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Read! Trying To Give Y'all Any Info I Can To Help You Out
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Rating: 1/51

WHITE BEAR LAKE, MINNESOTA -- We signed up once again with Dish Network, and had complications with it from the day we purchased the service their equipment. NEVER did work correctly, calling in they have excuse after excuse, so finally I got upset as I told them "I'm paying for a service I'm simply not getting." I said it's like buying a new car but it won't keep running, they'd discount my bill $15.00 ea. month but that's all, keep in mind my contract is up at this time, but I knew how to run the system, so well, I could probably have worked for this company, haha.

Lies, lies, lies, YOU MUST BE ABLE TO TELL SOME HUGE STORIES TO BE EMPLOYED BY DISH NO DOUBT. I elected to keep on with their service, as I could run it with my eyes closed and had the remote completely memorized, only reason I wanted to stay with Dish I knew how to run it and all its functions & knew when something went wrong, example: it would record the same show, one time there were 31 recording of same show, which the C.S. people told me it's impossible it can't do that, I invited them to come see it or asked for a phone # to send them photos of the screen.

Anyways since I was no longer in contract, they were really insistent I stay with them, I paid my bill on time every month. DON'T EVER SIGN UP WITH THEIR AUTO PAY, they'll charge you for things without authorization, and they'll take it out of your acct. in a N.Y. min. but to get a refund, takes 5-10 business days (their business days). That's ridiculous.

But how they work, very dishonest and I have yet to find an EMPLOYEE who really gave a care about any of my issues. But got a fella who instead of allowing me to cancel their service, talked me into letting them upgrade me to their "NEW AND IMPROVED" HOPPER 3, I told him, "No way." I don't want into any more contracts with them, as they don't care if their equipment works correctly no or not, he said, "No, I understand there would be no by fee or contract for the upgrade."

It's all in the notes. No charge he promised & would confirm with an email that in the end NEVER arrived, but they changed to Hopper 3. And that was the worst of all of the units I have tried and by this time it's the 5th one, & right before this a tech showed up to fix things which led into hubby having to use a sick day to be at house with tech. He came to door hubby told him the exact issue at that time, and that a prev. tech said he ran ALL BRAND NEW cables etc. to make sure we'd get a signal, because it was cutting out saying no signal with perfect weather and no trees in vicinity, at all!

He stated, "We'll there's really nothing I can do for you" and left, did NOTHING, another work day lost and wasted by dish Network, so I calculate but this time they are well into Debt to us well over $200.00, for wasting our time, as the first tech was a complete no show!

So looong story cut to main subject, moved home to N. Cali, had to live in a motel for 3 month who also had DN as their TV service, needless to say, they had constant issues with channels disappearing on us, but the bill was ALWAYS ON TIME, funny how that works. So we called Dish to tell them we had purchased a home and would be setting up a TV company soon. They informed me I had been being charged $5.00 per month to have my acct. on hold, I asked them, "Are you crazy? I'm not in contract with y'all," they stated "Oh yes you most certainly are."

I then asked how could I be I never signed anything to go back into contract, #1. That was always my bargaining chip with dealing with them, #2 MAINLY I never signed a contract, they insisted I did so I requested a copy, of my signature, they "SUBMITTED request to business office and they had 20 days to get me a copy, I replied kind of funny how that's an exact number of days that puts me into the next bill cycle.

At this point they also informed me if I cancelled I would be liable for cancellations fees which are now regulated and they can only charge (any providers for TV now) you $20.00 at most, this really hurt them as they used to come up with ridiculous amount of fees etc.

So don't ever pay a penny over $20.00, per month to cancel your contract early, 20 days go by NO EMAIL WITH COPY of my sig. to agree on another 2 year contract, and them upgrading putting you into another 2 yr. contract Must still be a signature or agreement, they can be sneaky and put it in but NOT without your approval, they'll get away with it IF YOU ALLOW THEM TO. I PUSHED and insisted on seeing that signature after them resending and waiting and waiting (their game to wear me out).

I was put in touch with some fella from a dept. I don't remember, but he told me he's the guy that told, me they obviously don't have a signature but it would have been done as a verbal contract and I then jumped in and said "Excellent because y'all record all your conversations." He said yes indeed they do. Then after chatting with him and he knew I would NOT let up, He then states, "You know what? For what I get paid and from them going to have to pay me to sit and listen to all the phone calls it would be cheaper for them just to wipe out ANYTHING I have DUE."

