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Failing to Fix Washer Quickly
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Rating: 1/51

On March 29th I submitted a claim to HMS for my washing machine and they promptly responded. They worked to find a repair place and set up an appointment to have the machine repaired. The first place they assigned me to said they couldn't repair my machine because I couldn't provide the serial and model number since it had washed off the sticker. Then they attempted to set me up with a GM repair place since that is the type of machine I have, but there weren't any that actually service in my region. So HMS set me up with the original repair place. This all happened on March 30th and I was able to set the appointment for that weekend.

The first visit was on April 2nd and the technician ordered a new motor to repair it. The next appointment was set for Thursday, April 13th and a different technician installed the part. During that visit he stated that the ordered part was incorrect for the washer and that even if the part was correct for my machine that it would still not resolve the problem. He advised me to contact HMS because there was nothing he could do for me. He said he could not order a new part for the machine because he did not have the full serial or model number and would be simply guessing on what to order.

He also added that the original technician had just started in December and wasn't as experienced. I contacted HMS that same day to explain and find out what to do next. HMS said that they would review my case and get back to me within 24-48 hours. They said they would be in contact with me to decide if they would replace my machine or try repairing it and send a senior technician.

On Monday, April 18th I got a voicemail while I was at work from HMS asking if I had received any parts or scheduled any repairs on the machine. So I called back and the woman I spoke to said that they were still reviewing my case and that there wasn't any parts ordered. Then on Tuesday, April 19th I received an automated call from the service repair place confirming my appointment for the next day. I called HMS and they said that I was scheduled for a repair for the next day. No one ever contacted me to tell me that they had decided to try repairing the machine again let alone set up for another repair appointment. I was not going to be able to be available with that little notice.

My next appointment was set for April 26th (earliest date I could take off work). HMS said that it was just a general repair that needed to be done and a general part needed to be replaced. So the part would be sent directly to the repair place. The previous part was mailed directly to my home. For my April 26th appointment the first technician came to my house to service my washer again. He asked if I had received the part yet and I told him I was told the part would be sent to them. He said that they never do it that way and it should always be sent to the customer's house.

He ended up ordering the exact same part for my washing machine again even though I told him that the last technician said the last one did not fix the machine. I contacted HMS and they said it was not the same part and that they would re-evaluate after the next service call. I then called again that same day after finding the receipts that the technician provided to me showing that the exact same part was ordered. I then called again and requested to speak with a supervisor. The supervisor returned my call and contacted the repair place to find out why the same part was ordered again.

The repair place told HMS that the first ordered part was faulty so that is why they needed to have a new one ordered. Yet they waited to order the exact same part until the third trip. There should not have been any reason to delay. On May 5th I had another visit from the first service technician so that he could install the part he ordered. He installed the part (the exact same part that was originally ordered) and it did not fix the machine. It turns out there was absolutely nothing wrong with the motor. Now he thinks the problem is the motor control board and a part needs to be ordered.

I contacted HMS to find out what the next step is. So far it sounds like it will be another service call and the technician isn't even sure that will fix it. The earliest time he can come back to fix the machine is May 12th. There has been poor communication between HMS and the repair service. No sense of urgency in fixing my machine. They have spent literally hundreds of dollars on a very basic washing machine. I have had to take several days off of work for this and paid outrageous prices to do my laundry in the meantime.

I question why I should even have a home warranty and what its purpose is. I feel like I have had to call every other day to HMS just to make sure they are staying in touch with my repair technician. HMS is perfect for someone who enjoys poor service and broken appliances! At this point I feel like I am in a hopeless situation and out my $100 deductible. I am not confident that this will be resolved anytime soon.

Home Warranty Kept Me Freezing for Six Days
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Rating: 1/51

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- It is freezing cold inside my house and has been for almost a week now. Without HMS Home Warranty, my furnace would have been fixed several days ago. My experience with HMS Home Warranty has been absolutely awful.

