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Discount Tire Joy Ride Damaged the Tailgate of My Truck
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Rating: 1/51

SURPRISE, ARIZONA -- On July 2012 I took my truck in for two new tires to a Discount Tire in Surprise, AZ. Store number AZP51 on west bell road. The wait was not long and I soon watched them pull my vehicle out of the shop and then take off on a small road to test drive the new tires. The guy came back and parked my car in the front of the store and I noticed he seemed a like shaky when he said I was all set to go. I didn't think anything of it and jumped in to drive home. I park it at my house and get out to walk around and notice a deep dent the size of a quarter with the paint chipped out on the tailgate.

I drive it back to Discount and let them know that they damaged my truck. Of course the man says that none of his guys admit to any damage on my truck and that I could file a damage report. He said that this damage report can only be filed by a manager. The manager was not working that day and they told me to come back later that week. I came back on 3 different days and no manager. I thought that was ridiculous. The fourth time back they finally had a manager working. He filled out a damage claim report on my truck and notified me that I would get a call from the corporate claims department about getting the damage repaired.

3 days later I get the call from the claims department that they are sending an appraiser to value the damage on my truck. The appraiser from Saguaro Claims Services calls me to set up a time to come look at the damage. He shows up to my office at work and I meet him outside to tell him about the damage after I got my truck back from Discount. He takes pictures and writes notes, then tells me about the process of how they will take the tailgate off replace the whole tailgate piece and out new emblems on.

He then said that during this time they will give me a rental car until the work is finished, shakes my hand, then says I will get another call with the details about when this repair will get scheduled. I do not receive a call but receive a letter from Discounts Claims Management Dept:

"The investigation into the above referenced claim is now complete. According to the independent appraiser's report and review by Discount Tire there is no evidence that any tools used or service provided by Discount Tire damaged your vehicle on the date of service July 14, 2012. For Discount Tire to issue any type of compensation, the company would have to be found legally liable for the damage to your vehicle. At this time, we found no legal liability on the behalf of the company. Based on this information Discount Tire is not accepting liability for the damage to your vehicle and, will not be issuing any voluntary payments at this time."

"If you have any additional information that you think may be relevant in our liability investigation, please submit it to my attention for review. In the absence of any new information, our file will remain closed. Please be advised that the statute of limitations for property damage claims in the state of Arizona is 2 years from the date of loss."

So basically any Discount tire shop employee can take your car out and damage it, give you the keys and tell you that if you can't prove it, then deal with it. I don't understand why the employee who did the damage just didn't tell me about the accident? They have insurance to cover accidents that happen like this. Instead they would rather just say "prove it".

With all of the expenses of my wife having a baby last year, I obviously cannot spend hundreds of dollars to fix this damage. Now I have to look at it and get angry at Discount every time I walk to my truck. Considering I'd spent over $500 for those new tires I would expect them to cover a few hundred dollars to fix the damage they did and then I would have continued to buy those tires from them moving forward.

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Rating: 1/51

ANY WHERE, CALIFORNIA -- Discount Tire Stores welch in the mileage warranties. The stores have displays explaining how they design tires to melt and fall apart. When a tire goes bad Discount Tire will not honor mileage warranty and welches. The stores have signs that explain how they manufacturer the tires to melt. Discount Tire Stores say their tires have a mileage warranty. But, they welch on the mileage warranty when the tire doesn't last that long. Discount Tire stores lie and trick people with warranties they have no intent to honor.

Ripoffs, Liars & Unprofessional
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Rating: 1/51

CARY, NORTH CAROLINA -- Originally went to this specific location to get pricing info on tires & wheels. Met with sales guy ** who proceeded to assists me with the info I requested. I told this individual that I would have to come in later that afternoon - could not make it back to store until two days later. In the meantime I had gone ahead & ordered a set of wheels & tires online (from same company) & confirmed an appointment for installation.

When I arrived the next day for my appointment, I was immediately told that the tires I ordered online were different from the ones he quoted & was asked why would I go with a different tire than before. As a consumer, I thought I had choices... Needless to say, I proceeded with the transaction & was told by M. ** that if I wanted a better quality tire he would give me another brand with better mileage warranty, for the same price - the ones I purchased online had 40,000 mile warranty - the ones he sold to me supposedly had 65000 mile warranty (for someone who drives a lot, as I do, this is very important). In actuality the tires I purchased had the same warranty (I found that out later).

I went ahead with the purchase of the tires & wheels - had to come back next day, because they didn't have all the wheels in stock. Okay. After wheel install, was told to return for re-torque, okay. In meantime I noticed excessive vibration in steering wheel, so after returning to location, I brought this to their attention. They supposedly rebalanced tires & then told me that I would need a part to relieve the vibration, but they had to be ordered from Texas & would take a few business days...

M. ** stated that he had checked inventory of other stores & no one else had these items in stock, so he went ahead & ordered them.... I could not accept that a chain with this many stores would not have any of these items stocked & called him later that day to see if he was able to locate them - he abruptly answered "NO" - I knew he hadn't checked other locations which angers me because from what I've been told, not having these on the wheels could potentially prove to be dangerous... I called another location the next day & they had the same items IN STOCK!!! Went to location & service was 10,000 times better!!!

