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Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- I have been with Sprint for over a year and did not have a problem with them until just recently. I upgraded my iPhone 6 to the iPhone 7 and in the process had a balance of $397 for the remainder of the iPhone 6, which would be waived once the phone was received. I spoke with a representative on 11/10 to pay for only my phone service bill, then I was assured that my card would not be charged again this month even with the outstanding balance for the iPhone 6, nor would I see late charges on the account, and I could simply send the phone back, and it would be waived.

Then I realized my card was charged once again on 11/18 (which I was assured would not happen). I then started to speak with a representative named Elle to get this resolved and she was sticking to the script, restating herself on why there is a balance (which I knew). All I wanted was a refund from the charge on 11/18 which I stated from the beginning.

After restating that desire multiple times I was told they would back out the payment so I can get it returned and she transferred me to the Finance Department. I then spoke with a lady named Janna in Finance who told me that since the payment was not made today 11/21 she could not back out the payment, since that can only be done on the same day, and I would need to contact my bank. So not only did I spend about an hour on 11/10 making sure this did not happen, I spent over another hour with Sprint trying to fix it today, and now I am told my bank has to fix it.

Since I have been with Sprint for over a year, and I liked them other than this incident, I let the representative know I would stay with them if I could take my card off auto-bill and not be charged the monthly fee for not being on auto-bill, since I wanted to control what is taken out of my account to assure an error like this does not happen again. The representative then told me I would have to contact another department (which I would most likely have to deal with for another hour).

All I wanted was to get the monthly fee waived and I would have been fine, but instead I got poor customer service. Sprint must not care about simple customer service; they make it impossible to have a simple request approved by one person. Sprint decides to make it impossible to change anything unless you are available all day (which no person is; which is probably how they retain their customers).

Luckily we now live in the age where many other companies will buy our remaining contracts and set you up right away. I would gladly pay more a month than pay a company with poor customer service and honestly not the best coverage. I do not recommend going with Sprint.

Representative Lie. Was With Them 13 1/2 Years.
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Rating: 1/51

I had Sprint for 14 years. It was ok until Feb. 24, 2016 when they emailed me telling me I can get new phones and even give me a free tablet. They said I could get 2 Samsung S7 one would be 25.99 the other 12.99 and 11.00 and 11.00 for ins. Then I would get 8gb high speed 2 unlimited gb and unlimited everything. We came to a price, I was then told a representative would bring the phone to house on March the 9. I called to ask what time on the 9th is the man coming. I was told the phones were mailed out and they were mailed to my other house which no one is there. That was the first mistake many many more to come.

I got the phones on the 8th, wrong house but I got them. I called to ask where is the game headset and tablet. Mistake 2. The lady said "I will mail you the headsets and have someone look into the tablet". Was told go to store to change my phones over. Got to store, the lady looked on Sprint notes and told me the price is not what they said. I called up Sprint and the representative told me a price that was 60.00 dollars more and everything was different. I then said "Keep the phones. Can I leave them at the store". Man on phone said "No you have to mail them in".

I got home, called Sprint, was told hold on they will get someone to call me back to work this out. That was on Tuesday the 8 of March. No CALL BACK AT ALL. Waiting to send everything back to Sprint but still no labels to send back, no call backs. I called to be told someone will hear the tapes. I said "Good, I have tapes for them to hear as well". After calling and calling for the mail back label I got a call, they wanted to work it out. I am on the phone with Sprint when Sprint calls on other line, leaves a message making up lie after lie. He said he played the tapes, I know there was no way everything he said was wrong.

I got off the phone with Sprint to call the Sprint man that left the message, instead I got his boss. I played tape for him he said "Sorry I will have some get back to you". I also was told that man that said he played tape never did. I was nice and waited for label to send back phone, and Win back to call me. Win back called me, we was talking things were may be working out, had to hold on, just to get a different man who then acted like he was going to help me. At this point it was going to be get one phone get one free and we were working on plan, it looked ok. Then the call was lost.

I called back to be told a different price. I said "Forget, I just want to mail this back. Where are my labels". It is March 24 and I just got my labels to mail the phone back. They lie and lie and never said sorry for anything they did. It took from March the 7 until March 24 for Sprint to mail out labels. Thanks to Sprint I have to wait to change my phones over until this is all taken care of. They DO NOT CARE I WAS WITH THEM FOR 14 years so look out before you get Sprint. If they do this what will they do to you.

If There Is a Hell It Is Named Sprint
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Rating: 3/51 - Consumer improved rating by 2 stars

VALLEJO, CALIFORNIA -- Beginning April 2015

Grandson, 18, wanted Sprint for unlimited texting. I agreed to help grandson. Went to Sprint store, told by saleswoman I had to have my name on account to run my credit, said I could take my name off after account set up. Saleswoman very friendly, said to lease phone and lease price would be divided into monthly payments and added to bill. We, grandson and I agreed.

August 28, 2015, Friday

I hadn't taken my name off account yet. Received email from Sprint telling me they were going to send me to collections if I didn't pay $187.00. Paid by credit card. Never received a bill. Decided to take my name off account.

August 30, 2015, Sunday, Begin 11:30 AM end 4:45 PM

Went with grandson to Sprint store to take my name off account as agreed upon. Was told I couldn't do it in store. Given form to do it online. Took form, drove back home, attempted to do it online, per instructions on form, believing I was removing my name from account. Got to page where told I was not authorized to proceed. Called Sprint, went through telephone tree, no option for representative, hit zero six times, got representative. Forty-five minutes, on hold several times, customer representative couldn't understand what I was doing.

