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Disappointing Project Experience
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Rating: 1/51

COLUMBUS, OHIO -- Do not do business with this company. My experience with the company was horrible. I had my roof, soffits, and gutters replaced. Not only did the sales process stress and inconvenience me and my family, but what I was sold is not what they gave the contractor to do. And when the contractor came and did all he was told to do in the contract and the job wasn't done (because what I was sold was not all in the contract given to the installers) I had no choice but to agree that the installers did everything they were asked to do in the contract, which sent them on their way, even though it was not everything that I had been sold.

And on top of it, they would not give me a person to contact for escalation. That said, the work that was done was adequate but required my constant supervision and correction. While replacing my roof there were areas where I could still see the bare decking when they were "done". My new gutters were marred, the wrong lengths, not spouted away from the house, some had dips such that they retained water instead of draining, and in some places the downspouts were hanging loose from the house. The metal wrapping they put on the ends was wavy and not well connected to the house. I had to have a constant list of items for them to correct.

The team littered my yard during the day, but did clean up before leaving. The team smoked/vaped on my property, left butts in the grass, and even at one point blew their exhaled smoke/vapor into my open window onto my children. They did not follow safety protocols - climbing ladders with uneven footing and no assistant holding them, no fall protection etc. When I spoke with the installation manager about it he said it was ok they fall off roofs all the time (!!!).

In the end, everything I wanted done by way of the installation process of what was on the installer's contract was done gladly and cheerfully to the best of the installer's ability, and I have confidence that it was installed adequately. I am not happy with it, though it is contractually complete.

I am highly dissatisfied with several aspects of this project: What I was sold is not what the installers were contracted to install. I was promised that once a job was started it would be worked until it was done (to help me believe the stress would be low) but in reality this '3-day job' took parts of 3 WEEKS during which the crew was scheduled out-of-state leaving my home in a state of disrepair in their absence. My driveway was damaged during the process, which means another project and additional cost on top of it all.

I want to make sure to be clear about this: The quality of the work done is not in question. I cannot speak to it being excellent or inadequate, but it seems fine. The sales team apparently are not to be trusted. The organization and continuity between departments is abysmal. The care for my property, happiness, and purchased product is next to none, but their care for their bottom line is a top priority.

After the initial salespeople came and quoted me super high, the regional guy 'good-cop'ed me into a lower price. After that, everything was installation - no other contact with the company despite requests for escalation. I went with Erie, even though they had a slightly higher price because they were an established organization, not a fly-by-night crew making the rounds. I was assured dedicated attention and fast turn around, I did not get it. I was told I needed certain products, they were included in the quote, but did not end up on the installer's contract, so I did not get what I paid for.

I was promised an opportunity to express myself and a personal visit from the install manager, but that too never came. I am sad that this has been so trying on me and my family, and that I am now dependent on these same people for any warranty repairs for the next 35 years. Please don't make the same mistake I did.

Happy With My New Windows/Door
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Rating: 5/51

ROCHESTER, NEW YORK -- The sales guy showed up one day while I was just getting home from work. All he did was ask some questions and ask if they could set up a free estimate. He was nicer than the majority of the sales guys that walked around all summer so I said sure. The sales guy was prompt, polite, and easy to talk to. We showed him the kitchen window we needed replaced with another double hung window, the large picture window we wanted to replace with a 5 window bay, and a set of old wood windows we wanted to replace with a sliding glass door.

He was very thorough, showing us samples of the windows they make and the details. He even made sure the installers would be able to move our cold air return from the wall to the floor. He went over the pricing options and set up the meeting with the installer. They came out to install the windows and actually waited for my mother in law to get there with the key (cause I forgot) and were very pleasant. The window was in the same day and the trim, the door, and the second window in the next two days. They cleaned up all their mess before the left.

I am so happy with my new windows and door. We opted for the wood trim on the bay so we can match it to the new wall paint we're picking come spring, but it still looks gorgeous (and all the individual windows open!). The door slides nicely and looks great. And even better, I can open my kitchen window! I can't thank the guys at Erie Construction enough!

