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Horrible Horrible Horrible
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Rating: 1/51

EDMONTON -- "DO NOT GET ANY KIND OF SERVICE FROM THIS COMPANY." I don't even know where to start… I called Comwave to get an internet service on Dec 5th 2017. I Had long distance service through Call Select which is now own by Comwave. Told him about that long distance service I had and he told me that it will be better if I join the account, that way I will get only one bill and made sense and agreed to do so. He told me that technician will be in my place to set it up on Dec 18 Mon, 19 Tue or 20 Wed, but he can't confirm the date just yet and I would receive an email for confirmation.

I told him that I understand that you can't confirm the date just yet but would you be able to leave the note on my file that I prefer 18 Mon or 19 Tue because Mon and Tue is the only day that someone will be available at my place and even told him that if not 18th or 19th I'm okay with any other date but has to be Mon or Tue. Then he told me that he had the note on the file and I will receive the confirmation email regarding. Dec 11, 2017 - Got the confirmation email that Technician will come and set it up the internet and GUESS WHAT... the date was for 20th Wed.

I specifically told that guy ONLY MON OR TUE of the week would work for me. And now I tried to call so called customer service (What a Joke customer service by the way). Had to wait more than 50 min just to speak with somebody and finally one lady picked up my call and I explained the whole situation and she was like "Oh well there is no note on your file stating that you only requested for Mon or Tue". I was like "What?" Anyway I told her that the day they have put me on won't work so please cancel that day for me and have set it up some other date (Mon or Tue).

She told me that 20th Wed has been cancelled and will be one of the date 18th or 19th but again can't confirm yet and will receive an email. ALRIGHT! So here I was waiting for email just so I know which day they are coming. Waiting waiting and waiting NO email at all. And here it comes 19th of Dec and was told it would be 18th or 19th. Dec 19, 2017 - around 5pm trying calling them to see what the… is going on, and waited and listened that annoying music ever for one hour and 36 min just to speak with someone.

Finally got to speak and asked them, “Hey what's going on?” I was told that I will get an confirmation email for 18th or 19th but today is 19th 5pm already. And lady replied "Oh you have confirmed already that the technician is coming on 20th." I was so mad and start telling her the whole thing what happen since I sign up. I wanted Mon and Tue specific and that didn't happen cause they sent me email to confirm for Wed and I called to cancel that Wed and now that Wed was not cancel.

What a Horrible company or customer service is that? I could not believe what they are doing there. They should not be even doing business at all. So now I asked to speak with so called supervisor which was another 30min on hold just to be on hold and finally got to speak and repeated every single steps and explained what was happen and she was like "oh Sorry" hahhahahahahaha is that all?

Anyway I told her, “Stop everything right now. I do not want to deal with anything” and then of course trying to sell their ** services and making a deal but I was so done already and told her straight that "JUST CANCEL EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW, AND I‘M SO GLAD THAT I FOUND YOUR ** SERVICE before it's too late." Finally she did cancel everything and oh yeah I received their modem and she told me to return them in my own expenses. I said, “Sure” cause I just wanted to closure everything.

But before everything I asked her not twice but more than twice regarding my long distance service from Call Select which they combined to this ** internet account will be still up running cause I will need it (which I was gonna find out what's out there and cancel from them anyway but decided to keep for now). She confirmed that yes it will running up for long distance service. So after all that finally canceled the order. Thank God I did. Now hoping my long distance will be up running. And couple days later tried to call my mom in Nepal and Guess What??? It's not working.

Holly... Then again trying calling them and of course waited for 2 hour 41 min and 32 sec, I ended up hang up cause couldn't take that stupid music anymore. Tried the next day again and finally got to speak with someone after being on hold for more than 45 min. Isn't that ridiculous the amount of time you have to wait just to even talk to someone regarding anything. Who has time for that???

