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Lousy Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

MONROEVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA -- Re: Bob's Discount Furniture, Monroeville, PA. First delivery from Bob's Discount furniture 1/30/18: Large couch, console, and love seat. We were told this console could be placed anywhere - between the two large couch seats, or the two love seat pieces. Once in my home, the delivery guys seemed confused about how I wanted it set up; then I realized why. The console is NOT mobile - it is permanently attached to the loveseat. Because it didn't look as I wanted it to, I spoke to the salesman (Steve **?) later and he confirmed his error.

They did offer to take the furniture back. In addition to not being what I wanted, the delivery men ripped the end off of one of the power recliner wires, so that would have needed replaced as well. When I got a call back from the manager, Norm, a little while later, he offered $200 off if I chose something else in the store. I wasn't sure, but I wanted new furniture, so I looked at a sectional and decided to get it, though the material wasn't exactly what I wanted, I thought I might like it ok. Delivery was set for a week later. The men were taking the previously ordered couch/love seat and bringing in the new stuff.

While disassembling the old furniture, the men gouged three places in my wall (pic attached). And the new furniture, there was no wedge with it! I called the sales guy again, he says ‘There is no wedge in the furniture set you ordered'. Um, I took a picture of it, thank goodness! So, I sent the picture, and what do you know, he calls to say he neglected to order the wedge with the rest of the furniture. Same sales guy as last time (he says I must think he is an idiot - I am mum).

Being it was another $400 for the wedge, I wanted to just forget the whole thing, but I ordered it and set up yet another delivery date to get the wedge. At least they didn't charge delivery on all these mishaps. Unfortunately, I've started reading reviews on Bob's throughout all this aggravation and also seeing constant complaints about the Goof Proof coverage, which I also purchased. I'm thinking, just 24 hours later, maybe I can just return the whole set and be done with Bob's…but no.

After a long conversation with customer service, they would not budge on doing a return. Supposedly there is to be some type of “compensation” for all our troubles, but they can't tell us what exactly that will amount to - not until everything (wedge included) had been delivered, which it now has, as of this morning. I'm sure I'll have to keep badgering them for follow-up. I also want to just “return” the goof proof coverage, but I'm sure I'll get nowhere on that.

The best I can do now is to try to spread the word. You might get lucky with these people, but it's like Russian roulette, so tread carefully. And now, I have seen a sectional I really, really like at Lazor Furniture in Latrobe, PA. It is a family owned business, extremely nice people run it. They have no delivery fee; the gentleman running the place, Conrad **, told us that we were free to get furniture protection but he wasn't pushing it; didn't think we'd really need it. I had looked there while looking at other places, including Bob's. Not sure why I didn't just run with it. Now I'm stuck.

Horrible product, customer service and Nonexistent coverage from their "GOOF PROOF WARRANTY" they push
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Rating: 1/51

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA -- I went to Bob's in the North Hills a year and a half ago. Bought a sofa and loveseat. Got talked into another $129 for goofproof protection.
Sofa was 14 months old and material was all stretching and wrinkling...Called....past warranty and Goof Proof won't cover mfgr. problem. Now it is 18 mos and love seat material is pulling away from back of loveseat. There are 3 adults and a dog in my house and two of us never even use the livingroom as we are in gameroom. Again neither Bob's or the GoofProof would cover. DO NOT BUY UPHOLSTERED FURNITURE FROM THEM AND DEFINITELY DO NOT WASTE MONEY ON THEIR GOOFPROOF WARRANTY WHICH COVERS NOTHING!
If you think I am crazy, view pictures below!

Delivery Issues
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Rating: 1/51

LIVONIA, MICHIGAN -- I ordered a reclining sofa with matching recliner on March 23, 2021. I received the sofa around the middle of May. It was missing a part and I was told a replacement sofa would be sent out. The recliner was finally delivered July 17, 2021. The sofa was scheduled four times for delivery since May and each time, the night before, I received notice that for some reason the delivery was cancelled and rescheduled at another date.