Discount Tire Guys Are Awesome!
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Rating: 5/51

BELLINGHAM, WASHINGTON -- I just had yet another tire replaced at Discount Tire, and had more awesome service as always. Some schmuck had thrown a beer bottle in the road the day before, and my reaction time between seeing said bottle and swerving was unfortunately too long. So I put the donut on and went to Discount Tire after work.

I was a bit worried at first. It was nearing the end of the day, they were busy, and I was severely sleep deprived at the time and had been having a generally crappy day up to that point. Before I even got up to the desk, though, one of the guys from the shop took my wounded tire from me and took it to get it tested. I was glad I didn't have to lug the dirty thing all the way up there.

The tire test took just a few minutes. My tire needed replaced. I had the free replacement certificate on it, so it only cost me $10 to replace, and that cost was just to put the free replacement certificate on the new tire. (This is the third time I have taken advantage of that certificate. It has more than paid for itself!) They also rotated my tires. Even though it seemed pretty busy, they were well-staffed, and I was on my way within half an hour.

The staff is always incredibly friendly, not to mention pretty good looking as well. The store floor is always clean. They also have an absolutely awesome espresso machine that does espresso, lattes, cappuccinos, mochas... I wish I had one at home! Price-wise, they are usually the best as well, and if they don't have the tire you want in stock, they will call around EVERYWHERE to find it. (I once watched one of them call around for over half an hour... he finally found the tire desired halfway across the country. I'm not sure what sort of tire that was that made it hard to find; they've always had tires for my car in stock.)

In short, these guys are the absolute best. They can take a crappy situation (flat tire) and make it a much more pleasant one. Once you can get your car there, they'll take care of you and brighten your day! I will never take my car anywhere else.

Be Careful, Loose Lug Nuts Cold Kill You
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Rating: 1/51

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- I purchased 6 new tires for my 1 ton pickup. After driving the truck it started getting a vibration. I Took it back to the discount store I purchased the tires from (I also purchased their road hazard insurance plan). When they started to take my front tires off they seen that you could take the lug nuts off with your fingers. They were so loose. Driving with the lugs loose damaged the rims, lug bolts and nuts. They refused to replace the damaged parts even after Ford said that they not Torquing the lug nuts properly and leaving them too loose is what damaged them.

I am very lucky. God must have been watching over me and my family. If the rim had broken (Which is very possible) we could have been killed but Discount Tire couldn't care less. I am an Elder in my Church and Discount tire treated me like I was trying to rip them off. I just spent over a Thousand Dollars with them for these tires and the road hazard insurance. All I wanted was for them to replace the damaged to my truck. I guess some day we will all be judged for our actions and I hope god has mercy on the people at Discount Tire.

Scam / Damage
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Rating: 1/51

MEADOWS PLACE, TEXAS -- They convinced my wife to buy 4 new tires on a car that has 29,000 miles only when she only went in for a flat repair. I can accept the purchase since I prefer Michelin tires anyway to Goodyear factory original tires. They gave her 3 new tires and said that they will call her the next day because they were out of stock. They took 2.5 hours to complete the job when the told her it will only take 45 minutes. They appear to have taken the car for a ride, black finger prints on passenger sun visor. They never called back on the 4th tire until I escalated a complaint to the corporate office.

They left the car a mess, dirty / black finger / hand prints on the door, wheel, sun visor, even roof, WTF? The local manager agreed to the cleaning cost by a third-party when I spoke to him and he agreed that he will not be trusted to clean the car. My wife went back to get the 4th tire and the manager simply refused the cleaning and when she asked him to call me, he disappeared and never called. Quite cowardly behavior for someone in management position.

Under Inflation of New Tires
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Rating: 3/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- The last time I purchased new tires, they under inflated my tires. I almost lost control of my truck as I got on the freeway... I increased speed to about 67 mph to get into my lane, and quickly noticed my truck bouncing all around in a circular motion, almost losing control of it. I thought to myself... "these new tires suck!"

I continued to drive on them for the rest of the week, being careful now that I know I can't drive fast. I had Discount Tire take a look at them, and the guy said whoever installed your tires had under inflated them... nice! These freaking idiots would love to let you go out there and have a wreck. Be very careful and check anything they do, they are really not good at anything past the tire sales.

Slow Leak in 1 Tire, They Wanted to Replace All Wheels
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Rating: 1/51

ROCHESTER HILLS, MICHIGAN -- My sister in-law went to this store for a slow leak. All she wanted is for them to re-seal the tire. The employee name was **. He told her they do not seal rims anymore. That's fine but he would not take tire off and clean the rim and put tire back on. That's all it needed.

