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Experience With Discount Tires
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Rating: 5/51

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- I went there to look for all season tire for my SUV and Jeff of Discount Tire (Eastern and Silverado Las Vegas NV branch) had exceedingly assist me in getting the right tires for me with discount that you can imagine. Thank you so much Jeff. Hope they will recognize you for your effort... and that will always be my tire store to all of my cars.

They Sell Tires. Sales Is Their Goal. Not Tire Care.
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Rating: 1/51

LEON VALLEY, TEXAS -- 2 weeks ago, came in as tire pressure light was on. They looked at the age of my tires and said I needed new tires. ($ sales job $). I purchased the tires and 20 miles later the sensor is on again. I go back and now I'm told they will check the tire that has less air of the 3. Shouldn't they have done that 2 weeks ago? Oh no, not on that Saturday, that was $ sale $ day, not customer service day.

Rip Off Ad For Free Tire Repair
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2150 E SEMORAN BLVD, APOPKA, FLORIDA -- Discount Tire Stores are the only company that advertises FREE TIRE PLUG/REPAIR. I am a single woman and recently had my back rear tire go flat due to a large nail in it. Called a friend to come and inflate it and he told me all about how Discount Tires will fix it for free. I made it there as quickly as I could before the air ran back out. I asked how much to plug a tire. "It's FREE MA'AM!" He grabbed a clip board and as he walked to the car, before he even got near the flat tire in the back, began to tell me that all of my tires were in bad shape. The two on the front are 3 month old brand new expensive Bridgstones!

I asked him to just look at the nail in the back tire so he could know which one needed to be plugged. He then pointed to some tiny cracks on the side of the tire, not even close to where the nail was! Then he said, "it wouldn't be safe to plug it"???!!! I asked why, he said "It just wouldn't", I asked why again, he walked around the car again ignoring me. Then he told me "Well it just wouldn't be safe".

I was irate now, and explained that the air was running out, was he going to fix it or not?!!!!!!! He said very sarcastically "No, I cannot". I asked if he would at least fill it with some more air, so I could get to a reputable tire store up the street, he pretended not hear me and walked back into the store.

That was that! I WILL NEVER EVER DO BUSINESS WITH DISCOUNT TIRES AGAIN, I WILL TELL EVERYONE I KNOW OF THEIR UNPROFESSIONAL DIRTY TACTICS TO GET PEOPLE TO BUY NEW TIRES, especially when they see a real fish - a single woman who doesn't know what to do. To fix tires for free is unprofitable so they advertise it, get you in there, tell you your tires are crap, you better get new ones right now before you get killed etc etc. If that's the only way they can make money, I find it disgusting and ignorant.

I did go next door to TIRES PLUS, they didn't say a word, fixed it with a smile, I gladly paid 22.00 and was on my way. If the ignoramus who refused my business had done this, I just may have gone back after the first of the year and bought new tires for the back of the car. Stupid stupid stupid management and staff. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A FREE LUNCH PEOPLE! I learned my lesson... STAY AWAY FROM DISCOUNT TIRES.

Wheel Stud Problem
By -

HOBBS, NEW MEXICO -- OK here we go. First off I would like to say that the tire prices were the best in town and the initial Customer Service was excellent. Tires were mounted & balanced. As the tech was backing from the stall I noticed there was a wheel stud missing (big plate glass window right next to the stall in the waiting room to allow viewing of shop).

I informed him about the stud. We checked it and found out the stud had been pushed in. He told me to take it to a nearby mechanic and they (Discount Tire) would cover it. The previous customer was also directed to the mechanic because they had broken one of his studs. I get the stud replaced and the secretary said she called Discount Tire and they said they were not going to cover it.

On the phone with three different people from Discount Tire including the one that said they would cover it. Apparently his boss overrode his authority and said they weren't going to cover it. His boss said that they didn't do it. I was never told that the stud was pushed in and just happened to be looking when they were backing out my car. What if this would've caused an accident?

One tech removed 5 studs, another only put 4 on. That would've immediately raised a red flag in my eyes and I would've questioned the other tech to see if there were in fact five studs. The amount of studs and placement are designed that way for a purpose and the weight of the car is taken into account. If you have one missing stud that puts stress on the remaining studs and can potentially lead to the rest failing. The manager at Discount Tire said they would cover half of the cost.

Problem #2: The only form of payment I had was an American Express card, well the mechanic doesn't accept American Express. So I call Discount Tire back and tell them so they tell me that they will pay for it and I can come up there and pay them the other half. Needless to say I did not follow through with that agreement and phoned them and informed them that I was not. I have just emailed Discount Tire and am awaiting a response.

Rebate Deceit
By -

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIFORNIA -- Bought 4 new tires for my sons' car in July 2010 at Discount Tire and received a $100 rebate check from Discount Tire on August 27,2010. Deposited check in my checking account on October 4,2010. Checked stated it would be voided 90 days after issue. Since it was issued on 8-27-10 and I deposited it on 10-4-10 and was "cashed" within the 90 day period everything should have been OK.

Well, on December 23,2010 I received noticed that the check "bounced" or was not honored by Discount Tire and I was charged by my bank a $15 service charge for a "bounced" check. No $100 rebate as promised by Discount Tire and $15 dollar service charge from my bank. Will never and I mean never do business with them again!

All Wheel Drive Scam
By -

RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA -- I have been a loyal customer of Discount Tires in the Raleigh, NC area for years. That all changed this week when I found that I had a nail in the sidewall of one tire. I called the local store and they happily had two tires ready for install in a couple of hours at a reasonable price.

The problem began when the salesperson told me that since my car had the 4Matic system and my older tires were a little more than 2/32nds different that the new tires, that if I drove it off the lot I would be doing serious harm to the differential. He even went to far as to have me sign a release that he had warned me that to only remedy is two purchase two more tires. I call the Mercedes service department and was informed that I ran no such risk and they had never heard anyone make that kind of claim. I can only infer that this was a sales person trying to take advantage of me. CALL YOUR DEALERSHIP IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS!

Bait And Switch
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TROY, MICHIGAN -- Buyers beware. I called the discount tire in troy and was quoted a tire price on a Kelly tire of 59.00 dollars and made a appointment to come in to the store. When I got to the store the actual price was closer to 80.00 dollars and when they went to install the tire it wasn't a Kelly tire but some cheap tire they said was a Kelly even though it didn't say Kelly anywhere on the tire.

When I questioned the sales person about this he talked down to me like I was just a stupid woman. When I pressed him further he admitted that the tire was not an actual Kelly brand tire but said he was told to represent this tire as a Kelly by his management. I canceled my order and left the store and vowed never to purchase anything from this company and to warn others of this shady practice of this company.

By -

ROCHESTER HILLS, MICHIGAN -- Went in for a free tire pressure check, they tell me that they found metal shards in both my back tires. I ask to see these shards, they REFUSE to show me! They instead show me my two flat back tires! VERY SNEAKY! They punctured both my tires so I would have to buy TWO new tires! VERY RUDE and ARROGANT staff! DESPICABLE SERVICE!

Discount Tires A Rip Off
By -

Discount Tires, on Sunset in Hollywood. 1) Didn't know what they were doing when they evaluate my tires. 2) Changed what they were doing midway and didn't adequately inform me. 3) Sold me a damaged tire. 4) Are too expensive. 5) I would not recommend them if you were running on rims. 6) I would never go there again. 7) They don't know what they are doing.

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