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Warranty Issues
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Rating: 1/51

NORTHLAKE, ILLINOIS -- The furniture I have bought 2 years ago with warranty has now torn, ripped, color faded and has a huge dent in the middle of the furniture. The store does not cover any of this damage. Not only is this furniture really bad but the warranty does not cover ANYTHING. Never bought more expensive pieces that had worse quality. Furthermore, the company refuses to exchange it. Even after going through a huge process.

"Lost my chair"
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Rating: 1/51

BEAVERCREEK, OHIO -- Summary: Purchased chair for my husband for his birthday/Christmas on 12/22/2017. I was told it was on back order by and can be picked up on 01/24/2018. Disappointed but accepted the transaction because I loved the chair. Received a call on 01/23/2018. The chair was still on back order but would be in on Saturday 01/27/2018. I can pick up after 10 am. I called on Friday 01/26/2018, they said the chair would be available after 10 am for pickup. The weather was poor so I called to tell them I would be there after 1 pm.

The customer service representative said, "Oh. I don't think it came in." I then spoke with the manager whom said, "Well I guess it's still in a trailer at our warehouse, no one unloaded it." REALLY!! But I will check on Monday when they are open. I stressed the fact I've been waiting since 12/23/2017 for this chair. She seemed bothered, said she would get back to me on Monday.

Monday after no call all morning, I called the store to be told she went home early for the day. ANOTHER REALLY!!? What poor customer service. The CSR said I can tell her to call you tomorrow. Received a call midday on Tuesday from the manager. She said, "Hi, Don't know where your chair went, I have no clue so I am crediting your account." I said, "What do you mean you don't know where my chair went?" She said, "It wasn't on any of the trucks and I don't know where it's at and no one at the warehouse knows either."

I laughed and said, "And thats it. No other offer of another chair?" She said, "No. But I will credit your account." I was appalled. I will NEVER return to this store. I will make sure to tell everyone I know not to go. We use to get all of our home furnishings there but I will take my business elsewhere. POOR POOR SERVICE!!

Dissapointed With Lack of Care From Company
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Rating: 1/51

COLUMBUS, OHIO -- A few years ago had bad experience, told myself I would not go back, but had a store credit of almost $400 so I caved. Looked online picked out item, said "item can be picked up as soon as 11/11" Veteran's sale. Went to store 11/9/17 to purchase item, was told that cannot pick up till 11/19, or have delivered till after 11/21/17 (for extra $109) pulled item up online while in store. Items were pulled from corresponding store where I was shopping still said it can be picked up by 11/11/17, customer service said sorry not true.

Very disappointing and very disappointed. Again to go into store with hope and mindset of buying something and having it for the weekend. (Kitchen table and chairs, was told I can pick up chairs but not table, who wants to make 2 trips.) The customer service lady that was completing order pulled it up and it still said it can be picked up as soon as 11/11 online. Not true.

Told her that I would call corporate and let them know that it is very disappointing to go in and think you were getting item because the sale that just started for the weekend assures you that you can take it home this weekend. She smiled (what can she do) but I did call and did let them know that it was very disappointing that the ad was misleading (the representative online confirmed that it was not available for 11/11, a very detached confirmation) so I thanked him and hung up.

My fault for going back to the store, so I continued with purchase because I wanted to use the money I had in credit so I would not EVER have to go back. I should have learned from the last time I went shopping there that "they do not CARE”. But I am done shopping there, I am hoping that the pick up will at least go correct so I do not have to talk to anyone else from the store ever again. With that I hope that I am an exception to such incidents and your (whomever is reading this) experience is nothing like mine. Thanks for reading.

There Is No Such Thing as Customer Service With This Company
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Rating: 1/51

Run as far away from this store as possible! It's my pleasure to give this store the worst customer service review and I am a very easy going customer. October 2015 purchased a bed on sale... Couple months later was very dissatisfied with bed, having back issues, complaining to friends... Still paying it off... Tried to make it work.

