I call bull sh*t on that they were so busy they said to come back in 30mins ..try 3 and half hours later still not done. After looking at many pages about Wallgreens I can say my family will never use this scam of a company again.
Posted by Elaine on 2013-11-30:
The Walgreens Company Policy is that Pharmacists have to fill a certain number of prescriptions in a certain length of time to keep their jobs. On two different occasions I received the wrong medications and had to return them. I no longer use Walgreens Pharmacy.
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I am so mad, I HATE Walgreens!
Posted by Forna on 04/20/2008
TULSA, OKLAHOMA -- I have used this drug store for years because they are the closest to my home. I have yet to enter either thru the drive-thru or inside, that I didn't leave angry. They have the absolute worst customer service I have ever seen and I have been around a long time. Recently we took an rx to be filled there and they were out of this medication. They promised it the next day by 11:00 am. I called the pharmacy at 10:30am the next day to be told that yes the med was in but it would take a few more hours to fill because there were people ahead of us. I informed the nice (yuk) gal that we had waited for almost 2 days for this rx. She said sorry, you will have to wait a few hours longer.
What kind of service is that.... especially when you are very sick? Beware people, they do NOT fill injet cartridges full when you take them in to refill. This happened to us the same day we fought to get our rx.

It has now happened to us 2 times on 2 refills. When do we all give up and go somewhere else where they may care a little more? Enough is enough!!!!!!! I hate them and do not LOVE to hate them. I hate to hate and I hate to be so angry. But our insurance company has paid Walgreens thousands of dollars over the years for all of the meds we take. That is pathetic. It's also every single visit!!!!!
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Posted by Crown Jules on 2008-04-20:
If it was that vital that you get your prescription filled, you probably should have gone to another pharmacy. Walgreen's had the medicine like they said they would, but they have to deal with customers on a first come, first served basis. Didn't you consider that the other people needing that medicine are sick, too? What makes you so special that you should go to the front of the line?
Posted by CrystalSword on 2008-04-20:
It might be the closest store to home but I would change drug stores if its going to make your blood pressure go up so much every time you go there!
Posted by *Brenda* on 2008-04-20:
Crown, you say:
"Walgreen's had the medicine like they said they would, but they have to deal with customers on a first come, first served basis"

The OP has been waiting for 2 days. They should be served first unless there are people who have been waiting longer than that.
Posted by Forna on 2008-04-20:
Crown Jules, you just showed how ignorant you are. Walgreens promised that medicine to us by the next day @ 11:00. I hope they do worse to you since you are empathetic to the Pharmacy and not the consumer. What is so special about YOU that you can post such a stupid response? People like you would throw the biggest fit of all about any bad cust svc, since pointing the finger at others who were wronged. You must work for Walgreens lol.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2008-04-20:
If you left your perscription (or the refill bottle) with them to be filled, and had to wait for them to get the medication...then they should have filled your perscription first, before the walk ins that were there when you called. I've always called ahead for perscriptions and they would tell me how long I'd have to wait to come in and pick it up...but when you leave the perscription there, and they said it would be in the next day, then it should have had it ready for you and you should have only had to go to the pick up window to get it.
Posted by heaven17 on 2008-04-20:
"I hope they do worse to you..."

Forna, I get that you're upset, but this wasn't necessary. Suddenly, I don't feel as sorry for you as I did while reading the complaint.
Posted by Forna on 2008-04-20:
DebtorBasher, thank you for your response. It is the only intelligent one above. Walgreens guaranteed us this medicine would be ready the next day at 11:00am. I have said this 3 times now. I definitely should have been given the courtesy of getting the rx when guaranteed. Yes, it should have been filled before the walk ins. Oh and NO they didn't make it right....they don't care. Who would guess? Thank you for seeing this the right way.
Posted by bigboxworker on 2008-04-20:
I understand that Walgreens is your nearest pharmacy, but why do you keep going back?? You say that you have NEVER left this location without feeling angry. Are there ABSOLUTELY no other alternatives in your area?
Posted by Snoredaddy on 2008-04-20:
I have also had to quit going to Walgreens. (Even though they are so convienently close to my home) Every prescription I drop off is never filled when they say it will be. Every time, they have some question about how the doctor wrote the Rx, but they never follow up with the call to the doctor's office for clarification. They also do not notify us of the problem (so we can help solve the problem) and when we go to pick it up after work , the doctor's office is then closed. Last time this happened I got my Rx back from them and had it filled within 20 minutes at another pharmacy with no problems.
Just change pharmacies...It will keep your blood pressure down.
Posted by advisor1008 on 2008-04-20:
As a person who travels a lot,

The one good thing about dealing with Walgreens is that if there's more than ONE in your area, you can have it TRANSFERED to ANY of their other locations throughout entire USA and your history profile follows you accordingly. When the pharmacist at one location is out of your Rx, you can ask them to call another Walgreens in your local vicinity. I’ve had to do this on more than one occasion and can understand your frustration -- Thank God there are 4 or 5 in my immediate area.
I hope this helps you in the future…

PS: ANYTHING BEATS WALMART!!! That’s a whole other story…
Posted by Crown Jules on 2008-04-21:
First of all, I do not work for Walgreens nor do I usually shop at Walgreens because I don't care for the layout of their store closest to me.

