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The Dirty Truth About Nationwide's So-Called Blue Ribbon Claims Service
By -

COLUMBUS, OHIO -- The biggest mistake of my life was to get Nationwide Insurance. When I was hit by an UNinsured military driver as I sat at the end of a line of stopped cars and sustained a permanent neck and back injury, little did I know the lengths to which MY insurance company would go to DEFRAUD me out of coverage and medical care. At a time when I had two displaced vertebrae pinching my spinal cord and giving me 24/7 pain beyond description or human endurance, Nationwide was plotting to cheat me out of coverage.

First they demanded I accept payment for a phantom Honda Civic (half the worth) instead of the Honda Accord they knew I had, or they would "sit on the money indefinitely, making it difficult for a 20-something year old to get a new car". Then they began to threaten my doctor. When I saw THEIR doctor and he concurred, they threatened to pull all their business from him if he dared testify. They then went to the UNinsured motorist who hit me and offered to pay for his defense against me if he agreed to play along with their abuse of the Soldier & Sailor's Relief Act to postpone the trial past the statute of limitations.

Then they came to my lawyer and demanded we settle a $100,000 lawsuit (customary for diagnosed permanent back damage at that time) for $5,000 or they would make sure the trial never occurred (i.e., blackmail, obstruction of justice). We refused. They hired 3 sets of lawyers to obstruct justice and confuse the issue, playing/twisting all sides of the issue for themselves. They even instructed the UI driver how to hide his assets and declare bankruptcy if the idiot judges in Maryland ever caught on to their endless perjurious and baseless stays.

After 10 years of criminal shenanigans, Judge ** in Ho. Co., MD found them to be in breach of contract and "most obviously" guilty of FRAUD against me. But guess what? Insurance lobbyists have made sure no law stipulating PUNISHMENT has ever been passed. So they are still scot-free to defraud their clients even though it is indeed criminal behavior. Nationwide headquarters in Ohio was informed twice of the fraud and they wrote back indicating they didn't care how their Maryland employees operated.

In the 10 years of legal battles against these Mafioso, the seriousness and permanence of my injury became more apparent and the suit went from $100,000.00 to $500,000.00 Nationwide owes me this plus interest, not to mention PUNITIVE damages because they took it upon themselves to not only sabotage my suit against the man who injured me BEFORE I even filed a claim with them, but they sabotaged my medical treatment by bullying medical professionals! I received NO worthwhile treatment the first 2 years of my injury. Took me that long to find a brave doctor who stood up to their threats.

Nationwide should be SUED and FORBIDDEN to use the motto "Nationwide is on Your Side". What a COMPLETE and UTTER LIE that is!!! That is like a child molester claiming he is, "nurturing". There is NO WORSE insurance company to be with - the people are vile, cruel and dishonest and greedy to the point of sociopathic, subhuman depravity. RUN to ANY OTHER company for your insurance before they use your policy payments to attack you at the most vulnerable time in your life like they did me. I never got the help or justice I needed. Seeing a Nationwide commercial still makes me physically ill and probably always will.

Victims Claims Go Unanswered
By -

LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS -- Another heartless insurance company... My advice to anyone that is the victim in a traffic accident in which the responsible party is a Nationwide client would be to immediately hire an attorney. The story follows: My sister was recently involved in a traffic accident in which she was side-swiped by a Nationwide client. She was taken from the scene via ambulance due to injuries sustained to her shoulder during the impact. Fortunately her 10-year old son emerged from the back seat relatively unscathed but shaken.

The emergency crews had to use a crowbar to open the door to get her and her son out of the vehicle. Her car was towed and she was denied access to it for two days despite it still containing her purse and wallet. At first Nationwide seemed responsive to the claim. Two separate adjusters were assigned, one for medical and one for property damage. They all appeared to be playing nice at first with the medical claims being taken care of. They offered a small settlement ($1000) for the pain and anguish and loss of wages from several days in a sling.