I received multiple messages saying my sofa would be delivered August 13, 2021. On that date a truck did arrive. Not to deliver the sofa but to pick up the first sofa delivered in May. Another truck which was to deliver my sofa was mysteriously cancelled. I say mysteriously because when I went to the store, they said they did not understand what happened to the scheduled delivery. Needless to say, I did not allow the sofa in my house to be removed. I did return to the store and I was given another delivery date of August 20, 2021.

I had no problem with Bob's furniture or delivery, except wrong color couch.
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Rating: 5/51

NESCONSET, NEW YORK -- I see many complaints here about Bob's furniture, delivery and customer service so I felt compelled to give my positive review figuring that people only post reviews when they have a bad experience, but not the good. I bought a couch and a king sized Bobby Bear bed with euro top (which I've also seen several complaints about). The salesman I dealt with was very friendly, patient and helpful. After putting my order through I even changed my mind on which couch I wanted before even leaving the store, and he gladly changed the order for me and I gave him the additional money because that couch was $200 more than my original choice.

The furniture was delivered the date it was promised and I had a car accident on my way to my new apartment to meet the delivery, so they even came back later the same day because I was not there for their first delivery attempt that morning due to the accident (as a side note, I was not hurt but my Mercedes was totaled, not a good start to my day). When the delivery guys arrived they were nice enough and although they seemed to move quickly, which made me nervous they would damage the furniture, they didn't cause any damage to the furniture or my new place, and in no time the furniture was inside.

Unfortunately, the one problem I did have was when they started to unwrap the couch, I noticed it was not the color I had ordered it in. I called the store while they waited and arranged for a new delivery of the correct color couch. The salesman said I could keep the wrong color couch for now and when they deliver the correct color couch, they will pick up the wrong couch at the same time. I thought that was cool because at least I still have a couch in the meantime. Other than that I didn't have any problem with Bob's furniture at all.

It is now almost 5 years later and although I have since moved and did have the furniture in storage for part of that time, I have been using the furniture for a total of around 3 1/2 years and I am still happy with both pieces. My Bobby Bear bed is still so comfy, and I believe the problem people are having with it being lumpy or sagging may have something to do with the frame, because I don't have mine on a frame, I have it on the floor with a dust ruffle on the box spring because I don't like my bed too high up and mine is still firm, no lumps and no sagging at all.

My couch is also still in good shape, no sagging and not falling apart and I have pets and fat friends who sit all over it! As far as the stories about the Goof proof insurance, I bought it too but that is a separate company which is an "insurance" company, and to me it just doesn't make sense that they would actually replace or repair anything for such a small amount of money, even damage done due to one's own fault such a long time after purchase and use.

If something seems too good to be true, that's probably because it is. Most insurance is rarely what it's sold as. I got it too but never really had reason to use it. Both of my choices have since been discontinued, and I feel lucky I got them when I did because I am still very happy with both.