I will admit that I misread part of your post. I read what you wrote as saying they would have the medicine in the store by 11:00, not to you by 11:00. For that misunderstanding, I do apologize.

However, I have worked in customer service before and spent three years working in a large department store. I rarely complain about poor customer service because I know what it is like to be on the other side of the register.

I will thank you not to make assumptions about me, a complete stranger to you. I am an intelligent yet opinionated person who just happens to get annoyed at people who pitch a fit instead of doing something to remedy the situation.
Posted by shea53925 on 2008-05-10:
I am an employ of a walgreens pharmacy and I dont not appreciate it that you sit here and complain about what poor service you get and how you have been going back to the same place over and over again... So where in that equation does that give you the right to complain. You know there are times when we have problems and yeah things might get screwed up but you are an american citizen and have a god give right to choose what you do and when you do it. So if you hate walgreens so much instead of getting on here and complaining to the world all the while still probably going back to them every time you need a prescription then do something about it and stop playing the poor me card they're all out to get me. We are all just regular people working there and humans make mistakes so what are you perfect? I highly doubt it, so the next time that you put something off you shouldve done or you screw something up that should have been a piece of cake I want you to think about how you react to such things happening to you. I have had to deal with customers like you and the funny thing is that all the buisnesses that deal with you prolly have to deal with the same crap and compaining about how they suck and never get anything right. theres something to swallow with your next medication.
Posted by shea53925 on 2008-05-10:
Oh and on another note until you know how things are run around here then you really have no right to blame every problem that you have on us. We call doctors and fax them everyday but if there is a problem with the rx we cannot BY LAW do anything with it until it is clarified. And dont you think that it is a little annoying for us as well that the doctors cant take 5 mins in their all too important lives to call the pharmacy back to tell us what they meant. Well, it is because we have to deal with people like you who just want to come in and throw a fit and dont give a crap about anyone who works behind that counter... you honestly have demonstrated that you are ignorant and dont care to change that fact. So where do you work maybe some of us should come visit you and see how smoothly you do everything all the time... or is that not the case.
Posted by laklisa on 2008-06-25:
I believe you were a little harsh on Crown Jules myself. Common sense should say not to go to that Walgreens if you leave angry and have problems each time. You only have yourself to blame if you continue to frequent there.
Posted by SWrath89 on 2008-08-17:
Gee, you'd think that after all that maybe you should go to another frickin' store...
Posted by contessakisa on 2009-01-23:
I have worked for Walgreens for five years and I am so completely sorry to read your review. I have worked in several stores and it took me 3 years to finally get to one that was well run. I hope that you'l give us another chance by maybe trying a different location. You as the customer should never be reprimanded for what they merely promised to give you. Please ignore all previous comments against you since you are not to blame. Some of our pharmacies are literally not big enough to have enough techs and pharmacists to keep up with the customers flowing in (not to mention that the company training is mind boggling horrid). We now offer several time saving and helpful solutions, one such feature is auto fill. This is when your prescription fills by itself about 27 days after you last got it. It will even fax your doctor to ask for a refill if you are out. For your particular case there were a few options that the staff could have tried: 1 call another store in the area, even if it wasn't a walgreens to find your medication 2 if the tech meant the order would come in at 11 am and it takes an hour to fully check in and fill then they should say stop in after noon. 3 if the medication is not available call the oncall physician for a different medication, the pharmacist can even suggest one. These are all examples of what could have been done and why you are not in any way at fault. I am merely the senior technician at my store but most importantly I am a patient, consumer and customer too. I would never put up with that type of treatment and neither should you. So if this ever happens again please ask to speak to the pharmacy manager and/or the store manager. Tell them of your previous experiences and ask what they will do to fix this situation. If all else fails and they turn out to be unhelpful don't hesitate to call 1-800WALGREENS, I assure that whatever you can't convey to them their District Supervisor will have no problem doing for you.
Posted by BrianC on 2009-08-24:
I understand the part of your story with the pharmacy is frustrating but sometimes there are people that have been waiting longer than you or have had a call in prescription that was from an earlier date than yours. Even if you are very sick.. Your not always going to be at the front of the line.. Let me tell you as an employee in "retail"...and especially pharmacy You have to deal with sick and grumpy people all day long. It is NOT an easy job and sometimes the employees are working as hard as they can and I hate that some people just cannot apprecitate that. People expect everything to be handed to them. You know there might be a line a mile long at that pharmacy. Or maybe someone called in sick. I say take it as it comes not for granted. And for the ink cartridge refills.. I have been getting mine re-filled at Walgreens for a year now and have NEVER had a problem. Maybe its the customer and not the employee.. Thats all I have to say
Posted by joseph on 2011-07-28:
They have miss filled my medication twice and their customer service is awfull and making a complain to them is worthless. I am now going to a wallmart neighborhood market i am so much more happy now. Walgreens is a sad example of a license pharmacy my 2 cents..
Posted by charles on 2012-03-03:
Walgreens does have poor customer service at a lot of locations, I have been to a couple in duluth minnesota where service was very good, the supervisors should look at what they do in duluth and implement that service around the country
Posted by Sarah on 2013-01-02:
I hate walgreens too with all my heart!
Posted by Katz on 2013-09-18:
From being a Walgreens technician on the other side of the counter, I find it odd that it was not ready, however I will tell you that Walgreens has been cutting technician and pharmacist hours drastically. This has left us as employees, especially if we work in a very busy pharmacy, frustrated that we cannot serve our customers properly due to lack of help. At one point in the pharmacy I work in, our hours were practically cut in half and yet we had to fill the same amount of prescriptions (400-500 a day) with a lot less technicians. This could also explain why your script was not ready when promised. When you go into a Walgreens Pharmacy, please remember that we as Pharmacist's and Technicians have no control over our work schedules and hours. We care about our patients and want to help, but we are only employees, and have no control over our corporate office.
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Walgreens Pharmacy Sucks!
Posted by Nightstalker on 06/19/2007
COVINGTON, KENTUCKY -- My mother is on several prescription meds and used to rely on Walgreens for them... Not anymore. Here's why:

Mom was having a tough time remembering to get all her meds filled during the month, so Walgreens sold her on their "Prescription Reminder" service. Pretty simple concept... You give them the names of all your meds and they automatically refill them every month and then call you to remind you to pick them up. Pretty simple.

This goes on for a few months and the service seemed to be working fine until Mom noticed that she had not been getting a medication refilled that she needed. So she calls the pharmacy to ask them about it and they said that the medication was not on her list of refillable meds. So she says ok and asks them to print out the list of meds that she gave them so she could go over it and add any meds that may need to be. Sure with the amount of pills she takes it's possible she forgot one, No biggie right?

Wrong. The med she had not been getting was clearly on the list. She then called the pharmacy again and informed them that the med was indeed on the list and that she had not recieved it for approximately three months to which the pharmacist replied sarcastically, "Well, If you haven't had it in three months you don't need it." And mom was like, "I don't need it? The doctor prescribed these pills for me so I wouldn't feel so tired during the day. And it's no wonder I've felt like sh** for the last three months!"

So mother took her business to a local privately owned pharmacy and hasn't had a problem since. They even deliver them to her door so she need not go to Walgreens to pick them up. A shame really since Walgreens is literally right next door to her apartment building... the parking lots meet at the edges. LOL
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Posted by Nightstalker on 2007-06-19:
I also forgot to mention that mom complained about the pharmacist's attitude to the store manager which did not seem to be very effective so I then took it into my own hands and sent a letter to the corporate office about the situation. I've been to the store several times since and have not seen this particular pharmacist again.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-06-19:
Get your mother to write this letter if it is her complaint.
Posted by Starlord on 2007-06-19:
gb, there is not a thing wrong with helping a family member with a problem. Whoever told that patient that if they hadn't had a med in three months didn't need it should be horsewhipped, with a real horse. the doctor prescribes those medicaqtions for a ewason, and if the pharmacy does not provide them, it can be extremely dangerous. If it is a case of the med not being refillable, they should notify the patient of that so they can have their doctor write a refill prescription, not try to do a Don Rickles imitation.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-06-19:
Actually, pretty good post.
Posted by adzidek on 2007-06-19:
gb you're out to lunch.
Posted by warddw1526 on 2007-06-19:
There is nothing wrong with helping a family member or friend write a post. However, if you are going to quote what was said, you should be a witness too the conversation. If you are not, you are only getting 1 side of the story.
Posted by Nightstalker on 2007-06-19:
ward, Not only did I witness the conversation, I was the one that usually went to Walgreens for her!
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-06-19:
Well you should have made it clear that you were with her at the time.
Posted by adzidek on 2007-06-19:
gb you're way too cranky today.
Posted by Nightstalker on 2007-06-20:
Really.. Go take a couple Midol and relax ghostbuster.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-06-20:
Perhaps her mother is unable to write this letter on her own and needs help. Have you ever thought of that. Normally I would suggest the same thing, but maybe the mother is not capable of writing her own letter and needs help. I don't find anything wrong with NS helping her mother.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-06-20:
You should do the same Nightstalker. I am sure walgreen's sells them or get them at the privately owned pharmacy that you go to. You really should have stated in your letter that you were with your mother at the time, so people like ward, I and don't get confused.
Posted by Nightstalker on 2007-06-20:
Ok, In the future I will do my best to point the fact that I was present during the situation, whatever that my be. I will do this if for no other purpose than to make you happy ghostbuster. :)
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-06-21:
You learned something today, don't make the same mistake twice.
Posted by Chataika on 2007-09-24:
I think it is pretty obvious that GB works for Walgreens or the pharma industry. They watch complaints like hawks, and pay people to respond to them to difuse the bad vibes their products/business give out.

