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Unhappy Customer
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SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA -- Walgreens store: 3163
I went to this store in order to have some of my pictures restored and unfortunately came across a rude employee in the photo department. This is by far the worst display of customer service that I have experienced with Walgreens or any other store I have ever visited. I was using the self-service computer and had asked her what I needed to do next in order to progress with my order. She started by telling me that I needed to scan the pictures and rudely kept pointing to the machine as if I was somehow supposed to know exactly where the scanner was hidden. I asked her to show me instead of just pointing and she just kept repeating "there, there". I then realized that there was a drawer underneath the computer and opened it to scan the pictures. She then condescendingly stated "there you go" and advised me that I obviously had to scan the pictures in order to get them into the computer. After I scanned the pictures she then stood next to me and started rudely telling me how to operate the machine by saying "do this and do that" without explaining anything or making sure it was the way I wanted it. During this, there was another customer asking her to show her where an item was located and had asked her to get it for her as she seemed to have an issue that made it hard for her to get around. I was amazed how the employee told her that she would not get it for her and told that it was only a arms reach away and that the customer could easily get it herself. After this customer asked again and she would not do it, I took it upon myself to get the item for the customer. Then the employee came back to my machine and just started hitting buttons as if to quickly finish my order and rush me out of the store. I then advised her that I no longer wanted her help and eventually was able to get the order correctly into the machine myself. After I complained to her manager she told me that I didn't need to get upset about it and began telling me how the previous customer had been in the store for multiple hours and was just trying to be a nuisance, I told her that there was no excuse for treating someone the way she did. She than told me that I didn't know what she was going through or what kind of life she had as if to argue with me further. I advised her that this was none of my business and that no matter what; the customer should always come first. She than told me that she always treats every customer the same and would not be changing her ways anytime soon. She also stated that she had been there for a long time and no matter what, she would be there for a long time to come. I told her that I was amazed that Walgreens would keep someone for so long if that is how she treated all of her customers and asked for my claim check so I could leave. She proceeded to continue as if she had not heard me and after 5 minutes of this she finally gave me my claim check. I will never go to this Walgreens again.
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Anonymous on 01/10/2010:
Then you would have complained because she left you stranded at the machine while she was helping the other customer. If you don't know how to use a "SELF SERVICE" scanning machine, then you should have taken your pictures to a photo shop so someone could have done them FOR you.
ndrulez on 01/10/2010:
I'm speechless.. I feel like the Aflac duck after hearing Yogi Berra.
jktshff1 on 01/10/2010:
"I advised her that this was none of my business"
"I told her that there was no excuse for treating someone the way she did."
You are pretty much contradicting yourself.
Ytropious on 01/10/2010:
OP you make no sense and you have no idea. She is the PHOTO LAB person, meaning she must stay at the photo lab. If another customer asks for her help she is not supposed to leave. This is not rude, this is how every retail establishment works. You wanted help and gosh, she gave it to you by HELPING YOU USE THE MACHINE. I don't see a complaint here. You're misinterpreting her as rude. You have no idea what rude is. It's sad you want someone fired because they helped you and you felt the need to complain. How terrible of you! Learn that everyone is different, and she may not have been the bubbliest person in the world, she certainly needs to work like everyone else.

Also, go look up "Aspergers" syndrome. A lot of Aspies come off as rude but they certainly don't mean it. They are just natrually shy people, and that can conflict with people like the OP who think everyone needs to be bubbly and happy. I'm willing to be this is what happened here.
localgod on 01/11/2010:
"I advised her that this was none of my business and that no matter what; the customer should always come first." Lose that thought, you believe the customer should always come first, the reality of it is that everyone cannot come first. Cross-departmental training cannot apply the fluidity necessary in the modern retail environment, not to mention the amount of man-hours to facilitate such training. Instead of the "customer is always right" mantra, I subscribe to Henry Ford's enlightenment, "The customer can have it any color they want, as long as its black."
Anonymous on 01/11/2010:
You were using the self service machine. If you don't know how to work it, or read the instructions, then don't use it. Go to a normal lab and have them do it for you. YOU were the rude one. Nothing more needs to be said.

