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Miserable experience with "Sony" and Sony reader touch edition
By -

What a miserable experience - especially from Sony. This reader was purchased as a Christmas gift from a "Sony" store in the USA. I was assured by the sales manager that it would be compatible with international voltage (it was) and the warranty would also be covered internationally (it wasn't). I gave it to my wife on Christmas day and it failed 1 day later with a message that its memory was being formatted and locked up. Prior to its breaking down I was syncing the free books available for download from Sony once the product is registered.

The Sony touch reader seemed to be well built with an aluminium case and was a convenient size and weight. It is quite new only being introduced in October 2009. That's the end of the good stuff. I started by fully charging the unit per instruction manual, and then turning on the unit and read a book included in the memory. The first feelings that I had was the awkward position of the page turning buttons as I am right handed and they are positioned on the bottom left. This was even more awkward as I purchased a leather cover with light to hold the unit and the left hand cover further interfered with the page turning buttons. Inconvenient.

You can also use the touch screen to turn pages but more on that later. I also didn't like the clarity, brightness and contrast of the screen. The first thing I tried to do was adjust the contrast but there is no function to adjust either the brightness or contrast, or for that matter, no ability to reverse text/background colours. What you see is what you get. Very disappointing as I found the text tiring to read and because of the low contrast, it seemed slightly out of focus. Sony says the screen is meant to be similar to a books paper and text, but when holding up the page of a book next to the screen, a book has a much whiter background and is far easier on the eyes.

In low light conditions, like lying down and reading on a cloudy day it became uncomfortable to read text, while reading a paper book was no problem. The touch screen (I am used to an Iphone) is also poor. It requires a little bit of a heavy hand to use it. Screen protectors are a must as you really have to push on the screen, and the Sony screen protectors are expensive and further reduces the quality of the image. I would not recommend the Sony e-reader just for these problem areas, but there is more.....

After registering the Sony reader on their internet site, I downloaded the free books. Then I tried to synch the unit with the software provided through the USB port (the software and drivers are automatically installed when the unit is first connected to the USB port on the PC). It took almost an hour to synch the 100 or so books downloaded!!! Soooo slow!!

Then I tried to sync a further 25 downloads from the Sony website and then CRASH! The unit locked up and refused to even power off. Then a message came up saying that the memory was being formatted and then it would power off. End of. I could never get out of this problem and Sony UK support said it was defective.

Now starts the real problems. As mentioned the Sony Touch e-reader was purchased from a Sony Store as a gift. We travel extensively and bought the unit in a store in Boston. We were assured that the unit would work with all voltages and that the warranty would be covered in any part of the world where Sony did business. Well, apparently, Sony is not necessarily Sony. It turns out that Sony shops are owned and operated by others, and are licensed to do so from Sony.

So back in the UK, I called Sony support and was told that I would have to take the unit back to the store in Boston, 5000 miles away, as the warranty didn't apply in Europe (UK in this case). I explained that this was a SONY product and the product is no different from any other one sold internationally.

Now I was talking to Sony HQ in Wokingham when told this and as the Sony stores are not operated by Sony there was no possibility to exchange the defective unit in the UK (or elsewhere for that matter). But it's Christmas I told them!!! Sorry said Sony. End of story. Apparently Sony is not Sony in many cases and Sony the Company refused to support it's own product!!!! So here we are going on our Christmas holiday without the Sony Touch e-reader. How disappointing it is to give someone a gift for Christmas and have this happen!!!!

So rating the product on its merits as an e-reader, I give it 2 out of 10, and for Sony support, a big fat zero. I am so angry about this I am tempted to write a paragraph of expletives, but instead I will never buy a Sony product again. What has happened to Sony that used to have a reputation of quality products and support????? I now own a very expensive Frisbee.

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Rating: 1/51

??, INDIANA -- I sent the below response to ** on Wednesday and never got a response. The agents assured me once again that the disc would be at my house yesterday and “a shocker” it was not there. Can you please help me? At this point I just want you to send me 3 Bluray players that will run my Netflix and send a return box and I will send the 3 I got back to you. Just so you know I am copying as many people as I have to until I get assistance and something done.

