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800 Long Ridge Road
Stamford, CT 06904-1600
1-800-275-9376 (ph)
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RJ45 Cable Not Included With Printer
By -

This was my first Xerox purchase and I am disappointed. I finally set aside time to install the printer one night and when it was time to connect the RJ45 Ethernet cable, it wasn't in the box. I did not scour their website looking to see if this was included since it IS needed to make the printer actually work, I DID think it was included. But I was wrong. This is a waste of my time and I should have just ordered a Brother's laser printer like I did last time. This was on sale for Black Friday so I ordered for this reason and now am regretting this purchase.

Xerox - why don't you just pack everything up in the box that is needed and try making people happy so they will continue buying your products? I tried to call Xerox only to get on that usual “menu merry-go-round” and told I had to call another number then press #1 and then press #1 again. I don't have the time to sit on the phone calling all over the United States. I did try your “chat” which was not live at the time even though I did call within the hours that “chat” was supposed to be live.

It all amounts to a loss of time for me and when I am running my business and don't have all this time to spare, it just makes me not want to buy anything else from Xerox if I have to worry about parts that are NOT included in the box.

I will buy the cable this time since that is easier than returning your printer, but I don't think I will buy anything else from Xerox (whether on sale or not). The money I saved on this sale was lost in the extra time I wasted making phone calls, buying the necessary cable and reviewing this product so other people would be know this cable was NOT included with the printer. After I use this printer I will review functions, usability and features, etc.

Xerox and Its Vendor, Provided the Worst Machine, Worst Service, Horrible Attitude
By -

CALIFORNIA -- We thought our office would be getting a reliable copy machine, following our workhorse Minolta's feeder wearing out and not being fixable. My assistant ordered the Xerox C118 through Avanta Direct. The machine arrived a couple weeks later, and after the tech set it up then left, the machine immediately started acting up, i.e. not working! Every time one tried to copy something, the message on the screen said to put paper in the tray even though it was fully loaded. Other problems emerged. Only by my assistant entering about twenty different commands, could one coax a copy out of the damn thing.

We got the tech out, and he tried to fix it. After he left, the machine again reverted to its insane problems. I called both Avanta Direct and Xerox to return it. Xerox told me that I could return the machine back to Avanta Direct; they took no responsibility for their faulty machine, and denied it was faulty! They said the tech was not a "specialist". We called Avanta Direct, and they had the nerve to tell us that 1) we would have to pay for truck shipping back the worthless machine to them and 2) we would have to pay them a 25% "restocking" charge. I have never had such a horrible experience with a company. Both Avanta Direct and Xerox are to be avoided at all costs.

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