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Rating: 1/51

SHELBY TWP, MICHIGAN -- DO NOT PURCHASE FROM BOB'S FURNITURE. We ordered a bedroom set, spent just about $2300 for all pieces (although, a package ONLY comes with one bedside table? there are two sides to a bed..) plus shipping which is a mandatory fee despite the large cost of furniture, and the white glove service. We ordered product at the beginning of the month but the first available delivery date was at the end of the month. Thank God we got the white glove service so that they could not blame us for faulty product. I had to take off a total of 3 days of work for 3 separate appointments, plus HOURS of waiting on hold to resolve each problem after every one. The hardware did not come in the bed kit, so I was left with pieces scattered in the bedroom. I was told the hardware would be rush delivered and I would receive a call within the hour to schedule the completion of the bed. The delivery men brought in the rest of the items, put feet on each pre-built dresser and left - they said they are given 4 minutes per item, which clearly caused them to run out without a second glance. I later found out that none of the pieces were inspected properly before they ran out, nor did they walk through each item with me to do so. The drawers on the dressers were hard to pull in and out and leaving marks on the dresser walls (obviously misaligned). I received NO call following, and when I had to call in to check on it, hardware hadn't even been ordered and they claimed this was an issue with the items being out of stock. The hardware was finally ordered, but delivery information sent was to deliver to the wrong city. Another couple hours on the phone, and days later to have that rescheduled. Hardware finally showed up, and I had to spend more time getting more delivery men out to put it together, and have someone inspect/repair the dresser drawers. Another day off work, they came an hour early and rushed to put the bed together. NONE of the drawers under the bed sit flush, and one drawer is obviously broken. The crew leader said that the original delivery men didn't inspect the items before leaving and he couldn't fix any of the drawer issues - ???! Another couple hours on the phone and time wasted, had a THIRD delivery scheduled for a new bed and tall dresser sent (at that point, I was going to live with the other sticking drawer issues). That appointment date came around and I never received a time. I called again, spent another couple hours and was told that my account stated they were waiting on ME TO CALL to schedule and that NOTHING was on the account about a dresser. I did call, I was on the phone for an hour when I was told it was all scheduled - WHAT? I was told the items are out of stock so the only option is for an exchange and to pick out new product. I bought a set, the set is DEFECTIVE, it has been a month and a half and I'm being told to START OVER? Absolutely not. We asked for this to be removed and a full refund, we want none of it, nor anything further from Bob's Discount. The associate said that was not an option. I spoke with the Supervisor who also insisted that was not an option. HOW IS THAT NOT AN OPTION? I was told because we accepted the furniture into the home. Of course, it was delivered and needed to be set up per the white glove service. I DID NOT ACCEPT defective items, and that is what I was left with. She caved and allowed for a bed refund. So, I would then need to get a new bed that does not match the rest of the set? No, not acceptable. We purchased goods that were defective and wanted to return them, and they refused. So much time has passed, so many hoops jumped through and SOOO much extensive time and effort put into something that cost a small fortune to many. We immediately called the credit card company to dispute this. THIS WAS A SCAM.

Awful Customer Service and Garbage Furniture
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Rating: 1/51

SKOKIE, ILLINOIS -- The Skokie, IL location is absolutely awful. There Sales Team is useless and has limited knowledge of their products, plus there unwilling to work with you. The price is the price and if your $1 above your finance limit, you have to purchase the entire item separate instead of paying the difference.

Plus, there credit acceptance process seems speculative. They push there “Acceptance Now” program to encourage monthly pays which increases the Interest Rate to over 33%. Which means $2500 of Furniture will be $5300 by the end of the 21 months.

When our order arrived, the Delivery Team stated “Bob doesn't pay us”, we will not bring your Sofa to the 4th Floor, even though we explained 10x times we are located on the 4th Floor and there is limited elevator access. They wanted to leave the Sofa downstairs in the foyer. The Delivery Team was extremely rude and refused to speak to the store manager. They eventually took the Sofa back and rescheduled the delivery with a third person.

They also delivered the wrong Bed Frame without a Box Spring, because the Sales person placed the wrong order. The Bed Frame they delivered was absolute junk and the mattress is so uncomfortable compared to the showroom version. The fact is the entire shopping experience was absolutely “Awful”.

We decided to go to Value City Furniture which was an AWESOME experience. We received two extra pieces of furniture (way better quality, especially the mattress) and free shipping, free five year warranty and $400 off all for the same price as Bobs Furniture.

So we went to Bobs Furniture to “Cancel” the order. We stood there for over an hour as the Store Team spoke to Customer Service over the phone. As one point, Customer Service started “We refuse the refund, we are only authorizing a replacement option”. I laughed, because we haven't even received all our furniture, yet and what we do have isn't what we ordered. So the Store Team told US they have to speak to a Customer Service Manager to Cancel the Order because the Customer Service Staff has no idea what there doing and that they will call us when it's been canceled.

Of coarse, she hasn't called back and they wouldn't refund the $50 deposit. So as a safe guard, I had to cancel my Debt Card because I don't trust them to remove the order, properly. Nobody knows what there doing and when you call, you'll be waiting on hold for up to 45 minutes. We were forced to drive back to the store because we couldn't contact someone competent. We even saw our Sales Person and told him we are canceling our order and all he said was “Ooo OK” and walked away.

