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Six Hour Install
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Rating: 5/51

KINGSPORT, TENNESSEE -- Bought a house for my mother four years ago. Its board batten no room to insulate in the walls. And had old leaky windows. We needed to stop the air from escaping thru the old windows fast. Window World was not quite 189.00 but we had to have them remove storm windows and install white metal trim windows. Came in under 300.00 per window. The install of six windows took nearly six hours, which told me that they were taking their time and doing a good job. The guy who was assisting the install was the stepson of the owner of this particular Window World. They did a very neat job cleaned up the house when they were done and caulked inside and out.

So far there is no failure of any kind to the windows and mom's little house heats up so much better now. With new windows and a blanket of blow in insulation in the attic. Windows are great. Install was done with care. So far I have to give the a big thumbs up in our area, where most window dealers wanted 600.00 per window in her little house. I could see spending that if you had a new airtight insulated house. But for our application we really needed just to stop the air infiltration in her place and the product they sold us did just that.

If you're in the Kingsport TN area I would highly recommend you use them. I just bought a home in gate city VA, built in 1930. Was over there the other day and even with the storm windows shut up, I used my vape pen to blow vape around the windows inside and could immediately see the smoke get sucked into the void between the storm window... I am definitely going to call Window World to do the work on this house as I need 31 windows. This is an old historic house and also has no insulation... New windows will keep the heat inside and assist in lowing your heating costs.

We tried everyone had them come out and the lowest we got before calling Window World was nearly 500.00 per window and was simply not doable. Our windows came in a little under 300.00 each and work great. I'm sorry everyone else had such a bad experience and did not get the quality of work that we did. I guess it's just the subcontractors, of which you cannot predict. Even with Lowe's they use subcontractors so there is always a chance you're going to get ** work even with a more expensive window. (sigh).

Bad Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- I had used Window World for a house I owned in 2009 with great results. I recently sold that house and moved into a new one (early 2016) that needed new windows and went with Window World since I had a nice experience with them previously. Ugh, big mistake. The actual windows themselves are fine, but the service was so horrible it would have been comical if I didn't have to deal with the results and the continual follow-up in an attempt to fix my issues.

First off, the salesperson made a mistake on the order and I ended up with only one privacy frosted window when I actually ordered two privacy frosted windows. I tried to remedy this issue, but really I didn't want them to remove the clear window and install a frosted window because they had caused property damage with other windows and I didn't want to risk more damage. Also, the company refused to acknowledge the mistake, they explained to me how I had "changed my mind" or maybe my husband changed the order (I'm not married, I was the only one dealing with the company, and my name was the only name on the documents).

I also didn't want to wait another 7 weeks to have a new window manufactured and invite not so great characters into my home for yet another uncomfortable installation. There were two guys that came to remove/install the windows, one guy was okay but missing most of the day because he was at home improvement stores looking for tiles to replace the ones that were broken when removing my old patio door to install the new one. The other guy was swearing and yelling and just generally making comments about how unhappy he was about doing this work - how uncomfortable and potentially dangerous!

When I brought this up to manager he said that he knows the guys on my job and they never use that kind of language, but he's not saying he doesn't believe me. Sure. I'm not even sure they know who they send out on the jobs anyway because my form had whiteout over the installer's name with a name written over it, but that name wasn't the name of either of the guys that were there!

As soon as they had left after the installation I knew I would need to call someone to come back because the caulking was done in a rush and had huge gaps that should have been filled. I didn't feel comfortable bringing it up at the time because the one guy seemed so angry and potentially dangerous. When I called and asked for someone different to be sent out to re-do the caulking (and air my other complaints), they did not seem to think any of my issues were valid, did not provide me with solutions, and they sent the same guy from the installation.

Even the second time around the guy still missed spots in the caulking and was in an incredible hurry. It's hard to get anything done when the company just doesn't want to acknowledge any issues. Hopefully I don't have to use the lifetime warranty for any reason, I can only imagine the fight I'd have to go through to get warranty service.

Poor Customer Service and Installation and the Office Manager Threatened Me!
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Rating: 1/51

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA -- When I first contacted Window World I set up an appt for the salesman to come out. Well I found out he didn't order all of my windows and ordered the door wrong 3 times and lied on my credit application. Well after months of waiting they came to install my windows and door. Door did not fit. As the crew was working on my windows they broke all of the glass out of the existing windows. Did not clean up any of the glass out of the floors nor did they clean the outside. I called them on this and the girl in the office all she could say was, "I'm well not sorry enough."

