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1932 Wynnton Rd.
Columbus, GA 31999
800-992-3522 (ph)
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Aflac Corporate Is A Joke
By -

IOWA -- Our company started with Aflac in early 2007. The rep here is good, but even he was frustrated at how incompetent the corporate office has become. I will explain. Each time we had an employee drop the plan it took months for AFLAC Corp to remove them from the billing. So we paid the billing short with a copy of the dropped status a check with the account number listed in the memo portion of the check.

November, December of 2007, January and February of 2008 they cashed the checks but in turn sent everyone in our company a letter stating that the company has failed to make the payments and their insurance will lapse unless they pay ALAC directly. They sent our company a notice for those months also that they were canceling our policy due to nonpayment.

We have been in numerous phone conversations with the rep and their corporate office. The rep understands but the corporate people can't figure out the problem. Needless to say we are now canceling what I think is a decent policy, but incompetence can ruin a company. I would not invest in their stock or their product until they get control of their corporate office.

Aflac Is a Joke
By -

I have been paying Aflac for ten years and never had to make a claim. When the time came that I did need them, it has been a wild goose chase that has been going on for months. I have paid in over ten thousand dollars and I get no help what so ever from their customer support. It's the same runaround week after week. No end in sight. Save your money. Avoid Aflac at all cost.

Misrepresentation Of Coverage
By -

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I sat down with an Aflac representative while I was pregnant. I asked specifically what if I have complications and cannot return to work after 6 weeks. I was told that I would have a payable claim. Well, I did have complications requiring a C-Section and I cannot work for 8 weeks minimum and I was told that they would not pay the claim since I was pregnant when I applied for coverage. I pay $55 per month for this insurance and I am going to cancel it.

Don't Buy It. Waste of Money.
By -

NORTH CAROLINA -- My daughter was spider bitten and almost 3 weeks still nothing. First our representative gave us the wrong fax number and it took her a week to get us the right one. Then she says she faxed all of the info in but I called and Aflac has no record. Today which makes it 3 weeks since the accident they said they got it on the 5th of Sept and she said she re-faxed it on the 2nd. They still say they don't have anything and now she is telling me that she called and they do have it but since it was a holiday it's behind. I asked her when they got it and she says she doesn't know but they are doing the claims from the 3rd of Sept and mine is a couple days behind.

Well...if she faxed it on the 2nd and they got it then why are they doing claims received on the 3rd and mine is not looked at yet? Too much funny stuff and we are very skeptical. I was also told that if I wanted to cancel I had to wait until the re-enrollment period. You cannot cancel anytime you want!!! THINK LONG AND HARD. IS IT REALLY WORTH IT?

Aflac - 72 Hr Turnaround on Claims
By -

COLUMBUS, GEORGIA -- I recently filed a claim with Aflac and I was expecting it to take 2-3 mos to get my check. Imagine my surprise when about 3 days later I was looking at a Claims Check made out to me from Aflac! Wow! That was fast! Great job, guys! Keep up the good work!

I don't what that other lady's problem was. Perhaps she failed to read her policy. I know when I first got mine, I thought if my accident policy had a hospital benefit that it would cover me for any trip to the hospital. It wasn't until I read my policy that I realized that like a tool, my policy had a right and wrong way to be used. Thank God, I didn't listen to that lady and cancel my policies. Otherwise I would have really been up a creek...without my DUCK!

Filing Claims Or Denied Claims Or Delayed Claims Due To Run Around Techniques
By -

SOUTH CAROLINA -- If you have problems getting claim paid from any insurance company follow these steps...

1st when dialing in to home office ask for supervisor of claims.

2nd go up chain of command if necessary.

3rd if not satisfied write a letter to company about claims and finally file a complaint with your States insurance Commissioner the last is a legal consultation... Any insurance policy should state clearly that they "promise to pay"

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