I strongly suggest you go else where (like Value City Furniture) for your furniture needs because your going to be dealing with nothing but head aches and frustration. we even witnessed two other customers “Cancel” there orders while we were at the store. Plus, the furniture is very cheaply made and I wouldn't trust them to warranty anything.

Pretty furniture, but a waste of time and money
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Rating: 1/51

WOODBRIDGE, VIRGINIA -- Sorry, I wish I could recommend Bob's but I can't. This review is after purchasing two full living room sets. First, the furniture is pretty, I will give them that. And my sales guy was nice. Low pressure which is great. But the problem lies in quality and customer care.

First the quality: My first set of couches are lovely to sit on, firm but comfy. After 1 month the cushions (seat and back) are still comfy but deflated. The armrest are a flimsy build. When you push down on the armrest of the couch you can actually feel it collapse and push under the wood frame. And unfortunately it doesn't pop back up. Now it is a hard wood covered in fabric instead of the original squishy batting. But my second set of couches was worse. The wood trim on the bottom not attached well and the first time I grab the bottom of my couch to lift and move it, the trim popped off. The ottoman when delivered and was permanently indented by the strap wrapped around it from the manufacturer, additionally it was damaged inside. The large double chair that went with the set has now been delivered damaged twice. The first time it never made it off the delivery truck because when the guys opened its packaging it was obviously damaged. The second time the manufacturer had stapled through the wood trim on the bottom.

But the bigger issue is customer care: First delivery was fine, and their customer app to follow the delivery was great (although the phones notifications were over the top). The double chair was on back order. Fine. The Ottoman was received damaged and the rug ended up on back order but they didn't bother to tell me that until it wasn't there at delivery. Called customer care and reported the damage, so the scheduled an even exchange for the next week when they delivered the rug and then double chair. Next week rug and ottoman arrive but delivery guys inform me the chair is so badly damaged on the truck they won't even bring it in. I call customer care... again because they don't call you when it happens on their end.. and they again schedule the chair for another two weeks out. Days before delivery they call me and tell me the item is on back order they have to push out the delivery. At this time I ask that they INSPECT the chair before the delivery to insure it is not damaged given the additional delay. Sure, OK no problem. 10 days later they deliver the chair again, but surprise surprise it is fully wrapped up by the manufacturer, so obviously no inspection and it is damaged. AGAIN. So I call customer service and they apologize and promise to inspect the chair this time. And again schedule the delivery about 10 days out. Day before delivery and no phone calls, not notices, no nothing. So I call customer service. They say they can see it is scheduled for delivery the next day but there is not information about truck# or delivery window. So they send me to the next level of customer service. Same song and dance but they assure me it is coming the next day. So I ask to talk to a supervisor. I was on hold 30+ minutes and didn't not speak to the supervisor. Ultimately the customer care representative said the supervisor would call me back that night yet. No phone call. So now the day of delivery. No phone call, no information. So I call customer service again.... and now I wait because no one knows what is going on.

I bought the furniture 45 days ago. Have spent five different days waiting on my deliveries, and now waiting again.

Yes the furniture looks pretty. Yes the prices are good. No do not buy from Bob's. The quality and customer care aren't there. Go to a different discount store. You won't regret it.

I bought a recliner from Bob's that collasped after 3 months
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Rating: 1/51

LEVITTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- I called and they sent a "technician" to investigate. He said it was not a manufactures defect so they are doing anything about it.
The chair was not even 3 month when it feel apart. It is a swivel recliner that you have to pull on the lever to set back wards. It is also on a metal circle frame that collapsed. When I pulled the lever back it collapsed the sudden movement caused the circular frame under to completely fail.
The fabric ripped because it hit the wall in a sudden movement.
I called customer service and they said the technician said it is not due to manufacture defect. Clearly it is.
There is no reason that a chair should collapse while a person is using the lever to recline, UNLESS there is a factory defeat.
they refused to admit that it is. So I asked, " what caused it to fail?" They repeated only it is not a manufacture defeat.
Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Chair.
Reason of review: Bad quality.
Monetary Loss: $450.
Preferred solution: Full refund.
I didn't like: Poor customer service-poor quality.

