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DirecTV Review

, Editor | Updated November 8, 2018
My3cents Rating: 3.75/5.0

DirecTV is a satellite television service that lets you get television delivered to your home over the air. You can choose from a wide variety of DirecTV packages to get exactly the channels and services that you need. You can also sign up for the company’s streaming service, DirecTV now, which lets you watch your favorite channels from anywhere that has an internet connection.

DirecTV reviews from sources like Yelp and the Better Business Bureau are generally positive, citing the company’s good customer service and fair prices.

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DirecTV Plans, Bundles, and Costs

What everyone cares about with their TV service is whether they’ll have the channels they want and how much they’ll pay. DirecTV’s cost varies with the bundle that you sign up for.

What are the packages offered by DirecTV?

DirecTV’s bundle options include six satellite bundles and five streaming bundles for a total of eleven packages that you can choose from.

Select Entertainment Choice Xtra Ultimate Premier
Cost per month (first year) $35 $40 $45 $55 $60 $110
Channels 155+ 160+ 185+ 235+ 250+ 330+
Premium channels None Sports (ESPN, ESPN2, FS1) Travel Channel, Game Show Network, Weather Channel Universal Kids, American Heroes Network, Oxygen Encore, Boomerang, The Movie Channel HBO, Starz, Showtime, Cinemax

What DirecTV Package Should I Get?

The package that you should choose depends on what you’re looking for from your TV service.

Start by deciding whether you want to get satellite service to watch on your TV or a streaming service that you can watch on the go. Then, take the time to go through the DirecTV channel listings for each package to find the best cost-to-value ratio for you.

You might find that you only want to watch local channels, so a basic package is sufficient. If you want a premium channel like HBO or the NFL network, you’ll need a more expensive bundle.

Does DirecTV Have 4K Channels?

Yes, DirecTV offers 4K channels. In fact, it offers a special channel that only shows 4K content.

What is Included in DirecTV Bundles?

Different bundles offer different channels and services. For example, DirecTV Select does not offer premium sports channels. Only DirecTV Premier offers channels like HBO and ShowTime.

The DirecTV internet service, DirecTV Now, includes access to the DirecTV DVR cloud service. Every package also includes access to the DirecTV App.

You can view the DirecTV guide to see what channels are included in each package.

How Much Does DirecTV Cost?

DirecTV’s costs range from $35 per month to $110 per month in the first year. After the first year ends, your monthly bill will increase by as much as $60, so be prepared for a more expensive second year with the service.

Our Review: The Deep Dive

DirecTV provides great service for people who like to watch live TV. If you enjoy channel surfing or like having access to premium channels, it’s hard to go wrong with DirecTV’s services. People who are more interested in just basic channels might want to settle for a basic cable package or over the air antenna.

DirecTV reviews from industry partners are generally good. The Better Business Bureau gives DirecTV an A- rating, which is good for a TV provider.

Customer reviews from sources like Yelp are less complimentary. Customers complain about poor DirecTV customer service. Many customers who are going through the DirecTV cancellation process are annoyed by the steps required. One of the most common DirecTV complaints surrounds the increased rates for service in the second year.

How Does DirecTV’s Television Service Rate?

All in all, DirecTV can be a good deal for people who like TV a lot, or who want the freedom offered by DirecTV’s streaming service.


Choose your channel package and stream live TV anywhere that you have access to the internet.


Service can get expensive after the first-year discount ends.

Bottom Line:

DirecTV is a good choice if you really like TV and need access to a variety of channels. Otherwise, you’re probably better off with a different TV service.

Consumer Reviews

Posted on 06/22/2019

MAPLEWOOD, MINNESOTA -- Don't go with DirecTV. Terrible company. I was a loyal customer for 14 years. In February I called. I had no service again. If it rains, storms or snows you lose service. The representative tried to fix it on the phone. She couldn't so she said someone will have to come out. I said I am tired of this happening and thinking of canceling. She said someone will call me back in a little bit to let me know when they would be coming out.

