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Horrible Airline, Don't Fly Them
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Rating: 1/51

DESTIN, FLORIDA -- I was flying home from Destin, FL to OKC. Then we got there at 6:10 and the mobile app says the plane departs at 7 AM. The lady checks our boarding passes and puts us through the priority line and at the front desk two ladies were there and they scan our passes and the lady who scanned the passes said they have closed the plane and wasn't taking anymore check in bags and I'll have to carry it with me on the plane and to proceed to TSA. I went through the TSA line and of course TSA threw all my toiletries and hair products away.

We rush to the gate with shoes in hand and the place is backing out and the SAME LADY who saw us at the desk shuts the door in front of us and said, “You can't get on board. You have missed your flight”. She said we had to go back to the front to figure out what to do and when we got back all of the ladies there said, “There is nothing we can do”. The only option is that we forfeit the money or we fly on the flight which was two days later. I have never been so embarrassed at an airline.

I had to call work to say I can't make it to work the next day and had to pay for another night stay at the condo and had to pay for a Lyft ride back to the condo. Then had to drive the 19 hour drive back home to OKC with a friend who was willing to let me use her car because I can't miss another day of work or any for that matter and my mother was just home from the ER.

I understand you have policies and all but the fact that not one of the staff acknowledged or apologized for what happened and not only was I stranded but had to figure out other plans how to get home no thanks to this airline. This is my first and last time I fly this airline. Word to the wise no one should choose this airline for their travel plans.

My First and Last "Flight" With Allegiant Air
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Rating: 1/51


I recently tried to fly with Allegiant Air for the first (and last) time. This experience turned into disaster and shock from incredibly low organization in this company. My husband and I had a ticket from Oakland to Eugene, Oregon. The flight was scheduled for 12:42 pm. Passengers were seated on time, but then... the crew announced that some part of the plain had to be replaced, and we had to leave the plane. We were told that we would be informed if the flight is cancelled very soon. This promise to be informed "very soon" continued until almost 3:15 pm!!!

The most funny part is that passengers received 3 emails: at 2:41pm, 2:49pm and 2:56pm, and a call from Allegiant Air at 2:56 pm saying that the flight was cancelled. We also saw the flight crew leave with their luggage. Everything was pointing to the fact that the flight was cancelled.

However, the agents at the gate kept saying that these emails and calls should be disregarded, and it is still unknown if the flight will happen. When people tried to ask for some more information, the front desk agents only answered that the plane is still being checked, it's still unknown if the flight will be cancelled, and they will inform passengers when engineers will have more information. When people asked why everyone is receiving these emails and calls about cancellation, the front desk simply answered that they don't know.

A woman tried to confront one of front desk agents about their seeming lack of desire to contact the company headquarters and get more information about why people receive such contradicting messages and what was actually going on. The front desk girl kept answering that mechanics are still checking the plane, as if plane mechanics are the only source of information she can communicate with. Seeing that the girl doesn't seem willing to do anything to get more details and share them with passengers, the woman asked for front agent's name and said that she would call Allegiant and notify them about front desk's lack of desire to communicate and help passengers. The front desk girl answered that she won't give her name and that the woman can "call wherever she wants". This didn't sound very polite and professional.

Seeing that front desk is completely unhelpful, people didn't know what to do. Some people needed to get to Eugene fast, but the lack of clarity about where the flight was cancelled prevented them from organizing other means of getting to Eugene. Finally, at almost 3:15, the front desk announced that the flight was cancelled. They said they would distribute prepaid cards to compensate for inconvenience. People had to stand in line to get their cards, and this took almost 2 hours!!!

While waiting for my turn to get prepaid card, I was thinking about our flight options. It was clear that we had to buy a last moment air ticket to Portland (our final destination after Eugene) with another company. But was the return flight that we already reserved with Allegiant also cancelled? I asked one of front desk agents. She called somebody at Allegiant Air and told me that the return flight was not cancelled. I was already ready to buy one way ticket to Portland for my husband and myself, but a glimpse of doubt came to me.

