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Never going back
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Rating: 1/51
JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA --  I went to Walgreens yesterday with my daughter to get 2 items: toothpaste and Afrin nasal spray. Toothpaste was no problem. A couple of weeks ago a Walgreens Coupon printed out with my receipt for the Afrin for $5! And I saw that the March Walgreens coupon booklet had $1 off any Afrin. Now, neither Q had any restrictions, except the size which said 0.5 oz. So I got the cheapest Afrin at $6.74, but the register wouldn't take either of the Afrin Qs. The manager that came up was crazy! He began the conversation by yelling at me that he wasn't sure about the origin of this coupon and that he would try it one more time and then "that is it for you!" then he changed his mind because he said that he couldn't tell if it was from Walgreens or not. During this rant, the other employees were trying to interrupt him to tell him that it DID say Walgreens, but he talked over them and me until I finally leaned over the counter and pointed at the LARGE Walgreens logo on the Q and said "Wal-greens." Instead of acknowledging me, he said, "This coupon is too short, it doesn't look like ours. I can't take it because it's too short." I will admit it was short, but only because half of it had been an ad with a dotted line to cut it. The dotted line was still visible and obvious. Mr. Johnson would not let me speak, he was loud and rude and spoke to me with obvious disgust. So at this point, he picks up my coupons and my merchandise and walks away. He said nothing to me, but shouts back to his employee, "Take the next customer!" then disappears around the corner. The cashier and I both look at each other, dumbfounded, until I said I would just wait near the photo area until he came back. When he returned, he had gotten a different Afrin (no-drip) to see if it would work because that was in the picture on the store coupon. Now let me mention that this was NOT the actual product in the picture, but another Afrin product that was no-drip. The coupon scanned for this product just fine, so he angrily begins to tell me that had I just gotten what the coupon was intended for, we wouldn't be having this problem. (Now, I want to take this moment to say that at this point in the conversation, I had barely been allowed to speak.) I said in response to him that I didn't see anywhere on either coupon that said it had to be for a No-Drip product. He said it said it was in the picture. I said that the product he had scanned wasn't in the picture either, and how are customers supposed to know what the store coupons are for? Just keep trying till something sticks? Then I said, "Nevermind, I don't want it, give me my coupon back." At this point he looks at me and snarls, "I don't know which one you want back." and THROWS my coupons down at me. So I pick them up, take the $5 Afrin q and give back the others. He rings up my purchase, and is VISIBLY angered when a $3 Register Reward prints out. As he hands me the receipt, I told him that I will be calling corporate about this, and that I wanted to be clear that I am not calling about the coupons not working, but about his attitude problem. Needless to say, this is the last straw with Walgreens. The employees are never nice, just tolerable. And this is the third time that I have had an extremely rude manager at this location, although this particular experience takes the cake! I will NEVER go back here.
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User Replies:
Skye on 03/09/2012:
I gave up on Walgreens years ago.

You are doing the right thing, by not giving them your money any longer. And yes, contacting corporate is the right thing to do, because they need to know how your last visit went.
andbran on 03/09/2012:
the Walgreens I go to the employees are very respectful. what the manager did to you was very out of line. I would definitely be giving corporate a call.
CowboyFan on 03/09/2012:
There has to be a district manager over the Walgreen stores in the area. Find his name and address. I would write to corporate headquarters complaining about the manager's conduct, but I would put a paragraph in my letter that the store manager's behavior clearly shows that he is not being properly supervised or instructed by the district manager. If the district manager was doing his job, the store manager would not have acted this way. Then ask that a copy of your letter be put in the personnel file of both the store manager and the district manager.

While the original goes to corporate, send a copy of the letter to the district manager. Although corporate headquarters may not care much, the district manager will not want to be criticized and he will certainly take some action.
Venice09 on 03/10/2012:
Do you know what I would have done with that Afrin?.. You have the patience of a saint. Imagine working for that clown?
raven2010 on 03/10/2012:
oh wow. This guy should not be working with the public.
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Horrible Customer Experience
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QUEEN CREEK, ARIZONA -- Today my husband went to Walgreens to pick me up some Advil PM He called me when he got to Walgreens to make sure he got the right Advil. I had asked him to make sure it was the one with the Register Rewards In this weeks ad. He was on the phone with me and went to the register to ask the cashier if it was the correct one. The cashier name Nelson said there is the ads for my husband to look it up himself and that knowing the ads isn't part of his job description. In addition he proceeded to tell him that him working there is not a career for him, basically showing he didn't care about this job. I was appalled to hear the conversation first hand. My husband then paid with this disrespectful employee because there was no other cashier available. Then while standing waiting for a manager to come the cashier said to my husband "why are you staring at me for"? In a really combative type of way. My husband responded that he was just waiting for the manager and for him to not become defensive. Finally the manager came and his name was Brandon (claimed to be the Stores general manager) yet he was very unprofessional and also combative. My husband explained the situation to the manager and he stayed quiet while he asked if this was acceptable to treat a customer. The manager said No but then told my husband that all he can do is check the tapes. The manager was basically implying that my husband was lying about the situation. He left and came back to my husband with an even more of a nonchalant attitude and said he watched the tapes and all he can do is address it with the cashier. He then told my husband that he isn't going to scold him in front of him. My husband then said he wasn't asking for that just wanted the situation handled. While the manager was speaking to my husband I could hear the cashier Nelson yelling and telling the manager and my husband to talk about how my husband was staring at him? I cannot believe that all this ordeal over asking a question about an ad for Advil. I read all over that your company prides themselves in customer service and yet this experience proves otherwise. I am appalled that you allow this cashier (employee) and manager to represent your company. The manager was beyond unprofessional and made it seem like he had to make sure my husband wasn't lying and at no point while there did he tell his employee to stay out of the conversation. It was as if the employee was telling the manager what it was going to be in regards to this situation. If this is the type of management that you have then shame on you for claiming customer service as being your main focus. It is clear that this manager Brandon and employee Nelson are not the core of your company but they do represent the face of Walgreens and with that being said its a shame. When my husband told Brandon that he goes there all the time his response was "I've never seen you here before"! My husband being a finance manager himself who deals with customers said even if this is the first visit is this what you want me to experience as a customer. I live around the corner and I fill my prescriptions here all the time you can look me up in your system if you don't believe me. Regardless of that why should a manager or company care if this is your first of fiftieth visit?

Needless to say my husband left with a bad experience all around and when asked for whom Brandon reported to he was given the answer if he has an issue he can call #1-800-Walgreens. So basically your employees and managers can treat people with utter disrespect and there is no one to complain to about it. This is my areas Walgreens and we live less than a mile away and could very well go to Walmart and with experiences like this we just might ! Especially when we have to prove we are frequent customers to get even the slightest bit of respect. I hope someone watches and listens to the tape to see the lack of customer service.
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User Replies:
A1Citizen on 01/26/2012:
Call the 1-800 number and complain. It's obvious they were unable or unwilling to deal with this situation at the store level.
Dynamo011 on 01/27/2012:
Sounds like a bad store. I for one love shopping Walgreen's but like any retailer, they have their problem stores (and problem employees). Is your local CVS any better?
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Won't Admit They Shorted Me Pills
Posted by on
GILBERT, ARIZONA -- The regulars on this site know that I've been experiencing a lot of pain the last 2 weeks. I rely on prescription pain pills to help deal with the pain. My doctor currently has me on Norcos.

Last Wednesday, my doctor wrote me another prescription for Norcos. My previous fill was for 30 pills. He upped the dosage to 50 pills. I take on average 4 pills a day: 2 in the morning and 2 at night. If I am in extreme pain, I take 1 or 2 extra pills during the day. But I never exceed 6 pills a day.

Today, I was shocked to see I only had 6 pills left. I did the math in my head, and I should have half my pills left. The only thing I could think of is that Walgreens mistakenly gave me 30 pills instead of 50. Since my previous fill was for 30, I could see how a mistake like that could be made. There's no way I took 44 pills in 6 days. That's at least 7 pills a day, and I know I have never taken that many in one day.

I went down to Walgreens to ask the Pharmacist if it's possible they made a mistake. She got very defensive and said that they gave me 50. She said someone who lives with me probably took my pills. I know that's impossible, because I spend all day in bed, with my prescription bottle on the dresser next to me. The Pharmacist refused to help me and said she was really busy and that I need to investigate what happened.

I know nobody took my pills and I know how many I take in a day. They shorted me pills and refuse to acknowledge their mistake. Luckily, I have one more re-fill left on my Norcos. I will be taking my business elsewhere after the last re-fill and I will count out the pills BEFORE I leave the store.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 11/15/2011:
I can't really make a judgment here, they prob have addicts coming in all the time accusing them of being shorted a few pills to get a few extra so they prob have to take special precautions.

