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Installation Gone Wrong
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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- July 11, 2022, I was scheduled for a floor install with Cooper. They showed up, diagnosed the job. They decided the floor needed latex to level it, it wooden so I paid them extra to level the floor. The gentlemen were very knowledgeable, So they proceeded but before they could finish we found that some of the flooring was damaged. So this is were I say Cooper's true colors, they ordered more flooring, took two weeks then once it arrived they scheduled a crew. Well a guy shows up, he told me the latex is cracking under the floor so he would have to pull up the floor to redo it.

I told him "No, just add more latex and finish the job." He wouldn't and he left, Cooper called me and said that he told them that the washer was still connected so he couldn't install so the next day they sent another guy out and he does the same thing, telling me he can't install without pulling up the whole floor. I told him, "No just put down the latex to level then install the floor." 'It was only a small section' so l left and came back and he never put down latex before he started and the floor is not level. As of Aug 19, 2022 I'm still waiting for the company to correct the issue on leveling my floor.

Carpet Installation
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Rating: 1/51

KANSAS -- Absolutely the worst! Which I read these review is outline before he started because is exactly the same experience. I spent a fortune to Home Depot to have some carpet installed. The first time it came out they said they had the wrong type carpet ripped my entire basement and then took a month to reschedule. When the patient people came back to reschedule refused to bring the carpet into the home because the driveway may have too much snow on it. Third time they come they rip out all the carpet and leave it on my driveway saying it was a "bio hazard" and would have to talk to the manager.

I talk to a man who was nothing short of belligerent and told me that I would have to take up with Home Depot. I called Home Depot and they responded that they refused pick up the carpet even though they ripped out in the first place and had already paid for - see me dispense $300 to have someone else, and pick it and take the carpet away - and when it was complaining to the workers they decided to take a 2 hour lunch break.

Took 3 months ago by carpet installed. It was done poorly with shreds everywhere. They couldn't more belligerent. As I was working to Home Depot I have no recourse. I'm trying to cancel the payment on my credit card because I do not know what else to do. I have never written online review on my life but I'm hoping my post may prevent somebody else go through this embarrassing and ridiculous second rate jerks who clearly can only get jobs through big box stores as sub contractors because they save them a little money. PLEASE DO NOT USE THESE JERKS!

Vinyl Flooring
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Rating: 1/51

ARLINGTON, TEXAS -- My install time for the floors were from 9-11 am and around 11:30 I called the company because no one had appeared or called to say they would be late. No one at the company answered my call panorama did they call me back. The guy calls around 12:40 pm and says, "I am on my way." Gets here around 1:10 pm. Cooper Installation Services never called me to see if the guy had arrived.

It took two guys to lay vinyl sheeting from 2:30 pm-6:26 pm. They did prep work from 1:30-2:00 then went to Home Depot to pick up the vinyl sheeting. The bathroom and hallway made up 120 square feet. I am really disappointed with this company and I will not use them again. I have other rooms that I am working on but I will go to another company for installation services.

Still Waiting for Installation
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Rating: 1/51

KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI -- Purchased carpet and pad October 2019.

  1. First attempt - December 2, 2019 - told them I was still unpacking from long distance move. Arrived after 1:30 - no call. Came out and said they couldn't do installation. “Too many boxes”.

  2. Second attempt - December 30, 2019. Didn't arrive until 10:30pm - no call. Said they “couldn't install” - I have too much furniture. Lady at office stated - “I have too much personal items - need to take drawers out of dresser, etc. then it became that I need to move all my furniture to a “pod” so they can just deal with installation”. An expense I will not do!

  3. Third attempt - January 17, 2020 Arrived 8am - no call!! I had questions:
    a. Where to put drawers - ok if they are downstairs then moved back upstairs once carpet installed?
    b. Same with bedrooms furniture - can it be downstairs?

*Installers LEFT WITHOUT A WORD at 8:45. I thought maybe they went to get breakfast but at 9:15 I called. Lady again tells me, “installation called off because rooms were not ready (emptied)”. I failed to clear bottom of one closet!! (I could have cleared while they disassembled bed I paid $75 to be done). I then called Home Depot - Manager not in until 2pm.

Don't know if I really want another visit and another disappointment! Will they install correctly? Accidentally damage? What will be their excuse next time? Free installation does not come with several hundred of dollars expense!! How do they expect me (single, age 63 with heart concern) to move my furniture? Still have not heard a word - January 21, 2020.

Good Experience
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Rating: 5/51

CARROLLTON, TEXAS -- My husband and I recently had luxury vinyl plank flooring installed in our Flower Mound home. The old laminate had already been removed from 1/2 our ground floor, due to a flood. We contracted with Home Depot to replace the entire first floor with new flooring. Cooper Installations removed the rest of the old flooring and installed the new over the course of three days.

