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Just brakes
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KATY, TEXAS -- People need to realize that 100 dollars does not always fix a car. The manager at the just brakes in Katy TX explanation for me he said that every customer gets the 99 dollar brake job. They do something no other brake repair company does they take the entire brake system apart and examine the complete system from the inside out.

And then find the root of what caused the problem that got you there in the first place... my brake job might not have been 100 dollars but I think I got a quality repair and I also now understand how my brakes work so before people start saying bad things about this company take your car to another repair facility and see what it will cost there... these are the good guys... and they are motorist assurance program approved... A+.

Just Brakes Reps are Hustlers and Hustlers only !!!!
By -

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- If you live in Texas and if you need to get your brake pads/shoes done along with your rotors resurfaced, be careful when you take it to Just Brake (any Location). Their Reps are trained to scare you to death and try to tell you that you need calipers Repaired and Whatnot (regardless of the car that you have). They will tell you that your brakes are wearing out inconsistently and you will probably die because your car is in a critical condition. They use words such as overheating, crystallization, and everything that they can make up to get you into buying repairs that you will not be able to see in the first place.

If you must, just get your brake pads changed and rotors resurfaced from them and make sure you keep the paper work because your pads are under lifetime warranty and you can take them back to just brakes and get new ones for much less. Don't agree to any dramatic stories that they give you regarding abnormal wear and tear of brake pads "DON'T FALL FOR IT". If you look at the receipts you will see that they have arbitration clauses in their because of which you cannot file a lawsuit against them. Their 99$package is good but their company is crooked as you know what! Just get the brakes and get out. Sincerely, an aware customer.

Hit the Bank...For Just Brakes
By -

I have a 2008 Jeep Compass... I had started to have an occasional squealing issue when braking. I thought it odd that they would do this at 35k, but figured I should have them checked out, JUST IN CASE. Due to my work schedule for the next 3 weeks, I would be unable to make it to the dealership during business hours. So instead, on a Saturday, I stop in at the JUST BRAKES on Louetta Road, Spring, Texas to have them inspect and repair.

It sounded like disaster from the start. First... They only have HALF my brakes pads in-stock. That DQ'd be from the 99.88 special. Then after they dismantled all four tires... a young man wants to walk me on my inspection. My stomach begins to turn as he states "Crystallizing Front Pads due to excessive heat exposure" "Rotors in need of repair" "Back calipers are sticking causing delays and unnecessary wear" ...GRAND TOTAL WAS $561 and change. I simply told them to put my car back together and I would have a friend take it to the dealership on Monday. My excuse was, "There it will be free under warranty"

I get a call from the dealership on Tuesday to report to me that NOTHING IS WRONG WITH YOUR CAR. I asked about the "crystallizing pads" and they explain that my car has SEMI-METALLIC BRAKE PADS... they are composed of little pieces of metal... thus causing an occasional squeak or two from time to time as they wear down. GRAND TOTAL WAS $0... no repair needed.

Don't Go To Just Brakes
By -

When I took my Saturn in for a simple replacement of shoes and pads, I knew I should walk away after they had all the parts laying on the garage floor and told me I needed this and that for about $600. I have, personally, rebuilt both shoe (Bendix) and disk brake systems since I was 18 years old for less than $100 for the whole system. Granted, I took the disks and drums to a machine shop to be cleaned up for $5 apiece. I know I was stupid, but the last complete brake job I did was 12 years ago, and I'm now 63. Can't stoop so well anymore.

I did completely rebuild 4 engines in my life, beginning with a 52 Chevy which was clogged with old oil from slow driving around town when I took all the pistons home to clean the ring grooves out at my dining. Room table. When that old girl was cleaned out, she held a nice 80 mph all the way to the Quad Cities on her six without a whimper. Solid Car. Again, just don't go to Just Bakes unless they explain in detail every line and small line that they tell you, sign here and initial there; because you are signing a binding contract. Most don't. I would never do it again.