I do admit they handled it the wrong way they should have investigated it more and been more courteous towards you.
Anonymous on 11/15/2011:
I can understand that they have to take precautions since its a controlled substance. I truly feel that they made a mistake here and I think that they should look into it. And since I still have one re-fill left, it should be obvious that I'm not trying to get a few extra pills here
Nohandle on 11/15/2011:
I expect they did make a mistake Shorty but how can they tell unless they perform an inventory right then and there on that particular drug? Most wouldn't be willing to do that.

We've been told numerous times to count our pills before we accept receipt of our script. I've never done it. I'm certain you are jotting down each time you take your meds. I have a family member who fractured 3 vertebra in his lower back and 3 broken ribs. He lost count of what he was taking for pain so would jot it down on a scratch pad, time and number of pills. He was not so doped up he couldn't do that.

Once he was told he wasn't due for a refill. The pharmacy had messed up and in fact had a phoned in script they had not filled. He's in much better shape now, pain wise, but it was to the point of an argument with his pharmacy. He didn't change for fear he would be accused of pharmacy shopping.
Anonymous on 11/15/2011:
I've never counted my pills when I receive them. I'm going to start doing that now. I was taking a lot of meds at first and I was writing down when I took each one so I would know when to take the next one. Now I am only taking the Norcos so I'm not writing down when I take them, but I know how many I take each day. Since it is a narcotic, I am very careful on how many I take. The pharmacy would have to take inventory to know if they shorted me. I guess they are too busy to do that
DebtorBasher on 11/15/2011:
Did you notice any difference in the price? If you just pay one price for all of your meds, then you might get a statement from the insurance company with the prices on them, when you do, check it out.
pho-boy on 11/15/2011:
Sorry to hear that you are in so much pain.

Never even though about counting my pills in "legal transactions" but I sure will from now on! Seriously.

Thanks for the tip and feel better.
Venice09 on 11/15/2011:
This is why I love our pharmacy. It's a small operation, and they know all their customers. This has happened to us, and the pharmacist understood.

Walgreens should have offered to do an inventory instead of blaming you. I'm sure they know the pharmacy is not above making mistakes.

Yaya, I didn't realize you were in that much pain. I hope things get better very soon.
Anonymous on 11/15/2011:
I pay a $10 copay. I looked at the slip that they gave me for both fills. The one for 30 pills says the retail price was $28 and the one for 50 is $43. Still doesn't prove if a mistake was made. I really wish I'd counted the pills when I got them.
Anonymous on 11/15/2011:
Thanks Venice and pho-boy
Alain on 11/15/2011:
The comment about someone in your house taking them was not a good way to handle a complaint no matter what they were afraid of. I usually do a count of my pills when I get home, but I've only found the pharmacy wrong once. I didn't have a problem getting more since it wasn't a narcotic. Maybe your doctor can give you some more? I hope they find out what's causing your pain and fix it, Shorty. The sooner the better!
Anonymous on 11/15/2011:
I just called the automated system to get my re-fill and it went through just fine. So hopefully there's no problems when I pick up my pills tomorrow
madconsumer on 11/15/2011:
I know many here have suggested to count the pills in front of the techs before leaving the counter. sounds easy enough!
Anonymous on 11/15/2011:
From now on, I will be counting my pills before I leave the store
MRM on 11/15/2011:
We've heard complaints about other people being shorted on pills, but oh no, not our Little Little!
spiderman2 on 11/15/2011:
I had that happen to me too. The pharmicist got mad and insisted he couldn't possibly have made a mistake.IT was an antibiotic, not a controlled substance, it was just about him not even looking at any records or considering anything before he told me I was wrong and a liar. Pure arrogance. After that I would do a quick pill count because once you leave the counter, they aren't going to believe you. I hope you are feeling better soon.
Anonymous on 11/15/2011:
Spiderman, the Pharmacist didn't take the time to look up anything in their system either. She was quick to say they didn't make a mistake and hurried me out of there.
Anonymous on 11/15/2011:
I'm sorry this happened to you little. I've said it before, mistakes ARE made when techs and pharmacists are counting out meds. Worse yet, there have been instances when it was deliberate and they were taken used for their personal use. Moving forward insist that your prescriptions are counted out in front of you. I'm sorry you are in pain and I hope you are feeling better soon.
Anonymous on 11/15/2011:
Thanks John.
Anonymous on 11/15/2011:
Grrr I STILL can't vote anyone's comments helpful on my reviews
trmn8r on 11/15/2011:
I'm also sorry to hear that you are experiencing so much pain, yaya.

Needless to say, the ruthless "people" maintaining the my3c hate thread on crybabies will get wind of this and use it to further attack and taunt you. It's tragic that they are shut-ins and have nothing else to do in life but find weaknesses, criticize, and take pleasure in the pain of others.

I can see why the pharmacy might be defensive with a drug like this, but there should be a process where an audit could be done. It sounds very likely that they would find that they made an error.
Anonymous on 11/15/2011:
If the idiots on CB take pleasure in my pain, then they are truly heartless people. The Pharmacist didn't even make an effort to see if an error was made. That's what makes me the most mad about all of this. I think that there was something more than she could have done
olie on 11/15/2011:
shorty, make sure to ask the pharmacist or tech to count out the meds before you touch the bottle. S-L-O-W-L-Y. Make them re-count if necessary.

Don't be intimidated by the pharm or tech. Apologize loudly to customers waiting in line. Maybe even say, "I'm sorry, but last time I was here they shorted me 20 pills. I'm making sure I get what I'm paying for this time."

I realize that I don't post here very often, so my "voice" isn't well-known. I'm being serious here, not sarcastic or condescending.

I hope you are off these meds very soon!
Anonymous on 11/15/2011:
Thanks Olie. That's good advice
Venice09 on 11/16/2011:
I love your idea, olie!
Anonymous on 11/16/2011:
My mom picked up my re-fill today. I asked her if she had them count the pills. She said no. I counted and there are 50. Phew
Old Timer on 11/16/2011:
Little, odd how pain killers always seem to come up short with Walgreens, CVS etc... But they never seem to make a mistake if its Synthroid or some other non narcotic? The counts are kept tight due to state regulations but it seems stealing from the patient is OK and done pretty regular from the reviews around here anyway.

Good review and your concerns are valid.
Venice09 on 11/16/2011:
There is nothing funny about this. Anyone who is laughing or posting on CB should be handcuffed so they can never use a keyboard again. Some people are just downright mad.
Skye on 11/20/2011:
I'm sorry this happened to you little. Walgreens is the worst pharmacy around, and it does not surprise me that this happened and it sucks.

The good news is, your review woke up a lot of people who now will be counting their pills right there on the counter of the pharmacy before you leave. My parents did it for years, and the funny thing is, they were never ever shorted. They used a mom and pop pharmacy. Humans do make errors and sadly, they do steal pain medication.
Anonymous on 11/20/2011:
Thanks Skye. I hope everyone who reads this will count their pills before leaving the pharmacy
traceylynn on 11/21/2011:
I am so sorry people are being mean, that is just uncalled for. Hopefully they grow up.........don't let them hurt you. They are not worth it!
SKB on 12/20/2011:
I have a suggestion, when you have a full bottle of pills in the correct amount get a food weighing scale and weigh it and record that information.
The next time you get a new script filled when the tech hands you the bottle pull out your scale and weigh it.
The weight should always be the same. This would avoid having to count all of those pills.
Brandy on 07/11/2013:
This is interesting, because Walgreens just did this very same thing to me today! (grr) I paid close to $100 for a prescription at Walgreens, located at 7530 Roswell Road in Atlanta, GA. I picked up my prescription, of what SHOULD have been 120 pills, on my way to work. When I got home I proceeded to fill up my "Pill-Minder," and found that I was short 30 PILLS. I thought they would make it right once I called and told them about it. W-R-O-N-G!! I spoke with a 'Pharmacist' named "Meera," and she was mildly apologetic, but said that they "counted the pills twice and there is nothing they can do." Now, I KNOW that I have been SHORTED 30 PILLS, and that it happened BEFORE the prescription was given to me
Sick of it on 11/15/2013:
Have been going for years to Walgreens for pain meds as I just had my spine fused and have several other spine and nerve issues. Same doctors all this time. I get norco and oxy last 2 years. Well seems I was 'short' and didn't count them. Until this last month. 29 Oxys MIA. Unfortunately didn't count until I was home. 29? Not a mistake. Also they charge 100 instead of Osco which charges 25 bit doesn't always have in stock. Someone took those 29 pills and I can't fight or prove it. Will count at counter how bit that is a weeks worth of meds!
Annonymous on 11/21/2013:
Sounds like I have the same problem. Have been getting a doctor prescribed med for over a year now for the same amount. Opened up the Walgreens bag and could tell from looking at the bottle there were not 100 pills in there. There was 78 (counted at least 5 times to make sure I wasn't crazy. Lol). Called WG right away and was told to call back the next day and talk to the pharmacy manager. Called and talked to her today and she was going to check the inventory and sec tapes and call me back. Still waiting on that call. Can you transfer a script with some remaining??
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16,000 Assistants Slated For Termination
Posted by on
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- The Walgreens Company payroll rewiring program is planning on removing 16,000 assistant managers in 2012 and 2013 using constructive dismissal tactics. Then promote cashiers to key carriers, remove 2,000 EXA's, and remove 2,000 store managers. The savings target is one billion dollars.