Walgreens has given me poor service as well, losing an important prescription the day after I turned it in, and filling the wrong prescription for my kid which caused lots of probs. I changed to another pharmacy, too.
Posted by PsychoGobstopper on 2008-04-21:
1) Contact the district office, not the store manager, if you have an issue with the pharmacy manager. The RXM is not answerable to the store manager.

2) Whenever a new Rx form is dropped off for a medication(or called/faxed to the pharmacy), that prescription is entered into the computer as an entirely new entity. Auto Refill, therefore, has to be selected again at that time. It would be a simple matter to ask for a new Rx to be put on Auto Refill when dropping one off. Also, the patient leaflets clearly state whether or not an Rx is on Auto Refill; if it is not listed there, call the pharmacy and ask for it to be placed on Auto Refill.
Posted by odbj on 2008-09-13:
i had the same thing happen ,they gave me ambien instead of my blood pressure meds . i caught it 2 wks later and ended up in the hospital
Posted by DrNo on 2011-06-23:
I worked a short time had not been trained proiperly and fired for supposedly cursing which I did not do
Posted by Sick with Walgreens on 2011-07-03:
Posted by Ann Mitchell on 2013-04-25:
Walgreens Sucks bigtime!!!! I live in a pretty small town though , and they are one of if not the only phamacy open all night so I usually get all my meds there, I hate the pharmacist , all have BAD ADDITUDE"S!!!! EVERYONE of them!! I alway's hope they will quit since they hate thier job so much but they never do!!!!!
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Walgreens Is Not The Wonderful Company It Claims To Be
Posted by Sweet cheeks on 08/26/2009
FLORIDA -- I have worked my butt off for that company for almost 20 years. Now they have this great idea of hiring a group of non-trained people to process & type, check & fill prescriptions in orlando, fl.(They call it the cpo center) ,which they can't do very well but that's what you get for being so cheap!! I have seen so many mistakes come out of that cpo center!! Some were caught by retail store pharmacists but some that fell thru the cracks. They constantly tell customers wrong info.,Let customers know when rx's are ready when they are not, telling customers they can pay for controlled drugs for cash when their insurance says it's too soon. Plus many more things but not enough space to list, but this is the biggest farce---laying off workers that have been with the company for years & know what they are doing, that really care about the customers, are willing to help customers find items in stores, listening to customers, feeling what they feel & for what, you got it, the god almighty dollar!! Why do you think all the Walgreen's family sold all their stocks? Mr. Walgreen is probably turning over in his grave for what started out as a family-(mom & pop)store, to a store that will do anything to make a dollar!! Mr. Walgreen treated his employees like they were part of his family. Walgreens now treats employees like crap, just another body to help collect that dollar. Too bad if you have family problems, are sick, have family in life support. Walgreens doesn't care. They say they are the pharmacy America trusts, well that's a bunch of bulls***!! I will never step foot in anyone of their stores or give them 1 cent from my pocket!!

I know the real truth, Walgreens is a scam!! They are far from the best company to work for. I wouldn't let my dog work for them!! If you don't believe me, just pick up a phone & call a Walgreens pharmacy & see how many hoops you have to jump thru just to talk to a pharmacist @ a retail store!! Employees family members have to go thru hoops just to speak with a family member that works in a retail store. Why else do you think all of their employees carry cells phones on vibrate on their person?? Many employees are afraid to come forward with the truth but I am not, I want people to know about it!! For those who don't believe this, I have some advise for you---be very careful & double check your prescriptions before taking them!!

Remember this---Walgreens has changed & not in a good way! They have sold their souls for dollar signs. It's all about how many stores they have open, how much profit they have made. Walgreens prescription costs are higher than anyone else. Why do you think that is?? Greedy stockholders & people in high positions. Walgreens is telling it's employees the hell with you, we want the money!!! That's the bottom line.
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Posted by Eloise on 2009-08-26:
Why do the employee's 'need' to recieve personal phone calls at work? Unless it is an emergency, you should be working not talking.

'they can pay for controlled drugs for cash when their insurance says it's too soon.'
Just because the Insurance doesn't want to pay for it, why can't the customer. One case I overheard at my doctors office. The woman's insurance would only pay for 15 tablets of her sleeping pills even though the doctor perscribed 30. What was she supposed to do other than to pay cash for the rest?
Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2009-08-26:
I've never used Walgreen's to have prescriptions filled so I don't know anything about that. I agree that employees shouldn't receive phone calls unless an emergency. They can use their cell phone on their breaks to make personal calls. I take it you were one of the people laid off?
Posted by sweet cheeks on 2009-08-26:
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2009-08-26:
Uh...NEWS FLASH! You ARE Sweet Cheeks...try changing your Nic next time you want to pat yourself on your back!
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-26:
It seems that many companies have no loyalty to their long-time employees any more. It's all about the bottom line.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2009-08-26:
SweetCheeks removed her comment above, where she was patting herself on her back...

