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Scammed Me Out of 1200.00 Dollars
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Rating: 1/51

ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND -- I was told I'd be getting quality vetted leads and ended up with unverified 3rd party leads that were of absolutely no use. Anyone that I actually managed to speak to was upset that called and did not want to buy anything. Total scam! The worst part is they continued to charge me longer than agreed and then refused to give me any refunds. What a waste of money. If you want to buy leads please choose anywhere but here.

Do Not Bother-Total BS
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Rating: 1/51

MARYLAND -- 2 weeks ago (Sept 2014), I received an email regarding USHUD in search of 1 foreclosure specialist for my area. I emailed back asking the territory they needed an agent for, and immediately started getting phone calls, no more email responses (red flag number 1). I followed up several days later and was transferred to someone other than my original contact. I asked several questions, and received very well scripted responses.

My first question was, "I am not a foreclosure specialist, what kind of education do you offer to help with that?" Response, "Oh, you don't need to be a foreclosure specialist. Most people who start on our website, end up obtaining conventional loans," (red flag number 2). My second questions was, "How long have you been with USHUD and will you be my contact person?" Response back, "I've been here for 3 years and am a single mother. I will be your sole contact." Probably a red flag, but I was giving her the benefit of the doubt.

When I received my welcome packet (via email), it was from ALLHUD, not USHUD (Red flag number 3). This was major misrepresentation because they promptly listed me under ALLHUD, and someone else for my territory was listed under USHUD. I called back that same day to cancel, stating that I was on the wrong website, and that they had misrepresented themselves. I left a message with the wonderful single mother, scam artist. The next day, I received a voicemail from a new scammer who wanted to review with me because single mommy contact was "out" for the "day." I called him back and had to leave a message, which was never returned.

After that, I started emailing my original contact to cancel... no response. I finally emailed their customer service to STOP any future withdrawals from my credit card, and advised if it happened again that I would report it as fraud. They responded, via email, in record time (documentation is key), that I would be canceled from any further billing. Do yourself a favor and learn from my $200 mistake. Don't Do It!!! If you want to burn $200, give it to a charity!!!

Awesome Service. Company Delivers What They Promise!
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Rating: 5/51

ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND -- I have been with for just over a year. In that time, I have had over 1600 leads. Did all of them work out? No. Did all of them give accurate information? No, however only a small percentage (similar to probably MOST lead programs)! I have seen other reviews and some folks complain they did not get enough leads, and the ones they did get were bad. In the real world when you are dealing with the general public, a true salesperson would know that it takes some upfront and follow-up work with clients. USHUD, like any other lead program can only supply contact information as they receive it.

The professional realtor or lender is tasked with working those leads to convert them. The monthly cost is low so it takes only 1 conversion in 2 months to "more than pay for the subscription fee". As a lender, I find the value goes far beyond the leads. With a realtor assigned to the shared lead, I get to introduce myself to them where we already have a common bond. I call them and explain how I will work exclusively with them on that lead and any others that we share. Of course I expect them to extend the same courtesy. I also go on to explain that if I get a lead that has NO realtor assigned, that I will gladly refer an approved client to them.

Of course this is well received and they are more than happy to do the same for me whether it is a HUD lead or one "off the street". What a great way to network! From a realtor standpoint, I suspect it would work the same in reverse! And all because of USHUD. Member services has always been a great ally. It is obvious they want us all out here in the field to succeed. If you have an issue or an idea of how to make things work better, they are always open to help or listen. I have worked with many customer service departments in all sorts of companies in the past and can safely say that these folks are near the top of the list of hard-working and caring professionals with whom I have ever been associated.

In summary, it is not a "magic bullet". These folks do the best they can to offer opportunities to us. It is up to us to work the leads for closure. You need to have staying power. If you are in for the short haul and a "get rich quick" exercise, no need to apply. USHUD delivers what they promise and are there to help anytime you need them. I truly believe that they want us all to succeed and it is obvious throughout their organization.

Stop with the training, let me sell already!
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Rating: 2/51

ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND -- I have been in sales for nearly 30 years and I have never been required to take a test before being hired here. And it is not just testing, it is written testing. Then I have to pass each test before I can take the next. Four tests all taken at different times before I can do what I was hired to do which is to sell. I have been working at USHUD for several weeks and I am still not able to get on the phone and do what I do best. They advertise “paid training” but they never said anything about tests! It's as close to insane as I can think of. They hired me as I am a veteran in sales and then put me through basic sales training that is way over the top and borders on ridiculous.

