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Terminated for Filing Hostile Work Environment Claim
By -

I was a Walgreens Assistant Store Manager for almost four years. In March, after eight months of ongoing harassment, I filed a hostile work environment claim with the company, as was my right according to the company. However, rather than taking my claim seriously, Loss Prevention sent out a clown of an investigator, who claimed she talked to "everyone" in the store and found no such claim of hostile work environment. I guess Loss Prevention, in claiming to talk to everyone, forgot to talk to anyone in the store except the store manager's pet. So the five people that would have supported the claims, well, they just don't count as everyone.

I was transferred for two weeks. Then I was transferred again. Just before leaving, I was warned by the store manager to be careful of the new store manager I was going to work for, because he had a history of firing people for minor infractions. So I went to the new store, where another assistant manager was fired within weeks. Why? Because she took a sick day, which she was allowed to do by the company. The manager said, he didn't like it when people took sick days, and fired her.

Then three months later, just out of the blue, I'm brought into the office, where I'm told that I supposedly sexually harassed another male employee. When I deny this charge and refuse to make a statement other than I didn't do it, my sanity is called into question by the same loss prevention investigator that again "talked to everyone." So, loss prevention has a history of "investigating" but not actually investigating and lying, so they can find whatever the District Manager wants them to find and fire people. Loss Prevention basically accused me of disgusting acts, but couldn't prove anything because it never happened.

This is the supposed pharmacy America trusts. Walgreens makes things up to protect their own. They don't care about their employees. Rather they would rather ruin people's lives with made up charges, just to protect themselves. I was retaliated against because I filed a claim to protect myself from a bad situation. But because the only witnesses to this event were two 20+ year employees of the company, my lawyers say they could put them on the stand, but they would lie about it. So I can't sue, because if I did, all Walgreens managers would do is lie about the situation. This is the culture that prevails within this company.

A Manager's Lack of Professionalism
By -

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- On November 15, 2010 I purchased numerous items at Walgreens on Stockton Boulevard in Sacramento, California. I had coupons for "cents off" on many of those items. The coupons were handed to the cashier prior to placing the items on the counter to be scanned. There was quite a bit of commotion in the front of the store at that time. A customer was complaining about the treatment she had received from that Walgreens manager. It was late when I arrived home so I did not check my receipt until the next day. I discovered that none of the coupon discounts had been taken off the total amount on the receipt.

I went back to the Walgreens on November 16, 2010 and asked to speak to a manager. The manager asked me why I had not come back right away. I was surprised by his comment because that I was standing in front of him the very next day. The manager continued to respond with insulting remarks. He even insinuated that I was lying about the incident of the previous evening. (With my receipt in hand he had gone into the back of the store. When he returned he said he reviewed the surveillance video and I had not handed anything to the cashier prior to the transaction.)

The manager grudgingly rounded up all of the items purchased on the previous night, while dragging me along with him to confirm that these were actually the items I had purchased. He returned all of the items, then rang them up again, this time, applying the coupon discounts. One of the coupons had not been a Walgreens coupon so he refused to give the $1.50 discount which was owed to me.

This whole process took approximately thirty minutes. When it was completed I told the manager he still owed me $1.50 and an apology. He replied, "I'm sorry, I looked at the video and you did not give the cashier any coupons." He turned to a woman behind me who had been patiently waiting to get a passport photo taken and he said, "I'm finally finished with that mess, now I can help you."

I do not understand how this man could have become a manager, and, I do not understand how Walgreens could have kept this man as a manager. I spent over $200.00 on prescriptions and other items that week at Walgreens, but refuse to pay to be treated in this manner and will be taking my business elsewhere.

Manager Accuses Us of Stealing
By -

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- Unsatisfactory interaction with Manager at Walgreens Store 3201 N Broadway St Chicago, IL 60657 (Broadway/Belmont). Today, Roughly after midnight, I entered the Walgreens store on Belmont and Broadway with two friends of mine. The purpose of this visit was to purchase a drink, black cherry calypso lemonade, which the store usually carries. We went to the beverage section of the store, looked for roughly 2 minutes, realized that the store did not have the beverage and left. Upon walking down Broadway Avenue, we heard calls from behind us. We turned to see three people yelling "y'all are some thieving **."