Anyway after speaking with that lady I found out that my long distance service has been cancelled too. REALLY??? After all that??? Couldn't explain how mad I was at that time and just figured it's gonna be useless to even argue and I just hang up. This was the worst experience ever I had in my life. Nobody has any idea what the... they are doing. I would rather pay bit more extra bill to get great customer service and know what I'm getting. Please Please Please do a favor for yourself and stay away from this **...

Fraudulent Behavior by Comwave
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Rating: 1/51

OSHAWA -- My name is Bonita **. In February 2018 I decided to switch from Bell to Comwave. When the representative came out to set me up I was told not to contact Bell regarding the switch of services. In good faith I said "OK". The switch never happened. I tried to straighten it out with Comwave several times. I had to wait for hours for a representative to help me through this whole thing. Several calls were made. During some calls I couldn't wait anymore after waiting for 45 minutes to an hour in some cases. My work is extremely demanding. I just don't have time for this.

At one point a representative said that I had not filled out the transfer request properly so we did it together. I thought that was it, that the problem was solved the problem, but not so despite the fact that once again I was cautioned not to call Bell, so I didn't.

Since February I have been paying two bills, one from Comwave and one from Bell. The billing never did stop from Bell. I have been paying two bills every since I signed up with Comwave. Finally I took matters in my own hands and phoned Bell to talk with them about the switch. They told me they had received no information about switching the internet and TV but that they did get notification from Comwave to switch the phone lines. Bell told me to contact Comwave to sort it out. I came down with the flu so I did not contact Comwave for a few days. Then yesterday my internet went down and my TV was disconnected.

There was a nasty note on my computer on the interface from Comwave saying that my credit card declined this months billing. So now my TV is not working and my internet is also not working. What was really disturbing is that even though my internet was down a Comwave notice about the non-payment of my bill was on my computer's interface preventing me from using my computer at all. (This happened when there was no internet up at all.) When I tried to get it off my screen I couldn't.

During the first week of May, I contacted Bell, once again they confirmed that at no time did they ever get a request from Comwave for internet and TV services to be switched. Bell offered to take back the phone line, I said yes. I did not contact Comwave to let them know I was not going to use their services right away as I was ill. I was mistaken as to how much was left on my credit card and I had no idea it had declined until Bell reinstated my TV and internet enabling me to access my email notices. It is hard to believe that my services would be cut off when I was paying for two service providers for months. It is ironic to say the least.

I am going to try and recoup my money from Comwave. This is a very shady outfit to say the least. I don't think I have a choice but to honor Comwave's last billing otherwise they will make sure they damage my credit. I have read many similar complaints about Comwave over the last little while. Many of them quite similar. I guess it is not surprising that when you contact the Comwave head office no one ever answers. My next step is the Better Business Bureau.

Seriously Unethical and Fraudulent
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Rating: 1/51

OTTAWA, ON -- You will cancel all services effective immediately (March 23, 2018) and revise your invoice charging me for the pro-rated amount from March 2nd to March 23rd only. You will provide a shipping waybill along with RA numbers in order to have your equipment shipped back to you. I will not incur shipping charges.

My son had requested the money taken from my bank account be returned by EOD Monday, March 26th, however, I have been in contact with my bank and they will reverse the payment. They are also looking into how my banking information ended up in your hands as I didn't provide said information. You have NEVER had authorization from myself to take payments from either my credit card or chequing account. You will cease and desist immediately. Should I have extra banking fees due to your unauthorized behaviour, I will expect Comwave to reimburse.

To date, these are your actions: March 5, 2018 - Comwave invoice of $0 balance sent via email. March 19, 2018 - Invoice in the amount of $315.38 was sent via email. March 19, 2018 - Email notice of credit exceeded sent to me (how this is possible I don't know as you set up the billing - would you not take pro-rates and one month ahead billing into account???).

March 19, 2018 - Comwave attempted to take payment via Scotia debit/credit card. March 19, 2018 - Another email from Comwave stating my credit card had been declined. March 20, 2018 - TV service suspended - phone call with Customer Service and Supervisor resulted in me hanging up after repeatedly attempting to cancel my services. March 20, 2018 - Yet another telephone call with Customer Service and 2nd Supervisor resulted in re-instatement of service and process on cancelling service.