** I have tried to find someone to talk to regarding my experience with Sony. Here is my story: I purchased 3 Sony BDP-2100 Blue Ray players at Walmart at Christmas for my children. When I hooked the 3 blue rays up I could not get Netflix to work on them, so I called your customer support and they were very polite and helpful. They told me that the blue ray player needed an update and that they would have to send me a disc to do the update. (We did not have a computer that would download the update) They told me it would be 7-10 days.

I waited and then had to call back because they didn't arrive. The next agent said they would resend it and it would be 7-10 days. Again it never came, so I called back in. I was then told it would be here by yesterday (1-28-2014) for sure. Well it never arrived so I called back again today. I asked to speak to a manager because at this point I am requesting to send the 3 blue rays back to Sony and they can send me 3 blue rays that work.

Agent - ** told me that I could not speak to anyone, but eventually agreed to file a complaint. Which I have no idea if that was done. I have been calm and pleasant through this whole experience until today. Can I please get something done? The reference numbers I have been getting is **.

Other notes: Walmart will not take the items back because it is an electronic and past their return policy time because I have been waiting for Sony to follow through. The agents have been very nice and polite like I have been with them because I know it is not their fault. I just can't get anything done and as a consumer I can't use the product I purchased. Just frustrated! Please help!!! Thanks!

Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

LAREDO, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Horrible customer service!!! I sent a clock radio / iPhone docking station in that failed within a year of purchase and was still under warranty. After a month of not hearing from Sony I called and was told the model I had was no longer available would I like to pay an additional $75 to get another model. I only paid $50 for the model I had. I declined and the representative said he magically found a like model at another facility and would express ship it.

Two weeks later no clock radio. I called again. After three phone calls a lot of wasted time and refusal to pay Sony any money for a replacement model they offered me $29 to buyback the broken clock radio. I was so fed up with the whole ordeal I took the $29 refund. Probably be at least 6 months before I ever see the $29 if I ever see it. Total time it took to even be told a check is in the mail - 38 days!!!

Horrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

WORLDWIDE, NEW YORK -- I needed to ship a Sony recorder for repair. It took me an hour the first time to get thru to the right person, in whatever country. He told me he was unable to give me the address where I should ship it, but he would email me a shipping label. The email came, but no shipping label attached. Which led me back to making phone calls. (incidentally their web site is worthless for making contact). 2 weeks of waiting on hold, I finally reached 2 different reps yesterday, both of whom promised to send me the email with the shipping label. Never happened.

Unable to Deliver
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Rating: 1/51

On Thursday March 21 I decided to order a product from Sony. This product was the Walkman 262 series. My other MP3 player had broken and I looked for something that I could purchase in a pinch for my workouts. I placed the order on the 21st and purchased the extra expedited delivery. The description of the expedited delivery is... "Delivery WITHIN 1 business day following shipment". They didn't process this order until the following day. The 22nd. then shipped via FedEx.

Only problem is FEDEX doesn't deliver on the weekends. But UPS does!!! The product will not be delivered until the 25th which is a Monday! UMMMMM, I believe this is 2 BUSINESS DAYS!!! I paid for the extra, and Sony REFUSES to own up to it and REFUSES to refund my expedited shipping costs. I am a business owner. If I don't deliver a product on time, the customer is ALWAYS right and I admit to my fault, and meet the consumer half way. Sony DID NOT! I will Never buy another product from them.

Damaged Sony 300 CD Changer
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Rating: 1/51

I purchased a brand new Sony cd changer in the box for my son which was in Iraq. When he arrived home we gave it to him. It would not play and I contacted Sony and they gave a hard-luck story telling me they could not do anything because the 1 year warranty had expired. I further told Sony our son just arrived home from Iraq and it was just taken from the box and will not operate at all. They could have cared less. Do not purchase Sony products, for they are junk and are not reliable. We thought we purchased the best for the money we spent for this new unit.

