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You're Not in Good Hands, Seriously!
Posted by AllStateSucks on 12/18/2010
My fiancee and I had our auto and home insured through AllState. We never had any problem until the night that I checked my Allstate online account to find out that our homeowner insurance policy didn't show up on the screen. We called and found out that we were terminated a few months before that night because our roof was not in what Allstate considered acceptable shape. We did have an inspection prior to purchasing the home and our home inspector had told us we had 3-5 years before a replacement roof was needed. We expected to need a replacement in the near future, however we weren't expecting to be dropped from our insurance because of this.
We would've appreciated the notice and would have replaced our roof right away because we care about our house and having insurance. The Allstate representative said they notified us and we failed to respond. We immediately searched our Allstate file in the event we mistakenly missed it, but there was nothing there regarding needing a roof replacement.
My fiancee burst into tears when we were told that AllState would absolutely not insure us because of our delinquency to reply to their notice. We explained that we never received such notice as we would have acted on it and did not have any record of it in our files, but Allstate said they did not know that was true because many people choose to go without insurance and we could be those kind of people. We further explained that we would not be calling them to address this issue if were indeed those kind of people, as we wouldn't care to be without insurance, but our call clearly showed our concern. The representative told us there was nothing they could do for us as they would not insure us now that we had chosen to go several months without insurance. We asked to speak to a manager and were told that a manager would tell us the same thing and that it was a waste of our time. We still requested to speak to a manager, against the representative's advice and were told we'd receive a call within 24 hours but we never received a call.
My fiance took the next day off of work so we could work to resolve this problem and get insurance elsewhere since Allstate would not insure us. While she was on the phone with Allstate, trying to find out why we never received these notices, an Allstate representative slipped that they where not sent to the correct address. It turns out the address they sent the letters to was a rental apartment we lived in previously to owning our house. Funny enough, they sent everything else (bills for both auto and homeowner) to our most recent address, so how did everything but these notices make it to the correct address?
When we found out that AllState sent the letter of notice to the wrong address, they told us we were just as liable as AllState for making sure that the mail was sent to the correct address. We were told that we should have checked to make sure they had the corrrect address. We explained that we never thought they had an incorrect address since the address was correct on our online account and all other mail from their company was delivered to our home address. Furthermore, when we set up the insurance we gave the address of the house where we would need to be insured. Allstate refused to admit any responsibility for this and instead blamed us for not checking to make sure they had the correct address. We asked why they didn't contact us by phone or email if we didn't respond to these very important letters but responded to everything else they ever sent us, but were again told the mistake was in our hands.
My fiancee found other companies that would be willing to insure us at a much higher price since we had been without insurance, but only if we could provide documentation on why we were terminated. She contacted Allstate again and was told that such documentation could not be found. The only documents they could find was a letter stating the termination, but not the reason for termination. This made it impossible to get insurance elsewhere. My fiancee tried yet another Allstate representative, this time someone local. At first the AllState agent had basically the same attitude like the woman from the night before, but he did finally agree to reinstate our policy. Nonetheless, he was merciless in stating that we would have to have our roof fixed before our renewal policy, which only gave us 19 days. We got our roof replaced (tear-off and replaced all boards) the next week. We notified the agent right away, but he said it would take at least a couple of weeks before he could get an inspector to come out to check the roof. When asked whether that meant that AllState would terminate our policy again the AllState agent said yes, they would terminate us again, until the inspector came out and checked it.