March 20, 2018 - Email notice of credit exceeded sent to me. March 20, 2018 - Email from Comwave stating my credit card had been declined. March 21, 2018 - Email notice of credit exceeded sent to me. March 21, 2018 - Email from Comwave stating my credit card had been declined. March 22, 2018 - UNAUTHORIZED payment taken as POS Purchase from my chequing account with Scotiabank. March 23, 2018 - Telephone call with Customer Service cancelling services and attempting to find out how unauthorized payments were taken and demand to reverse the charges.

A formal complaint will be submitted to the CCTS as your billing practices are suspect, unethical and extremely aggressive. It's quite underhanded of Comwave to take a payment via POS from my banking account and again, I would like to know how you came across my banking information as I am sure I didn't provide it. Nor did I, at any time, authorize your company to take payments.

When I signed up for your services, I expressly told the customer service person that will make my payments via online banking when I receive invoices and at no time did he tell me that payment was by way of pre-authorized payment through credit cards. This would have made me not go ahead with the order.

Your "supervisors" choose not to listen to customers and will only speak of 'making the service better' even when the customer is adamant that they want to cancel services. Your practices are bullish, rude and extremely arrogant. I will never do business with your company again after this experience and I would appreciate a formal apology.

All Comwave Does Is Rip People Off
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Rating: 1/51

TORONTO ON -- I made the mistake of signing up with Comwave months ago and I have had nothing but problems with the service and with customer service. I asked for a higher plan due to the fact I only stream and use iPhones so I was told to get the 150mbps plan with would be great for my internet needs, not even a month later I was having buffering problems, I also was only getting a max of 86mbps which is just over half of the speed I was paying for and as low as 4mbps which I have proof of from my Speedtest app, plus internet connection failure.

So I called Comwave and was directed to tech support where they troubleshooted for a couple hours and nothing was done but due to work I was in and out of town and wasn't able to call them until a few weeks later and when I did that keep in mind I'm calling again about the same problems. I was on the phone with tech support for three and a half hours which they then were connected directly to my computer which was directly connected to the modem and tech support took over and tried to fix the problem with the computers paired. After three and a half hours tech support said the modem must be the problem and said they were going to send me a new one.

A month went I just got back home and no modem so again I called customer service and they were giving me the round around to tech support back to customer service to supervisors and this continued another 3 or 4 times. I was furious at this point and made another call to customer service and explained to them the all the issues and gave them notice that I was going to be canceling within the month due to all the issues and they said no problem and were going to give me a rebate for all the months I had the service.

So around 3 weeks later I had another internet provider come in and install the internet so I called Comwave to cancel. Explained to them again after the umpteenth time. As soon I told them I was calling to cancel they gave me the runaround again and told me they were going to charge me $400.00 for a cancellation fee due to the fact I didn't give them enough time to solve the problem.

So I offered one last time to let tech support to figure out the problem and their response was that I need to call in to tech support every day for 30 days and then after that point if tech support couldn't fix the problem then they would waive the cancellation fee, which is absolutely outrageous. They couldn't fix the problem the first time or the second or the third. What is going to change. I waited for the modem gave them that chance they never sent it I'm still going through this with them till this day and unfortunately the next for me is going to be of legal proceedings.

It is not fair what they're doing to people and what they're getting away with. I did everything they asked of me. Gave them plenty of chances and yet they want me to do more like I don't work and have a life, I'm a contractor and if a customer called me about a leaky sink I wouldn't ask them to call me for 30 days in a row telling that the sink is still leaking. I would fix the problem or change the sink.

Bottom line it is a complete waste of time and I think a way to make extra money for another month or to make sure they always get their cancellation fee which from what I've been reading from the reviews is always their fault for people canceling. I would never recommend Comwave to anyone at all even if it's free. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE never sign up with Comwave. All they do I say are lies and scams on ways to take your money.

