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Seal System - Bad Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

Goodness, where to begin? Even though our issues started three weeks ago, we worked through your LG online customer service Live Chat and used one of the three LG authorized service companies recommended for our area. New Life Appliance in Laguna Niguel. After three weeks of very poor customer service from them, they came back to us saying our fridge was not repairable and that they would work with LG to get a replacement fridge out ASAP. The seal systems were shot and even if LG repaired them they would break again in a year (if they lasted that long).

Well, that never happened because the next day the LG referred service center said they were not able to deal with the warranty department although they have been complaining to LG for months about the issue. New Life Appliance told us we need to contact a new service center to come out and start the whole process over again. Ok, I contacted LG live chat again, very frustrated. After a 30 minute live chat with LG last night, they promised a factory tech would be to our place this morning 10/06/2015 between 8-12 and that we were first on the priority list (here is our reference number **).

I also have all of that documented in the Live chat that I saved.. BY 12:30 this morning and no call or email -- we were pretty perturbed. This time, my husband called the 800 number to talk to someone regarding our experience and to find out when a tech would be arriving. He was then told that our appointment was bumped to 3-5 pm because they were busy. So, we took the morning off thinking we were first in line and then get no showed and then find out we need to continue to wait until 5 pm. No call, no email, no nothing.

On that phone call, my husband asked to speak to a manager. He explained what New Life Appliance had said and asked the manager if they could contact New Life Appliance and work through the warranty with them, since LG told us to use them. The manager gave an emphatic "NO". She told my husband, that is not how it works and that a we either wait again until 5 pm or schedule for another day. Ok, Yes, we are getting very upset by this point.

MY husband asked her, what about the fact New Life said the fridge needed to be completely replaced? Her response was under no circumstances will replace a unit, parts will be supplied and that is it. Even though the seal system is a warranted item and New Life said the machine was not repairable and it needed to be replaced.

Our model # is FX our serial number is Y2K. We purchased our fridge on 06/24/2013. Two years ago. We have lost over $500 of food. So, we are now waiting for the 3-5 pm factory tech to arrive and see where we go from there. It is 4:00 and still no tech so we don't know if we should hold our breath or not. We have missed an entire day of work because of this and still no fridge. Been without it since 09/17/2015. That was when I originally contacted LG for help with service.

Terrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

Our LG Refrigerator is 5 years old and stopped working two weeks ago. We called one of their service companies to come out to repair it. We paid an upfront fee. Someone came out and said the Freon leaked out and they would have to contact LG to see what they wanted to do. (I took a day off work to wait for this service person.) We did not hear back. Called the service company and was told to contact LG customer service. They were extremely rude and unhelpful. My husband talked to a manager and they were also rude. After a few days he called again and was told we would have to start the whole process over again with a new service company.

We called them and were assigned a day and time. They would be out between 10-2. (Yes, another day off work.) They said they wouldn't be fixing it just looking at it. (So one of us will have to take another day off work if we are lucky enough to ever get someone out to fix it.) We have had no fridge for two weeks now and there is no end in sight. LG does not respect their customers nor do they stand by their products evidently.

Unreliable LG
By -

(1-800-626-2001) This is a number that I have come to know by heart! Not by choice! You may recognize the number as the number for Customer Service for LG Appliances. We purchased our DREAM LG Appliances, Refrigerator, Stove, Microwave and Dishwasher for close to 8000.00 back in Feb. 2008 from Bernie's in Waterbury CT, And have nothing but trouble ever since!

After doing what we thought was research in reference to company and integrity we found LG was announcing a Cross-Licensing Agreement with GE. What better company, GE is a household name that has a lot of history in the United States and one that stands behind their products. GE happens to also be one of the biggest players in the wind power industry that is up and coming. This information meant a lot to fiance and me as far as energy conservation goes.

We had read a quote by Young Ha Lee the President and CEO of LG Electronics and Digital Appliance Company. He stated that "the licensing agreement would enhance the ability to deliver WINNING PRODUCTS and move the company further toward the goal of becoming one of the top global brands in consumer electronics and home appliances." This could not be farther from the truth as far as we are concerned. We have had a number of service calls on our stove and have had many parts replaced, only to have the stove still not work!

I came home only yesterday to find the freezer had flooded my kitchen floor in solid ice chunks. That is a whole different letter. So let us only concentrate on the stove, the reason I am writing this letter to begin with. After the trouble we had we decided to research complaints on LG appliances to see if we were the only ones out there experiencing these problems.

I thought after all, that since my fiance was a contractor and had some experience in buying quality products for people's homes and referring a number of his clients to Home Depot to purchase the LG products that we had made the right decision when it came time for us to buy new home appliances. We were we sadly mistaken, and are extremely disappointed! Needless to say, with the purchase of our second house finalized we will not be purchasing LG products to furnish it with! Nor will my fiance be referring clients from his contracting business to purchase any LG products!

In these economic times, you would expect a company like LG to deliver quality items to ensure that customers return. As I stated above my fiance and I researched the complaints and found that it was not only us experiencing such trouble. Below you will find a number of comments made in reference to LG products. The reputation of LG is on the decline, I only hope that GE is not involved in this.