$99.99 Ad Is Full Of It - Don't Go To Just Brakes Scottsdale, AZ
By -

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA -- An employee came out and gave me an estimate ($275) before he actually looked at the car - he said that he had no parts in stock for my Corolla. I accepted it since that was what I expected to pay (I never once believed in their general ad). Since it seemed easy for him, he called me at home saying that it would now be $475 instead of $275. I said "no" this time and said that I would pick up the car. But then he said he would repair for $275 but would give no warranty. I was an old woman and the guy was so intimidating. I said okay - I just wanted to pick up the car. In less than a year, the pads needed to be replaced again.

Just Brakes Crooks
By -

OCOEE, FLORIDA -- My brakes were squeaking, but only in the morning. I called to set up an appointment for 4:30 on April 6th, 2009. They went over my car pointing out crystallized pads, and worn wheel cylinders. It would cost me $509.99, instead of their advertised price of $99.88. I told them I am a single mother and could not afford that. They said just do the $99.88 and the brake fluid flush at $39.99. (They said that brake fluid flush needed to be done every 12,000 miles) I told him to do the brakes at $99.88, but not the flush. They said to bring it back when I could do all of it. I told them to just put it all together and I will think about it.

I went to another company Palm Tire Automotive and had them look at my brakes. Palm Tire said there was nothing wrong with my brakes at all, they did not need to be replaced, everything was fine, pads were fairly new. I was one of the lucky ones who asked someone else. I am so glad I have friends who know about brakes, because Just Brakes sounded very convincing with their lies and deceit.

Brake Job Ripoff
By -

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I took my 1988 Jeep Wrangler to Just Brakes for their $99.88 brake special. About a year earlier I replaced the rear brakes myself. I was a mechanic for years before becoming a machinist in the mid-70s. I took my Jeep to Just Brakes because the brakes had started making noise and I didn't have the time to work on it myself. I didn't expect to get a brake job for $99.88 because I have always believed that if something sounds too good to be true then it probably is.

I almost went through the roof when the service manager called me and told me that I needed $695.00 worth of work done. I told him that was way more than I was willing to spend and I would just come and pick up my Jeep and do the job myself. When I got there the manager had me take a look at the brakes (the Jeep was still taken apart when I arrived. He told me the Jeep needed rear drums, shoes, and wheel cylinders. I had replaced the rear wheel cylinders about a year earlier and there is no way wheel cylinders will wear out in a year.

The noise I was hearing was from a spring in the right rear wheel that came off and caused excessive wear to the brakes in that one wheel. It needed shoes and a drum on that one wheel and that was all that needed to be repaired. He also told me that the front brakes needed pads, hoses, and the rotors needed to be resurfaced. I told him again that I wanted him to put the Jeep back together the way it was and I would take it home and make the repairs myself. He then informed me that they would put all of the parts inside the Jeep and I could call a wrecker to get the Jeep.

Basically this left me no choice but to go on and let them do the work and screw me out of $695.00. They called me when the job was done and I went and picked up my Jeep. On the way home the manager called me on my cell phone and informed me that they DID NOT replace the front hoses because they were out of stock and had to order them. The price to replace the hoses was $150.00 which was included in the price that I paid. I said OK and turned around and went back and told the manager that I thought the old hoses were fine and didn't need replaced but he told me that if they didn't replace them it would void my warranty.

After having dealt with this guy I knew I didn't have a warranty anyway so I told him I didn't care just refund the $150.00 for the hoses. He made me sign a release and told me I would have to wait two weeks for a refund because it had to come from the corporate headquarters. I had no choice but to agree and left. Two weeks came and went and when they didn't call me I called them and they told me that they didn't have a refund check for me and that I needed to contact customer service.

I contacted customer service and ended up with a voicemail so I left a message and my phone numbers. I never got a call back so I kept calling until I finally got to speak with a Customer service rep who told me that he would check on it and call me back. Of course he didn't call back so I had to call him back several times to finally get him on the phone.

