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Posted by Julie110 on 10/24/2006
ERIE, PENNSYLVANIA -- Hired Window World.Bought their windows had them install. Worst costumer service ever! Horrible product. 19 windows installed all of them had manufaturers defects and or installation defects.
Owner refuses to fix the problems. The people they hired to install windows ruined our carpet, lied about it and after a month of fighting with them fianlly replaced it. Owner refuses to fix the problems with our windows until I pay for the remaining 2 windows that we cancled due to they arrived over a month late and all the problems we had with the other windows and customer service.
Buyers please due the research on any company you hire. It only takes a little of your time. You will save yourself thousands of dollars and piece of mind!

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Posted by Ponie on 2006-10-24:
Did you follow your own advice and research Window World before you bought? If you did, I guess it doesn't always work, does it?
Posted by Julie110 on 2006-10-24:
No Ponie as a matter of fact I did not, Guess I wouldn't have posted this if I had. Moral of the story......
Do a background check on anyone you hire to do a service for you.
Posted by Esyndicate on 2006-11-21:
I also had a horrible experience with Window World. I bought 21 windows(over $6000) and half of them would not close properly. On top of this, 2 windows leaked profusely any time it rains. I have the sheetrock off the open wall right now and(with a gentle sprinkler) I can simulate rain; within minutes I can see water pouring out the bottom of the window down the insulation. Window World refuses to assume responsibility(even though the windows have a lifetime guarantee). I was SHOCKED by how rude, defensive, and irrational their customer service department was.
Posted by raider33 on 2007-05-24:
I am very surprised by your comments I have met the owners of Window World and found them to be very nice to deal with. Why they wouldn't address your problems is very surprising because the warranty on their windows is a manufacturers warranty so it cost them nothing to address your issues. Their BBB rating is excellent. Beinging in law enforcement you wouldn't be the installer who walked off with a bunch of cash and is now stalking an employee of window world. Your story sounds so familar. Yes folks do your research you will find they are an excellent company to deal with.
Posted by akennedy on 2009-03-03:
window World isnt a member of the BBB dont be fool Anyone with a problem contact window world corperate. They are obligated to fix any problems and concerns you have. As a former employee I know how hard it is to get them to make things right, but if you make a fuss and complain to corperate they will have to
Posted by hadogen on 2009-03-29:
window world is just a very dirty company to deal with. they claim oh it happens to 1 out of every 10 customers or its only a very few ppl who have these problems...but truth is its not just a few ppl its ALOT! and its not just isolated to one location or store its happening in ALL their stores/franchises. from my own experience in dealing with their window world chantilly store i can assure you their service overall is really bad. perception is reality and the fact of the matter is this shouldnt be happening, not to ANY customer even ONE because that person could be you. and if you deal with these guys youre probably next. and the really sad part is that they dont care if youre having a problem cuz they fail to address any of your needs or concerns instead they get rude, defensive and outright confrontational, just read the comment above. its a commom theme and their dirty laundry list goes on and on horrible customer service, they dont return calls, work is shabby and poor, install crews are illegals, extra charges, delay and errors, leaky windows, the list just goes on
Posted by Almost A. Victim on 2012-10-03:
Just cancelled contract. Bought 6 windows. Salesman called next day saying it would be another $400 for required trim. Told him to stuff it.
Posted by Aylene on 2013-09-18:
I too am having a bad time with windows improperly installed by window world. Had to pull drywall to find the leaks. The damage is extensive and will cost $1,000's to repair...this was less than one year since they were installed. The water is running through the screw holes they drilled into the bottom sill. The customer service is terrible. They simply do not want to accept responsibility for their work.
So yes, buyer beware
Posted by mike on 2013-10-18:
I love my windows. the extra trim was $25 made window look great. Yes 4 windows have lost the seal. 1 call and they replaced them. Other window companies use exact same window and charge double. Orlando window world has been great. Have recomended to 20 people. I only looked here because someone told me they heard they were bad. I would and have purchased again for a rental. Mike
Posted by Susan on 2014-01-24:
I'm surprised to see the negative reviews. We moved into a home that needed new windows. The previous owners put two Anderson windows in but stopped there. We used Window World to replace all the other windows in the home for under 5K. You can't tell the difference between the Anderson and the WW windows. In fact, I'm sitting in the room that has both brands installed. It's about 12 degrees outside. The Anderson window has moisture on the glass, the WW does not.
Posted by John on 2014-04-06:
One of my windows has mold between the glass. Ordered a replacement over a month ago. No window yet !
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Bait and Switch - Run
Posted by Varinia on 05/16/2012
ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- They advertise any window replaced for $189.00 - up to a certain size. When the salesman S.S. came he said :"Oh, you're replacing vinyl wndows? I'm sorry, but our price is only valid if you replace wood windows. But we can replace these for $ 250.00 ". I told him to leave. He then insulted me further with saying:" Well, we can do it for $ 246.00 per window." (How stupid does he think I am."