DAY ONE: I discovered that my furnace was blowing cold air early Monday morning. My preferred technician told me they could fit me in between 9 am and 11 am, but according to the home warranty booklet I received when I purchased my home two months ago, I needed to go with HMS's provider. HMS's technician said he would be there between 4 pm and 6 pm on Monday, so I waited. The technician did not show up and did not answer his phone. I could not leave a message because his voicemail was full. It was very, very cold in my house Monday night.

DAY TWO: I called HMS again on Tuesday and another technician was assigned. He told me his team would arrive early on Wednesday morning. It was very, very cold in my house Tuesday night.

DAY THREE: The technicians showed up on Wednesday morning, investigated, and showed me pictures of a broken motor and a rusted metal plate that need replacing. I paid my $100 deductible. Wednesday afternoon, when I called to follow up, I was told that we were waiting for some sort of decision from HMS (my technician told me he had tried to call HMS several times but the hold periods were too long and he had to try again later). It was very, very cold in my house on Wednesday night.

DAY FOUR: When I called again on Thursday to follow up, I was told that we were still waiting on some sort of decision from HMS. I emailed HMS's "24 hour" customer service line that evening to complain about the delay and remind HMS that my house was freezing and had been for days. It was very, very cold in my house on Thursday night.

DAY FIVE: At about 1:30 pm on Friday -- when I still had a few hours left to scramble and find someone to fix my furnace during the regular business week -- I received a vague email from HMS notifying me that "your claim has been resolved" and informing me that someone would call me. I responded by email that this was unacceptable and I needed an immediate response. No one called me on Friday. It was very, very cold in my house on Friday night.

DAY SIX: At 8:26 am on Saturday I missed a call from HMS -- I was (mercifully) still asleep. When I returned that call later Saturday morning, I was informed that HMS had decided not to cover the cost to repair my furnace because the problem involved rust and corrosion -- a fact everyone has known since Wednesday morning.

It is still very, very cold in my house. I have paid $100, wasted precious time following up with HMS and its technicians, and spent six days in the cold. And now I need to start over, on the weekend, when I will have to pay overtime to fix a furnace that would have been fixed days ago if I had not had an HMS Home Warranty.

I never want to deal with HMS again; their lapses and delays have put me in a worse position than I would be in without a home warranty. I want the full purchase price of my home warranty back. I want my $100 deductible back. And I want HMS to cover any overtime charges I have to pay to get my furnace fixed this weekend. This has been an awful experience.

Company Response 02/09/2015:

Dear rebbyann519, it's clear this has been a very frustrating experience for you. I understand that one of our team members has reached out to you and is working toward a resolution. I will continue to keep myself aware of the situation to ensure this matter is addressed. Sincerely, Stephanie eRelations Specialist

Will Deny Legit Claims
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Rating: 1/51

WISCONSIN -- We bought HMS Home Warranty for our new home purchase. Our 1st claim was an electric ignite fireplace that would not start - denied as out of scope. More frustrating, the refrigerator water line stopped due to an insulation breakdown that caused sweating on the back panel, then rust and freezing that stopped the water flow. Claim submitted, claim denied - why? No coverage for issues due to rust. We appealed the claim with support from the technician who came to look at the issue. Claim again denied - this time they claimed they only cover "mechanical damage due to normal wear and tear".

We expressed that this was the issue and that insulation failure was a mechanical failure. HMS stated that "mechanical failures are where there are wires coming out". Really? We tried to clarify that wires are electrical which should also be covered. In any case HMS was dug in and not going to cover this claim, despite no legitimate reason to deny the claim. Our opinion is that HMS is a sham outfit that will fabricate any reason to deny a legitimate claim. The 1-star review is only because lower ratings are not an option. Find another home warranty provider - dozens are higher rated from a simple Google search. Avoid HMS at all cost.

What Warranty?
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Rating: 1/51

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- HMS Home Warranty is in the business of providing home owners with operating appliances. I have had to miss multiple days of work and be on the phone for hours with HMS and with the service provider of their choosing and my refrigerator is not in working order. My original claim was filed on 12/28, it is now 1/23. What service is being provided if you are making someone wait a month + for a working appliance. I have essentially begged for them to replace my fridge that is worth less than $700. The amount of work I have missed, the amount of time I have spent, they have spent, and the service provider they chose has spent, and the cost of the parts well surpasses this amount.