Enough was enough, as soon as we got the reinstatement letter, we immediately switched to a new insurance company since we would soon be dropped from Allstate once again. In fact, the broker who assisted us in choosing a company represented many different insurance companies but not Allstate, because he said that this sort of incident was typical of Allstate and many people have had problems with them.
We notified our lender about the switch. I cancelled the AllState policies. I thought the story ended. A couple of weeks later, we received an outstanding balance notification that we owed AllState some money. Apparently it was the cost to insure us from the day they terminated our policy until the end of our policy. The charge came up because the reinstatement was dated back to the day they terminated us. Considering how horribly they've been treated us, I asked myself, "would AllState seriously have covered damage on our house that happened during that period of time when we were cancelled?"Yeah, probably not.
I absolutely wanted to have nothing to do with AllState ever again but to campaign about how horrible the company is to everyone we know. I paid the dues anyway and hoped to never hear back from this company ever again. Yes, AllState is that bad and you will not be in good hands with them.
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Posted by Venice09 on 2010-12-18:
They were going to drop you again while you were waiting for an inspector? That's incredible. I think they did you a favor. I too would be worried about how they would handle a claim. You might want to think about switching all of your insurance at some point.

Also, if your lender requires homeowners insurance then Allstate would have a record of that. So how could they say that some people choose not to be insured? You would obviously need insurance.

This review makes Allstate look very bad.
Posted by leet60 on 2010-12-18:
Just curios. If they terminated you a few months before you were aware, did you not notice that you were not being charged for the additional insurance? Or do you pay annually? If so it would seem a refund is warranted for the months you were not insured.

Posted by Venice09 on 2010-12-18:
That's a good question, leet. I didn't think of that.
Posted by spiderman2 on 2010-12-18:
also, if you are financed through a bank, they would be notified of the cancellation of your insurance and they will purchase insurance for you at a much higher rate than you can get on your own.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-12-18:
I pay my homeowners insurance with my mortgage. If I was dropped, I would be none the wiser either unless I was told in writing. Allstate reinstated the insurance and backdated it so that there was no lapse in coverage enabling them to get insurance with another carrier so they will most likely not refund anything. They are crooks. I will steer clear of them. Thanks for the heads up and I am glad you were at least able to get insured elsewhere.
Posted by Bea on 2013-06-23:
Typical Allstate hijinks!
Posted by Magic on 2013-07-30:
I did not know any of this about Allstate. I am praying for the best. I sign on in April2013 and then the inspector found a problem. They cancelled me. I fixed that and then it was another problem, I fixed that too. Now I am waiting to be reinstated.. this is nuts. I wished I did my homework on this company. I am praying for the best.
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AllState drops you if you make TWO claims even for small amounts.
Posted by Allstate_Dropped_Me_Over_$500 on 07/24/2009
In 2007, wind knocked off shingles front of house -- $400 claim. First claim ever on this policy.

In 2008, more wind knocked shingles off the back -- $100

Been with Allstate 11 years ... at $800-900 / year.


Agent was powerless to override because the two claims were less than 3 years apart. Amount of claim is irrelevant. You're dropped. No appeal accepted. Good bye.

Then when you try to get insurance from ...

State Farm
Liberty Mutual

... none will issue a policy because of the claims. I called them all. Same rules apply. Two claims in less than 3 years = NO

Had to get insurance through an out-of-state company I've never heard of.

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Posted by grandma005 on 2009-07-24:
all Insurance company's do this. A insurance company drop me 10 years ago just because I asked about claims that that did not pay out on. They cancel me anyways.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-07-24:
Of course, they want to pay them for ever hoping that they'd never have to give you anything. Typical insurance company!
Posted by old fart on 2009-07-24:
Did you try auto owners insurance...
I've had them for many years and never had a problem with a claim...

Just because they are called "auto owners" doesn't mean that they don't insure houses...
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-07-24:
Unless your house can be moved with a tow vehicle, like old fart's, I don't believe auto owners will insure you.
Posted by chaney2 on 2009-10-14:
these stories are scary.one does not realize how precarious our situations are.whether it's auto,home or health insurance it seems like the customers are at the insurance's mercy.to make matters worse these stresses come when you really need your insurance to come through for you.there is a need to really improve customer protection against these companies.
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Cancellation of homeowner's policy
Posted by Twinsy on 09/02/2010
BERGENFIELD, NEW JERSEY -- I have had Allstate insurance for my private home in a suburban northeast nj area for 10 years. This year, for the first time, I submitted a claim. The claim was handled promptly and completely. A year later when I was due to receive my renewal I instead received a cancellation of my policy. I submitted a complaint, thinking this was done in error.