They Did the Roof and Door
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Rating: 5/51

DAYTON, OHIO -- There are many testimonies online about the quality of work that Erie Construction does. I have read them and they do not really relay the story of just how outstanding this company is. Erie put on a new roof for me, plus I
got two new front doors (regular door and a screen door) and six sets of shutters. To say that I am pleased with their work would be the understatement of the year.

It began with Travis canvassing the neighborhood. I always but always turn away anyone peddling anything at my door, but this was different. Right off the bat, I could tell that Travis was a nice fellow and not "pushy" like others. So I let him tell me about my roof. It has been 21 years since I had a new roof and I knew that it was causing problems; I just didn't want to admit it. Thus when he pointed out some of the problems (just on the outside), I was agreeable to setting up an appointment to discuss the possibility of getting a new roof.

Travis called from my yard and set up an appointment and even had someone from Erie verify the appointment with me via his cell phone. I don't envy the job Travis has as it cannot be easy to walk around and look at roofs, then hope that the owner of a bad roof will be agreeable to talking with you. Yet he was extremely professional.

Lance and Brian came to my house for an inspection and boy oh boy, was it ever thorough. I showed them problems that I had with cracking plaster on the wall of a bedroom, water in the attic and a leak coming down my chimney and into the kitchen. They pointed out the onset of mold in my attic and showed me several places where it was leaking. They also explained how they would cover the vents on the roof with a rubber material that would make it nearly impossible to leak anymore.

Lance and Brian explained to me about tar "paper" and how useless it is. I can recall seeing roofers putting tar paper on houses, then calling it a day because they thought the house was protected from the rain until they could return the next day to put the shingles on. Wrong! I have always wondered about why roofers did this as it just didn't make any sense to me. When they pointed this out to me, my suspicions were confirmed.

Erie Construction has an insulated cover that they use in lieu of tar paper. Just one glance at it and even a "roofing rookie" like me could tell that it was far superior to tar paper. By this time, I was sold lock, stock and barrel. Then they happened to mention all of the other things that they do in addition to roofs. My wife and I
moved into our house 39 years ago and it needed a new front door and a new front screen door even then.

But we put it off all of these years as I am not a "handy" guy around the house - and I knew that putting in a new front door would be a major project as it means the tearing out of all of the wooden frames around the door and replacing them with pre-measured ones. This was a job for the experts - in this case, Erie Construction.

Many of my shutters have blown off over the years and are nowhere to be found. Hey, guess what? Erie does shutters too! So I had them put seven sets of new shutters on. The understanding was that the roof would be done in 3 days. The 2 doors and the shutters would most likely be done at a different time. I signed the contracts and was very pleased with everything.

Brian and Lance are two amazing individuals; they are extremely knowledgeable about all facets of their job and it shows in their exuberance and "wanting" to make you feel comfortable. A lot of promises were made and all of them were kept. Then I got another phone call, this time from Troy, whom I assume is a district manager (or possibly even higher than that in the organization).

He came out to go over each and every detail with me and I became even more comfortable with the whole thing. They absolutely go out of their way to make 100% certain that their clients feel at ease. I asked Troy if I could just pay for the roof when they did it, then pay for the doors and shutters once they were installed. He said they would do it all in 3 days; in fact, he promised they would.

The day before installation of the roof, they called to ask if it would be okay for them to begin the following morning. It was to be a nice day then but rain was due the following day. I mentioned this and Troy said, "No problem, we'll have it done in TWO days." I asked about the doors and shutters and he said, "Everything will be done." I was amazed; I was happy; I believed him. And he delivered. Troy was another amazing individual who you can tell right off is 100% trustworthy.

The following morning bright and early, Dave (the foreman) and a crew of 8 or 9 workers showed up and "blitzed" the job. They worked all day, breaking only for lunch, and departed a little after the sun had set. The roofing job was a "do over" as I had just one layer of shingles, but on the roof of the family room was an extinct metal chimney from a fireplace that we did away with years ago. When they removed it, it opened up a hole in the roof.