Both of my kids ended up getting glass pieces in their feet even after I cleaned up and thought I had gotten it all. I have small dogs as well and they stepped on the broken glass outside. I have had flat tires and so have my parents just from coming in my driveway where they dropped nails and screws but when you call the office you get the same girl and all she says is "I'm sorry!!"

I then asked them what they were going to do about my door since it was going on the 3rd time of ordering my sliding door and asked what could be done about the big picture window that was not ordered and to make a long story short one of the office managers which was a man this time and I wanted them to at least give me a price break and they wanted me to sign a new contract for the picture window. I refused and he threatened to sue me.

There was no customer service whatsoever. They don't care as long as they get what they want. Window World of Richmond VA also charged me before the work was even finished. I want people to know what kind of shady crap they do.

Caused me to lose $400 worth of meat in deep freeze, about spent the night
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Rating: 2/51

BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA -- Window World was supposed to be at my house between 12 and 2. I had a doctor appointment that day at 1:30 and rescheduled it for 9 so that I would be home. They call around noon and tell us that they are finishing up another job and that it will be more like 4-4:30. I wasn't even offered the option to reschedule! They show up right at 4:30 and get straight to work. They were to install 10 window. They finished the job up and left at 11pm! They didn't screw in the kitchen window AT ALL and we were shorted a screen. They totally disrupted my dinner and bedtime routine of my 2 and 4 year olds.

A few days later, I go out to our covered porch to a horrendous smell - like something had died! Come to find out, while installing a window one of the guys knocked the plug partially out of the outlet to our deep freeze. (We live in Alabama and this week the temps were in the high 90's with unreal humidity). I lost $400 worth of meat and peas and had to clean the deep freeze out with bleach! I emailed WW, no reply. I sent them a message on Facebook. A few hours later, Larry called. He told me he was sorry for what happened and that "it would be taken care of along with compensation for the clean up".

I waited a week, no check. I Facebook'd again. They were sending the check. I received a check for $150... $150 for $400 worth of meat and clean up??? I sent them another message on Facebook. Larry just called me and proceeded to tell me that $150 was the best that he could do. I reminded him of what he said about "taking care of it" and he said that he did not specify a dollar amount. I'm sorry, but when I give them a dollar amount in damages and his reply is "It will be taken care of", that tells me that he will cover the cost of damage! I was furious and told him that WW did not mind taking my $5000 and I could not believe this is how he is handling this.

Poor and Sloppy Installation and Horrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

RI, RHODE ISLAND -- About 2 months ago I hired Window World to come in and install windows in my living room and in my kitchen. They were at my home for six hours and they told me that the job is going to take to 2-3. I had to miss work as a result of the misquoted time. I was told that the representative who I spoke to was poorly trained and should not have told me that time. The installers were very unprofessional and sloppy and the windows installed as a result need to be redone because the job was so poorly done. They also left a tremendous mess in my house and in my yard.

I had to deal with management to try to get the situation rectified and for two months now I've been trying to get this done and it's been one thing after another. They were scheduled to come at 9 o'clock today and now I just got a call saying that they sent their installer out to another job first and then he will get to my house. So I've rearranged my schedule several times to accommodate.

The bottom line is they don't care about the customer and they do sloppy work because my windows are still in need of being repaired and I haven't been able to put my blinds up for 2 months or have any privacy until this job is done. And they don't communicate well at all with their customers. Very unsatisfied and would not recommend them.

Bad Installation - customers are last
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Rating: 2/51

FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- Window World expects customers to wait around at Window World's convenience for installation. Customer is stuck after putting half down. Require the customer to be home all day and say they will call with a estimate of time but do not keep their promise. Would not order again. What business model requires the customer to just hang out all day with no reference of time? Finally called the corporate office and had to wait on a call. Was finally called by installers on job site using his cell phone with a bad signal saying 5 hours later. I had requested a morning install. Very bad experience all around.

Poor Customer Service and Installation
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Rating: 1/51

CHANTILLY, VIRGINIA -- I hired Window World to do a complete replacement of the exterior of my 3000 sq foot home (roof, siding, gutters). Sales negotiations went well and our sales representative was always responsive. However installation and project management were terrible. The installation crew was unprofessional, had little knowledge of the product being installed and even attempted to fabricate makeshift materials when they ran out of supplies.

The roofing crew showed up on site without an air compressor and had to borrow my unit for a day. On another day the siding guys did not have a saw and again asked to borrow my tools to complete their work. Several days the workers were on site without a work truck containing necessary tools. Countless calls were made to Window World DC to have a representative come out and oversee their subcontractors. It wasn't until the project was nearly complete that the installation manager stopped by the site. At that point the job had been overdue by almost a full week and most of the work was complete.