I am a young adult. This is my first home, and it's an old one. I plan to have a home warranty for multiple years on this house and I plan to buy numerous houses in my lifetime. I also have a lot of friends that will soon be in the market to buy. Shouldn't there be something at stake for them to make this process even slightly bearable? Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool and I plan to be very vocal about my terrible experience. Below is the timeline written out in more detail:

12/28 – I filed a claim to repair my broken fridge. 12/31 – I took the day off work for a scheduled repairman to come, waited 6 hours, he called numerous times saying he was an hour away to then at call at 6:30pm saying he would not be coming. I was on the phone for over two hours as HMS and Sears volleyed me back and forth to each other both saying the other was responsible for rescheduling. Rescheduled out for 1/8, so a week later, fridge still broken.

1/3 - I was able to reschedule service for this day because I stayed on top of the website waiting for an opening. The tech showed up, told me he likely would not be able to diagnose the problem because I unplugged my refrigerator because heat was coming out of the freezer and I thought it was a safety issue. He said he would likely have to reschedule because of this. Luckily that was not the case, and he was able to diagnose the problem, order new parts, and schedule my service... to be on 1/21. Fridge still broken.

1/21 - The service guy shows up with his equipment and torch to repair my fridge. Spends 4+ hours in my kitchen. Leaves without verifying the fridge was operating. Fridge is still not working. 1/21 evening - spend additional hours on the phone with HMS and Sears as they volley me back and forth to one another, both unable to give me a straight answer. HMS says they must wait for Sears to submit a report, Sears says they have submitted a report. I eventually get hung up on by Sears customer service and numerous calls were dropped from HMS. I would continue to get transferred from person to person at least 8 times and had to reexplain and reexplain my issue to people who were not able to help me.

1/22 – I spend hours on the phone trying to get someone to look at my fridge. More calls are dropped. I finally get someone to schedule yet another person to come out purely to diagnose why my fridge is still broken, scheduled 1/28. Again, I have to wait an additional week. My fridge is still broken.

It has been one month since I submitted this claim, my fridge is still not operating, I have missed quite a bit of work for an unresolved issue. HMS marked the claim as complete because the guy was out at my house yesterday, but nothing was resolved.It is not that valuable of a product for this much of a headache. I do not want to wait another week for someone to come out purely just to look at my still broken fridge. It is worth less than $700 and the amount for parts and time that has already put in to this product is not worth it for the product. Before the guy left, he claimed if it is still not working the additional repairs would not be worth it and I should just get a replacement. This has been a huge burden financially and on my time.

Company is incompetent
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Rating: 1/51

Bought a new home in February 2018 and was so excited to have warranty through HMS. I felt protected. I was wrong. In August my air condition condenser had a clog. Water was leaking from my condenser into my furnace which is one system together. I immediately called HMS and they referred me to a technician. The first technician they sent did a temporary fix and had to be called back out to actually fix the leak but did not look at the furnace where the water was dripping into. I paid my $100 deductible then. Come October it's time To turn on the heat but when I did it was it working at all. My brother in law opened up the furnace and this BRAND NEW system was completely rusted inside us to the water leak from the a/c unit. So I call HMS again who refers me to another technician for the furnace and advises that it is the same unit, recall and would not have a deductible. Furnace guy who was also very unprofessional came, scrapped off some rust on the fan and was able to get furnace working. He wasn't aware I wouldn't have a deductible and demanded I pay him. Figuring I would take it up with HMS I went ahead and paid because the tech was not leaving my house until paid. He did not give me an invoice. Crazy enough neither did the first tech. So I call HMS hoping my prior conversations with at least 5 other reps and a supervisor the day before were on file so that I could get my $100 deductible back since it was from the same incident/ same unit. I have never been treated so poorly. The first guy hung up on me with HMS. The second lady I talked to gave me some excuse about why the supervisor was unavailable and then proceeded to tell me to call the techs to get an invoice. She proceeded to blame me for not getting an invoice and would not help me with my deductible if I didn't have the invoice. She said I could provide them my bank statement to show charged deductive twice but I do not trust HMS or their word on what they will do.

