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Outrageous Credit Card Fees & Scandalous Practices
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In this economy it is difficult to juggle paying all expenses and I missed one payment deadline - after which my credit card fees were increased to 30% (like that's going to help me pay on-time). Knowing that I couldn't afford to pay 30% on a balance of around $8,000 I borrowed money from a family member to pay off that credit card and close the account.

I paid the full balance on my statement to the tune of about and I made the payment on time. I expected next to get a statement showing a $0 balance - but not so... on my next statement I got charged around $40. When calling them - they said that the $40 was interest on the balance prior to my paying it off. They agreed that I paid it on time, but said that interest gets charged every day even while the bill is waiting to be paid.

I asked them if it would ever end and they said there would be no further interest charges if I paid the $40 on time - so I did just to make them go away. I was sick of them. I paid the $40 on time and cut up the credit card and asked them to close my account immediately.

Again, I expected to get a statement showing a $0 balance. Not so - they have now charged me a dollar and some change as interest on the $40. This is the most appalling practice I have experienced and causes you to feel like a prisoner to that card and company. I recommend you not deal with this business.

Citibank Expedia $100 offer
By -

I was booking flight reservations on April 20th. When I was about to pay for my tickets, a screen pops up saying your rate can change from $482 to $382 - apply now. I applied for the Citibank credit card to get this offer and it approved me right away and then told me to pay for my reservations another way and I would get my credit card in 10 days. I was then kicked out of the reservation screen and had to start over trying to reserve my tickets.

I repeatedly called Citibank to get the credit card number and they said I would have to wait. I repeatedly CALLED EXPEDIA AND THEY REPEATEDLY LOST MY CALL HUNG ON ME AND WERE UNABLE TO HELP ME. I decided to go ahead and book and then get the payment transferred to the Citibank card. Expedia refused to do this. It was bait and switch.

I never should have used Expedia, their customer service is awful. I never should have taken out the Citibank card - it was a lie, they did not give you the $100 credit. I will never use Expedia again. I cancelled the Citibank card. EXPEDIA will never help you, they are horrible, you have to call them 10 to 15 times to get through when you need them they will not help you. Citibank and Expedia made the offer and it was a scam. My reservations are not cancellable and they screwed me. Do not let them screw you.

Useless Customer Service
By -

I just attempted to close my Citibank Children's Place credit card online, but was unable to do so because I didn't have the security code on the back of the card (fair enough). I phoned customer service and was greeted with voicemail telling me to call back M-F.

What if my credit card had been stolen? I would have to wait until Monday to phone it in? Visa, Amex and Mastercard have excellent customer service available 24/7. I will NEVER use a Citibank service again and will be letting all of my friends know via Facebook that Citibank is not a company with whom I will deal.

Dropped like a hot rock for no good reason
By -

After being a good customer for over 5 years, Citibank cancelled my gas card in October 2009, using the cryptic annotation that something negative appeared on my credit report. Well, the negative information has been on my credit report for several years. Why do they NOW decide to drop me like a hot rock? Why won't anybody at Citibank actually EXPLAIN why they dropped me? Their letter is insufficient explanation.

I want to know from a real person why this company, whose parent organization took 3 bailouts from the federal govt (i.e., the taxpayers; i.e., me) for over $45 billion and has yet to pay it back, is biting the hand that feeds them.

Credit Card Abuse
By -

I recently received a notice from Citibank's Ken Stork that my interest rate on my MasterCard was going to go up to 23.99%, unless I decide to accept changes to my account. I am very agitated about this. First, I am upset at myself for having this card that currently has a 19.99 Interest rate which I have been living with.

We do not use our credit cards very often, but we have had this one for approximately 33 years. We are nowhere near our limit, we have never been late, we have a credit score of over 800. We owe very little to anyone. If we do not accept the terms of the new agreement, we can always opt out and they will close our account. This is the way to treat a customer of 33 years. In going to Citibank website, they are offering on a Platinum card a rate of 11.99 and on a Diamond Preferred, a rate of 12.24%.