Walgreens executive population has never taken a pay cut or reduction in numbers in over 100 years of business.

Store Community Leaders will manage a number of stores to be determined. The executive and governmental divisions of Walgreens will continue to expand. Walgreens has very solid sales and profit growth. Expansion has slowed in many metro markets; similar to what happened to four corner gas stations.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 11/03/2011:
Where did you obtain this information? I can't find anything by searching for it...is this confidential information you leaked or just a rumor?

I did find something from Aug that Pfizer is laying off 16,000 employees.

MDSasquatch on 11/04/2011:
Might have something to do with them losing their contract with Express Scripts; which sucks by the way.
Starlord on 11/06/2011:
And you know this information how? You have documented proof of this plan? Are you in the loop of the management, so you know all this stuff? I doubt it.
r stein on 01/14/2012:
just greed that is why the termination of managers-wasson is only looking out for himself
sweetsplain on 01/21/2012:
This company has gone bad!!! I'm glad I got out of it when I did. The ethics here are few and far between. Mr. Walgreen would be disappointed in what his company has become. Starting with Wasson, right down the chain, they need to learn and live by the "Seven Service Basics" and "Four Way Test."
GladImGone.com on 01/25/2012:
I totaly agree with the above. I'm sure that this is more than just a rumor. Rewiring was always planned for members of store management. I was a manager for this company for over ten years and it is amazing how piss poor district managers have become and some of the MVP's are less than stellar, especially in Chicago.
miffed@wag on 03/14/2012:
This is true, just found out about it today. And guess what? The CEO gave himself a 38% raise.
trmn8r on 03/14/2012:
I don't see this in the business news on Walgreens, so if anything I am guessing it is a company rumor.

Express Scripts accounted for 7% of total revenue for Walgreens in 2011, and 12% of prescriptions filled in Feb 2011. Same store sales are down about 8.6% from this month last year.

Wagreens has about 176,000 employees total. Thus 16,000 figure is plausible given the situation with Express Scripts. Businesses have to make money.
Christine on 03/17/2012:
It's defiantly not a rumor. My husband has nearly 30 years in and was told he has to take a nearly $4.00/HR pay cut. He will also be transferred to a suburb store. They told him he would have to have an answer by Saturday but now are giving him 90 days to decide. Since he is just shy of 30 years he won't get the free medical insurance. They are offering him no severance package. If he stays they will keep him for a year at his original rate but drop him down to $14.00/Hr. He has almost 90 sick days they don't have to compensate him for.
anonymous on 03/24/2012:
The CEO and everyone at the top is extremely evil and have NO conscience. The say, "Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely," is obvious with the socio paths that have taken over Walgreens at the top.
john deruss on 04/03/2012:
christine-there is no FREE INSURNACE-I retired after 33 years-and am paying 7000.00 a year for insurance
Sarah on 01/12/2013:
Can Walgreens really force someone to take a pay cut after so many years with the company?? Isn't there laws about this about this?? I guess Walgreens doesn't care!!!!
Ken on 07/10/2013:
Its no rumor...seems like Walgreens advertising dollars keep the media (including financial media) at bay. You should hear about wage and hours suit soon as wag has abused these mgr. TRAINEES for all of their careers. Would be nice to see someone in media stand up for sorely oppressed middle class americans.
lee on 02/04/2014:
Walgreens is making business decision
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Pharmacist is unprofessional, has no sympathy for customers, unethical, disgraceful, disrespectful, impolite
Posted by on
GAFFNEY, SOUTH CAROLINA -- My boyfriend whom has had cancer since 2005, who has been with Walgreen's Pharmacy in Gaffney, SC pretty much through it all to receive his prescriptions was cut very short on his medication that he has to have. He has a 14 year old daughter, and therefore locks all his medicine in a combination safe 24/7. Today (10/21/2011) he realized that 60 pills of his were not in his bottle. No one but he touches his bottles or his medicine. Therefore, we knew beyond a shadow of a doubt it had to be a mix up at the Pharmacy. I used to be a pharmacy tech for CVS pharmacy, and no one is perfect, and the pharmacist who counted the medicine obviously just wasn't thinking and assumed since most people get 120ct of this certain medication that he did. My boyfriend gets 180ct of the medicine. No big deal, like I said no one is perfect. Therefore my boyfriend called the pharmacy and explained what was going on. [snip] the Pharmacist who filled his medication was the Pharmacist working and had no problem with giving him the medicine that he knew he messed up and miss counted. As we were at the Pharmacy getting that straightened out, my boyfriend mentioned that he had no checked his other medicine. He then asked the Pharmacist [snip] if he thought there was anyway that may be his other prescriptions were off count. My boyfriend was just asking because he did not check any of his other medications because nothing like this has ever happened to him at Walgreens or any other Pharmacy for that matter. When we got home he went and check his other medications and a whole bottle of one medication was missing. Now remember, like I said, he picks them up from the pharmacy, they go in a safe, and are not touched by anyone. The bottle he did have said 1 of 2 on it. Therefore, that means there should be a second bottle correct? So he called back up to Walgreens and spoke with the Pharmacist [snip], and just told him the situation and asked him if he could look and see if there was another bag with his name on it. [snip], the Pharmacist, (who made the mistake of counting one of his prescriptions 60 pills short) had the nerve to say to my boyfriend, "Come on man yeah right, I already gave you 60 extra pills"???? NO!!! [snip] Pharmacist, did not give my boyfriend anything, he gave him the medicine he owed him because he messed up. [snip] was very disrespectful, unprofessional, unethical, and stepped totally out of his boundaries of being a professional, a Pharmacist. I will not write on here what he said because I am a Christian, but this was definitely consumerism at its worst!! He was discriminating, mistreating, insulting, impolite, harassing, disgraceful, and tried to harass my boyfriend. I understand young teenagers and many people abuse prescription drugs these days, but trust me my boyfriend do not abuse any of his medicine. He even tries his best not to take it unless he has to. The Pharmacist [snip], is one of the worst nasty and rudest person I have ever encountered. Some people truly do need medicine, and do not abuse it. I JUST WANT TO WARN ALL OF YOU NOT TO EVER USE [snip] AS YOUR PHARMACIST!!!...He even admitted that they were not hand counted that they had machines that count the pills out for them. OK so if these machines were accurate 100% of the time (which I was a pharmacy tech before I went to school to become a teacher) and I know for 100% fact they miscount more than they count correctly. Why would we even have pharmacy techs? We wouldn't. Research these machines, they are crap!! After the Pharmacist [snip] flipped out on my boyfriend, he had the nerve to hang up on him! Therefore I called the store manager who is going to check into this issue (which was very helpful) and inventory the medicine so that he can prove that the Pharmacist did make a mistake AGAIN!!! Which my boyfriend still would not have had a problem with if he would not have treated him that way. I am not complaining about Walgreens, or any of their other Pharmacists, because I do not know them, but [snip] needs to have his license removed and learn how to talk to people before he is even able to work at a any Pharmacy!!! Thanks for your time.
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User Replies:
clutzycook on 10/22/2011:
I have learned over the years that the rules for pharmacies and drive through restaurants are the same. Check your order before you leave. In the case of the former, count the pills out right then and there if you must.

On the subject of the missing pills, is your boyfriend 100% absolutely, positively certain that his 14 year old does not have the combo to his safe? Teenagers these days are devious in ways that even I cannot begin to fathom. I cringe for the day when Baby C and her soon to be brother or sister reach that stage in life.
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Terminated for Filing Hostile Work Environment Claim
Posted by on
I was a Walgreens Assistant Store Manager for almost four years. In March, after eight months of ongoing harassment, I filed a hostile work environment claim with the company, as was my right according to the company.

However, rather than taking my claim seriously, Loss Prevention sent out a clown of an investigator, who claimed she talked to 'everyone' in the store and found no such claim of hostile work environment.

I guess Loss Prevention, in claiming to talk to everyone, forgot to talk to anyone in the store except the store manager's pet. So the five people that would have supported the claims, well, they just don't count as everyone.

I was transferred for two weeks. Then I was transferred again. Just before leaving, I was warned by the store manager to be careful of the new store manager I was going to work for, because he had a history of firing people for minor infractions.

