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Allstate Insurance Screwed Me Over With Hurricane Harvey
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Rating: 1/51

TEXAS -- I am a customer of a homeowner policy from Allstate. Unfortunately, I was hit by Hurricane Harvey and my roof was totaled. Allstate personnel had led me to believe that my roof would be covered in such an event. Instead, my policy was based on a cash value premise, meaning that my roof was considered older and only worth 40 cents on the dollars. Combined with my deductible, Allstate basically did not pay but only a few hundred dollars on my new $10,000 roof.

Basically, Allstate sells inferior insurance policies which have coverage gaps that you can drive a truck through. I spoke with 1/2 dozen Allstaters up the chain of command. All I heard was how sorry they were. That did not pay the bill. So much for the "good hands people". When you see these guys coming for you with their good hands, hide your wallets. I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM AGAIN. I WOULD GIVE THEM ZERO STARS IF I COULD. Buyer Beware.

Slow Claim Response After a Loss
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Rating: 1/51

HENDERSON, NEVADA -- After a micro-storm hit Henderson in July, this insurance company took six long months to repair the damage and all was not repaired. It was a nightmare dealing with the claims department and the adjusters and even had to request a new adjuster to get anything done.

27 light poles were knocked down and we had no electricity for four days. A large tree located in a neighbors yard knocked down our block wall, the roof was so bad that when it was touched it fell apart and the neighbors tin shed blew into our back yard. A palo verde tree was uprooted in our front yard as was a pine tree in our back yard. They did not cover either tree. I would not recommend this company to anyone. You are not in good hands with Allstate.

You're Not in Good Hands, Seriously!
By -

My fiancée and I had our auto and home insured through AllState. We never had any problem until the night that I checked my Allstate online account to find out that our homeowner insurance policy didn't show up on the screen. We called and found out that we were terminated a few months before that night because our roof was not in what Allstate considered acceptable shape. We did have an inspection prior to purchasing the home and our home inspector had told us we had 3-5 years before a replacement roof was needed. We expected to need a replacement in the near future.

However we weren't expecting to be dropped from our insurance because of this. We would've appreciated the notice and would have replaced our roof right away because we care about our house and having insurance. The Allstate representative said they notified us and we failed to respond. We immediately searched our Allstate file in the event we mistakenly missed it, but there was nothing there regarding needing a roof replacement.

My fiancee burst into tears when we were told that AllState would absolutely not insure us because of our delinquency to reply to their notice. We explained that we never received such notice as we would have acted on it and did not have any record of it in our files, but Allstate said they did not know that was true because many people choose to go without insurance and we could be those kind of people. We further explained that we would not be calling them to address this issue if were indeed those kind of people, as we wouldn't care to be without insurance, but our call clearly showed our concern.

The representative told us there was nothing they could do for us as they would not insure us now that we had chosen to go several months without insurance. We asked to speak to a manager and were told that a manager would tell us the same thing and that it was a waste of our time. We still requested to speak to a manager, against the representative's advice and were told we'd receive a call within 24 hours but we never received a call.

My fiancée took the next day off of work so we could work to resolve this problem and get insurance elsewhere since Allstate would not insure us. While she was on the phone with Allstate, trying to find out why we never received these notices, an Allstate representative slipped that they were not sent to the correct address. It turns out the address they sent the letters to was a rental apartment we lived in previously to owning our house. Funny enough, they sent everything else (bills for both auto and homeowner) to our most recent address, so how did everything but these notices make it to the correct address?

When we found out that AllState sent the letter of notice to the wrong address, they told us we were just as liable as AllState for making sure that the mail was sent to the correct address. We were told that we should have checked to make sure they had the correct address. We explained that we never thought they had an incorrect address since the address was correct on our online account and all other mail from their company was delivered to our home address.

Furthermore, when we set up the insurance we gave the address of the house where we would need to be insured. Allstate refused to admit any responsibility for this and instead blamed us for not checking to make sure they had the correct address. We asked why they didn't contact us by phone or email if we didn't respond to these very important letters but responded to everything else they ever sent us, but were again told the mistake was in our hands.

My fiancée found other companies that would be willing to insure us at a much higher price since we had been without insurance, but only if we could provide documentation on why we were terminated. She contacted Allstate again and was told that such documentation could not be found. The only documents they could find was a letter stating the termination, but not the reason for termination. This made it impossible to get insurance elsewhere. My fiancée tried yet another Allstate representative, this time someone local.