Went back online, repeated process on paper given to me at store, got same message. Called Sprint store. Told he couldn't understand, would have to come back into store. Drove back to store. Saw saleswoman who leased phone and sold contract. Told her what happened. She said couldn't do it in store. Was cold and unhelpful. I said she could look in her computer and see message. She did. She said she didn't know why. I wasn't leaving until she helped.

She worked in computer, said problem was grandson had to have login name and password. I said I would do it. She turned computer toward me, asked me to put in grandson's name and new password. I did. Thought problem solved. She said when I got home I had to click on link being sent by email within four hours. Thanked everyone on my way out of store. Drove home, watched for email, never came. Waited through Monday, email never came.

September 1, 2015, Tuesday, 11:30 Am until 3:30 PM

Called Sprint Customer Service. Got telephone tree, would not give me option to speak to representative. Hit zero six times, transferred to representative. Explained I did not get email. Put on hold several times, representative needed to consult with “team”. Much back and forth and being put on hold. Representative came back, said email with form was sent, my grandson and I had to sign it, I had to send it back as attachment in reply to form email. Didn't understand why.

Finally told there were two accounts, one with my name (first account), one with grandson's name (second account). I had filled out paperwork online day before (per saleswoman's directions) and was releasing phone number to new account when I thought I was removing my name from existing account not opening another account. Explained that wasn't what I intended to do, not what I was told I could do, not what saleswoman said she was doing.

Several more times on hold, twice two different representatives called saleswoman who denied she'd told me what she'd told me: that I could remove my name from original account, never a mention about having to open another account. Asked for supervisor. Put back on hold. Same representative came back on phone. Repeated wrong story back to me about my complaint. I clarified by telling entire story again for about seventh time.

Put back on hold. Asked for supervisor two more times, representative kept talking, putting me on hold to consult with team or supervisor. No supervisor provided. Problem not solved. Representative kept explaining same thing to me that there were now two accounts, that I'd made second account. Said I'd done it, nothing else could be done. Got angry, demanded supervisor. Put on hold. Supervisor came online, said she'd spoken with store, saleswoman had mislead me, would have consequences, apologized, said leave new account with grandson name, wouldn't have my name. Old account would cease to exist. Thought problem solved.

September 2, 2015, Wednesday, 1:30 PM

Decided to look into grandson's new account, make sure it was O.K. Had login name and password. Saw bill saying “Due now-$250”, shocked. Called customer service, no option to speak to representative, hit zero six times, got representative. I explained I'd paid $187.00 Friday night couldn't owe $250. Went through entire story, again. Representative went back and forth between old account and new account, saw I had paid $187.00 August 28. Put on hold for representative to consult with team, on hold for fifteen minutes, many previous holds that long.

A different person picked up line and asked me for my phone number as if I was just then calling customer service. I got angry, said I'd been on hold for fifteen minutes. New representative hung up. Called customer service again, no option to speak to a representative, hit zero six time, got representative. Explained entire story to new representative who said he was going to speak to his supervisor but he wouldn't put me on hold, he would just take off headset and go speak to his supervisor, then spent five minutes explaining to me that he was going to help with problem, repeated problem, assured me he would help me.

Waited five minutes listening to background noise. Representative came back, told me $250.00 on new account was deposit for new account because of grandson's non-existent credit rating, only way to remove $250.00 deposit was to return, with my name, with grandson to first account. I got angry, again, said we'd come full circle back to beginning.

Representative was going to take off headset again and go consult another supervisor. I said I'm psychotherapist and client in waiting room for fifteen minutes. Told representative to please leave message on my cell phone (Verizon, thankfully). Representative agreed. Client left. I checked my voicemail. Representative repeated only way to get rid of $250.00 was to return to original account with my name and grandson.

Decided to call Verizon when I got off work and ask them to get phone number to open account with Verizon. A couple of hours later realized I would have to pay for phone and early termination fees and had already paid $187.00 even if I didn't pay $250.00. Threw in the towel. Only way to end insanity was to print out form, sign, email back, pay $250.00 on new account. Paid $250.00 with credit card. Printed form, drove to grandson, he signed, drove home, I signed.

Wrote this, took two hours, nothing compared to time I've wasted with Sprint, not to mention stress. Do not use this company. In my entire 69 years, this is the WORST company/customer service I've ever done business with. I've been to Hell and it is named SPRINT.

Resolution Update 09/08/2015:

After searching the Internet for two hours I was able to find the email address for Sprint's CEO, Marcelo Claure. I was unable to find any other Sprint executive's email. I sent the review to Mr. Claure that I posted here at night and asked him to please read it. By the next am I had an email from him. He said my issue would be resolved that day. By noon someone called me, apologetic, saying things are changing at Sprint. I believe Mr. Claure is the new CEO. She gave me her direct line and listened to my story. The day after that I received an email from her detailing what is going to be done. They're returning my $250, making sure my $187 payment is posted to my grandson's "new" account, making sure nothing goes on my credit including a hard inquiry and making sure I don't have an open account with Sprint. I was floored because of the many, many hours I spent with Sprint customer service and in the Sprint store and got nowhere. Apparently Mr. Marcelo values even the smallest customers at Sprint and he made sure everything was cleared up. I only put three stars because of what I went through to get to Mr. Marcelo. If he is the new face of Sprint I would certainly give it a try after he's had the helm for several months, enough time to overhaul Sprint's customer service. I am very happy that he didn't ignore my email.

