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Fictitious Allstate Policy
By -

When we moved to the Cleveland area from Indiana back in 1997, we transferred our auto and home policies from there to here. Our agent asked for and cashed our check for $400+ to cover the first couple months of the policies. After asking for a proof of insurance card for our vehicles, our agent offered us a handwritten card with our policy numbers on it (on his business card; I still have it in my possession). When we called Allstate a couple weeks later about our permanent card, we discovered that our agent had never filed for our policies and moreover had issued us fictitious policy numbers.

Multiple calls to various people at Allstate corporate resulted in no progress other than to frustrate my wife to tears (literally). We finally resorted to filing a report with the Ohio insurance regulators, which got Allstate's attention. They finally managed to rectify the problem, but by this time we were transferring our policies to other companies who were customer-friendly.

The icing on the cake was when Allstate sent us a collection bill for $200+ for insurance we never had. In a phone conversation with a high-level Allstate executive, I stated that they could write it off as a cheap learning experience or take me to court over it so I could have fun relating my story to the media. Nobody at Allstate or at the Ohio Insurance Commission ever asked me for the handwritten card.

I understand that no company can 100% prevent rogue employees from cheating customers. A well-run company will immediately fix any problems caused by its employees without any effort on the part of the consumer, though. And a termination for the agent was certainly in order.

As far as I'm concerned, Allstate will never see another dime of my money, and I never miss an opportunity to relate my story when in I'm in a conversation with someone about insurance. The postscript to this story is that we were told by a couple Allstate agents later that this guy was a trainer and was well-known in the local Allstate "community" as being dishonest. Just another reason not to trust the company.

Stay Away from AllState Insurance
By -

ILLINOIS -- Stay Away from AllState Insurance. I strongly suggest anyone and everyone NOT to use Allstate. They will do everything possible to keep from paying out for a claim. Here'€™s my situation: On November 8th, when I was having breakfast my glass of milk slipped out of my hand and spilled all over my laptop. Yes, crap happens. It was one of those mornings I was checking my email before leaving for work.

I'€™m a full-time computer technician and living on a dairy farm just south of Harvard. I contacted my agent, and he said the renter'€™s insurance doesn'™t cover any accidental damage like that. So, I took and threw the laptop in the dumpster since everything was fried in it.

Then on November 10th, my wife's laptop got damaged by the thunderstorm that we had roll threw out area that night. I waited until Monday the 13th to call the insurance company. Went all the way through the procedures of filing the claim. Gave them a full insurance evaluation that we as computer technicians are trained to do.

Well, they called my back a week later and said that they rejected the claim. I called customer service and asked them, they said that because they believed that I was trying to get the same laptop fixed under two different claims. I asked them, "Am I the only one that owns more than one laptop???" The agent couldn'€™t respond. I told them it was a week of bad luck all the way around.

Even on the farm, we lost 2 cows, out of 30. That'€™s a big loss. The first laptop was made by a company called Spartan. The second was a Dell. The Spartan was only worth about $1200, but my wife's Dell was one with large hard drives, 17in LCD, a newer Core Duo chip. It cost around $2200 when I first purchased it. That'€™s a big loss if you ask me.

Now the insurance company wants to do absolutely nothing about it. They said I could file a lawsuit with an attorney. But, by the time I do that, I might as well purchase a new laptop. Attorneys aren'™t cheap. My suggestion, get your insurance from State Farm or Country Companies. I went to Allstate because they offered a lower renter'™s insurance policy for me. BIG MISTAKE. Thanks.

Cancellation of Homeowner's Policy
By -

BERGENFIELD, NEW JERSEY -- I have had Allstate insurance for my private home in a suburban northeast NJ area for 10 years. This year, for the first time, I submitted a claim. The claim was handled promptly and completely. A year later when I was due to receive my renewal I instead received a cancellation of my policy. I submitted a complaint, thinking this was done in error.

I received a call the next day (Sept. 2. 2010). I was told that since I only have "mono-insurance" (i.e. only my home, not car, etc) I could not submit more than one claim in three years or the policy would be terminated, no matter what the cost or reason for the claim. It did not matter that I had the policy for ten years without submitting a claim. ANY claim I submitted, would mean immediate cancellation.

Allstate should get a new logo for their advertisement... hands opening and letting their customers fall through to the ground. They are an unethical company. Their representatives give misinformation, telling you what you want to hear (I was told that of course I would not be penalized because it was a legitimate claim and that I was in good standing with the company for 10 years). This is an unethical company with policies that go against the nature of their business. My advice, read the fine print... and go with another insurance company... NEVER use Allstate.

Rate Increases, No Accident Forgiveness, Bad Agents
By -

BOLIVER, OHIO -- We had been customers of Allstate for years paying thousands of dollars a year for insurance. It all started 2 years ago with rate increases from month to month. We contacted our agent and they continuously told us they took care of it. Each month a new amount to the point that it became a full time job contacting the agent. 2 years ago they rewrote the policies and forgot to cancel out the old ones so we were double covered, not only were we double covered they were charging us for 2 policies.