HMS works with incompetent technicians contractors. They are not held accountable for their authorized contractors. Their contractors have yelled at me and made me feel as if my issue was not important to them or HMS. HMS will not take responsibility for their actions. Why would they not follow up with their own contractors? Why would they not keep track of my conversations regarding this very important situation? I will NEVER buy HMS warranty again. I don't feel protected and this company feels like a scam. They want to do a cheap repair at the expense of the paying customers. Their employees lack courtesy and compassion. Their employees lack urgency and customer service skills. I am beyond words for how HMS has made me feel over these past couple of days and I will continue to share my experience to ensure no one that I know has HMS.

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Rating: 1/51

FORT LAUDERDALE, OKLAHOMA -- I acquired a HMS Home Warranty as part of a home purchase. I will NEVER use HMS Home Warranty again. I have done two claims thus far. One has gone completely uncovered for reasons they can't explain. The other I have been waiting almost 90 days and counting to get reimbursed on. Continue reading if you would like to get walked through the process that HMS Home Warranty provides.

First, submit a claim for a water heater. One week later, they call only to alert me in a voicemail that they cannot find plumbers in the area. After one missed call, they leave a voicemail saying to find my own and since I didn't answer they will merely send me a $250 check to cover the water heater. I'm not even in the business and I know a $250 check will not come close to cover this.

I call back within thirty minutes. They tell me to find my own, make the plumber call them to verify the work needed and seek approval, then pay for it and then submit the invoice for reimbursement. (So they can promptly answer and take phone calls to verify the work but on the exact same call not handle payment??).

Anyways, I do all of this. I submit my invoice via website, via email three times. Meanwhile I receive a $250 check in the mail... I call multiple times, I email multiple times, I submit questions via website multiple times. 80% of which go UNANSWERED! How does a business not respond to the customer once much less 80% of the time?! Ridiculous. I am still waiting for the remaining balance to be reimbursed after almost 90 days!

Second, submit a claim for general plumbing. My claim gets denied because "my contract starts on March 29th". My phone calls, my invoice from my plumber, etc. all date March 30th. Over a span of two weeks I talk to multiple representatives attempting to make clear that March 30th does indeed come after March 29th which makes the work within my contract.

After multiple conversations, I get forwarded on to a manager. A manager that before she even starts talking to me, has already made up her mind and starts the conversation with "what's your problem?". After she finally comes to understand the mix up between dates, she moves onto her next excuse that the work is "suspicious". After the blasphemy accusation that my claim was "suspicious" I asked to speak to her supervisor. She lines this out and says that her supervisor will call within 24-72 hours.

THREE WEEKS LATER, I get a call at 9AM on a Saturday to follow up my discussion. I was so annoyed with the whole deal that I told her I didn't want to deal with them anymore and I'll just pay for the plumbing work myself. She responded with something like, okay sounds good, bye. WONDERFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE! A supervisor among managers among representatives has the attitude of "great, one more person we successfully avoided paying out!".

This company is an absolute JOKE. This company is the epitome of why people hate paying for insurance. I will NEVER use HMS Home Warranty and will alert anyone I know to never use them as well. They are an absolute waste of time and money. I am convinced the representatives are told to ignore and delay every issue until the customer gives up and or forgets.

3 Weeks - No Washer!
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Rating: 1/51


Normally I don't post things like this; however, I am disappointed.

1. Check the credibility of your service providers. You should not be employing contractors with "D" rating by BBB.
2. Provide your contractors with a little support. They're trying to do a job, and while they're on the clock and get paid regardless, its silly to have one get shuffled between 3 departments to add some simple information to a service ticket.
3. Provide your customers with transparency. You claim to use an easily accessible, updated online ticket tracking system--which would be great if it actually showed my ticket.
4. Strive for 'one and done' resolution. If I make a call, I expect the issue to be resolved, within that call, or to immediately be transferred to someone scheduling me a service time.