Worst Customer Service, They're Crooks & Won't Tell You What All Your Charges Are for on Bill
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Rating: 1/51

For all potential customers of Sprint; please don't waste your time or hard earned money with Sprint. Please learn from mine and other's experiences with this rip-off organization. Don't fall for their lies, and spend your money with another, more reputable cell phone carrier. When we ordered our 4 iPhone 6's in September, I was told that the activation fees would be waived for two of the four phones as an incentive to make the sale. Now, two months later the 4th fee is on my bill. I called and was given the runaround by two different CS reps.

I was told there was no manager there to talk to. The representative said he was in charge of the entire Philippines facility, even though he answers phones. I got nowhere with them, I had him look in the notes from my past calls and was told there was no mention of this and they cannot waive this fee. When I called back, I was told I got the same place and got the same response from another representative. However, this lady did say there were managers there, but that no one could speak to me at that time, but could call me back. This still has not happened as of yet.

They lie to us and you can't do anything about it. I asked if someone could pull up my phone calls as they should be recorded as their automated system tells us so that I could prove what I was told. I was again told that this fee cannot be waived, and then I was told there's no need to do that since there's nothing to verify. So, now I'm paying all 4 upgrade fees, $36 each.

My presumption is that I'm not the only one they're lying to, multiply that by the hundreds of thousands of customers they lie to the same way. We as customers have no recourse but to pay them and continue to let them get away with their deceptive practices on a daily basis. On top of that, the representative was rude and curt with me. He didn't care about my concerns or complaints, he made me feel like no matter what I was calling about; Sprint had predetermined that it really did not care about any of my concerns.

Another issue I called about was a $9.99 third party fee that I was charged last month and this month for something that wasn't ordered. He told me it was for “3,000 play credits”. I asked who the charge was from so I could call and dispute it; he told me it was for a game. I asked what game, he said there were a million games out there and he couldn't know, but that it was on the phone. I again stated that no game was downloaded or authorized for purchase on the phone and again asked who the charge was for.

This is when he really got rude and curt with me. I asked him who Sprint gave the money to and he continually refused to tell me, he just kept repeating that I need to see what game was downloaded. I asked how Sprint could charge me for something that they can't tell me where the money was going to and he didn't even attempt to make sense, he simply continued to repeat word for word the statement that I have to check the phone to see what the money was for.

This type of unjustified billing should be illegal, and may be, but I truly believe it is just another way that Sprint is ripping off their customers! How can Sprint charge and take its customer's money and not be able to explain what the charge is for? I believe they merely hope their customers don't take the necessary time to audit their bills because they know most customers don't want to spend an hour or more on hold waiting to get a runaround from their foreign customer service department. Or have to try to deal with a customer service representative that not only doesn't have a firm grasp of the English language, but may only be barely understandable.

Sprint Rep - Deceptive Practices and Entrapment
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Rating: 1/51

LAKE CHARLES, LOUISIANA -- I've been with Sprint since 2006 and really have never had any major issues with them. Sure their internet isn't the fastest, but I loved the fact the data was unlimited. Because I use a lot of it for streaming videos while not at home. My contract ended sometime in November and I went to the Sprint store to get an upgrade and sign a new contract.

When I arrived, I was immediately greeted by the representative there and asked how may she be of service. I told her my contract was up and I was looking to get the iPhone 5s. She led me to her computer and asked for all my info then told me I qualified for a new thing they had called Sprint one up. I asked her about it and she told me basically you only pay $50 for the phone now and the rest will be added to your bill for so long until you paid it off and that you didn't have the standard 2 year contract and could upgrade again the next year for a newer phone if you want.

My original bill before I went to the store was always around $84 sometimes a little higher. So, I asked her around how much will I be billed now since it would have to go up because the price of the phone will have to be added the bill now. She started typing things in her computer and then showed me a price on the screen . I don't remember the exact price but I do remember it was somewhere around $93. A little high for a phone bill but she made it seem like you aren't paying 150 or 200 dollars up front it would just be added in installments.

I will admit that I really didn't read anything on the screen. I just seen the price on the screen and took her word for it that everything else was as she said. So, I signed pretty much wherever she told me. I paid the $50 plus the taxes for the phone then went on my way. I loved everything about my phone, plus my service was faster because this phone had the 4g lte.

I eventually received a text for Sprint saying it was almost time for my bill payment to be due. So I eventually called Sprint to pay it over the phone. I spoke to the representative over the phone and paid it. My first bill was higher than usual because I had to pay all the fees which I knew about from the representative at the store. After paying everything I asked the phone representative around how much will my bill be now since all the fees are gone. Just to make sure there wasn't any others fees. She told me around 110.

I immediately told her that it was higher than what the representative told me when I signed up for it. She looked at all my info again and told me that her price was indeed correct. So, I asked if there was anyone I could talk to because that wasn't the price that was told to me when I signed up. She connected me with her supervisor and her supervisor pretty much said that there was nothing he could do because it was past the 14 days (which is crazy because during the 14 days I was still under the impression that what the representative at the store told me was true).