I received a call the next day (Sept. 2. 2010). I was told that since I only have "monoinsurance" ( i.e. only my home, not car, etc) I could not submit more than one claim in three years or the policy would be terminated, no matter what the cost or reason for the claim. It did not matter that I had the policy for ten years without submitting a claim. ANY claim I submitted, would mean immediate cancellation.

Allstate should get a new logo for their advertisement......hands opening and letting their customers fall through to the ground. They are an unethical company. Their representatives give misinformation, telling you what you want to hear (I was told that of course I would not be penalized because it was a legitimate claim and that I was in good standing with the company for 10 years).

This is an unethical company with policies that go against the nature of their business. My advice, read the fine print....and go with another insurance company....NEVER use Allstate.
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Posted by Alain on 2010-09-03:
I have an acquaintance who's been an Allstate agent for about 10 years and he has done things like this to keep profits high and risks low so this review doesn't surprise me.
Posted by ok4now on 2010-10-24:
I also have a "monoinsurance" policy with Allstate for my H.O. Just got the renewal in and it went up over $300, with no claims. Called my agent who gave me an honest answer. Allstate intentionally raised the H.O. rates trying to force people to buy their auto insurance and get a "multi-discount." Their auto priced out $600 higher that what I'm currently paying. I dumped them and went with another company at almost half the price & higher coverage for my H.O. Shop around & you will easily beat their price.
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Perhaps you should ask first?
Posted by Pjpipersmom on 03/05/2012
PORTSMOUTH, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- I've had my homeowners insurance with Allstate since 1999. In the winter of 2010 I had ice damage to my roof which caused it to leak. It took MONTHS to get someone here to look at the problem. This young man said most of the damage was "old"....well, yes, yes it was because it took them months to get someone here. Forget that, whatever. I wasn't home the day he came, I was working. My disabled Mother lives with me and was here. She thought he was a nice kid.....seemed to be good at checking things out.

Shortly after that I received a letter dated 10-14-11 stating they were going to cancel my homeowners policy due to "debris" on my porch and I should respond by 1-24-13. I wasn't too worried, this man (I refuse to say gentleman because what I'd like to call him isn't kind) didn't bother to ask what things where......didn't bother to ask why my bicycle is kept on the porch (I've no garage, just trying to keep it a bit out of the weather) or didn't bother to ask why recycle items were on the porch. (I work all week and we don't have pickup, I can only go to the dump on Saturday). I I figured within the next 14 months I'd respond and it would be fine.

Today I receive a letter dated 3-1-12 stating they are going to cancel my policy on 4-23-12.....eight MONTHS before I was even required to respond. To say I'm upset about this is putting it mildly. I've my homeowners ins (paid until 2013), and 2 cars with Allstate. I've never had an accident. Now some kid comes to my home months after I requested someone and does something like this without asking me, the homeowner, any questions. Please make note I listed Portsmouth, NH because my agent is there (who I've always thought was wonderful) but I live in Kittery, ME
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Posted by Dakota1015 on 2012-03-05:
The "good hands" people. The reason they are dropping you is because you put in a claim. The money only flows one way (to them). I cringe when I see their commercials promoting themselves as a premium insurer. They are among the worst.
Posted by Venice09 on 2012-03-05:
It does sound like they were just looking for a way out. Since when can't a homeowner keep a bicycle and recyclables on their own front porch? That's ridiculous.
Posted by jonthethird on 2012-03-05:
ANY water damage scares the insurance companies to death. Black Mold, imagined or real, can cost them a fortune.
Posted by ok4now on 2012-03-06:
Now you know why they are called "Allsnakes." They want your premium dollars and spend big advertising bucks to get it. File a claim? Screw you. They look for any and every excuse to get out of paying.