I told him that that I have no interest in dealing with them.

He later called me and offered to do it for $ 200 per window, but I made it clear that this was principle and that I have no interest in dealing with such an unethical company.

This is called 'Bait and Switch' and it's illegal in Georgia.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-05-16:
I don't agree it is "bait and switch". I did some research and found out the $189 promotion *is* for wood windows being removed, and has been that way at least for a couple of years. If you think about it, the reason is the additional labor needed to remove a vinyl or metal window.

I think you made a wise choice. What kind of quality can you expect for removing and installing a new window for $189? Probably not much. Reviews online of the windows aren't positive. Good luck.
Posted by Churro on 2012-05-16:
Nice google trmn8r!
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-05-16:
I should add that I did not find out about the fact $189 is for replacing wood windows on the Window World site (that fact is left out), but rather on another feedback site and a post by an installer of the product.

It certainly would be nice for them to include that in some fine print.
Posted by copper_works_ on 2012-05-17:
This One?

Our $189 Replacement Window Offer
Windows from Window World enhance the beauty of your home, bring the outside view indoors and maintain your comfort. Crisp, clean lines, and exquisite architectural detailing are just the beginning. These windows offer all the features you'd expect from a premium vinyl window – including fusion-welded sashes and mainframes, sloped sill for proper water drainage, cam-action locks, interlocks at sash meeting rails and more.

Make your life easier with tilt-in sashes for easy cleaning, and reduce energy costs with superior all-weather insulation performance.

When you choose Window World for your replacement windows, you will know that you've invested wisely and increased the value of your home. Plus, all $189 windows are covered by Window World's impressive Lifetime Limited Warranty.

$189 Window Features
Multi-chambered sash and mainframe for thermal efficiency
Fully extruded lift rails provide strength and durability for easy operation
Dual ventilation limit-locks for a more secure air flow
Double barrier weather seal at sash perimeters help keep out dirt and protect against air infiltration
AAMA Gold Seal certification for thermal, structural, air and water performance
Offer includes White Double Hung windows up to 4ft. wide x 6ft. tall, or 7ft. wide x 5ft. tall for west coast sliders offered at $189 (west coast sliders are available only on the west coast). Please see your local Window World location for detailed pricing and specials. Some state and local building codes may require a Low E package which is not included in the $189 price
Posted by madconsumer on 2012-05-17:
i too fell for their so called $189 per window deal. in the end, even though the windows would have cost $189 each, by the time they add their fees and taxes, the windows they quoted me would have cost $600 each!
Posted by anon on 2012-06-06:
It is bait and switch. I just saw their commercial on local tv. They say $189.00 per window installed (any size). That makes it sound like wood or vinyl, any size plus installation. I know someone who had replacement windows installed recently and they paid around $200.00 per window not including installation. But they got a great window.
Posted by Crewmax42 on 2013-07-07:
Check their faq:

What does "Any Size, Installed" mean?
The term "Any Size" refers to any size replacement double hung window our manufacturer will construct. Currently this is a minimum width and height of 15" X 26" and a maximum of 48" X 78". "Installed" refers to the removal of a basic double-hung wooden window and installing your new Window World double hung replacement window, using your the existing wooden stops.
Posted by Brent on 2013-11-11:
I have used Window World for many jobs. I have numerous rentals and I flip houses. I've also had many friends use them. I have had nothing but a positive experience. They are a great product. The windows I normally get have all the extra stuff. Argon, grids, window wrap, etc. I end up paying about 300 a window. I think that is a fantastic deal! No complaints here.
Posted by Jim Montgomery on 2014-01-13:
Window World advertises windows for $189. What they fail to tell the customer is the advertised price does not include Low-
E glass or aluminum trim. The cost to buy one window with Low-E and aluminum trim is $523.00.
Posted by Ronnie on 2014-01-22:
They came up last week and I ask about the 189.00 special. The man who came out said he would not put them in a house unless it was a rental or was a trailer. He then quoted me a cost of Approx $2400 for 8 windows and those had no LO E. NO SALE. I have a local contractor quoting the job with LO E windows now. He came with good recommendations.
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Do Not Buy Anything From Window World seriously
Posted by Hadogen on 03/27/2009
CHANTILLY, VIRGINIA -- I have had the worst experience ever with Window World of DC. First of all they say the sell a 189 window installed, thats a lie. Yea sure they will install it for 189 but you gotta get this and that (you have to get the ext. Trim and low/e argon gas and any other options more $$$) and the 189 is their low end window...So right off the bat its more like 400 per window minimun. Ok so that isn't the bad news...Oh and the sales people will show you reviews and comments from previous customers raving about the company but I think thats total bs probably just made it up themselves. The sales people tell you "oh you'll get a call in a few days 3-5 at the most and someone will come to measure your windows"...Another lie. Nobody calls you. No one. You have to call and practically beg and complain for someone to come out. And when these people who work over there answer the phone they have this attitude like why are you calling me? Whats your problem? Customer service really really really sucks. The people who work there must be miserable its like your calling the morgue. You gotta be courteous, have a smile in your voice but more like there angry that you called.

Oh and when this measurer does call you he doesn't speak English. Yea so you have a really hard time trying to communicate and the caller gets upset with you and yells at you. Umm hello I'm the customer I should be upset not you. And the installers don't speak English so you gotta call the office and go through hell just to communicate. I mean they speak very limited basic English. And I got no problem if you can't speak English but if I'm paying you guys thousands of dollars I shouldn't have to go through that to ask questions during install. Cheap windows cheap labor a friend told me. So they say 4-6 weeks from time you sign a contract to the time you get installed another lie. Took 3 months. It was a nightmare mismeasures, order wasn't placed correctly, oh the truck from the factory didn't bring the windows blah blah blah excuses excuses.

And they rave about their lifetime all inclusive warranty. Yea if you call and complain 10 times and put up with their horrible customer service. If you ever call them they'll say I need to take a message we'll call you back...Yeah next year. I had to drive to their office just for them to listen to me when I had a warranty issue and when I just wanted to know what the hell is taking so long for you guys to call a customer back. Look if I wasn't so upset with their product, service, and just the way they treat people I wouldn't be wasting my time putting this up. I just don't want anyone else to go through this nightmare because they say there great but there not.
Read Company Response
Company Response on 04/01/2009:
This review was written by a previous disgruntled employee that was terminated from our company.
Company Response on 04/03/2009:
The attorney for Window World of DC is in the process of pursuing this former employee to the fullest extent of the law because of acts committed while in the employ of our company. Further, he will challenge the site to remove these lies and inuendos.
We take customer service very seriously. We have grown our business in the DC metro area to be one of the most successful window replacement firms in this area. We install over 20,000 units per year with approximately 40-50% of that coming from referrals. Obviously that would not happen if we were not satisfying our customers.
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Posted by hadogen on 2009-04-02:
oh yes im sure were ALL disgruntled employees here putting up posts
Posted by installer40 on 2010-04-21:
i know when i worked at WW in cincy,,,the customer service was REALY bad. the new manager would go to the gym during the day,,,or hang out on facebook during the day. so no one ,,including the customer could get ahold of him. 8 out of 10 of my jobs ,,,i got peppered with " why cant i get ahold of anyone at the office ? " ,,," is there anyone working the office ? " and it went on and on and on. WW is the WORST comopany out there as far as taking care of their employees,,,customers. they just care about the money,,,if they can find someone to do your job cheaper...then sry buddy,,,your fired. no matter how many customers call the office requesting you to do their job. the company is a joke.
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Horrible customer service
Posted by HMack169 on 08/28/2012
WAYNESBORO, VIRGINIA -- First of all for the record I'd like to state that I am not the type of person to complain. I work in customer service myself so I realize how difficult it can be. However, my experience with Window World has been absolutely horrible. Their customer service is terrible. Not only do they never call you back when they say they will but the person who measured my windows the first time measured wrong so my new windows were brought to me and not able to be replaced on the installation date. It has been a nightmare trying to find out when the new windows (for the second time) will be installed. Not to mention the fact that all of this has already been paid for. I will never recommend Window World to a friend or family member ever again.