The supervisor told me that Sprint one up is an store thing and I have to go to the store where I brought it. So I did and spoke to the manager there and he said there was nothing he could do. The people over the phone have more power than him so I would have to go through them. I went home and called again. After talking to the lady she kept putting me on hold and speaking with her supervisor and ended up telling me that I would have to contact some higher up at Sprint or go talk to someone higher at the store.

I asked for a number or to be connected to a higher up and they said they couldn't give it. So, I went back to the store and was immediately referred back to the Sprint call center. I called again, a spoke to someone else and when I told him the price the lady at the store told me, he said my bill should be around 118. I told him that that's even higher than the 110 that the previous representative told me.

He connected me with his supervisor and after telling my story again. The supervisor told me that my bill should run around 125. I told him that my bill is just getting higher and higher. He then told me since I was past the 14 days the only way to get out of the one up program was to pay for my phone outright. Which was the retail price of the phone which is around 600 dollars instead of the price one would pay for signing a contract which I was led to believe when I signed up.

I asked if I could just sign up, go a 2 year contract and pay the difference I would've paid I the store and he told me it wasn't possible. I eventually asked to speak to someone higher than him. So, he had an account manager call me. In a condescending way after making references to judge Judy and Mathis, he pretty much said that I was stuck paying, because I signed up. I asked to speak to someone else because I didn't believe that was right.

Eventually, a lady called me and after telling my story again she flat out said I'm stuck and I should've read my contract. I do know the importance of reading contracts, but I guess I was too comfortable with going into Sprint and believing what the people there said. Plus, how many of us goes into these types of places and the salespeople pretty much summarize everything what the contact says and says sign here? I asked to speak with someone else and eventually the operation director or something like that called. I told him my situation and after using his computer he said my bill would be around 98 dollars.

I told him that's different from what everyone keeps telling me. He said that he looking at everything at that it right. So I guess he got tired speaking with me and gave me the number to calm the Sprint one up department. I called and spoke to the lady there and told her my situation and she told me my bill will be around 110. I told her it keeps changing so she connected me to her supervisor. After saying my story one more time, the one up supervisor said that the 110 was correct.

Everyone else wasn't taking into consideration of the monthly installments for the phone, my work's discount and another discount you get for doing the one up. I asked her if it was possible for me to just sign a two year contract and pay whatever difference I would've in the store for the phone. She said that it was not possible. I told her that I don't think it right that I'm being expected to be held to something that I might have signed (because I still don't know what exactly the contract said) but that wasn't what was told to me when I signed up. She said that another operations director would call me in 24-48 hours so now I'm just playing the waiting games.

Most dishonest company I've ever done business with
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Rating: 1/51

1991, MINNESOTA -- This is the worst company I have ever worked with. In the two years I have been a customer I have yet to receive honest and truthful information.

I was told incorrect information about my contract from day 1. I was led to believe that I was making payments on my phones monthly, when in fact, I was simply paying a lease fee. Since then I have paid at least $1,500.00 in lease fees and was recently told that I cannot "own" my phones because of a state law.

This is quite upsetting because this whole time I was led to believe I was buying my phone. I made several phone calls throughout my contract (spending hours on the line) to ensure this was the case. Each time I was assured that all was well. In reality, once my 18 month contract was over, I lost eligibility to purchase the phones according to Sprint. Why was it left out that I was leasing phones? I never would have agreed to that.

Now, $1,500.00+ later, I can either stay with Sprint (which I WOULD NEVER DO) or leave without a phone. I have also put $600.00 of maintenance into the phone I have and it's in great working condition. I planned to continue using it for years.

On top of this, my bill went from $140 to $240.00 once the 18 month contract was up. Again, this was absurd to me. There was no information stating that the contract was over or that my bill would increase. I made several phone calls to discuss this, but my bill stayed the same. The only reason I stayed with Sprint at that point was because I was told I still owed a little bit more money on my phones before I could own them. Since I was in school, I figured I would continue making payments and leave once the phones were paid off.

I recently had a phone call with a Sprint representative who said she found a loop hole to help me move forward with purchasing the phones. I spent 2 hours on the phone with her and she was very helpful. She said I would not be billed for the current month, but should expect a large bill including fees to buy out the phones & whatever services charges there were. So, I didn't pay that months bill as instructed, but sure enough received text messages stating that my service would be shut off due to lack of payment. After another 1.5 hours on the phone, I learned that everything the Sprint Rep had said was false and that all she had really done was remove my monthly lease fee from the bill. I was assured I could buy the phones again, when in reality, I could not. Sprint refunded me $190.00 which doesn't even begin to cover the expenses I was over charged for. They said I no longer needed to pay a lease fee and that I hadn't for a long time. I am still so confused. Nothing you discuss with Sprint will ever hold up. Each representative will tell you something completely different and nothing will ever get done.

If you are a current Sprint customer, ask ridiculously specific questions. Ask the same question 5 different ways if you have too . Do not trust them. They will never answer your questions based on the whole picture.

Don't Even Think About Questioning the Phone Guru!
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Rating: 1/51

WESTERVILLE, OHIO -- This is about the Sprint Corporate Store at 363 N. State St. in Westerville, Ohio.