So I went to the new store, where another assistant manager was fired within weeks. Why? Because she took a sick day, which she was allowed to do by the company. The manager said, he didn't like it when people took sick days, and fired her.

Then three months later, just out of the blue, I'm brought into the office, where I'm told that I supposedly sexually harassed another male employee. When I deny this charge and refuse to make a statement other than I didn't do it, my sanity is called into question by the same loss prevention investigator that again 'talked to everyone.'

So, loss prevention has a history of 'investigating' but not actually investigating and lying, so they can find whatever the District Manager wants them to find and fire people.

Loss Prevention basically accused me of disgusting acts, but couldn't prove anything because it never happened.

This is the supposed pharmacy America trusts. Walgreens makes things up to protect their own. They don't care about their employees. Rather they would rather ruin people's lives with made up charges, just to protect themselves.

I was retaliated against because I filed a claim to protect myself from a bad situation. But because the only witnesses to this event were two 20+ year employees of the company, my lawyers say they could put them on the stand, but they would lie about it.

So I can't sue, because if I did, all Walgreen's managers would do is lie about the situation. This is the culture that prevails within this company.
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azRider on 07/15/2011:
you might want to get a different lawyer. if you have documentation and people that can validate the info you have a case. you might want to check your local labor board too. there are laws against retaliation in some cases.
MRM on 07/15/2011:
This is why you must have a witness to back up your claim, otherwise, its hearsay.
clutzycook on 07/15/2011:
File a complaint with the EEOC and your state's labor board. If you have proof that you were a victim of retaliation, then you might have a case. You might also want to consult a lawyer who is well-versed in labor law.
Old Timer on 07/15/2011:
For the most part unless they have a contract an employer can let someone go with or without cause.
clutzycook on 07/15/2011:
Yes, OT, but if the OP has proof that the problems escalated after they filed a complaint/blew the whistle/etc., they could have a case to prove that their termination was the result of retaliation for their complaint.
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Incompetence of the pharmacy staff and managers
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AURORA, COLORADO -- I am so angry with the service of the Walgreens pharmacy (yes not capitalized because they do not deserve it), on Peoria and Mississippi in Aurora Colorado, that I do not know where to begin. My family has had several incidents with this Walgreens that range from just out right rude customer service to no filling critical authorized medications. The latest incident is as follows: My doctor called in a script for a medication that is critical for my pregnancy to continue. My husband and I received a recorded call one day later telling us that the script was ready for pick-up. My husband went to pick up the script and what do you know, it was not filled. My husband inquired as to why the discrepant information and the tech said, "I don't know" and wanted to continue on with the next customer. My husband did not allow this and asked the tech to look into the situation. The tech told my husband that the pharmacy did not make the call,(of course I still have the recorded message), and the script was not filled because they needed to get pre-authorization. My husband called me and the tech was not only rude with me but then hung up in my face. Of course I went down to the Walgreens in an effort to resolve this situation. I explained to them that the medication that they neglected to fill was needed to sustain my pregnancy as well as my disappointment that they had two days to fill the script and resolve any problems not to mention the recorded message that we received stating that the medication had already been filled. The tech had the nerve to still be rude. UNBELIEVABLE!!!! the tech stated that they would call my doctor, I explained to the tech that they did not need to call my doctor as the pre-authorization needed to come from the insurance company not the dr. They called my doctor anyway. By this time there were three managers involved in this situation. After a few minutes, a manager told my husband that the dr. stated that I needed to come and see her before they could issue any medication, (I had just seen the dr. two days prior to this). I then called my dr. and she told me that she gave them no such information but that she told them that my situation was critical and that they needed to give me the amount of medication that I requested. My dr. called the pharmacy again,(she is also livid by now), and told them to issue the medication. My husband requested just enough of the medication to get me through the next few days, long enough for us to find another pharmacy. The manager, as rude as his tech go figure, stated that they would give my husband the requested medication but that he would need to wait to have the scrip filled. WOW YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!! My husband said not so and demanded the medication on the spot, mind you, we had already spent two hours dealing with this. FOR THE LOVE OF TEA!!!! We are in utter dismay about this incident as well as the many other incidents with this company and particularly this location!! We have filed at least three former complaints against the Walgreens with their customer care service but to no avail! This however was the last time that we will be dealing with Walgreens! Walgreens managers and staff put the I. n.c. o.m. p.e. t.e. n.c. e in the word incompetence, that's right Walgreens is the complete spelling of the word incompetence and they encompass the complete meaning of the word as well.
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b1ackm8tal on 02/03/2011:
wow, that sounds beyond frusterating! If I were you, I would definitely switch to another pharmecy. Perhaps there was a mix up or mistake on their part, but that is no reason to be rude and lie. Very helpful. Hope everything works out!
PepperElf on 02/03/2011:
if the doctor cannot get them to fill the script, I would recommend asking your doctor if there is a pharmacy attached to his or her practice.

although it might not be cheaper, it may be faster service when the pharmacist and doctor both work in the same building.

though you may also need to talk to your insurance company about it as well
danny54 on 02/03/2011:
Have you relayed this information to Walgreen's Corporate? They may or may not do anything, but it couldn't hurt.
Anonymous on 02/03/2011:
Not only do they have horrible customer service, they are insane. Only crazy people would treat a pregnant woman this badly. I would also file a complaint with your State's Pharnacist licensing agency.
raven2010 on 02/03/2011:
I agree, poor service. However, the Op states she has filed at least three former complaints"

Not the OP's fault, but there is no way I would have gone back after this many complaints
Venice09 on 02/04/2011:
Agree, raven. I go by the 'three strikes you're out' rule. Three failures from one business is enough to make me stay away. The OP should avoid this pharmacy at all costs.
rxdoc on 05/06/2011:
The pharmacy staff should have done more to explain the situation, rather than dismiss you. Unfortunately, a lot of times, medications that are prescribed by your doctor are not covered by your insurance unless the doctor contacts the insurance and answers a series of questions either via phone or fax. Based on the answers, the insurance will cover the prescription or decline coverage. This is called a "prior authorization". The pharmacy staff has no control over this, and can only inform the doctor's staff as to what they need to do, and communicate the delay to you. A lot of times the prescriber and the patient view this as the pharmacy refusing to fill a prescription that the doctor sent in, which isn't the case at all. Our hands are tied until the doctor meets the requirements set by the patient's insurance. At the store level, the pharmacy has no information about what type of automated call goes out to the patient. Typically unless a patient has specifically asked the pharmacy staff to call when his/her rx is ready, the call you get is from the automated system. If you got a ready call and the prescription was not ready, the staff should have offered to put in a request to the help desk to find out why. This does take time, however, as the help desk assigns the problem to an indidual who researches the issue. Prior authorizations and technological system errors are not within the pharmacy staff's control, but how they relay that information to you and attempt to find a solution for you is. I am sorry you had this experience, but not all Walgreens pharmacies would have treated your situation like this. The best thing you can do, anytime you are dis-satisfied is to raise your concern. If you do not, and you incur incident after incident, often your emotions are heightened and when you do speak up the situation has become beyond fix-able in your eyes. We want to know if you have a concern so that we can improve on our service to you immediately.
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Off The Mark !
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Good Morning Mark;

I appreciate this opportunity to at least feel like I am addressing you personally. One of many things I have enjoyed about my Walgreen’s career is your uplifting news item’s,” ON THE MARK” you send out monthly. They are filled with wisdom and guidance with a little applied common sense.

I am currently an employee with this great company and am writing you because I am concern about the trends I see developing with our company.

I have been employed with this company for a few years and have risen to its management level. Here are my observations!

Four way tests:

1) Is it the truth!
2) Is it fair to all concerned?
3) Will it build good will and better friendship?
4) Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

No one believes it anymore, store managers don’t go by it and supervisors don’t enforce it or abide by it either. But it’s great p.r.

Case in point. A store manager friend of mine told me he was promised by a supervisor that if he went and cleaned up a store he would be moved to a store he wanted when it opened. He did what was expected, put the store back in the black. When the store he wanted was opened it was given to a young female store manager. It seems favor’s were exchanged! He requested to move to another store and had to go to his regional v.p. It took more than five occasions and then had to hound them to get it done. Don’t promise what you won’t deliver.

Case in point. A store manager failed a drug test and then was harassed to tears over the next ear. Loss prevention was then sent around to find all the dirt they could find on them regarding their activities. The supervisor then commented to another store manager one he liked a lot more that his {supervisor} goal was to get them closer to home as soon as possible. This meant that the store manager whom asks for help from our company and was singled out and the dogs were turn loose on them. And they are still after them.