Taken aback by these comments, we decided to walk back to see what the commotion was. When we arrived back at the store, we saw two of the three people standing outside. They began to call us names saying that the manager had come outside and accused of stealing from the store and that they were yelling down the street at us because it was shameful for us to steal from the store. They told us that the manager had gone back into the store and if we had not taken anything, we should go back and clarify the situation with him.

When we walked in, security and the manager was at one of the front counters. The manager then accused of stealing from the store. Offended by this accusation, we handed over a bag so that the manager could look into the bag and inspect it. In fact, what was in the bag was a work uniform worn earlier that day. Instead of apologizing, he began to say how he had been having problems at the store. This sounded like a personal thing and something that should not have been taken out on us. He began to say if we were not stealing then why were we in and out of the store so quickly. Again, no apology was offered.

He then said that when we were leaving the store, he called security and we ran. This is a lie and I offer you to review any tapes from the occurrence. It will show us walking into the store, standing in the beverage aisle and walking out of the store. If he had called security, we paid it no mind since we were not guilty of anything and probably did not think twice about it.

It was a very embarrassing situation because he not only accused us of stealing but also involved other patrons in the occurrence. I feel that an apology is owed and that something needs to be done about the situation. I also feel that even when we proved we had taken nothing, he still did not believe us. I would suggest that the tapes from the night be reviewed. If you acknowledge the fact that we were wrongly accused of shoplifting, I would greatly appreciate an apology that we are owed. Thank you.

Customer Service
By -

What follows is strictly my opinion, based on experience, and in no way reflects the policies of any company. To the customer (things to consider)... Retail employees are among the lowest paid in any industry. Ask yourself... How much am I willing to tolerate for $7.00 an hour? Payroll is the biggest expense and cutting hours is the quickest way to increase profit. Payroll is determined at the corporate level. Thought... as corporations chase the military philosophy of "more with less", the days of one-on-one customer service are over. Save your anger/frustration for the person who has the ability to make a decision.

Cashiers, photo techs, RX techs, etc. are doing as they have been taught. If you have an issue you want resolved always ask for a manager. If you have a complaint, here are some tips... Be specific, include names, dates, times, etc. Offer a realistic solution. Complainers get the "corporate band aid" (i.e. gift card, small monetary compensation, apology, etc.). Complainers with solutions get the above, respect, and the real possibility of generating a change in policy. Complain to the right person. Get the district phone number or, even better, go to the corporate website (they all have a customer compliment/complaint link).

Be just as quick to give a compliment (compliments at the store level go nowhere... always write or call corporate), and ask for a response. To the non-managerial employees... Never argue with a customer, you will lose. The second a customer gets upset, call a manager. You have the same choice as customers, if you don't like it, find another job. If you feel it is your duty to save the company money, you are on the wrong track. When you fight with the customer over $5, $10, even $100 you are risking the loss of a lifetime customer who will potentially spend THOUSANDS of dollars.

To the management... Always back up your employees (Ma'am, my cashier was exactly right. She is required to uphold policy. However, in this situation I am going to bend policy a little bit and do what is best for you). If a customer cusses or becomes verbally abusive in any way, you have the legal right and responsibility to politely ask them to leave. If you don't, you run the risk of allowing a hostile work environment and that will get you fired. Never argue, you will lose. Apologize, take responsibility, offer solutions, and follow-up.

To receive the quickest service in the pharmacy... Go before 10 am or after 8 pm and never on a Monday. Call ahead and make sure it is ready. If you are in pain, say so. Again, "more with less"...RXs are generally understaffed, underpaid, and overworked. Customer demands for faster service have led to an increase in errors.

Miserable Employees
By -

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- Walgreens employees are mothers, fathers, grandparents, and children with families and loved ones. In my part of Central Florida, not only do all Walgreens employees have to work Christmas eve and day, their "holiday bonus" is a WALGREENS GIFT CARD that is barely enough for a few incidentals. Children grow-up without spending a single Christmas morning with Mommy or Daddy because some customer forgot to buy milk the day before. Weekly schedules are not posted in advance so employees are not able to plan activities with family or friends.

Vacation requests are left in limbo until the day before (or the day of) the vacation so no real vacation can be taken. Employees get sick time, but they had better not get sick and try use that time or they are made an example of. Salaried Executive Assistant Managers are often expected to work anywhere from 10 to 15 hours a day, 6 to 7 days a week "out of loyalty" while their bonus's are cut, their jobs are threatened, and their job satisfaction is zero.