Posted in Consumer Reviews by sweet cheeks - Today at 11:03
Posted by sweet cheeks on 2009-08-26:
Posted by sweet cheeks on 2009-08-26:
hello debtorbasher but there are more than 1 kind of sweet cheeks in this world. why don't you think about that? uh, duh!
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2009-08-26:
That's DebtorBasher with a Capital "D" and Capital "B".
Why do I have to think about that? Your name has nothing to do with anything here. And two people can't be here with the same NIC...
Posted by sweet cheeks on 2009-08-26:
Excuse me, but i beg to differ with you DebtorBasher---why don't you come back to earth & get off that cloud your'e on!! stop living in fairy land. you are missing the point, this person is trying to expose walgreens for what kind of a company they are unlike their commercials.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2009-08-26:
You can differ with me until you're blue in your face...you're still wrong and I'm still right...You posted this review, then commented and gave yourself a "Big thumbs up". Who gives themself a thumbs up?

You say, 'This person is trying to expose Walgreens for what kind of a company they are unlike their commercials"...and 'this person' is YOU! When I busted you for forgetting to change you nic before you complimented your own post, you deleted your comment. Why did you do that? If it wasn't to cover up your mistake?

Get it?
Posted by DigitalCommando on 2009-08-26:
sweet cheeks, stop having boring tuna and a boring life, martini, bikini, quit trying to slap-chop your way through this failed attempt at back-patting, I can't do this all day.....
Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2009-08-26:
You wouldn't let your dog work for them but YOU do? "shaking my head"
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-27:
Sweet cheeks, is it? Ya know, when users click on your username... it takes us to a magical place called your profile. And your profile states that you are the one that wrote this review. And now, you're trying to say that another person, with the same name wrote this review and you are giving them a thumbs up. How dumb do you take us for? Is that your natural hair color?
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-27:
bearkat, it appears "sweet cheeks" is a bit off. She has made a comment on every Walgreens post made. Some she is the customer, others she is an employee. Something not quite right about this individual.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-27:
So I've noticed.
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-08-27:
so she's pretending to be the more than one person eh?

it's funny when they do that.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-27:
You know, PE, sweet cheeks got exactly what they wanted. Attention.
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-08-27:
hmmm well in that case.

dang i can't wait for Dune to start up. They need to at least announce the cast!
Posted by Eloise on 2009-08-27:
Dune is coming back? Too cool! Any info?
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-08-27:
not yet
i've heard a rumor that one of the cullen teens from twilight will be in it, but i haven't seen anything official yet
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-08-27:
sweet cheeks, if you pulled the same kind of dumb tricks as you pulled on this board, I can see why Walgreen's fired you...
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2009-08-27:
Boki...she claims she is still working for them, which is quite sad, since she said on another thread that there's been a high number of complaints in the past month and that the employees (which includes her) doesn't know what they are doing. Personally, I think she's been dipping into the customer's perscriptions or somethin'.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-08-27:
You know DB, the sad thing about this is that she completely negated her review by pulling this dumb stunt.

I don't think all Walgreen's could possibly be as excellent as our's is..I'm willing to entertain the notion that some are downright bad, but it makes me uncomfortable thinking about doodlebugs like this employed there.. Not helpful!
Posted by Skye on 2009-08-27:
I think sweet cheeks may have been dipping into some of the meds herself.
Posted by Slimjim on 2009-08-27:
Looks like Sweet Cheeks just got served a good ol' plate of BUSTED. LMAO! She also said she wouldn't set foot in one again, which would be a remarkable feat for someone who still works there. I love this disgruntled ex threads where everything was fine until poster gets fired, then the place becomes a long running scam and the devil's lair.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2009-08-27:
It's that bad, and she's on other threads telling customers to take their business to other stores...AND SHE WORKS THERE? If she does work there, I'm sure she wouldn't be there for very long if they ever seen this review.

I've NEVER had a problem getting through to the pharmacy there... I call, I press the number it tells you to press for pharmacy and withing two or three rings, they answer and they've always had answers to any questions I've asked them about prescriptions.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2009-08-27:
Good point chex....and hopefully with your friend being what seems to be a dedicated employee, he will find a new job right away where he can continue to provide for his family...it's tough out there, good luck to him!
Posted by moneybags on 2009-08-27:
OK People, it's called a split personality!
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-27:
Sweet cheeks, why are you giving yourself a compliment. Are you Scitsofrenic
Posted by Eloise on 2009-08-27:
Sweet Cheeks reminds me of a bumper sticker my high school psychology teacher had: 'I am scizophrenic and so am I'
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-08-27:
Split personalities are usually not aware of each other, moneybags.

in fact usually that's the cure... making them aware of each other.

