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Z Gallerie
1855 West 139th Street
Gardena, CA 90249
800-358-8288 (ph)
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Complaint About Customer Service and Product Quality
By -

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- I write this e-mail to inform the audience about the so-called "service" Z Gallerie delivered us in its shop in Nashville, Z Gallerie store #82 located 2126 Abbott Martin Rd. TN 37215. Here are the facts: I bought last summer a large number of items for a total of 5774 US Dollars (mostly furniture) and ask for a delivery by the end of September. As I was relocated by my company, in Nashville, I was expected this furniture to be able to settle down with my family in my new place.

First Problem: The delivery was never made... I called the shop, being informed that the table I ordered was discontinued, therefore all the delivery was cancelled... Never been contacted, first bad impression. Second problem: Because that the table was discontinued, I went to the shop and selected another table (promises, promises it is available) and scheduled a new delivery - 3 weeks delay... Very good news... Third problem: Finally, the table was delivered BROKEN on the October 5th, 2006!!!!! We did not realize that the table was broken because it was the extension kit (not visible at the delivery time).

So go back to the shop, there the manager informed us he will have to visit us and identify the problem. We add to call him 15 TIMES and eventually he came to our house and obviously report the problem and ask us to wait till the company in charge of shipping came and pick up the table (20 phones calls till the shipping company came). Of course, they are protected as they don't have the furniture back, no chance to get your money back.

Fourth problem: Finally, the delivery company came to pick up the table and chairs on NOVEMBER 14th (6 WEEKS between broken table delivery and pick up). Last problem: We are now on December 06th and STILL NO MONEY REFUND on our account (obviously we call every day and the answer is always the same, promises, promises, the Headquarter is dealing with the issue.....). You can imagine how irritated we are!!! I sent this e-mail to the HQ customer service in California, I did not receive any answer... Conclusion: Caution with this Z Gallerie company, ready to steal your money, but inefficient on product quality and customer relationship.

My Experience
By -

DALLAS, TEXAS -- I was very excited to find Z Gallerie. They had beautiful furniture at great prices. I found the perfect dining room table (Bach table) and paid cash in the store for it. I was told it was backordered for 8 weeks. That was fine. I ordered it June 22. Eight weeks went by and no phone call. I called customer service and they told me to keep waiting. I waited. No phone call. I called back and by the time they had figured out what had happened it had been about ten weeks (estimate). They told me it had arrived but one of the legs was broken so I would have to wait for a new table. And it was still backordered.

I really liked the table so I decided to wait. I thought I should get the next available, but I guess I went back to the bottom of the list of people waiting for this table because it took so long to finally get it. After being told the wrong time over and over, I finally got a call from the delivery company. I was ecstatic! The delivery company came to my house on time and everything, but when they were assembling the table they realized Z Gallerie had sent the wrong hinges. They told me they could still put it together and it would be OK as long as I was careful with it. They ordered new hinges and left.

The next day I barely touched the table and it collapsed on me knocking me down. I couldn't move and had to immediately get to the doctor. 300 dollars later and lots of hydrocodone, I called customer service. They told me new hinges were on the way and it would take 5-7 business days for a service technician to come out after I received them. They also told me after everything was said and done they would partially compensate me. My hinges came and they were wrong again. I called customer service and they decided to send out two more sets, they said one of them had to be right.

When the delivery guys came out to assemble my table, none of the hinges fit. They told me the table was defective. Customer service informed me the table was still backordered and I would have to wait. I asked what the compensation would be and they told me they would give me a gift certificate for 80 dollars, disgusted and insulted I hung up. I called my dad in Houston. He was furious. He called the general manager of the store and to this day I am still trying to get my table. I don't when I will get it. It has been over 17 weeks since I ordered it. I love the furniture, but I must admit the customer service is horrible.

Horrible Customer Service And Poor Quality Products
By -

BOCA RATON, FLORIDA -- I ordered a $300+ coffee table directly from the Boca Raton store in South Florida. I waited 4 weeks for my item to arrive and went to pick up the table. Upon arriving the Boca Raton store, I was asked rudely by a sales associate what I wanted... After telling her that I was there to pick up an ordered item, she proceeded to ignore me and help other customers in the store. The whole experience was upsetting and unprofessional.

After bringing home the table and unwrapping the boxing/packaging, I realized that the coloration and quality of the table was not up to par. I took the table back to the store a couple days later for a refund ONLY TO FIND OUT that they were going to charge me a 15% restocking fee because I did not return the item in the exact boxing/packaging it came in!!! Nobody ever told me about return policies, repackaging items, and restocking charges! In fact, when I originally called in to order the table, they charged my card but never emailed or mailed me a receipt of any type!!! I refuse to purchase another product from Z Gallerie again! I will advise other to do likewise.

Unhappy With Customer Service
By -

Don't ever order anything from Z Gallerie! Their customer service is horrible! I ordered a full size couch; correct size listed on my receipt from the Tucson AZ store. I received an incorrect size couch (loveseat) after 2 months of waiting and had to wait over two more months for the original couch. They could not offer me any discount if I wanted to keep the loveseat other than the 10% that they were already offering on furniture over 500.00. In essence they choose to have one really upset customer instead of trying to make things right.