I was very impressed with the job Cooper did. This is the third floor we have had in 21 years, and it is by far the very best installation job we have had. We've seen our share of off-center mitered corners, sloppy filled-in joints and crooked cuts. This crew did perfectly cut mitered corners that were so accurate a hair couldn't fit between the joints. They were very polite, neat, respectful and cleaned up after themselves. We are so pleased we decided to have additional work done. I'm so glad to have had this crew work in my home.

Refused to Do a Job, but Expected to Be Paid a $70 Cancellation Fee
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Rating: 1/51

LUBBOCK, TEXAS -- This company was assigned to install our tile flooring by Home Depot. The first installer came out and wouldn't install the floor because there was water damage near the dishwasher. Okay. I understand that. I paid the $70 cancellation fee and rescheduled after having the damage repaired. Today the second installer came out and refused to do the job because there "might" be asbestos glue under the vinyl. The vinyl was laid down in 2001 on a sanded subfloor. The installer said we had to have the glue tested.

We planned on having the backer board laid over the vinyl, but no. The installer packed his tools and left. The first installer never mentioned anything about any glue under the vinyl. The installer did not speak directly with us either, he called his dispatcher. In addition, the installer was taking photos of the outside of our home, which we did not appreciate. I would not recommend this company at all.

Business Practices
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Rating: 1/51

CARROLLTON, TEXAS -- I read a review on your website that said how this company's installers came out and wanted to do all kinds of extra work. Later, I bought flooring product from Home Depot, and Cooper Installations is who they use. I had recently had a new floor installed in another area of the house, so I was familiar with how the process works. There was a low spot in one small area of the room that was to have the new installation.

After some humming and hawing, someone from Cooper called me. Instead of filling the low spot, they wanted to grind down the rest of the floor, and that was just the beginning. They wanted to add hours and hours on to the work and getting cement dust all over my house. I just sent them away, and I am getting the old company back to do the installation. Thanks for the warning.

Vinyl Plank Floor Installation
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Rating: 5/51

TYLER, TEXAS -- We had to call Cooper Installation the morning they were scheduled to come out for installation and reschedule due to illness. They set up a new date with no problems. Lucky for us, since it was during the holidays. The installers called an hour before they got here. They worked hard all day, everyday and finished a day ahead of schedule. Our only issue was the company (not Cooper) that came out and measured was not accurate.

Cooper Installation has been great picking up the needed supplies and finishing the job. The installers cleaned up every night and hauled all the trash away. At the end of the job they made sure we were happy with their work. Our floors are beautiful and we are very happy with Cooper Installation. I would definitely use them again.

Tile Installation
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Rating: 1/51

OKC, OKLAHOMA -- Where to begin? To try and summarize it took them three months to install approximately 170 square feet of tile and there's still areas I need to touch up. Problems include untruthfulness of the installer, what I believe would have been the theft of leftover tile if I had not been observant and the inability to professionally install a small amount of tile. Home Depot has contracted with this company and I see that my service on tile installation is par for the course with other reviews. If I was Home Depot I would re-evaluate what they want their name associated with.

I mailed a very lengthy letter to both Cooper Installation Services and Home Depot, but am doubtful it will do any good. I had planned to use the same tile throughout my house, but am currently in search for a new supplier and definitely a more professional installation service

Warning to All, Don't Use Cooper Installation for Any Installation Services
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Rating: 1/51

CARROLLTON, TEXAS -- I purchased flooring from Home Depot on September 28, 2013. We had a leak and had to have the flooring replaced in our kitchen, dining room, breakfast nook and office. Home Depot sent out a representative to take measurement and assess what needed to be done to replace the flooring. Most of the flooring, due to the leak, was gone so the Home Depot representative should have been able to make an accurate assessment of what the job entailed. Several weeks later we had Cooper Installation Services, the subcontractor for Home Depot, come to install our floors.

On Monday, October 21, 2013 they arrived late, brought tile that had two different dye lots, walked around the site and talked to each other in Spanish, so I could not understand what they were saying. By the way the two workmen they sent never identified themselves nor introduced themselves. They then stood around in the garage for over an hour, not starting the job and not informing me of what was going on.

Finally I received a call from Cooper Flooring, and this is where the add-ons started. They informed me that the floor had to be ground. Home Depot who had seen the floor and given the estimate had never mentioned any grinding. Then they told me the charge to grind the floor. $155.00 an hour and they approx. it would take 3 hours, I heard later that Home depot had agreed to cover the other 2 hours at a cost to them of $310.00 (I hope they get that back since it took 30 min.).

My husband had done previous construction work and his father was a contractor for 50 years so I called both of them. Each one in turn said that the small strip in front of the kitchen cabinets, a galley kitchen, and the breakfast nook should not take him anywhere close to three hours. Then Home Depot called to collect the extra money before they could proceed. I refused to pay for 3 hours and asked to speak to a manager.