First of all, the line for getting the prepaid card was moving very slowly, and it was not clear when we would be done, so I didn't know for what time my new ticket should be. Second, seeing how this company already gave so much contradictory information, I decided to ask again if our return flight was cancelled, double-check this, and then see if I had to buy one-way or two-way ticket.

When it was my turn to get the prepaid card (at almost 5:15 pm), I asked the agent (another girl) if return flight was cancelled. Sure enough, in the company's seeming special feature of giving contradictory information, the agent told me that it was cancelled, too!!! When I asked her why another agent told me that it wasn't cancelled (and that other agent was standing next to her, listening to the conversation), she answered that she doesn't know where that information came from and she is sure that return flight was also cancelled.

Shaking my head from this outrageous disorganization and lack of responsibility for information provided earlier, I booked a two-way last moment flight for more that $1200. My original ticket with Allegiant costed $266. I also had to rearrange our hotel stay, and also paid expensive, because cheaper variants were sold out. In addition to that, our two-way Greyhound ticket Eugene-Portland was non-reimbursable, so we lost this ticket, too. We only left Oakland Airport with another company's flight at 7:50 pm instead of planned 12:42 pm.

The story was supposed to end there, I hoped. But... 2 days before the end of our vacation Allegiant sent me a reminder about my "upcoming return flight". It turned out that it wasn't cancelled!!! And I paid more than $600 for a return ticket with another company, rearranged hotels and replanned everything because I was given inaccurate information by these front desk agents at the airport!!!

I called Allegiant, explained the situation, and they cancelled my return flight. Some other people among those unlucky fellow passengers said that this was the most messed up flight in all their life. A guy said that his wife was recently flying with Allegiant, and her flight was cancelled, too. Our flight was clearly not the first cancelled flight for Allegiant, yet it was managed like Allegiant was completely inexperienced to handle situation of this kind.

While waiting in that line to get our prepaid cards, another passenger and I were discussing how it's strange that some part of the plane was found found needing to be replaced the last moment, right before the flight. It is safe to fly with this company at all? What are their safety standards?

As a monetary compensation, Allegiant gave each passenger a prepaid card, returned money for the original ticket and sent a coupon that can only be used for flights with Allegiant and is only valid for a year. However, considering significant losses that my husband and I incurred because we had to rearrange so much last moment, we'll only be able to reimbure our expenses fully if we use that coupon for another Allegiant flight. But I really don't feel like dealing with Allegiant again.

I think that my safety and stress-free traveling are more important than trying to get compensation for lost money. Needless to say, I will never buy any other tickets with Allegiant Air. My first and last reservation with them costed us money, 1 lost day of our 8-day vacation, and lots of nerve cells that can't be repaired.

Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

FT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA -- I arrived before 6am, flight is 6:50 departure. I paid for priority, there was a huge line so I went to PRIORITY line. I stepped up as that's what priority means. She had an attitude and then told me my luggage may not make it. Now I've flown to the other side of the world many times, and I have NEVER heard my luggage needs to be checked in an hr before a flight! Priority usually means bag is priority as well. I know this isn't a first class airline but customers should not be stressed out more over their luggage! UNACCEPTABLE.

Don't Use Them Unless You Have an Open Schedule!
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Rating: 2/51

NEVADA -- Pittsburgh to Sanford/Orlando, Flight 733: The website says carryon item can only be 7" high. I was surrounded by backpacks 12" high that DO NOT fit under the seat but make good footstools for those who were breaking the 7" rule. An FAA regulation not being honored?

You're not allowed to take in anything to drink and that forces you to pay $3.59 for a bottle of water in the airport. If they're going to take your drink, they should at least SELL YOU ONE FOR A DOLLAR ON THE FLIGHT LIKE EVERYWHERE ELSE IN AMERICA. Who wants to swipe a credit card for a $2 drink? Who stole the money that they got from these sales and ruined it for every passenger they have?