He told her she needs to replace all rims and that the STOCK rims she had were the best Chrysler had... Lucky she called because he had her talked into paying 500.00 for new rims. He was rude and really tried to con a woman that was by herself. She went to other tire store and gee... it was 15.00 to clean the rim for her. Hasn't had a problem since. BIG CON AND RIP-OFF ARTISTS.

Discount Tire Guys Are So Nice
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Rating: 5/51

CENTENNIAL, COLORADO -- I've been going to Discount Tire for years for my tires. They are always so friendly and a lot of their services are free. I was getting ready to go on a long road trip and wanted to see if I needed to rotate my tires. I went in during my lunch break and was in and out in a few minutes. The friendly young man walked around and inspected each tire. He determined that I didn't need to rotate my tires yet.

I've gone in for puncture fixes, rotations, and new tires. Always, the staff there is friendly, informative, and quick. I will continue going there for my tires. Thank you Discount Tire guys for making a not so fun task a little more pleasant.

Discount Tire Destroyed Our Car
By -

FLAGSTAFF, ARIZONA -- We are an average hard working American family. We take responsibility for ourselves and never complain, take a stand or see ourselves as victims, until now! I went to the Discount Tire store located at 1230 South Milton Road, Flagstaff, Arizona. November 9th, 2009 to have the tires rotated on our 2005 Kia Sorrento. I clearly informed the salesperson that the vehicle was 4-wheel drive and with the possibility of winter storms in the forecast - "I want to ensure that my wife had safe transportation while I was out town on business."

The manager, ** informed me that he would not rotate the tires and instead wanted me to purchase new tires right then. I informed him that was not possible today and I was leaving on a business trip. The front tires did have an uneven wear pattern and needed to be rotated. There was still plenty of tread on the tires and would have been fine on the rear of the car until after the first of the year and we were past the holidays. The rear tires had plenty of tread and looked almost new. The set of four were replaced in 2007 and I was driving less than 20 miles a day during this time frame.

** insisted that this was unsafe and offered to install a pair of loaner tires to get us through until we could replace the tires. His offer seemed reasonable and I trusted his "professional opinion". After about a 45 minute wait one of the young men announced that my car was ready. He thanked me and said the documents were in the glove box.

On December 7th, 2009 during a storm my wife called me and said she was having problems on the icy roads while in four-wheel drive. This was the beginning of a serious winter storm and the roads were pretty bad. After about 16 miles of driving down state route 89a in snow and ice the car was smoking and shuttering. My wife pulled over and called me. I told her to call roadside assistance have it towed where we could have it looked at.

Upon inspection by the Kia dealership they determined that entire driveline of the car was destroyed and the tires were the blame. The service manager said, "you need to go after the person that put those tires on your car!" In reviewing the documents from the tire swap on November 9th it was clear and known to them, they put a taller pair of tires on front of the car than what was installed on the rear of the car.

Here is what Discount determined in their "investigation": "A review of the above referenced claim has been completed. According to a statement taken by the tow truck driver that transported your vehicle to Oxendale Kia you drove your vehicle in 4-wheel drive for over 30 miles on flat freeway. When the tires were installed as a temporary replacement in November 2009 it was not brought to the salespersons attention that your vehicle was a 4-wheel drive vehicle.

Had your vehicle not been placed in 4-wheel drive the temporary tires would have performed without causing damage. Based on this information, Discount Tire will not be issuing any voluntary payments to indemnify you at this time.

If you have any additional information that you think may be relevant in our liability investigation, please submit it to my attention for. In the absence of any new information, our file will remain closed. Please be advised that the statute of limitations for property damage claims in the state of Arizona is 2 years from the date of loss. Sincerely, Claims Mgmt Dept., Discount Tire Company."

I have removed the name and phone number here in all fairness. Now, the statements in this denial letter are totally false. The tow truck driver that delivered the car to the Dealership claims to have never made such a statement. It was 16 miles until the vehicle failed on an icy, snowy canyon road. the Kia dealerships service department agrees with the owner's manual (with the correct tires installed) even if this were driven on a Flat freeway it would not cause any damage to the driveline.

Obviously the person who wrote this letter has never been to Northern Arizona, for there is nothing "Flat" about where we live or the drive to my wife's office which is not via a freeway. I was clear with ** that this was a 4x4 vehicle and to add insult to injury, they have put tires on this car recently and all the information about our car in their system.

We are a simple, happy, working class family. We trusted the "experts" at Discount Tire with our needs. As a result, our vehicle is sitting in a junkyard with $12,000 damage and we are still making the monthly payments on it. We have 2-car loans out - we simply can't qualify for another vehicle loan. Bottom line; we are stuck paying for a mistake made by Discount Tire.

I paid for a one-hour consultation with an attorney. He informed us that we would have to foot the entire bill to take this to court and could not be reimbursed for our expenses since nobody was physically injured. I am grateful my wife or some else on the road was not injured.

I would not trade the welfare of others in order to force Discount tire to do the right thing and repair our Sorrento that their mistake and negligence damaged. Do not purchase tires from any of their stores. Clearly they are not just incompetent, they are sorry people of poor character with no morals and don't care who they hurt!

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