Case in point. Our area supervisor decided this year to change the way he graded our evaluations this year from different years. He decided this and let us know when he gave us our evaluations. I ask would the right thing to have done would be to notify in the beginning of his term and not wait until the evaluation is given. The criteria did not change, but his interpretation of it did. He stated that Evaluations that were done in previous years were said to contain too much fluff. For A senior supervisor to say that previous rating’s given his current management staff were overrated after being in a district for less than one year to astonishing .It appears to me that a rift between the past district manager and their previous v.p. existed to the point when the current supervisor had taken over he was instructed to revamp his current management staff’s.
The current district manager said in a store manager meeting that” No Exa’s in his district were promotable” to store managers. Would the right thing to say be, “what needs to be done to get these future managers promotable?

Cause now it has spread throughout his district! The attitude is now why should I try; I am not going anywhere anyway! Do what little it takes to get by!

“As far as you want to go!” as long as you meet these criteria!
Case in point. Managers give preference to Mgt’s that are younger and college educated. They have better training opportunities, schedules, more one on one time with store managers, specific store duties, office responsibilities. They even promised stores to younger, educated graduates over employees that have been dedicated longer, but don’t fit the company’s long term goal. Potential managers are judged by age, education, appearance, weight and R.O.I. {RETURN ON INVESTMENT}.I have seen multiple case’s, one in which I helped trained the mgt,that now has a store.

Let me explain: This is discrimination! The training provided in the field was good, informative and useless, since it was never put into practice.

Eventually company wide legal action will be taken, unless changes can be made. Power in numbers! March 7, 2007

I present you these situations with the solution to solve them. .The online solution that no one feels is without recourse and you don’t really find out what’s going on in the field.

One of the largest retailers solved the problem this way. They instituted mail in evaluation regarding all management staff including district staff from the management staff within the stores. The envelopes were district coded and were broke down by the following; the form would be an evaluation of their direct or indirect supervisor above them.

Store manager would rate district staff and would be reviewed by the district supervisor. Store managers would rate the district supervisor and reviewed by the area supervisor. Exa’s / Mgt’s would rate their store manager’s and be reviewed by both the district supervisor and area supervisor. Meetings would be established once or twice daily over a two day breakdown. By laying all the cards on the table and plans to solve them, you turn a negative into a positive.


Each of the three procedures would include a meeting of each group, and a plan put in place for each group. The plan would then be sent to each group that rated the preceding group or the rating group could present the solutions.
No names would be listed, but let the ratings speak for themselves. A reason for a rating of needs improvement and below would be required. If we had this procedure in place we could have saved several hundred million dollars, and built a better business and personal relationship with each other. Monday, September 1st will be this year’s Labor Day for 2008. Let’s make it a new beginning for a new year to come! Checks and Balances!


Well, Can you hit the MARK!

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Hugh_Jorgen on 08/11/2008:
Welcome to the real world. You seem shocked that college educated and younger managers sometimes seem to receive better opportunities than managers that aren't as qualified but have been employed there longer. If you want to be rewarded based on longevity and not based on performance, find yourself a government job.

As far as having reviews done anonymously by the people below the person being reviewed - one of two things will happen - if the supervisor is well liked, he or she will get glowing reviews. If the supervisor isn't as popular, then the underlings can use this as an opportunity to "get back" at the supervisor that might have been hard on them at some time in the past. In either case, you don't get a realistic review.
Just Chris on 08/15/2008:
A store manager at a DRUG store (with access to controlled drugs) failed a drug test and kept his/her job!? I wonder if everyone at Walgreens keeps their job after failing a drug test...potential lawsuit?

Loss prevention was sent to "dig up dirt" after a failed drug test...why does this shock you? Isn't that part of their job?

Is spreading gossip and airing other people's dirty laundry one of the qualities necessary for management?

Not sure about #1 but you may want to do a gut-check regarding #s 2-4 of the "Four way tests."
southerngirl on 09/18/2008:
Sounds like a lot of whining to me...I'm with "Just Chris" on the drug thing. You make it sound like Walgreen's was at fault...I'd have fired him/her on the spot. Also, college-educated managers are not always the best, but it does say they cared enough to spend thousands of dollars on their education...did you? Even though I have one of those "government jobs," I do MY best to earn every penny I'm paid because I'm a taxpayer too. Bottom line...stop looking for excuses to complain. If you're really qualified, and are unhappy, get another job.
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Insane Pharmacist
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LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY -- About 9 P.M. this evening I went up to Walgreens to pick up a prescription using the drive-through service outside. The gentleman at the window asked for my I. D. because it is a sleeping medication. I provided him with my government-issued badge, as I am a federal government employee. He said he needed my driver's license. I explained to him that my government badge actually has more information than my driver's license (it includes among other things, my fingerprint) and I unfortunately did not have my driver's license with me so providing that was impossible. He said he needed some form of identification he could record. I then offered him my health insurance card, which has a series of numbers on it. This was declined. I offered my student identification from the University of Louisville, also possessing a series of numbers, identifying me with a picture as well as my student identification number. This was declined. I offered two different credit cards, my social security card and then my Triple A card all of which he declined as well and he went to get the Pharmacist in charge. (On a legal note, 902 KAR 55:110 reads, Section 5. Patient Identification Number. (1) A patient or the person obtaining the controlled substance on behalf of the patient shall disclose to the dispenser the patient's Social Security number for purposes of the dispenser's mandatory reporting to KASPER. (2) If a patient is an adult who does not have a Social Security number, the patient’s driver’s license number shall be disclosed. (3) If a patient is an adult who has not been assigned a Social Security number or a driver’s license number, the number 000-00-0000 shall be used. (4) If a patient is a child who does not have a Social Security number or a driver's license number, the Social Security number, driver's license number, or the number "000-00-0000", as applicable, of the parent or guardian shall be used. (5) If a patient is an animal, the owner’s Social Security number, driver's license number, or the number "000-00-0000", as applicable, shall be used.

-Yet none of these forms of identification were accepted and the medication was being denied resultingly).

The pharmacist came to the window and immediately asked for my driver's license. I explained again that I did not have this particular form of identification and asked her to look at one of the various forms of identification in her possession. She reiterated that a number was needed that "could be recorded" so they could track me if my prescription was lost. I was perplexed and explained to her that the forms of identification I had submitted had various numbers that could be used for tracking purposes, should my prescription be lost. I also said it would be unlikely that it would be lost because I keep the medication for sleep on my nightstand at home. She said I needed to either give her my identification or take my prescription elsewhere to be filled.

Admittedly, I was very frustrated at this point, especially with the pharmacist's last directive (who identified herself as C. Watts). I proceeded to tell her that she knew very well I could not take that particular prescription anywhere else to get it filled because I had the prescription transferred from Walmart. She said this was not her fault but instead the blame was to fall on the State of Kentucky for not allowing me to transfer the prescription to another store or Walgreens location, for that matter. She did understand that I could not take the prescription anywhere else though. I suppose she had assumed I was not familiar with Kentucky law. I told her I was completely out of this medication. I would not be able to fill the prescription elsewhere without going back to my physician's office and getting an entirely new script. She once again reiterated Walgreens was not to blame for this dilemma but instead the fault was with the State of Kentucky.

At this point I asked for the name of her immediate supervisor. After asking the name of her supervisor several times and her refusal to provide me with it, she told me to either drive away or she would call the police. I am at a loss for words for how this affected me. I still am in shock over it. She continued to threaten me in my vehicle stating she would call the police if I did not drive away. Looking back, she had my federal badge inside the window. She had my Student identification. She had two of my credit cards as well as my Triple A card and my social security card. I was so upset at the time, I didn't even realize this fact, but I think it is important to note that she did not return these items at this time while requesting that I immediately drive away or she would have the police physically remove me from the premises. I reiterated to her, as a question, that I was being threatened by the police as well as being asked to leave because I asked for the name of her immediate supervisor. She continued to reply with threats and did not address this point.

By this time, I was physically shaking. I remember her continuing to state the above directive and fumbling through an old change purse, I located an expired driver's license from California, where I had lived for about five years. She then processed my prescription with this "outdated" information, given it was expired since 2004 and had my former California address on it, and put my belongings in the window, along with a blank script with the name C. Watts scrawled on it. I am perplexed at how all the current information I submitted was rejected and yet an expired driver's license without any current information on it was finally accepted.
I will NEVER shop at Walgreens again. NEVER
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User Replies:
ontario_girl on 07/10/2010:
Just curious, but why were you driving without your driver's licence? Isn't that illegal in the States?
Venice09 on 07/10/2010:
The only thing I can think of is that may be Walgreens system is set up to only record drivers license numbers and nothing else.
leet60 on 07/10/2010:
I had the same question Ontario girl. The OP is lucky they didn't call the police to report he was at their window, behind the wheel driving without a license.
PepperElf on 07/10/2010:
Many states ONLY accept state-issued ID (Drivers license or Non-Driver ID).