Late July/early August after I finally have had it, bed is defective I call the service department and their response is to send out a representative from "Furniture Dr." to look at it. Guy comes, takes picture of red string draped across the bed, takes picture of tape measure of depression in the bed of 1 and half inches, takes my report of how unhappy I am with the mattress etc.

Next couple of weeks I get a message on my phone of how their inspector "pushed" the measuring tape into the mattress and they are not satisfied with the pictures he took. So they want to make another appointment to send someone out again to inspect the bed. Hell no! Now we are into early October and the bed is one payment away from being paid off...

I go into the store in person and speak with the Assistant Manager Kareem... He says he will talk to his Manager and get back to me and "see if we can't provide" help for my mattress. He never called me back at all... Called for a month of Sundays, every Sunday asking for Kareem... They are happy to keep you on hold, have you tell your story to the clerks. Suggest I call the salesman at another store (which I did). I have constantly been referred back to Service... So I called service tonight.

What a runaround... If you ask a direct question they say they don't know... They just want to send another tech out. I called the actual store in Woodbridge again for the 3rd time, held the line for 15 minutes until Kareem could be found in the store. He wanted nothing to do with me after 5 mins. and kept referring me to service. He said he spoke to his boss (Manager of the store) (I doubt it)... When I asked him why he never returned my 3 weeks of Sunday night phone calls, he didn't have an answer. When I kept saying the word "customer service" it didn't matter.

There is no such thing as the customer is right here, nor are they interested in servicing my need for an actual non defective bed. Here's my point: the first inspector didn't get the answer they were looking for! So they want a redo! Secondly, a pillow top mattress doesn't depress very well, the point of a pillow top mattress is that is stays fluffy on top. The problem is not the pillow top but the springs, construction underneath, just lay in it and the whole thing is defective and depressed to the point of "have fun trying to get out of it".

By the way, my kids are 75 lbs., and 120 lbs. and I am 175 lbs. No one here can lay on that bed and not be in pain the next day... We have all been to the chiropractor from it. I have slept on the couch more times than I care to say since August. This company doesn't believe in customer service... RUN and take your money somewhere else. Oh and Kareem... We were on the phone for 5 mins. not the 1/2 hour you so insulted me with. Never in my life have I ever encountered such horrific treatment from a store.

Poor Customer Service, No Merchandise After Paying
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Rating: 1/51

WHITE MARSH, MARYLAND -- I have never, ever received customer service, if you can call it that, as poor as what I've gotten from VCF since dropping $2500.00 in their hands on 04/05/17. This is long, bear with me - it is worth reading if you are considering shopping here (and I would recommend you go ANYWHERE ELSE!).

04/05/17 - Husband and I visit VCF White Marsh looking for a new CA King Mattress & Box Spring. We were greeted quickly by **, a Sales Associate. She took us directly to mattresses, helped us find the one we wanted. We paid on the spot. The entire transaction took under 1/2 hour. She set up our delivery for 04/12/17 - a little long but not unreasonable. My husband took the day off work to receive the mattress.

04/12/17 - My husband spends 45 minutes disassembling, moving & bagging our old mattress and box springs (they must be bagged for the VCF guys to remove them). Upon completing the task, he gets a call from one ** of VCF. **, from the shipping store (7735 Eastern Avenue) informs my husband that in loading the truck, it was noticed our bed's plastic cover was torn and the mattress was very dirty. Rather than deliver subpar merchandise, ** went ahead and canceled the order, put in a new one & rescheduled for delivery Saturday 04/15/17...SO WE THOUGHT.

My husband was mildly annoyed at the work he'd done to break down the old bed and that he had to put it all back together so we had a place to sleep but he was actually really happy that ** was so proactive and even took his name so I could write a letter to VCF letting them know about the good customer service ** provided. HA!

04/14/17 - Our delivery had been rescheduled for Saturday, 04/15/17 but on 04/14/17, we still had not received a confirmation of delivery window. We called VCF and EVERYTHING went downhill from there. The woman we spoke to first (didn't get her name, unfortunately) said ** was gone for the day BUT there was no order for us and no delivery scheduled. In fact, she informed us, our bed had already been delivered (NOPE!) I tracked the order online. The tracking info said BOTH "Your furniture has been delivered. Woot!" and "Delivery 04/15/17, no time assigned".

