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MAIDEN, NORTH CAROLINA -- I had gone to the Walgreens in Maiden NC and went to the photo lab with some pictures of my brother that was killed in a motor cycle accident. I had meant to have the pictures done in my home town but forgot to. When I got to Lincolnton where the funeral was going to be held my sister asked me if I brought the photos of him. I said, "Oh no I forgot to get them copied." With the funeral being the next day I was a little apprehensive on how I was going to get this done.

I looked up Walgreens in the address of the closest Walgreens which was in Maiden NC. I took the pictures there and the photo tech working the counter asked if she could help me. When she looked at my photos she told me that she couldn't print three of them because they were professional. My first thought was I drove to this store and they aren't going to print them. I was upset and asked to speak to someone. ** called for her head photo which was on lunch and she came out. I explained what was going on and she looked at the photos and explained that I needed a copyright from the photographer. I said, "Look I can't get this right now."

She asked me to wait just a few minutes and she would try to contact the photographers. She told ** to go ahead and scan the photos that I had so that if she was able to contact them I wouldn't have to wait even longer. She returned about five minutes later and told me that I would have to sign a waiver for a baby picture of him that she could not contact the photographer for. I waited about five minutes for the photos which she processed herself. Asked if I needed frames for them which I would have forgotten even put the pictures in the frames for me.

The photos were even better than the originals. ** made my hectic day a little easier to cope with. I applaud this photo lab for first following companies (not trying to make the easy buck) and also giving me that little extra customer service I needed. I apologized for her having to come off her break and she told me that was what she was there for to help customers and co-workers when they need it...

Unhappy Customer
By -

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA -- Walgreens store: 3163. I went to this store in order to have some of my pictures restored and unfortunately came across a rude employee in the photo department. This is by far the worst display of customer service that I have experienced with Walgreens or any other store I have ever visited. I was using the self-service computer and had asked her what I needed to do next in order to progress with my order. She started by telling me that I needed to scan the pictures and rudely kept pointing to the machine as if I was somehow supposed to know exactly where the scanner was hidden.

I asked her to show me instead of just pointing and she just kept repeating "there, there." I then realized that there was a drawer underneath the computer and opened it to scan the pictures. She then condescendingly stated "there you go" and advised me that I obviously had to scan the pictures in order to get them into the computer. After I scanned the pictures she then stood next to me and started rudely telling me how to operate the machine by saying "do this and do that" without explaining anything or making sure it was the way I wanted it.

During this, there was another customer asking her to show her where an item was located and had asked her to get it for her as she seemed to have an issue that made it hard for her to get around. I was amazed how the employee told her that she would not get it for her and told that it was only a arm's reach away and that the customer could easily get it herself. After this customer asked again and she would not do it, I took it upon myself to get the item for the customer.

Then the employee came back to my machine and just started hitting buttons as if to quickly finish my order and rush me out of the store. I then advised her that I no longer wanted her help and eventually was able to get the order correctly into the machine myself. After I complained to her manager she told me that I didn't need to get upset about it and began telling me how the previous customer had been in the store for multiple hours and was just trying to be a nuisance, I told her that there was no excuse for treating someone the way she did. She then told me that I didn't know what she was going through or what kind of life she had as if to argue with me further.

I advised her that this was none of my business and that no matter what; the customer should always come first. She then told me that she always treats every customer the same and would not be changing her ways anytime soon. She also stated that she had been there for a long time and no matter what, she would be there for a long time to come.

I told her that I was amazed that Walgreens would keep someone for so long if that is how she treated all of her customers and asked for my claim check so I could leave. She proceeded to continue as if she had not heard me and after 5 minutes of this she finally gave me my claim check. I will never go to this Walgreens again.

I Guess My Store Is Weird but..
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Rating: 5/51

NORTH CAROLINA -- I'm not sure but I guess my store is weird. I love my job. Yeah there is ups and downs with management but they move them around so much it doesn't matter. At Walgreens I have an extra family, I work with my best friend and my boyfriend, both of which I met at WALGREENS! Well reunited sort of. But I felt that way before either of them worked there because everyone of the people I work/worked with I've held close to my heart.

At Walgreens I feel heard, if I suggest something they actually listen. I'm encouraged to work hard and praised for it. I've worked there for four years now and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I would recommend working at Walgreens (or at least mine) to anyone, and have! Have a great day, and be well.