I waited for hours and never heard anything. So I called back and he said, "Oh didn't she tell you that it is scheduled for the 24th?" I said, "What? That is 21 days away. Do you realize that?" I said my dad is here all day by himself and he can't watch TV. And for 21 days we can't watch TV? That's not acceptable. He said he is sorry there is nothing he can do. That is the soonest someone can come out.

I said if I was signing up I bet you would be here tomorrow or sooner. I told him I would be cancelling. I called Comcast and they came out the next day. I called DirecTV back that night again and cancelled the service call and said I would be cancelling. Several people warned me when I call to cancel they will say I have a contract and I have to pay a cancellation fee. Guess what that's exactly what happened. They said I will have to pay $250.00. I said, "No I don't have a contract and why wasn't I told this the other day /night when I talked to 3 representatives?"

I have called many many times. Wrote many letters. Many of the employees I talked to can't believe I am being treated like this after being a loyal customer for 14 years. Now they have turned me into collection. Many of my neighbors have switched. I have turned them into Better Business Bureau. The motto is you have to pay even if you don't have service!! I would never recommend them to anyone. Since I have switched I have not lost service and we have had many snowy days and storms.

Posted on 06/15/2019

MR.SURWIN, CALIFORNIA -- Over 2 months of erratic, service and repeated calls. Constant error code "721" sometimes TV off for the entire Week-end. Seven calls to DirecTV have not resolved the constant problem! And no credit for all the lost service. Truly DirecTV is just 3rd rate service at first rate prices. Alfred & Mary ** in Ventura Calif.

Posted on 02/10/2019

HIALEAH, FLORIDA -- This is the worst carrier I have dealt with all my life!!! Services are horrible, spent about 2 months speaking to the Customer Service Department for up to 4-8 hours a day. Transferred around numerous amount of times.

Posted on 02/03/2019

TEXAS -- I advise people that are wanting to get DIRECTV. Don't. I did not. I was not aware. I should say that if you cancel your subscription and then you go to turn it back on a day and a half later then you're charged $99 as a reconnect fee and their customer service did not explain that to me at all. I spent from 11 when I went and paid my internet and cable bill I spent from 11 yesterday morning which was to 2 until 9 last night trying to get my service turned back on and they kept giving me one hellacious runaround.

So I advise people that are out there wanting to get DIRECTV or whatever. Don't. They are a sucky ** company. All they're out for us to get the buck from the customer. They kept telling me one person would tell me it was $99. The other person would tell me now it's $79. It was just a big hassle and I have heart conditions. I have high blood pressure and that's the outcome that I got I got nowhere with these people they're just out there to get the almighty Buck that's all it is. So please be aware that do not cancel your DirecTV. Let them suspended their customer loyalty center. It's like **. It's crap and I just want you to make sure that you would do the right thing because in my opinion it's not worth it. Believe me. I found out first-hand about it.

Posted on 01/25/2019

NORTH CAROLINA -- Tried to disconnect my service due to price doubling. Was told I would have to pay for the 18 days left in this month. I could not cancel service during the month even though I'm no longer using their service.

Posted on 11/01/2018

GLENDIVE, MONTANTA -- DirecTV has yet to install any equipment in my home and it is already a disaster. First and foremost, I made it very clear the first time I scheduled an appointment that I would not be home until after 3 pm. They scheduled me for the next day from 8 am to 12 pm. Had to call and reschedule. They informed me that my installation would have to happen the next day. I agreed and they scheduled me for 12 pm to 4pm the following day, with a note for the tech that I would not be home before 3 pm. I get home that day and the tech never shows. I call and after jumping through hoops for about 20 minutes I talk to a person who informs me that the tech showed up at 12:30 pm...for those of you unacquainted with how time works, that is not after 3 pm.