"I took it up on myself" And how fast would you sue if you got hurt butting your nose in?
PepperElf on 01/11/2010:
well it's a bit of wanting to keep your cake and eat it too

you wanted to use the self serve
but you wanted a lot of assistance
then you kept finding issues with the assistance

the other posters are right - perhaps you should use a full-service photo lab instead of a self-serve one
Yukiderawr on 01/30/2010:
I am sorry that she treated you that way. I work In a photo lab at the Walgreens I work at and I strive to do my best to help customers. The kiosks can be rather difficult to use so we are supposed to ask the customer if they need any help. I have had issues with rude customers when they can't figure out the machine. I just ignore the comments and try my best to help them. Unfotunelty not everyone is like that and not every Walgreens is like that. if you had a problem with her I would advise you to ask for a mangager and they will write her up for being rude to a customer. Trust me the head of photos at my store is rude and has been written up before.
studlyduddly on 01/31/2010:
I have had similar problems with this idiot of an organization. Mine problem was not related to the photo department, but I had to report them to the Better Business Bureau.
Anonymous on 01/31/2010:
I am with you Alley. People today are on such a power trip that to make themselves feel big they have to belittle others and try to get them fired for simply doing their job.
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I guess my store is weird but..
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Rating: 5/51
NORTH CAROLINA -- I'm not sure but I guess my store is weird. I love my job. Yeah there is ups and downs with management but they move them around so much it doesn't matter. At Walgreens I have an extra family, I work with my best friend and my boyfriend, both of which I met at WALGREENS! Well reunited sort of. But I felt that way before either of them worked there because everyone of the people I work/worked with I've held close to my heart. At Walgreens I feel heard, if I suggest something they actually listen. I'm encouraged to work hard and praised for it. I've worked there for four years now and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I would recommend working at Walgreens (or at least mine) to anyone, and have!
Have a great day, and be well
-E :)
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MAIDEN, NORTH CAROLINA -- I had gone to the Walgreens in Maiden Nc and went to the photo lab with some pictures of my brother that was killed in a motor cycle accident. I had ment to have the pictures done in my home town but forgot to when I got to Lincolton where the funeral was going to be held my sister asked me if I brought the photos of him. I said oh no I forgot to get them copied with the funeral being the next day I was alittle apprehensive on how I was going to get this done. I looked up Walgreen in the address of the closest Walgreens which was in Maiden Nc. I took the pictures there and the photo tech working the counter asked if she could help me. When she looked at my photos she told me that she couldn't print three of them because they were professional. My first thought was I drove to this store and they aren't going to print them. I was upaet and asked to speaak to someone. Heather called for her head photo which was on lunch and she came out I explained what was going on and she looked at the photos and explained that I needed a copyright from the photographer I said look I can't get this right now. She asked me to wait just a few minutes and she would try to contact the photographers. She told Heather to go ahead and scan the photos that I had so that if she was able to contact them I wouldn't have to wait even longer. She returned about five minutes later and told me that I would have t sign a waiver for a baby picture of him that she could not contact the photographer for. I waited about five minutes for the photos which she processed herself. Asked if I needed frames for them which I would have forgotten even put the pictures in the frames for me. The photos were even better than the originals. Carolyn made my hectic day alittle easier to cope with. I applaude this photo lab for first following companies (not trying to make the easy buck) and also giving me that little extra contomer service I needed. I appologised for her having to come off her break and she told me that was what she was there for to help customers and co-workers when they need it...
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spiderman2 on 05/16/2010:
I am very sorry for your loss. I am glad Walgreens was able to help you in your time of need.
Anonymous on 05/16/2010:
That's what I call service!! I am sorry for your loss but really glad that Walgreens came through for you.
Skye on 05/16/2010:
So very sorry for your loss. It's good to know that Walgreens was helpful, during such a stressful time in your life.
raven2010 on 05/16/2010:
I am sorry for your loss. How wonderful of Walgreens to look past 'poalicy" and "procedure" and simply do what ws right.
Anonymous on 05/16/2010:
Walgreen's cares. Cool concept. I am so sorry about your brother.
Sheriffs Uncle on 05/16/2010:
Still a lot of good people around. That's what it boils down to.
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Walgreens lies about passport photos while you wait......
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SUMMERVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA -- After work today I stopped at the neighborhood Walgreens to have a passport photo made as I am going to a country that requires a Visa. I work for the U.S. State Department. The young man who waited on me was a not very pleasant individual named Corey, who took my picture and told me a time that it would be ready. It was then 6:05 P.M. and he said it would be ready at 6:50 p. m., and he gave me a receipt to bring back which actually had 6:45 P.M. as the time. When I returned at the appropriate time, he acted like he had never seen me, and I gave him my receipt, and he did a quick search, then proceeded to tell me that someone had come in on line and requested about a hundred picture, and those were ahead of me and that my pictures would not be ready for at least another hour. I asked for the manager, and she was not concerned that Walgreens was losing a customer, so any of you State Department people who need passport photos, don't go to Walgreens, because they don't care about customer service, and they are liars.
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Skye on 01/25/2010:
What did the manager say to you?? I think they are wrong for pushing yourpassport photo to the side, but I'm just curious what went on with the manager.