Not sure how that happens but anyway...the INCREDIBLY UNHELPFUL nameless woman informed us there was nothing she could do but she'd leave our number for ** to call us on Saturday morning but she did let us know we were most certainly NOT getting a bed on Saturday. By this time, it had been ten days since we'd not blinked an eye at paying the $2500.00 for the new bed.

04/15/17 - Surprise, surprise, ** did NOT call us. We stayed home all morning on Saturday just in case the bed showed up. We started calling the number we had for ** at 8 am. Until 10:05 am, it wasn't even possible to get thru the automated phone tree. At 10:05 am, we got thru to **. What a surprise, guess who was gone for the day? Yep, good ol' **. ** informed us, once again, there was no bed scheduled for delivery to us, ever. ** was also confused as to why our order showed both delivered and scheduled for delivery when there was in fact no bed in the warehouse at all.

She asked for some time to research and then call us back. She called back, let us know ** "had made an error" putting the new order in and the mattress set was OUT OF STOCK...then she asked my husband "Did you MEAN to order a California King?" We did in fact mean to order that. She said that was too bad as she has a King set in stock but no CA King until 04/25/17 at the very earliest and that this was not guaranteed. *She offered us a LOANER BED until ours was in stock. Gross! My husband asked that she call us back or better yet, she have ** call us back to let us know what the heck was actually happening and how it happened.

** also gave us a $200.00 credit for our "inconvenience". HOWEVER, I tracked my order today and while she did in fact give us a credit of $200.00 plus tax, WE ARE NOW BEING CHARGED A $139.99 DELIVERY FEE (we had free delivery on our original purchase!) $200.00 does not cover my husband's pay for the day he took off...not by a long shot. It's a shockingly embarrassing gesture on VCF's part.

04/19/17 - As of now we still have received NO CALL BACK from anyone at VCF. We have tried to reach **, our sales person; the mysterious **, ** and plain old generic Customer Service. We have called & we have emailed and I filled out VCF's customer satisfaction survey asking for a call back. NOTHING.

My order shows delivery scheduled for 04/25/17 (this is another week day - my husband is NOT taking the day off again only to have it all go awry again!). Giving VCF $2500.00 and, consequently whatever commission ** earned on that sale, was instantaneous but 14 days later, we have new bed, no call back, no delivery schedule. Nada.

**, ANYONE at VCF - you need to do something to make this right. The nonsense with paying for merchandise we haven't received is enough to irritate anyone but the complete lack of response and communication on your part is shameful. I clearly made a mistake when I decided to purchase my new bed (that may or may not even exist) from Value City Furniture.

Living Room Set
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Rating: 1/51

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- I bought a living room set. There was supposed to be leather. I've owned it a year. 3 months after purchase I started noticing the love seat shredding and peeling on the arms and cushion, then started seeing it from the sofa. Constantly sweeping the floor. It's all over our clothing. Every day all over the floors. Very embarrassing to say the least. The whole entire set is a disgrace for the money I paid to own it. You'd think it would of held up.

VCF Bad Policies
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Rating: 1/51

NORTH OLMSTED, OHIO -- Ok, so I bought a chair on the VCF website and opted for store pickup. I went to pick up the chair when it was in. The chair only had minimal wrapping, so the pickup person said we shouldn't unwrap it. I noticed a scuff on the top of the plastic but it didn't look like it would carry over to the chair itself. Of course when I got it home and unwrapped it, there was a scuff and a tear on the chair right where the mark on the plastic was.

I immediately called the store and they made a note of it and said they would get back to me. My wife took a call saying they were going to bring a new one out on 1/31/17. So I was at the house working from home that day waiting for them to come. Which they never did. I called the next day asking what happened, and the response I received was that the chair was in and I would need to come and pick it up.

