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Single Mom With 3 Insurances From Aflac and Company Is Always There When I Need the Most Help
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Rating: 5/51

I recently experienced a difficult surgery that confined me to my home and rehabilitation. I was not able to work and it took time for me to take care of myself. Thanks to Aflac, I was able to pay some bills that relieved my stress. This is not the only time I have been helped. When I received treatment for breast cancer in Houston, Aflac was also there to assist me with treatment expenses and travel. Now that I am a senior, I'm thankful for the purchase of my three insurances with Aflac in my younger years. Thank you, thank you!!!

AFLAC scams money
By -

AFLAC came to my place of business in the intention on picking up customers in the middle of 2009. The agent I talked with at this particular time explained to me all the particulars of my policy. I had to have surgery on my foot in May 2010. Before I had surgery I called AFLAC and inquired as to whether I would be covered for this particular surgery as it would mean I needed to be out of work and off my feet for at least 6 weeks.

I asked for a packet of information and all forms needed to present to my surgeon so I would be prepared paperwork-wise when I did have surgery. I was assured I was covered by the person I talked to at that time in the local office in Franklin, Virginia. My physicians sent all required completed paperwork to AFLAC at least 6 times. On July 6, 2010 I called the main office and asked what the problem was when I did not receive any disability payment. I was informed at that time my policy had been rescinded and would be issued a check for the premiums I had been having taken out of my bi-weekly paycheck.

I called the main office today July 20, 2010 and was told I would only receive one day of disability pay. I plan on contacting the BBB as well as many governmental departments to report AFLAC for this travesty. My advice to anyone who is contemplating AFLAC-DON'T. They scam people while collecting your money and making promises they do not intend to keep.

The duck stops here
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I had an agent approach me in early November. I signed up for several policies costing me about $200 a month, which was fairly cheaper than any other offer I had received through other insurance companies. I canceled the policy (my job offered me insurance) probably a few days after I signed up for it, as my agent told me I could do, thought that was it. I received the confirmation letter and everything!

Here it is in mid March them sending me a letter telling me I owe them premiums??? That they have been taking out their cut out of my paychecks all this time! I am FURIOUS! I had no idea they were taking money out of my check! I thought it was the insurance I had signed up through the company I work for! Never again will I sign up for anything unless my job provides for it! SCAM ARTISTS!

To all the AFLAC haters!
By -

I have read a lot of complaints about a lot of companies. What a bunch of whiners! Every service or products have pros and cons. Most Insurance policies have fine print and exclusions. Buy and be educated. One of you claim your AFLAC policy won't pay enough or not at all. Did you follow the instructions when you filed your claim? Did you increase your coverage to cover your new wage? Did you read your entire policy or just trust what someone said to you. AFLAC pays out almost. 70 cents on every 1.00 dollar of premium collected. No other supplemental Insurance company can say that!

Why did colonial change their name to UMUM??? Too much Bad Press? Look up the 10 worst insurance companies in 2009. AFLAC is no place to be found!!! Allstate is #1 and Unum is #2. The county employee that was complaining said something about a scheduled surgery, could that have been pre-existing? What waiting period did you choose? What Benefit period did you choose? Get the facts on any policy and know how it works BEFORE you need to use it. That goes for anything! Google most ethical Insurance companies and see what you find. Now Google the worst. Write back soon with your results.

Don't Buy It. Waste of Money.
By -

NORTH CAROLINA -- My daughter was spider bitten and almost 3 weeks still nothing. First our representative gave us the wrong fax number and it took her a week to get us the right one. Then she says she faxed all of the info in but I called and Aflac has no record. Today which makes it 3 weeks since the accident they said they got it on the 5th of Sept and she said she re-faxed it on the 2nd. They still say they don't have anything and now she is telling me that she called and they do have it but since it was a holiday it's behind. I asked her when they got it and she says she doesn't know but they are doing the claims from the 3rd of Sept and mine is a couple days behind.

Well...if she faxed it on the 2nd and they got it then why are they doing claims received on the 3rd and mine is not looked at yet? Too much funny stuff and we are very skeptical. I was also told that if I wanted to cancel I had to wait until the re-enrollment period. You cannot cancel anytime you want!!! THINK LONG AND HARD. IS IT REALLY WORTH IT?

Horrible Company
By -

GEORGIA -- Denies claims for no reason. Will not even notify you of the denial!

Misrepresentation Of Coverage
By -

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I sat down with an Aflac representative while I was pregnant. I asked specifically what if I have complications and cannot return to work after 6 weeks. I was told that I would have a payable claim. Well, I did have complications requiring a C-Section and I cannot work for 8 weeks minimum and I was told that they would not pay the claim since I was pregnant when I applied for coverage. I pay $55 per month for this insurance and I am going to cancel it.

The New Aflac Commercials Suck

At least Gilbert Gottfried's Aflac Commercials were humorous. THE new ones are insulting. The new voice of the duck does not cut it. THE pigeon is enough to drive you up the wall and those frogs, et. al. need to be gagged or at least the people that provide the voices. Whenever one of these commercials comes on we either mute the set or change the channel. Would never buy a product from a company that assaults the airwaves like they do.

Aflac Is a Joke
By -

I have been paying Aflac for ten years and never had to make a claim. When the time came that I did need them, it has been a wild goose chase that has been going on for months. I have paid in over ten thousand dollars and I get no help what so ever from their customer support. It's the same runaround week after week. No end in sight. Save your money. Avoid Aflac at all cost.

Lies, broken promises...but no money
By -

I've already written a very long, very comprehensive rant about Aflac which can be viewed here, so I'll keep this relatively short. Aflac LIED to me--not just to me, but to my husband, my daughter, and my brother, all of whom spoke to them on numerous occasions, both via phone and in person over a 1-1/2 year period. I had an unusual set of circumstances, i.e., one accident that occurred at work followed by a second, unrelated accident that occurred at home, but BEFORE I had returned to work from the first one.

For 1-1/2 years we were told that as soon as my workers' comp benefits ended for the first injury, Aflac would begin paying my benefits on the second one. But once we filed the claim, they suddenly decided that I didn't qualify for benefits because of a "continuation" clause in my policy, i.e., since I had never returned to work following the first accident--which they DEFINITELY knew about--the second accident, although totally unrelated to the first, was considered a continuation of the first.

So why didn't they mention that during the 1-1/2 years that we were continually told they'd start paying benefits once workers' comp had ended for the first injury? Hmmmm...I wonder if it had something to do with wanting to keep collecting my premiums! How convenient that NO ONE at Aflac thought about the "continuation clause" until AFTER I filed the claim.

We documented every phone call with the name of the person we spoke to, the date, the topic(s) discussed, etc., so unless Aflac just wants to blatantly lie about these conversations, even they would have to acknowledge them. And they'll have their chance--in court. I'm currently exploring suing them, both personally and as part of a class-action lawsuit.

Based on the hits my "Aflac complaint" page has been getting, and the search terms that led people to it, it's quite clear that I am by no means the only policyholder who has been lied to and cheated out of benefits I paid for. The bottom line, in my humble opinion: Aflac sucks. Pure and simple. Run in the opposite direction if you're ever approached to buy policies from them.

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