dan gordon on 01/25/2010:
office depot takes them with Polaroid and they are available in 2 minutes. Surprised Walgreens would print an actual photo.
Starlord on 01/26/2010:
I agree, passport photos take just a few minutes. It sounded to me as if you were there first. The difference between 6:50 and 6:45 isn't even worth worrying about, it is not a deal breaker.
PepperElf on 01/26/2010:
there IS one factor however ....

the OP might not have physically seen any customers in before her, however I just checked online and... Walgreens does have online ordering for photos.

it could be very possible that the other order actually came in first. I'm not sure if the printing is automatic or not from the online service.

also was there more than one person working there? if yes, that would also explain why he didn't know about the other order.
Vicky-pyon on 02/13/2010:
I don't work at photo, but one of the photo people @ the Walgreens I work at says she never gives special treatments. She says that it is always a first-come first-served basis... and it's only fair. I mean.. it may be true that you just went for only one photo and that it could have taken only 2 minutes minutes to print, but they might have already had a long list of orders to begin with... and not just because you have one order they'll skip all of those for you. I don't know if he might have been able to notify you before-hand of the long list of orders... and perhaps he miscalculated the time, I don't think I have an excuse for that. However, Photo doesn't necessarily have a '10 items or less' line... and you wouldn't appreciate your orders to be put off just because other customers ordered less items than you.
josiahdham on 02/16/2010:
This actually really surprises me. I work at Walgreens as a SIMS coordinator and I used to be a Photo Tech and really it takes 3 minutes to do a Passport. That was the individual person/store not the company.
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Refusing to print my photos
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SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- Walgreen's Location 410 W Cypress St. San Antonio, TX 78212
Don't Use Walgreen's photo service if there is a female working the counter. She feels that she is the best judge on photos that you need written permission to print photos. (probably lazy and trying to cut her work load.) They printed my photos before. (Same ones.) They may look professional but when the photographer is a friend and gives you the digital prints to do what you want. It's an insult to ask them to write a letter of permission. Liable? Why would they be liable for something I own. Going to CVS or HEB. They don't have a God complex.
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Venice09 on 06/12/2010:
If your friend is a professional photographer, then he/she should know you need permission to print photos. How is a Walgreens employee supposed to know that your friend gave you the prints to do what you want? They can't just take your word for it.
Anonymous on 06/12/2010:
Just get the letter of permission.
Anonymous on 06/12/2010:
Perhaps, and just perhaps, the God complex is the other way around?
Ytropious on 06/12/2010:
Oh that's nice, you're sexist. Did you happen to know that if you do not own the rights to the photo, you can not copy it? It's all about copyright law. Even if you have wedding photos taken by a pro, unless he signs over rights to you (usually for a fee but commonly offered) you can't even reprint your own wedding photos. Sorry, but your friend should have known that. Why in the world you have to drag the fact that it was a woman behind the counter is beyond me.
dan gordon on 06/12/2010:
that happened to me at Sams Club as well. They get in trouble for coypying copyrighted material so some stores are more cautious than others.
Hugh_Jorgen on 06/12/2010:
Dan is right - a lot of these photo labs are drilling this into their employees - when in doubt, refuse to print them. It's not worth the 12 cents they make on a digital print for the potential liability.
PepperElf on 06/12/2010:
it sounds like your friend had a copy-write embedded into the file perhaps - and that is indeed possible to do.