Worst Company Ever!!!
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Rating: 1/51

Called about middle of September to get Comwave internet. At no time was it explained to me that I was signing up for a 3 year contract and that if I cancelled after 30 days there would be a cancellation fee. Paid them $100 deposit on the modem. They tried to sell me home phone but I said no. They said it's free. I said, "No it isn't because you just told me I would have to pay another $100 on the phone device." Took 2 weeks for install.

No install tech came inside to check the connection, never even knocked on the door to let me know he was in my backyard. Found out later it was a Shaw tech as Comwave uses Shaw's infrastructure in my area. Modem didn't show up till 2 days later. Modem came with wi-fi turned off as default!!!

What ISP in their right mind would send out a modem without wi-fi turned on already!!! Considering many people only use wireless connections now. And considering I was told I would just have to connect it to the cable line and plug it in and it would be ready to go. Then had to reset the modem about once a week because the wi-fi would go dead. Oh well, I had a router that would do that once in a while. When my first bill came I discovered there were also undisclosed 'access' fees which made my bill higher than the quoted amount but not too much so decided to give them a chance.

They came out with TV service. Thought I would give that a try. BIG MISTAKE!!!! Once again it was not made clear to me that there would be a cancellation fee after 30 days. For the first week the guide did not work. The DVR never did work properly (it saves to a cloud, not to the device). Their so called 'back-in-time' feature does not work properly. Could not fast forward as I could not see what I was fast forwarding. Using 30 sec skip button worked sometimes.

Every time I tried to use either feature it would often randomly restart the program or just go back to live TV in the middle of the recorded program. Programs I tried to set up a future record for would be replaced with some unknown program. Tried to delete programs that were recorded - did not work, programs showed up in the list again.

Manually deleted every program one by one until there were only a couple of programs left. Then tried to use delete all and instead all of the programs I had deleted showed up again! Yes, I did try calling tech support. Guess what!?!?! No 24 hr support - and it closes at 6pm EST on Sat and Sun!!! That's 4 pm for me in Alberta! Waited till next day.

Finally go through to tech support (25 min wait for anyone to answer). Was told the guide was a known issue that they were working on (took them a week to fix it). When I explained the issues with the DVR and back-in-time features was told sorry I can't help you with that I will have to refer your problem to 'higher support', whatever that means. Was told they would have to call me back. I asked him if he could please transfer me right then as a call back was not good for me as I am very busy. He said no. They never did get it fixed.

After 3 weeks I had enough. This service was not worth what I was being charged. Got Telus PureFibre service instead. Wow! 250 Mbps - amazing fast compared to Comwave's supposed 60 Mbps (I was told when I first called in that was the maximum speed available in my area).

Then the nightmare phone call started. Called Comwave to cancel all services. Had to wait on hold for 20 minutes before anyone answered. Told the guy I wanted to cancel my account. He asked why. I told him their service was terrible and they did not provide the promised service on the cable.

Told him not to bother trying to sell me a better deal, I was done and I wanted to cancel. He said, "Ok, I understand but just so you know, there will be a $400 cancellation fee." I said, "Wait a minute, how much!?!?!?" He said, "It is $200 per service on a 3 year contract." I said, "Hold on I was never told that." He said, "Well to cancel and if you are disputing the fees I have to transfer you to a supervisor."

I was put on hold again, this time I waited half an hour before a so called supervisor answered. Repeated my reasons for cancelling. She said, "Well that's not fair, you haven't given us a fair chance." I said, I was not interested in anymore deals. The internet service was terrible, the cable service was worse, and their lack of 24 hr support sealed the deal. And having to just spend 50 minutes on hold did nothing to change my mind. I just wanted to cancel. She said, "Well you are inside 30 days on the cable but we will have to charge you $200 for the internet cancellation."