My wife was rear ended by one of their insured. She was out of work for 3 months with a documented neck and back injury. At first they refused to even acknowledge the accident! We hired a very aggressive lawyer and it took three years before these toads paid up.
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denied leak damage
Posted by Artaud on 12/16/2003
About a year ago, I noticed that my kitchen tiles were cracking, last month, the wood beams in my basement ceiling started leaking.
The plumber finally found the problem, when he slid out my stove and saw the wall behind the stove and sink was crumbling at the wood was rotted, as well as the wood under the tile floor.
A pinhole leak in a hot water pipe in a wall, over time put a leak in the drainpipe.
Allstate says none of this is covered because any damage over time is excluded. Rotted wood is not covered.

So I have to tear out my kitchen and rip up and repair the subfloor and lay new tile. A cabinet was also damaged and is buckled.

I was told this is a standard NYS policy. There is nothing deluxe about my Allstate Deluxe Policy

Read the fineprint in your policy. Only sudden damage is covered.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2003-12-17:
Just shut up and keep paying your premiums. You dont expect us to actually stand behind our policies do you? We dont make money that way silly!
Posted by geicogerry on 2004-02-03:
Yes unfortunately homeowners plicies do not cover slow damage like this. It is standard on all home owners contracts and is excluded from even the most comprehensive policies. Wish I could tell you otherwise but slow leaks like that are never covered.
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Agent lied about home owners insurance coverage
Posted by Bone on //00
CINCINNATI, OHIO -- When I had signed up for my car insurance with Allstate a year or so ago, my agent talked me into going with Allstate for my home owners insurance as well. One of the selling points she used was that if I was ever visiting my friends in another city, and someone broke into my car and took my shoes or anything, they (Allstate) would replace them! I thought this sounded great. So a few months went by, and then someone broke into my car... I filed the police report, listing the items missing. I think it came to around $255 dollars worth of stuff stolen. I call my agent the next day and come to find out, they wont replace any of my belongings because they said my policy had a $250 deductible! At no time did my agent ever mention this deductible when she sold me the policy, and yes, maybe it is my fault for not reading the 40 page document they sent me regarding the details of my insurance, but for her to lie about the coverage she was selling me was just not professional... I would recommend reading the fine print next time you sign up with Allstate.
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Posted by Anonymous on --:
Try Travelers auto Insurance the ones with the umbrella on there ads which they dont advertise to much to keep costs down.they are upfront and dont lie just to get you onboard.
Posted by Rhale3 on 2001-02-07:
All automobile insurance policies have a deductable for collision and comprehensive coverages ranging from a low of $50 to $2500. Selecting higher deductables helps lower the premium. You seem to be blaming the insurance agent for your lack of lieracy of how insurance works. Your deductables will be stated on the declarations page and are in the same size print as everything else is. Read your policy and learn; no agent will know what you don't know. It's your responsibility to educate yourself on business matters, if you rely on others to guide you you'll run into frequent difficulties on most business issues.
Posted by bone on 2001-02-16:
Hitchhiker, maybe you didn't read my review... my agent explicity sold me on converting to their homeowners insurance using the example of my shoes getting stolen and they would immediately replace them... obviously her example would never happen due to the deductible... so why did she tell me that? That is my point. You should learn to read better.
Posted by Anonymous on 2002-04-09:
I think you are all idiots!
Posted by bjaustin1022 on 2006-02-13:
I think you are blaming your agent for your stupidity. What kind of insurance wouldn't have a deductible. If you find one let me know I am sure everyone else on here would like to know to. I am sure your agent sold you on adding your homeowners policy because you get a Multipolicy discount on your home and auto which looked real good on paper. As far as your agent lying to you I don't think she did I just think your hearing skills are just like your reading skills. ABSENT!
Posted by cathryn121478 on 2006-06-14:
My message is about Allstate Auto Insurance. I have have allstate for about 9 years give or take I had bought a new car in 2002 for 2003 my car was struck in 2003 a couple months after I had bought it the damage was about 12,000.00 dollars I was told my car was not totaled because it was worth more now I had another accident a lady hit me and allstate is telling me my car is worth less than the quote and NADA which is book value they are getting off cheap I called a lawyer he says we should have a case because I was also under the inpression that I had gap with my policey when I bought my car new It was their for 6 mon then droped by allstate and I was never informed. Plus my six month payment is so high for no coverage I am paying 903. one car every six months and I am considered a good driver. Lets talk about being Screwed by the insurance company I am not even sure why we are paying such high cost for such little coverage it is a ripe off