If your friend has given you permission to print these, I would recommend having him send you a signed letter stating that you indeed have permission to have the photos printed. Or have him do it himself.

If the store prints copy-written material they can be libel to very large fines - and just saying "well my friend said I could do it" does not provide the legal proof required.
Anonymous on 06/12/2010:
I download mine onto my computer, and print them out on glossy photo paper using my HPPhotosmart printer. Comes out looking just like the ones hanging on the walls. Expensive print paper, so be careful to get it right. Plus, uses oodles of color and shortens the color ink cartridge's lifespan. But there are other options. This is just one of them.
Anonymous on 06/12/2010:
J4A, I haven't printed out pictures in years. I don't even have an inkjet printer anymore, just a laserjet (can anyone say OLD SCHOOL? by the way, that thing is a TANK).

Yeah, I'd have to use snapfish or go somewhere if I want hard copies of photos.

PepperElf on 06/12/2010:
hey I won't knock the laserjet printers. that's what we had at work
and they're known to last

now personally I don't need hard copies often.
the last time I did, I used the printer in the back of the classroom at college ... well the photography classroom ;)

for ordering special prints though sis's family uses shutterfly
and I think apple has services too.
chrisann on 06/29/2010:
If your friend is a photographer, they know plenty about copyright laws and release forms. Whether or not your friend is allowing you to do whatever you want with them, you still have to prove that you technically own the rights to the photos you are printing. Walgreens has policies that must be followed, though some employees know more than others--owning up to the fact that "they printed my photos before"--that employee probably didn't care to enforce Walgreens policies.
walgreens lady on 07/14/2010:
We always want to print more.
More print more money we get Paid
Walgreen's is no exception to the law
It is Federal Copyright Law If A photograph even looks professional we are To assume it is the risk is to great for us to take a chance
We cannot even print a copy of the original photograph
The copyright law goes 75-100 years back so even if the picture was taken in 1960 etc we cannot copy it.

If Walgreen's were to get sued they would have not hard evidence to back them up that's why we need the release form from the photographer
we cannot go to court on hear say we will lose and end up paying the lawsuit and federal fines. The Photo specialist will loose her job.

I have to say that if the employee printed them I would not say they dint care for the policy maybe they just did not catch it sometimes when it gets really busy they did not have time to look through all photos especially if you have a customer printing 500 prints for example

Peggy Rose on 02/19/2013:
I'M sorry but the copyright laws are fuzzy on old wedding pictures. I'm talking about photos that are 65 years and impossible to track the photographer. Walgreens' employees including managers, have a knee jerk reaction to duplicating them. I just went to a second Walgreens where I had no problem at all. After all I wasn't selling them!
Head photo Specialists on 08/13/2013:
It is a "Federal Law" the copyright issue.
We follow it because we don't want to get fired and fined, because Walgreen's audited by the government won't stay behind us!
It's been a law for over 30 years! So get your friend to give you a a permission form.
Would you like it if someone copied your stuff as photographer. Because this is how you make you living.
Read the form. If its a special circumstance like a death and you need to enlarge a professional picture, some of us will do it under that part of the law.
I had a grandpa that lost his granddaughter and he just wanted the little school picture enlarged to a 5x7 so he could look at it better. He was losing his site and it had been 20 years since her death. I did it. Had him sign off on it for that reason. That made me feel so good.
People come in from getting their photos at Walmart professionals and want more at our sale prices. It even says on the back of the paper that it is professional and copyrighted and they will lie about it!!
Some days I just hate dealing with these people!!!
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Shocked by utterly disturbing private photos
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HUNTINGTON PARK, CALIFORNIA -- So my boyfriend took our 2010 Halloween photos to get developed at Walgreens and when I poped in the CD to see the contents I was disturbingly shocked...it contained disturbing private photos of a pregnant woman (not giving birth, although the newborn was adorable)they were odviously not mine. I really wish Walgreens could have done a better job with individual orders but now I'm scared with those images for life ..
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Anonymous on 11/01/2010:
ript - it says she was NOT giving birth. I can't imagine that they were too awful or else they would not have taken them to Walgreens.
Anonymous on 11/01/2010:
I got that incrediblee, but she did see pics of the newborn, and the pregnant woman.
Anonymous on 11/01/2010:
I just figured they were on the same roll. I would have hit my hubby with a skillet if he had that stuff at the drugstore.
Anonymous on 11/01/2010:
That's one of the great things about digital cameras, they eliminate the need for anyone else to see or handle them, you can print,edit, resize, etc. on your own.
Skye on 11/01/2010:
Did you return the disturbing, private photo's back to Walgreens? I hope you were able to retrieve your OWN photo's, and that Walgreens, gets the photo's the images that have scarred you for life, back to their rightful owners.
Venice09 on 11/02/2010:
Not that it matters, but if the pregnant woman wasn't giving birth then how did you see the newborn?