Citibank, Loan Shark Rates
By -

Recently we received "The Letter" from Ken Stork informing us of the interest rate hike to 29.99% which would be going into effect if we chose to continue with these terms. As we contemplated our options, we received checks from Citibank for the use on this account for 0% interest for 6 months. After that time the interest rate revert back to our original rate.

To-date we have received three separate letters with checks attached. How egregious is this? In one letter they are jacking our rates up to loan sharking levels trying to force us out, in three other letters they are trying to lure us to use our available credit. What kind of company does this? There aren't words to express how disgusted I am with Citibank.

By -

PO BOX 6148, SOUTH DAKOTA -- Citibank tried to raise interest rate. I pay automatically on time every month and I pay more than the minimum payment. I purchase a home last year for $2,650,000 all cash. I have no mortgage. That said, I've also ran a balance on some of my credit cards which I thought was my prerogative.

All in all, I'm a good customer who pays his bills on time that is being punished by being a good customer. I've opted out and closed the account and will not work with Citibank ever again. This practice is usury. Way to go Citibank!!! I'll now be closing my other accounts as well.

Credit card ripoff
By -

I have been a customer of Citibank for over 20 yrs. A few months ago when I opened my statement, I almost fell over. They raised my APR to 29.9 and when I called, they said it was because a bill I paid 3 months ago was late by 5 days. Not only did they raise my rate but they backdated the interest from the time I was a few days late which meant 3 months ago. So I had to pay the 29.9 APR from the month that the payment was late.

I paid off the whole bill and won't use Citicard again until they do something about their mobster interest rates and return the money that they charged me for the 3 months - they say my payment was late at 29.9 - at the time I owed Citibank 15,000. They never notified me that my rate was going to be increased.

Citibank Rate Increases are Extortion
By -

I too received one of those friendly letters from Ken Stork advising me that Citibank would be raising my interest rate to almost 30% effective November 29th. I called to see if they would reduce my current rate as there is no way I will pay 30%. When I called, I learned that is no room for discussion. I was told more than once that there is nothing anybody can do as this was a "business decision".

After being on hold and then disconnected, I called back and found out that the first representative had already logged me in as "opting out". I told the second representative that I had not yet made a decision and wanted to speak with someone in regards to lowering the rate or filing a complaint with the company.

After asking for more information in regards to filing a complaint, I was told that some from the "President's" office would be calling me on the following day. Needless to say, nobody ever called back. After doing some digging, I found an 800 number to their headquarters in NY. I suggest everyone continue to call and tie up their lines. Do not take no for an answer.

Today, I learned that there is another option involving converting your balance to a loan at the existing rate. This option was not available yesterday. There are other options. Citibank will be better off if they negotiate with people so that more of us can pay down our debt and be in better positions to borrow yet again in the future as needed. Otherwise, tell Citibank that they're losing a customer for life and find a credit union.

Criminal rate increases in light of record profits and bailouts
By -

SOIUX FALLS, SOUTH DAKOTA -- For more than 5 years, Citibank has held our business credit card account, and we've never carried over a balance during that time. Just last week we received a letter from a Ken Stork (Citibank exec (?) form letter) outlining an increase from our current 9.9% to a wonderful 29.99%. Ken's wonderfully written letter also mentions steps for us to take if we would like opt out of this increase; step one required a phone call.

We took that step, talked to nice young man from Bangalore, India who could use additional English lessons, and was promptly told that he could work with us to pitch us a better offer, if we just waited 3 days for him to work up a new offer. This young man went on to explain the increase is all due to the increase in lending rates Citibank has to deal with, so do not blame the bank.

We clearly explained that we wanted no part of any offers from Citibank, and would he please close our account, but send us a final balance. To which yet another offer was pitched our way, to which we quickly refused, and again we requested our final balance. This comedy continued for about 4 cycles - I'm nothing if not tenacious.

We've been fortunate to be able to pay off our balances each month, a point that makes this incident even more ridiculous. For those who aren't as fortunate, these unethical increases by the banks should be considered criminal.

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