I have sold software (Oracle) and cars (Carmax) and everything in between and I don't believe selling advertising online is any more complicated than storage software but the managers here sure make it seem like it is. On my first day they gave me a book (more like a Tome) that covered everything about real estate and online advertising. Do I really need to know the clients job? Does a medical salesman need to know how to perform an open heart surgery? Then why am I being tested as if I am getting a real estate license? And do I really need to know the history of the entire internet? I don't think so!

My God Guys quit taking yourself so seriously. This over the top, beyond the pale “paid training” may be worthwhile if I didn't have more experience than any of the current sales staff and most of the managers but since I do I think I will start looking for a new job. If anyone is out there wants to hire an experienced sales person that has already been trained in the old school methods of presenting benefits and closing the sale please, please leave you contact information before I lose my mind.
Btw, if you are reading this and you are one of the managers chances are I am gone by now one way or the other. Seeya!

Subscriptions and Cancelations
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Rating: 1/51

ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND -- This company is a rip-off! They are thieves and will do anything to keep your money. I called the company to cancel my subscription and almost 3 weeks later they charged my account. I called customer service to complain and they said they didn't received any calls from me. So, I am supposed to believe whatever they say? They claim they have a phone call tracking system. It was easy for them to take the money, but they are not willing to accept a cancellation.

Just as an FYI - when they first called, I thought to give it a shot and gave them my payment information. They emailed me and left me a message that they were having difficulty processing the payment that perhaps they entered an incorrect digit. Well, they must have went digit by digit until they figured it out. Now, I understand I originally did give them the information, but if they took it down wrong, they should have waited for me to respond. I let it go through just to try them out, but It is clear they are thieves out to steal money.

I have never encountered a situation where I have called after seeing a charge on my account that was erroneous and not received a refund. They downright refused to provide me a refund for a charge they entered 3 days ago (mind you, over the weekend). They claim they have canceled me effective June (a whole month later). Don't get into these scams unless you're doing it with a legit company providing leads and referred by your broker or someone reputable.

Company Response 07/29/2016:

To Whom it May Concern,

My name is Michael Urbanski, I am the founder and CEO of the Real Estate Cooperative which has been online since 1999. If anyone has a question or concern please do not hesitate to contact me directly on my cell 410-980-7922. As a former real estate agent for many years I understand the unique challenges that face real estate agents. Every employee in this office is also trained to respect the hard work and dedication that is required to make a living in real estate sales. This is why I am taking this post so seriously.

We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality online support in the industry. Real estate agents often work weekends, holidays and late nights. They deserve the highest level of service and we understand that and do our best to live up to it.

Selling real estate is not an easy career choice and we admire those that possess the dedication and determination to work for commissions only while enduring the highs and lows of the economy, interest rate fluctuations and the many external factors that real estate agents face each day.

Our responsibility, which we take very seriously, is to generate more business for the exclusive real estate agents and loan officers who are members of the cooperative online. We help whenever we can by providing free websites, tools, techniques, scripts etc. to help generate and convert more online business beyond the exclusive advertising and lead generation which is our primary offering.

The Real Estate Cooperative is made up of thousands of real estate agents and loan officers and we are proud to have been supporting them every day for the past 17+ years. We are also grateful and appreciative that so many for so long have put their trust and faith in us. Thank you!

Regarding the post.
We have a very liberal refund policy as we understand that sometimes a refund is warranted (misspelled name, wrong email address on banners etc..) but we are not able to refund a member without some reasonable justification.

Below is a quote from the person that posted the complaint which reads:

“I called customer service to complain and they said they didn't receive any calls from me. So, I am supposed to believe whatever they say? They claim they have a phone call tracking system”

We track every call, text and email that enters or leaves this office. Calls to Member Services are also audio recorded. Our telephone services are provided by “” and we highly recommend them as their system tracks everything and it is very user friendly.

A second quote from the same person reads:

“I have never encountered a situation where I have called after seeing a charge on my account that was erroneous and not received a refund”

This charge was not “erroneous” and the services were provided.