I told her that I was never told of the cost of cancellation after 30 days before today. She said, "Yes you were, it is noted on your file." I repeated that I was never told the cost of cancellation after 39 days. I also told her I use to work in an industry that also 'noted' customer files and was well aware that employees can pretty much put in whatever they like in those notes to cover their own butts.

I informed her that I was cancelling everything. She then became very rude, and tried to rush me off the phone. Now I have to send back the modem and cable box at my own expense!! I had another ISP a few years back and when I cancelled with them (because of a move to an area they did not serve) they sent me a prepaid package to return the modem in. Not so with Comwave. This has definitely been the worst company I have ever dealt with.

I used a prepaid credit card to pay for them so they will not get any more money from me. Although, I won't get my deposit back. I got the impression I wasn't getting that without a fight anyway. I honestly pity anyone who has all 3 of their services and tries to cancel with them after 30 days. That would be a $600 cancellation fee!!! How are they allowed to do this!?!?!

To anyone considering Comwave - DO NOT USE THEM! They are not that much cheaper, they are extremely difficult to deal with, and they do not provide the advertised services. There are hidden fees and they do not even ask you if you want a contract or month-to-month package. The CRTC should revoke their license.

Company Response 01/05/2018:

I am so sorry to hear about your unfortunate experience. It was not truly our intention. We really appreciate your willingness to share your comments, and hope you do give us the chance to make this right. Please send me a message to ~Lisa

Commercial Fraud Plus Sign Up Fees
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Rating: 1/51

WINDSOR, ONTARIO CANADA -- OK, after 6 months of service, I'm finally posting my review... At first when I saw the commercial on Canadian TV high speed internet and home phone with all features free for 6 months then $49.95 +15% (ON) tax (figured tax would be added) = $59.4425 = (rounded up) $59.45 would start after the 6 Month period, so I figured this is a great deal as it costs $100.00 + for Cogeco, Bell, and what not, I called and signed up, got charged $200.00 + $85 plus dollars upfront, before I got the equipment I was charged another $11.00.

2 days before equipment came tech came in (Tech on time = Good) then about 3 days after I got charged again $27.00 for some fee and 911, had to pay $27.00 on this 6 month free account until 6 months were up (got suspended every time I got charged and not knowing it till I try to get on the internet) extensions were ok but still it was suppose to be FREE for 6 months.

After the charges and suspensions I decided to cancel, got told that I could cancel because of a 3 year contract which nobody said anything about when I first signed up, then I was told that I was paying for the features which was to be a package deal with internet, basic was free with internet, so I asked to give me the basic, got told no because of the contract, so being pissed off I said fine.

Once the 6 months were up they tried to charge my prepaid credit card $55.20 then got suspended because they didn't get the money, I got it fixed and check my email and there was no invoice in which I didn't know 6 months were up and payment was due till 1 day after talking to them about the suspension.

Now I'm going to be charged for basic phone and internet $77.00+ which is $ 17.00 + over the Commercial price of High speed internet and Home phone with all features free for 6 months then $49.95 +15% (ON) tax = $59.4425 = (rounded up) $59.45, found out for high speed internet I had a choice of 75 Mbps or 25 Mbps, not knowing I chose 25 Mbps as I'm the only one using the services here in my home (my cell, tablet, desktop).

When I got the equipment I changed the password to my own as "password" is not a good password to have, internet kept buffering constantly while trying to watch a movie online, so I figured somehow people are getting on my wifi so I tried to check and couldn't sign into the modem, tried calling to have this fixed yesterday (Nov/15/2017) and was put on hold waiting for tech to answer for 2 hours and no answer so I gave up.

I called back today (Nov/16/20017) and had to wait again almost an hour, finally a tech support answered and got things fixed, other than the waits times Tech was very courteous and told me how to fix it myself as he would have been cut off while I'm resting the modem to factory login and password due to not having a landline from Bell or what not, I did what he said and called me back within the 5 min that he said. That is the only time that I didn't get pissed off LOL. I was giving bad reviews every time I had to do a survey on the people I talked to but will be giving a very good review for the tech I talked to...