Walgreens Lies About Passport Photos While You Wait...
By -

SUMMERVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA -- After work today I stopped at the neighborhood Walgreens to have a passport photo made as I am going to a country that requires a Visa. I work for the U.S. State Department. The young man who waited on me was a not very pleasant individual named **, who took my picture and told me a time that it would be ready. It was then 6:05 P.M. and he said it would be ready at 6:50 p.m., and he gave me a receipt to bring back which actually had 6:45 P.M. as the time.

When I returned at the appropriate time, he acted like he had never seen me, and I gave him my receipt and he did a quick search, then proceeded to tell me that someone had come in on line and requested about a hundred picture, and those were ahead of me and that my pictures would not be ready for at least another hour. I asked for the manager, and she was not concerned that Walgreens was losing a customer, so any of you State Department people who need passport photos, don't go to Walgreens because they don't care about customer service, and they are liars.

Refusing to Print My Photos
By -

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- Walgreens Location 410 W Cypress St. San Antonio, TX 78212. Don't Use Walgreens photo service if there is a female working the counter. She feels that she is the best judge on photos that you need written permission to print photos. (Probably lazy and trying to cut her work load.) They printed my photos before. (Same ones.) They may look professional but when the photographer is a friend and gives you the digital prints to do what you want. It's an insult to ask them to write a letter of permission. Liable? Why would they be liable for something I own. Going to CVS or HEB. They don't have a God complex.

Photo Looks Like a Professional
By -

BOISE, GEORGIA -- I had the worst experience at Walgreens. I went to get a picture developed and they would not let me have it because it "looked" professional. It was on my memory card! The stupid photo clerk called the manager who comes over and gives me some lecture about how the store would be closed if he let me have this picture etc. He was so rude! I kept telling him it was not professional etc. He claimed I got it off the Internet. When he found out that it was on my memory card, he said "OK you can have it." But, he continued to lecture me.

I told him that he upset me by accusing me of this and that they lost my business and he goes: "I hear that all the time, and you will have this happen wherever you go." So, they say: You tell 10 people about a bad experience and 3 about a good one. Oh, and the picture is ruined. I cannot even look at it anymore.

Shocked by Utterly Disturbing Private Photos
By -

HUNTINGTON PARK, CALIFORNIA -- So my boyfriend took our 2010 Halloween photos to get developed at Walgreens and when I popped in the CD to see the contents I was disturbingly shocked... it contained disturbing private photos of a pregnant woman (not giving birth, although the newborn was adorable) - they were obviously not mine. I really wish Walgreens could have done a better job with individual orders but now I'm scared with those images for life..

Complaint About 11 Palmetto Bay Walgreens 29928
By -

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I order photos online and receive a receipt that the photos are ready for pick up. When I go there they are not ready and I am told to resend them and make another trip. This is the third incident. Someone in management needs to find a solution.

25 Photos (Not) Free With Computer Printer Ink Cartridge Refill
By -

DALY CITY, CALIFORNIA -- On Friday, October 10, I had uploaded 25 images to the Walgreens photo website, and requested the prints be routed to my local Walgreens photo department. I presented the "free 25 photo with refill" coupon from a previous purchase. On Saturday, October 11th, I returned for my refilled ink cartridge and complementary photos. The clerk called the photo manager who stated that the images must be uploaded from a camera memory or photo CD in the store, only. Online images were (are) not allowed. I paid for my "free photos." Caveat Emptor.

They Lost My Wedding Photos!
By -

DICKINSON, TEXAS -- They lost my sister-in-law's wedding photos, actually. My husband took pictures and brought the film to the Walgreens by our home to get black and whites done. The photo technicians sent it off to a lab in Dallas via courier. Weeks went by and no pictures. Dallas did not have them. They said they had never received them. The little pimply eighteen year old photo manager says he sent them with the courier. The courier swears up and down he never got them from Walgreens. So who is responsible here for my sister-in-law's lost memories?

My husband blames himself for taking it to such an incompetent place with unqualified, ignorant people. We have never received an apology from the manager, but we did get offered two free rolls of film in lieu of the pictures. We declined. "Here, **, the only pictures of your special day are lost somewhere in the bowels of Walgreens, but we got you this nifty free film!" I am now a loyal customer of Eckerd.

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