What I came into the Sprint store was to transfer my Sprint phone number into a new phone that I received. I didn't anticipate this being a terribly large problem since I've done this several times before. My new phone wasn't compatible with my old SIM card, so I was told to go to this Sprint corporate store to receive a new SIM (for which I was already credited) and have them transfer the old number to it. This has happened before on several of my upgrades in the past, so I didn't mind. The person behind the counter—African American, in his early 20s (most likely), braided hair, fairly tall and rangy so that you can avoid him—_seemed_ to understand my problem and began to resolve my issue. He checked for compatibility and went into the back, reappearing with a stack of SIM cards; so far, what I expected and what the online technician told me to expect the evening prior.

He then informed me that I would have to pay for a new line so that he could attach the new SIM. That was a contradiction in my past experience and what the technician had told me, so I queried to make sure I understood what he was saying, and informed him that his information ran contrary to knowledge gleaned in the past. He re-iterated the same information, saying it was the “only way” I could move forward, which, understandably, I wasn't necessarily willing to do. It could have been possible to get the new line and cancel the old one, and so as long as I wasn't charged any differently, it would make this transparent to me from a cost basis. He re-iterated the problem from his perspective, but, again, this ran contrary to everything in my experience up to this point. Well, what if we call someone higher up that might be able to give us a definitive answer OR work around the problem by giving me a new line and cancelling the old one with no cost detriment to me (I don't care about the corporate logistics of this issue, I just want it resolved)?

I think it's when I brought contacting someone with higher authority than him is when the train began to come off the rails, even though I was ignorant of this at the time. The Sprint representative gave me contradictory information—he explained that he could call someone at Sprint customer care. Fine. But then he said he wouldn't call anyone until I had agreed to start the new line process. In other words, I had to agree to start another line for my upgrade phone. This, effectively, puts me in a monetary bind—if Sprint could do something about this dilemma and credit me back for the cost of starting the new line, then it would resolve just fine; however if they decided not to do anything to refund me, then I would be essentially forfeiting at least a month's service cost in order to simply swap phones. A Sprint customer relations person should be able to tell me this information, especially one who started saying things like “I can do everything required to help you here” and “I wouldn't be sitting here unless I knew exactly what I was doing.” Well, I assume the technician that helped me was sitting there because he knew what he was doing, too, so escalating might be a good idea.

This whole time, I never raised my voice, never used harsh language, and did my best to assure the employee that yes, I did, indeed, understand his position, but felt that he was in error (again, I think this last issue was the lynchpin of this incident). I asked, once again, if there was someone that we could call, and he indicated that I could call the Customer Care number myself, but that they would “tell me the same thing.” Ok, then, let's have them do that.

He gave me the store phone and told me I could call them (although he originally indicated that he would make this call on my behalf). Excellent! Now we're moving forward. I asked for the number and he asked if I had something to write the number down on. It turns out I use a Galaxy Note, so, yes, indeed; but I mentioned that it would have been a good idea for corporate to give him cards that he could simply hand to people. At this point, he said something to the effect of “I've memorized every important phone number.” Yes, while I can certainly see why that would be important, that misses my point that it would have been really easy for his company to provide him with something so that I didn't need to write it down myself (or, he could have even done it himself, but that would have been also unnecessary with a card of some sort).

I called the number that he provided and he began to help other customers, which I indicated wouldn't be a problem at all. Long story short—the Customer Care number informed me that the store employee was wrong. They put me on hold and called another store (Polaris, I believe), who also confirmed that the employee was wrong. It's POSSIBLE that three people are wrong, here, but it's improbable. Even if they were all wrong, it seems, given that they didn't “tell me the same thing” indicates that a conversation with the store representative would have been helpful from the _outset_. The representative passed me to another employee who, once again, confirmed that a new SIM card was all that was needed and that they would see about getting me one since the store employee was unwilling to proceed further.

After the employee was finished with the customers and free, I told him “I believe what you told me was in good faith,” but that he might be in error, but that it might be a matter of policy education or something of the sort. He stuck his hand out and told me to give him the phone and he'd talk to them. I immediately told him that I had no problems with that, but I needed to inform the phone representative that I was handing the phone off as a matter of courtesy. I was told by the store employee that he had full rights as a Sprint employee to speak to them—I never debated that, out of a sense or propriety, I didn't want to simply hand the phone over without informing the person on the other line. I also informed the employee, once again, that I believed he was interacting with me in “good faith” and that he had helped me to the best of his knowledge up to that point. He indicated that if another Sprint store had spoken with me (they didn't; they spoke to the phone representative), I was welcome to do go there. I didn't want to go there, I only pointed out their opinion to demonstrate that the employee might have been in the wrong.

It is at this time, the employee began to claim that I was “belligerent” and that I was having a “power trip” and that our entire interaction was being recorded on audio and video. He also said that there were others who witnessed my ill behavior (why that mattered since he had everything on audio and video is lost on me since those media would render any hearsay witness accounts moot or interpretative at best). He kept telling me “as far as you and me, we're done.” He then stridently demanded the phone back—the one he gave me in the first place—and claimed I would have to leave the store. Those things are fine, but as a matter of politeness (a point ironically lost on the in-person employee), I, once again, wanted to hand off the phone after notifying them that I was doing so, and now confirming that I'll be able to continue the call even after I hang up (the Customer Care person offered to call me on my own phone which I agreed to readily). After handing the phone back to him, he told me I couldn't come back and told me that he had taken a photograph of my plates and that if I came back, I would be charged with “harassment” (the charge would be “trespassing,” actually, unless my coming back were persistent and put the business under some sort of duress). To his credit, the employee at least demonstrated enough intelligence not to have touched me in this incident, as I would have interpreted this as a direct attack upon my person (at least he did something right this day, I suppose?).

