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Do not rent
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Rating: 1/51

CANCUN -- Do not RENT from this company... used our Visa to pay for the rental and after returning home the fraud department for Visa inform us that they had stopped a $1600 payment to a company in the USA. We also found there was a 0.2 Peso charge from ACR on our Visa the day we returned the car, Visa told us this is how they test to see if the card is usable. As we only used our card once in Mexico for the rental it's not hard to figure out. Have tried twice to get a reply from this company with no results... DO NOT RENT.

Flat Out Extortion
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Rating: 1/51

CANCUN, TEXAS -- Avoid this company at all costs. First they will try to force you to buy insurance for $70 a day extra, lying to you that it is required by Mexican law. It is not. Cars are in poor condition - no turn signals on mine, dirty inside too. They tricked me into thinking I could return the vehicle at 3 p.m., but when I did, they said it was due back at 10:30 a.m. and charged my credit card an extra $600 U.S. for the extra four hours. Reps are rude and insulting if you complain. Not located at airport, expect a 30-60 minute wait for a shuttle to take you to a sketchy back alley. Terrible way to start and end a vacation.

Stay Away! They Go By Tulum Car Rental In Cancun
By -

STAY AWAY, AMERICA CAR RENTAL (A.K.A. TULUM CAR RENTAL) I was in Cancun last month and was unfortunate enough to rent a car from America Car Rental, which calls itself Tulum Car Rental in the area due to all the bad publicity they have received. They are in the business of scamming people: They are not at Cancun airport, they drive you in a beat up van to some location 10 min away. So, once you get there you are pretty much stuck because they won't drive you back to the airport. I reserved a Jeep Wrangler but when I got there they gave me a beat up liberty that reeked of cigarette smoke and made all kinds of noises.

In their website ( mx) they say that the fees include insurance, but once I got there the made me pay an extra $15 a day for it. I rented the car for 4 days, when I brought it back they told me that the price originally quoted was for three days only and that I have to pay for an extra day. I showed the person there all the emails from when I made the reservation but they still didn'€™t care. Since I was late for my flight I had to leave just to realized when I got back home that they charged my card for one extra day WHICH I DID NOT AUTHORIZE and at a higher rate than the daily rental rate!

I have tried to talk to two people at the organization Javier Eduardo ** (customer service) and Eduardo ** (director of operations). My conversations with them have only made me realize that this is in fact an operation that is based on ripping customers off. On the drive back from the airport in the beater van, there were 3 other customers with similar experiences. So please stay away from them, they will rip you off and you will leave Cancun with the wrong impression.

Safety in Mexico
By -

CANCUN -- America Car Rental is a car rental company in Cancun and Playa del Carmen, and it is unprofessional, corrupt and some of the employees are downright rude. We rented from Orbitz for a good price and when we got there we were informed we would have to pay double the price on our confirmation form because of undisclosed fees. The attendant had no sympathy for the fact that the real price of the rental was not advertised. I'm sure he deals with it on a daily basis, because they are specific fees related to Mexico's laws, and it seems as if his pat answer is complete rudeness and a "too bad for you" attitude. We were off to a bad start and it only got worse.

After two weeks, we had an accident in Chiapas, Mexico which is fairly far from the offices in Cancun and Playa del Carmen. When the accident happened we immediately called the car company only to be told we would be called back.

After two hours of negotiating with the guy who hit us and trying to get a police report, we finally had to leave the town we were in to protect ourselves. The car company called us back TWO HOURS LATER and were obviously verbally mad at us for not waiting at the site. We drove for the next two weeks without a side mirror and with a smashed up car because they had no means of replacing it. We were never informed that the only to outlets were in Quintana Roo.

We tried to return the car early so that we could get all the paperwork for our insurance company before we left Mexico, but America Car Rental never called us back and would not accept the car early. They would not supply any documents we needed before leaving the country. In fact, they put our bags in another car and whisked us off to the airport four hours before our flight, saying that it would be fine, that my card would not be charged for the repairs until I was notified and the paperwork was sent. However, they proceeded to charge my card $2,800 before I even arrived home!

The ensuing months have been an INCREDIBLE expense and they STILL are not cooperating with the paperwork needed for the insurance. I still have not gotten a repair bill, an itemized list of what needed to be repaired and how much it cost and now they have charged my card nearly $4000 which I tried to dispute. In the dispute, they supplied falsified information to the credit card company so VISA dropped the dispute. America Car Rental copied my signature onto documents I didn't sign and sent it to VISA. They are stubborn, rude and corrupt.

I would suggest that NO ONE rent from them, no matter what, even if it's for a few days and there's not another car in Cancun. I suggest taking a cab or bus if you have to. My horror story isn't the only one. I've heard many about this particular car company just from acquaintances - all relating to some minor damages. I really hope they get their act together, or else fold before they put anyone else in this miserable situation.

Safety - Worn Tires
By -

America Car Rental and Cancun Rent a Car are run by the same unprofessional outfit. The Jeep Liberty I rented was unsafe and overdue for maintenance. Before leaving the lot I pointed out that all of the tires were worn with bald spots. The person in charge shrugged it off and told me "it will last". They had many other Jeeps on the lot in better condition - but would not change me over to those because "this one is the only one with the paperwork to enter Belize/Guatemala". The 'paperwork' was nothing more than a memo on company letterhead with the basic car info.
As I predicted we had a blowout and when I returned the car notified them I have to drive on the flat on a muddy road in order to change it in a safe location and this further damaged the sidewall. I was charged $170 USD to replace the tire. This was unfair as these tires were already had no useable tread when I rented it and past the point of being able to repair the flat even if the additional sidwall damage did not occur.

Based on my experience, this company does not maintain the vehicles they slot for Belize/Guatemala and simply pass on tire repair charges to the renter when a blow out occurs. I consider myself lucky as the blowout could have resulted in a serious crash and I had to still drive several days on 3 bald tires with no spare. I recommend you do not tempt fate and stay away from America car Rental or Cancun Rent a Car.

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