She accepted their offer, but before she could sign anything, the property damage adjuster (under the assumption that the medical claim was signed off on) turned downright nasty. He refused to repair the car with anything other than Bondo, refused to use acceptable, safe, standard parts (including the front bumper which along with everything else he wanted taken from a salvaged vehicle). Since I am an avid car enthusiast, she politely informed them that that would not work, especially the bumper. With modern cars and crumple zones, every major part is designed to absorb and deflect the impact of a crash.

Replacing a front bumper with one from a previously crashed vehicle would be a safety issue since it had already absorbed a certain amount of energy and was thus probably weakened. With a 10-year old in transport that was not acceptable to my sister or to me and posed too large of a risk for negligible cost savings. All told, to repair the car correctly was only going to be a $200 price difference. Nationwide refused. Her car was out of commission while being repaired so they provided a rental car from Enterprise. She had to foot $50 of the bill for the rental car upfront.

Since when did the victim have to come out of pocket for an insurance client's recklessness? Then 5 days into the 7-day repair period, my sister received a call from Enterprise stating that Nationwide had only paid for 4 days and she either had to return the car within an hour or she would be charged with grand theft auto. Nationwide refused to cover the remaining 3 days her car was to be in the shop.

I am writing this as the repairs are completed on my sister's car to give you an idea of how recent this travesty is. I would not recommend anyone use Nationwide that cares that things are made right and I'd recommend the immediate hiring of an attorney to represent YOUR interests should you be involved in an accident in which a Nationwide client is at fault.

Watch for Rate Increases After You Are Quoted
By -

AMARILLO, TEXAS -- On 1/31/10, I was finally able to buy another car after receiving an insurance settlement from a bodily injury accident that I was not at fault for back in 05/09. I called up Nationwide for a quote and the quote they gave me was great. From the get go, I explained to the agent that I was finally able to buy a car because I had received an insurance settlement.

I explained to her how I had been injured in the accident and it was caused by a young guy who was trying to text and drive at the same time... causing him to make an illegal left turn in front of me. I also explained that I was in the process of moving out of state and that if anything else was needed or the rate was going to be higher to please contact me via phone. I never heard anything back, so I thought the rate would stand.

When I finally got to my new home, I had received notification that my premium was going to be higher because of the bodily injury accident. Of course the same day I was able to get the mail, around $50 extra was taken out of my account for the insurance payment at the higher premium rate. I immediately called my agent and she stated that I had never disclosed that info to her so that's why the rate was higher. I told her, "uh yeah I did" because that settlement was how I was able to get the car and told her that I had disclosed everything upfront.

She then told me that I needed to fax over a letter of experience from my former insurance company stating that the accident was not my fault. She could even see that I had been paid a settlement from the other driver's insurance, but this was not enough for them. Obviously, the other insurance company is not going to pay me a settlement if the accident was my fault.

I asked to speak to a supervisor and was assured that one would call me back within 24 hours. A week passed and I received no call back. I called their customer service to request to speak with a manager. After being hung up on, I called yet again and told my story for the umpteenth time. I was then told that I had to speak to a "resolution specialist" before I could speak to a manager. This guy told me the same thing and that my rate "should" go back to what I was originally quoted once I faxed the required documentation.

I finally called my old insurance and they are going to email me the letter, but I am not convinced this is going to make my rate go back to what I was originally quoted. It's been an hour and still no call back from a manager. I will either go back to my old insurance company or get another insurance company if Nationwide does not follow through on their promises.

So far my experience with Nationwide really sucks and I am not happy about their lack of customer service. I feel like it's a bait and switch game with them. Just be careful if you decide to do business with them and give them your debit card info. They have no problem charging you more than what was originally agreed upon.

How Nationwide Auto Insurance Scams You
By -

NASHVILLE, TN -- Nationwide transferred an insurance policy without my written or verbal consent. They then put me in collection without notice, though they claim I was sent bills. I was not looking for any bills from them when I had not requested any service from them. I was a customer at Nationwide for nearly 10 years. I insured all my vehicles with them, paid all my policies upfront, 6 months in advance. They made thousands of dollars off of me. I flattered myself to think that I might be a valued customer.