They had to cover this hole with a piece of plywood and to make absolutely certain that they did it correctly, they tore the shingles off the entire roof over the family room. Then they packed insulation into the hole prior to placing the new piece of wood. I could not believe their dedication to detail.

I had some sheet metal in my garage and asked Dave if he would consider molding 7 pieces from it to put in my downspouts to prevent leaves from going down them. An hour later, he told me that he had all of them done and installed. Dedication? Wow, it is off the charts! Dave answered my zillions of questions all day and with no hesitation. When we did not understand how to program the code for the new front door, he read the instruction booklet and did it for us, then showed us how to do it.

They returned the second day for a few hours to finish up and to clean up. Although Dave's crew was very
efficient, I want to give a "shout out" to one individual in particular. A young man in his mid twenties, Mark, went above and beyond in answering my questions - and his politeness was beyond reproach.

Thank you to Travis, Lance, Brian, Troy, Dave and his crew, especially Mark, for representing Erie Construction in such a proficient and professional manner. Your dedication to the job is very much appreciated and I cannot
begin to tell you how pleased I am with everything that you did.

Good Experience
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Rating: 5/51

KETTERING, OHIO -- I had two men come out to my house and explain and show me what they can do for me. I was impressed that they could show me their products and how they work. Both were very nice and kind. I could not afford to do everything that I needed to do. They did show me what I could do with the budget that I have. I needed to get done for windows that they were going to make into three. Also I needed to get a ridge vent on my roof. About a week later another man came out to measure all of my windows. He was very nice and kind. Once the windows were in I received a phone call and they scheduled me when I was free.

Another guy came out to install my windows and to install the ridge vent. It was a two day process due to my roof being wet. The man always took off his shoes when entering my home. I thought that was very thoughtful. He made two of my windows into one large window. I did not realize at the time or when I thought about this whole process that the space (wood in between the 2 windows) will need to be painted at the bottom and top where the wood was. It's not a big deal. I can fix it.

When the man took out the piece of wood that was between both windows a small piece of wood split from the bottom. He came back the next day and glue that piece of wood back in that way when I paint that it will not be that noticeable. I'm glad he fix that for me. When he was done with my windows he put back the blinds in two of the windows. The third I need to order another blind due to the window now being bigger. The second day when he came back to finish the window and put the ridge vent in. He told me that part of my gutter was coming down and asked if I would like him to fix it.

I am a single woman who lives by herself so of course I said yes. I helped him fix my gutter. I was thankful that he told me and also he helped me put that backup. I also have a large hole in a closet due to a boiler. The whole was bigger than it needed to be. He cut some cardboard and hung that up for me that way all that cold air is not coming in as much.

That was a big help and I am so thankful that he helps me with that. He did that to be kind and helpful and did not ask me for extra money. I was very thankful that he helps me with those two things. He was a very nice man. Everything was cleaned up and picked up once he was done. I am very happy with my windows. They look great. I do notice a big difference in that room in the winter. That room used to be so cold I had to get a small heater just to sit in there with a blanket.

Happy Customer
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Rating: 5/51

From the very beginning to the end they were very professional. They walked us through all the roofing choices. It did take a while but we were happy to be informed about all the materials available to us. We made a decision to go with the fiberglass composite roof because of the longevity of the material and the fact that we have a very large, complex roof. We did not want to have to go through another roof replacement as long as we live here. The fact that it has a great guarantee that is transferable was also a factor in choosing them. It definitely adds to the property value of our home.

We didn't need to wait long for them to get started on it and they worked so hard from early morning until the end of the day. It took 3 days working in the cold winter weather to get our roof done. We also had some extra blown-in insulation added into our attic with no mess. Everything was cleaned up when they were finished despite the snowy weather conditions. The roof looks fantastic and our house is warmer. We were very happy with Erie's selection, information and service.

High End Cost for High End Job!
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Rating: 5/51

TOLEDO, INDIANA -- We happened to have some Erie guys scheduling consults in my neighborhood. We were in desperate need of a roof, though they couldn't tell due to snow. We ended up with a sales consultation the next evening. The gentlemen were very professional and personable but the presentation was longer than anticipated. We were impressed with the in depth knowledge of the salesmen and the high quality of the products.