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Window World Deception
Posted by Jcrace0001 on 03/31/2009
ALLEN, KENTUCKY -- 1. Dec. 19th, 2008 Rodney Castle came to our house and provided us with an estimate to replace our Windows. This same day my wife paid for half up front and agreed on the contract.

2. Monday, Dec. 22 I called Window World and spoke with Andrea Kennedy, employee of Window World and told her I would like to add another window to replace an old window air conditioner. Andrea replied that they would not have to order that window because they had one in stock. Rodney Castle then came out to our house again and measured for the additional window and said it would be $300 dollars more for this addition. Rodney told my wife he would send a guy out to go ahead and install this window since they had it in stock.

3. On Jan. 6th 2009, Derek Kennedy came to our house to install the first window that they had in stock. At the end of the day, he told my wife to go ahead and pay him the $300 for this window. She did so with a check. All this time we were under the impression that this was all done by Window World.

4. On Jan. 15th a second crew showed up to install the other 11 windows. This crew did a superb job on installing the windows. The crew informed my wife that the first window that was installed was not done correctly and we should contact Window World to get it fixed. The work on the first window was not acceptable.

5. I called Window world and reported the issue to Andrea at Window world. She stated that the window was installed as good as possible. She then said that it was her husband that installed the window and he said that the window was installed properly. I informed her that that their own workers told my wife to report the window as improperly installed. From there I seen that the local window world was not going to resolve the problem.

6. I contacted the corporate office online by submitting a complaint online.

7. Andrea called soon after I submitted the complaint online and told me the corporate office had called their office. Andrea then went on to say that Window world would replace the window and fix the sheet rock around the window. She said it would take around 4 weeks. I was satisfied with that.

8. On Feb. 16th, 2009 I called Window World to follow up with the replacement window. I spoke with [the] Vice President of Window World. I ask [snip] about our replacement window. He then informed me that they had fired Andrea Kennedy due to problems such as my case. [snip] said he would contact me back after he found the information on my window install.

9. On Feb. 17th, 2009 I called Window World again to follow up since I heard nothing from [snip]. At this point, [snip] informed me that they could not replace the improperly installed Window because Andrea had gave that item to her husband Derek to do on the side. [snip] said this was done outside of Window World. At this point I was very upset. All this time I am dealing with Window World employees and spending almost $4,000 and then [snip] is telling me that one of our windows was done by someone besides window world. Therefore this window is not under warranty, the window will not be fixed, and there is nothing Window World can do about it. [snip] informed me that he could give me Andrea's cell number. I told [snip] I had purchased everything from Window World, or at least that was the impression gave to me by Andrea, a window world employee and Rodney Castle, a window world employee. [snip] said they would not fix the problem.
10. I contacted the corporate office via phone. I think the ladies name of Suzie. I told her the story and she said she would contact the Window World at Allen and call me back. Suzie called me back and upheld the same stance as [snip].

