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Bad business. I was charged 170 dollars without notification.
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Rating: 2/51

LOUISIANA -- I was thoroughly disappointed in Progressive this morning. My fully paid policy needed a signed form returned to receive a discount they applied in the origin of the policy life. In the fifth month of the policy I receive a letter saying that I owe a balance of $170 for not returning documentation. The only problem is, I never received this documentation. I remained on the phone while checking old email and postal mail and had not one copy of the documentation that I would have gladly signed and returned.

The representative said that there is nothing he can do to help me, and that my policy is canceled unless I pay this balance. I was a 4-year Progressive customer. I will gladly pay the difference of another company's policy before I would ever choose Progressive or refer Progressive insurance to anyone. I am extremely disappointed in a company that has become more interested in TV commercials than people.

Don't Expect Help When You Need It!!
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Rating: 1/51

ILLINOIS -- We have recently had a major hailstorm in our area. This occurred on 4/28/2012. Six days later my claims representative made to my home. I was relieved for a minute. I proceeded to take my check and appraisal to the repair shop that afternoon. Upon inspection they informed me they would not be able to repair my vehicle for approximately 4 weeks. They recommended I called the company Progressive worked with to repair my windshield so I could at least drive the vehicle. I did this. (They also were idiots.)

I then called Progressive Customer Service to try to straightened out this mess. What a joke!! I had some rude a** that was no help at all. They have been great up to this point. May the Lord be with you if you ever have to make a claim with them!!

Does Not Honor Quotes
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LARGO, FLORIDA -- I am very upset with the customer service that Progressive has. I was recently looking into purchasing a new car, and was a Progressive client at that time. I quoted what the change to my coverage would cost. The online customer website quoted a $23 increase, which was great. I then called my Progressive agent to verify this before purchasing the car. They came up with the same figures as a did. I then bought the car.

When I received my payment schedule, the payment went from $180 to almost $450. When I called and asked why I was being charged so much, they could not answer. I was also told that they would not honor my quote. I will never utilize Progressive again after the way this situation was handled.

Too broke to refund
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JOPLIN, MISSOURI -- Progressive is wonderful until you need them in a disaster situation or when you need them to refund your money after they make a mistake with your account. I have been with them for almost 8 years and until this past year have been satisfied with them. When Joplin, MO got hit with the tornado, it took forever for a response, we had to deal with an adjuster that was a jerk, it again took forever for an approval of the estimate and for them to cut a check for vehicle repairs, reps were rude and misinformed about policies, and it became tiresome dealing with them along with everything else going on.

Also, when they failed to move an auto draft I requested them to change, they sent through an auto draft when there was no money to cover it, and it caused several items to go into overdraft. Thankfully I have overdraft protection, but they still will not reimburse me the fees their mistake caused. When you need them, you cannot count on them. From now on I am staying local with my insurance with an agent that is personable and cares. Apparently Progressive has gotten so big they have forgotten the daily struggles of their customers who have made them the multi-million dollar company they now are. I don't know, maybe they're too broke to refund my money.

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My automobiles were insured with Progressive for 6 years. I recently bought a new car, and with financing had to get full coverage. My monthly premium with Progressive (spotless driving record and OK credit b-t-w) was well over $100 per month. I logged onto a search engine to find better rates, which I found easily- the only company that came in with higher rates than Progressive was Liberty Mutual.

I decided to change coverage. Every month on the 21st Progressive would take their auto pay out of my account. On the May 20th (2011), after I paid for new coverage, I called and faxed Progressive asking them to cease auto draft immediately and cancel my policy effective at midnight.

I did this at around 4 in the afternoon on the 20th, and since I cancelled auto-draft they said that the discount no longer applied, and billed me for $78 for the 8 hours the policy was still in effect without the auto-draft discount. YES REALLY!! They also sent the claim to collections, the company called me less than 60 days after I cancelled the policy and threatened to put it on my credit reports. By far the worst customer service in history too.

Seasonal Motorcycle Insurance Rip-Off
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I've had motorcycle insurance from progressive for about 10 years. Until recently the policy has been for 9 months which was perfect for me since I don't ride in December through at least February. Recently they changed this to a year-long policy - when I called to question this. I was told, "well you can just cancel it and get the balance of your premium back". A stupid hassle but it seemed innocent enough. Now I find they charge a $30 cancellation fee. This on a $100 policy premium. "Now that's progressive." Next season I will look for another company.

Appalling service
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I had been with Progressive since 1996. For the last year every time I tried to login to their website it was down for maintenance so I would have to waste ten minutes online for simple things. After a recommendation, I moved to Allstate but when I quit Progressive the agent didn't seem that bothered or even ask why I was quitting. I knew there was a balance but when I went online the site was down again. Then I get a letter from a collection agency for the few dollars balance. The irony being I paid the collection agency online as their systems worked. This used to be a great company that took care of their existing customers but now sucks.

Not as nice as their commercial
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TUCSON, ARIZONA -- I was a victim of an accident July 1, 2010 - the driver of the other vehicle had a suspended license and the owner of the vehicle (who was not in the car at the time) has Progressive Insurance. The agent was rude and condescending on every occasion. Progressive dragged their feet, didn't get the applicable information (I obtained and faxed it to them!) and when presented with police reports, citations, witnesses, etc. - still chose to "investigate" - being nasty and dragging the process on further.

My vehicle was totaled, and the offer (some weeks later) was about as low as they could go - including deductions for dog hair and general cleaning of the vehicle. The agent also had my vehicle towed against my wishes - prior to their acceptance of liability for the accident. I would NEVER get or recommend Progressive to anyone.

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