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Amazon Seller doesn't want his camera back after A-Z Guarantee grant
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Rating: 5/51

Hi, I am a buyer on Amazon. I've been searching for cases similar to mine because I don't know what to do with the new camera that belongs to the Seller, but is still with me! Please, let me know if anyone has a decent advice!! I bought a new Panasonic camera on Amazon Marketplace. The price was lower and I was happy I found it. I live in the UK and thought that the item arrives from the UK as well. However, it turns out that the guy is sending it all the way from JAPAN! When the item arrived to the UK, I had to find out that in order to get it I had to pay customs charges, which weren't mentioned by Amazon.

Anyway, I get my camera and it doesn't have English language menu, of course he didn't write that in the description. It turns out that cameras made in Japan have ONLY Japanese menu. I am not a bad person, I contacted the seller directly 3-4 times, telling him about the problems. He agreed to give me a refund when he receives the item back. After that I faced another problem, I needed a return label from him in order for my customs charges to be refunded at the UK Border Agency. He sent me his address, but come on, I get to pay the return shipping costs. I don't get my customs refund and I can't even be sure he gives me a refund after all.

So I contacted Amazon for help. I described everything and they advised me to claim A-Z. So I did. And I won it. And got all my money back. And already bought another camera without any problems. But I still had this guys camera!! When I got my money back (almost a month ago) I thought that I'm supposed to return the item back with no questions asked. But I still thought of the customs charges refund. So I asked him for a label (that could hopefully ensure my refund at the Border Agency).

I guess he didn't speak good English. We didn't understand each other. So I asked Amazon service for help. They told me that since the A-Z was granted already, the seller HAS to provide a PRE-PAID return label. Amazon emailed him three times asking to give me this pre-paid label, telling that I was already given a refund from A-Z!! The guy keeps on repeating that he'll give me a refund when he gets his item back and gives me his Japanese address written in the email. Now it seems to me that Amazon didn't take money from him, since he is still ready to give me a refund, how is it possible? Amazon just gives it's own money to us without taking it from the Sellers?

The seller doesn't seem to be willing to get the camera back and he doesn't seem to be taken any money. I'm tired of solving this issue, but at the same time I feel sorry for the guy. It would be alright for me if Amazon paid the refund itself. Cause it's a huge company, they don't lose anything, but the camera is VERY expensive and I don't want Amazon to charge him later on after he doesn't get the camera back. What should I do? If I send it directly to him, it's too much risk, cause customs charges probably won't know I'm returning the imported item and maybe he won't refund me the return costs.

If I keep it, I feel kind of bad if they are going to charge him after all. And will Amazon demand this camera from me later on, I don't need any problems with this?? Or is it a free £400 camera on Japanese for me now? Other sellers commenting the behavior of the buyers seem to be pretty angry with them. However, here I have a situation, where the seller is being, excuse me, stupid. And PLEASE, can anyone tell me for how long should I wait for the seller to wake until I can do something with the camera?? I think I could present it to Japanese someone.

A-Z Guarantee
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Rating: 1/51

I am surprised at the reviews that say the Amazon A-Z Guarantee only protects the buyer; in my case, it only protects the Seller and Amazon.

  1. Item purchased and shipped.
  2. Item delivered by FedEx to the wrong location, but signed for.
  3. Seller notified; said trace/claim was filed, but no evidence of that.
  4. A-Z claim filed. Denied, since the item was signed for (by wrong person at wrong location).
  5. Re-contacted seller, they said to call the carrier (always a Shipper responsibility, in my experience).
  6. Contacted carrier. They confirmed item was delivered to wrong address. Retrieved it and returned it to the seller.
  7. Re-filed claims with Amazon and Seller, with evidence that item had been mis-delivered and returned. Amazon claim denied and I was told they would not respond to more emails. Seller said they would file a claim with carrier. Again.
  8. Carrier has denied responsibility to me and advises contacting Seller.
  9. So, almost a months later and having purchased what I need elsewhere, I am still out ~ $250, the items has been returned to seller, and everyone points their fingers to someone else.

Buyer protection, indeed!

A-Z Guarantee Claims doesn't protect seller
By -

Amazon's A-Z Guarantee Claim is absolutely ridiculous. I'm a student and sold a textbook (worth $75) to another student, who then claims I sent the incorrect textbook which is worth $5. I've exchanged several e-mails with the buyer and was positive I sent the right book. It was clear that he was scamming me, but of course, Amazon only protects their buyers. So the buyer ends up filing an A-Z claim.

Amazon proceeds to e-mail me, requesting relevant information. I've provided them with copies of e-mails I've exchanged with the buyer as well as a copy of my receipt and delivery confirmation slip. They reply to my e-mail stating that I did not include the information the requested. First of all, they never asked specifically what information they wanted, so I provided all information I thought was relevant. The "Accountant Specialists" who supposedly makes the final decision has obviously made their decisions before even taking into account the seller's side of the story.

Amazon is awful and I can't trust them. I will definitely spread the word. I'll probably have better luck with eBay instead.

A-Z Guarantee SCAM
By -

The A-Z Guarantee that Amazon uses to protect buyers is a scam and it hurts sellers. I sold a product worth over a $100 dollars and the buyer claimed he was unsatisfied. The A-Z Guarantee states that the buyer is eligible to file for it if he is unable to negotiate a refund with the seller. I offered a refund to the buyer 3 TIMES, if he would return my product. But no, he filed the A-Z claim, stole my product by never returning it, and Amazon refunded his money from my account.

I contacted Amazon about 5 times. They said that their decision is final and I should have "worked out" the differences with the buyer myself. Thanks for the suggestion, considering the buyer never responded to ANY of my emails. Amazon robbed me of my product and my money. And of course, there is NOTHING I can do since they are a rich company who would hire pricey lawyers to squish me in court. Let this be a lesson to potential sellers. There have been numerous complaints about A-Z and there is another negative review about it here. Be warned!

A-Z Guarantee is a Scam!
By -

Amazon's "A-Z Guarantee" provides no protection to sellers, and in essence means that any unethical person with a credit card can get anything they want for free! After I sold a CD on, the buyer filed an "A-Z Guarantee Claim" saying that he did not get the CD. The buyer then sent me a number of obscene, insulting and harassing e-mails gloating about the fact that he could get his money back from me. I contacted within their required amount of time, giving them all the details on the transaction, including the fact that I had sent the CD, when I sent the CD, and transcripts of the buyer's obscene e-mails. CLAIMS that if the seller responds within this amount of time, they will not remove funds from the seller's account. However, they did remove the funds from my account. When I contacted customer service again, first they claimed I had never sent an e-mail, then later they admitted that I had sent it, but that since it was not a specific "response to Guarantee Claim Form e-mail" they were going to keep their decision to take my money as it stands, and that no further e-mails from me will be answered.

The Amazon site does not provide any form or address to respond to "A-Z Guarantee Claims," so it is hard to see how my e-mail to customer service could have been a more specific "response to Guarantee Claim Form." The buyer in question has recently done this to another seller as well, but does not care. They say "we will apply our policies equally to all customers." Therefore, all sellers are vulnerable to this scam! Be aware!

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