The manager, Dennis, was as helpful as he could be at that particular time and I agreed to pay for 1 hour and that if it took longer, I would make up the difference and if less, I expected a refund. I also told Home Depot and Cooper Flooring that I would be using a stopwatch and would only pay for the exact length of time it took to grind the floor and vacuum it up, but not the in-between time spent on the phone, talking to the other worker or just standing around waiting for the other worker to return, who was gone for 55 minutes.

They finally started moving my furniture after being here 1 and 1/2 hours and while moving my refrigerator and freezer, they did not take care, dragging them across the cement floor and damaged the bottom guard and underneath of both appliances. I don't know if they will ever sit level again. It took approx. 30 minutes to grind the areas, but with all of his delays it took him 2 hours and 40 minutes. 35 minutes on phone, 17 minutes here and there, talking etc. Actual work time 30 minutes. At this point, needless to say I was getting a little frustrated.

After they finished grinding they still had not started any tile laying. What was going on? Again with the talk, phone calls - they had been here almost 4 hours with only 30 minutes of work being complete. When I asked the worker if I could talk to his boss whom he was talking on the phone with, at this point the workers that were present had not spoken to me too much at all. They knew they were being timed and this supposedly disturbed them, however, I had not told them and they would not have known, but Cooper Installation had told them.

I was extremely discreet and it looked like I was texting on my phone when I used the stopwatch app. While talking with their boss Robert in between the grinding, they were again asking for another add-on, adding more work and money to this job. This time a membrane for the cracks, which by the way have been stable and the crack had not opened since the house was piered in 1992. At this point I felt Robert was threatening and bullying me to do this extra work by telling me my warranty would be voided unless they used the RedGard membrane.

I was so frustrated with Robert at this point that I used some foul language with Robert on the phone, as he never came out to the site, as their lead, to see if this work was necessary. I did apologize, after that fact, for my language but felt they needed to understand that I was talking out of tremendous frustration. At this point I called my husband and father-in-law again and both felt the RedGard was not necessary.

My husband called Robert and he also threatened him and bullied him telling him the same thing he told me that our warranty would be voided if we didn't use the membrane. At this point, with a three-way discussion with Home Depot, Cooper and my husband, they finally agreed on a price. The cost of the RedGard and labor was going to be $450. We paid half $225.00 and Home Depot paid the other half. So at this point the add-ons had so far totaled $915.00 for a job that had been quoted at around $2,300 for the cost of the tile, installation, moving furniture and appliances.

At this point they were adding over 1/3 the total cost of everything, which by the way we had totally already paid for, and close to 1/2. It was unbelievable. Then the RedGard was put down. It was applied just with a simple roller, sloppily splashed on my door frames. They applied it around furniture that I guess they were too lazy to move, around tile they had set on the floor and never got close to any edge or wall. They didn't use a trowel or go over anything in another direction even at the cracks and they did not clean the floors before they laid the membrane.

So after they were done it was peeling up in areas, didn't cover all areas, was sloshed around, and applied incorrectly. We read the container that it came out of and it was supposed to be applied to a clean, dust-free floor with no contaminants, applied to the crack with and trowel and worked into the crack and then rolled over them in the opposite direction, none of which was done.

I was told at this point by the two workers present, remember no supervisor had even been to my house at this point, that the floor was ready for tile installation and that would began tomorrow. Cooper Installation also told me they would be sending out two new workers and a representative to address my concerns and complaints.

The two previous workers supposedly felt intimidated by me, even though they came back and worked the last hour in the evening without even talking to me again, only to tell me tile would began tomorrow. They left my garage door open, the door from the garage to the house open and two windows in the kitchen, that we could not get to for closing due to wet RedGard on the floor. We had to remove the screens from the outside, which is bad for the screens and may have caused damage. They left without informing us they were leaving and anyone could have walked into my garage and my house.

It is laughable that those two men felt intimidated by me. I am 5'2" tall, maybe 5'3" small and almost didn't talk to them at all. I only asked them why they were taking pictures and was told they were taking pictures of the cracks, but never informed why. And I spoke to the other one when he started grinding the bedroom, that didn't need to be ground as it had never had any tile, only carpet and after that, a click and lock laminate floor. I also asked him why he was taking pictures in that room, he didn't answer and I asked him to stop taking pictures in my house as no one had asked me if they could take pictures and I felt I should be asked before this is done.

The next morning Cooper Flooring showed up on time with two new workers and a representative named Sherrie. I had asked my father-in-law to be present since he has had 50 years dealing with subcontractors and I had felt bullied and intimidated by Cooper personnel the day before. Sherrie came in with an aggressive attitude to start - talking continuously and when I did interrupt, to get a question in, she told me not to interrupt her. My father and I agreed to let her talk and she proceeded to talk for around 15 minutes, we listened dutifully.