And yes driving without your license is illegal.
I'm a bit shocked that a federal employee would be flaunting that he or she is breaking the law.
Especially while trying to quote laws to others.
Doctor Charlie on 07/10/2010:
I don't understand this post - it clearly states that if the person has a driver's license, they need to record that number. Why didn't the OP just go home and get his drivers' license?
Starlord on 07/11/2010:
My favorite line when someone told me they did not have their license was, "What are you doing, driving on MY roads with no license?" then I would cite them for no license in possession.
safesinger666 on 07/11/2010:
Walgreens can be a pain in the ass all they need to do is verify street address if you were already a customer.
I've went to one Walgreens and they turned me away for my refill stating that I should have more in my old bottle.
Only to go to another Walgreen 5 minutes down the road to have them fill it without question.
I believe it's all Pharm tech discretion some are A-holes and others are understanding and not so retarded.
Come on who hasn't gotten in their car without their license? I know if I am already at said destination I do not want to drive all the way home to get an ID especially if I had all other forms on me.
jktshff1 on 07/11/2010:
Sheriffs Uncle on 07/11/2010:
I agree with safesinger, although I never get in my car without my license. But on principle, I can give this person a break rather than bust their chops. The reason? Walgreens has been a complete pain in my rear too. Some of the pharmacists take it upon themselves to judge you. I continue to use Walgreens because of the hours I work, and the fact that they are 24-hours. However, I am slowly moving my meds to a small, old-fashioned pharmacy.
Sheriffs Uncle on 07/11/2010:
HateWalgreens, I too am in Louisville, KY. I am going to send you a private message, recommending the small pharmacy I mentioned. It's only going to get worse with the Walgreens of this world.
Sheriffs Uncle on 07/11/2010:
HateWalgreens, look up at the top of the page for a message in your inbox from me.
PepperElf on 07/11/2010:
Yes I've forgotten it before.

However that means I also had no other ID either. And if I was out shopping yes I would drive right back. And I wouldn't expect someone else to cater to me just because I screwed up.
Venice09 on 07/11/2010:
That's a good point, Pepper. If I didn't have my drivers license, I wouldn't have my other ID either since I keep it all in the same place. The OP seemed to have everything under the sun except a drivers license. Now that I think of it, that is kind of odd.
Sheriffs Uncle on 07/11/2010:
I don't think the OP was asking to be catered to. they gave them about 10 different forms of ID. And like another poster said, once you're in the system, you simply verify your address. That's what I get asked. To verify. I don't have to physically produce my license each time. Sure, the OP could have driven back home. But Walgreens could also have used some reasonable judgment. Were they driving without a license? Yep. What if they had not driven to the store, but was a passenger? Then what? At that point they have no obligation to anybody to be carrying their license. (although it's still a good idea) But if they had not used the drive-through, then why would the pharmacist have the right to give them a hard time about a driver's license?
Sheriffs Uncle on 07/11/2010:
What about the people that don't have driver's licenses? Had the OP walked in, there would have been no reason for her to have a driver's license on her, other than the fact that it's probably good to always have it with you, if you have one.
We're always belly aching about the good old days when things were more personal. Now we sit here on this forum and take the side of the big monster. It sounds as if the Op was NOT being difficult. She offered every ID under the sun.
Sheriffs Uncle on 07/11/2010:
So, while I agree with you guys that are so quick to criticize this person for driving without a license, it is not as relevant to the review as you are making it. I guess you could say it set off a red flag, but it seems the OP did enough to prove who she was. There's no high horse here that I see.
Venice09 on 07/11/2010:
I agree with one thing, Sheriff. It was none of Walgreens business whether or not the OP was driving without a license. Walgreens is not a law enforcement agency. I also think the manager was a bit unyielding, but I don't know how things work behind the scenes at a Walgreens pharmacy. I can't help wondering how prescriptions like this are handled if the customer doesn't have a drivers license at all. There must be an alternative.
Sheriffs Uncle on 07/11/2010:
At the Walgreens that I've used, you're already in the system, so they're handled by verifying information. Usually it's your address, although I've had them ask a different question before. Plenty of people don't have driver's licenses. And I did acknowledge that Walgreens has a right for a red flag to go up in this situation, since the OP used the drive-through. I just felt that the Op covered that flag extensively.
Venice09 on 07/11/2010:
Here's what I'm stuck on and the reason for my first comment:

She reiterated that a number was needed that "could be recorded" so they could track me if my prescription was lost.

Maybe their system is set up only to record drivers license numbers. But that still doesn't explain how they handle customers that do not drive.
Venice09 on 07/11/2010:
Maybe this was the OP's first time at Walgreens and she wasn't in the system. The prescription was transferred from Walmart.
PepperElf on 07/11/2010:
also the numbers are often used to ensure that you don't buy more than a specific amount in a week.

for some medications you can only purchase a specific amount in one week ...though that's usually for the meds that can be utilized to make crystal meth etc

if I remember correctly the data goes into a state-wide database too, in case some would-be "chemist" thinks he or she can outsmart the system by buying the meds up in different stores or different chains
safesinger666 on 07/11/2010:
Although License is not relevant to this complaint.
I have many times pulled my ID out of my wallet to fill in some application online and left it on my desk and then put my wallet in my pocket..Without the license.
In all reality Walgreens should cater to the people that make their paycheck possible.
So yes when I spend my money at an establishment I expect to be catered to ABSOLUTELY!
safesinger666 on 07/11/2010:
I should have said that although driving without a license is irrelevant.
Anonymous on 07/11/2010:
Sometimes when I read reviews I am astounded that ordinary people get so worked up about what seems to be pretty simple issues. You were asked to present a DL, you didn't have yours on you. Go home, get it, come back and pick up your script. Problem solved.
PepperElf on 07/11/2010:
actually it is an issue

if you're going to try quoting laws to someone else
you should not be breaking them at the *exact* same time.

That's like telling someone else how to raise their kids while your own kids are smoking crack.
yoke on 07/11/2010:
There is a reason why the pharmacy needed the OP's license and it seems the OP knew that a license was going to be needed for the meds. Why else would you show anything but a license. Just like when you want to get cold medicines at the store you have to have your license so they can swipe it. The OP did not seem to concerned when Walgreens threatened to call the police. I know if I did have my license on me and I was driving and someone said they were going to call the cops I would settle down.
Who carries an old drivers license from a different state on them? I know when we moved from CA to CT we had to hand over our CA license.
It is illegal to drive without a license, my neighbor who left her license at home got a $126 ticket and has to go to court.
There is more than what we are being told.
Ben There on 07/11/2010:
How is anyone supposed to know what a government agency badge looks like, much less if it is authentic? Anyone with photoshop can put a picture, some numbers, a bar code or two and even a fingerprint and the name like DOT, NASA or IRS on a badge - I am sure it would look authentic to anyone who does not work for that particular agency. Those badges are to for getting you into your building or department, not picking up medications.
PepperElf on 07/11/2010:
Exactly. NY State wouldn't let me use my Navy ID to pick up behind-the-counter meds so I had to use my NY Driver's license.

although yes my DOD card was a legal ID, the system was set up to record DL only. So... Instead of screaming at them, I pulled the DL out. Then again... the DL and DOD card lived in the same wallet so it was pretty much impossible to have one but not the other. same as my current wallet.

about the only time I haven't done that recently is... one time at church when I knew it wold be too annoying to bring the entire wallet, so I slipped the DL into my pocket. and last weekend when I was with my family. forgot where we went but I knew I wouldn't need my license or wallet so I left it at home. but even that's kind of rare. especially since I have a really adorable purse that my boyfriend gave me. it's small but can easily hold my wallet.
yoke on 07/11/2010:
I wonder what controlled substance the OP was trying to obtain without the proper ID.
PepperElf on 07/11/2010:
sleep aid meds
but he didn't specify which ones

I'm betting on Ambien since its got those freaky side effects.
Ytropious on 07/11/2010:
If we were talking about something small like buying a mature video game or matching a name to a credit card, then sure maybe those forms of ID would be valid, but the fact is they were not for this application. Walgreens needs to "record" information from your ID, and usually that happens by swiping it. I highly doubt the system is set up to take government ID badges. State ID or DL only. If you don't have valid form of ID, then go get one. Don't argue the law or the rules, these are drugs we're talking about.