I think there's a couple of issues going on here, but most of them centered on a customer service representative who has self esteem problems related to his perceived level of knowledge. It's not “belligerent” to have a disagreement, not is it “harassment” to ask for a better level of customer service, especially when it's the simple request of escalating to someone who might have more power or authority over an on-the-ground employee. This is a typical stragegy employed by customers when they believe they've reached an impasse with a particular representative. I had no intentions of implicating this employee in anything or claiming he was incompetent in any way; I was just hoping to have my problem resolved as my experience has provided for, and as a separate (now four) representative of Sprint indicated it could be. If there's a customer service representative who feels this cocksure about his abilities (I'm going to avoid the obvious reference to Bertrand Russell here), even though he's been contradicted four times, this probably isn't someone who should be on the front lines, dealing with patrons. He could have actually talked to the representative in my presence, and between the two of them, figured out what the ultimate solution could have been. However, this would have required some humility I'm not sure this particular employee has the ability to affect.

The second issue has to do with this employee's lack of perceptual language abilities. If one gets mad at someone after that person has absolved you of direct fault (“good faith”x2), then there might be a problem with linguistic reception at a fundamental level. Continually saying “let me explain this to you again” after the person you're communicating with has said “I understand what you're trying to communicate,” repeating what was said, and asking for other potential solutions demonstrates a lack of whole language processing that fails to see the forest for the trees. It demonstrates a type of linguistic and cognitive “anchoring” that, once again, doesn't lend itself to good customer service.

I can only hope this store takes measures to ameliorate this type of behavior in the future. I can't say that anger is (or ever was) a reaction to this incident since it's all so very surreal. I believe the employee is deficient or defective in some manner, and can only hope he gets help. If one can't handle a disagreement and a request to escalate without the raising of voice, harsh or surly language, or direct threats to life or livelihood, then this is a person that shouldn't be helping customers directly.

Update: This store has 1 star from three reviews on Yelp. Should be no surprise there that I'm not the only one who's having problems:

Sprint you and your business practices are shameful.
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Rating: 1/51

LONGMONT -- Beware - I'm sharing my experience with Sprint to inform all consumers of their sketchy business practices. As insane as this story sounds, it is 100% accurate and has not been embellished in any way at ALL.

I became a Sprint business customer (5 lines: 2 iPhones, 3 Galaxies) in May of 2017. From day one, I was mislead and promotional account credits for setting up a credit union account took months, dozens of emails, hours on the phone, followed by many escalations to obtain. During the course of this fiasco, I was reassigned an account sales representative due to the ridiculous response times, or there lack of, leading to the credits that I finally received over a year later in July of 2018.

It was on December 19, 2018 that I received the “your lease is almost over” email from Sprint informing me that I had three options with my 2 iPhones (I purchased these under a BOGO promotion with my original sales representative “Victor”). The option I selected was of course to “own the devises with 6 easy installment payments”. I called Sprint and the agent iconfirmed the balance due (additional payments needed to own) the one iPhone, and validated the BOGO promotion on the other iPhone. At that time, the three galaxies were paid off and no further payments were required. We ended that discussion with the agreement that no more needed to be done and that the phones would be paid off in June of 2019.

I contacted Sprint in May of 2019 to confirm my contract end date and the date that the iPhones would be mine. The agent told me at that point that the account was showing another of the available options (listed in the Dec email) of “continue to make lease payments”. Since this was clearly not the agreement that I selected, the agent reviewed my previous account notes. He clearly saw, and confirmed, that indeed I had requested to make payments to PURCHASE the phones. As a result, he submitted a request to adjust my previous “lease” payments to make them account credits so that I would OWN the two iPhones after my final payment due June 28th 2019. Again, noting that they were activated under a BOGO contract and that only one iPhone required payoff.

Knowing this, as soon as I saw the final Sprint payment post (and clear) on June 22, 2019… I contacted Sprint to unlock the phones for porting. The agent reviewed my account, brought on a manager to attempt to “keep my business” and ultimately unlocked the phones for porting. This was all based on account notes and that final payment was made before June 28th. They would NOT have unlocked the phones without this confirmation. The agent and manager made this VERY clear.

From June 22nd to June 28nd, the service with my new carrier was wonderful! On June 28th, however, my daughter and I went on a road trip to UT (LoveLoud festival). Having never been to UT, I had no idea where I was going but leveraged the GPS (all we all do) on my iPhone to get us safely there.

This is where the situation becomes terrifying! I don't know exactly were it happed, but I had cleared the UT state line when my phone were DEAD. “No service”. my GPS just stopped. I pulled over to make an emergency phone call. I was not able to get a dial tone. “Call failed”. What was I to do????

Luck my have it that we were able to stay on the highway to Salt Lake and ask for directions to my new carriers brick-and-mortar location where they were able to do a quick check on my IMEI. Sprint had flagged my iPhone as “lost or stolen” and was blocking their service to the iPhone!

I remained in that store for almost three hours talking to the Sprint agent. He informed me that I owed $299.50 for the TWO iPhones and that they would not release them until I paid! Please keep in mind that I was two states away from home and had no way to navigate to my hotel. Talk about being held hostage!