If you stopped looking immediately when you knew the pictures weren't yours, I can't imagine you being that traumatized. Did you immediately stop looking?

I agree that Walgreens should be more careful.
jktshff1 on 11/02/2010:
I'm with V09 and rip...the pictures on the disc you received are someone's cherished memories, I hope you returned them.
Anonymous on 11/02/2010:
Venice, I saw a newborn the other day. A lady brought the baby into the store. Couldn't have been more than a week or 2 old. I think it's safe to say that while I didn't see her giving birth, I did see the newborn baby.
Slimjim on 11/02/2010:
I agree with Venice. Why even look at other people's private pictures once you knew they weren't yours? Did you return them and get your own CD when all was said and done?
Venice09 on 11/02/2010:
I know I'm a stickler for words, jabooty, so to me this meant that the OP saw THE newborn:

"it contained disturbing private photos of a pregnant woman (not giving birth, although the newborn was adorable)"

Perhaps the OP should have said "although newborns are adorable".

I was honestly confused by the OP's review.
Sheldonrs on 11/03/2010:
What kind of scars can you get from pictures of a pregnant woman and a baby?
janyukes on 11/05/2010:
well when I poped in the CD I first saw pictures of a new born baby. then as I was scrolling done [which I scrolled down pretty quick avoding all other pics knowing they didn't apply to me but wanted to see how long the roll of pictures were...really didn't expect anything less of a baby album]but then glimpsed the preg woman nude n then of her posed on a bed n then a close up of a mans face [more than likely her man] between her legs.....doing stuff...all this was glimpsed in like 2 seconds and felt great shame for hours because its not somethihng I ever wanted to ever see. by the way I'm not a big fan of porn so I actually feel shame for that kind of stuff. I greatly respect peoples private moments and understand that women like to do "stuff" for their man...takes one to know one ^_^ but I would never want something like that at risk to be in the hands of perves how would have the odausity to publish on the net I hope I'm the only one who has this because I'm going to return it tomarrow since its my day off and yea if people are going to photo those kind of private moments a Digital cam is a must! I forgot mine at the time so had to inprovise with $10 at walmart across the street hahaha. thank you all for the comments and advice ;]
Read this article if u want to know how efed up some walgreen employees could be:

Venice09 on 11/05/2010:
Janyukes, I'm not sure why you scrolled down or why you needed to know how long the roll was, but your reaction to the pictures is understandable. I don't particularly like seeing strangers doing private things either. Film like that should be developed at home because, as you said, in the wrong hands it could be a disaster.
jktshff1 on 11/05/2010:
Thanks for the update. Makes a little more sense now.
PepperElf on 11/05/2010:
Yes it was wrong that they mixed up the CDs. But as for the content... What other people chose to photograph is their OWN BUSINESS.

You knew these weren't your photos but you kept scrolling down to look. Technically you had no right to keep on looking. It doesn't matter that you wanted to see their baby - the photos weren't yours to look at.

The only people I feel bad for are the people who took those photos. They didn't deserve having their CD given to a stranger. Nor did they deserve to have someone purposefully pawing through the images just to be nosy.
janyukes on 11/07/2010:
well I guess u can say I should have stoped but I was hoping to see mine somewhere in there. I knew from the beginning that they weren't mine but I had to know if there was a possibility that my pictures could be in there at least somewhere at the end.
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Complaint about 11 Palmetto Bay Walgreens 29928
Posted by on
HILTON HEAD ISLAND, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I order photos online and receive a receipt that the photos are ready for pick up. When I go there they are not ready and I am told to resend them and make another trip. This is the third incident. Someone in management needs to find a solution.
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bcd on 01/03/2010:
“This is the third incident. Someone in management needs to find a solution.”