Then I'm informed that I only had a month left on contract anyways, so by all these NASTY MEAN RUDE PEEPS I SPOKE TO ON the phone, they were fighting with me over $20.00. My whole principle was that someone lied and put me under contract after PROMISING ME I wasn't, WOW, and reading other people's testimonials maybe I should try and get a class action suit against them for doing just that.

I realize most people just don't have the time to fight these kind of people, but I'm disabled and kind of bored out of my mind, so I think I'm going to try and start a class action suit for everyone, if I can get y'all to promise to stand behind me when and/if I can get one going, they don't have anyone standing over them regulating this kind of stuff and shows exactly what kind of morals they have as a business owner, it's disgusting how when someone gets a little power how they choose to take full advantage of the public.

If they had a reputation of being honest and fair, you'd think be in today's world they'd get EVERYONE'S business, but to lie and trap people into a contact without informing them, it should have to be in complete writing as I also had this happen with L.A. Fitness, as it came out, they obviously you could so tell, different pen etc. signed my initials on a contract and I wasn't even going to be there another year.

I wanted month to month until I moved, then found out they did that, and THANK GOODNESS I had a reputable bank that actually took it over, refunded me and got the $500.00 back from company, the gall these crooks have, but I thought if anyone else/elder etc. didn't have energy or was together enough to stand up for themselves, they wouldn't have fought it and that's why most of these companies get away with crap like this. I just wish I could take on these cases for others that can't do for themselves, but I don't have any kind of degree or license, I just have the audacity and energy, and mostly the will to take these jerks on, full force, as even in Mn.

I paid an attorney 22k to fight for me for burying a home where BAD things weren't disclosed, in end he didn't keep his word, and it cost me 3k in lawyer's fees and two years of time, so I am all about NOT paying for attorney's unless he gets a fee IF he wins, and is capped out so he/she can't take everything I need get, because after attorney's fees not one thing was paid for it was all attorney's fees so all I did was pay him, and only thing I can do is write up on Yelp, so please people keep on Yelp and check them before any new business you begin, and no I have NOTHING to do with creating Yelp. It's just saved me from going to bad business a couple times.

GOD BLESS YOU ALL AND THE VERY BEST WISHES FOR YOU, AND HOPE your never really exposed to garbage like I've seen here, it's amazing how the world turns with so many crooks out there. I think a great many of them live in Mn. as I've been to court more times living there for five years, than I've been my entire life total, and in case you wonder, we did win EVERY case, they don't all pay, but I did win and get my point across.

IDK why everyone wants everything for free, and not have to do anything for it, I know this last generation is very spoiled and a when they grow up, life is going to be unfair to them (in their minds)! But anyways off subject so many times, very sorry, but I'M VERY PASSIONATE about business being fair, that's all. Not GIVE anything away, just be fair and honest. O.K. Point made. HAVE A WONDERFUL EVERYDAY ALL.

Sneaky and Underhanded
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Rating: 2/51

LAREDO, TEXAS -- I hate using services with contracts and try to avoid them, but against my better judgment my husband and I went ahead and signed a 2 year contract with Dish in Sept/Oct of 2015. After a few months I started receiving multiple phone calls a week from a Dish representative letting me know that I was having issues with my receiver. I wasn't, so I ignored all those calls and never called back. I actually liked the product and we rarely had issues with it. I didn't see any sense in having a technician come out to fix something that wasn't broke - you know the saying "if it ain't broke don't fix it".

I had read multiple times on review sites that unbeknownst to the consumer, Dish would issue a new contract every time they sent someone out to fix an issue. In December of 2016 we ran into real signal issues and had to have someone come out to fix it. I was very wary and warned my husband not to enter into any contract and to be very specific with the Dish representative. The receiver needed fixing though, so they came out and did their thing. My husband was very adamant that we were NOT entering into a new contract and he was assured that indeed we were not.

He even had the technician sign on the form that we were not entering into a new contract, that we were simply having our satellite issues fixed. Some equipment was changed out, our satellite was working again and that was that. Until now. In October of 2017 our bill jumped $40 in one month, which made sense since that was at the end of our initial 2 year "special price" contract. We had a lot of personal things we were dealing with at that time, so didn't really deal with that price issue until things kind of settled down in January, and then I received a notice that there would be another price increase starting in February.