The only time something similar happened to me was this one store I buy used music and games at. My DL has my married last name but all my cards have my maiden name (I'm lazy, and in between changing them). The guy flat out refused to take my credit card, even though I presented him my 2 school photo IDs, my check book, and my pay stub, even my social security card, all with the correct last name! In that case, he was just being a hard ass since I've bought things there before without hassle, most people understand a married woman in between names (hell, every place else I go that asks to see ID has). I had my husband buy it and glared at the guy for being a jerk.
Mrs. V on 07/11/2010:
I took Ambien for a while because I couldn't sleep due to discomfort (I have a DVT in my leg and multiple pulmonary embolisms in my lungs). I got it filled at Rite-aid and had no problem what so ever. I was never asked for any IDs or given a hassle. So I don't know if it's that med or not...
yoke on 07/11/2010:
I know that I have been asked for my DL to purchase over-the-counter meds. There has got to be a legal reason why Walgreens could not give the meds without a license and the OP knew it. Ironic how the OP could find a DL that has expired 4 years ago, but did not have a current DL on them. I am shocked that Walgreens took the expired license.
PepperElf on 07/11/2010:

that makes me wonder if the OP even has a valid DL then.

I mean sure I know for some states if you're military you can get by with an expired DL - but most people don't realize you actually have to carry a specific DMV card along with the expired DL in those situations.

regular federal jobs though, I don't know if they have that same deal or not. and either way you still have that have the expired card & dmv card *on you* while driving.
Helpful on 07/11/2010:
I would think that trying to obtain a prescription through the drive-through without a drivers license would be a major red flag and probably something that the employees have been trained to catch.

I would have done the same thing as the employees until the OP pulled out her AAA card -- LOL.

Actually, even though I can somewhat understand the employee's position in the matter, this was a very well written review.
Venice09 on 07/11/2010:
My final opinion on this is that the OP does not have a valid drivers license, and that's the only number Walgreens is able to record. But I would still like to know what they do with customers that do not drive. How does Walgreens keep track of those prescriptions.

I too was surprised that they took the expired license, but I don't think they really wanted to call the police and just wanted to be done with this customer. All they wanted was a drivers license number, and they got one. But again, what happens with people who don't drive and do not have ID From the DMV?
Sheriffs Uncle on 07/11/2010:
Venice, my mom is in the Walgreens system without a driver's license. They have her Social Security number, and of course her D.O.B., address and insurance info. When I pick up her meds they ask for her street address for verification.
Sometimes they will ask her date of birth instead of her adddress. At this point, once you are in the system, Walgreens is simply trying to verify that you are who you say you are.
Now you could be correct that since the OP was transferring this script from Walmart, maybe the OP was setting up her account for the first time, and they needed the License as the first step. Knowing she had one somewhere, they were not willing to go to plan "B". Who knows. Like someone else mentioned, something is being left out here.
Venice09 on 07/11/2010:
Thanks for that info about your mom, Sheriff. My mom never had a drivers license, but there were always ways around around it. Not everyone drives.

The problem here was probably a combination of the OP not being in the system and not having a license. I see both sides of this. Things were heating up, which is why I think Walgreens finally took the expired license. I try not to fault employees for following rules, but I also agree that sometimes they have to make a judgment call even if it means bending the rules a bit. It's too bad this situation went as far as it did, but in the end I think they did bend the rules by taking the expired license. I have no doubt that this whole thing was very upsetting to the OP, but if she actually does not have a valid license, she really should take care of that.
Sheriffs Uncle on 07/11/2010:
I agree Venice. My first reaction on this thread was to side with the OP because I've had some ridiculous experiences with Walgreens. Once, their automated system told me that my prescription would be refilled. When I went to pick it up that afternoon (Friday), I was told it was denied by my doctor. Without going into a lot of detail here, they screwed up and I had to wait 3 days to get a med that I needed. Not the kind of personalized service like we got in the old days. So I was quick to take the OPs side. I am willing to accept that may be Walgreens did all they could to help her. After all, she did finally get her meds based on an expired license. So it appears they did try to work with her. Will these type of situations get better or worse is the question. Maybe things will only get easier when we give up some of our rights and start using chips under our skin, or retinal eye pattern scanners.
Venice09 on 07/11/2010:
I know you're half joking, but I hope I don't live long enough to see those days. And they ARE coming!

I have had my share of problems with the pharmacies in my area. I fired them one by one until we finally settled on Stop & Shop. It's a small pharmacy with personalized service. I'm glad you found an old-fashioned pharmacy. It may not seem like a big deal, but the right pharmacy can make life a lot easier. I understand that they do have to follow a lot of rules these days, but a little personalized service can go a long way.
Sheriffs Uncle on 07/11/2010:
When they start putting chips under our skin for identification, I wonder if we get to choose what type of chip. I'd like cheddar and sour cream Ruffles. Since I don't have any tattoos or piercings, it could be my first wild adventure.
Venice09 on 07/11/2010:
I'm boring. Nothing but chocolate for me.

Icanthink on 07/11/2010:
Every state in the country requires you to be driving with your driver's license IN THE CAR. Sorry, but it's your own fault. You were lucky that you didn't get stopped by a cop or you would have been hauled to jail. I do agree that you had problems at this particular pharmacy (accepting an invalid driver's license? Dumb as a box of rocks!), but you can have the same problem at any other pharmacy.

In my experience in CA, only your driver's license or a passport are considered valid ID. Perhaps that is the case in KY.
jktshff1 on 07/11/2010:
A valid government issued ID is required for many things....booze purchases, smoke purchases etc. Keep your ID on hand in case you die, you can be identified.
safesinger666 on 07/11/2010:
I get meds much stronger than sleeping meds and never once have I been asked for my ID.
I still side with the OP on this I pay you give end of story.
Ben There on 07/11/2010:
Safesinger666 - try to buy some Sudafed in most states and tell them you don't want to show your DL and see how far you get.
Anonymous on 07/11/2010:
A government issued badge is not an I'd. Dog catchers have government issued badges. If you drive, you should have a drivers license. You would think that a government employee with a government issued badge would know that.
PepperElf on 07/11/2010:
"I pay you give end of story" = "no can do" if you're asking for meds that require ID
and the law will be on their side

blame it on the jerks who abused drugstores to cook up crystal meth.
Sheriffs Uncle on 07/11/2010:
It is definitely the ones that abuse the system that make it difficult for people that need certain drugs.
Alain on 07/12/2010:
Quick note: If you don't drive and therefore don't have a license many states have an official photo ID (issued by the DMV here in Pennsylvania) that is considered valid ID in lieu of a drivers license.
walgreens lady on 07/14/2010:
Moved From Other Review: Why are you as a government official driving around without a Valid Drivers licence Hello.
I got pulled over by police they don't care about various other identifications they want to see your drivers licence I did not have mine
I got a ticket and went to court and paid $18.00 For driving without it.
Now days there are so many people trying to get over on people and I don't blame the pharmacist for wanting to be sure on the identification.
Especially for a controlled substance. Sorry to Say Just Because you Are a Government official Doesn'T mean you are above the Walgreen's policy.
chrisann on 07/14/2010:
If a customer doesn't have a driver's license, I would assume that a state ID or SS card would do the trick. In regards to them asking for an ID in the OP case, whether they were already in the system or not, I would think that a pharmacy has a right to verify any information that they want--especially the way people try to scam these days.
LenaSunShine on 08/04/2010:
The condescending lectures and accusations by innuendo directed at OB are misplaced and inappropriate. OP left a review of her or his experience, not a request for your personal opinions on his or her character and values. Get over yourselves!

Many people go out and for a variety of reasons discover they've left their driver's license behind by accident. Anyone who never has, well aren't you special?

I have a whole pile of old driver's licenses left over from the days the DMVs did not take the original when one got a new one. So what? What are you, all twelve years old so you have know memory that how things are done now are new and not that long ago things were much looser?

Arriving for a quick task like picking up a prescription can quickly become trying when overly-burdensome and intrusive bureaucracy rears its ugly head. However, OP did not write that he or she "screamed" at the pharmacy employees.

Pharmacies are asking for photo ID now because of a federal law, but this federal law does not require the ID be a driver's license. Any photo ID will do, even a library card with a photo or a Costco card. As for needing a number, the regulation allowed Walgreens to use 000-00-0000. If Walgreen's computerized system could not accommodate that, then customers need to let Walgreens Corporate know they are not doing business with a company that is implementing such a narrow, inflexible, disrespectful to the varied needs of its customers company.

In almost every business now, and government agencies too, employees are poorly trained and provide much misinformation. Just because the employee said it was state law or any law doesn't mean it was true. Especially when it comes to ID, I have employees of clinics, pharmacies, insurance companies, and various agencies tell me such things all of the time and they are Wrong. They don't even know the laws themselves but were given an instruction and then justifying it to the customer, sometimes just making it up like the customer is stupid and sometimes honestly mistaken.

No one should be giving Any office other than a government office or a financial institution all of that information because too much private information in one place is begging to be sold to ID theft rings. Once you hand that pharmacist or medical receptionist your name, birth date, drivers license number, and social security number, they have everything they need to be you. Furthermore, it does not stay in that facility, but is sent to transcribing companies, financial/billing companies, and storage companies. Countless people you do not even know exist see your information, and sometimes they aren't even in this country.