I don't have a smartphone so couldn't get a preboarding pass on the return flight because Google locked me out of a remote login. I paid the $5 for a boarding pass that wouldn't work at check-in. Had to stand in a second line for that boarding pass to be accepted! WHAT IS THAT MIST THAT COMES IN THE CABIN AFTER YOU LAND??? Have never seen that on any other flight I've ever taken. (Must be the "forget your treatment" fog.)

The walkway between the seats would dip every time someone walked by. The seats don't recline which makes the flight miserable as sitting straight up for 2+ hours is not normal. Pittsburgh boarded by row which was not called out clearly and in order. Sanford by Zone which is clearly understood. I guess I was lucky that my flight was on time. Based on the experience of others, I will never use the airline again.

Worst Airline Ever
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Rating: 1/51

BWI, MARYLAND -- Terrible "airline". They close the ticket counter 45 minutes before flights so that staff can help get people on the plane. How do you get your ticket you ask? You don't. Customer service? Forget it. Refund? Forget it. In 2015 alone 42 of their 86 planes broke down mid-flight, 15 of which required emergency landings! Run away folks. Run away.

Unreal Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- My nephew was to fly home from Los Angeles to Medford. I understand that airline has a policy that under 18 cannot fly if a weather advisory has been issued. Knowing this, I asked if I would be notified for an advisory prior to arrival. I was assured I would be from your agent. I checked the flight status prior to leaving and was listed as on time, no email or calls of an advisory. Drove the two hours to LAX and was told due to an advisory that he could not fly, and I could try again in four days. When asked why I was not notified prior to coming to the airport I was informed that the airline only notifies passenger upon arrival at the airport.

This is most likely not an issue for adults or minors traveling with a minor. However, I was told that I would be notified and was not. Very rude gate agent said I would have received an email. I was not and could show her. Then she says it would be on the website. I pulled up the website and it did not have a weather advisory. Trying to get him home that day instead of waiting for four day I was told he could be changed to flight to Eugene which is two hours from his home. When asked that if the Medford flight was diverted where it would most likely be diverted to, of course the answer was Eugene.

So best case scenario he gets home on time, worse case he goes to where he now has to wait 6 hours to fly to. I called customer support where I was told they could only talk to my nephew because they considered him an adult, and he would have to make reservation changes himself. Wow, ironic they will not let him fly alone but is considered responsible enough to make reservation changes. Call center hold was forty-three minutes and would like to point out that your message say it will give you an approximate time of hold but then does not.

Horrible, Nasty, Rude, Life Changing
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Rating: 1/51

CONCORDE, NORTH CAROLINA -- Walking into a old airplane hanger and calling it a "airport", this should be shut down. When inside it smells of mold, roof has leaks, port-o-potties for the restroom, all staff is rude and complete scumbags! This is the worst airline company I have ever seen. The FAA needs to step in and shut them down. The employees really need to check themselves because the attitudes they have, you would think they are movie stars and in reality all they are is ghetto trash that maybe they received a GED.

The experience of waiting for over 4 hours because they delayed the plane because Allegiant is too stupid to fuel up, buy newer parts, or wait not be scumbags and have proper equipment so the planes are safe. I bet the CEO travels on a real airline and not this ghetto trash. Funny no one hears from him. I wouldn't want my children to fly this airline.

Terrible Service -- 6 Hour Delay -- No Food or Water (Except for Sale)
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Rating: 1/51

FLORIDA -- Fly the unfriendly skies of Allegiant Airlines (and BTW, never choose Orlando-Sanford Airport as your departure or arrival point). We were going to my daughter's, Tammy, wedding in Cincinnati. Mazal and I departed for Orlando SFB for the 1:37 flight #620. We were told that we had to be there at 7am. However it took just about the same time to get to the airport - no highways - just a dark, unlit back road that went on for nearly 20 miles. Thank God my Waze starring Arnold Schwarzenegger was working. The prime parking lot was nearly a 1/4 mile walk to the terminal - no shuttles. Do you think that is bad? Well as southerners say: "You ain't just whistling Dixie."