I relocated to Nashville, TN from MI and attempted to purchase auto insurance from a Nationwide office operated by Missie Cole in Nashville, TN as I was about to register my car in TN and my MI policy was about to expire. The SA (**) was unable to properly operate the computer or give me a quote. She wasted nearly an hour of my time, and by that time I was getting late for work. Desperately I asked "how can I get some insurance?" She ended up putting me on the phone with my old MI agent and I bought one more month of insurance from her.

After this experience, I no longer trusted or wanted Nationwide as my insurance from that office and decided to seek insurance elsewhere until I could find a more reliable Nationwide agent. However, I suddenly began receiving collection notices. After some investigation, I found that Nationwide had transferred and extended my MI policy to a TN without my written or verbal authorization.

I spent 3 months calling Nationwide and speaking to one representative after another. They all basically stated that "it was legal to" do this, so they did. They gave no thought to me as a trusted, long-time customer whom they made money off of. I will never, ever return to them, and I do not recommend that others do. This was a terrible way to treat anyone and I felt especially violated as a long-time, reliable customer. It felt worse than being mugged.

Unauthorized Transfer of Vehicle, Hidden Cancellation Fee
By -

I have been a customer of Nationwide for over 30 years. Had Auto insurance and homeowners policy. In 2007, I bought a new car and before I could search for other insurance, the agent for Nationwide changed my vehicle based on a call from the dealership. I never authorized this change as I was searching for better coverage. I told my agent that this should never occur again. I am the sole person who can request/authorize a change to my policy. As for the dealers concern, according to my policy and confirmed by the agent, I have coverage for up to 30 days under my policy.

Now, in February 2011, I purchased new vehicles again and had a different company I wanted to change to. Shortly after purchasing, I found that my new cars were already on the policy, again due to collusion between the dealer and my Nationwide agent. I found this out when I received a statement showing new coverage and increased rates. I was upset at the cost, so I searched for other insurance and found most other companies are considerably cheaper, so I was going to change my coverage to a different company.

My policy was up for renewal on March 1, and I found a new company and my coverage was to begin April 1, 2011 so I realized I would have to pay for March to Nationwide (had monthly payment plan) and I informed Nationwide of cancellation effective April 1, 2011. Subsequently to this, I received a statement saying I owed Nationwide $260 additional, even though they had already debited my account for March payment of $187. Calls to Nationwide were of no help. This was allegedly a cancellation fee, but I reviewed what contract had been sent to me and see no mention of a cancellation fee.

Nationwide, while I was still corresponding with them about the charges, sent the account to a Collection Agency and is refusing to give an accounting for the amount and/or proof of the "hidden" cancellation fee. They have acknowledged that a third party (dealer) made unknown changes to MY policy without my knowledge and consent, contrary to my instructions per the 2007 transaction. They are now refusing to discuss, show accounting and or change anything. I am now going to dump my Homeowners coverage and use a different company. Believe me, NATIONWIDE IS NOT ON YOUR SIDE, just their greedy money side!

Unscrupulous Business Practice
By -

IDAHO -- Fair warning for anyone who has Nationwide Auto Insurance or is looking to obtain it. This company wants your money only if you never have to use the insurance, and if you never have a traffic violation or an accident. In other words, their business model has nothing to do with your well-being. Instead their interest is only in your premium after which, you are just a number in a database. Their motto, "On Your Side" is just words and has no meaning whatsoever in reality.

Further warning... never allow them to assure you that they will make your payment for you by automatic withdrawal from your bank account. If you don't fall into the categories described in paragraph one, they will lull you into thinking you don't have to worry about that payment since it is automatic, and then they will fail to make an automatic payment withdrawal and then cancel your insurance for lack of payment.

Their notices of what they are doing are hidden in the high volume of junk mail they put in your mailbox, in hopes you might miss it. Then when you try to get it reinstated, they will refuse to do so because their "underwriter" (whom they will not disclose) refuses it for whatever reason they choose. After 30 years (as in my case) one would think a company would have some loyalty to a long-term customer. However, I found out I was in fact just a number on a page with a rating based on some vague, continually changing criteria.