They tell me they must again reschedule me for the next day. Again, I ask them to put a note for the tech to show up after 3 pm due to my work schedule. We will see what happens tomorrow. Regardless I already hate this company. These people are a joke. None of them know what's going on, none of them care, and they are the absolutely the worst with customer care. Also, don't expect your DirecTV app to work. And when it doesn't, don't expect them to help. I have spent about three hours on the phone with people whose best attempt at troubleshooting my problem was having me download the app again. Don't expect any help from these folks. The only reason they got one star is because -5 wasn't an option.

Posted on 10/25/2018

FLORIDA -- Customer Service: arrogant, rude, disrespectful. I called twice for the NBA League Pass and both times was completely ignored while they insisted on selling me a protection service. Talked over me while ignoring my questions about NBA League channels. Who the HECK needs a protection service? Of course, I hung up and they missed my request for the $199 NBA League Pass. Rude idiots. AT&T buyout of DirecTV has resulted in one totally ** up company with hundreds of thousands of miserable customers.

Posted on 10/23/2018

I checked online to confirm they offer all services. After going through the process of obtaining cable, I was advised that internet is not available in my area unless I purchase a hotspot device costing $199. I called to cancel the service on the phone for thirty minutes. After yelling & screaming & cursing on the phone because they do not understand I DO NOT WANT THE SERVICE finally it was cancelled.

Posted on 10/20/2018

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Called in July to transfer services. Was moving across the street to my new home. Sales told me that they did not service that address and that I could not move my account. AT&T/DirecTV have their incoming communication towers in my backyard. So I knew I was not given the right information. Made additional calls about moving my account and received a different excuse each time. Finally my son called AT&T/DirecTV and they agreed to move my services but didn't tell us that they would move TV only and leave internet at the old address. So, to used the internet I had to run across the street to my old address. Three weeks later AT&T agreed to move internet but only if I opened a new account.

The middle of August I had DirecTV and AT&T services both at one address but lost my bundle, started receiving two separate bills both at a higher rate. The end of September the rate for DirecTV doubled plus so I called. The sales representative informed me that I was no longer in a bundled and my DirecTV rate was now $102.49 from previous $40.00. This rate didn't include AT&T internet which was now $52.00 a month. The new total bill for moving across the street was now $154.49 from the bundled price of $98.82. This was outrageous so I decided to cancel my services.

Well, immediately the sales representative transferred my call to the cancellation department. The person I spoke with was very understanding and courteous but not honest. The representative offered to extend my DirecTV /AT&T services in a bundles for one year if I agreed to keep services. So I agreed. The representative gave me a price which was about a dollar ($1.00) cheaper. So I agreed to the price since nothing else was changing, so I thought. However, I was wrong. The representative downgraded my DirecTV plan without telling me.

So now I am really paying more and getting less. What a way to do business. Their stock should bottom out and we will be done with cheating and lying companies. I can not wait for this contract to end which will be a good thing. To cancel my contract now will cost me $200.00. If cheating and lying is the only way for DirecTV and AT&T to stay in business, then they really need to go fast. My next step is Roku and a digital antenna. At least it's a one time charge and I will only pay for internet services. Also heard that Amazon Firestick was very good, again, another one time charge.

Posted on 10/17/2018

TENNESSEE -- I recently found that they were billing me for 5 receivers. They had failed to remove a receiver which was upgraded for HD. This went on for a several years but they said they could only go back 3 years and they gave me a credit for a couple of years and we went on. Then I found out they did not fix the problem and I was still being overcharged. I called again and they again told me they could only give me back less than half of what they took because the person I was talking to had a limit she could give back. Her supervisor was no help also so I decided to find a new service.

When I called to cancel is when they got serious about fixing the problem. They gave me a credit for all that they took but it was too late as I had put in a new service. It is now 35 days later and I still do not have the money they owe me. They claimed I would get a prepaid charge card within 30 days of cancellation but I am still waiting. When I asked about why they were late they did not give me a late fee which they would more than likely charged me if I was late. Looks like I will need to file a small claims court case to get the money back.

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