A daily mess was left and at one point the workers even used my grill cover as a tarp to cover the air conditioning unit. 6 months after the installation I am still finding problems and have had Window World DC cancel on me twice the day before they were due after committing to the date to complete the repairs. While in my attic I noticed that the professional roofers had roofed over a 4" hole in the plywood and the siding team had placed siding over missing sheathing on the gables on the house. House wrap and step flashing were visible from inside the attic.

The attractive price was not worth the horrible experience that I have had. Here is a quote from the latest email with Window World DC on rescheduling. Apparently if they do the work for you ensure that it will be done by ** as he is the only worker available to do quality work.

From Install Manager **: "We as a company want/need ** to be the one to do the repairs at your house since he knows exactly what is needed to be done and to make sure the quality of work is top notch. I could get another crew, but we would not trust that everything would come to meet your/our standards."

Update 07/11/2014:

All issues from the original installation were finally corrected though it took several months to complete.

I hired window world to do a complete replacement of the exterior of my 3000sq foot home (roof, siding, gutters). Sales negotiations went well and our sales rep was always responsive. However installation and project management were terrible. The installation crew was unprofessional, had little knowledge of the product being installed and even attempted to fabricate makeshift materials when they ran out of supplies.

The roofing crew showed up on site without an air compressor and had to borrow my unit for a day. On another day the siding guys did not have a saw and again asked to borrow my tools to complete their work. Several days the workers were on site without a work truck containing necessary tools. Countless calls were made to window world DC to have a representative come out and oversee their subcontractors. It wasn't until the project was nearly complete that the installation manager stopped by the site. At that point the job had been overdue by almost a full week and most of the work was complete. There are too many details to list everything that went wrong.

No Response After A Month Of E-Mails Calls And Texts
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Rating: 1/51

PENSACOLA, FLORIDA -- Approximately 1 month ago, March 21st, 2014, a Window World representative from the Pensacola, Fl store came to our house after we requested a quote for all new windows (will be about 25 in all). He spent about an hour and a half at our house. He told us that he would get us a quote in about a week (we have some unique windows he has to figure out) so I figured that was about right. The following Friday my wife receives a call from Window World's quality assurance office (or something like that) asking if we were going to purchase from them. My wife told them that we are not sure because we hadn't received a quote yet.

The representative told my wife that she would get on that right away. Fast forward to Tuesday, 15 April, 2014 still no word from anybody at Window World. My wife even e-mailed and left text messages for the man who came out to measure them and he has not responded. This is kind of weird because he was a very nice and knowledgeable person and we were excited about getting new windows. On 15 April I e-mailed the office in Orlando Florida and stated that I was not happy with not receiving any response from Window World.

I explained all of the above to him and also said that if I did not hear back from him that I would e-mail the corporate office, this was Tuesday night at 8 p. m., I received a response within 5 minutes from a ** in Orlando asking that I please give him a call so he can look into this issue and said thanks for my patience. I did not call that night because I was at the bowling alley. I phoned him the next morning at 11:30 a. m. His secretary said he was not in yet and asked if I wanted to be sent to his voicemail. I said yes and I left a message to please call me with my cell and office number.

Tomorrow will be a week and still have not heard from him. Friday night I e-mailed the corporate office in North Carolina, again explaining the above and also asked if this is Window World's standard operating procedure (not calling back customers) told them I would never buy from them and that I would not refer them to any of my friends and acquaintances. I also said that I was going to start leaving negative comments as well but was giving them an opportunity to rectify the situation. Well, I've still heard nothing.

Window World, what is your problem? If my house is too much of a hassle to put in new windows all you have to do is say so. Not returning calls or e-mails is pretty [upsetting]!!! I would have been spending quite a bit of money on you. Oh yeah, I just remembered, the rep who came to my house was also going to have their vinyl siding person get a hold of me. Well guess what?? They've never called either. So I guess what I really need to say is that this is one unprofessional company and I'm really surprised they are even in business!!!

Do Not Buy Anything From Window World seriously
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CHANTILLY, VIRGINIA -- I have had the worst experience ever with Window World of DC. First of all they say the sell a 189 window installed, that's a lie. Yea sure they will install it for 189 but you got to get this and that (you have to get the ext. Trim and low/e argon gas and any other options more $$$) and the 189 is their low end window... So right off the bat it's more like 400 per window minimum. OK so that isn't the bad news... Oh and the sales people will show you reviews and comments from previous customers raving about the company but I think that's total bs probably just made it up themselves.