At first the AllState agent had basically the same attitude like the woman from the night before, but he did finally agree to reinstate our policy. Nonetheless, he was merciless in stating that we would have to have our roof fixed before our renewal policy, which only gave us 19 days. We got our roof replaced (tear-off and replaced all boards) the next week. We notified the agent right away, but he said it would take at least a couple of weeks before he could get an inspector to come out to check the roof.

When asked whether that meant that AllState would terminate our policy again the AllState agent said yes, they would terminate us again, until the inspector came out and checked it. Enough was enough, as soon as we got the reinstatement letter, we immediately switched to a new insurance company since we would soon be dropped from Allstate once again. In fact, the broker who assisted us in choosing a company represented many different insurance companies but not Allstate, because he said that this sort of incident was typical of Allstate and many people have had problems with them.

We notified our lender about the switch. I cancelled the AllState policies. I thought the story ended. A couple of weeks later, we received an outstanding balance notification that we owed AllState some money. Apparently it was the cost to insure us from the day they terminated our policy until the end of our policy. The charge came up because the reinstatement was dated back to the day they terminated us. Considering how horribly they've been treated us, I asked myself, "would AllState seriously have covered damage on our house that happened during that period of time when we were cancelled?" Yeah, probably not.

I absolutely wanted to have nothing to do with AllState ever again but to campaign about how horrible the company is to everyone we know. I paid the dues anyway and hoped to never hear back from this company ever again. Yes, AllState is that bad and you will not be in good hands with them.

Allstate Wouldn't Pay Claim In 2005 After Rita
By -

LEAGUE CITY, TEXAS -- I live in the Galveston County area. In 2005, when Rita came through, there was damage done to my home. We left with the millions of other people on Thursday Sept. 22, 2005, and spent over 10 hours in bumper to bumper hot weather. On Sunday Sept. 25, 2005, we returned to a home that had had no electricity for over 48 hours. All the food was gone in the fridge and deep freezer. I had roof damage, most of my fence was gone on the West side of the backyard and there was water damage inside my sunroom and dining room.

The roof looked as if it had shifted as there were cracks in all the sheetrock on one side of the home. Particularly my daughter's bedroom, the guest bathroom, and spare bedroom. Also, minor cracks in sheetrock in living room. I immediately called Allstate to have them send an adjuster out to the house. I waited 2 weeks for an adjuster.

When he came out he took pictures, statements, the whole nine yards and told my husband and I it would be 7-10 days before we heard back from Allstate about our "approval for claim status". Well, I waited, then waited some more. 3 weeks later I again called to find out the status of my claim and was told that a letter was being sent to me that explained all that was being done, that they couldn't legally discuss my claims over the phone and they hung up on me (In fact, all the CSR's at Allstate stated this and then hung up on me).

A week later, I received the letter. We were being denied our claim. That the totals for damages didn't even begin to cover our deductible which was $500.00. I read more of the letter and the 2nd page, which had all the claims, and was furious that nothing of the damages to my home was included. Only the loss of food which they would only cover $450.00.

I called Allstate, absolutely furious, and requested another adjuster come out. They sent one within a couple days. Another letter arrived in 2 weeks again denying my claim because the damages didn't cover the deductible, this adjuster only put down roofing damages! I again called Allstate to request another adjuster, one who could get his "stuff" straight in the claim. The adjuster called and stated that he was too busy and could I please e-mail pictures to him.

At this time I didn't own a computer, much less a camera. So my husband and I had to go out, buy a computer and a digital camera, and send the pictures out to him. I got a response again that stated we were denied, AGAIN, this adjuster only put the food and the sheetrock and they wouldn't pay because it wasn't "worth it"!!! I called Allstate again and again and again. We went through 9, yes 9, different adjusters in a 5 month period, none of them could put ALL the damages on one claim report.

Each had only one or two items and Allstate wouldn't pay because it was SO minor or that it wouldn't even cover our deductible. It was infuriating and frustrating what they were doing to us. After the 2nd adjuster, not one adjuster came out to the house. One of the adjusters even called and stated that he was not even going to be able to look at the pictures, that he was going to send them directly to Allstate because he had to go home and help his family evacuate for hurricane Wilma (I felt for him, but, still, it was his job to look into the damages to my home).

We had to e-mail pictures of the damages and if we repaired, to mail a copy of the invoice for repairs for a refund. I can't tell you how frustrating this has been! We were denied over and over and over again and not one CSR would explain because of legality issues. I still have the pictures and the letters of denial.

We got to a point where we were fed up to our eyeballs with Allstate and decided that we weren't going to waste our money on them any longer and dropped them like a hot potato. We went to the Small Business Administration and got a loan through them for the repairs. Ever since the last denial letter from Allstate there has not been one iota of contact from either me or Allstate. We dropped them. They sent me some of my money back as we dropped them halfway through the policy period, minus about $125.00 in fees because we were leaving them without proper notification.