Walgreens is always screaming to cut the budget, and they expect more to be done with less people in less time. That only works until a certain point and then all that happens is they create resentfully miserable employees giving crummy service. Until Walgreens steps up to the plate and really treats their employees the way they deserve to be treated (with dignity, respect, humanity, and decent monetary compensation) they had better start accepting their declining customer service scores. You can beat your dog, but one day it is going to turn around and bite you.

Poor Method of Dealing With Returned Checks
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Rating: 1/51

SIMPSONVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA -- On March 1, 2013 we purchased some items at the Simpsonville, SC store and paid by check. At the register the check is run through and then returned to the customer. It was our belief that the funds are immediately moved from our checking account to Walgreens account. Obviously that isn't the case. Within a few days of that transaction we lost our checkbook which also had the record of the checks written. Thinking it had been stolen out of my truck my wife went to the Palmetto Bank and ran a listing of the recent checks written and those that had cleared.

Then she had a STOP PAYMENT order on the other checks in the checkbook in case the checkbook was used fraudulently. Unfortunately the check for $72.74 to Walgreens somehow got blocked from payment even though we thought it had already cleared. MY COMPLAINT ABOUT WALGREENS is that they have no way to go into the local store and make the check good by cash or other payments. We tried twice to make payment at the local store to no avail.

I wrote an EMAIL to Walgreen's corporate that I wanted to pay the amount due plus some fee. THEY DIDN'T RESPOND. Instead they seem to have sent the check to TRS Recovery for collection when it was totally unnecessary. I don't like dealing with a corporate giant that isn't open to listening to customers. I'll make the payment but I don't like the idea of an additional collection fee from TRS Recovery and TeleCheck.

At this time I plan to bypass WALGREENS in the future in favor of CVS, WALMART, RITE AID or other stores. Until now Walgreens had been our favorite drugstore chain but this has soured me on that company. Until this experience I would have rated Walgreens as worth a 4 star rating.

Pushing Out 2 Pharmacists Because They Are Not Going to Be 24-Hour Pharmacy Any Longer
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Rating: 5/51

WAUKEGAN, ILLINOIS -- Walgreens at Green Bay, Waukegan, IL, is not going to have a 24-hour pharmacy any longer. My problem with this is they are not finding any LOCAL, OR ANY POSITIONS -AT ALL- FOR TWO of their PHARMACISTS WHO HAVE BEEN WITH THE COMPANY FOR 30+ YEARS. What is Walgreens going to do for these two GREAT pharmacists? They are letting them go!!!! These two guys are the BEST pharmacists at that store and they really do their job for the customer and they are being dumped.

O.K., I can understand Walgreens not wanting to continue a 24-hour pharmacy, but to dump these two men and not find them a position within the company LOCALLY is just despicable! I can't understand why Walgreens would push out 2 faithful employees just a short time before they want to retire and not find them a permanent position within the company. SHAME ON YOU Walgreens! Don't you give a hoot about your employees or their financial status???

SHAME ON YOU Walgreens, these men are two of your BEST employees, and considering they have been with your company for 30 years, they have been faithful, which is more than I can say that Walgreens is being to them!!!!! I am going to go to CVS or Cosco *IF* these guys ARE FORCED TO leave your employ! And if they do leave your employ I am MOST CERTAINLY going to tell everybody I talk to why they are gone - pushed out, not leaving on their own choice... AND I am STILL going to be like the 6pm news if Walgreens sends these men to a store that is ridiculously FAR in miles to work IF they keep them in their employ, which I bet they won't!!!

Why stay with Walgreens if they kick out the BEST pharmacists??? We customers have a right to the best pharmacists, and we have right to stop trading with a store who treats their employees like dogs!!!!!

We Are Not An Entitled Society
By -

I have been working for Walgreens for about 1 1/2 years. I am way underemployed with them but I know that and it suits my needs. They accommodate my schedule because I have a small business on the side that I love and I do a lot of volunteer work. I was honest with them when I started. I wanted to work there because they would meet my schedule and they would give me enough hours to get benefits and it was close to home to support my family.

They let me work the minimum hours for benefits, but call on me occasionally to fill in since I am not close to overtime. And that's okay with me, one hand washes the other. Most businesses on the lower end of the pay scale don't offer benefits. And if they do, they are way too expensive for most people or not valuable. We live in a country where we have become so arrogant that we believe someone owes us a living.