Nationwide at one time was a good company when it needed growth and market share. Now it has become an unscrupulous, deceptive, cunning manipulator of its clients. I can only hope that it goes the way of every other unscrupulous business that forgot what it's business was all about. I am just glad I am not a stock holder or an investor in this company because I am sure I am not the only one who has had this bad experience. When word gets around, there is going to be CRASH! Fair warning to any investor as well!

Still Waiting For An Explanation And Phone Call
By -

UPPER DARBY, PENNSYLVANIA -- In March, I requested a reduced premium for my 10-year old vehicle from a Nationwide agent, DiSipio Agency in Upper Darby, PA. I got an appt. on April 22! It took that long to get a response. I then found out that I was paying almost 50% more for my coverage. I immediately switched to AAA's. Nationwide then charged me $73.55 for cancelling in mid-term. I waited until the due date to cancel. I paid everything I owed Nationwide. I was a customer for over 40 years. That means nothing to Nationwide.

I called Nationwide and filed a complaint for poor service from the agent. I received a case #, and was told I would get a call. I'm still waiting. I informed AAA's about the unfair charge. The AAA agent called Nationwide. They put him on hold for 15 min. He finally hung up. PA has a law on the books called a "Short Rate Cancellation" fee which most companies will not charge.

In the experience of the agents at AAA's Auto. Club, no other company charges this penalty. They all hope that the customer will eventually come back. Not Nationwide. Not only don't they care about the customer, they don't fully explain their charges, and they don't return their phone calls!

Cancellation charge
By -

WALKERTOWN, NORTH CAROLINA -- In April of 2003, I had a small fender bender in a parking lot, and the woman demanded it be reported to my insurance. My insurance company was well aware of the accident yet never changed the policy when it was renewed in May and then again it November. I then started having it automatically deducted from my checking account. In January 2004, I received a letter showing they would no longer keep full coverage on my two cars; both are still being paid for therefore they both require full coverage.

I called my agent and told him I was going to cancel my policy because I had to have full coverage. I signed a form showing my cancellation and sent it back to my agent. Nationwide still took out a payment that month and sent a bill for the next month. I called the agent again in Feb. telling him I cancelled my policy and wanted my $109 back that they took from my account. 2 weeks later I received a check from Nationwide for $37.12.

I called the incompetent agent again, and after waiting for a day, he finally got back to me to tell me that I was being charged for cancelling my policy with Nationwide; and that was all of my money I was getting back! They changed the policy, not me! This has to be illegal - the insurance agencies know we have no choice, it's required by law to have insurance. They are taking advantage of this by overcharging us and screwing us around. Something must be done!

Adds People To Policy Without Policy Holder Consent
By -

As a former 25+/- year customer of Nationwide, they decided to add my over 18-year old (child) to my policy regardless of the fact that he/she already had obtained insurance prior with another company. Nationwide decided for me to still add this driver to my policy without my consent, prior knowledge, without my approval, and when I asked them to fix it, they would not do it. I discovered the change 2 months later (after the fact) in a renewal billing. I have now been double dipped by Nationwide.

I am being forced to pay for premium I do not owe in a state where insurance is not even mandatory, for a driver who already had purchased a car and insurance with another company on their own. So long Nationwide... Goodbye... I gladly have a different insurance company now. By the way, the new insurance company I use now is much less expensive, by more than half the cost of what Nationwide used to charge me. Nationwide has been ripping me off for years.

Not On My Side
By -

I loaned my GMC truck to my son; he took off with a woman and was gone for approx. 2 months. I did have the police looking for him and I was looking for him myself. I would have taken my truck if I found it. Oct. 23 he called me - "thanks for taking the truck" - and hung up on me. I did not hear back so I called Balt. police and found it had been towed after a hit-and-run on the 26th. I called my insurance agent and was told to have it towed to a body shop. I got a call from an investigator and met her at the body shop. She was rude and threatening in her manner. They refuse to consider the vehicle stolen and want to pay me approx $1100 less 500 deductible.

The body shop seems to think the truck is totaled. I have been through hell but they have finally agreed to make a more thorough investigation. I don't expect to get a fair answer from them. My agent is ** in Salisbury, MD. He has been no help and I cannot even get a call back. I have called the De. insurance commission. We will have to see where it all goes.

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