Of course after I waited all day and was told a new one would be delivered, this was unacceptable. I was told that since I picked it up, I couldn't get the new one delivered. My stance was that I did pick up the merchandise as I was expected and expected to have a non-damaged chair. As far as I'm concerned, I did my part and I shouldn't have to go back to the store to rectify a problem that was created by the store. The store should bring me a replacement item to fix the problem. I was told the policy is in black and white that they won't fix the problem.

Unfortunately Ashley at the North Olmsted store passed the buck to the corporate office, then Sahara at corporate said she couldn't do anything and there to no supervisors available that I could speak with. I decided to call back and talked to Lita who also couldn't help me, but amazingly Mary (a supervisor) was available. This second call was literally 10 seconds after I hung up with Sahara. Mary also was no help and told me since the chair was less than the delivery charge that they couldn't deliver the new chair. The cost of what I bought should have nothing to do with replacing my damaged purchase.

So with this bad taste in my mouth I'm going to post this horror story everywhere I can find a place to put it in social media, just to help others avoid Value City Furniture at all costs. I should have known better than order anything from this garbage company who provides garbage products. Why wouldn't I receive garbage product and then garbage customer service? Avoid at all costs!

Broken Furniture... Twice! Useless Extended Warranty That Covers Nothing!
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Rating: 1/51

STREAMWOOD, ILLINOIS -- I went to Value City Furniture because a neighbor of ours bought some furniture there, and it all turned out well. Not so much for us! I went to VCF to replace some tattered family room furniture that we had. I found a very stylish combo of a love seat and two chairs. I bought the extended service policy also.

Within 5 months, the chrome legs started to break. According to the repairman from VCF, they were on national back order. I guess I'm not the only one with this problem! After a couple of months they came back out with some cheap black legs that were functional, but not nearly as nice as the originals. After those were installed the entire frame on the love seat broke. That tore the cheap vinyl material. That was it. After coming out for repairs several times, VCF suggested that we come to the store and pick out a new set. Grrr!!!

So I went, found a nicer leather electric recliner set that they had. Seemed nicer, and sturdier. Also substantially higher priced. But, I figured that it had to better than the crap that they sold me in the first place. Once again... not so much!

6 months went by. The padding in the new love seat started to go flat. Then the springs started detaching and poking through the material. Then, the frame started to collapse! I called the store, they sent someone out, then the excuses started. Then they asked me to call the warranty company. The warranty company wasted a mountain of my time and effort trying to get a replacement. They committed, but then came up with excuses. Then nothing.

I finally asked VCF to just give me my extended warranty money back. Which they did, I am sure just to get rid of me and their problem. I got the money back and had a furniture repair company come out to effect repairs. They told me that the furniture I purchased was not worth fixing!!! That it was the cheapest junk they had ever seen. They claim even IKEA sells better stuff for less money! Oh brother!!

Lesson: DON'T EVER SHOP AT VALUE CITY FURNITURE FOR ANYTHING! They sell crappy super cheap furniture. They and their warranty company do not stand behind anything that they sell. Go somewhere else. Spend 20% more money and just deal with credible people selling decent goods. For $3000 I think my furniture should have lasted more than 14 months before I had to put it on the curb. Never again!

Very Upsetting Situation for Former Value City Patron
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Rating: 1/51

COLUMBUS, OHIO -- A very long story short, I went into Value City for defective furniture exchange and I thought I purchased the 3 piece living room set like on the one I picked on the floor. Very excited went and told everyone about how wonderful the service was. When it was delivered I only received a 2 piece because the salesperson did not write it up correctly, but yet made it an almost even price exchange (it was an exchange for defective set they no longer carried to replace piece). I wanted prices to even out. I was assured that was no problem.

After a very stressful Saturday going back and forth with manager regarding the situation, there is no fix other than my purchasing the additional piece with more out of pocket money. As much as I loved the set when I thought I purchased the complete set now I hate it I don't even want to sit on it. Dilemma for me the floor is the only alternative to a sitting arrangement. Thank you for ruining my Saturday and in general my opinion of the services offered. I will not shop at Value City again. Sincerely a very upset former customer.