The installation was set back due to weather a few times but not more than 2 weeks past the initial date set. The head of the crew kept in touch with me about the schedule of product drop off, dumpster arrival, and when him and his crew would be on our property. They worked very hard, were courteous, cleaned as they went, and would stop working when myself and my small children would enter or exit our home.

My husband and I did a final walk thru and inspection once they were done. The crew had zero issues with us getting on the roof to inspect and answered any of our questions. What really sold us was the high quality products being used along with the warranty of the work and product. We were impressed with every person we have interacted with from Erie.

We Recommend Erie Roofing Co.!
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Rating: 4/51

CANAL WINCHESTER, OHIO -- Our new tuxedo-colored roofing replaced the old slate roof on our 155-year-old brick farm-house and it looks great! The installation crew completed the job in five days in January. The lead crew member was very courteous. The other crew members were also courteous but we didn't have as much interaction with them. They cleaned up after themselves in all areas which was very much appreciated. We only had one issue with the company but I called and spoke to the installation manager who took care of the matter. We would recommend Erie to our friends and family.

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Rating: 1/51

ERIE, MICHIGAN -- I was told by your employee that they were mailing my refund of $88 on June 16, 2018 back to me. Now you are saying that it is being mail to me. So its been like 16 days and still no refund. That seems like someone is lying to me. Also I texted Alex because I keep getting emails telling me to sign the installment paperwork. I have about 5 of these emails.

I don't understand why it has taken 16 days for me to get back $88 and now you are telling me that I should receive my refund of $88 in 7 to 10 business days which is unacceptable so it may take 10 business days for me to get my refund $88 which in all that would mean that I have waited 26 days for my refund of $88, and then you have the nerve to tell me Alex didn't lie to me and you hope to earn my business in the future.

Well I can tell you that would never happen. I have received packages from Germany that took 10 days how in the Hell are y'all located in the United States and it take this long to receive $88. Your company could have overnighted the money to me and I would have it the next day. From start to finish this has been handled poorly.

I am going to look up some more people at your company and I will send them his email, I will have this all over Facebook, Twitter, and I will tell all my friends to never use your company because if it has taken this long to get a refund of $88 how do I know your windows are quality, how do I know your window installers are qualified, and how do I know that your company stand behind their warranty because we are at day number 16 and still no refund.

Very pleased
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Rating: 5/51

OHIO -- The sales people were very helpful. They explained things clearly. We were looking at roofs. They showed us roof samples and told us the details concerning price and how long each roof lasted. They offered to give us $2000 off or free gutter guards which we needed desperately. We chose the gutter guards. The crew came and finished the roof in 2 days, I was amazed by how quickly they worked. The crew cleaned up all supplies and trash before they left when the job was over. The crew was very polite, they were nice to us and our dog as they pet him. The crew were very good about not interrupting us inside our house.

The crew did not ask to come in the house at all. They did not ask for food or anything to drink. The crew found an unplanned issue present on our roof and fixed it with no extra charge. The crew at first did not install the gutter guards, so I called the customer service number, they seemed upset for me that the crew did not complete everything when I told them about it and they quickly called the crew leader and asked about it then they called me back the same day and explained that the crew had to run and was planning on coming back. The customer service person got them to come back the next day to complete the gutter guards.

The customer service person apologized several times for the crew not letting us know about the situation and was extremely nice, helpful, and quick to resolve the issue. The crew came out the next day and completed the gutter guards. The roof looks beautiful and is acting great, there are no leaks. The gutter guards look great. We will definitely use Erie Construction again.

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Rating: 1/51

JONESVILLE, MICHIGAN -- The salesman were high pressed, said they ordered the material before we even signed the bank papers. When the installer came to check out the job he said he didn't know if he could do it because he only had a 28ft ladder to install a solid one piece gutters and we have a 2 storey house, said he didn't know if he could install the work because there was a tree near one of the corners of the home. Then he got mad because he didn't do soffit work and refuse to install the gutters. When I told him about how much we paid for the gutters he laughed and said we paid way too much for them... We still haven't heard back from them.

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