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Worded so they do not have to pay out on anything
Posted by SLON JM on 08/06/2009
I'll keep this short. I had wind damage to my roof and a rainstorm the day I filed my claim. When the adjuster came, he said that the wind damage was due to lack of upkeep. I was not really upset about this until I received my denial letter. It stated what it does cover is wind/hail damage, and lightening/fire damage. However, they will not cover the damage to the roof itself, nor will they cover any interior damage caused. Um....what do they cover exactly? Also, they do not cover damage do do rioting, plane crash, war or violence, space craft, blah blah blah, you name it, its not covered.
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Posted by skelly39 on 2009-08-06:
Read your policy. It will tell you what is and isn't covered. If you have questions about it, ask your agent. That's what they get paid for.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-06:
Sounds like the typical insurance company.
Posted by bcd on 2009-08-06:
Get a written repair estimate and cause of damage from a reliable roofer. Have the roofer directly address the claim that the roof was not being maintained. If it disputes the adjuster's claim you should submit the estimate and cause of damage to the insurance company. The adjuster's job is to save money. Is the adjuster qualified to make such a claim?
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-08-06:
Best answer BCD. If they continue to deny the claim after the damage is proven to have been covered then contact the office of your state's insurance commissioner.
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Allstate no service, no concern, no empathy
Posted by w103kln on 02/22/2013
GREENVILLE, OHIO -- Living room ceiling fell in while family (two young children) in family room. Explosive, dust throughout the house. Rafters to room exposed, drywall and insulation 3-5' deep in the room dust and debris flying throughout house. Evacuated family and called Allstate 800- 24 hour claim number. they said a contractor would be sent out in the morning and someone would call that night. No one called. No one showed up. Called Allstate back at noon, contractor showed up at 2pm. No claims adjuster? Contractor asked what the problem was, said Allstate said there had been a fire and he was a fire specialist? When he opened the front door to the living room he said "oh my God!" what happened here? This is dangerous, don't move back in. He said the weight of the ceiling would have killed anyone in the room. He said he'd call Allstate and let them know clean up was necessary before we could get back into the house.

Allstate called and said the claim was denied. When asked why? The girl laughed.... When told this was not funny as we could have been killed (the babies bassinet was buried in drywall). She said 'oh, well I just wanted to tell you why it was denied.

So, homeless for now, 2 days lost work, we're bagging up insulation, stacking up broken bits of drywall trying to get back into what's left of our house..... no thanks to Allstate, no service, no concern, no empathy--but don't be late on your premiums.
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Posted by Old Timer on 2013-02-22:
So much for "You're in Good Hands with Allstate". File an appeal once you figure out what caused the collapse.
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-02-22:
Subtracting out the emotion, and the lack of caring from the "good hands" people, what was the actual reason for denying the claim? That is the most important factor - she said she was calling to tell you the reason for the denial. What did she say?
Posted by JR in Orlando on 2013-02-22:
What was the cause of the denial? The issue that might be there is that this is not an "accident" caused by an outside force, but is a cracking, expansion, etc. of the house. My policy, state farm, does not cover it.

In that case, it would be similar to peeling paint, which would not covered. It may be a defect in the building of the house, or resulting problem related to the construction. Before I did too much clean up, I would have an independent adjuster come out, who could help with determining the cause. Perhaps you have a claim against the builder.