In this case she's just trying to pretend she's another person supporting the letter-writer, and she thinks we're too stupid to notice that their names (and profile pages) are identical.


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Medicine Given Out To Wrong Customer!!!
Posted by Megs1322 on 01/07/2009
I went to pick up my three medications today and my pharmacy had given them to someone else. I argued with the clerk for 5 minutes telling him I had not picked up my medication and he insisted I did. I asked to speak to the manager and finally after reminding them of my HIPPA rights they finally refilled my medications.

So someone out there has all of my meds, my address, name, and doctor's info. How horrible of a violation of privacy is that?
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-01-08:
I received the wrong meds once. I got home and my wife informed me they weren't hers. I looked up what I received just to make sure I didn't hit the jackpot.
Let's just say that I wouldn't recommend relations with the chick who's meds I received.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-01-08:
That's scary. It's one thing to get the wrong bottle, wrong name, but what about the pills inside? To the OP, every time I pick up a prescription, I am made to sign a paper/ledger beside a sticker with my name typed on it. They don't make you sign anything where you go? That would have been proof it wasn't you who picked up your pills.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-01-08:
Since when has Walgreen's started printing the patients full name, address, doctors name and list of medications on prescriptions? The patients name, prescribing doctors name and the medication contained are all I've ever seen.
Posted by Mad at Edward Jones on 2009-01-08:
Just looked at my recent Rx. OP is right. Name and address was on there.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-01-08:
The OP is correct. It is a HUGE HIPPA violation, but even worse the medication intended for one person will be ingested by someone else which could be fatal. This is not an overreaction. I understand that there are errors because we are human. With that said there are so many safety checks in the pharmacy and levels of review of dispensed Rx's there really is no excuse for a misfill or for a patients prescription bottle being given to the wrong person. I hope you called Walgreens corporate office. There is a chance that they can track the person through the signature log (which they should have on file). You might want to consider contacting the Department of Pharmacy in your state and report the incident.
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Pharmacy communications
Posted by Momtobe on 11/03/2007
YUCCA VALLEY, CALIFORNIA -- I switched to Walgreens approximately a 1 year ago because they are the only pharmacy in town with a drive-thru. I only used the drive-thru three times before I realized I would get faster, friendlier, more efficient service by going inside.

I continued to use Walgreens, though, because they are in a convenient location, had communicated better than WalMart, had better hours, and were more efficient at filling prescriptions in a timely manner.

Until recently. I have had one previous miscarriage and am early in my second pregnancy. Following some routine bloodwork, my doctor's office called and told me they wanted me on Progesterone suppositories ASAP and would be calling in a prescription immediately. This was 10am. I went by the Walgreens around 3pm the same day, and was informed that they didn't have that medication in stock and wouldn't be able to get it before Monday. Which was fine; things like that happen...but I will admit that I was a little upset that they did not call me when they figured this out. I left satisfied, though, because they went the extra mile to call all other pharmacies in the area and see if anyone else carried it (they didn't).

My husband went to pick up the prescription the following Tuesday, since we hadn't heard anything, and they supposedly had the prescription in. When he brought it home, though, I took one look at it and knew it wasn't right. They had sent home the pharmacy compounding kit -- and hadn't bothered to read any of the accompanying literature. In other words, they dispensed it without actually mixing/preparing it, in a form that was never intended to go to the consumer. I immediately called, and they asked me to bring it back in, which my husband did. No refund of the $45 we had spent on it; they said they would call me the next day and let me know whether or not they were even qualified to compound the suppositories (if they aren't qualified, why are they able to order it from their warehouse?).

They called the next morning and left a message that the prescription was ready. My husband went to pick it up, and was told not to bother going to them for refills; they had spent over 3 hours on that one and refuse to do it again. They gave him a list of pharmacies 45 miles away for next time.

I figured this was just a fluke weird prescription, and tried not to dwell on it too much.

Then, the following Sunday, I ended up in the ER for severe nausea and vomiting from morning sickness (hyperemesis gravidarum). I got a prescription for one week of Reglan until I could follow up with my regular doctor; no problem.

I went to my doctor's appointment on Tuesday to follow up and get a prescription to get me through the rest of my first trimester; my husband dropped off the prescription that afternoon and was told it would be ready by 6pm. He returned to the pharmacy at 7, and was told that that particular prescription had been discontinued, and they would have to call my doctor. Again, not a huge issue, doctor's fault, but why were we not called when they realized the problem??? Why did he have to waste the gas to return to the pharmacy?

With the Reglan prescribed by the ER, I was able to return to work, but was still pretty sick, so I left things in the pharmacy's hands. That is, until Saturday rolled around, and I realized I had only one pill left. That's when it struck me I had heard nothing from the pharmacy in 4 days.

