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Low Quality
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Rating: 1/51

WASHINGTON -- I would like to add my negative experience with Feather River – the only one company offering interior doors through Home Depot. Do not trust this company, do not trust their appealing catalogs. All pictures are misleading.
They deliver doors that don't have anything to do with what you expect. The doors I received were made of simple, flat, ugly wooden boards, without any design. The wood is UNFINISHED! I paid $1,200 for few flat boards of unfinished wood. I could've bought the same boards from anywhere and put them together to look as doors.

Now, I have to look for what color polyurethane will match my taste, I have to buy several samples and stain wooden pieces and as I don't have time, no experience, I have to stain the doors by myself. They will never look even close to what I like and to what I expected to receive. The company charges you for nothing and you come up with unfinished wood, costing pennies!!! Never buy doors from this company. It is a scam!

Terrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

I live on Long Island, which sees a lot of temperature changes during the year. My door was installed in July 2017. After installation the door began to makes noises during the evening after the sun went down. Went to Feather River website, and it was explained that it was normal. During hot days the door will expand during the day, and contract at nighttime. That was the reason for the crackling noise. Well as time went on the door would stick every time the sun beat on it.

We called Feather River and they sent a representative out to look at the door. He took all kinds of measurements using all of his tools. He came to us in December of 2017. We waited about three months after we called Feather River concerning the sticking of the door. When he arrived the temperature was 5 degrees. I showed him the that the door frame was warped in middle. He agreed with me.

We finally got the report in February 2018. In the report it stated that the measurements taken didn't fall into their scope and that's why the door was not shutting properly. Nowhere in the report did he explain the bowing of the door frame. He blamed the installer. Called customer service about the report and they referred me to Home Depot where the door was purchased. It seems to me they blame everyone else except for the product. That really is the easy way out. The door is fine as long as the sun doesn't hit it. The frame is so warped that the cold air comes in because it's not hitting the weatherstripping.

These Doors Are Well-Crafted and Our One Problem Was Quickly Resolved.
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Rating: 5/51

WASHINGTON -- I was surprised when I ran across the overall low rating for Feather River Doors on this site. Over the last 12 years we have ordered 15 single panel oak doors: 8 plain oak panel doors, six vanity mirror panel oak doors and 1 clear glass panel oak door. These doors have been amazingly stable - even at 6000' altitude and a very dry climate none of them have warped. The only problem we have had is the mirror on the upper corner of one of the doors was cracked when we received it.

Home Depot kept the door and reported the damage to Feather River. Feather River expedited a replacement and we received it in two weeks. The only complaint I have is that they are no longer manufacturing the plain flat panel oak doors (lack of demand for oak now) and we still need 2 more to finish our remodel!

Defective Doors That Warped
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Rating: 1/51

WAKE FOREST, NORTH CAROLINA -- We installed French Doors in May. Doors were installed correctly and after 2 weeks began to warp from the heat of the sun. We could see light from the handle down to threshold. There was no rubber on the bottom of the astragal strip also. They sent an inspector out and he clearly said Door was warped and missing that cap on the astragal strip. The report that Feather River sent to Home Depot did not mention any of these. Also after texting inspector he said the floor may not have been dry from the leak caused by the previous door. Presuming this had also caused them to warp.

What he didn't know was the floors had a moisture test before we installed the new doors and floor was 100% dry. (We refinished hardwoods after installing new door.) So Feather River then sent out weather stripping last week (3 1/2 months after installing the doors! Nobody requested the weather stripping which goes to show they knew something was wrong with the door.

What it tells us is that Feather River are incompetent. Their door is clearly defective. They are very unprofessional. Jan and everyone else are very rude at customer service. They do not want to work with you on any issues. They can't honestly answer questions. DO NOT BUY A DOOR OFF THEM as you are looking for trouble. Horrible company.

Bought Junk and Told Otherwise
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Rating: 1/51

VERMONT -- First of all let me say that I'm not a dumb person. I know the deal. Home Depot sells cheap junk, beats up their vendors on price, forces the vendor to produce said cheap junk, and passes it off as quality goods. I understand the game, thought maybe I could beat it just once and lost. I can handle that... What I can't handle is being told that the garbage they're selling is of a high quality.

I bought a Feather River entry door with two sidelights 11/30/15. Installed it 11/1/15. Nice looking door. After I installed it, I realized the decorative metal was loose inside the glass panel on the door and rattled when I open and shut the door, tapped on the glass, or a truck drove by. Called the depot and eventually dealt with their "Expeditor," who when I first spoke with him, made it sound like an open and shut case.

"The metal was loose, I'll get you a new panel," he said. He called me back about ten minutes later after having spoke with a representative at Feather River feeding me the company line about "hand-crafted" materials. Feather River apparently told him that, "due to the hand-craftmanship that goes into each glass panel, some metal is loose within the panel and some is tight.