In the meantime the two new workers were in the small bedroom and called her in to tell her that room had to be floated before they could lay tile and that one section in the dinging room needed to be floated also. Another add-on, surprise, surprise. I was once again not too thrilled, especially since the night before I had been told tile would be laid that morning and floating meant pulling up the RedGard, as it is to be installed over the float, floating the floor, waiting for it to dry and re-applying the membrane after, which meant another day out and more money and waiting.

Since the rest of the float was applied wrong that I had already spent $225.00 on, this was just another sign of how inept Cooper Installation is, since two of their installers stated the floor was ready now two others say no. My father-in-law and I are trying to get a question in edge-wise with the rep, who was to listen to our concerns and complaints and see how she could help us, but would listen to nothing and was sent out to be a pit bull. She kept threatening to leave any time we questioned what they were doing things for.

She stepped outside for a minute and came back in and stated that she had spoken with the manufacturer and that the float could be applied over the RedGard. Interesting as she had not had time to make that phone call and had spent most of that short time outside talking to the workers. But, what would life be without giving us more false information? At this point she threatened again to leave and take her crew or did I want them to start the float? Since I felt once again bullied and needed to get my flooring done as I had already waiting over 3 weeks for Cooper Flooring, I told her yes and the men went outside to gather their supplies.

At this point my father-in-law asked if he could ask a question, mind you we had to ask if we could ask a question since were weren't given that opportunity. She told him yes and when he tried to ask and didn't even get half his question out, she interrupted and he reminded her that she didn't like interrupting for herself and he didn't want to be interrupted either. She then proceeded to tell him to shut up. He stepped aside, but was visible upset. He is 72 year old, kind, calm and gentle man. I am the one who is a pistol and I had been nothing but polite.

This supposed representative for us, was not for us at all. Just here to bulldoze what we were going to do and how she was going to tell us what we were going to do with threats and bullying techniques. She continued to talk and my father-in-law again asked if he could ask a question which she interrupted, at this point she reminded him that he was interrupted and he reminded her that she had told him to shut up just a few minutes before.

She seemed outraged and denied saying that, even though we both heard it and she seemed so worked up she probably doesn't even realize what was coming out of her month. She called her crew and said we are leaving and my father-in-law said "good, leave".

I contacted them later in the day to come and clean up their mess that they had left. They left a freezer, table and chair from the kitchen area and all of my office furniture, dining room chairs and kitchen furniture (breakfast nook) all in the garage, knowing that I had a work crew coming the next day to start laying bamboo floors in my great room (living room, family room, entry way and hall) and they needed the garage for furniture and could not take up or put down the floor with the freezer and such in the way.

They also when grinding did not cover any of my furniture, appliances, counters - nothing - and my cook top is glass and will scratch if I just dust it off, so now I can also not cook. Home Depot of Cooper Flooring will need to pay for dinners out until this clean up is done. I should get a refund for my overage of time on grinding and a total refund for the application of the RedGard that did not need to be applied and was applied incorrectly. I hope that Home Depot gets a refund for their portion also, but that is up to them.

They have contacted another flooring installer, but they could not come until next Monday so I am stuck without a stove to use for a week (unless I can talk them into sending out someone to clean in the meantime before that), in the hopes that this installer is better. They have been nice on the phone so maybe it will be a better experience. I have worked with Home Depot to have all of my windows replaced, the counter tops in my kitchen from them and kitchen cabinets also. I have never had any problem with any other subcontractor until Cooper Installation.

I would love to use Home Depot again as I plan to get three bedrooms carpeted in January or February and then to start on two total bathroom remodels. I have used Home Depot for remodels in two house now and no problems whatsoever, but if I have to use Cooper Installation through Home Depot and have no other option, I will buy elsewhere and tell everyone else to do the same.

Cooper Installation makes up add-ons to add pure profit to their orders. They don't know how to do the add-ons that they add perform bad service for large prices, they damage furniture, they leave everything not done and don't come back to fix their own mess. They are not worth the money or time or extra time that they cost customers. Customer do not come first with Cooper Installation.

Just to give a little insight. I have had Lumber Liquidators in today, a day after their fiasco. I have had a wonderful morning, when one problem came up they had a supervisor come out to see how it could be fixed, and not a problem - I said anything about one that one of the workers had. (Cooper never sent anyone to check on the work to see if it was being done properly, and to address concerns.)

Lumber Liquidators got here a half hour early, which promotes good will and good feelings. Got right to work removing the old floor and prepping the floor for the new bamboo. They have only been here a few hours and they are ready to lay floor. It is amazing the difference a great contractor can make and what a joy to work with!! Thank you Lumber Liquidator, and to anyone reading this, don't use Cooper Installation!!

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