Conclusion: I am stuck with a Window that is improperly installed that I gave $300 for that all along I thought I was purchasing from Window World at Allen Kentucky from Window World personnel. However, now Window World has fired those employees and will not stand behind their business.
Read Company Response
Company Response on 11/18/2009:
Having been to Mr. Crace's house to inspect the problems, we have since re-installed and re-trimmed this window and have issued a full warranty even though this window was STOLEN from our warehouse and Mr. Crace wrote his $300.00 check to the person that took it. Feel free to contact Mr. Crace to confirm!
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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-03-31:
I think this is a good case for small claims court. Outsourcing without your knowledge and refusing to stand behind their incorrectly installed product is wrong. You already tried to get this resolved with their higher-ups, and since they refused, the court system is your next stop.

Here is more information about small claims in your state:
Posted by hadogen on 2009-04-03:
yea window world is a joke. they dont take care of their customers. horrible service is a common thread throughout their stores.
Posted by jcrace0001 on 2009-04-03:
I understood that Window World could not prevent an employee from being misleading; however, they should stand behind their name and resolve the issue. The other windows were installed with good satisfaction. I had never dealt with Window world Allen, KY before, but at this point I will never use them again.
Posted by ybbob on 2009-09-11:
Thanks for your comments, I just made up my mind of who not to call.
Posted by kathy on 2014-04-05:
Wow glad to read these review I have a apointment with window world in 3 days. I dont want to get caught up in this crazy stuff. Window world can afford to put in a 300 dollar window to make the customer happy insted of putting it off for 4 months hoping it would just pass over. This just is not right by the company. I will not buy now for sure.
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Replacement Windows
Posted by Dgillbee on 10/10/2009
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Window World Windows, Houston Texas --- PLEASE ALSO READ MY FOLLOW UP

My Husband called to see if our replacement windows were in and that is when they scheduled to come out. The appointment was set up for early Friday morning at 7:00 A.M. about 9:00 A.M. my husband called and they were on another job, they said they would be at my house at 11:00 A.M. It rained on them where they were so it took longer than they thought it would. Finally they called again about 12:30 P.M. and said they were an hour away, my husband called them again at 2:30 P.M. and they said again they were an hour away. They were told that the radar was showing about 4:00 P.M. we would get rain, well guess what they waited until 4:00 P.M. to show up so they said they would be back the next day (even though the rain ended 1/2 hour later). They said they had two other appointments first (in other words if they bump you, you still have to wait) but they would be at our house by 3:00 P.M.

We just received a call at 3:30 P.M. and again they said the job was taking longer than they thought but not because of rain this time. Will try again tomorrow they said. So we are still waiting on our windows. The few dollars we saved between window world and Homedepot is not worth the aggravation. We have replaced several windows with Home Depot and have never had a problem with workers showing up when they say. So for two days I had to stay at the house waiting on them for NOTHING.

Obviously Window World does not have enough installers to cover the area but if they keep working like this I don't think they will have to worry about it. We have not received the windows yet but the salesperson said they are the exact same window we got from Home Depot so I already know I like them. Next time I will go back to Home Depot for the extra couple of bucks!!!!
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Posted by bcd on 2009-10-10:
You should have been first on their list for today. That's poor service. Good review.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-10:
You should be commended for your patience. This was the perfect example of what customer service should not be.
Posted by dgillbee on 2009-10-13:
Thank You for your comments, yes I was very upset that we were bumped and you don't go to the front of the line when they do this to you. We did get our windows on Sunday which is the installer's day off so I guess he felt sorry for me.
One thing though I would be very careful walking around the areas that they took out the windows. A friend of my daughters cut her foot and we had a lot of cleanup of glass inside and out. But I do thank the installer for coming out and making sure I did not have to take another day to wait on them.
Posted by dgillbee on 2009-10-19:
Follow Up...