The sales people tell you "oh you'll get a call in a few days 3-5 at the most and someone will come to measure your windows"...Another lie. Nobody calls you. No one. You have to call and practically beg and complain for someone to come out. And when these people who work over there answer the phone they have this attitude like why are you calling me? What's your problem? Customer service really really really sucks. The people who work there must be miserable. It's like you're calling the morgue. You got to be courteous, have a smile in your voice but more like they're angry that you called.

Oh and when this measurer does call you he doesn't speak English. Yea so you have a really hard time trying to communicate and the caller gets upset with you and yells at you. Umm hello I'm the customer I should be upset not you. And the installers don't speak English so you got to call the office and go through hell just to communicate. I mean they speak very limited basic English. And I got no problem if you can't speak English but if I'm paying you guys thousands of dollars I shouldn't have to go through that to ask questions during install.

Cheap windows cheap labor a friend told me. So they say 4-6 weeks from time you sign a contract to the time you get installed another lie. Took 3 months. It was a nightmare mismeasures, order wasn't placed correctly, oh the truck from the factory didn't bring the windows blah blah blah excuses excuses.

And they rave about their lifetime all inclusive warranty. Yea if you call and complain 10 times and put up with their horrible customer service. If you ever call them they'll say I need to take a message we'll call you back... Yeah next year. I had to drive to their office just for them to listen to me when I had a warranty issue and when I just wanted to know what the hell is taking so long for you guys to call a customer back. Look if I wasn't so upset with their product, service, and just the way they treat people I wouldn't be wasting my time putting this up. I just don't want anyone else to go through this nightmare because they say they're great but they're not.

Company Response 04/01/2009:

This review was written by a previous disgruntled employee that was terminated from our company.

Company Response 04/03/2009:

The attorney for Window World of DC is in the process of pursuing this former employee to the fullest extent of the law because of acts committed while in the employ of our company. Further, he will challenge the site to remove these lies and inuendos.
We take customer service very seriously. We have grown our business in the DC metro area to be one of the most successful window replacement firms in this area. We install over 20,000 units per year with approximately 40-50% of that coming from referrals. Obviously that would not happen if we were not satisfying our customers.

Avoid Window World
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Rating: 1/51

OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- We had windows original to the house (1982) and decided that the curtains blowing inside on a windy day was a bad thing. We got estimates from a few companies. They ranged from $18,000-$3,000, needless to say the $18,000 was a no go. We decided to go with window world even though they were not the cheapest. The sales person was not all that great. I frustrated him because I did my research and knew what I wanted.

After 6 weeks my windows finally came in. I had 8 windows but because the opening on one was so big they had to make it into 2 windows. The first scheduled date for install was cancelled because it was too cold and my house has half of the windows in stone and the mortar won't set in temps below 32 degrees. The second install day came up and the temp was only 34 degrees but they decided to roll with it. They were supposed to show up between 8-9 am. At 9:30 I called and was told they were about to leave. Then I called again at 11:00 and was told they were about 30 minutes away even though my house is less than an hour from their wear house.

They finally showed up at 12:30. They told me they should be able to get most of the way done in the 5 hours they had. They got 2 windows out and 2 placed and foamed around the edges. I told them they could be at my house at 7 the next morning to start working. They showed up at 8:30. They told me that their trailer with my windows in it fell off while driving down the highway. At 12:00 they had removed one more window and installed the interior trim on 2.

I was quite ticked off and told them I could not miss anymore work. They decided to work outside and get it all buttoned up. That didn't happen. When I got home it was half done and looked like crap. They set a 3rd day to work on my house. I told them I would not allow the first 2 installers back in my property. They sent 2 new guys that were able to do the next 5 windows in 4 hours. So if you get the Pete and chad I'm sorry. Chad seemed like a smart guy, he was the helper so he couldn't take charge. But Pete is a moron, send them away and ask for a different group of installers.

With this company the right hand does not know what the left is doing. I had a $35 balance left to make to conclude my business with this company. I was told not to worry about it they would write it off because of the hassle I went through. That was the least they could do after I took 3 days off. Then I get a bill in the mail for the $35, I call and had to talk to 3 people to get it taken care of. The manager Scott is a moron and after meeting him and talking to him I am not impressed. He kept saying "we will make it right, you have my word." Well his word is crap! Do not use this company, you will regret it.

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