I am always open for a call if anyone ever has a question, qualm or concern. I can be reached at the office 800-880-8584 (ask for Michael) where the call will be tracked and recorded or if it is outside of business hours I can be reached on my cell 410-980-7922.

Thank you for taking the time to read this response.

Michael Urbanski, Real Estate Cooperative

Pathetic Internet Real Estate Lead Generation
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Rating: 2/51

INTERNET, ILLINOIS -- I signed up for USHUD internet real estate lead generation services on March 20. They promised leads for QUALIFIED individuals who want to purchase foreclosed properties. After 2 weeks I had received not one single lead and I finally received 3 this week after I sent a letter of complaint. Of the 3, one has a bad phone number and email, one is looking for Section 8 rental housing and the other has POOR credit. I am aware of the difficulty in converting leads as I subscribe to several other services. However, in order to convert 1 you actually need at least 30 leads.

I cannot believe that they are charging $199 per month for this ridiculous amount of leads. I asked for a refund after only 3 weeks and they simply canceled my account so no further charges would be made. This is unacceptable and I want a full refund. The amount they charge is highway robbery and there is no value in the information I received. They also promise exclusivity in the market, but they have at least 3 websites and sell to 3 different agents.

Also, since I signed up they keep sending me advertisements asking if I want to join and be the exclusive agent. Are you kidding me? I already signed up and they are recruiting me for the very same area...that shows their insincerity and lack of exclusivity.

Ripoff! Do Not Sign Up
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Rating: 1/51

DENVER, COLORADO -- I was solicited over the phone from USHUD, your first thought is it is a government agency. Then you find out they are trying to get you to subscribe to their lead service. Over a 10 day period, I received 6 or 7 "leads". Of all the leads I received I did not talk to or receive any replies to my phone calls or emails. I made several attempts to contact each lead at various times of the day and emailed each at least 3 times. NOTHING, nada, zippo! I received two phone responses that said, "the party you are calling is not accepting calls at this time." REALLY? I question the authenticity of the leads.

I called my credit card company and disputed the charge as I did not receive what I was promised. QUALITY LEADS! Unfortunately, at this point, I started looking at reviews and realized these guys are not legit. My bad for not researching them first and succumbing to the phone sale. LESSON LEARNED and not a cheap lesson. USHUD did cancel my subscription but disputed my claim. Now I will spend more time hassling these guys for my money. $100 per lead and I could not get one response from any of the leads. I even called a couple of the realtors listed on my "leads" to get their experience. Basically, they said the same thing. These guys are predators and do nothing but rip you off! IF YOU ARE SMART, DO NOT SIGN WITH THEM!

Great Company to work with
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Rating: 4/51

ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND -- I am confused with the bad reviews on here and do not understand why they did not do well. This is a really great way to get business. Yes, with some of the referrals you have to call 4-5 times but that is with any referral program... I have been using this company for almost and a month and very pleased. I believe the agents who wrote the bad reviews did not follow up like they should. A lot of people have unrealistic expectations when it comes to Lead Generation. The only way you wouldn't do well with this company is if the agent is lazy and does not pick up the phone.

It's CHEAP... for a Reason
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Rating: 1/51

DALLAS / FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- Buying leads is a bad idea in general but when you're new to the industry sometimes you just have to do it. The sales representative was nice but again she was a sales representative and I got duped. Just one reason people in sales get a bad representative I emailed her 2 weeks ago that I was done with their service and no longer wished to continue our business partnership.

Received a call yesterday asking about my choice to discontinue the service which I gladly and respectfully answered. Today I noticed a charge to one of my accounts for their service. Apparently I didn't make myself clear so I opted to contact them again. I was then told that they will not charge my account anymore but they will not refund the money taken. If you need leads... this isn't the place.

Great Referral Company
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Rating: 5/51

ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND -- I decided to try Ushud and I am so glad I did. I have tried several other companies including Zillow, Trulia and Realtor. Member services trained me to be the best at working their referrals. I have been with them for about 3 months now and I could not be happier. My conversion rate is about 1 out of 8 to 1 out of 9 and the ones I do not close, I put on a drip campaign. I would highly recommend this company and at least trying it out for one month so you can see what I am talking about for yourself.

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