Very Very Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

MINNESOTA -- I bought this phone online. It worked fine for 3 months and then it started having problems. I've emailed the Vendor many times on information regarding the International Warranty and was told to contact Sony Ericsson. I have talked to them many many times and they keep saying that they cannot repair the phone since it was from Hong Kong. They couldn't even give me the contact information on where to send it to be repaired. I paid $170.00 and no one will give me the information I am looking for.

The last call I made to Sony they gave me an E-mail address in Hong Kong, but when I went to use that, it didn't work. Now I'm back to where I started from. I've never had to deal with such incompetence in my whole life. You would think Sony merchandise is Sony merchandise, no matter where you purchase it from. They should be able to repair it or at least give me the information I need to use the International warranty on THEIR product that I was offered.

Deceptive Words
By -

POTTSTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- I purchased a laptop at a Sony store. Soon after the printing function did not work. I took it back to the Sony store. They directed me to King of Prussia or New York. I waited until I was in New York and took it to their large office there. There I was told that they had no facilities and gave me a number to call.

The number worked and they sent me a box to return it. I did talk to a technician who called. It was difficult to communicate as he had a heavy accent and his speech was heavy. At any rate the computer was returned to me but soon the same problem and others appeared. I noted that they advertised no hassle return. That just is not the case. They refused to talk to me. They have an office of the president which handles these matters. They told me not even though the laptop did not work -- keys were popping off and computer was very slow. John at the president's office told me he did not care. There was no one else to talk to. You tell me.

Sony = Sorry product, sorry customer service
By -

I purchased a 46" Sony Bravia May, 2011. Like so many others I was fooled into thinking that Sony made good products and would back up any lemons that slipped through quality control. At first the picture would "blink" black, then after a minute or two everything was fine so I just thought it needed warming up. But it got worse. The screen would turn completely neon green, then fuchsia, then green/black vertical stripes, then fuzzy snow. This problem would last anywhere from 1 to 45 minutes, then all would be fine until three days ago. Now the picture comes on for one second, then the screen goes black and the picture NEVER returns.

I started contacting Sony customer service within the first month - first via online chat which was totally worthless as it was staffed by someone who seemed completely unknowledgeable who advised me to take out the surge protector and simply plug directly into the wall as if that would cure the problem. I lived with the problem for another two months since at this time, the picture would come back within minutes. When it got worse, I called Sony customer service on August 10 and after being put on hold for a very long time, I was told that a repair tech would be out on August 16. I waited and waited.

When I called the repair company, I was told that a part had been ordered but it would be 2-4 weeks before it was in. I then called Sony back to complain about this delay and suggested that they should simply give me a new TV. This person said that he would have the repair company call me on the 19th to discuss the situation. I never got the call.

On September 13, 5 weeks after the part had supposedly been ordered, I called the repair company only to be told that the part was not in and that it had not been shipped. So now I call Sony again - 20 minutes on hold - to complain. This person told me that the part had been shipped, but I explained that I had already spoken to the repair company, so he put me on hold again while he called the repair company. Then he transferred me to another level of customer service. This time I was promised that I would be getting a phone call on either the 15th or 16th from a Sony representative who would offer me some "alternatives."

I responded that one of those alternatives better be a new television to be delivered immediately. Keep in mind that my television is only 3 1/2 months old and has NEVER worked right. As you might have guessed, I did not receive the promised phone call. So I am now absolutely convinced that Sony simply trains their customer "service" people to stall and stall until the warranty is out. Being a retired school teacher I cannot hire a lawyer but I will certainly do my best to spread the word: STAY AWAY FROM ALL SONY PRODUCTS!

Sony Laptop Breaks Again And Again And Again ~warranty Is Worthless!
By -

SONY LAPTOP HINGE FAILURE AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN! I spent months getting someone to honor this warranty... They FINALLY gave me a Check for 1/3 of the cost that I paid for replacement and the hinges on it too broke in less than a year. I purchased an extended 4 year warranty ~ WHICH IS WORTHLESS ~ DON'T BUY ~ I paid to have them replaced and they just broke again and again...