I do not give my social security number or my driver's license number to anyone. For medical providers, I carry an enlarged copy of my driver's license in my purse with the number blocked out with permanent marker and let them make a copy of that. I will not use a medical provider that demands my social security number. Sure, employees have given me all kinds of bogus reasons why it is Required, but guess what, as soon as I say I'm canceling the appointment and going elsewhere, suddenly they discover it wasn't really required after-all. I don't even give my social security number to my medical insurance company, and they've actually called medical receptionists before to inform them I do not have to provide it in order for them to reimburse the medical provider.

OB had the bad luck of driving up to a window staffed by someone who did not actually know he or she could use the 000-00-0000 and sign something to show he or she had seen photo ID for verification. Then OB had the bad luck of facing an immature supervisor who engaged him or her in a power struggle instead of remembering that even a pharmacy is a retail business and OB was the customer.

If an employee had threatened me with the police merely because he or she was being challenged regarding customer service I was receiving, the store manager would have heard from me after I parked and went inside, or at least the next day if I was too upset at the moment to remain calm, as well as the corporate office too.

As for the snide remarks about OB's sleeping aid: 1)It is none of our business what the medication was. The issue was the abusive service dished out by the Walgreen's supervisor after time spent with a clueless employee. 2) Sleeping aids are not hard drugs of some kind. Too much is made of it. 3) Making excuses for government intrusion, tracking every script we fill like we live in an authoritarian police state (in this case, drugs, we do!), and onerous policies on the part of businesses using the government as their sorry excuse shows how foolish Americans have become after 20 years of overblown drug hysteria. Meth labs or not, it is actually a small percentage of Americans who actually have serious problems with medications, yet all of us are now subjected to invasions of our medical privacy, loss of control over our records, and being tracked by government as though we are all potential criminals. Overreaction to the problems of the few now creates unnecessary stress and expense for the many, as well as undermines our rights and our ability to protect our private information, yet we all roll over for it.
Anonymous on 08/04/2010:
Whew!! I'm tired now just reading that. :)
MRM on 08/04/2010:
Speaking of driver's license, when I renew my license, I keep the same photo that was taken in high school (13 years ago), on the new license.
momsey on 08/04/2010:
You can do that, MRM? Definitely can't do that here in Jersey. When I was 17, at the time they had kids under 21 turn their head to the side so anyone looking at the license could quickly see that they weren't 21 or over. Didn't affect me altering my license for getting into bars in college.
MRM on 08/04/2010:
I have renewed my license online and that was 3 years ago and it would use the same photo since high school.
FlShopper on 08/04/2010:
I've had the same photo on my license for over 15 years. I hope I never have to change it! :)
momsey on 08/04/2010:
Interesting. Here in Jersey, you used to be able to renew your license by mail, but you wouldn't have a picture on it. Now, of course everyone needs a picture and you have to go to the DMV to renew it. Always a fun experience and the perfect opportunity for a photo shoot.
LenaSunShine on 09/13/2010:
@ The Judge: (<:
billybob on 06/19/2011:
State laws differ, but in my state only passports, miliatary ids, a DL, or State issued ID card (ie looks just like DL , but says ID Card) are what the board of pharamacy say are accecptable forms of ID..... Don't abibe by Boards rules, get your livlyhood taken away from you. Quit getted pissed and just give me what I ask for because I'm just follow the laws and rules set forth but the government !
mikr on 11/01/2011:
Walgreens ,is a joke, when it comes to this, I mean the first time I actually filled a script for percocet...the pharmacist was really indirectly telling me I was a junkie ...and the meds were actually for my cancer ridden sibling ...shame on you walgreensWalgreens
SN on 08/11/2013:
It is a trending theme of retailers to find any reason to gain an individual's information. As far as regulated Rx's, pharmacies may not have a say in the ID verification policy. However, the fact that Walgreens requires and records your Driver's License for a merchandise return with a valid receipt, is nothing but an invasion of privacy. Even when you pay cash! Proof of ID isn't stated anywhere in the return policy printed on your receipt, yet they say it's applicable. It states you can return any purchase with valid receipt (with manager discretion, etc) for the full refund of the purchase price in the same form you paid. The policy without a receipt doesn't mention ID either. They're allowed to justify such practices for the sake of "loss prevention" or to track "return abuse,"and thus entitling them to the public's most personal possession, our identity. Under no circumstances should Walgreens or any establishment have the right to indiscriminately screen and record sensitive data on consumers. Questionable or suspicious transactions could be easily spotted by those at the register if they were diligent in the cause. To subject everyone returning a lipstick or curling iron to this tactic is a blatant infringement upon our right to privacy.
melbs on 09/14/2013:
I just went to pick up a narcotic and tried to provide my DL and they insisted on my SS#. They started it was due ti the ky to report to Kasper that's total BS. I am a RN and pull kaspers on a regulat basis with DL#'s.
I WILL be calling to complain to someone much higher. I Hate hate Walgreens.
Jenny on 02/27/2014:
Walgreens got busted for bogus orders for narcotic medicines(to supply FL pill mills) so this is 1 of the things they now due to not have to fill a prescription.I got the ID thing 2 mths(customer for years, same Dr,etc) then it changed to "we're out of that." Best to find a mom and pop pharmacy! I did -no trouble! They even will deliver to my home if needed! Stay away from the big chains and less headaches will occur.
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Change of management
Posted by on
The Walgreens that most of us have worked for does not exist anymore. It used to be a place where customers interacted with employees, you knew their families-ills or happiness. You could joke around and make the work place an environment that you loved to be at and it showed. The customers would see you happy and it would be contagious so much that it would bring them back to see a smiling face and want to shop at the store. The daily work lists got done and the atmosphere in the store was very different than it is now.

You have managers that demand so much from the employees that to professionally wait on the customers and get your list done something has to give. Lately it is customer service. In our store we are no longer allowed to spend more than a few minutes with the customer. Get their question answered and go on. No need to waste "our" time when we get paid to do our lists. We are not allowed to chat with other employees. Another waste of time according to our manager. We are paid to work and we should be thankful we have a job. Our manager stays in the office 99.9 % of the time and watches us on the security cameras to see if we are working. The only time she comes out is to ask why we took so long with a customer or why we were talking to another employee. She always says she is watching so be "warned". She also takes pictures every morning of things are wrong in the store.

For example a box of jello on its side, a card of batteries crooked on the front wall, 1 garbage can not emptied. Never a compliment of all the things that were done right just the things that were done wrong. Our store has changed in the last few months. When the manager asked what could be done to boost morale and make it a better place to work. She received an array of answers some she wanted to hear and some she did not. When one employee was with her and the conversation was not to her liking she actually sent the employee for "time out" in the computer room. How humiliating and degrading is that to a valued employee who is over 35 ? Some people were even transferred out so she would not to have any dissension in the ranks. The rules are exclusive to whomever she likes and those she does not will be spoken to. She is very inconsistent with her management direction. She shows favoritism with schedules and does not show fair scheduling practices. If she likes you you get what you want if not you get what she gives you or you have a choice to leave.

All in all the atmosphere in the store is not what a customer would be receptive to shop in. The customers see it and feel it. The sales have dropped. It all starts from the top with proper management skills and people skills. Train your managers to treat people with the respect they expect to get and the employees will give them a 120 %. Treat them like the manager is doing now and you will get very unhappy employees and no customers.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 05/10/2009:
If you feel that you have legitimate concerns, contact Walgreens HR department and ask for a meeting. I hate to say it but it is this way in most retail settings. You are given so many hours to staff your store and things have got to get done. It's not about customer service anymore, its about the dollars that can be brought in.
BokiBean on 05/10/2009:
A nitpicking, lousy manager can ruin a whole store. Thank goodness my Walgreen's is still friendly and customer oriented...I'm sorry you have to work under this manager!
custservman on 05/13/2009:
As I sat here and read this review it says a lot to what has happened in a store by me. A good friend of mine works there and has witnessed this happen. From schedule favoritism to newly hired employees getting days off that veteran employees cannot get. The customer service has gone from help the customer to get your work done and once that is done here is some more to do. My friend is a mom to one child and has had to work every single holiday since being hired there even though she has asked for them off. I understand this being the retail business and busy times etc but every single holiday for 3 years straight? And when asked to be moved from a 5 day shift to part time so she could go to school and be there for her child a little more they took away one day. I agree that a nitpicking manager can be hard to work for as I have been there and one that shows favoritism and nitpicks is even worse. It is very sad to see how things have changed but not in the favor of going forward. I only hope that they start to transition into a new direction of being employee and customer focused and orientated so they can last a bit longer otherwise I forsee their competition taking them over.
Chris27 on 09/19/2009:
John is correct. Hr or LP can help you and start an investigation. That's what they are there for. Trust me, they do listen to you.
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