Very Bad
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Rating: 1/51

WOODBRIDGE, VIRGINIA -- Whatever you do, DO NOT ORDER FROM VALUE CITY. It is better to have no furniture than dealing with these incompetent people. I know my story is long, but if you are even considering stepping foot inside this store- I plead you to read my story.

The first location we went to was the Woodbridge store, one manager/supervisor –Ambreen, and 2 sales people we spoke to, gave us such attitudes as and the permanent “buzz off” look on Ambreen's face, no exaggeration was not something I wanted to deal with. So, we took our itemized receipt, and went to the Falls Church location and placed the order there. However, later we came to find out that the delivery location would be Woodbridge, and that's when the problems began.

We ordered furniture a month in advance to have it in time for our move in date, which of course didn't happen. We bought a full apartment's worth, a sofa, dining set, bedroom set, and a few extra items. First off, delivery was delayed by 7 hours. Yes, you read that right, it was supposed to be delivered by 3 pm, but didn't reach my place till 10:30pm!!

I understand traffic and delays can happen, but I mean come on, and to make it worse, we got one call around 4 pm saying they would be late by an hour, after that we kept getting the runaround about the ETA. When I spoke to a manager (I wish I had his name) all he could say was that there is nothing he could do, and when I said "okay, so what are the next steps in this", he said "I don't know and goodnight", hung up the phone.

What finally arrived was half a bedroom set (the bed was missing, and they didn't have “time” to put the mirror on the dresser so they left it by the wall in a box), chairs for the dinning set- but no table. We were told we would have all the pieces, but fine, whatever, we would wait. We were told we would get the remaining pieces after 2 days, which turned into a week. We decided to return the bed and nightstands, and scheduled the pickup for 3 days later (Tuesday) (over the phone) because that was the earliest they could do it.

I had a gut feeling that something would go wrong, so we went to the store to confirm what already happened over the phone (the next day, Sunday). Lo and behold, the pickup was never scheduled and did it again. I didn't get a confirmation call for the eta like expected, so the day before the supposed pickup I call to confirm the date. And GUESS WHAT!! The pickup (again) was not in the system, but in fact – they had it in the system as US returning the furniture to THE STORE. So, it suddenly became my responsibility to bring the furniture back to the store – after I was told on 2 different occasions, by two different people it would be picked up for me.

I called once to correct this, was put on hold for 12 minutes, then again for 20 minutes. Then again for 1 hour before I hung up. Then I called again, asking for it to be picked up on the original date. I am telling the girl my story of what happened, and she kept saying they cannot guarantee a time, which I said is understandable, so I asked for a manager to see if maybe they could help me. She then abruptly puts the phone down - I can hear muffled sounds, so I know she is talking to someone, and I assumed it was to ask if I can have the later delivery, so I stopped talking to let her speak with them.

A few seconds later, I stop hearing the noises and it's just silent so I assumed I was on hold (but there was no music playing either). Then, after a really long pause, I said “hello” and she answered “hello”, I asked, “what did your coworker/manager say about the delivery, because you went silent on me, or were you doing something else because you stopped talking to me?“ She says – “I was waiting for you to finish your story and didn't want to be rude by interrupting you so I was quiet. My coworker and I were talking about a stapler.” A stapler is more important then helping a customer with a delivery? It looks like someone needs to sort their priorities at their job.

My husband then called the store and was told they don't have any deliveries on Tuesday (although we had been told since Saturday that Tuesday will be the pickup), the earliest they could do it would be on Thursday- I still don't know how that suddenly switched. In the end, I finally got everything that needed to be returned back to wherever it came from, and then waited about 2 weeks for a refund, which I eventually got.

These employees and managers need a crash course in simple human interaction and common sense, customer service skills can come later. Referencing the above girl – how do you go silent on someone while on the phone, and just sit there, when the customer isn't even talking, and waiting for you to help with a delivery!? In what world does that make sense??? How Value City still operates is a mystery that will never be solved. I will be leaving this same review on any online review site I can find in hopes to avoid others getting mistreated like this.

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