Horrible Mattress Experience.
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Rating: 3/51

EAST ORANGE, NEW JERSEY -- After doing what I believed was my due diligence researching different mattresses for 30 days at multiple competitors' stores as well as at multiple Bob's stores (6 Bob's to avoid sales pressure), I purchased a Bob's Mattress w/ Box Spring. I asked multiple questions, took thorough notes & photos, tested the mattresses as long as possible, short of sleeping overnight; compared the features, checked Bob's website; and, I might add, looked at the mattress reviews and customer service reviews (which, by the way, scared me. But though apprehensive of the Customer Service reviews, the sales associate, who was very courteous did her best to assure me I was ok).

Determining I needed a firm mattress, I chose their Midnight XFirm which tested favorably at all 6 Bob's locations to ensure the mattress was a good fit and it seemed to be just that. When I received my new mattress, however, it was as firm as in the store, so I'd wake up stiff and bent over each morning. After the 4th night, I woke up and called customer service desperate for help. The representative was very sympathetic and nice. With her manager's approval she offered to swap out to another product or get another mattress. Reluctantly I considered getting the same mattress, however, I was told I'm still responsible for s/h (which I did not think to be fair since I had done my homework).

12/1, I returned to the store to speak with my sales agent but the cust srvc desk said I'm still responsible for s/h. I tested the bed again, to be sure I hadn't assumed incorrectly about my choice and the mattress felt perfectly FIRM and supportive. I also went to a 2nd Bob's the same night and the mattress felt perfectly firm so much so that while conversing with the sales associate, (who by the way was extremely sympathetic and went above and beyond to see what she could do despite not being the original sales agent) the entire time I was testing the mattress and not once did I experience discomfort.

I might mention that my 2nd choice mattress was now discontinued and the only other firm mattress was higher than both of my options, plus I'd have to pay s/h again with a different mattress. I believed my mattress could possibly be defective because I flipped it around and it felt OK for a couple of nights. But customer service over the phone told me that someone has to come out to inspect and determine that. They also said that I should use my mattress 30 days because it gets better with age; however, if the mattress is ALREADY softer than my back can tolerate, it will only feel worse as time progresses. I am nervous to try the same mattress at risk of the same experience.

This past Sunday morning, I woke up with both legs burning and red from discomfort and from tossing and turning all night. At this point I no longer want to swap for the same mattress; I just want my money back. My reason for buying a new mattress is because it was long overdue to replace my old mattress; however, after purchasing my new Bob's mattress, my sleep has only deteriorated. This has translated to misery at work, falling asleep on the job and having lower back pain and tingling legs & feet. Though having the mattress 2 weeks now and despite my experience, I am being told I can't get a full refund (excluding s/h) unless I have the mattress 30 days.

I understand their normal ret/exchange policy but my health is now being compromised, forcing me to begin a new mattress search and having to put out add'l money before I can be refunded for the current mattress. KUDOS TO Samah, the sales associate in the 2nd mentioned Bob's store (Union NJ). IF EVER I should choose to return to Bob's, I will definitely look for her assistance. In addition, Alexis in customer service today (along with my initial CS interaction 10/1) was amazing, all other phone interactions, left a lot to be desired in the customer service experience.

Horrible Horrible Horrible Experience!!!
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Rating: 1/51

WHITEHALL, PENNSYLVANIA -- DO NOT SHOP AT BOB'S! After waiting for my dining room set after a month of it being on back order, it arrived and the crew left me with a table with split wood, a chair's leg completely split from top to bottom, and the other chair had a stain on it!!! I had to take time off work for them to redeliver the set and was left with trash in my yard, trash in my neighbor's yard and customer service wouldn't even refund me my whole delivery fee!!! I am completely disgusted. I should have went to Raymour and Flanigan and paid for QUALITY product and saved myself this headache. IF I COULD GIVE ZERO STARS I WOULD.

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