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2008 Volvo S60 2.4 Turbo
By -

2008 Volvo S60 52,200 miles: The message center suddenly read, "Reduced Engine Performance," and the car went into limp mode. After shutting it off for a considerable time frame, it went off. It has been occurring intermittently for five days.

I finally got it to a dealership yesterday. I had been researching the internet on this issue and found it appears to be the ETM/Throttle Body - a common problem with Volvos in recent years. The dealership just called and said it is the Throttle Assembly Actuator. They informed me that Volvo no longer uses ETMs (since 2006) and have been using these Actuators instead. It is $982.15 to fix. Is anyone else having problems with the ETM replacement - the Actuator??? I am angry and upset. This car is 2,000 miles out of warranty. This is obviously an ongoing issue.

I told **, Service Adviser at Fields Volvo (Waukesha, WI), that I needed a telephone number for Volvo since this is obviously an ongoing issue (ETM had tons of problems and now so does it replacement!) and I do not want to pay for this repair. After a long, awkward silence, I was given the "800" number.

I called Volvo Customer Service and expressed how angry I was especially since the car warranty ENDED AT 50,000 MILES AND MY CAR HAS 52,200 MILES ON IT! She replied, "You wouldn't be angry if it was still under warranty." "Actually, Ma'am, I would be. No 2008 luxury car with 52,200 miles on it should be on the back of a tow truck unless it's crashed! I drove my last two cars to well over 200,000 miles!"

Volvo Customer Service told me that they would submit it for review to the Regional Manager. She stated that it would take 2-3 business days for my case to be assigned, and refused to give me the name of the Regional Manager citing, "That is not public information."

I started life out a little "behind". My previous cars chose me (price, availability, size, etc.) - I've never gotten to select a car of my choice. I always dreamed of owning a Volvo. It was the "if I win the lottery" car of my dreams. I drove the same car for ten years to save enough money for my prized Volvo (who I affectionately named "Edward"). What a joke! Was I "duped!"

Worst Car in My 25 Years of Driving
By -

Volvo S60 is the worst car I have experienced in my 25 years of driving experience. I bought it in 2001 for about US$50,000+ (Taiwan price) and soon after, the price of new S60 was dropped by about US$10,000, severely damaging my resale value. When the car is about 8 years old and 80,000 km, its parts started a spree of breaking down.

So far, more than US$10,000 of repair bills (regular maintenance not included) have been accumulated and the transmission is acting up. Unbelievable! A brand used to be known for dependability but not the look seems to have swapped for the worse.

Don't Buy a Volvo - Money Pit Takes on a Whole New Meaning
By -

We thought we had researched this car but have been sooooo disappointed in the quality in every area of the car. The gas mileage is terrible 20 miles average. The electronic ignition went out and just after that the electronic door locks! The leather cracks and splits even though we have used the proper products to keep it nice. We have had have the two front seats recovered. The boots for the gear shift and the brakes were replaced as well. We only have 40,000 miles on the car! We will never buy another Volvo and I hope that this review will encourage others to stay far away from this car manufacturer.

Gas Mileage
By -

BULLHEAD CITY, ARIZONA -- When folks look at increasing gas mileage, I suggest they look at the Volvo S60. This is a medium-sized car with a great safety record. I get between 24-26 miles in town driving and 30-32 on highway driving. The car is NOT a compact but gas mileage compares favorably with many of the small compacts. Check it out!

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