The solution is: don’t get suckered a fourth time.
Zappo on 01/16/2010:
I have had a ton of problems with Walgreens, be it the pharmacy, the store, photos, the corporate office, or medical equipment they distribute. They are INCOMPOTENT in EVERYWAY. I suggest contacting the Better Business Bureau, since they HAVE TO REPLY in 30 days to the complaint.
Zappo on 01/16/2010:
PS -- I no longer patronize this USELESS company.
Yukiderawr on 01/30/2010:
You have to understand that sometimes technology fails not just people. If there computer does not receive information that an order has come in then there is nothing that the photo tech can do about it. The photo tech will receive a phone call when an internet order comes in. So it could be a problem with there computers or yours. I am not sure but if the photo tech does not receive an order then they really can not do anything about it.
Anonymous on 01/30/2010:
Zappo, the BBB is not a legal entity and any company can and sometimes they do just blow them off. And no company HAS to respond at all.
jktshff1 on 01/30/2010:
Lady, I agree, but they are a legal business...it's just that they can't do anything more than post the complaints. They have no legal standing to enforce anything. You do just as well posting your complaint here.
Anonymous on 01/30/2010:
Thanks jk. That is what I meant. :)
walgreens lady on 07/14/2010:
LIKE YUKIDERAWR SAYS "You have to understand that sometimes technology fails not just people. If there computer does not receive information that an order has come in then there is nothing that the photo tech can do about it. The photo tech will receive a phone call when an internet order comes in. So it could be a problem with there computers or yours. I am not sure but if the photo tech does not receive an order then they really can not do anything about it."
contact the tech support online.
sophie'smom123 on 02/04/2011:
When you submit a photo order on line, the order does not go directly to Walgreens. It first goes to an order processing center that has internet capabilities, then sent to Walgreens. Walgreens only has intra-net. Walgreens are connected to each other but not to the outside. If you have registered with your e-mail address you will get an e-mail confirmation letting you know that your order has been received and another one telling you your order is ready. And don't expect to get your photos in just the time it takes you to drive to the store. It takes time to download and then print.
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25 photos (not) free with computer printer ink cartridge refill
Posted by on
DALY CITY, CALIFORNIA -- On Friday, October 10, I had uploaded 25 images to the Walgreen's photo website, and requested the prints be routed to my local Walgreen's photo department. I presented the "free 25 photo with refill" coupon from a previous purchase. On Saturday, October 11th, I returned for my refilled ink cartridge and complementary photos. The clerk called the photo manager who stated that the images must be uploaded from a camera memory or photo CD in the store, only. Online images were(are) not allowed. I paid for my "free photos."

Caveat Emptor
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thensider on 10/11/2008:
Did you look at the coupon before you presented it? If it didn't specify, I probably would have pushed the issue.
Chris27 on 09/18/2009:
Man, most of the coupons are for instore only. But like insider said, if it didn't specify you should have said something.
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Photo looks like a professional
Posted by on

I had the worst experience at Walgreens. I went to get a picture developed and they would not let me have it because it "looked" professional. It was on my memory card! The stupid photo clerk called the manager who comes over and gives me some lecture about how the store would be closed if he let me have this picture etc. He was so rude! I kept telling him it was not professional etc. He claimed I got it off the Internet. When he found out that it was on my memory card, he said OK you can have it. But, he continued to lecture me. I told him that he upset me by accusing me of this and that they lost my business and he goes:" I hear that all the time, and you will have this happen wherever you go". So, they say: You tell 10 people about a bad experience and 3 about a good one. Oh, and the picture is ruined. I cannot even look at it anymore.

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MRM on 06/02/2007:
Just curious: What was on the memory card? I have never heard of a photo lab refusing service because the photo looks professional. Walgreen should process the photo, no questions ask. Again, I like to know what was on the memory card.
*Brenda* on 06/02/2007:
Even if it is on your memory card it still could be a professional picture scanned or from a website.

What people don't understand is with copyright laws it doesn't have to SAY copyright on the photo. Stores still can get nailed, even if the photos aren't marked. I worked in a copy center for 4 years and had extensive training on this.