I don't mind recommending Comwave to family and friends but will be letting them know what I went through and I want to be there if they do decide to join up with Comwave so they don't get screwed like me, but once this # year unwanted contract is done and I get my $200.00 back I will be checking around for cheaper and better without false information and pricing...

Company Response 01/05/2018:

Hi G. I am glad to know our Technical Support could help you in your latest interaction and I feel sorry to hear you had to go through such a series of unfortunate events before. If there is anything I can help you with, please email me to I would love to make everything possible to ensure you receive the proper assistance you deserve. ~Lisa

Horrible Service, Lying Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

MAPLE RIDGE -- My parents started this contract when I was in university in another Province (up here in Canada), had I known I would have never let them get into a 3 year contract with these crooks. They start a internet/home phone service with them at a said price. Then they charge us $10 more in hidden fees that apparently we should have know about. We continue as it is still a good price, after 6 months they raise the prices again, saying that the price we had was promotional and hence subject to price changes.

At this point we are already locked in. So I get back from university and start using their internet. It's unbearably slow, we are getting 1 Mbps when we are paying for 15Mbps. I call over and over on 2h phone calls and eventually they say that if they can't fix my problem in 2 weeks I would be able to cancel without penalties, even though the regular time is 30 days.

Today I called again after the 2 weeks of dealing with their horrible internet and the representative says that they don't know what the other person said and hence I would need to pay $25 for them to look through their records. And without that investigation the 30 day limit is still active. They are unbearable. NEVER GET ANYTHING FROM THIS SCAM OF A COMPANY!

Unprofessional and Deceptive
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Rating: 1/51

TORONTO -- On this forum, there are a number of short reviews posted toward the 2nd half of the year 2017 which are obviously fake for the following reasons: All of the reviews follow the same format: short (3-5 sentences long), usually accompanied by grammar and/or syntax errors, emphasizing the name of an employee and the employee's phone extension (keep in mind that when calling Comwave support, you cannot dial a particular extension... you have to wait until the next available specialist is available).

The reviews are always vague on the details of the issue experienced, describing the reason for phoning customer support in general terms. The reviews always give Comwave a 5 star rating. The reviews are in stark contrast with the overwhelming number of negative (usually 1 star) reviews. Ever since these positive templated reviews started to appear, the Comwave overall rating has improved - as of this posting it is 3 stars. I will not speculate on the reasons for this deception, although it speaks volumes of this company/employees' integrity.

Don't Care if They Are Committing Fraud.
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Rating: 1/51

TORONTO -- I am a landlord. I had a tenant who was dying and wanted to save some money. He had bad credit. He could not afford the $400 for the security deposit. He asked me to put the $400 on my credit card and he would pay me back over time. I agreed. I called Comwave and repeated many times and was assured during the signup that my credit card was only to be used this one time and would never be used again. The Comwave representative promised this was a onetime only use of my credit card.

For 6 months all was good. The money came out of the wife bank account. No problems. The tenant died. His wife had a payment go NSF. So they charge my credit card. I called them up and said stop that return my money. They said, “Not your account. We won't can't talk to you”. I'm like, “You charged my credit card. You can talk to me about that”. They said, “Nope. Try emailing customer service proof it's your credit card”.

I emailed customer service a picture of my credit card my bill showing the Comwave charge and a note saying, “Charging my credit card. You do not have authorization”. Call them up next day. They take forever to finally say, “We still won't talk to you”. I tried calling my credit card company with Comwave on the phone. They would not talk to us as it was not my account. They would not transfer me to anyone else as I did not have an account.

I ended up having to cancel my credit card and getting a new number as they would not remove my number from their system. The wife ended up canceling the service and not returning the equipment. 3 months later I still get notices that they have tried to charge my card again and again. I considered getting the service when it was first installed but dealing with thief customer service I would not touch these liars and horrible managed company with a ten foot pole. Stay away.

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