I have worked Christmas & New Years because a schedule is put up on a volunteer basis and I chose those days to allow the young people with families to have that time. Get a GRIP, we have turned into a lazy nation who believes we are entitled to things we don't actually work for.

We think our mere existence gives us a right. That's why we got screwed by the big boys in the banking, mortgage, and finance industries. I was a manager for 25 years in businesses I watched screw the public financially. Walgreens is not the worst place in the world to work. They provide a decent workplace, I have not seen them indiscriminately fire people, and as a retail company, they offer options. So what I would say is get head out of your butt and appreciate that any employment in these times should be welcome. And if the worst thing you have to do is work on Christmas, we make greater sacrifices all of our lives.

Walgreens Register Rewards
By -

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE -- Walgreens has only a so-so as a rewards program. I used to shop at Walgreens pretty much exclusively several years ago when they had the rebate program, which I loved. Then they added the register rewards program, which was fine too, except it seems to have been a way to wean people away from the rebate program, and replace it. Still, better than nothing. I didn't like the way Walgreens doesn't let you combine the register rewards coupons and use them to buy a single item. This is really inconvenient because you end up with a handful of them, which is no doubt what they intend. Some reward! Then I discovered Rite-Aid.

I never had shopped there much before because there wasn't one really close to where I live and I really liked Walgreens at that time. However, Rite-Aid still has a rebate program and it is fantastic! They also have a card where you earn points towards free health screenings and get discounts when you shop there. Best yet, they have a program like Walgreens register rewards, only it is MUCH better. It is called Up rewards. Unlike Walgreens, which really tries to limit how you use the register rewards, Rite-Aid lets you combine several of the Up coupons together towards a single purchase and you can also use them with a manufacturer's coupon too.

While this allows me to get a deep discount or sometimes even get an item free, since I do all my drugstore-type shopping at Rite-Aid now, they are more than compensated for that bit of generosity. I wish I had started shopping at Rite-Aid sooner. I think it is an excellent business model. Friendly staff, good selection of products, competitive prices, and most importantly, ALLOW your customers to use their rewards as the CUSTOMER chooses. I haven't shopped at Walgreens in over a year. Rite-Aid offers MUCH more value with their great reward programs!

A Loss Both Ways
By -

GLENDALE, ARIZONA -- This morning around 8 AM I made a stop at Walgreens on 59th and Peoria in Phoenix, Arizona because of connivance, I was in a hurry to buy Bobby pins and heartburn over the counter medicine. When I go there I immediately went towards the cosmetic area and began looking for the right shade of powder face powder. Suddenly, I hear, "Excuse me, what are you looking for?" If the sales lady meant to frighten me - it worked. Then I began to go towards the shampoo area by now I could hear over the speaker, "Camera on shampoo aisle." Next, I went to the front and ask for the manager.

When the manager came over she glanced at me from head to toe several times, as I was explaining how I enjoy shopping at Walgreens but that I wish I wasn't treated like a thief. I told her what the clerk said over the speaker about the shampoo aisle and her tone towards me was very unfriendly. The manager looked at me with sickened eyes and said that the clerk was just being humorous.

Then I told the manager how when I used cash in the past my treatment was even worst because when it came time to pay my money is checked in many different ways (rubbed for texture, held up to the bright light, inspected all around the numbers, ink color close up and so on) in front of me. So I asked that my money be checked without humiliating me. I suggested a special pen which is used to mark on cash to make sure the cash is real. But the manager argued how, "Those pens do not work." She continued to stare at me and argue how my money was going to be checked every time.

Finally I had enough, I felt hassled, so I asked the clerk how much my cost was. The cost of the purchase I would have made turned out to be sixty-one dollars and change. At this time I turned to the manager and said "I hope it was worth" it and walked away without buying the things I so needed.

After all this hassle happening to me many times over at Walgreens, I feel I must find another store like Walgreens, but, not one store is similar to Walgreens. No other stores even gets close to offering the various items needed for your family in one stop when it comes to your family's medicine cabinet, beauty supplies, and miscellaneous conveniences too.

Therefore, I would like to see Walgreens come up with a plan to use the latest modern technology gadgetry to check customer's money without checking the money in front of the customer because a sale lost over a hassle can only be a loss both ways on the customer and on Walgreens.

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