Of course, we had release forms that you could fill out that would indemnify the copy store and the copier where you could sign saying it was your photo. I guess Walgreen's doesn't have these or had problems in the past.

Sounds to me, if the manager was rude, he was just responding to your attitude. You don't sound too polite, saying "the stupid photo clerk" when she/he was just doing their JOB.
DebtorBasher on 06/02/2007:
The best thing to do would be to invest a little money in a printer that prints pics from those memory sticks and print your own pics. After all, that's all they do with them and they charge more for the little bit of time it takes to print. You would save yourself money and save yourself from experiences like that again...not to mention, the more people who print their own pics, the less business they would get.
Anonymous on 06/02/2007:
If you have a Costco upload your pic's -via- their web site and pick them up in an hour. Trust me Costco couldn't care less about the pic they are moving so fast.
ejack053824 on 06/02/2007:
Basher is 100% correct.
Anonymous on 06/02/2007:
No DB is not, you can't get the pro-grade print (at home) at the PRICE they can print at a DISCOUNT place like SAM's. If you were lucky enough to shoot an amateur photo that convinces a clerk to set off the copyright bell, take it as a compliment! You got to remember you're dealing with low wage "technicians" here. Ask for the manager, show them your chip, get in their face and tell them to make it right. You have to stand up for yourself a bit here.
Anonymous on 06/03/2007:
I too think Basher is 100% correct.
*Brenda* on 06/03/2007:
petal, she's being a drama queen and means every time she looks at the picture she remembers the mean mean manager.
jktshff1 on 06/03/2007:
Good advise Debtorbasher.
you would think with a good camera, memory card, and apparently a computer she would have printed it herself. As for the quality, the photo paper available now, along with the photo printers, do as good a job and any walgreen's I've seen.
Starlord on 06/03/2007:
I was taking a mail course in police science, and was at the point where the lesson was setting up a 'crime scene' and photographing it with a disposable camera they sent. In addition to that, I took a roll of 35mm B/W and put a tag on the package when I sent it for processing that this was a simulated crime scene for an educational project. Apparently, the tag got separated. A technician at the lab pulled the film to check on the process, and ended up with several Phoenix PD and Arizona DPS officers, and the store where I had left the film was called. Really caused a stir. ROFLMAO
shawnp80 on 06/03/2007:
I think Pirate is 100% wrong.
DebtorBasher on 06/04/2007:
Pirate, if the posted did their own photos, they would also have the option to "edit" the photo before they print it. It doesn't take a professional to print professional pics these days. Of course it would depend on the program and photo paper you use. But, if you make a mistake, you can do it over, that's how you learn. You can correct your own mistakes without having to pay for those mistakes as you would by taking them in to be printed. We are talking about Printing photos, not developing film. Pirate is 100% wrong on this one therefore will be stripped of his one and only star!
msmass68 on 08/25/2007:
If a picture looks professional it most likely is. People always try to send pics through the internet to the store. Of course you get lovely school pics, senior pics, cruise photos. These are copyrighted and can not be printed. Whether you bought them or not they are owned by the photographer and have at least a 75yr copyright. If they weren't professional you should have asked for a copyright waiver they can print them for you and fill it out. It takes all liablitly away from Walgreens. These retail stores with photo labs can be fined millions of dollars. Google it ...its true
phototech on 09/08/2007:
I just want you all to know I worked at Walgreens for a lot of years and it doesn't matter if it is prof. or not we have the right to refuse to print anything we don't want to. Also it is a $750,000 fine and up to seven years in the federal pen PER IMAGE to both you as the customer who bought it and us the person who printed it. Why would we risk that so you can have your picture?! We have families and lives and for all you people to not take notice to that and see we are just covering our asses that's BS! Don't cause I sense at our counter because you are tryin to break the law. our places of work DO NOT back us on that, it is a PERSONAL fine WE have to pay on our own. So for your picture it could cost us $750,000 and 7 yrs in prison AND our JOB! IF other places are doing this they shouldn't be! and if you print them at home you think that makes it all better and you aren't breakin the law anymore?????? Yea think again it doesn't matter how where and why if you don't have a release and it is not 75 years since it was taken you broke the law. Not only is it our job you put on the line its money you take from the person who took that photo. And your at home printers aren't all that great any picture that goes through chemicals will last longer and have better colors. These are you memories why not get them done right? and if you compare the price of paper and ink for at home to sams or walmart it does cost more to print at home... Also if you crop your picture wrong or don't like the color or its to dark or whatever maybe try asking us in a nice way if we could fix it..how hard is it? Cause we can do more on our computers than you can on the machine never thought of that did ya? a little kindness gets you a long way....And don't bash us we get paid good money and most of us like what we do. I work for another place now and I love my job and I am damn good at it. And for the record Costco is more than Sams