I'll preface this with my lack of experience dealing with home warranty providers in the past. My experiences with customer service mostly deal in the tech and IT world, and the transparency usually provided in that arena is unparalleled. Thus, I am frustrated with your service system as a whole.

My story is this: I had a washing machine start to rattle, smoke, and I realized it was unsafe to use further. I called, and was given a service number, which routed me to a contractor to check into the issue. Me being me, I checked into the contractor. D rating in BBB, other reviews listing issues with demands for bribery, inability to fix appliances, and other activities not lining up with what I (or likely anyone) would call good service. I called and cancelled their visit. Following this, I attempted to call and find a different contractor to provide service. HMS delivers, and sends a contractor from a reputable service provider to check the washer, identifying it as non-repairable.

The tech sat in my house for over two HOURS trying to contact HMS and identify my washer as non-repairable in order to move my ticket forward. He was in my house until 8:30 at night. What makes it so hard to append this information to a ticket and forward it? This seems unreasonable. Tech identified that it would likely take 48-72 hours for HMS to process everything and set me up for a visit to get my new washer installed, but that I should probably call in the morning to verify that the ticket had moved forward to authorizations.

Good thing I did, too. At this point, my claim ticket still doesn't show in their online system, and when I called, they were unable to pull up my ticket by either my phone number, contract number, or even the ticket number they had given me! HMS provides no transparency on movement of service tickets through their system--this means I had no idea that my ticket had never been forwarded to authorizations. The nice lady was able to move my ticket forward, and told me I would get an answer back in 48-72 hours. I didn't really understand why it took so long, but ok.

Fast forward 3 business days, and I call back, having heard nothing. Again, unable to pull my information up by my phone number, contract number, or ticket number. After about 5 different numbers associated with my claim, she was able to pull the information up by one of the original service numbers. I asked what the status of my ticket through authorizations, and was promptly informed it never made it there. She offered to e-mail them and expedite it, since its been 3 weeks I've been out of a washing machine. I thanked her, but stated that this is what I had been told on my last call--she was unable to connect me to anyone with a tie to authorizations, or a manager of any sort, instead telling me I would get a call back within 24 hours.

Am I being unreasonable in thinking this is unacceptable? Due to my inability to get resolution on my issue, I am going to take this message and post it to each available review site I can find. If this is not resolved by the end of the month, I will be taking my money to another service.

Terrible Company - Awful Service
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Rating: 1/51

ALABAMA -- HMS is a complete scam and I'd highly recommend staying away from them. It took me over 11 years to realize this (multiple policies at my VA home and my AL home since 2008), but will be cancelling my remaining policy when it expires at the end of August.

My family continues to go without air conditioning for a week over a blown compressor, yet despite status calls (they never call us - we have to repeatedly follow up with HMS) we keep being told that their research department is still looking into how to order the correct part. We were told this was filed as an emergency claim (we have two small children), yet we receive no follow-up and just today received the worst customer service imaginable.

A guy by the name of Ian kept raising his voice and losing his patience when simply asking him to repeat what he said please (he twice muffled questions on address and customer number – I stated, “Sorry, could you repeat that?”). He initially could not even find my claim and kept referencing two prior claims (one of which HMS did not even pay - garage door repair, which they claim is covered under their warranty, but that they refused to pay).

I stated that I want to ensure my policy is not on auto renewal - in which he said membership handles that and they are open Monday through Friday. I asked if I could speak with a manager. He stated that none were present but he put me down for someone to call, but it could be 24-48 hours or more. I said yes and asked that he send me an email confirmation that a manager would be calling. He stated he could not because they don't have internet email access.

Upon this I became very frustrated and told him, you just verified my email address, do you not have internet explorer, Google Chrome, or Firefox? You can't send me an email? He stated, “No - our system doesn't have email access”.

I told him I expected a manager to call me back and I would not be renewing my policy. Never once did he apologize, state he was sorry it had been a week without service, or anything. He kept stating there is protocol they must follow for all questions and claims.