"Life is not good with LG!" "Oh how sorry I am that I didn't read the negative comments first!" "Please, Please, Please, avoid purchasing LG appliances!" "LG is junk!" "I should have stuck with American brands!" "LG should be placed under investigation for defrauding customers!" "Sid Miller no longer carries LG due to customer complaints!" "¬úLG sold us a defective machine and is not an honorable company!" "Whatever you do, do not buy LG!" "LG is putting out poor quality and not covering warranties!"

I could go on for hours with the extensive number of complaints found online. I will however stop here and say; that if we do end up getting the stove replaced at this point it has been such a hassle. We both work over an hour from our house, and as you can imagine it has not been easy getting to our house to let the service guys in not once, but 5 times. I have had to take PTO from work to make it to the house for the designated service calls. Not to mention, the meals my fiance and I have had to pay for to be able to eat. Eating out or having to schlep meals to my mother's to cook has been a complete nightmare!

The straw that broke the camel's back came on Christmas Eve when finally the stove was said to be fixed. We invited family to our house for "7 fishes", a family and religious tradition. The oven decided that once again it was not going to work. So with 15 people at our house and over 150.00 dollars' worth of fish to be cooked what were we to do? It took over 5 hours to cook (and still wasn't done right) on convection oven with the temperature saying 500 degrees.

Needless to say, Christmas Eve was a disaster and my family went home hungry. We may as well have thrown 150.00 into the garbage because that is where all the fish went! We did not appreciate spending our hard earned money on the stove to have it fail us.

I thought that my fiance and I had been reasonable when dealing with all of the service calls and time taken off work. I feel that we have been more than understanding. The problem is that at this point I feel from my gathered information that I would like to receive a refund on this disastrous purchase or to be authorized to purchase a different more reliable brand.

I do not want another LG product since LG doesn't stand behind their products. The LG appliances look very good, almost commercial grade - great addition to your kitchen so long as you don't have to use them. Not only are they DANGEROUS with the turning on and off by themselves, but are the most unreliable pieces of equipment available. I will make sure via word of mouth that none of my close friends, family, and or co-workers makes a purchase from LG in the future!

Plastic around glass shelves crack easily
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Rating: 3/51

I have owned this refrigerator for little over a year. And I will say it is a great product. Except for the plastic frame that goes around the glass shelves is cheap and will break easily. I called LG and said it wasn't covered under extended warranty and gave me a number of their parts distributor, for the plastic frame it was $66 not including shipping and handling. I went to and found the same thing for $51 shipped.

I hate to say this but I may order this from Sears. And I dislike Sears, their home improvement, customer service, sales people are bad. But their maintenance agreements would have covered this. And I have bought parts for numerous products and have saved money. And it gets delivered in a reasonable amount of time. I just want to let people know before buying parts from LG check other sites.

Refrigerator that doesn't work.
By -

On November 21, 2010, I went to Home Depot and bought an LG refrigerator (Model LMX25964ST) for about $1300. This is my first purchase of LG product. On January 5, 2011, the refrigerator was delivered and installed in my house. After the refrigerator was plugged in and after 24 hours, I noticed that the refrigerator will not cool down lower than 41-42 def F. The freezer temperature was OK. I had to call LG for warranty work on January 10, 2011. The repair personnel came and said that I needed to replace the damper assembly.

On January 20, 2011, he replaced the damper assembly and it didn't fix the problem. The temperature in the refrigerator still remain around 41-42 deg F. Even lower the temperature setting will not do anything. I was informed by LG personnel on January 24, 2011, that I had to call back the repair center and have them come back and look at the problem again. On February 3, 2011, the repair personnel replaced the control circuit broad and temperature sensor. It didn't fix the problem. The coldest temperature that I can achieve inside the refrigerator is around 40.5 def. I will have to call back the repair center again.

Over the years, this is the first time that I have purchased a big dollar item that turn out to be a lemon. I learn a very expensive lesson about LG products. They are not reliable products. I have purchased Kenmore, Whirlpool, and Maytag products and never did I have to call for repairs over the years. So beware of LG and don't be fool by their advertisements on TV. Life has not been good for this customer.

Update as of February 16, 2011: On February 8, 2011, the repair personnel came out the 3rd time and he contacted the LG tech rep. The result was to test the control circuit broad that was replaced. The test showed the broad was working properly. The repair personnel informed that he doesn't know what else to do. I contacted LG and they said that I had to contact another repair center and have them look at the refrigerator again. Beware of buying LG product and their warranty. I will follow up on this after I contact another repair center to look at the refrigerator that doesn't work.

Worst Customer Service
By -

My expensive $2500.00, 3-month-old, LG refrigerator broke down on January 21st. It's now 4 weeks later and I still have no refrigerator. After 3 weeks they sent a new one. It arrived and their delivery people shimmied it through my house- no dolly. They scratched my floor and made marks on my walls. They took a hunk out of the middle of my kitchen floor. Unwrapped the plastic on the fridge only to find a 4-inch dent in the side. I refused the delivery. On the way out they damaged the front door jamb. Now I have to deal with the damage to my house through the freight company.

