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DVR Seldom Works Properly
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Rating: 1/51

DENVER, COLORADO -- I've had service with Comcast for a couple of years and have been after them to fix this problem since day 1. The DVR occasionally does what it's supposed to do, but sometimes does things I didn't tell it to do and sometimes simply doesn't do things I did tell it to do.

When I attempt to record two successive half-hour sitcoms that occur every weekday at a specific time-of-day (reruns for sure!), it sometimes records the first, sometimes the second, but very seldom gets them both. When those same sitcoms are on a different network, it does just fine, AFAIK. However, it's annoying when I attempt to schedule a recording and find it doesn't even appear in the "schedule" listing.

Occasionally, I'll find programs I didn't even know of were recorded. More often, I'll find that programs I intended to record, and saw they were scheduled, were not recorded and were dropped from the schedule. Also extremely annoying is that it records before the beginning, or after the beginning, and correspondingly, truncates the program or records beyond its end.

Comcast Stole From My House
By -

Comcast came to my house to install service. The guy saw an HD DVR box in my house and asked what's that. My wife told him that it was a box from another account and that we own it so it stays here (it's my son's, who got charged for it after they sent his account to collections; he since then paid it off).

Throughout the install which took like 2 hours he somehow got his grubby little hands on the box and took it out to his truck (STOLE IT). He never mentioned anything or gave a receipt for taking it and on top of that he didn't even do a good job because they had to send out another technician to fix it the next day.

We called numerous times to customer service who just keep on saying he probably took it because he thought we were exchanging it or that we wanted to return it. That is not the case especially since we told him not to touch it in the first place. They just keep on giving me the runaround saying a field supervisor will come out.

I have wasted 3 different days trying to wait for their supervisor. No luck. I am ready to just file a police report and have the police handle it but there is one big problem, we have no paperwork on that box because my son is not very good at record keeping for himself.

I asked Comcast if they could just track it down by finding the technician who took it and see what boxes he brought back that day because there would be an extra one that is mine. His reply was that "yes we can do that but you would need to provide a serial number and all this other crap", which is really stupid since they could just connect the extra box with my address in their system easily. I guess I should have never trusted COMCAST to come into my home. I learned my lesson now.

Added: The thing with this situation is I paid my son's bills for everything that went into collections the last two years (I know I shouldn't pay my kids bills bc he should learn on his own but he went through a lot which I won't get into.). So really they stole it from me but to them it is owned by my son. We paid $560 for the box and like $400 on top of that due to it going into collections.

So it doesn't matter if it says Comcast or not; it is our box that we bought fair and square. They could have given me a receipt at least showing that they took it so I have proof to get my money back or a credit. I wouldn't expect Apple to come into my house and steal their computer back if they are servicing something else just because it says Apple. And yes that was just a made up scenario, I know they don't service houses. Bottom line is COMCAST stole from me and my family.

Resolution Update 11/02/2009:

they gave me a credit and receipt

I Was Treated Rudely in My Home!
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Rating: 4/51

CHESWICK PA, PENNSYLVANIA -- The repairman came to my home because my DVR lost 2 and 1/2 pages of history and a previous phone call to correct this issue did not work, also phone was cutting out in the middle of a conversation. My health is not well and it is important that I have a working phone at all times. The repairman came into my home and told me that I didn't know what I was talking about.

He said that there was no way that I had 4 1/2 pages of recorded shows, but I did and I do know what I am talking about! My health is bad. I had a stroke 2 weeks ago and my phone cut out while I was trying to talk to the hospital and I just needed to get both my DVR and my home phone fixed. I didn't need this man to argue with me. All that I needed was for him to fix the 2 issues that I scheduled with Comcast! AND NO ARGUMENTS!!!

Don't Bother With the New Cisco DVR Boxes--Garbage
By -

Woe unto Comcast customers whose Scientific DVRs bite the dust. You will be given a substandard piece of equipment as a replacement--the Cisco RNG which will not work with any DVR expanders, won't cache the live shows longer than 5 minutes without returning to live TV with no hope of rewinding, won't record complete shows without stopping suddenly saying program is unavailable and several minutes later resume recording leaving you with several minutes missing--never during a commercial mind you.

On top of that you have to endure the HORRIBLE customer service that repeatedly tells you there's nothing wrong with the box or signal. So, as usual, buyer beware. I asked about getting one of the Scientific's back but--this is the unbelievable part--there are no phone numbers to call the service centers. You have to physically drive to all the service centers to search for one of the Scientific DVR boxes. How insanely absurd is that? It's not really.

Comcast has never really cared about customer service because they know you either have to use Dish or not have cable service at all. I guess we'll be just as unhappy with Dish and suffer through the poor service during bad weather. Either way it's just crappy customer service because there is no competition.

By -

We were scheduled for service between 12 pm and 2 pm and they said we rescheduled the app. for Tuesday which we did not. We rearranged our schedule so we would be here to have them come to fix the problem. We called and they said there was nothing they could do about it until Tuesday. This is very poor customer service.

Service Call
By -

Wanted to thank ** for her professional and courteous assistance. She resolved my issue quickly. It was a pleasure dealing with her. Would like to suggest to companies that when you have someone of note that inspires a person to take time to tell you of their great experience with the company, that they somehow recognize that person.