I requested to have the discussion escalated, revising the story AGAIN with the “manager” (Grace) - She responded that there was only one note on the account. The note? That I had indeed called Sprint back in May. But, that at that time I was informed that I would be required to pay $149.75 per iPhone (no BOGO) and that I had agreed to pay it! She informed me again that unless I paid the amount that the phones would not be reactivated.

I of course HAD to pay! I was in a vulnerable position that honestly terrified me! I had no way to navigate, no way to make calls, and I had my daughter with me!! All of this was shared with the agent and manager as I pleaded for help! Their response? “You need to pay now and can request further investigation of the situation on Monday.”

After paying, the manager informed me that it would be 6-24 hours until the phone would be reactivated.

I was able to get written directions to my hotel and waited until the next morning. At 10:00am my phone was still disabled (no service). The festival that we were there to attend was starting in a few hours… What was I to do??? I reconnected with Sprint and was informed by the agent (Savana) that service could be returned within the hour. She was uncertain why this would not have been done by the previous agent/manager that I spoke to the day before. She submitted the request, confirmed that it was completed and told me that I would need to perform a factory reset on the phone for it to return to service.

Hours later, post factory reset and many restarts… Still “no service”. I called back in, was disconnect from the hotel phone twice (didn't get their names) and was escalated to tier two support (Justin). At first, he told me that my iPhone was not even eligible for porting and that was the issue. This was clearly not the case since it worked for a full week before Sprint flagged it as “lost or stolen”. He said that there was no flag of “lost or stolen” on the account. This went on for hours. He was clearly reading from a script and had no idea of what was going on. He finally ended with the resolution that would require me to reinsert the original Sprint SIM card into my iPhone. What?? It was Saturday at 2:00pm, I was already late to the festival. So, I obtained written directions to the amphitheater and decided that there was nothing more that I could do until Monday. I had planned to Uber to the event, but without my iPhone app… I had to drive and pay the $50 for parking instead. More inconvenience and fees caused by Sprint.

Sunday morning… I have service??? I spent $299.50, spent 8+ hours on the phone with Sprint agents/management, was told that I needed a factory reset, a Sprint SIM card, and had PAID FOR 3 DAYS OF LOST SERVICE (new carrier)…. Now my phone worked??? Without the Sprint SIM card?! WOW

I have asked numerous time to have my situation reviewed by upper management, the $299.50 returned, as well as for Sprint to cover the cot of the lost service for three days through my new carrier - Honestly it is the very LEAST that can be done after the emotional abuse that I sustained from this situation. I have been told by ALL agents that they are not able to get me in touch with the people that I would need to talk to. Again, the abuse continues.

Worst Customer Service Ever
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Rating: 1/51

Oct 23, 2018, I changed ownership for 4 cell phones lines to my account with Sprint. My new wife, her mother, her daughter and husband. After going through the change of ownership I called into Customer Care with a few questions. 1 question states were the 4 lines being transferred over would they be charged the same PER LINE rate as the other lines on the account, the response from Sprint Customer Care was YES, all lines will be charged the same rate.

11/1/2018, got my first bill after the 4 lines were transferred over and of course, those 4 lines were being charged $20 per line instead of the $5 per line as previously indicated. Called in an spoke with Customer Care who reviewed the account and the 10/23/18 phone call and indicated that there was evidence to support those 4 lines and the change would be made and would transfer me to his supervisor to get this fixed.

He transferred me to his supervisor who again reviewed the account and then came back and said there was NOT evidence to support those 4 lines getting the $5 per line rate and would create an incident to have a member from corporate call me to resolve the issue in 5-7 business days. (By the way, this phone call lasted over 2 hours). Waited 6 business days, no call from corporate.

Called in on 11/6/18, spoke with customer care again, and then another supervisor. Indicated they would send ANOTHER email to corporate and marked it urgent since no call was received by the customer. Supervisor issued a $60 credit towards next month's bill. (This call lasted 1hr 37 minutes)

11/20/18 called in again and asked to speak with a corporate member and was transferred to a customer care agent for Business accounts. Explained my situation all over again, he did another expedited Incident Report up to corporate and issued another $60 credit towards the next month's bill (at this point still had not received a call from corporate).

12/20/18 again called and spoke with Kia in the Billing Dept. Kia reviewed the account and all of the notes then spoke with her manager and came back and said that the 4 lines would be adjusted to the $5 rate within the next 5 days and no phone call from corporate would be needed. Manager's name was Melody. Another $60 credit was issued towards the next month's bill.

On 12/28/18 received a call from the Customer Advocacy Team indicating that those 4 lines would NOT be receiving the $5 per line rate because that promotion had already expired. Indicated to that person what I was told my all of these different people at Sprint and her response was "I am sorry you were miss informed of what was going to happen but those 4 lines will not be receiving the $5 per line promotion due to that promotion having been expired." I responded to her "so Sprint does not stand behind what their customers are told being right or wrong regardless, and that is ok?"

She again indicated that she apologized that I way miss informed and that those 4 lines would not be receiving the $5 rate. I indicated to her that I have been with Sprint for over 7 years and if this is the way they want to just brush off their customers I will be finding a new cell phone provider to which she indicated, 'that is your choice" and hung up the phone. Based on ALL OF THAT, myself and the other 7 lines that I had on my account will be switching to T-Mobile by the end of 2018.