I wouldn't want anyone to be in our family's predicament. We will be paying back SBA for a long time to come. I thought that Allstate would pay, but I guess that's just dreamin', huh?? Nobody should have to go through what my family and I had to. It was ridiculous and unfair. If I am going to be doing all the work to send out what they needed then I should be compensated for the damages and my time.

I am not an adjuster, but I sure felt like one with e-mailing this, and calling that, mailing this, receipting repairs and copying that. It was an absolute nightmare!!! If someone could help that would be wonderful. Even if it's enough to cover what we borrowed from the SBA, I'd be happy with that! That would be one less worry on my shoulders and a prayer long overdue!

Thank you for reading this and taking this time to think twice. Please consumers, read the fine print on everything!!! My father-in-law told my husband and I that we should have contacted a general contractor and to let them handle it, that we would have gotten results that way.

We didn't know this at that time, but we do now!! We are better informed consumers now thanks, or no thanks, to Allstate!! Anyone responding to this issue, please, when you call, have your caller ID on, I am screening my calls b/c of creditors. If I don't answer, please leave a message and I will respond when message is received. Thank you!

Denied claim that Farmers would have paid
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Rating: 1/51

TELLURIDE, COLORADO -- I had a water leak while out of town and Allstate said my housemates should have caught it. They weren't listed on the policy so the claim was denied. I switched to Farmers and tried to give the names of my housemates upon buying the insurance and they said that wasn't necessary as they are not owners or on the mortgage.

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Rating: 1/51

SOMERSET, PENNSYLVANIA -- Set up my homeowners policy premium for automatic withdrawal so I wouldn't have to worry about paying the bill on time. They took the payment out ONCE. Now I received a cancellation notice for nonpayment. DERP DERP DERP. Why do they even give you the automatic payment option if they aren't going to follow through with it?

You Are NOT in Good Hands With Allstate!!!
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Rating: 1/51

ARKANSAS -- On 6/23/13 my husband and I returned home to find that our lawn mower & trailer had been stolen from our front yard. We contacted the local authorities and filed a claim with our homeowners insurance. The value of the property taken was $3200. It took over a week to finally get in touch with the Allstate Claim adjuster assigned to our case. We conducted our interview, and was advised they would contact us back that day with the settlement.

When we heard back from them, we were told that we would be receiving $328.11 (after our $1000 deductible) for the trailer, and that the lawn mower would not be covered because I used it to mow my vacant lot, and my 67 year old widowed/disabled mother's yard (land I will inherit upon her death). I contacted my insurance agent, and he advised that the lawn mower should be covered, and contacted the adjuster himself. His response back to me was that he had gone "round and round" with the adjuster only to get the same response I was already given.

I appealed and was told by the Allstate Claims management department that because that my policy states that "motorized land vehicles will only be covered if they are used solely for the premises". I told him that upon signing my policy with my agent, when ask if I owned any other premises, I advised I owned a piece of land in a residential neighborhood, and the agent advised me that didn't matter as you cannot insure land with no dwelling on it, the premises in question was referring to any other dwelling.

I advised I did not own any other homes. He chose the policy, and wrote the coverage. I am just NOW learning that there are apparently different types of homeowner's policies. The Allstate Claims management team very rudely advised they would do nothing further to help me with this situation, and that I could contact the Department of Insurance or anyone I chose to, but the case was closed on their end.

I did take their advice and contacted the Department of Insurance, as well as Better Business Bureau advising that Allstate's advertisement of "being in good hands" is false. I am in no better hands than the thief that came and took our property. The only difference is that I paid Allstate to rob me, making me feel even more violated. I would NOT recommend this company as they do not stand behind their advertisement claims, and they have been very unwilling to help me rectify this situation. Let me also say that I have never received a copy of my homeowner's policy, yet I'm the one being punished for someone else's mistake!!

Perhaps You Should Ask First?
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PORTSMOUTH, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- I've had my homeowners insurance with Allstate since 1999. In the winter of 2010 I had ice damage to my roof which caused it to leak. It took MONTHS to get someone here to look at the problem. This young man said most of the damage was "old"... well, yes, yes it was because it took them months to get someone here. Forget that, whatever. I wasn't home the day he came, I was working. My disabled Mother lives with me and was here. She thought he was a nice kid... seemed to be good at checking things out.