We said "that's it". We've decided to go back to streaming and Netflix/Hulu, etc. We called to cancel Dish and after getting the normal runaround that all these companies do, they gave us our final total, which - Guess what? Included a cancellation fee because we were "under contract" for another 9 months. Sure enough, when we had the service done they tacked another contract onto the one we already had, even though they said they wouldn't. My husband even has it in writing. They said it's because we have the Hopper 3 and we used to have the Hopper 2.

Well, so what? We NEVER asked for the 3, we have what the technician swapped out for so that our receiver would work again. Sneaky Sneaky, and it's just like what I read in other reviews. Lesson learned. Of course they tried to get us to stay until the end so we wouldn't lose money, but we said no way. We'll just pay the penalty and be done with it.

It's still a LOT cheaper than paying for almost another year, and who knows what shenanigans they'll pull by then. They also require a 30 day notice, so we have to pay for one more month as well. No more satellite companies for us. They're all crooks. Oh, and I gave 2 stars only because we did like the product. The service is always good until you have an issue, and then that is when a company shows their true colors.

Dish Network Killed My Puppy
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Rating: 1/51

JASPER, ALABAMA -- Dish network killed my puppy. I HAD a full blood, red nose, 8-week old pit bull puppy. He was a sweetie. Hs best buddy was a 7-month-old German Shepard mix and a 10-week old kitten. He stayed indoors most of the time but we went outside to play and for him to use the bathroom. Now he's gone because of a grossly negligent Dish Network tech/driver.

I live in the last house on a dead end drive, surrounded by woods on 3 sides, and I have no trespassing signs posted around my property. One sign is posted about 50 ft before you get to my driveway where it can be seen BEFORE coming onto my property.

On this dead end there are 3 driveways before mine. The house closest to my no trespassing sign is empty, so people can turn around in that driveway in order to not trespass on my property. I'm explaining the location so you understand why this shouldn't have happened.

Monday afternoon, I took my puppy out to do his business. I went inside and within a few minutes I heard a vehicle so I looked out my window and saw a Dish Network van pull into my drive, back out then he ran over/hit/killed my puppy then sped off.

I do not have any Dish services, not Dish Network or any other provider and I don't want any Dish services. Due to these facts that I have no Dish services, I have no trespassing signs at my property lines and I live at the end of a dead end drive surrounded by woods, Dish Network had no business on my property.

My puppy wasn't killed because I was irresponsible and let him run the neighborhood. He was killed on his own/my property by the Dish Network van and its driver (who had no business there) and it happened so quick that there was nothing I could do but watch.

After I gained my composure (from checking my pup hoping he was ok just to confirm he wasn't), I called Dish Network and I filed a police report. Once I finally reached a person to speak to at Dish Network and explained what happened the person transferred me back to automated services. This actually happened a few times before a man transferred me to a lady in the complaint department.

The lady wasn't very helpful. She took down my information, basically told me there was nothing Dish could do, then told me I'd be contacted later. After hanging up with her, I proceeded to email Dish Network's corporate office and their representing attorney to tell them.

The following day a man named Luke called me concerning my email. He took my information and told me another company services my area. Regardless of the service area, I SAW IT ALL with my own eyes and it was definitely a Dish Network van, which I told Luke. He told me he would give the info to his superiors and contact me later. Before disconnecting, Luke gave me his direct phone number.

It has been 5 days since the killing of my puppy, 4 since speaking to Luke and as of yet I've not been contacted again. I've seen a few complaints online about Dish Networks reckless technician/drivers. It's a sad world where our pets can't go outside in their own yard without being killed. Hopefully Dish Network addresses this situation before a child is run over by one of their technicians/drivers. Have not been offered any sort of compensation.

Was Lied to and Equipment I Purchased Taken and Bill Raised
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Rating: 1/51

COLLEGE GROVE, TENNESSEE -- I have been with Dish Network (HD) for about 20yrs. I purchased my own equipment. Dish decided that they would turn my receivers off because my equipment was outdated. They never informed me that they were doing that. They never even ask me. I had to find out what was going on from customer service. I was told that I would receive the hopper at no extra charge and my bill would stay the same. I had just got my bill down to the lowest flex 50 channels because they were raising it every 5 months seem like.