Worst Customer Service Experience of My Life
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Rating: 1/51

ALABAMA -- I swear to God this is the company from Hell. I was with them for less than a month, and in that time they managed to lie to me on more than ten separate occasions, mess up my credit and leave me shocked and dismayed at how genuinely terrible their customer service is. A bunch of crooks. So, story time.

I signed up for Sprint on July 14. It was my first time paying for my phone bill on my own, so I went with Sprint because I heard it was cheaper to do so. The first red flag was the fact that it took the sales representative 2 1/2 hours to set me up, including just turning my phone on and setting me up on a plan. His tablet kept crashing and wifi kept dropping. That should've tipped me off, but this being my first time around the block with a cellphone company, I didn't know any better. Lawd.

So about a week later, I get my first bill. It had an additional $10 on there that I didn't agree to, first of all. Also, I wanted to push my due date back so that I could pay for it on Aug. 15 instead of the 8th, just to keep my money in order. Shouldn't be a big deal, right? WRONG. The first person I talked to said she fixed all my issues and extended my billing due date for me. She lied. The second person I talked to acted like she worked for another company with a separate policy, because she had no idea why the first person told me what she did. Then she said she fixed my issues the right way. Another lie. The 3rd person I talked to said I can't change my billing due date because if I do, it'll cost me $ then I live chatted another agent (I have screenshots, i.e. receipts) and told her about this outrageous $300 nonsense. They told me to disregard that because it isn't true, and that my billing due date had indeed been changed and not to worry about it. This turned out to be another...say it with me...LIE.

I went through this tango about 6 different times with six different people over the course of two weeks or so. August 9th rolls around (the day after my original billing date) and I start getting phone calls, emails and text messages that they're going to shut off my service if I don't pay my bill immediately. But I thought I had extended the due date to the 15th??? I called in, spoke to yet another foreigner who I could barely understand, and he proceeded to tell me that I'm not allowed to extend my due date unless I pay half today and half on the 15th. Which is something completely different than what I'd been told before.

At this point, I'm livid and tired. Because they kept giving me the run around for something soooo damn SIMPLE! So I was like alright fine. I paid the bill ($128.34) with my credit card--which I didn't want to do because I only like to use it for emergencies--because I didn't have the money to pay the bill with. I paid it on August 10. Tell me why on August 17th, they hit my checking account for the exact same amount of money...they double billed me!! Left me with almost $0 balance in my checking account. They literally went in and stole my money for a bill I'd already paid. So I was FUMING.

I called customer service demanding they refund my money. They said they'd process the refund, and that it'd take 3-5 business days to reflect in my account. At this point, I'm screaming into the phone. 3-5 business days?!?!!?! You really expect me to survive on $6 for 3-5 business days???? AND it was a Friday. So 3-5 business days would've been the next Wednesday-Friday (even though the CS representative told me I'd have my money by Tuesday, which would've been only 2 business days, so he was just saying random BS). I've never been so pissed at a customer service dept in my life. They didn't even try to help. One of the guys said they put an acceleration on the refund so that it'd return in 3 business days instead of 5. Which turned out to be another lie, but I'll get to that later.

I left work early and switched to Verizon that day. It took them less than an hour to set me up, with a cheaper bill.

So the next week, I called about 2-3 times throughout the week to check on the status of my refund. More run around. By Friday, August 24, the 5th business day, my money still had not appeared. The woman on the phone tried to tell me that she couldn't find record of my refund. I said "...I'm sorry, come again...?" So I start going off, and all of a sudden she was able to find what I was talking about. She then proceeded to **promise** that my money would be back in my account before the end of the day.

Fast forward to today--Monday, August 27--and I called customer service first thing in the morning because my money still had not arrived. The guy then proceeded to tell me that I'm not going to be getting a refund because the reason they took my money was because I still was responsible for charges of $79 for some made-up, BS reason.

1) I've been getting blatantly lied to for the past week and two days (and that's just on this issue--really, I've been getting lied to from start to finish, which is a month and a half), and I'm talking bold-faced lies.
2) They didn't hit my account for $79, they hit it for $128.34, which invalidates that claim that I owed $79. This leads me to my next point.
3) I know they double-billed me because they hit my checking account for the EXACT same amount--right down to the penny--that I paid with my credit card
4) Even IF I still owed outstanding charges, you send a bill. You don't just hit someone's account, unauthorized, whenever you feel like it. That's fraud/stealing, and that's illegal.

And then they tried to tell me I'd still have to pay off the lease for the phone that I just sent back on Saturday. I said no, I sent the phone back. The notice in the mail said I wouldn't have to pay so long as I sent it back. They said it doesn't matter, you have to pay either way. I told him he can take those additional charges and shove them up his a-- and then hung up. I don't care if they put those charges on my credit via collections. I'd rather see my score drop 100 points than give Sprint another dime. I'm young, my credit will bounce back. I do not care.

I had to call my bank, dispute the charge and literally put a block on all Sprint transactions so that they couldn't take my money anymore. In the end, my bank is putting the money back in my account. Not Sprint.

I am so shocked and hurt and dismayed by the blatant dishonesty and crookedness of this company. I have never in my 24 years EVER seen anything like this in my life. If you have any sense and if you love yourself even just a little bit, stay far far faaaaarrrr away from this company. If I had the money and the time, I would sue them. They deserve to go out of business. I've never dealt with a bigger s**t show.

In closing, all hail Verizon and Regions Bank for saving my life. And f--k Sprint.

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