I assume you took lots of pictures before cleanup.
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Posted by Alterbelza on 02/21/2010
I do not advise insuring with this company. They are not reliable when you have a claim. The claims representatives conduct themselves as suspicious of any claim you make. You can tell in their tone on the telephone. I got the impression they did not trust me from the first call. Steer clear.
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Posted by Skye on 2010-02-21:
That's their job, to make sure people aren't commiting fraud. We've had Allstate homeowners, have 3 vehicles insured and have been completely satisfied.
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Rate Increases, no accident forgiveness, bad agents
Posted by Extremely enraged on 01/31/2010
BOLIVER, OHIO -- We had been customers of Allstate for years paying thousands of dollars a year for insurance. It all started 2 years ago with rate increases from month to month. We contacted our agent and they continuously told us they took care of it. Each month a new amount to the point that it became a full time job contacting the agent. 2 years ago they rewrote the policies and forgot to cancel out the old ones so we were double covered, not only were we double covered they were charging us for 2 policies. The agent said not to worry about the old policy they would take care of it, They took care of it alright, Allstate sent it to collections. After 2 years of playing this game we decided to go elsewhere for insurance we called and canceled all 3 policies with Allstate and a few months later we received bills from a collection agency due to the agent not canceling the policies when we had asked them to. The really upsetting part is, this is on our credit report and it isn't our fault.

To date we now have 4 bills with the collection agency due to Allstate and we are still dealing with the agent we had trying to get this matter cleared up with no positive results at this time. The agent does not return our calls as promised which is something we have gotten used to. In all the years we were with Allstate we seen no cash back for accident forgiveness as advertised. This particular agent is in Bolivar, OH
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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2010-02-11:
I suggest sending letters of dispute to the collections agencies in certified mail. Then contact your state's insurance commissioner for help with cleaning up this mess, as obviously you should not be expected to pay multiple times under multiple contracts when physically you can only be covered once.
Posted by Ponie on 2010-02-11:
This 'complaint' doesn't make much sense to me. If you were having the raise in premium problems with Allstate as long as two years ago, why didn't you switch to another carrier? How can an insurance company send you to collections when all they do is cancel your policy for non-payment of premiums? My auto insurance is up for renewal next month. I already have 'feelers' out for a lower premium. If I get one, I'll sign up with the new company and ignore the statement sent by my current provider. My current policy will simply lapse.

Soaring, you've never purchased an insurance policy, have you? If you did, you'd know how they work and would question this complaint as I do. There's more to this story than what's been presented.
Posted by extremely enraged on 2010-02-12:
Ponie for your 411 When I talked to the agent she said she took care of the increases and the bill was back to normal. And yes you would've thought the policy would have just lapsed but instead they kept us double covered and sent us to collections. As for the other policies; after obtaining insurance elsewhere I called and canceled them but the agent didn't cancel the policies out and they too went to collections. The policies didn't cancel for months after I had called and canceled them. Then all of a sudden I get a paper in the mail from collections. Don't be a hater just count your blessings that you don't have these kinds of issues.

Soaring - Thanks for the information I am already taking those steps as well as obtaining legal advice.
Posted by Ponie on 2010-02-12:
I'm giving up trying to understand this complaint! If you had two policies at one time--why did you pay for both of them? You just pay one bill. Problem solved.

There is no WAY an insurance company can send your account to collections. They simply cancel coverage. A credit card company can do so because of your failure to pay for goods purchased and in your possession. An insurance policy is purchased for a *future* eventuality.

Sorry, but I'm just not buying your story here.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-20:
Ponie, I am also confused by the same things. The OP just isnt clear enough for us to be able to offer advise or suggestions.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-20:
"It really isn't for you to understand anyway."

Actually, yes it is. That's what this site is all about. People post their complaints... and then members here try to discern what people are complaining about and offer advice on how to rectify something.
Posted by Ponie on 2010-02-20:
'Ponie - I didn't pay for both policies that's the problem. It really isn't for you to understand anyway. Don't you have anything better to do.' extremely enraged, you can keep repeating your story over and over--but I'm just not buying it. If you don't pay your premium, your policy lapses. Period. No sending to collections, nothing. You just don't have coverage. P&C Contract Law 101.
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