They have done this to me several times. I also got cable wires that wasn't installed outside correctly and you can actually see them plus the ones they cut and they are not covered up. The only problem I have with dish is they continue to lie about what they are going to do and do the opposite. They even took my purchased equipment and remotes after I knew they were mine and I was told I could keep them. I spoke with 3 different reps. about this and nothing has changed.

The only reason I am still with them is because they were and are the only company that is out our way right now and cable isn't available. I truly believe everything these other customers are saying in these reviews. I to wish I would have read them when I first started. I will never recommend them to anyone else because I would be afraid they would do them the same way. I pray that one day another satellite co. will take over and do better. It seem like you can't trust anyone anymore these days. The only reason I am still here is because no one else is here yet.

Make Sure You Commit to Them for Life
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Rating: 1/51

ANYTOWN, GEORGIA -- I had bought the TV package and had to get an internet dish to use it as we have no phone lines where I live. I was told it would work for Youtube, which was a blatant lie. My contract is up and I am now trying to cancel my satellite internet as I now have a good service. First, it cannot be done online.

Second is that I have spend 3 nights in a row on hold and being transferred without success at over an hour each time. I am trying to call when I have the twin babies down before I have to go to bed for work. A couple reps picked up and when I told them what I was doing and immediately put me on another wait. I tried a supervisor to not use as well. So do not commit unless you're never going to cancel your service.

Representatives Are Shady.
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Rating: 2/51

AMERY WI, WISCONSIN -- When I called initially they asked if I wanted internet installed (I have not had internet in 2 years) along with my Dish system and that if I qualified I could get a discount on my Dish bill. At the time I had said no. Well I called back to change the channel pack and ask if you need internet to utilize the Netflix on the hopper, they said I did. Well I decided I was going to add internet installation as well. They said great and gave me the number to HughesNet to have internet installed.

Well Hughesnet gave me my order number and I called Dish back to give them the order number to receive the discount. Well they said they can't apply the discount to my account because I did not have it installed directly through them. I have another 3 days before they even install their system. They told me they can't change an open work order when I asked why they had me call myself then if I had to get it through them. Why was I not informed of this when I requested internet from Dish. Shady crap but cheaper than DirecTV. I just hope I don't regret moving ahead with the installation.

Worst Programming Lineup
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Rating: 1/51

MCPHERSON, KANSAS -- Their Wally box that Dish supplies is junk, to begin with as it has a bad habit of resetting itself at random times that is Not programmed into it. The programming Dish pumps out is the Worst I have ever seen in my entire life, which is the most annoying feature Dish possesses. We pay good money for programming and Dish puts out more advertising channels than they do movie channels or others that are worth watching. And, their customer service personnel speak with an accent which makes it somewhat difficult to understand what they are saying. The one I spoke with sounded like he was from an Asian country.

Another annoying factor was that he tried to make me the cause of the problem I had with their box, (Wally). After going back and forth for about 45 minutes or more, he finally gave into the fact that the problem was on them and Not me. Also, he wanted me to upgrade to all of the movie channels and pay a much higher price which was his ultimate goal. I told him that it wasn't going to happen which I sensed frustration in his voice as I concluded our conversation, stopping his sales pitch. Dish Network IS GARBAGE!!!

Service Was Great Until He Played Like He Was His Supervisor
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Rating: 3/51

COLLINSVILLE, ILLINOIS -- I called Dish to get a new cable service because DirecTV is now charging too much. The guy I talked to was extra nice and funny. When he proceeded to tell me about the disclosure he asked if I wanted read to me fast or slow I said slow because they will throw extra stuff in there.

He still decided to read it fast but I was catching on to every word but since service was cheaper I still was going to get the service. He answered all my concerns and he was just really charming and I wanted to give him a great review but he was scared of what I might say so he pretended that he was his own supervisor but failed to realize that his voice was exactly the same... at first I wanted to give an excellent review but he ruined it and missed out on his commission and if he continues to be childish he will miss out on more.

Difficulty cancelling service
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Rating: 1/51

WACO, TEXAS -- I have been a Dish Network customer since 2012 and am wanting to cancel my service. Now I can do anything online I need to with their company and if I don't pay my bill they can cut off my service automatically but if I want to cancel my service on my own I can only do it by talking to someone on the phone. I'm 32 minutes into an estimated 26 minute wait time just to talk to someone. So I have decided since they want to waste my time I'm going to spend it writing negative reviews about my experience.

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