Previously with my garage door, HMS claimed they only deal with the actual garage door opener electronic box. Anything with the actual door rails, coils, suspension, sensors, etc. were not covered. It's all connected and I could not pinpoint the problem myself. They claimed it was everything but my electronic box. They refused to budge despite diagnosing over the phone. There was a problem with my sensors to the electronic unit, possibly the unit itself, and the brackets, but the bottom line was the door wouldn't open (I'm not a garage door tech, so the company I had to use and pay for replaced everything).

I've come to realize with HMS that I've never had the same company come out for anything twice. The companies they use are poor – service and knowledge of what they are supposed to be doing. In now knowing some decent repair men in the area I've learned that HMS will pocket a $100 deductible for each claim. They hire unproven and unknown companies (who can't get business for themselves – because they aren't good) for $40 a job (only way these people can get work).

These companies and HMS will do everything in their power to do the most minimal repair and keep your old appliances alive for as long as possible. You end up spending far more money in the long run than hiring service people and/or replacing your appliances, units, HVACs, etc. Do not use this company. You will lose money, receive poor service, and not have your appliances/units repaired properly.

My Worst Nightmare
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Rating: 1/51

MONTGOMERY VILLAGE, MARYLAND -- My experience with HMS is beyond frustrating to say the least. It's the worst company I have dealt with and I agree with all the reviews. They don't deserve to receive a 1 rating. I would give them a -0 if there is anything lower than 0.

My nightmare begun in February of 2018 when we reported that our heat pump was not giving out heat. We discovered the problem after out December bill surged to $700.00. During the months of December and January when temperatures dropped to subfreezing temperatures, we put our thermostat to 65 degrees or 68 degrees at the most. We were shivering inside the house but we wear our winter clothes on just to mitigate the cold inside. In December, when we received out bill of $700.00 my husband checked our system and realized that there could be a leak.

We called HMS and reported the problem in February. From the very beginning of this ordeal, the customer service representative who took my claim gave me the name of the service provider they were referring me to. She said the provider will contact me to schedule the appointment but the call never came. I called them 3 days after the initial call and the woman who answered said that the technician came out the day before but nobody was home.

I couldn't believe how they would schedule him to come out without letting me know. She reasoned that their system automatically sets the time and date the provider should come out but none of this schedule was confirmed with me. The provider said that they thought HMS had confirmed this with me that's why they came out the day they did. HMS then gave me the phone number of the provider so I can make the appointment.

The guy came out the first time and I paid my deductible. He said he will order a replacement unit. When he did, it took 2 weeks for it to be placed in the system correctly. The customer service said that the technician/ provider did not complete the report so it was just there in the system and could not be forwarded to the research department.

Though I have been calling daily to follow-up, every customer service who answered and looked at the status of the job was telling me something different from the previous customer service representative. Sometimes even telling me that it was not coded in their system correctly so it will take several days again before it gets corrected and processed in their system.

It took one and a half months before it reached the Research Dept. and it took another month before they could authorize the job. The first technician/service provider was not even reliable. He said he had the unit delivered to another location as their shop does not have enough space to keep the unit while he sets a date for me to come out. He said then that he needed another person to help him and he couldn't find any one to assist him so the job has to wait.

He then told me that he could not get the unit where it was delivered because he didn't know my account number etc. He then said he will come out, set a time and date (I had to take a day off) but he didn't show up because he got multiple excuses to tell me. He came out a day after but showed up at 7 p.m. when he knew it will take several hours to do the job and it got dark so my husband had to help him to install the unit. Then he didn't know why the unit won't work after he had installed it so he said he will replace the thermostat and will order it. He said it will take couple of days to get HMS to approve it. He never showed up.

We called HMS to report the matter and they sent us another provider who diagnosed the problem and said that the pipe was not properly connected to the unit therefore it has a leak so it was not sending a signal to the thermostat. He said it was not the thermostat that has a problem. He said he will file a report, inform HMS what they need to do and get authorization. This 2nd provider never called.

Meanwhile all throughout this ordeal, while I took pains to call them every single day, I literally could feel my blood pressure going up, my stress level reached the highest point that I could end up having a stroke or a heart attack by just having to deal with HMS and their service providers. Throughout this whole process from February to May, the job has not been done.