I called, and they claimed that they had sent two faxes to my doctor's office, but had received no response. While this doesn't sound like my doctor's usual standards, it's possible. Again, sounds like it's my doctor's fault. But again, WHY WAS I NOT CALLED AND ALERTED TO THE FACT THAT THERE WAS A PROBLEM? The ball was in their court...the last we were told was that they would contact my doctor and get back to us.

Fortunately, I was able to contact the on-call doctor for the weekend, and she is going to call in some refills on the Reglan to get me through until there is actually someone in the office on Monday.

My main beef, I suppose, is not the problems in getting the prescriptions filled. I understand that things happen, and that this isn't a perfect world. I am, however, highly frustrated at the lack of communication when there is a problem. How can I fix a problem when I am not informed that there is one until after the doctor's office closes?

Oh, and I live in a small town where my choices are pretty much RiteAid, WalMart, or Walgreens. No other pharmacies are showing up on my insurance carrier's website.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-11-03:
I would have called other pharmacies anyway especially since you needed the medication.
Posted by spiderman2 on 2007-11-03:
I would pay out of pocket if I had to. You need to find a compounding pharmacy, which around here are smaller and locally owned. They may not participate with your insurance, but if it means the difference between holding onto your pregnancy or not, I go there. Good luck to you.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-11-03:
Here's a good mail-order compounding pharmacy--if you don't have one in your area. They get the medication to you rather quickly too: Women's International Pharmacy--Phone #800-279-5708. They are covered by some insurance companies, but, I agree, if need be, pay out-of-pocket.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-11-03:
Posted by Skye on 2007-11-03:
WALGREENS is the worst pharmacy to fill prescriptions at. They are way over priced. If you have a mom and pop pharmacy in your area, I would advise you to go to them for your medication needs.
Posted by killerklown on 2007-11-03:
This is a two way street also...with you being in such a serious situation, you should have also taken on the responsibility and called yourself to make sure whatever needed to be taken care of was taken care of. In your condition, they can excuse a little "nagging" on your part.
Posted by Ponie on 2007-11-04:
I'm in agreement with killerklown. How about followup on your part? Pharmacies get busy too.
Posted by Melis991 on 2007-11-12:
You are an understanding person, yes problems like this happen so much between the doctor and the pharmacies, i work at a walgreens and doctor's really do not respond to pharmacies. even though we sometimes literally stalk them by faxes and voicemails. Your complaint is legit, i hope u called corporate, you should have called and yelled at ur doctor a little bit also.
Posted by sasha1966 on 2007-11-13:
I am very sorry for what happened to you. The pharmacy should have definitely refunded your copay as it was a dispensing error. And they should have realized from the start that they didn't have the equipment or capability to compound the prescription. Many pharmacies will require at least 24 hours for any compound, even a simple one, because they have to arrange the time for someone to make it.

About the communication issues: This is not an excuse but an attempt at an explanation. Our pharmacy can process over 500 RXs per day. Our system can automatically FAX doctors and some days that number can be over 100. If you think about the number of FAXes each pharmacy processes and the number each MD processes you can see that even if 1% were "lost" that has a big impact. Technology is not perfect and neither are humans. We try our best to contact MDs by FAX and phone and try to reach customers if we can but it is impossible to call each customer everyday to let them know their MD did not call back.

The technology at pharmacies nowadays is amazing. We can FAX MDs, use E-prescribing (the most accurate kind), use automated phone systems to take orders and confirm RXs, some phone systems can call when RXs are ready and let you know if they are delayed, some can send you emails, automated dispensing systems can free up time for technicians and pharmacists to do other things. But they can't do everything and neither can humans.

A phone call to the pharmacy to see what's going on is never a bad thing. If you experience rude or inadequate customer service then you should contact the pharmacy and store manager and pssibly the district manager also.
Posted by swepps on 2008-09-29:
I work at a big chain pharmacy. I agree wholeheartedly that dispensing you a compounding kit was simply idiotic. They needed to give you your $ back.

But as far as communication goes, I am reminded of a conversation I had with a patient who was angry that they were not called and told the MD did not call us back with a refill authorization. I asked her, politely, how often she wanted such an update. Every day? Every hour? Point is, if you know you are out of refills, and we are requesting one on your behalf--a courtesy--if you do not hear from our automated system which notifies you withing 24 hours of completion, you script has not been filled. Also, you can call our touch-tone system, key in your Rx number, and find out it's status. If you are interested in a brand new script (refills auths fall into this category), you can key in your telephone number and know the status of said Rx. If you register on our Website, you can find out online in real time the status, and opt to receive emails the minute your scripts are completed. Yes, I said minute.