I called the freight company and they told me that there wasn't any sense in filing a claim yet as they might damage my house more when they bring another replacement fridge! I have made numerous calls in the last month. I've talked to supervisors and all to no end. The LG employees have lied about not knowing who their freight carriers are and the cost of an extended warranty. They offered me a 3 month extended warranty- they say it's worth $150. Home Depot offers a 5-year extended warranty for $90 a year.

The warranty will not start over with the new fridge- when it finally arrives. The warranty goes only with the original purchase-not with the replacement fridge I'm going to get. They said it's because I'm not purchasing the replacement! Back on Jan. 21st when my first call went in they said the repair person couldn't come for five days! I thought it was bad to be without a fridge for 5 days- now it's been 25 days!

My family is wasting so much money on changing our lives to live without cold food. We have to go to the store daily- or eat out. Finally I went to the store where I purchased- Home Depot. They have loaned a little fridge to me. They are helping me to deal with this very difficult company. I told them I will tell everyone I know what a bad company they are. The customer service person told me that she couldn't do anything about their company policy. I will never buy an LG product again and I encourage everyone who reads this to stay clear of this company.

Lousy LG quality
By -

Having made the mistake of filling our kitchen entirely with LG appliances three years ago, on the recommendation of BEST BUY, these products, while initially looking sleek and appealing, are very shoddily made, with plastic parts that break far too easily.

THE OVEN - the on switch on the electronic touch pad finally gave up the ghost after months of intermittent problems. After the usual runaround on the phone with the "800" number, we finally located a local repair service. The guy arrived and quickly diagnosed the failure as a bad relay in the start-up mode. I had foolishly assumed that a replacement relay could be "plugged in". No such luck however, even though it looked like an easy solder job, the whole circuit board had to be replaced.

Here we lucked out - the guy happened to have one - otherwise they were on a 3-week back order! The cost of the part was retail $178 and the labor was $55 for the service call and $65 for the board swap - all of 20 minutes. I was able to negotiate a discounted cost for both parts and labor. This is pathetic on a unit as expensive as this, and only THREE years old! Our previous oven lasted 15 years without incident.

THE REFRIGERATOR - Functionally this has been OK, except it takes forever to freeze if the freezer is loaded up. The problem is the cheap plastic rollers on the drawers. The drawers don't slide easily, and if you apply any pressure at all, the rollers break off. These parts you can order online, so we didn't have be held to ransom by greedy service companies.

So far, the other appliances' washer, dryer and microwave have remained operational, but we are holding our breath. One of us is in Real Estate, and the other in Sales where we have many opportunities to recommend or bash these kinds of products. I also have an LG phone that has been a problem, and I have avoided buying any of LG's video and audio products. In a highly competitive market, LG needs to improve their product sourcing quality, or they will lose significant market share.

Refrigerator With French Doors
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Rating: 2/51

HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA -- I purchased a French Door LG Refrigerator and the rubber seal around the French doors keeps breaking and causing difficulties with opening and closing the refrigerator. I complained about this issue in 08/11 and the part was not covered and I had to replace the rubber seal myself for $60. I called LG again about the same problem and they asked me to fax in my receipt to see if the warranty could be extended so that a technician could come out for no cost, but it was denied.

The representative informed me that I can pay $89 for one of their technicians to come out to diagnose the problem. Since I continue to have this same problem, I do not feel I should have to pay their technician $89 to come out. I feel that it is a manufacturer design problem. I am going to the Better Business Bureau. This is a shame. I paid a lot for this refrigerator.

Worst Refrigerator - Ever!
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Rating: 1/51

NAVARRE, FLORIDA -- In 2005, I preordered an LG French Door refrigerator. At the time, they were the only consumer electronic company with this type of refrigerator that did not contain the ice maker on the upper door. I preferred this because I need the extra space in the fridge. From the day that the fridge was delivered to my new home in March 2006, I've had issues. The circuit board for cooling was replaced under warranty three times - but not without a lot of effort from the company who sold it to me. My ice maker has died completely. I have many interior parts that have simply worn out and have broken. I should have followed my intuition and purchased an American made fridge.

LG Doesn't Care
By -

HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA -- We have had to replace our LG French Door Refrigerator for the 3rd time in as many years. We had failures of the water line, ice maker, fridge gaskets (now redesigned) and freezer gaskets. LG refused to honor their warranty, stating that with replacements, only the original warranty counts. Fortunately Best Buy did honor their extended warranty, but each time it took a full day off of work to wait for the delivery, unload the bad refrig/freezer, get the new one in and the old one out, and reload whatever food had not spoiled.

LG denied my poor review of their product, and the CEO has not replied to the certified letter he received over a month ago. LG simply doesn't care. Every Consumer Complaint website has multiple entries noting problems with LG. After posting a complaint elsewhere, LG "coincidentally" wrote to me "apologizing" or the delay in responding to my letters. Of course, they did not address a single one of my concerns, nor offer any resolution.

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