The regional manager of Window World called my husband and was upset with what had happened and said he would look into this situation so it did not happen again. He also gave my husband his personal number in case we needed anything else. Most companies would ignore reviews so I have to give a thumbs up to Window World for responding to this review.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-20:
I work part time peak season every year for a roofing company. They also install windows and additions. Sometimes, the guys get held up at a job. Sometimes it shows rain and they have to wait to make sure they can complete a job before they get started. or that they can complete a job before the rain hits. It happens.

With the liability they carry, I know the company I work for do not begin tear off of a roof if it shows rain on the radar, regardless of what the sky might look like right them. Imagine a house filled with water and the damage they would be responsible for. Same with additions and windows.

They work in the order that a job is paid/materials delivered. Just because the rain ended a 1/2 hour earlier don't you think the working area would still be wet?! I used to hear people say that all the time. "Why aren't they here to put on my new roof? It stopped raining"..."Yes ma'am. But your roof is wet." "So." "So, if we take off your existing shingles, guess where all that water will go".

They came out on a Sunday, probably someone's day off. You should thank them instead of complaining. Sometimes you just have to wait.
Posted by CCT on 2013-01-07:
I wanted to comment on this 3 years later. Window World has over 10 crews that install anywhere 50- 300 windows per day. Alot of jobs are 2-5 window jobs and they are assigned 2, sometimes 3 jobs per day. Sometimes it is real hard to get them all in on that same day. The only thing I can say is that the sales representative should have prepared you worse case scenario and the actual installer should have not given you false hopes that he would be there that soon and then not. We have new management in our installation department since May 2012 and things have changed for the better even though they were good before.
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Poor Workmanship
Posted by Mkspw on 11/12/2008
CINCINNATI, OHIO -- I contracted with Window World of Cincinnati to replace gutters on the front of the house and to replace front & back entry doors.I have ended up with the worst mess I have ever seen. The gutters and downspouts were just thrown together using big sheet metal screws. They did come back and did some caulking on the leaks in the gutters. These gutters would of looked better and wouldn't of leaked if rivets had been used. My front door was replaced with some kind of a half frame replacement door instead of a full frame prehung door. The threshold on this door is so high it presents a tripping hazard. The installer did not use a level or square on the door , just threw it in the opening and screwed and nailed it in. They sent another installer to work on the door. It is some what better but the top hinge is still in a bind which will wear it out. This front door and frame looks like crap and comes with a big scratch on the corner of the door.They did use a prehung door on the back door after the half frame door they brought in first wouldn't work because there was no place to screw the door frame flange to. The gay in charge wanted the installer to run a circle saw up the wall cutting a groove to stick the door frame flange into.

They had no idea what was back there and there would nothing holding this side of the frame except the flange in the groove. The doors themselves are good quality and it makes me sick every time I look at this mess of doors and gutters.
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Posted by TGT101 on 2008-11-12:
But they have such a catchy jingle they must be good.
Posted by akennedy on 2009-03-03:
I feel sorry for u because they will probablly never take care of it, even tho they are obligated to and you have a so called lifetime warrenty. The only way to put a stop to it is to spread the word. They hire people off the street and let them do work on their customers homes. These crews of installer may or may not have ever done this type of work before. Aside from the false advertisment and the poor customer service, they offer poor workmanship. "Simply the Best for Less" NOT
Posted by hadogen on 2009-03-27:
yes i totally argee...they are horrible.
their customer service is sh*t.
spread the word.
im pretty sure they use illegals to do all their labor i know the location in dc (chantilly va) does. so wut do u expect. 189 is a lie. "simply the best for less" should read "simply the worst for more"...more pain and horrible service
Posted by installer40 on 2010-04-15:
i would agree with ya's on some points. not all of the installers were scabs tho,,,altho i have seen a lotof them come and go.they just treat people like garbage is why they can not keep any good installers. read my 3cents for the cincinnati store. have you heard of them rough cuting a vinyl window on the job? didnt think so,,,,this manager at the cincy store had us cut so many windows around this area it is sickening to think. the guy has never installed a window,,and to keep his numbers up (im assuming) he had us cut all the mis-measured windows( behind the customers back) and MAKE them work,,,or we lose our job.i was let go unfairly ( and i brought LOTS of work to thier company) so i am spreading the horrible work they make their guys do as much as i can.
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Installation Was Terrible. Customer Service Not So Good
Posted by Mdewes on 06/18/2013
MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN -- The windows themselves are not the problem The price was right for my budget. Windows are listed as $189.00 any size. Well then comes the trim and install. The installation was a nightmare. First they were very careless in removing the old windows. Siding was pulled away from the window openings. Not good. Tried to fix it [by] caulking the damage.