The agent said not to worry about the old policy they would take care of it. They took care of it alright, Allstate sent it to collections. After 2 years of playing this game we decided to go elsewhere for insurance. We called and canceled all 3 policies with Allstate and a few months later we received bills from a collection agency due to the agent not canceling the policies when we had asked them to. The really upsetting part is, this is on our credit report and it isn't our fault.

To date we now have 4 bills with the collection agency due to Allstate and we are still dealing with the agent we had trying to get this matter cleared up with no positive results at this time. The agent does not return our calls as promised which is something we have gotten used to. In all the years we were with Allstate we seen no cash back for accident forgiveness as advertised. This particular agent is in Bolivar, OH.

Worded So They Do Not Have to Pay Out on Anything
By -

I'll keep this short. I had wind damage to my roof and a rainstorm the day I filed my claim. When the adjuster came, he said that the wind damage was due to lack of upkeep. I was not really upset about this until I received my denial letter. It stated what it does cover is wind/hail damage, and lightning/fire damage. However, they will not cover the damage to the roof itself, nor will they cover any interior damage caused. Um... what do they cover exactly? Also, they do not cover damage due to rioting, plane crash, war or violence, space craft, blah blah blah, you name it, its not covered.

AllState Drops You if You Make TWO Claims Even for Small Amounts.
By -

In 2007, wind knocked off shingles front of house -- $400 claim. First claim ever on this policy. In 2008, more wind knocked shingles off the back -- $100. Been with Allstate 11 years... at $800-900/year. THEY REFUSED TO RENEW MY POLICY BECAUSE OF THE CLAIMS! Agent was powerless to override because the two claims were less than 3 years apart. Amount of claim is irrelevant. You're dropped. No appeal accepted. Good bye.

Then when you try to get insurance from... Nationwide, Geico, State Farm, Liberty Mutual. None will issue a policy because of the claims. I called them all. Same rules apply. Two claims in less than 3 years = NO. Had to get insurance through an out-of-state company I've never heard of.

Proof of Loss Form...Get a Public Adjuster
By -

ASBURY PARK, NEW JERSEY -- September 29 2008 had a fire at my house; Deluxe Policy for 8 years; as I submitted all paperwork Allstate requested of me such as copy of deed etc. The only thing left was the Proof of Loss Form; as I have never filed a claim I was not familiar w/ form; I asked Allstate for help; Allstate emailed that Adjuster "D" would help me; I called her & left message; Adjuster never contacted me; I asked many Allstate people for help; but in the end received none.

So Allstate then rejects my claim for... that's right Proof of Loss Form. Status now.. my house sits in an indefinite state of limbo & unlivable & I'm expected to battle Allstate's Lawyer. Now I realize that Allstate was never going to help me, even though I believed I would get help, just one of their tricks to try to get out of paying on my claim. Moral of this story: Get a Public Adjuster. They are familiar w/ the tricks & deceit. My claim continues on... and to end on a positive note... I have Allstate's tricks in writing... and there's more than one.

Making a Claim
By -

PHILADELPHIA -- Avoid Allstate. I went to Allstate because it offered a good deal, and I naively believed their ads. They are fine -- as long as you don't make a claim. We had roof tiles blown off by a storm. When I went to Allstate they refused to pay, saying that it was normal wear and tear, despite evidence of the storm (it was in the papers!).

The roofing contractor did say that the roof was old and age may have been a contributing factor. The claims rep told me that the contractor said that the tile loss was due to normal wear and tear; the contractor says he did not say that, but that the storm was the immediate cause. In any case, if you have an old house, expect Allstate to deny any claim, saying it must be wear and tear. I'm cancelling the policy asap!

Don't Get Groped by the Good Hands of Allstate
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Rating: 1/51

MIDDLETOWN, CONNECTICUT -- Due to living in CT and experiencing 1) the snowiest winter in record in 2011; 2) a hurricane in August; and 3) a freak blizzard in Oct (in 2011) my insurance premiums went up by 50% due to weather/storm related claims. Allstate says it can't do anything, and my snide arrogant agent said that I had to stay with Allstate because no other insurance company would insure my house. Then he said that I should never have filed the claims to begin with.

What, he could not tell me that when I called the office to file the claims? END RESULT IS THAT I WILL BE GROPED BY THE GOOD HANDS OF ALLSTATE FOR THE NEXT 2 YEARS. BUY INSURANCE FROM ANOTHER COMPANY!!

Homeowners Insurance
By -

We filed a claim, last month. Someone broke into our building in the yard and took quite a lot of tools. Even stole a cast iron bathtub. We turned in the police report, receipts. The adjuster was never in the office. Calls not returned. So we complained. We got another person now. She called today and asked, if we had ever been married before, last 3 years of income tax papers, are we late on any bills.

Sign and mail back paper for her to check our credit report. What is the amount of our house payment, are our cars paid for. I guess I just want to know who the hell does she think she is. I have paid my insurance on time. So I think if it comes down to it they should make a FAIR SETTLEMENT, not ask me for all of this because they did not ask me this when I started with them.

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