Let me stop for a second and say that this expeditor would have had me believe that these metal pieces were hand-forged by the local blacksmith in Amish country, conjuring up images of glowing orange and a man with a dirty face, a beard and a big hammer. But I digress. I questioned his use of the word "craftsmanship," moved on and called Feather River.

The Feather River representative was instantly combative, telling me when I asked to speak to the same Rep the depot spoke to, "She's not here, you got me." I explained the issue to her. At first she tried to reason with me. I told her that the side panels don't rattle when I tap on the glass, only the panel in the door rattles. She said that's because the side panels are smaller. I told her that, actually they are bigger. Her response: "Well, it's not a warranty issue regardless." The company line is that, "Due to the need to allow space for expansion and contraction, some panels are loose and some are tight."

I told her I think someone just forgot the glue. She told me I was being sarcastic. I assured her that I was not. Now this is where I get really aggravated. I said, "Forget the warranty issue, I want to buy a new panel that doesn't rattle. I don't care about the money." After she explained that the depot is their only customer and they can't sell directly to me (gee, I wonder why that is), I asked if they would sell a new glass panel to the depot for me. They would but they can't guarantee that it won't rattle.

"Some rattle and some don't" she said. "Can the depot ask you, before you send it, to have someone tap on the glass and check to see if the metal is loose in there? If it's loose, choose another one. When you find one that's tight, put it in a box and bring it to the post office, and label it Home Depot, Williston, Vermont." Her answer: "No." Unbelievable.

As a small business owner in the trades, I'm thinking of switching my model from one of quality workmanship and great customer service to the Home Depot/Feather River model: Peddle bad quality, tell my customers it's high quality. Develop some BS company line to neutralize their valid complaints. Cash their checks and move on to the next... Higher tax bracket, here I come!

Finish Peeling on Fiberglass Door
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Rating: 1/51

FEDERAL WAY, WASHINGTON -- We purchased an Elegant Mahogany Woodgrain Entry Door - fiberglass dual-panel front door - from Feather River in 2011. The finish is now peeling off the front - see photos attached. I emailed photos to Feather River a week ago with no response. I called Feather River this morning and was told their warranty only covers the 'finish' for two years. The company representative was very cheery when I spoke with her - telling me she would gladly send me the refinishing instructions - which she did (very prompt to send that, just not to respond to an emailed complaint.)

Their solution is for us to strip the door and restain and refinish. Like THAT will ever match the other door panel right next to it... We'd have to do both. A $2000 front door finish should not start peeling away in five years... Wood doors yes, like wood decks, refinishing is needed. But we bought a fiberglass door so that we wouldn't have the hassle of wood. I asked the 'very cheery' Feather River representative what is covered under the 25 year part of their 'limited' lifetime warranty (lifetime no... none of their time limits states lifetime).

She said that if the pieces of the door start peeling away from each other... front metal from fiberglass core was what she gave as an example... then the 'LIMITED' lifetime (translation: 25 years) would take effect. We will never ever buy a Feather River fiberglass door thinking it'll last a lifetime. Nope. Only a very 'limited' less than 5 years in our case. And from what I've read here some of you are experiencing less than that. Wow. Money not well spent on Feather River.

Paint Bubbles On Exterior Doors & Feather River Says It's Not Their Problem
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Rating: 1/51

FEDERAL WAY, WASHINGTON -- I purchased a set of Feather River doors from Home Depot on 4-12-06. The first set of doors warped within 4 years, but the company stood behind the warranty. The second set that replaced them however, has been a nightmare. I have had the doors painted FOUR TIMES by 3 different painters, and each time the paint has bubbled. I have spoken to paint manufacturers, and had the professional painters follow their recommendations. I have documented the process with pictures, and still the paint bubbles. The last attempt to correct the problem resulted in paint bubbling within 4-days.

Feather River says it's my problem not theirs and they do not warrant finishes. As I pointed out to them, if it were not for the fact that I have had them stripped and painted 4 times I would perhaps agree that the paint, or painters, were not correct. However, the doors have been stripped, primed and painted four times and the only common denominator is the doors themselves. When I suggested that perhaps there is some kind of chemical reaction happening that's causing the issue, they refused to even consider it.

The woman Jan, in the “warranty” department is about as rude as they come. When I asked for the name of the company's CEO she refused to tell me. At one point she refused to transfer me back to customer no service. When I finally got her to send me back to that department I asked the customer no service representative named Jenny, who the CEO was. She asked me if I was from Home Depot. (I have no idea why she would ask that.) Finally she said she would transfer me to “Craig” who was their CEO. When I asked if Craig had a last name she said no (clearly Jenny is being kept in the dark).