When I finally got to talk to him he told me that he would have a check sent to the store where the work was done and I could pick it up there and that it would be about two weeks. After almost three more weeks I finally got the check. It took more than six weeks to get that refund for work they should have done and didn't. This all took place in 2003 and in 2004 I had to replace my rear brakes again with less than 10,000 miles since the Just Breaks brake job. A few months after that the front brakes needed to be replaced.

This is what I paid for brake parts: Front rotors: $59.90. Pads: $14.95. Rear drums: $39.90. Rear shoes $19.95. Total parts: $134.70. Just Brakes are crooks and liars and I read that the Better Business Bureau has kicked them out. I think their name should be "Just The Breaks" because if you go to them for brake work you are going to get SCREWED and those are "Just The Breaks."

Consumer Frauds
By -

TAMPA BAY, FLORIDA -- Just Brakes has been exposed as a bait and switch enterprise stealing from the public with no conscience or corporate policing. This company spends substantial resources advertising services only to lure the public into an active and repeated scam operation. The internet and local channels are crowded with almost exact replicas of complaints of their fraudulent practices. Here's the typical scenario. An individual hears repeated advertising about Just Brakes and a guaranteed $99 total brake service. So you take that squeaky sound into one of their numerous locations.

Here is where you are expertly handled by a required examination while you wait in another area. Eventually you are asked to walk out into the work area where your car has been dissected into pieces and parts. Now they work the actual swindle...

Well ma'am, your brake system is borderline unlawful and unsafe. Your car needs new rotors, calipers, pads, master cylinder repair, and bleeding of oxidated brake fluid. Gosh... Gulp... how much is all that work going to cost? Well ma'am, looks like $349 to rebuild your calipers, and $265 for rotor repair and then we're going to need new pins, parts, and springs, $125 and $49 to bleed the system to adjust the pedal and emergency brake. Oh, and the $99 for the pads and wheel bearing grease. Well ma'am, looks like $887 plus tax uh. $949.07. Gosh... Gulp... What am I going to do??

This happened three times in an hour while my car was being 'inspected'. The three of us started comparing estimates and experiences and knew with absolute certainty all of us were being ripped off! The manager was gone and the teenager in the back was smoking cigarettes and laughing with a friend. I was becoming more and more sure of my worst fears about auto repair. Who can you trust?? When I got my nerve I said to put my car together... Now a crowd appears around my car they said it would be against the law for them to allow me to leave.

Imagine, held hostage by a kid in the back making this stuff up to my face! I said I have $200 and that's all. Put it back together so I can leave! Well ma'am, we can do some of the front but the system won't be safe. Enough, I paid the $200 and heard the same sound I had in the first place. I ran to the nearest auto part store to ask a few questions about brake systems. Brand new caliper... $68 and pads... $47!!! I found out that an ENTIRE brake system would not cost $1000 And then I went to the internet.

Complaint after complaint with the same scenario over and over. A company practice of ripping people off! News stories of undercover stings... And still Just Brakes is out there doing it over and over to people exactly like you, me, and any other suckers with a car radio. Please share this story with anyone that will listen. The Florida Attorney General will certainly hear it from the three of us that met by accident that woeful Friday morning in Tampa Bay.

Road Trip
StarStarStarStarStarBy -
Rating: 5/51

ALBURQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO -- The best service we ever had. The people there and mostly Dave ** were so helpful. He got our car back on the road in no time. Help with other road trip, tips as we had never been in Albuquerque. Sure wish I could get service like that in Maine. Again, thank you so much.

Rip Off
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Rating: 1/51

MANSFIELD, TEXAS -- Just Brakes gives you a price then hand you a bill with several other charges that you were not told about, then of course you have to pay to get your vehicle. Do not ever use these people. It's all a scam and it's happening at all of them so I'm assuming it's company wide policy to do this.

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