If you left a piece of furniture in their warehouse for 2 months be sure they would charge you a pretty penny, but they don't care if you get your order after waiting 5 months while you are storing the incorrect piece. I am curious why they couldn't offer me a deeper discount on the loveseat since we used it for 2 months (under their direction) and it would have to be considered used furniture. I can only speculate that they are going to try to re-sell this loveseat for the full price to an unsuspecting buyer. They also have no policy regarding incorrect orders in any of the paper work. I barely received an apology for the mistake.

The Tucson store workers although pleasant were not helpful, and do not return phone calls quickly. I must have called at least 6 times and received one call in return. This whole process was a huge hassle and I will never buy anything from this store or company again. Save yourself the hassle and don't even walk in the door!

Inept Sales Rep! Horrible Customer Service!
By -

SAVANNAH, GEORGIA -- We special ordered a sofa and chair from the Z Gallerie in Atlanta (cost of $2000). We drove 4 hours to Atlanta from Savannah, to special order the Mammoth sofa and chair. We chose a tan/beige/light brown color from the swatches shown us by the sales rep, and were told that it would take up to 10 weeks for the sofa and chair to be delivered. We said fine. When the sofa and chair were delivered, they were the wrong color. It turns out we were shown the wrong swatches at the store, but of course, no one would own up to that.

What makes it worse is that I had asked the store to send me the swatches 3x after we got back to Savannah, just to be sure we really wanted the color we ordered. The swatches arrived the same day the sofa and set were delivered, and of course they were nothing like what we were shown at the store. Also, what good was it when we got them the same day the couch was delivered?

Now, the clincher. Z Gallerie are saying that we have to pay a restocking fee of $430 AND a delivery fee of $315, for them to take back and replace the sofa and chair. How crazy is that??? Turns out that we were misquoted the delivery fee by the same sales rep!! Go figure. I mean, if we had known it would cost $315 to deliver (because we were out of the 'normal delivery zone'), we would definitely have thought twice about buying from them, regardless of how nice their furniture is! We are still waiting for this mess to be resolved. Wish us luck.

Z Galleire Customer Disservice
By -

CONNECTICUT -- Z Gallerie Website; This started the first week in January 2007. We ordered the Casablanca bedroom set which was the bed, men's dresser, nightstand and women's dresser. Total cost - $5074.00. The women's dresser was a special order that we were informed would take 4 weeks to come in. Then everything would be shipped by freight and delivered inside within 3 to 4 weeks. 8 weeks went by without a single message from Z Gallerie. I emailed the service rep that I ordered the furniture from and he relayed me to their customer disservice department.

First they acted surprised that I did not have my furniture! They said they would look into it with the shipping company and call me back. I had to call them back the next day as they never called me. I could not get through to the person assigned to my problem so I called the salesperson I started with. He then got me the name of the shipping company and their number. I then had to call and find out on my own, that for unknown reasons my shipment was delayed by 1 week and they were now “finding” my furniture.

A day later I call again and they have found it and are shipping it to another shipping company in my state. Once there, I would receive a call for delivery. I was told this would happen in 1 week. The week came and went with no call. The end of the next week I called their customer disservice center played phone tag for 2 days and then was told that the ladies dresser was damaged. Of course this is the only piece that was a custom order and took 4 weeks just for them to get…

I have heard nothing but – I'm sorry, yes, you are right sir, I'm sorry sir and so on from this group. Their customer service is nonexistent and their shipping company is incompetent. We are now 3 months out with no bedroom set and I have cancelled the order. When I asked when I would get my money I was told that accounting would have to take care of that on Monday. I guess they don't work on Fridays. I can only pray that it won't take 3 months to get a refund but I have a bad feeling that I'll be spending many long hours on the phone with their customer disservice department…

Z Gallerie Horrible Service
By -

SHERMAN OAKS, CALIFORNIA -- Z Gallerie/Sherman Oaks, California. Back in August 2006, I ordered a couch from Z Gallerie (at the Sherman Oaks store in CA, if that matters). They told me it would take 8 weeks maximum for delivery because it was a special order. It is now January 2007 and I still have not received the couch. They have not contacted me ONCE! I've had to call and find out where my couch is each time. They blame the manufacturer and keep pushing me off. They offered to ship my other merchandise which included a side chair with no shipping charges.

After missing two hours of work, the chair was delivered damaged and had to be sent back. The response, "sorry for you inconvenience." That's it. They are absolutely horrible. They also lied to me about giving me $250 credit toward the side chair due to my late arriving couch. Additionally, they were aware of the problems with the manufacturer back in May '06 but neglected to take action therefore causing over 200 orders to be back-ordered. (The customer service rep let this slip while I was asking her why this was taking so long.) That is probably why she lied about giving me $250 toward the side chair - to shut me up.

Horrible Customer service and response
By -

CARMEL, INDIANA -- Received a cracked buffet table after waiting 5 weeks for it. Now they want to charge another delivery fee for the other one they are sending me that will take another 7 weeks to receive. Never again will I do business with this company again. I am going to tell the world!!!!! Horrible service and the corporate office couldn't care less about it as well.

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