Shortly after that I received a letter dated 10-14-11 stating they were going to cancel my homeowner's policy due to "debris" on my porch and I should respond by 1-24-13. I wasn't too worried, this man (I refuse to say gentleman because what I'd like to call him isn't kind) didn't bother to ask what things were... didn't bother to ask why my bicycle is kept on the porch (I've no garage, just trying to keep it a bit out of the weather) or didn't bother to ask why recycle items were on the porch. (I work all week and we don't have pickup, I can only go to The Dump on Saturday). I figured within the next 14 months I'd respond and it would be fine.

Today I receive a letter dated 3-1-12 stating they are going to cancel my policy on 4-23-12... eight MONTHS before I was even required to respond. To say I'm upset about this is putting it mildly. I've my homeowner's ins. (paid until 2013), and 2 cars with Allstate. I've never had an accident. Now some kid comes to my home months after I requested someone and does something like this without asking me, the homeowner, any questions. Please make note I listed Portsmouth, NH because my agent is there (who I've always thought was wonderful) but I live in Kittery, ME.

House Insurance Is a Joke!
By -

WINONA, TEXAS -- I have paid my homeowner's insurance on time since I bought my first home almost two years ago. But it has now been 3 months since my home burned down with my beloved dog inside. We lost EVERYTHING! There was nothing that had not been damaged by either fire, smoke or water. The house in my opinion is a complete loss.

This was a small home about 1000 sq. ft. since it was mine and my husband's first home and was only 2 bedrooms and one bath but we have accumulated a lot of stuff over the few years we have been together. The insurance company will not total our house out so we can build a new one. We have 85K coverage and they say we can rebuild for only $65. We cannot even find a contractor that will even consider remodeling the house! Much less for that little amount of money. Allstate is saying that it can be remodeled. I wish I could post you pictures.

The living room and kitchen are torched. Our bedroom and spare bedroom are soaked from water and have MAJOR black soot on EVERYTHING! They think since some of the rafters in the ceiling on the un-flamed part of the home are still good (they smell horrible and have black soot on them) and supposedly the subflooring (this is a pier and beam home by the way) is still good, it's remodelable.

Never once did the adjuster crawl under the house and check any of the subflooring and anyone with common sense would know when you soak a floor with thousands of gallons of water and with windows busted out and about 8 good rains the floor is no good! Yeah the idiots sent Service Masters out to board the windows up and they just laughed and said there was no reason to. HELLO!!! It does not take a rocket scientist to figure this out. My husband and I are devastated over our losses. All of our memories are gone, but most importantly my "child."

I will NEVER be able to replace that dog that we had for 3+ years and she didn't have an easy death. But do you think Allstate gives a damn?!! Well no! As soon as I finish this review, I'm writing our state attorney general and filing a complaint with them as well. I've never lost my home so I can't compare Allstate with other companies, but so far, I can't understand how people can be so smug and shallow!

No Coverage Now That I Need it.They Told Me I Didn't Need It When I Bought the House
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Rating: 1/51

OHIO -- I have been an Allstate customer since 1992. Both for cars and my home. When I bought this home, I went over the policy with my agent at the time. One of the concerns was flood insurance. The area around me had actually gone through extensive flooding while the closing was in place. We live close to the river that leads into Lake Erie. My agent at the time told me I didn't need flood insurance due to the proximity of where my home was to the lake. With that advice, I didn't purchase flood insurance.

Most recently our area was devastated with heavy rains that lasted for hours upon hours. Many homes got flooded. Our area didn't get the backed up sewers and standing water. But what some of us got was water coming into our basements from the foundation. That's what happened to my home. The foundation couldn't handle all the water. My basement was flooded. Many things were lost and had to be thrown away.

So I called Allstate. I got a letter stating I didn't have flood insurance and wasn't covered. After days of thinking about it, I started to realize we didn't really get flooded here at all. It was a foundation issue that caused water backup. So I made another claim. I was called by Allstate that they were sending an adjuster to my home. With this, I assumed they realized my situation and was going to compensate me for the damages. So the agent came and took many pictures... all the while knowing I wasn't going to get any help. Why take all the pictures, go throughout my house looking around only to then tell me they can't help me? That's what infuriates me.

They wasted my time and their time to tell me exactly what they already did previously. So now my next concern here. I was told by someone in the waterproofing business that once your home gets water in it, that there is a trail that was made and the water will come in again. So now, if it was to come in again, before I had the funds to have all the paneling taken down and replaced, that once again I'm not covered? This is a terrible way to handle the situation the way it was.

Allstate has done me bad... just like they did with my car insurance in 2007. A letter at that time was sent out to me apologizing for the mix up and they realized what they did. I should have dropped my home insurance at that time but did not. I'm sure at this time I will.

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