Last Friday, May 11th, HMS said the 2nd provider had an issue in their office concerning a leak and therefore had to evacuate so they could not be reached and they can't say when I will be rescheduled. The customer service representative even said that the first provider has a very low rating that they shouldn't have referred them to me. She said that she will put my request on an Emergency status so that someone should come out within 48 hours.

She gave me a reputable provider and so I called them and they said they will come out tomorrow (Wednesday) when I confirmed the time they are supposed to come out tomorrow today, May 15th (I called them 5 times since Friday, May 11th) they said they can't service my home. Imagine, they will send a technician but last minute this provider said they won't and that I am no longer in their list. When I asked why, she won't give me any reason and instead told me to call HMS.

Note that my warranty expired on April 26. The job was reported to them in February. Because of this terrible experience, I did not renew my warranty with them. Whenever I call, the member service number (customer service) won't take my call and would transfer me to the Claims Dept. and no one answers int he Department. So from the cold, we're now enduring the heat as the temperatures have soared to 90 degrees without an idea when this issue will be resolved or if they will care to get this done after all. I am now thinking of filing a lawsuit against HMS.

My goal is to save you all the headaches, medical expenses from having blood pressure or getting a stroke or getting all stressed out. So do yourself a favor and do not get HMS Home Warranty!!! They should not be in the business for another day. I have resented the day I bought my warranty from them. They're the worst of the worst.

Do not use HMS Home Warranty unless you want to waste time and money
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NORTH CAROLINA -- I have wasted many hours on the phone with multiple staff of HMS. My dishwasher broke in the beginning of December, someone came out and ran diagnostics a week before Christmas..... I didn't hear anything from HMS for a few weeks then called in mid-January to get an update. Their lines were consistently busy with a message saying "our call volume is unusually high, please call back in the evening hours or on the weekend". I called during these alternative hours, and still received this recording. I could not even get through to an individual to tell me what was happening with my claim. I finally received a call in early February and was so pleased to finally hear from HMS--turns out it was someone calling to see if I wanted to renew my warranty for another year. When I told the staff member about by inability to get through the phone lines and the delay of the claim filed in mid-December, they explained that they had recently "switched their systems" recently and many claims had been lost in the process, in fact he even confirmed that they were essentially picking the claims back up as people called to check in on their claims. What a mess. They sent out another repair-person to diagnose my dishwasher again, the repair-person confirmed (again) that it was broken and recommended replacing the dishwasher entirely. I called HMS a couple weeks later to find out the status of getting my dishwasher replaced, they said that my claim was still being processed.... I called every couple weeks to follow up and continued to have to tell each staff member why I was calling, then they would take 5-10 minutes to again "read through the notes", and each call concluded with various levels of "we're reviewing your case and you'll hear from us soon". At some point in early March I was told that I would be receiving a new dishwasher, as had been recommended by the repair person, and that I would hear from the repair person soon. Then, you guessed it, a couple weeks passed and I heard nothing, until I received a check in the mail for $290 -- not enough to purchase a budget-priced dishwasher, let alone also installed dishwasher. I called (in the end of March) for clarification--they told me that my claim had been reviewed and they decided to send me the money to either pay to get it fixed or put the money towards a new dishwasher. I was quite upset. They passed me around to various people until I finally said essentially, "enough is enough, I'm tired of spending time on the phone with you all, please let your management know that HMS has another extremely dissatisfied customer and I will not be renewing my warranty," then I hung up. A few minutes later someone called me back, said they had received approval for me to get a new dishwasher so to disregard the check and that I would "hear from someone soon"........ nothing heard. On April 6 I called again and spoke with someone who apologized, said they would keep their word, and forwarded the request to authorization, and said I would "hear from someone soon." Today is April 24, I spoke with someone from case management who apologized for what I'd been told by others, said they were not correct, and that all they could do is offer the $290. In total I've spent about 10-12 hours on the phone with HMS people and with two repair people at my house diagnosing my dishwasher. I have a full time job, and a 3 and 5 year old--I am so incredibly upset about the time I wasted with this awful company. Do not use HMS home warranty unless you want to waste your time and your money.

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