JasonJD on 12/19/2007:
Retailers are getting nailed by the Professional Photographers Association of America on a regular basis and so corporate offices are threatening jobs at the store levels. A photo being on a memory card does not mean it was taken with your camera, I can save a copy of any photo online onto a memory card easily, they were doing their job, you owe that photo clerk an apology for calling him stupid because he didn't want to get fired for letting you have your way.
i_am_here_200 on 08/10/2009:
First of all, printing pictures from your home computer is nowhere near the quality you get from somewhere who develops those pictures on paper using chemicals and such. If you had googled the copyright laws before you posted this rant you might have noticed the hefty fine you can get and the jail time you can receive for printing pictures is a substantial amount and lately the PPA has been cracking down on this. The tech was simply trying to keep his job and the fine off of him and the store. If you are upset and not listening it can get aggravating, I've worked in retail and I hate when people would get an attitude with me for something that was beyond my control. Next time simply ask for a waiver that makes you liable for the fine, and take the fact that they thought you took a proffessional photo as a compliment!
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They lost my wedding photos!
Posted by on
DICKINSON, TEXAS -- They lost my sister-in-law's wedding photos, actually. My husband took pictures and brought the film to the Walgreens by our home to get black and whites done. The photo technicians sent it off to a lab in Dallas via courier. Weeks went by and no pictures. Dallas did not have them. They said they had never received them. The little pimply eighteen year old photo manager says he sent them with the courier. They courier swears up and down he never got them from Walgreens. So who is responsible here for my sister-in-law's lost memories? My husband blames himself for taking it to such an incompetent place with unqualified, ignorant people. We have never received an apology from the manager, but we did get offered two free rolls of film in lieu of the pictures. We declined. "Here, Dina, the only pictures of your special day are lost somewhere in the bowels of Walgreens, but we got you this nifty free film!" I am now a loyal customer of Eckerds.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 11/10/2003:
when I worked at a "major grocery store" we would mix peoples photos up on purpose and throw them in the trash. its a great life being a unresponsible teenager. o well your loss. :P
Anonymous on 11/10/2003:
Your sister-in-law should have hired a professional photographer instead of your idiot husband.
Anonymous on 11/13/2003:
Not to scare you or anything, but sometimes photos like that are used on the internet along with pornography. They cut off your head and place it on someone elses body, then post it on the internet.
Anonymous on 12/02/2003:
First of all, who the hell are you calling somebody an idiot! You have no right first of all because your poor ass couldn't hire a professional! Walgreens is the best drug store around and we always make it a point to make the customer happy! You may not have received your photos but I am willing to bet you anything that the employee who took care of you did what he was supposed to. By the way there is no lab in Texas they are in st louis and Mississippi so next time get ONE HOUR so they do not leave the store and you can take your unhappy ass to Eckards because I am sure they will kill you by mixing prescriptions instead of photos.
Buknekid_1 on 02/07/2004:
A wedding is one of the most important events of a person's life. What kind of dunce would trust pictures that important to a place like Walgreens? Or any other drug or discount store for that matter. And it sounds like you are talking about ONE roll of film. Were you too cheap to shoot two or three rolls on the event of a lifetime? At least you would have gotten some of them back.
BuzzKiller on 12/14/2004:
You are a moron for having Walgreens handle something as important as wedding pics. Next time, why don't you just go complete white trash and use Polaroids.
Photogirl on 12/14/2006:
Hmm that's funny because I do wedding pictures all the time in my lab......It depends on what store you go to.
Walgreens_Employee on 10/22/2009:
I've never heard of sending a roll of film to an off-site lab. All of our rolls of film are done within the store. You suck!
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