Craig answered and I asked him his position… guess what… he's not the CEO… he's the Director of Customer No Service. He also refused to give me the name of the CEO. He also refused to give any credence to the fact that something in the door was creating the paint issue, stating repeatedly it was not a warranty issue, and something the painter had done incorrectly. I paid $1.800.00 for doors that are little more than junk. I made a poor decision in believing that a “warranty” meant something to this company. DO NOT BUY THEIR DOORS!!!

I Wrote a Blog About My Miserable Experience.
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Rating: 1/51

GEORGIA -- I have to confess that I took the coward's way out and went with a big vendor, Home Depot, that sells the Feather River Doors. Even though they are kind of limited on choices, I figured that they would be trustworthy. We had our countertops done in granite and all went smoothly. Well, let's just say that this has been quite an experience.

We ordered the pantry doors almost three months ago, in the first week of October, hoping to have them ready by Thanksgiving. We made sure to have a Home Depot installer come and measure it first. The first time the doors came, the size was wrong. Thank goodness the installer realized it when he went to pick them up. Hey things happen, we gave them the benefit of the doubt.

Waited for weeks again. Meanwhile all my pantry stuff is on the floor because my hubby decided to paint the inside of the pantry and make it glow. After all, how much longer could it possibly take? Thanksgiving came and went. Now it's December 24th. The doors finally came. As the installation was almost done we decided to see how it was going and saw that there were dents on the left one! When we pointed it out to the HD installer he says "yes, I noticed it when I picked it up."

So he sends a photo to the Home Depot associate, which by the way has been with us throughout the whole ordeal and has been very kind. The associate says that they now have to do a claim. There would be more waiting. By now we had lost faith and I decided to contact Feather River Doors directly. They have a chat service.

When I explained what happened they said, "Sorry about sending wrong size however it is now Home Depot's problem. They have 24 hours to tell us if there is anything wrong." She cheerfully gives me a warranty phone number for me to call and pretty much sent me on my way. I wonder why the quote "Up the river without a paddle" came to my mind? What holidays we have had. And all for choosing the "safe way!" Oy vey. Again, buyer beware. I will keep you up to date to see what happens next with our purchase, which by the way we have already paid.

Update: A reader pointed out that the hole that door came with are not appropriate for an inside door, as they don't need to be locked, they come with a latch on top, they just need "dummy knobs." Sure enough the lock we were told to buy does not fit this door. Could it be that these doors were used before? Will keep you posted. Let's see what 2015 brings. 1/19/2015 Still waiting for new doors.

Warped Doors
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Rating: 1/51

VOORHEES, NEW JERSEY -- Ordered Doors (Double Entry) in September 2015. Doors finally came in end of November 2015... or so I was led to believe. Home Depot installer set up an install date. Took off from work. Installer called to tell me the doors were not in. Waited to set up another date. Took off from work. Installer came and installed the doors. There was something wrong as the door did not sit flush on the bottom. He said it looked to be warped. Had representative from Feather River come out and he agreed the door was warped and they would send in a replacement.

Weeks later, replacement came and a Feather River Contractor (not Home Depot) came to install. Guy was rude and unprofessional. After he was done the same problem existed (exactly the same). He claims that it was the fault of the opening of my house and the original installation of the jam. Had a Feather River Rep come out along with Home Depot Regional Manager. Measurements were taken and in fact, the door was warped. Ordered another door.

In the meantime, we are going through a VERY cold winter. I can hear the wind coming through the doors. We stuffed towels into the leaks wherever possible to keep the cold out and the "expansive" warm air in. Again weeks later the new door arrives and is installed. Looks good, but the bottom plate, which is adjustable is not meeting the door. The plate is taken off and it is discovered that the adjusting screws are stripped. Need to order a new plate.

Weeks later it comes in and is installed. So where are we??? Ordered doors in September, and finally have the (hopefully) properly installed almost 9 MONTHS LATER. For all the aggravation, time off from work, loss of heat... Feather River would make NO concessions to me. HORRIBLE COMPANY!!! DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!

Rotting Frame Not Covered
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Rating: 2/51

MELBOURNE, FLORIDA -- We purchased this door through Home Depot and thought it would have a lifetime warranty. We were told that this fiberglass and glass door would never rot and would last years. Unfortunately we discovered rot just 5 years and 3 months after it was installed. The door was over $3,000 plus installation. It was professionally installed. We noticed soft wood that was actually rotting on a piece that connected the door to the window panels.

Feather River Doors would not cover it because they said it did not have enough caulk applied at installation. Caulk was applied and maintained yet we have wood rot on the door. This will have to be replaced by ourselves and nothing is covered. We did not realize that the fiberglass door is not all fiberglass and non-treated wood was used. I will never deal with this company again.

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