Great Service
By -

QUINCY, MASSACHUSETTS -- I had an appointment for between two and five. I was in a jam because I had to pick my kids up at school at two-thirty. I got a call at one thirty from my Comcast tech. I told him my issue, and he waited for me to get home at three. He found out that the outside line was full of water. Fifteen minutes later my son was watching Sponge Bob!!! Thank You.

DVR Installation
By -

SOUTH RIVER, NEW JERSEY -- Once again the great customer service at Comcast strikes. Got a call last week, Comcast wanted to install a free DVR for me. Made the appointment for 6/25 1300 - 1700 per CR. Monday comes and no installer at 1530 hrs. Called to check when he would be here and was told appointment was for 6/26 from 1300 to 1500 hrs. I told them I wrote date and time in 2 separate places and it was for 6/25 not 6/26. I then made the BIG mistake of saying "OK, I will wait until Tues, 6/26 at 1300."

Tuesday comes. At 1500 call Comcast Customer service to ask where installer is. ** says "Installers are running late". He then asked if I could give the installer until 1530, another 1/2 hr or so. I asked him how installer can be at my house in 1/2 hr when you told me he was running late. ** said "I never told you that". I then blew my top. I waited 4 hrs on Monday and now 3 hrs today and he calls me a liar? What crummy service.

I asked for a manager. Of course I get put on hold. Someone picks up phone and I can hear activity, but no one is on the other end. My other line rings and it is the installer. It is now 1515 or 0315 pm. He says he cannot find my house and ask what # it is? I ask him if he can read English because he sure can't speak it as I could just about understand him.

I asked him if he had my # on the order and he says he can't find house. "There are 2 houses on one side of the street and 8 house on my side. I have a large house # on the door in bright brass. There is a large rock next to driveway with house # painted on it." And this jerk can't find the house? So much for Comcast installers, about a step up from rocks as far as intelligence goes. I get a supervisor, ** who listens to my problem and then has the nerve to ask me what day they can come and install DVR. I tell her 6/27 at 1300. She says that time is not available.

WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP! Without a doubt the worst customer service I have ever run into. I waste 7+ hrs waiting for them, they can't find the house on a street that is 1 city block long and has a total of 9 or so houses on both sides on the street and they tell me they can't do it when I can be there? I will be going to Verizon and Fios as soon as I can. I will never again put up with the crappy customer service which Comcast is so famous for.

Customer service never available
By -

For the past few months we've had trouble with our DVR cable box supplied by Comcast. Basically the DVR stopped working reliably. The recordings always come out jumbled with the sound going in and out. Terrible frustrating to watch. So I had heard I could swap my cable box for a new one at a local Comcast location, only trick was to find one.

Their website offered no information on these local locations, only their 1-800 number. So I figured no big deal, just call the 1-800 and get the location to do the exchange. My first call was around 3pm from work. I spend about 10 minutes on hold until I was finally told by a recording that their call volume was too high and I would have to call again some other time. Then it hung up on me. Great. I tried again later that afternoon. Same problem, too many callers, so they hung up on me.

Next day, I figured I would try in the morning, mix it up a little. I called around 10:30AM. This time I seemed to get past the messages from the day before, I was excited to be on my way to speaking with a real customer service person. Well about 10 minutes into holding, I was told that unfortunately due to high call volume, I was again being disconnected and to try again some "other" time.

That's when I got an idea. The 3 times before I called I was always selecting the options that said I had a problem and needed help. I decided to call one more time, this time saying I was a new customer looking for service/upgrades. 30 seconds and I'm on the phone talking to a real customer service person! Shows you where their priorities are! Well she was more than helpful as she located a drop off location within 20 min of me, and I was able to make the cable box switch. Of course, the new box has yet to work. I just get a "please wait your channel will be available shortly" message. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

UPDATE: Just called them again (using my tactic above) and they reset my service/box remotely and now my channels seem to be coming in. So, long story short, if you can get through to them, the customer service is good. Getting to talk to a real person is the hard part.

Comcast motto "Degraded Service is our Hallmark"
By -

COOL, CALIFORNIA -- We have been subscribers to Comcast Cable since they took over in our area, about 8 years now having problems intermittently until last fall when the service was spotty at best, poor or no reception and always some lame excuse. Comcast is the only cable service offered here. We have TV and internet with a bill that runs approximately $150.00/mo. 5 TV's, 2 on straight cable with no box (the only ones we are able to receive programming on at this time). One HD box, one HD/DVR box, and one DVR box.

None of the TV's with boxes have worked in almost a week. When calling for problem-solving, nice little lady says "unplug the boxes, plug in again, I'll send you a new signal". We did this several times and nothing. Best she could do was to schedule an appointment 6 days from this time.

The night previous to this we had had problems and I called their recorded message that stated "we are experiencing degraded service in your area and our technicians are working on it." I mentioned this to the little lady and she says "there is nothing being reported now, so it is not an emergency for Comcast." My husband is a very patient man but even he has reached his limit. We are going satellite and Comcast can go suck eggs. Cool, California, 35 miles NE of Sacramento.

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