My $4000 laptop is now held together with duct tape. I have since learned that the hinge failure is a known defect which they can not seen to correct... Most of the time it makes the entire screen go black. Below is some of my futile correspondence. DO NOT BUY A SONY LAPTOP!

Thank you for your e-mail today regarding my warranty problems with my computer issues. I purchased a SONY VAIO LAPTOP from your COMPUSA Store in JACKSONVILLE, FL in July of 2006. I wanted the top of the line laptop available at the time along with a full warranty. I paid a ridiculous amount for both but because of my business I needed to be covered. I have now been without my laptop for several months. As you know this is a long time in business hours. As promised following is a short summary of my experience. If you need my conversation logs with employee #'s etc. I can provide those.

SONY VAIO LAPTOP MODEL NUMBER: PCG8W1Lor (vgnar290g), Service tag # **. The two most recent incident numbers given to me by your tap repair department are **. Shortly before Thanksgiving of 2008 I began to have problems with my Sony laptop that I purchased from CompUSA in July of 2006. Prior to that date I had experienced other problems but had not attempted to have it repaired. I had purchased an extended 4 year warranty. I was told by the sales person that it covered anything that could possibly happen "even if the computer was run over by a truck" and €"œincluding the screen" which he seemed to think I may have a problem with.

I contacted COMPUSA and was told that they would send me out a box to return the computer. This never arrived. I called again and it never arrived. Finally after the third attempt I finally received the box and returned the computer on 12/31/09. On 1/12/09 the computer was delivered back to me unrepaired. The notes said it had physical damage because the hinge was broken. This was one of my initial complaints, the screw came out of the hinge because the plastic that it was screwed into stripped. The hinge was not broken. They said that voided the warranty.

I called Assurant and they said they could do nothing. I called Compusa and spoke to managers **. They said that was ridiculous and that they would send it to another company and make sure repairs were done. I shipped it back for repairs on 1/14/2009. I had heard nothing as of 1/23/2009 so I called COMPUSA again and spoke to SUPERVISOR **. She said that it was once again being returned unrepaired because of "€œphysical damage". I debated with her and she agreed to call BLUERAVEN and authorize repair and it would be expedited.

On 1/28/09 I called BLUERAVE AND COMPUSA. I was told that BLUERAVED declined to repair and it would be returned unrepaired. I called back yesterday 1/29/09 and asked to speak with manager ** again and encouraged her that to try to resolve this issue. I explained that it may be simpler to just replace the computer because the cost to do this would be far less than paying legal fees to respond to a lawsuit. She agreed and said she would conference call with ** and try to take care of the matter.

This morning 1/30/09 I received message from ** in customer service that they had been authorized to make me an offer. I called back to talk to ** but was forced to talk to a girl with a heavy accent named **. ** said they offered a "potential"€ check for a "€œpotential"€ amount of $1679.00 / or a "€œpotential" replacement with a "€œpotential"€ Sony VAIO vgnar750e/b. She said they could not tell me the actual amount of the check or the actual replacement computer they would send me until they received my computer back. Then the supervisor would make a determination.

I receive my computer back unrepaired an hour ago. It seems that now the left hinge is completely unattached. I documented condition with photographs prior to return. I have spent hours on the telephone. The extended warranty should have covered everything that was wrong with my computer.

At this point I would be happy to except a refund or replacement with a identical or better product. I would appreciate being given some time to try to transfer my files from my old hard drive to the new one before returning the old computer. I can only do this if I have the new computer first before I return the old one. I assure you the old one will be returned.

Please let me say that I appreciate your personal communication. I am sure that you have felt the frustration of dealing with non-responsive, non-caring companies. It makes no sense to me when companies spend thousand on advertising to gain new customers, only to alienate them with bad service. If this is the fallout from this terrible financial situation then we may have accomplished something as a country. Your help is appreciated.

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