Then there was the trim issue. The owner of Wisconsin Window World measured all windows and trim needed. He mismeasured the size of the trim. It ended up allowing almost an inch gap between the window and the trim. They tried to cover it up my caulking the gap with a tube of caulk per window. The caulk actually "ribboned" down the top of the windows. They did redo the trim. However, their attitude was that I was the one at fault, not them. Honestly. There are still half inch gaps at the base of the windows. They also left openings at the very top where the siding and trim meet. If I had not gone up to clean out my gutters, I would have had water inside the walls. Unbelievable.

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Window World Does Not Care!!!!!!
Posted by Ferrariloins on 01/02/2013
MAUMEE, OHIO -- Hello my name is Edward F. jr. I worked for Window World, Maumee Ohio. I noticed sales missing that I had made. I spoke up about this and my manager Jeff fired me. I was supposed to get my last check two days before Christmas, I didn't get it. I have prof that they owe me $1000+, I called window world and talk to Jeff and his words were. your not getting your money and have a nice weekend with your so called god!!
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Posted by Skye on 2013-01-02:
You need to contact your state labor department and file a complaint.

Here is the link:

Posted by scott on 2013-09-17:
By including the sarcastic " GOD" comment, your ex manager exposed himself to a potential discrimination lawsuit. Too bad companies continue too keep these managers employed based on their sales level instead of their level of integrity.
Posted by Ron on 2013-10-10:
Edward: If this makes you feel any better I was going to buy my new windows from them. I'll be darned if i would buy ANYTHING form them after reading your complaint. I'm going to Lowes. They're about the same price.
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False Advertising/Estimator w/Alcohol Use
Posted by MMroskey on 10/25/2012
LATROBE/PITTSBURGH OFFICE, PENNSYLVANIA -- First, the company advertises incentives on the radio, but you are told they do not apply to your area, however, you are in the listening range of the advertisement and they do not specify this. Then, when you call, they tell you one price, but declare another when they arrive, however, you are not told this when going over pricing on the phone. In addition, in our case, the estimator was late to the appointment and smelled of alcohol. We called to complain to his manager who claimed that he was just with him prior to the appointment and had no problems with him. (I have a feeling they were out together prior to the visit.) He also was very rude and in no way was apologetic for our experience. When we asked for his boss, he said he was "good friends" of the owner and basically that we would have no luck with him either. I feel this was extremely unprofessional, no customer service, and false advertising. They do not realize how much we could've purchased in the future with the properties we own and the connections we have in real estate and construction. I wonder if the owner of the franchise really doesn't care like he indicated and if the Window World Company also doesn't care of how unprofessionally they are handling business and losing business?! Also, I have a family member who used them prior to this where the window was put in crooked/at a slant and we just thought it was due to having complications (which they were having while putting it in), however, now, I'm wondering if they were not also drinking!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2012-10-25:
You put "alcohol use" in your title, however there is no evidence of the employees using alcohol, only your assumption.
Posted by wjk898 on 2012-10-26:
As a rule of thumb I stick up for my drinking buddies. Loyal ones are hard to find these days.
Posted by Jim M. on 2014-01-13:
Window World has been misleading the public since 1995 with the 189 installed price. As an owner of a replacement window company in Pittsburgh I do not understand why more people post stuff on sites like this one. Contact the state of Pennsylvania bureau of consumer protection and file a complaint. Things will not change until consumers speak up.
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