Returning from CVG to SFB was the pits (and they had their nerve to charge for those pits) on Allegiant. The plane - flight 621 - was scheduled to leave CVG at 3:53 pm on Sunday 7/12. Their website was apparently down on Saturday evening and Sunday morning. I was unable to access the site to get our boarding passes. I was finally able, late Sunday morning, to get the passes, which I put on my smartphone. We arrived at CVG at about 2:15 pm. Allegiant wanted us there 1 hour before the 3:53 departure. The TSA lines were monstrous.

After finally reaching the TSA officer, he said his computer could not read the Allegiant barcode on the smartphone. He sent us back downstairs to Allegiant to get a paper boarding pass, which we rushed to do. We returned to TSA and checked in and hastily walked and then took the tram to the other side of CVG (Gate A18). Then more fun happened. We were informed that the 3:53 departure was changed to 5 pm, then changed again and again. The charging ports at the gate did not work and my phone's battery drained (Therefore no Waze on the way home to The Villages from Orlando-Sanford in the blackness of the evening).

The airline claimed that an electrical light was out and they had to fix it (BTW, how many Allegiant or CVG electricians does it take to fix a tiny light? Well, I'll let you figure it out. Also remember, the federal government requires paperwork and more paperwork before the plane is allowed to leave the tarmac). We were finally allowed to board a little after 7 pm (more than 3 hours after the plane was supposed to leave. The plane started to taxi at 7:30 pm and lift off was 7:46 pm - just a little less than 5 hours considering that Allegiant wanted us at the gate by 2:53.

The plane with its disgruntled passengers was filled to capacity. We were not offered any monetary or coupon reimbursement and not even a tiny bag of pretzels or some water. However I did see a flight attendant glance around before giving an empty cup to a passenger who had his own bottle of water. (I guess there may have been a corporate spy on-board and she didn't want to lose her job). After awhile, the perky flight attendants came around trying to SELL their overpriced junk food to the passenger. Although the captain did apologize for the delay, the staff would not give any complementary "food items" to the sardines stuffed into the Airbus.

By the time we left Sanford airport's arrivals terminal and walked about a half mile to SFB's prime parking area, Mazal and I were exhausted. But the fun was just about to start up again. My phone was dead, therefore Waze and Arnold's melodious voice were not available to guide us home through the blackness of the night. We traveled up and down roads -- busy roads and dinky roads -- all to no avail.

Finally I found a gas station open and we filled up. The attendant gave me directions to that notorious Route 46, which extended as a 2-lane pitch dark road until it reached civilization about 20 miles at Route 441. (Thank God the chainsaw and ax murderers on that road were out partying somewhere else). We arrived home at midnight, 6 hours after we should have arrived home. I plan to post this message on Allegiant's Facebook page and send copies to the FAA and Department of Transportation.

To sum up: "I will not pledge allegiance to the Allegiance Corporation of America." Maybe we should give up flying and drive or take a bus or train. This note is also being sent to Allegiant customer service. I hope that Allegiant customer server is not just an oxymoron. I believe we should be adequately compensated for the horror that we and countless other sardines encountered that day.

Time to Post Something Nice
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Rating: 1/51

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- I have read the reviews of Allegiant Airlines and I think it is time to post something nice, but damn I can't think of anything. Simply put off the 5 passengers traveling to my daughter's wedding. 2 arrived without luggage and three never arrived. I should add they were not lost as was the luggage although that is within the realm of possibilities with this airline. Their flight was canceled.

Try calling them - no help. You might get someone but they are skilled in lies and stalling tactics. They truly have no clue. I went to their office in LV and was greeted by a security guard only interested in kicking me out. If you are at all thinking of flying with them PLEASE DON'T - you have been warned. Leave a day or two earlier and hitch hike. It is safer.

UPDATE 6 days later one bag still AWOL. Grandparent was unable to attend wedding. :-(

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