I've had to make 90 back-to-back phone calls to MDs. Those took almost four hours. We simply cannot call everyone, so we don't call anyone and instead set up an automated notification system that leaves a modicum of responsibility with patients.
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Not Everyone Is a Junkie
Posted by Shdowsng on 08/26/2013
ALCOA, TENNESSEE -- I have been filling prescriptions at the same Walgreens (Including a $2800 per month prescription) for better than 4 years. The SAME Walgreens every time. I have just recently had 2 knee surgeries and (understandably) am in some constant pain while the rehab process continues. I just tried to fill a low dose schedule 2 there and was turned away after being made to feel like I was trying to break the law in some way and in so many words. Needless to say, they will no longer be filling ANYTHING for me.
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Posted by John Nicholson on 2013-08-26:
You apparently got the wrong person taking the scripts. Go elsewhere with your business in any event.
Posted by cmthru on 2013-08-26:
Why was new script refused?
Posted by Chaparrita on 2013-08-26:
More info is needed here. Does it need a prior auth from the insurance? Was the script verified with the dr? Did they give you a reason?
Posted by olie on 2013-08-27:
2 "recent" surgeries? Same doctor, or different doctors?

Have you tried to fill the prescriptions "too close" to each other?

Your health insurance provider may be limiting your meds. It happens, even to those of us who also are not junkies.

You can thank the actual junkies for this, as well as the fact that we have to show ID to buy Sudafed. We can buy all the battery acid and drain cleaner we want, but heaven forbid we have 4 minors with colds/flu in the house and want to have an OTC med that actually works....

Posted by Aa1234 on 2013-08-27:
I know what yo mean, i am on a schedule 2 for ADHD. If I try to fill one before 30 days and pay cash I feel like I am being cross examined. If it is valid script then fill it
Posted by Nohandle on 2013-08-27:
I deal with a locally owned pharmacy but they almost all work the same now. They are held responsible for every drug that goes out their door. Some OTC drugs have gotten ridiculous. They are now behind the counter. Sometimes one family member will become ill and before long all family members are ill as well. A simple drug would do the trick but now nope you might want to go home and cook up a batch of whatever. You might be a long term customer of that pharmacy but they have to account for you as well.
Posted by wowiswowspelledbackwards on 2013-08-28:
Federal law states any narcotics, or schedule 2 medication can only be filled 2 days before the refill date now, no sooner. More then likely you were on 2 schedule 2's which is now a big no-no. Not only will the insurance company refuse to pay but the pharmacy will not fill it because of the liability of a drug interaction and the suspicion on drug shopping. Now please dont get me wrong..... I have SEVERE fibro. I completely understand the needs for meds. But we are in a new day and age and there is no more early refills and no more having a script for several different types of sleeping pills / pain medication. They make it so you get one brand, and that is it.
Posted by Anonymous on 2013-10-22:
This complaint does need a little more information. I can offer comments to other posts and about my own experiences though. First of all, due to the people who abuse schedule 2 narcotics or any drug for that matter, have made getting prescriptions and having prescriptions filled for pain meds, ADD,ADHD, mental disorders etc very difficult for those of us who actually need them! It is a shame. Doctors are reluctant to prescribe pain meds now, pharmacies make you feel like a criminal every time you pick up your medication. I have used the same pharmacy for over 20 years. When I had a terrible accident and fractured my neck among other things, I was put on pain medication. When I was diagnosed with a terminal illness the medication was increased and another added. The pharmacy techs started to make me feel like a criminal, a liar, ashamed, like a "junkie"! Until finally one day I had had enough! I asked myself why in the world would I let them make me feel like that? I knew I wasn't anything of the latter, and I knew it. I went to the pharmacy management and explained how once friendly people were now treating me rudely, saying things and doing things that were totally unacceptable. He apologized and asked me "who"? I said it didn't matter, but before I left I made sure that the ones who treated me horribly that were working that day knew exactly what my medical issues were. It was none of their business, but I hoped them knowing might make THEM feel ashamed and guilty. I hoped that maybe they wouldn't be so quick to judge the next person who needed pain medication! I also transferred mine, my husband's, and all of my children's medications to a privately owned pharmacy that day. My local pharmacy lost over $10,000 dollars that day, and we now drive 15 miles to get our medicine instead of 3, but we are much happier now. I don't dread going, I just go and they have never once made me feel badly. I was a nurse, so I know there are people who abuse the system, but I also know that there are people who don't. The abusers have made it difficult not just for us, but for the doctors who are watched closely by DEA if they prescribe too many schedule 2's, the pharmacies have to account for everything going out of their stores and deal with insurance companies. I will say that I had to use Walgreen's once because several closer pharmacies were completely out of stock of a medication. It's no wonder that Walgreen's had it. I have to say that the price was significantly higher, but I had no choice. Also, it is illegal to get the same pain medications from more than one doctor. Pain medicine contracts are now the norm. Patients who receive these medications must sign a contract stating that they will not do this, along with only filling them at the pharmacy put in the contract. If it is found out you have violated these things the doctors can and will and should cut you off. They also have to agree to random pill counts and random urine tests. These contracts will be required in every state. These people who "double dip" are the people who abuse the system, and make life a little more difficult for the rest of us. I don't have a problem with any requirements in the pain contracts. I just think It's a shame that it has come to this.
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